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Chemistry 106X Spring 2018 Syllabus University of Alaska
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UAF CHEM F106X Syllabus,Spring 2018,Course expectations and outcomes. Students are expected to attend class attendance will be monitored from in class responses Each day before. class the student should read and digest the portion of the textbook appropriate as per the class schedule. including example questions Active learning involves the student using their sensory motor cortex sight. smell sound taste and touch in addition to their intelligence to solidify through practice a concept the student. has just read or heard about Supplementing the course catalog the course goals are to continue build the. student s skills solving chemical problems reading critically formulating questions completing laboratory. experiments and communicating information assimilated throughout the course by completing exams Class. conduct should be professional as well as respectful of the rights other students to constructive learning. experience, Grades will be posted to blackboard which can be accessed from the UAF homepage Class grades may be. adjusted curved from the following schedule only in the students favor. Points Grade Range Letter Grade Points,Examination 1 100 100 90 A 1000 900. Examination 2 100 89 80 B 899 800,Examination 3 100 79 70 C 799 700. Final Examination 150 69 60 D 699 600,Lab and Groupwork 250 59 or less F 600.
Homework 150,Lecture Quizzes 100,Participation and Clicker 50. Total 1000, The instructor reserves the right to drop any student from class if that student has missed an exam without an. excused absence has missed more than two labs appears to be failing as of Friday January 26 2017 or has. many zeros for class participation grades Students will be notified once via email before the drop if the. student corrects the deficiency the student may remain in this class Progress reports for freshman students are. due to the Registrars Office by Sunday Feb 26 2017 The grade reported at that time will include the student s. scores on the first exam homework and the in class participation grade The last day for instructor initiated. withdrawal is Friday March 30 2017 W grade appears on academic record An incomplete grade will only be. assigned if a student misses the final exam for an outstanding reason such as a medical problem a death in the. family etc, Homework problems will be assigned using questions from the textbook in coordination with the Connect Plus. program Students should expect between 10 20 questions to be assigned each week All assignments are now. available on ConnectPlus through Blackboard Homework assignments for the week will be due according to. the course schedule below no later than 1pm start of class It is recommended that students promptly register. and log in to Connect Plus as homework will be assigned within the first class period. Occasionally students experience problems using Connect For example students may type in a right answer. but Connect will count their answer as wrong Or perhaps a student cannot open Connect on his or her. particular laptop for some unknown reason If a student experiences any electronic problems using Connect. the student must contact Connect at 1 800 331 5094 for help The Connect technicians are usually able to. resolve the problem However if the problem is still not resolved then the student should contact Dr Oliver. with the case number given by the Connect technician Dr Oliver will then notify the Connect sales team of the. problem and give them the case number so that the problem can be resolved. UAF CHEM F106X Syllabus,Spring 2018,Quizzes Worksheets. Each student must obtain a radio frequency clicker see above which is used in lecture to answer questions. projected on the overhead Clicker numbers must be registered online in the Blackboard system to receive. grades as responses are recorded electronically by the TurningPoint receiver and software on the classroom. computer No answers on paper will be accepted unless specified any student found using any clicker other. than their own will be in violation of the UAF honor code see below The quiz questions are likely to be. similar to assigned homework problems and are designed to help prepare for exams as well as the ACS final. Students should come prepared to class with any materials needed for the quizzes as the quiz may be open. book or open note or require a calculator However sharing of class materials will not be permitted Quizzes. will occur the last lecture period for each chapter and consist of 5 questions worth a total of 10 points 3. minutes for each question Answers will be collected through the use of clickers A total of 11 quizzes will be. given throughout the semester and the highest 10 scores will be tabulated dropping lowest score. If a student misses an in class clicker quiz and is concerned about losing points then that student should see. Dr Oliver about making up the quiz Dr Oliver will assign textbook problems similar to the quiz problems to. the student and the student must solve the problem immediately on a sheet of paper and turn in the answer The. student will receive points if and only if the answers are correct. Laboratory, The purpose of lab is to do hands on investigation of chemical principles and theories Students will gain skills.
in scientific reasoning experimental design and use of chemicals as well as laboratory apparatus Laboratory. procedures will be available for printing on blackboard before the start of the lab section Small group learning. assignments will also accompany laboratory and account for a portion of the lab grade Lab reports must be. turned in the following week to be graded by the laboratory assistant attendance in lab is mandatory for report. credit The laboratory portion of the student s grade will be based upon the average of the student s best 10 lab. reports Students may miss one lab with no impact on their lab grade lack of attendance or failure to complete. 8 laboratories will result in a failing grade for the course If the student has special scheduling problems please. discuss alternative options with Emily Reiter Laboratory Director Late reports may be accepted with. penalized scores excluding the last report of the semester which will not be accepted late. The student is responsible for all information from text lecture homework quizzes and assigned study. questions Any of these sources will be used to construct exam questions No use of a cell phone pda graphing. calculator or otherwise will be allowed during the exam Three one hour exams and a cumulative final exam. will be given as per the course schedule The final exam will be a curved two hour 70 item multiple choice. exam provided by the American Chemical Society Examinations Institute All students are required to take. this exam in order to pass the course The recommended review text see above is an excellent source of. information to assist students in practicing and preparing for the final exam This final examination will also test. for some concepts covered in Chem F105X, Make up examinations will be allowed for legitimate absences only an unexplained absence from an exam. results in a zero If the student anticipates an absence intercollegiate sports travel for military or university. business talk to the professor before the exam If the absence is unexpected illness family or personal. calamity contact the professor at the earliest possible opportunity Please note that makeup exams require the. student to have no knowledge of the original exam No extensions makeup or late work will be accepted. otherwise however homework grades will receive a buffer for any missed assignments to be utilized by the. student at their discretion,UAF CHEM F106X Syllabus. Spring 2018,Ethical considerations, The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Policy on Cheating states. Any student caught cheating will be assigned a course grade of F The students academic advisor will be. notified of this failing grade and the student will not be allowed to drop the course. Examples of cheating include but are not limited to. Copying another student s answer while taking a quiz or exam. Using another student s clicker for any reason, Using another student s work while writing lab reports. Students must also adhere to UAF policies the student code of conduct as well as the University of Alaska. Honor Code which states, Students will not collaborate on any quizzes in class exams or take home exams that will contribute to their.
grade in a course unless permission is granted by the instructor of the course Only those materials permitted. by the instructor may be used to assist in quizzes and examinations Students will not represent the work of. others as their own A student will attribute the source of information not original with himself or herself direct. quotes or paraphrases in compositions theses and other reports No work submitted for one course may be. submitted for credit in another course with out the explicit approval of both instructors Violations of the. Honor Code will result in a failing grade for the assignment and ordinarily for the course in which the. violation occurred Moreover violation of the Honor Code may result in suspension or expulsion. Student success, There are a large number of resources to help students who would like to perform at their best The student may. make an appointment to see the instructor for help The instructor will attempt to reply to email questions. within 24 hours during the school week The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department has established the. Chemistry Learning Center CLC which offers student led instruction Students may also see a tutor for. additional assistance Laboratory teaching assistants are available for help during posted office hours. Disabilities, Students with a physical or learning disability are required to identify themselves to the Disability Services. office 474 7043 located in the Center for Health and Counseling The student must provide documentation of. the disability Disability Services will then notify the instructor of special arrangements for taking tests. working homework assignments and doing lab work,UAF CHEM F106X Syllabus. Spring 2018,Tentative course outline and calendar, Week Date Ch Lesson Assignments Topic Lab Experiment. Jan 15 NO CLASS Kinetic Molecular Theory,1 Jan 17 11 11 1 11 2 Nomenclature and.
Jan 19 11 11 2 11 5 intermolecular forces,Jan 22 11 11 6 11 9. Solutions and their,2 Jan 24 12 12 1 12 3 Quiz HW11 Due 1 Review IMF. properties,Jan 26 12 12 3 12 6,12 6 12 8 Solutions. 2 Ten solutions and,3 Jan 31 13, 13 1 13 2 Quiz HW12 Due Chemical Kinetics and ten unknowns. Feb 2 13 13 3 13 4 Rate Laws,Feb 5 13 13 5 13 6,3 Silver plate.
4 Feb 7 Review Quiz HW13 Due,photography,Feb 9 Exam 1 Exam 1. Feb 12 14 14 1 14 2,5 Feb 14 14 14 3 14 5 Equilibrium 4 Kinetics. Feb 16 15 15 1 15 4 Quiz,Feb 19 15 15 5 15 7,Chemical Equilibrium. 6 Feb 21 15 15 8 15 10 5 Keq,Acids and Bases,Feb 23 15 15 10 15 12. Feb 26 16 16 1 16 3 Quiz,Acid base strength,7 Feb 28 16 16 4 16 6 6 Acid Base Week 1.
and Equilibria,Mar 2 16 16 7 16 8,Mar 5 16 16 9 16 11. Equilibria and Solubility, 8 Mar 7 16 Review Quiz HW16 Due 7 Acid Base Week 2. Mar 9 Exam 2 Exam 2,Mar 12 NO CLASS Entropy Free Energy. 9 Mar 14 NO CLASS Spring Break No Lab,and Equilibrium. Mar 16 NO CLASS,Mar 19 17 17 1 17 2,Free Energy and.
10 Mar 21 18 17 3 17 4 8 Salts and Buffers,Equilibrium. Mar 23 18 17 5 17 7,18 1 18 2 Quiz HW17 Due, 11 Mar 28 18 18 3 18 4 Electrochemistry 9 Thermo Borax. Mar 30 19 18 5 18 6,Apr 2 19 18 7 18 8,10 Voltaic Cells and. 12 Apr 4 19 19 1 19 3 Quiz HW18 Due Nuclear Chemistry. Free Energy,Apr 6 19 3 19 6,Apr 9 19 6 19 8,Nuclear Chemistry. 13 Apr 11 Review Quiz HW19 Due 11 Nuclear Chem,Apr 13 Exam 3 Exam 3.
Apr 16 20 20 3 20 8 Chemistry in the,14 Apr 18 23 23 1 23 2 Atmosphere TBD. Apr 20 23 23 2 23 3 Quiz HW 20 Due Coordination Compounds. Apr 23 24 23 3 23 5,Coordination Compounds,15 Apr 25 24 1 24 4 Organic Chemistry Review. Apr 27 Review Quiz HW 23 Due,Apr 30 Review for Final HW 24 Due FINAL EXAM.

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