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Before Reading This Guide, This guide describes the general functions of Chrome OS Some functions may differ depending on the Chrome OS version or the. Chromebook model,2011 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd owns the copyright of this manual. No information contained herein may be distributed or copied in any form whatsoever without the prior written consent of Samsung. Electronics Co Ltd, Information in this guide is subject to change due to functional enhancements of the product and other reasons without prior notice. 1 Getting Started 2 Using Chromebook,What is a Chromebook Using Browsers. Traditional notebook vs Chromebook Using shortcuts. Connecting to the Internet Printing, Creating a Google Account Using Google Chrome web store.
Signing In,Viewing Help,3 Changing Con gurations 4 FAQ. Various setups Login,Customizing the browser option Network Setting. Removing the browser history Printing,Setting up the bookmark. 1 Getting Started,What is a Chromebook,Traditional Notebook vs Chromebook. Connecting to the Internet,Creating a Google Account.
Signing In,Viewing Help,1 Getting Started 5,What is a Chromebook. A Chromebook is portable computer that is optimized for internet use By removing complex functions it allows you to perform Web based tasks. faster than a traditional notebook, Complex features of the existing computer are removed so you can surf the Web faster Built in security system does not bother users to upgrade. the Chromebook to the latest version The user s information is always protected safely The web based applications such as the documents pres. entations spreadsheets and more are also available. Traditional Notebook vs Chromebook,Items Traditional notebook Chromebook. Cannot install traditional desktop software,Can install programs. Installing software Instead of installing them users can use the web based applica. Storing files Can store files Users can use the web based storage service. Can install a printer driver on the computer and then it. Printing Registers a the printer driver on Cloud Print and then it can print. System updateing User updates the system manually Automatically updated. Easy to connect the additional devices with USB port. Device connecting Support a limited connectivity,wired network port modem DMB etc.
1 Getting Started 6,Connecting to the Internet,To use Chromebook connect to the internet first. Using a wireless network, Chromebook provides two types of wireless networking. Normal 802 11 a b g n,Secured WEP WPA WPA2,1 Click the network icon on the top right corner. 2 Select Use Wi Fi to search and connect to a wireless network automatically. When a wireless network is already connected you will see the message Stop. 3 To connect to another network select Join other network. 4 Enter SSID and password,5 Click Connect, 6 When the connection is successfully finished you can see this icon. When the network connection fails you will see this icon. The number of activated bars in network icon indicates the strength of the network signal. 1 Getting Started,Using a wired network,1 Connect the USB internet adapter.
The USB internet adapter should support the Linux system. 2 Click the network icon on the top right corner, 3 Select Ethernet to search and connect to a wired network automatically. 1 Getting Started 8,Creating a Google Account, Chromebook recommends logging in by using your Google account If you don t have a Google account create one first. 1 Visit www google com accounts NewAccount, 2 Enter the information and click I accept Create my account. Signing In,Signing in with Google account, If the notebook is already connected to the internet log in to the Google account during start up If the internet is not connected you can. log on as a guest, When you log in with your Google ID you are automatically logged on to the Google site You can use the various Google features such as.
Gmail Google Calendar Google Docs Bookmarks extensions and other browser settings are also saved into your account This makes it. possible for you to load the settings automatically when you log on from another Chromebook. 1 Press the power button on the keyboard,2 Click add icon. 3 Enter email address and password for your Google account. 4 Click Log in,1 Getting Started,Signing in as a guest. When the network is not connected you do not have a Google account or you are temporarily renting a notebook you can sign in as a. guest Click the guest icon when you boot up,Viewing Help. Visit www google com support chromeos You can learn how to use Chromebook When you need help using Chromebook you also can search. by using a keyword and find troubleshooting advice. 2 Using Chromebook,Using browsers,Using shortcuts,Using Google Chrome web store. 2 Using Chromebook 11,Using browsers,Tab Ctrl T, To open a new tab click on the Add icon at the top of the browser.
Incognito window, In incognito mode the websites that you have visited and the files that you have downloaded are not recorded in the history Bookmarks and set. tings can still be saved,To open an Incognito window perform the following. 1 Click the wrench icon on the top right corner,2 Select New incognito window. You can also log in as a guest to avoid leaving history. The website can still record your search keywords and download history in the website s account not in the notebook. 2 Using Chromebook 12,Prediction service, Enter a keyword in the address bar and then Google Chrome will predict possible websites or suggest extended keywords For example if. you type New York then the address bar can show New York Times New Yorker or http www nytimes com. Disable the prediction service, 1 Click the wrench icon on the top right corner and select Settings.
2 Un check Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar From Under the Hood. Adding a bookmark keyboard shortcut Ctrl D, Add your favorite websites to bookmarks and then you can quickly visit the websites. 1 Press Ctrl D or click on the star icon,2 A dialog appears to confirm the addition. 3 Enter the bookmark name,4 Select a save Folder,5 Click Close to finish. Using bookmarks, The bookmarks are shown in the bookmark bar on the top of the browser Click bookmark to navigate to a website quickly. 2 Using Chromebook 13, Chromebook provides the following convenient searching features.
The Search button Chromebook provides a search key on the keyboard When you press this key a new tab opens Type. the keyword on the address bar and then press The Enter key Search results appears on the display. Clicking the right mouse button Select the keyword to search and then click on the right mouse button Select Search Google for key. word to start searching, Paste and search Copy the keyword you want to use for your search and then click on the right mouse button on the address bar Select. Paste and search to start your search, Select and drag Select the keyword and then drag it to the address bar The result appears on the display after automatic searching. File downloading and storing webpages,Downloading files. Click a file link to download You can also click on the right mouse button and select Save as The files are automatically stored in the. Downloads folder,Storing web pages Ctrl S, Press Ctrl S to save web page The files are automatically stored in the Downloads folder. Opening downloaded files Ctrl O, After you download a file the Downloads folder appears on the bottom right of the browser When you click on a file a proper web based.
viewer automatically runs to open the file The compatible file types are doc pdf html jpg and gif and vary from the Chrome OS version. 2 Using Chromebook 14,Refreshing the browser, Chromebook provides a refresh button on the keyboard Click on this button when you want to refresh the browser view. Checking a webpage s security, When you connect to a webpage Chrome browser can show you the status of internet connection if the internet connection is not fully secured. Subject Icon Meaning,The website does not use SSL,Using certificates for. a secure connection SSL The website has been securely connected with SSL. The website has been securely connected but includes some unsecured contents. The identity of the website has been verified,The identity of the website has not been verified. Site identity, This is a normal status if the website uses a regular HTTP protocol.
The identity of the website has been verified,2 Using Chromebook 15. The connection to the site is securely encrypted,The connection to the site is not encrypted. This is a normal status if the website uses a regular HTTP protocol. Security on your connection to the site, The connection to the site is encrypted but some contents can include unsecured informa. If you re connecting to the site via a public wireless networks it is better to dis. connect the site,You ve visited the site before, Visiting history You ve never visited the site before. You can detect whether a vicious site is pretending to be a normal site.

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