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Church Office 586 296 8760 Email hopeucc sbcglobal net
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THE LEADERSHIP OF HOPE UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST, Rev Meg Wilson Pastor Editor Sue Robinson Publisher. Church Office 586 296 8760, BOARD OF TRUSTEES, President Nancy Burnham Rick Cole Rev Meg Wilson 248 890 3264. Vice President Nancy Fay Ida Eckert Administrative Assistant Sue Robinson. Secretary Janet Dolland Janet Frank Organist Patrick Baker. Treasurer Norm Nenninger Cindy Johnson Accompanist Denise Kildea. Donna Lasecki Christian Education Tasha Woodruff, Brad Lusk Youth Leader Brooke Turner. Jim Wilson, Susan Winters, USHERS COMMUNION SERVERS LITURGISTS FOR THE MONTH OF MAY. MAY 6 2018 10 30 am, Communion Set Up Elaine Ainsworth Linda Rehm May 6 Su Hess.
May 13 David Frakes, Audrey Moore Tim Cole May 20 Frank Foss. 10 30 am 9 30 am, Carl Elaine Frank Joe Holland Bob DeGryse May 27 Meg Gill. MAY 13 2018, 8 30 am If you know of someone who would like a copy of. Jerry Hill Bob DeGryse, the MAY newsletter mailed to them or if you. Barry Nancy Burnham Frank Foss Charlie Cacchione would like the newsletter emailed to you please. contact the church office , MAY 20 2018, 8 30 am 586 296 8760.
Evelyn Hethcote Audrey Moore, Ed Sue Rogers Russ Hornfisher Bill Frank. MAY 27 2018, Joe Holland Steve Nielson Susan Winters Linda. Do you have Used ATTN The, If you cannot Usher on your scheduled Sunday please. No Longer Needed Crafty Ladies, find a substitute If one cannot be found please. contact the church office so a replacement can be Eyeglasses There is are again . found 586 296 8760 a box to deposit them taking a break. in on the table from collecting toiletry, outside the church items Please look for.
office Thanks future updates thank, you for your continued. HOPE CHURCH NEWS, Thank You Thank You Thank You SERVICE TIMES CHANGE. Without all of you Hope Church would be, just bricks and mortar It is the generosity of all The BOT s voted that for the. of you and the sacrifices that summer months we will join to . you are committing financially gether for one combined worship. and with your time and talents service instead of two Worship will be at 9 30 am. that make Hope Church what it from Memorial Day 5 27 thru Labor Day 9 2 We. is today This is an exciting time to belong to Hope will meet in the middle and worship God Coffee. Hour will follow the 9 30 service ,Church We have so many great programs to be. thankful for and now moving forward we will have,the resources to do so much more Programs not.
Have you noticed the, only for our spiritual well being but programs that. backlit cross in the Sanc , will reach out into our community to spread our mis . tuary It really looks, sion Our work is not done it is only just beginning great when the lights are. Please watch for our postcards and letters low bringing attention to THE most im . throughout the rest of the year as we continue to portant symbol of our Christian faith He. build on what we have started here today If you is Risen indeed We owe thanks to Ryan. have not returned your Faith Promise card or your McCuen and his friend Nick who installed. Time and Talent card please take a moment and new LED light cord Ryan and Nick. mail it today or bring it with you to church and drop climbed their tall ladders with an agility. it off in the office A special thank you to Nancy and grace that most people don t. Burnham Norm Nenninger Jim Wilson Linda have Thanks again Ryan Your help is. Rehm Pam Steffens Eric and Lisa Mackey and truly a visible light in our church . Pastor Meg for volunteering your time and your,valuable input to the 2018 Stewardship Campaign . Barry Burnham , Thanks for all the, cards and letters .
Carol Brzoska, We are trying to reinstitute, the use of name tags If you. need one please either call the office email , or see the sign up sheet in Fellowship Hall EMAIL ADDRESSES. If you would like your email, address added to the directory please email Sue in. the office and indicate same Thank you , HOPE CHURCH NEWS cont . Hope Church Family , On behalf of the Sunday school department and the Christian Education Committee we.
would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who participated in our petting zoo last. month It is because of your help that it was a big success . Teamwork makes the dream work ,Tasha Woodruff, HOPE UCC COMPUTERS. We have numerous computers in the office that are available for free on a first. come first serve basis Please stop by during regular business hours M F . 9 00 1 00 if you would like to check out what is available . SAMARITAN SEWING LADIES EXERCISE CLASS FOR, We invite you to come join us as we work BETTER LIVING. on mission projects for the veterans or Now is the time to have FUN and GET FIT. childrens blankets or throws for the all at the same time Come and join the. handicapped We meet on the 1st 3rd EXERCISE CLASS at Hope Church which. Wednesday of the month For more information call meets EVERY MONDAY and. WEDNESDAY from 3 to 4 pm Both men,Jean Frank or Helen Stovel . and women are welcome to join this on going class Cost is. 1 00 per person per class The instructor is from the. Arthritis Foundation , NOTE FROM THE OFFICE, Benefits Keep Joints Flexible Muscles Strong. Sleep Better Increase Energy, Please note that all articles .
notes reports etc for the Exercises Include Stretching . upcoming newsletter should be turned in no later Low Impact Cardiovascular . than the 15th of that month Thanking you in ad Working On Your Balance . vance REMEMBER ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SHOW UP FOR, COFFEE HOUR. at 9 30 am and 11 30 am SENIORS GROUP, We are looking for groups councils The Seniors 55 group will. committees etc to take it for a meet on May 21st at 11 30 . month The chairperson of that group would We would love to have you join us for a pot luck. coordinate within their group who would take which lunch and an afternoon of cards and fellowship . Sunday and time slot Feel free to volunteer for a We ll be looking for you . particular month that would work the best for your. group Contact the church office at 586 296 ,8760 TEACHERS FOR SUNDAY. ARE NEEDED , If you love to be with children and can give one. UPDATED DIRECTORIES ARE AVAILABLE, hour on a Sunday to help teach our children to.
IN THE OFFICE, grow in their faith and have fun doing it we. Due to confidentiality they are no longer left on could use your help If you are interested . the table outside the church office contact Pam Flaherty . A Reminder if your directory information has, changed and the office does not have it please. update me by calling 586 296 8760 or emailing me, at hopeucc sbcglobal net . VETERANS ARE IN NEED OF, GENTLY USED BOOKS , If you have any books that you would. WOULD YOU LIKE TO ORDER like to donate and would be of inter . ALTAR FLOWERS est to the Veterans please place, them in the box under the table outside the church.
Sign up sheets are posted in the office Questions can be addressed to Helen Stovel . Fellowship Hall Feel free to sign up on, a designated Sunday or contact the church office for. the availability , CHRISTIAN MISSION AND WITNESS, HOPE CHURCH PANTRY. Our pantry is growing through the love,and support of our congregation Our new. BLESSING BAGS,Pantry schedule open Thursdays 10 3. and second Saturday of the month 10 3 allows us to have. dedicated people on hand to register and advise our pantry. clients We are also offering information on other services HOPE CHURCH IS BLESSED. that may be available to them in Macomb County This total BIG TIME How do we. effort will need additional helpers beyond the few members know We know because our. of our Christian Mission Witness Council We will offer Blessing Bags told us so This Lenten season we. training to members of the congregation who are interested in collected 877 in our Blessing Bags The pro . learning more about participating in this important program ceeds this year will go to Freedom House Thank. Signup sheets for 2 1 2 hour shifts are posted in the you all for sharing your blessings with this im . Fellowship Hall for May June The Pantry s urgent portant mission program . needs this month are cereal jelly and canned meat, tuna chicken ham and Spam Our thanks go to.
everyone as we continue to share God s blessings in our. community , CHRISTIAN MISSION AND WITNESS cont , COMMUNITY INTEREST. INTERFAITH VOLUNTEER CAREGIVERS, MAKE CLEANING REWARDING. For many older and disabled adults who are strug . gling to remain in their own homes simple tasks, that we take for granted like dusting and vacuum . ing can become next to impossible Not only can a, cluttered or dirty house be uncomfortable but it. can become a health and safety hazard , If you have a couple of hours that you can offer to.
provide some light housekeeping for a struggling, neighbor you can make a real difference in. someone s life and gain immeasurable rewards in, USE YOUR PRACTICAL SKILLS TO HELP. the process Grab a friend and clean as a team, NEIGHBORS IN NEED. to make it even more enjoyable You can help on, a regular basis or just whenever you have some. Volunteers are greatly needed to help frail , extra time We will schedule around your other.
older and disabled adults in our community, commitments For more details or to join our. with MINOR HOME REPAIRS INDOOR , Bucket Brigade please call 586 757 5551 . OUTDOOR CHORES BASIC HOUSEKEEP ,For a frail older adult or a person with disabil . ities simple tasks like dusting vacuuming ,changing light bulbs or raking leaves can be. impossible Many minor home repairs are of ,ten well beyond their abilities and far too ex .
pensive for them to purchase professionally ,The IFVC program helps our older and disa . bled neighbors with such tasks so they can,remain safe and independent in their own. homes If you can help weekly monthly or,even just a couple times a year please call us. today The time you give will make a real dif ,ference in someone s life Call 586 757 . 5551 www ivcinfo org, The Power of Prayer , Those that are Shut Ins and Assisted Living MEMORIALS.
MAE ATKINSON,Wellbridge Nursing Home, VIRGINIA HERRMANN. 375 S Main Street Room 806 ,Romeo MI 48065, By Dolores Cowper. GINNY BANNASCH Russell Nancy Hornfisher,AH East II 18760 13 Mile 207A Shirley Kirby. Roseville MI 48066, LISA McCORMACK,36154 Tecla, By Dolores Cowper. Warren MI 48088, Shirley Kirby,MARILYN CANU, Linda Parsons.
1054 Saxon,Birmingham MI 48009 JILL ANNE MELTZER,KATHY FISETTE. By Shirley Kirby,Pine Ridge Assisted Living,43707 Hayes Road 64. ARLINE MICHELSON,Sterling Heights MI 48313,LEAH FRAKES By Mr Mrs James Clifford. Church of Christ Care Center,23575 15 Mile Rd Apt D216 DONNA STONEBREAKER. Clinton Township MI 48035,IRENE HINTZ, By Tim Gayle Skubick.
16160 24 Mile Road Mr and Mrs James Clifford,Macomb MI 48042. LILLIAN WOJCIEHOWSKI,MARILYN JACKSON, Kalkaska Assisted Living By Russell Nancy Hornfisher. 509 Orange Street Apt 217 Carrie Okoniewski,Kalkaska MI 49646. Carol Troutman,REV GENE McCORNACK,Assisted Living at Waltonwoods MARILYN YOST DAVIS. 14750 Lakeside Circle Apt 2015, Sterling Heights MI 48313 By Sikorski Davis and Yost families.
DICK NOBIS,Cards notes to be sent to ,Regency Care of Sterling HOPE CHURCH PRAYER LIST. 612 St Marys St 407, Our congregation knows that prayer is our tool. Sterling IL 61081, for connecting to God Together we pray in wor . FAY SNYDER ship and we pray at home Please check the pray . 13301 Common Road er list in both the newsletter and the bulletin to. Warren MI 48088 help us keep our prayer requests current You. IDA WATKINS may contact the church office to remove or. Villa of Shelby Apt 115 add a name We also have a prayer sculpture in. 4200 W Utica Road the church lobby and you are welcome to write a. Shelby Township MI 48317 prayer request on a heart and hang in on the. sculpture When we lift our concerns in prayer ,MARILYN WEIDENBACH. 33269 Edgegrove 9,Fraser MI 48026, PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS .
Kristen Agacinski For those who are,Dorothy Armstrong silent with their. Mae Atkinson, concerns and needs ,Cynthia Avis,Ginny Bannasch a special prayer for. Jimmy Bradford ALL of you to have,Sandra Braun,Nicolas Carrow the strength . Jim Joyce Clifford courage and patience,Nancy Cole. to deal with your,Millie Condino,Nora DeWitt individual situation .
Bob Doster PLEASE CHECK OUR,Earl Dover PRAYER LIST and. Judith David Fogel,Richard Fogel, CONTACT THE,Jack Frank OFFICE TO EITHER. Carol Grathwohol Cox ADD A NAME OR,Jack Marilyn Holland. Karen Irla TAKE A NAME OFF ,Brandin Jaracz,Lucy Johnson. Mickey Johnston 586 296 8760,Sandy Johnston,Bill Kelly.
Lois Kelley,Norma Kelly,R J Kenney,Lori Kettler,Bob Malicki. Ann Marson,The Family of Joe Mastalski,Kristin Miyamoto. Diane Pettine,Marilyn Richards,Bobbi Rizzo Please remember those on. Sebastian Rizzo, our Prayer List with a,Tom Shaner. Kevin Snover phone call card note and,Bill Stewart keep them in your.
Lorraine Thompson Thoughts,Jean VanFleet, Prayers . PV 2 Zachary Vietti,Ida Watkins,Shirley Winship,Judy Wyckstandt. Birthdays for the Month of Birthdays for the Month of. May June,1 Patricia Reich 1 Russell Hornfisher,3 Mae Atkinson Connor Parsons. 4 Susan Alexander Greenwood 3 Belinda Nielson, Karen Brinkman 4 Bonnie Cacchione. 5 Tracey Steeves Lisa Klebba,6 Conor Magee 6 Lynn Reh.
7 Logan Clifford 7 Lori Almquist, William Rogers 8 Sean Kildea. 9 Kathryn Kildea 9 Ashley McCuen,10 Lois Allen Erin McCuen. Kathy Fisette Judy Scensny, Jaxson Sawyer Pipper 11 Sara Kornoski. 11 Donna Reeser 12 Ann Marson, Tom Reeser Nicole Reinhardt. 13 Don Kornoski 13 Andy Anderson,15 Jessica Kahl Eckert Todd Eckert.
16 Kathleen Portwood 14 TJ Seaton, Jayleen Seaton 15 Robert Allen. 18 Nancy DeGryse George Betts,19 Keagan Yousif 16 Benjamin VanCoillie. 20 Samuel Cole 17 Brady Magee, Craig Reinhardt Jerry Zinger. 22 Emily Seaton 18 Steven Clifford,23 Carl Frank Debi Mastalski. Chrissy Lusk Jodie Perry,26 Theresa Frank 19 Rev Gene McCornack.
27 Rick Cole 23 Donna Lasecki,30 Grace Reich 24 Charlie Foss. Dr Leigh Snyder 26 Sue Zinger, 27 Janet Horan, June Anniuersaries 29 Marguerite Marr. 30 Kim Costigan,3 Tom Carol Shaner 60 years Jeff Lubeck. 5 Bill Doris Stewart 65 years,7 Tony Penny Butler 31 years. Sebastian Bobbi Rizzo 38 years,8 Don Vickie Kornoski 43 years.
14 Kevin Patti Dib 20 years, Bill Donna Reeser 29 years. 20 William Nora DeWitt 47 years,21 Kevin Denise Kildea 20 years. Larry Karen McCuen 42 years, Kristen Barb Lasecki Webb 5 years. 25 Dennis Diane Karwoski 6 years, Joe Shirley Polzin 63 years. 26 Bob Nancy DeGryse 41 years,28 Harry Sue Drummond.
Alan Lori Sarnowski, May Anniversaries, 14 Justin Megan Nielson 8 years. 24 Frank Sandy Foss 21 years, Norm Jan Nenninger 38 years. May 2018,SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT, 1 2 3 4 5, EXERCISE BELLS 6 15. 3 4 CHOIR 7 30 AA 8 00,6 7 8 9 10 11 12, COMMITMENT EXERCISE 3 4 EXERCISE NO BELLS 2 30 ASHLEY. SUNDAY BOARD MEET 3 4 CHOIR McCUEN,Worship AA 7 30 ING 7 00 P M WEDDING.
CMWC 6 P M ,20 21 22 23 24 25 26,PENTECOST SENIORS 11 30 EXERCISE. SUNDAY A M 3 4,Worship EXERCISE 3 4,Services 8 30 AA 7 30. 27 28 29 30 31,ONE MEMORIAL CEC 6 30 P M EXERCISE BELLS 6 15. WORSHIP SER DAY 3 4 CHOIR 7 30,VICE 9 30 NO EXERCISE PFLAG 7 9.

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