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Helen Titchen Beeth Belgium I am an evolutionary entrepreneur. working inside the European Commission I also work throughout. Europe with the community of practitioners of the Art of Hosting. Conversations that Matter building capacity for critical collective. engagement with the highest potential for the future I am based in. Brussels and the Flemish countryside Find out more about the. project at https iyeshe wordpress com, Jean Paul Pinon Belgium WeCitizens is a Belgian citizens. platform contributing to better democracy and public governance. through increased transparency and citizenship education We. develop transparency tools such as the Electoral GPS. http vote wecitizens be a Political Atlas, http directory wecitizens be and a Transparency Index of. Political Parties We seek international partnerships Find out. more at www wecitizens be, Pavlina Petrova Bulgaria I am an economist Bulgarian by place. of birth and citizen of the world by soul Vibrant Village Foundation. is my last initiative and excitement We, develop what it meant to become a good practice of community. interaction which can be easily transferred to other small. communities We have the will to re awake bulgarian village the. sleeping beauty of sustainable development Check out. www zhivoselo org,Yanina Taneva Bulgaria I work as a catalyst and.
a fuel for small ideas and imaginative people with. extraordinary potential for social change A,strategic communicator by profession I am a co. founder of Ideas Factory and its director at the,moment as well as Changemakers Academy Social. Innovation Challenge and Granny residence Check,out ideasfactorybg org Ideas Factory Association. CitizensLab members 2016 17 2, Branko Stanic Croatia I m Branko from Croatia a PhD student. and a researcher at the Institute of Public Finance in Zagreb My. research field includes local budget transparency and. democratization of the budget process and giving citizens a say in. policy formulation and resource allocation Am a singer music lover. who cares about freedom and equality and always hopes for a. better tomorrow, More at http www ijf hr eng research croatian science.
foundation projects 1053 olbi 1064, Linda hman Finland My local community is my extended. family It is the people I bump into regularly and the events filling. everyday life It makes the framework for my life I have a. background in world politics peace and conflict research and. European civil society and I work for FutureLab Europe a. programme that aims to give a voice to young Europeans and. encourages them to be active citizens,Check out FutureLab Europe. Emmanuel Pidoux France As the manager of cultural affairs in Colomiers. my assignments particularly consist in developing international and. European connections and projects especially through the EU education. and cultural programmes This includes promoting and developing urban. forms of cultures practices and art We especially focus on finding new. ways to engage citizens and foster residents participation in a broaden. view of cultural field connected with social and urban issues. See more at http www ville colomiers fr, Fran ois Schneider France Since 2001 I have been active. at developing the degrowth concept movement and debate. in France and Europe Founding Research Degrowth 2006. I initiated and organised the first two degrowth conferences. I now develop life style innovation on the French Spanish. border and work on developing degrowth narratives using. group assembly processes Further information at,www degrowth org. CitizensLab members 2016 17 3, Marlene Haas Germany I am a passionate urban change.
maker Actually I worked as event manager for cultural and. social events until I got in touch with sustainable trade fairs I. recognized that there is a huge gap between what citizens know. about sustainabilty how small companies are supported in. sustainable development and how local economy citizens and. NGOs unite for local empowerment So I decided to build a local. community for sustainable development with tools and. programmes to support a better life,Check out http www lustaufbesserleben de. Martin Pairet Germany I have been working in, international non profits for years supporting first the. organic movement and later fundraising for campaigns on. climate and social justice I am passionate about people. organizing at every level to fight for their fundamental rights. and to challenge systems that create inequalities exclusion. and poverty I am now working for European Alternatives a. transnational network of activists and citizens fighting for. more democracy equality and culture beyond nation,states See more at European Alternatives. Cicek Bacik Germany I have established an open literature. platform Daughters and Sons of Gastarbeiters In public readings. we perform our family histories that are accompanied by image. projections from the family album film and music The stories are. intended to stimulate a public debate about the relevance of. immigrants in German society It is important to draw our. attention to the concrete reality of life of immigrants in order to. fight the populist alienation rhetoric and mechanisms of. exclusion Check out www gastarbeiters de, Lilian J chtern Germany I work for the European Forum for. Freedom in Education EFFE which promotes equity freedom and. diversity of education across Europe We aim to facilitate exchange of. ideas and the transfer of know how amongst agents in education and. other stakeholders We believe that education is a task of society as a. whole and encourage educational organisations to engage in trans. sectorial collaborations to use community resources and to invite. people from different professions to work with children and young. people See more at www effe eu org,CitizensLab members 2016 17 4.
Sven Stegemann Germany I am a co founder of,Open State an organization which pioneers fosters. and scales the tools for a livable society and thriving. economy beyond consumerism I ve been working as,an organizational developer systemic process. consultant and communications expert in different, settings until recently and over the course of four years. at the BMW Foundation I am a philosopher and economist by education with a master. degree in sustainability science and social innovation Check out www roc21 openstate cc. www openstate cc Open State, Marou Chatzopoulou Greece I am the co founder of COMM ON a. mullti leveled space where people leading new societal activities. meet learn from each other exchange assets and co create new. effective and sustainable solutions for city living building a new. societal eco system I am a PhD candidate and I also work is in the. field of visual communication design Find out more at. www common city, Elina Makri Greece I am a journalist based in Athens but I.
travel a lot in Europe because I do European journalism I am a co. founder of Oikomedia a professional social network for media. professionals created by journalists and techies in Greece mainly. and Italy Oikomedia started out of the need for foreign. correspondents to understand the reality of my local. community and not report about it behind a computer screen in. Brussels Check out Oikomedia, Angeliki Tseliou Greece I studied linguistics and modern. Greek literature in Athens and Paris and I currently freelance. providing content management services for print and electronic. publications Since 2011 I have been an active member of. Kalliga Square Citizens Association a group of committed. volunteers working persistently to improve the quality of life in. a rather challenging district of Athens The basic poles of our. action include social solidarity urban environment and culture. in the public space Check out Kalliga Square Citizens Association. CitizensLab members 2016 17 5, Eleni Zontirou Greece I am an elected member and President. of the local board of the 6th Municipality of Athens where I have. lived all my life I am interested in politics for the benefit of all. residents Our district comprises of many cultures and I believe in. cooperation and collaboration together with all residents of my. district My passion is to encourage and empower the residents. to understand each other to participate and work on solutions. to their everyday problems Check out what s going on in the. City of Athens www cityofathens gr, Argyro Barata Greece I hold a track record of planning and. coordinating cultural projects with national reach for. independent artists institutions and major Greek festivals for. the last 15 years I am passionate about upgrading the creative. class transforming the Greek cultural ecosystem and looking. for new collaborative working methods Shaping a new social. mentality towards citizens active participation to support local. creativity is the reason why I founded FEAST Greece a start up. that fosters cultural entrepreneurship and the arts with offline. crowdfunding events Check out http feastgreece wix com feastgreece about en c295. Sandor Lederer Hungary I am a co founder and director of. K Monitor an anti corruption NGO from Hungary From the very. beginning I couldn t stand when people misused their power or public. funds our common assets At K Monitor we are passionate about. technology projects engaging citizens and advocating for greater. transparency We operate open data websites conduct research and. advocate for legal reform We aim to challenge and overcome the. social indifference to corruption to raise awareness and disseminate. knowledge See more at http k monitor hu, Ildik Simon Hungary In the past 12 years I have spent many days. with community organizing as well as community development and. my attention turned to social entrepreneurship as one of the only. exit for people living in poor rural area very often they are Romas. My organization Cromo Foundation was established in 2002 to. contribute to local regional cooperation of non governmental. business and governmental actors to strengthen a participatory. active democratic society in Hungary Check out Cromo Alap tv ny. Cromo Foundation,CitizensLab members 2016 17 6,Gaspar Horvath Hungary I am a co founder of.
blocal co the first local online social network,platform in Hungary I studied engineering and. business I worked in different industries but all the. time I had the feeling that I have to make something. more valuable In 2014 we started to build up a social. network for neighbors to support them building local. communities with trust and help them reducing, waste by sharing I believe in the power of the communities and I know we can change our. word with proactive attitude Check out Miutc nk hu and Blocal. Margherita Mugnai Italy As a Sociolab facilitator trainer and co. design enthusiast I feel accomplished when the people I work with. express their full potential by fruitfully exchanging ideas and building. collaborative projects by exiting isolation through the creation of. dense networks and by using their talents and skills to develop their. own solutions to complex problems I am a member of Sociolab. www sociolab it a multidisciplinary research centre in the fields of. participatory processes social research training and communication. Stephen Ogbonna Italy I am a student of International Relation and. European Studies at the University of Bari Mama Africa is an. association empowers immigrants and refugees to build new lives and. become self sufficient by providing specific social services from. employment vocational training and Italian language to community. development sport theatre and legal services, Levente Poly k Italy I am Co founder of Eutropian work on. urban regeneration processes that use existing resources and. connect community groups with public administrations and. innovative businesses Passionate for cities and the people who. form them I share my time between Rome Vienna and Budapest. combining the best of these worlds and trying to change the. Check out Eutropian,CitizensLab members 2016 17 7, Michela Sechi Italy I work at Radio Popolare Milano the most. important journalists owned Italian radio network My boss is the. public 16 000 listeners who donate 90 euros year to support. their radio station The secret of the long life of Radio Popolare. is that it is giving a sense of belonging to a community to the. listeners NGOs and the civil society can always rely on Radio. Popolare to get a space to speak about their projects. Check out Radio Popolare, Chiara Organtini Italy I love question marks rather than.
fullstops I believe in if rather then simple present I am intrigued. by thresholds and collect doorsteps love irony but hate ironing. as a personal fight against flatness for this future facing attitude. of making unforeseenable connections and meanings provoking. short circuits sometimes I committed my work to arts and. creative production At CAOS and Ternifestival we produce arts. and experiences able of engage people emotionally create new. understanding and make transformations happen,See more at CAOS Centro arti opificio siri. Francesco Saija Italy I m a PhD in Political Philosophy I am part of a. group named Parliament Watch Italia that aims to spread the culture. of transparency and openness in local governments The volunteers of. Parliament Watch Italia live in Sicily and Calabria two regions that are. particularly lacking political transparency and accountability where. corruption of public authorities and the criminal power of mafia. suppress social innovation We believe that volunteer networks are the. strongest answer to fight the lack of political transparency and. accountability Check out Parliament Watch Italia, Andrea Rossi Italy I am the vice president of Cherimus. an art association based in the Sulcis Iglesiente region. Sardinia Cherimus is a Sardinian word that means we. want we want to forge a new relationship between the. contemporary art world and local initiatives both cultural. and economic We work with international artists to. interact directly with people places and potential. processes of innovation Apart from my work with the association I am a post doc. researcher studying processes of political change Find out more at www cherimus net. CitizensLab members 2016 17 8, Evija Taurene Latvia I live work and generally enjoy life in. C sis The organisation I represent is a public institution a. local municipality which coordinates and looks over all the. aspects of city governing including development economic. development urban planning etc As a part of my work in. the municipality I have started an initiative that aims to. encourage and empower citizens to make their voice heard. and to participate in the co creation of the town,See more at www cesis lv. Jekaterina Lavrinec Lithuania I am a Vilnius based urban. artist researcher and educator in Urban Studies I am a co. founder of the NGO Laimikis lt that serves as, interdisciplinary platform for participatory arts research.
and non formal learning I teach courses in Urban Studies at. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and together with. my students I run and curate the annual week for urban. interventions priARTink pARTincipate In my practice I. implement arts based research approaches and focus on. the issues of urban perception temporal urban solidarities and cooperation usability and. regeneration of public spaces Check out Laimikis lt. Martin Popov Macedonia I work as a project manager at. Community Center of, Municipality of Centar My focus and interest of work is. improvement of the local government and participative democracy. My organization aims to achieve inclusion of citizens in decision. making processes on all levels of the local government as well as. improvement of the level of services Find out more at. www cccentar mk,Wassila Hachchi Netherlands I am a founder of. the Dialogue Digital a safe online space for intelligent. conversations to drive social change I am also a,social entrepreneur a campaign consultant a. speaker and a coach In 2015 I shared my story at,TEDx Amsterdam Women and led a successful crowd. funding campaign,See more at http listenthinkspeak online.
CitizensLab members 2016 17 9, Laura M Pana Netherlands I am a social entrepreneur. facilitator and artist Since 2014 I am running, migrationlab a non profit organization based in the Hague. which was inspired by my journey as a Romanian migrant in. Europe My work focuses on co designing public living. rooms in cities across Europe where migrants refugees. and locals re imagine how to acknowledge communicate. with and relate to each other More information is,available at www migrationlab org. Ed Santman Netherlands I develop multi disciplinary art projects with. people at the edge of society like drugs abusers and prisoners In most. of my projects I approach the arts also as a tool for non formal learning. My ambition is to help my target group to develop basic skills My. organization Chances and Changes operates at the intersection of art. education and society Apart from creating stronger communities the. essence of our work is the use of art as a tool for developing social and. employability skills Check out http changeschances com. Sjoerd Bootsma Netherlands I am a programme developer. of Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture 2018 I firmly. believe that everyone has a responsibility to work together. with their neighbours to create the best possible, neighbourhood to live in In my work I try to help communities. to open up and criss cross with other communities near and. far In my opinion all the different relations between all these. communities and cooperations is Europe See more at. http 2018 nl, Mpanzu Bamenga Netherlands Starting 2014 I am a city.
council of Eindhoven I focuse on the support for homeless. people refugees hidden discrimination youth, unemployment diversity security human rights policy. and social inclusion I am also a coordinator of the Inclusive. Leadership Network a civil society organization that. empowers high potential inclusion leaders from different. sectors such as community NGOs business government. media arts education and aspiring political leaders from. diverse backgrounds Check out Inclusion Leaders Network. CitizensLab members 2016 17 10, Tiago Castro Portugal I am an urban planner cultural manager and. actor performer In the past eight years I ve been working at or. participating in initiatives and projects that involve local. communities mainly linked to urban issues The experience of. working and engaging several initiatives within my local community. reinforced my will of working as a facilitator and actor of change My. organization 4iS Platform for Social Innovation aims to create a. social value culture supported on social innovation practices through. sharing of knowledge services projects and social enterprises See. more at Plataforma para a Inova o Social, Serban Oncescu Romania I am fond of freedom and I do not. let things as they are when it comes to injustice or wrong. settlements That s why I chose to try to change things a little. not only to complain My organization Asociatia Civicus. Romania supports young people to understand the society. they live in and help them integrate and associate We assist. citizens in their relationship with public authorities and try to. show them the rights of their citizenship in order to participate. in public policy development Check out Civicus Romania. Christian Mladin Romania I have studied Philosophy and. History of Art I am interested in cultural management and. implementation of the creative and cultural industries policies I. am currently involved in an extraordinary project concerning the. creative community of Alba Iulia a very beautiful and old city of. Romania Giving this unique conjuncture I m trying to find ways. to connect the innovative with the past This is one of Europe s. greatest ideas Do we have the power to assume the exigency of. this reality Check out http www visitalbaiulia com. Iva Cukic Serbia I am a co founder and coordinator of the. Ministarstvo prostora Collective Ministry of Space NGO a. do tank that connects social activists artists architects. scholars and citizens by organizing platforms aimed at. researching making models and conducting campaigns. focused on city development issues The activities span. from creation of independent social and cultural centers to. researching and developing policy recommendations on. urban planning and public property management,CitizensLab members 2016 17 11. Mateja Softic Slovenia I am one of three cofounders of. ISKRIVA a private non profit organisation focused on. responsible use of natural and cultural resources for the. benefit of local communities We work on helping public. organisations bridge the gaps in cooperation with local. stakeholders develop cooperation projects and help with. the fundraising Furthermore we design and lead, stakeholder engagement processes in support of policy development and informed decision.
making Find out more at http www iskriva net, Ale Gonz lez Spain I am an architect programmer and a digital. artist I work for wwb cc an Andalusian cooperative that works with. free software free hardware and open standards offering. technological and communication services in the fields of art. architecture and social movements Although we have an architectural. background we are passionate about free technologies and its. implementation in the fields of art communication and social. movements For more information see https wwb cc, David Juarez Spain I am a restless inhabitant architect and. co founder of Straddle3 a multidisciplinary collective mostly. working with grass roots organizations I am also an active. member of Arquitecturas Colectivas network I love radical. participation self building ecology popular culture free. software mediterranean food and I have a particular weakness. for music being a dj and the father of a future rock star Check. out http straddle3 net http arquitecturascolectivas net. Banu Pekol Turkey I specialize in the conservation of historical. heritage of minorities Through creative as well as research based. projects to preserve heritage especially of contested heritage sites I. work to find concrete ways for communities to embrace and. preserve heritage regardless of the ethnic or religious community. that built it My organisation the Association for the Protection of. Cultural Heritage KMKD was founded in order to respond to the. urgent need to protect and preserve the heritage of minority. groups Find out more at K lt rel Miras Koruma Derne i or. http www kmkm org tr,CitizensLab members 2016 17 12. Ebru G kdag Turkey I am founding member of CTO,Turkey Center for Theatre of the Oppressed Turkey. formed by a group of women to fight any kind of, oppression anywhere in Turkey and implemented as a sort.
of network I have been an active citizen of my community. for a long time working with many different groups on. different issues With the help and support of my university. Anadolu University I am able to work within my community in Eski ehir and also conduct. field work in other areas of Turkey Check out www anadolu edu tr. Handan Saatcioglu Gurses Turkey I am passionate about. working on different elements of the local community It gives me. a platform to communicate face to face with other people from. different backgrounds My storytelling project is called Komsu. Kapici which means Neighbour s Door and it s all about knocking. on your neighbours door Komsu Kapici urges awareness for. different ideas in the local neighbourhood and provides a platform. to use public space for all kinds of social cultural political. activities Check out Kom u Kapisi Ma ka Dayani ma Derne i. Ayse G r r Turkey My association SKYGD conducts, projects in cooperation with other NGOs local and public. institutions with groups under risk or subjected to social. and or economical exclusion since it has been founded. These projects are oriented towards the needs of target. groups and susceptible to be adopted and applied by them. As an art based NGO we work with all the disadvantaged. groups We carry out powerful art projects comprehending art workshops such as drama. painting hip hop etc with groups under risk See more at. http www sosyalkulturelyasam org fref ts,Louise Armstrong United Kingdom I am constantly. experimenting and learning in pursuit of systems change I. do this through the Peckham Coal Line a community, initiated project for a new urban park and by working at the. System Change Lab where I am currently designing and. navigating an Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society in. England For further information check, www peckahmcoalline org and www systemschangelab org. CitizensLab members 2016 17 13, Nick Connaughton United Kingdom I run the Creative.
Engagement department at Arcola Theatre one of the UK s. leading off west end venues housed in a converted, warehouse in Dalston East London This means finding. creative thought provoking and new ways to use the power. of theatre to influence the world around us I run youth. theatre schools and community theatre programmes as. well as talent development strands all of which aim to find. and nurture the artists and audience of tomorrow We. believe that theatre has the power to drive radical change and are also the world s first. Carbon Neutral Theatre Check out Arcola Theatre, Gerry Proctor United Kingdom I really enjoy working with people. who live in the apartments of the city centre and waterfront and. trying to raise the profile of quality of life issues Founded in 2007. Engage Liverpool links these people together and becomes a voice to. speak with stakeholders and those who make decisions about the. direction the city is taking We provide an independent forum where. people with the will to develop inclusive City Centre neighbourhoods. can work together towards this common goal Check out. https www engageliverpool com and also the Liverpool Air Project. Kate Stewart United Kingdom Co founder doer of all sorts. of things at We Make Places I am a creative businesswoman. with a wealth of experience in design regeneration Since I am. a serial social entrepreneur my work involves partnerships. collaborations with other creatives businesses generating. projects for public spaces buildings cultural production Find. out more at www wemakeplaces org, Dmytro Khutkyy Ukraine I am a public sociologist practicing. civic activism at the Reanimation Package of Reforms and. conducting research at the National University of Kyiv Mohyla. Academy Ukraine University of Tartu Estonia and the. University of California Riverside USA My major fields of. expertise include democracy development modeling, forecasting and social change See also Center for Innovations. Development at Kyiv Mohyla Academy,CitizensLab members 2016 17 14.

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