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Cleaning accident reports teachers notes,GGCleaning accident reports. Accident reports teachers notes,Accident reports answers. Accident reports transcripts,Accident reports classroom materials. Copyright please read, All the materials on these pages are free for you to download and copy for educational use. only You may not redistribute sell or place these materials on any other website without. written permission from the British Council If you have any questions about the use of these. materials please email us at esolnexus britishcouncil org. British Council 2014,Cleaning accident reports teachers notes.
Introduction, This teachers pack includes teachers notes and classroom materials A PowerPoint. presentation and an accompanying video can be found in the teachers resource page at. http esol britishcouncil org cleaners supervising accident reports. This resource Accident reports is part of Unit 3 of the Cleaning series of vocational. resources which aims to help learners develop the language that they will need when working. in the cleaning sector,There are three units in this series. Unit 1 the job aims to give learners the language needed for tasks that they are likely to. carry out every day in their jobs, Unit 2 health and safety aims to help learners understand health and safety information. and training at work It also aims to give learners the language they need to clarify important. safety related details, Unit 3 supervising is aimed at a higher level for learners who are working in a supervisor s. role It focuses on equipping learners with language skills that they would use in this role It. also has a larger focus on reading and writing skills. Level Units 1 and 2 Entry 2 Access 3 in Scotland CEF A2. Level Unit 3 Entry 3 Intermediate 1 in Scotland CEF B1. British Council 2014,Cleaning accident reports teachers notes.
Structure learning hours and delivery context, Each of the 12 Cleaning lessons provides a minimum of 1 hour of learning in a classroom. context It is made up of three topics,Unit 1 the job. Following instructions,Problems at work,Customers problems. Using chemicals,Unit 2 health and safety,Safety signs. Fire safety,Personal protective equipment,Preventing and reporting accidents.
Unit 3 supervising,Customer complaints,Accident reports. Work orders,Evaluating performance, The resource is suitable for whole class use in a number of settings Timings are flexible. since teachers can adapt the resource to suit their learners and build in revision as required. The resource consists of the following components,In this document. Teachers notes transcripts and answers,Flashcards, Classroom resources worksheets and cut up activities. Available on the ESOL Nexus website,Accompanying PowerPoint file Accident reports ppt.
Accompanying videos,Interactive self access resources. British Council 2014,Cleaning accident reports teachers notes. Accident reports,Time Approximately 1 hour, To improve learners command of language for describing accidents at work. To improve learners ability to complete accident report forms. Objectives,Learners will be able to, understand vocabulary typically used on an accident report form. identify information from an oral accident report, answer typical accident report form questions in an appropriate way.
British Council 2014,Cleaning accident reports teachers notes. Preparation,You will need, an interactive whiteboard or data projector to show the accompanying PowerPoint file. and videos, to download a copy of the PowerPoint file Accident reports ppt. to go to http esol britishcouncil org cleaners supervising accident reports to play the. accompanying video Reporting an accident, to print copies of the worksheets for learners to use in class. to copy and cut up cards for activity 4, dictionaries or access to online dictionaries or translators for Activity 1 Learners may.
be able to access these using mobile devices,British Council 2014. Cleaning accident reports teachers notes,Accident reports. Introduction, Hold up a copy of an accident report form from your workplace or display the Introduction. slide from the accompanying PowerPoint slide and ask learners what type of document it is. and when it is used Elicit suggestions from the class. Activity 1 vocabulary building, Tell learners that they are going to learn some words that are often found on forms Give out. the Worksheet 1a word list and Worksheet 1b form Ask learners to find and underline the. words from list and underline them on the form, Put learners into pairs or small groups and ask them to check the meanings of the words.
using a dictionary Encourage them to use the context of the form to help them work out the. answer Learners may prefer to use their phones to access online dictionaries or translators. They should write notes or translations next to the words on Worksheet 1a Circulate and. monitor correcting any obvious errors and asking concept checking questions. Feedback by eliciting suggestions for meanings from the class correct any. misunderstandings at this stage and drill for pronunciation Give out Worksheet 1c and ask. learners to compare their notes with the definitions on the sheets and to make any. corrections needed,Activity 2 using vocabulary, Give out Worksheet 2 and explain that learners should work in pairs or small groups to find. the correct word to complete each sentence Demonstrate by eliciting possible answers from. the group for the first sentence Circulate and monitor as learners complete the exercise. refer learners to their definition sheet and Worksheet 1a Ask concept checking questions. and check for any misunderstandings of the new vocabulary. Check answers by nominating learners to give their answers ask the rest of the class if they. agree before confirming whether they are correct Display the final Activity 2 slide for. learners to check,Activity 3 reading a short report of an accident. Ask learners what accidents they might have to deal with at work e g someone. slipping tripping falling over damaged equipment spillage of strong chemical product etc. Tell learners that they will watch a video of a cleaner reporting an accident to their supervisor. and that they should listen to find out what the problem was Play the Reporting an accident. video once and elicit as many details as possible from learners. British Council 2014,Cleaning accident reports teachers notes. Give out Worksheet 3 and ask learners to watch again to find any mistakes in the written. statement Once learners have watched the clip again ask them to work in pairs or small. groups to correct the text repeat the clip if needed To provide feedback display the final. Activity 3 slide and elicit from learners how it is different to the account in the video. Activity 4 past simple and past continuous for reports narratives. Ask learners to look at the underlined verbs on Worksheet 3 and elicit which they think is a. background event and which is the main event in reporting the accident. Try to elicit the names of the different tenses and how they are formed Highlight the auxiliary. and ing stem on the past continuous verb Give out the Activity 4 grammar cards and ask. learners to sort them into background and main information Monitor learners and check that. they understand the task Feedback by displaying the answer from the Activty 4 slides. Consolidate this by giving out Worksheet 4 and asking learners to write sentences using. past simple and continuous tenses Learners could use the situations on the cards or for a. more challenging activity could write sentences about new scenarios Circulate and monitor. checking that learners understand what each tense is used for. Activity 5 making notes, Ask learners to think of an accident that happened while they were at work It could be. something they saw or heard about from a colleague or friend Give out Worksheet 5 read. out the list of question prompts and check learners understand them. Learners should use the prompts to make notes about an accident Monitor and support them. as they do this Finally ask them to work in pairs or small groups to tell each other about the. British Council 2014,Cleaning accident reports teachers notes.
Activity 6 Practise completing an incident report form. Go back to the form on Worksheet 1b and write on the board tick boxes cross out short. answer long answer Ask learners to find an example of each question and elicit how they. should be answered, Ask learners to write a short description of the accident they shared in groups on this form. Ask them which question on the form asks for this information and let them write their. answer Circulate and support learners with any extra vocabulary they need or questions. they may have Once learners have finished this ask them to complete as much of the rest of. their form as they can,Activity 7 consolidation, Ask learners to work in groups and then to swap their report forms with another group. Learners should read the new forms and try to tell the other learners what the accident was. Finish the lesson by eliciting from learners whether they had enough information about the. accidents and if the forms could be improved,British Council 2014. Cleaning accident reports answers,Worksheet 2, 1 I told my manager about the accident and she wanted to know all. the details, 2 I had to give the exact location of where it happened.
3 It is important to report accidents so that the company can take. remedial action to stop it happening again, 4 My manager asked me for a description of the person who. slipped over in the corridor, 5 There were three witnesses to the incident they saw everything. 6 When a serious accident happens we have to cordon off the area so that people don t. go near it, 7 Does the report refer to a personal accident or damaged equipment. 8 Most forms have some questions where you need to delete a word or a few words to. answer them, 9 Forms usually contain a list of several incidents and you just have to tick which type of. incident it is,Worksheet 3,Accident report, I was walking to the lift when I heard a shout from the second floor storeroom I hurried to.
the storeroom and found Susana lying on the floor There was water on the floor She told. me that she slipped over and was in a lot of pain She could not speak much and could not. get up She said her back hurt I asked Ewa to get the first aider and I called the. ambulance from my mobile phone I stayed with her until the paramedics came. British Council 2014,Cleaning accident reports transcript. Transcript,Rene Anna there s been an accident,Anna Really what s happened. Rene It was Susana She slipped over there were some chemicals on the floor. Anna Oh chemicals where was she,Rene It was in the storeroom on the first floor. Anna OK could she move,Rene No it was too painful she can t move. Anna Right I m going to phone an ambulance right now you need to get Ewa the first. aider and go and check,British Council 2014,Cleaning accident reports classroom resources.
Worksheet 1a,Words Notes,description of,remedial action. appropriate,cordon off,British Council 2014,Cleaning accident reports classroom resources. Worksheet 1b,Accident Report Form, To be used for accidents involving injury material damage or near miss. 1 Date of incident Time of incident Date of report. 2 Does this report refer to an injury material damage or a near miss. 3 What type of accident was it,Contact with moving machinery or moving material. Struck by falling object,Hand tools,Struck by moving vehicle.
Handling lifting or carrying,Hot Cold burn,Slip trip or fall on level. Fall on stairs,Glass sharps,Exposure to harmful substance. Spillage Uncontrolled release,Electricity,4 Details of Incident. a Location in building,b Description of injury s if applicable. c Details of person s injured or experiencing accident. Surname First Name,Home Address Home Tel No,Date of Birth Male Female.
British Council 2014,Cleaning accident reports classroom resources. 5 Full description of accident Please give a full detailed description Continue. on an extra sheet if necessary,6 What action was taken. Injuries None First Aid Health Centre Hospital delete as appropriate. First Aid Action Taken, If the casualty was taken to hospital was s he detained overnight Yes No. Was any time taken off work employees only None 1 2 3 4 or more days. Name of First Aider Tel no, Other immediate remedial action eg cordoning off area cleaning up spill or. disconnecting power supply,7 Were there any witnesses Yes No Name Tel no.
8 Declaration by person completing this form,Name Tel no Signature. Is any additional information attached YES NO If yes list items here. British Council 2014,Cleaning accident reports classroom resources. Worksheet 1c,Words Notes,refer to What does this report talk about. type of The category of accident,details Information. location Place, description of Detailed information about the accident.
remedial action Action to fix a problem,delete as Cross out the options that do not apply. appropriate,witness Someone who saw the accident, cordon off To close an area to stop people walking on it.

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