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Kindle User s Guide 2,Chapter 1 Getting Started 5,Registering your Kindle 5. Kindle controls 5,Onscreen actions 6,Onscreen keyboard 6. Tap zones 7,Toolbars 8,Status indicators 10,Wireless status indicators 10. Battery status indicator 10,Activity indicator 10,Parental Controls indicator 10. Setting up your Kindle Paperwhite 10,Network connectivity 10.
Special Offers and Sponsored Screensavers 11,Screensaver 11. Special Offer banners 11,Recommended content 12,Chapter 2 Acquiring Managing Kindle Content 13. Shop the Kindle Store anytime anywhere 13,Device and Cloud storage 13. Removing items from your Kindle 14,Managing your Kindle Library 14. Using collections 14,Chapter 3 Reading Kindle Documents 16.
Understanding Kindle display technology 16,Customizing your text display 16. Comic and Manga books 16,Children s books 16,Zooming images 16. Panning tables 16,Enhanced viewing mode 17,Interacting with your documents 17. Kindle User s Guide 3,Viewing reading progress 18, Chapter 4 Getting More From Your Kindle Paperwhite 19. Customizing Your Kindle Settings 19,The Settings contextual menu 20.
Carrying and reading personal documents 20,Reading Kindle content on other devices 21. Sharing comments via social networks 21,Using your Kindle with your computer 21. Using the Experimental Web Browser 21,Web Browser Menu 22. Bookmarks 22,Downloading files 22,Chapter 5 Finding Additional Assistance 23. Appendix A Product Information 24,Safety and Compliance Information 24.
Maintaining Your Kindle Device 24,Servicing Your Device 24. Battery Safety 24,Other Safety Considerations 25,Wireless Safety and Compliance 25. Turn Off Wireless When Flying 25, Using Your Kindle Around Other Electronic Devices 25. Steps to Minimize Interference 25,Watch for Signs 25. FCC Compliance Statement 26, Information Regarding Exposure to Radio Frequency Energy 26.
Canadian Compliance Statement 26,IEEE 1725 Battery Safety Statement 27. EU Declaration of Conformity 27,Recycling Kindle Properly 27. Kindle User s Guide 4,Product Specifications 28,KINDLE LICENSE AGREEMENT AND TERMS OF USE 28. ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY 28,Warranty Provider 29,Additional Information 30. Patent Notices 30,Copyright and Trademark Notices 30.
Kindle User s Guide 5,Chapter 1 Getting Started,Getting Started. Welcome to your new Kindle Paperwhite This short guide will familiarize you with all of the. features and functionality of your Kindle Some Kindle features may not be available based. on your country of residence or location Please visit www kindle com support for a list of. features by country,Registering your Kindle, If you bought your Kindle online using your Amazon account it is already registered to you. To verify tap the Home button and look for your Amazon user name in the upper left corner. of the Home screen If it says My Kindle or shows the name of a previous owner instead of. your own Amazon account name you ll need to register it See Setting up your Kindle in this. chapter for instructions on setting up and registering your device. Kindle controls, You need to learn only a few simple controls to use your Kindle Paperwhite. Power button To turn your Kindle on press the Power button If you need to turn off your. Kindle completely such as when traveling on an airplane press and hold the Power button for. seven seconds until the screen goes blank then release the button. Kindle User s Guide 6,Chapter 1 Getting Started, Your Kindle will automatically go into sleep mode after a few minutes of inactivity and a. screensaver appears on the display This static screensaver uses no battery power To put. your Kindle in sleep mode press and release the Power button To wake up your Kindle press. the Power button, If your Kindle does not power on or is unresponsive during use you can restart it by pressing.
and holding the Power button for 20 seconds, Micro USB power port You can use the supplied USB cable to connect your Kindle to a. computer for charging the battery and transferring files To charge your Kindle from a power. outlet you will need an AC adapter sold separately for the USB cable. When the device is charging a lightning bolt appears on the battery icon at the top of the. Home screen The indicator light on the bottom edge will turn amber while the battery is. charging and green when it is fully charged Charging should take less than four hours using. a Kindle AC adapter Charging using 3rd party adapters or via USB should take less than four. hours but may take longer depending on the capability of the hardware. You can still use your Kindle while it is connected to your computer and charging via USB To. do so unmount or eject it so that your Kindle exits USB drive mode. Windows Right click on the Safely remove hardware icon in the lower right hand corner. of the task bar and follow the onscreen instructions to remove your Kindle. Mac OS X Click the Eject button next to the Kindle in any Finder window or drag it from. the Desktop to the Trash, Your Kindle will then exit USB drive mode Your Kindle will continue to charge in this mode. If the charge indicator light on the bottom edge of the device does not come on make sure. that the USB cable is fully inserted into your Kindle and into the USB port of the computer. If your Kindle is still not charging try another USB port or electrical outlet. Note that if your Kindle is plugged into a low powered USB port such as those found on. some keyboards and older computers it will not receive enough power to charge. Onscreen actions, Your new Kindle Paperwhite features a touchscreen interface that allows you to perform. many tasks with just a tap or swipe of a finger To select an item simply tap it For example. tap a book cover or title on your Home screen to open the book or tap a button to perform. that button s action,Onscreen keyboard, Your Kindle has an onscreen keyboard When you tap the Search button or begin other. actions that require you to type in information the keyboard automatically displays at the. bottom of the screen Tap the keys to enter your selection and use the appropriate buttons. to continue on to the next action As you type word suggestions based upon your entries. will appear above the keyboard Tap the word you want to select Tap the key to enter. numbers or symbols Tap the to return to the regular keyboard Tap the Shift key. to enter uppercase characters To select a keyboard for a different language on the Settings. page select Device Options then Language and Dictionaries Select the Keyboards option If. you have multiple keyboards a Globe key is added to your keyboard To select a different. keyboard tap the Globe key, Your Kindle supports the entry of diacritics and special characters using the keyboard To.
display these characters press and hold the base letter s key For example press and hold. the n to display or,Kindle User s Guide 7,Chapter 1 Getting Started. The EasyReach feature of Kindle lets you effortlessly turn pages in a book or periodical while. holding the device with just one hand Tapping almost anywhere in the display area will take. you to the next page the area is large enough to be tapped whether you hold the device. with your left or right hand Tap the left side of the screen to go to the previous page The. EasyReach tap zones differ depending on whether your Kindle is in portrait or landscape. mode When reading you can change the screen orientation by tapping on the Menu button. and selecting Portrait or Landscape Mode Note that the option displayed depends upon the. current orientation of your Kindle,Portrait mode,Landscape mode. If you prefer you can change pages by swiping the screen with your finger To go to the next. page swipe your finger from the right to the left across the screen To go to the previous. page swipe your finger from the left to the right across the screen. Kindle User s Guide 8,Chapter 1 Getting Started, EasyReach also lets you tap the top of the screen to display a toolbar Toolbar options vary. depending on what you are viewing Standard options include. Home button This button takes you to the Home screen where you ll find a list of books. and other content stored on your Kindle, Back button Use this button to retrace your steps For example you can follow a link from. a book then tap the Back button to return to your place in the book. Screen Light Slide your finger along the scale to adjust the screen brightness Tap the. button to use a higher light setting and tap the button to use a lower light setting Press. and hold the button to turn the light to minimum brightness Press and hold the. button to turn the light to maximum brightness You can also tap anywhere on the light scale. to select a specific setting, Kindle Store Tap to go to the Kindle Store Your Kindle must have an active Wi Fi or 3G.
connection to use this feature, Search button Tap this button to bring up the search field and the onscreen keyboard. Tap to the left of the Search field to display search targets This Book not available when. searching from the Home screen My Items searches your Cloud items as well as the ones. on this Kindle by title and author Kindle Store Dictionary and Wikipedia After you make. your selection tap the Arrow button to the right of the Search bar or the Return key on the. keyboard to perform the search To exit search tap the X on the right side of the search bar. Menu button This button displays a list of options The menus are contextual which means. they change to offer appropriate options depending on what you re currently doing with the. device For example on the Home screen of a Kindle with Special Offers menu options may. include Shop Kindle Store View Special Offers List or Cover View Create New Collection. Sync and Check for Items Settings and Experimental Browser Note that you can view. content on the Home screen using the default cover view or by the traditional list view. When you re reading a book menu items specific to that task include Portrait or Landscape. Mode Sync to Furthest Page Read Book Description Add Bookmark View Notes Marks. Reading Progress and About the Author Note that About the Author is only available for. books that support author profile,Kindle User s Guide 9. Chapter 1 Getting Started, A secondary toolbar appears when you re reading a book. Text button Tap to display font and text options for your Kindle books including font size. typeface line spacing margins and publisher font, Go To button The options displayed will vary depending on the content you re reading but. may include Beginning Page or Location and chapter titles. X Ray button The X Ray feature lets you explore the bones of the book with a single tap. For example you can see all of the passages in a book that mention specific ideas fictional. characters historical figures and places or topics If X Ray is not available for a book the. button will be disabled or the Sync button will display. Share Tap this button to share your thoughts with other readers. Periodical toolbar, When you re reading a periodical the toolbars are configured specifically for periodicals.
To display the toolbar tap the top of the screen, Periodical Home button Tap to display highlights of this issue. Sections and Articles button Tap to go to the hierarchical list of sections and articles. in a newspaper or magazine This option is not available in blogs. A secondary toolbar is available when you re reading a periodical and are on the article. detail page Options include, Text button Tap to display font and text options for your periodicals including font size. typeface line spacing and margins,Kindle User s Guide 10. Chapter 1 Getting Started, Clip This Article button Tap to clip an entire periodical article to the My Clippings file. The My Clippings file is located on your Home screen and stores your notes bookmarks. highlights and clipped articles,Status indicators, At the top of the Home screen you ll see indicators that inform you about the status of your.
Kindle Paperwhite To view these indicators within a book or document tap the top of the. screen to display the toolbars,Wireless status indicators. The Amazon Whispernet service wirelessly delivers content to your Kindle whenever and. wherever you want it Your Kindle can connect to Whispernet via its built in Wi Fi capability. some models also include free 3G wireless connectivity to Whispernet The more bars on. the Wi Fi or 3G status indicator that are filled the stronger the signal. Your Kindle is connected to Whispernet using Wi Fi. Your Kindle is connected to Whispernet using a 3G cellular network Alternatively you may. see an icon for an EDGE or GPRS network next to the signal strength bars Applies only. to Kindle 3G, Your Kindle is in Airplane Mode and you have no wireless connectivity. Battery status indicator, The Kindle battery indicator shows the various states of the battery as it discharges Note. that a weak wireless signal can increase power consumption. Activity indicator, This indicator appears in the top left corner of your Kindle screen when it is scanning or. connecting to a network busy downloading new content syncing and checking for new. items searching for an item opening a large PDF file or loading a web page. Parental Controls indicator, This indicator appears when Parental Controls are enabled for your Kindle Parental Controls.
let you restrict access to the Experimental Web Browser Kindle Store and content stored in. the Cloud Parents may use this feature to prevent children from purchasing content without. their permission or from browsing any inappropriate online content. Setting up your Kindle Paperwhite, If you re reading this guide you ve probably completed the Kindle setup process which. includes selecting your device language connecting to a Wi Fi network and registering your. Kindle to an Amazon account If you haven t done these steps yet go to the Home screen. now select Set Up Your Kindle and follow the onscreen prompts Once you have completed. the setup process Set Up Your Kindle will no longer appear on your Home screen. To register a Kindle that has been previously registered from the Home screen tap the Menu. button and select Settings On the Settings page tap Registration and select the appropriate. option to begin the registration process,Network connectivity. Books magazines and other materials are delivered directly to your Kindle via its built in. network connectivity If your Kindle offers both Wi Fi and 3G connectivity use Wi Fi whenever. possible for faster downloads You can connect to a Wi Fi network at home or at hotspots. around the world,Kindle User s Guide 11,Chapter 1 Getting Started. To view available Wi Fi networks from the Home screen tap the Menu button and then. Settings Select Wi Fi Networks and the name of the network you want to use If you see. a lock symbol next to the network name it requires a password Tap the Rescan button. to recheck for available Wi Fi networks Please note that your Kindle does not support. connecting to ad hoc or peer to peer Wi Fi networks. Your Kindle will recognize Wi Fi networks with a WPS compatible router To connect via. WPS from your Kindle select the wireless network you want to use Next press the WPS. button on your router and then select the WPS button on your Kindle during the Wi Fi setup. process Once you have successfully connected to a network the Wi Fi status indicator will. display the network s signal strength, Kindle Paperwhite 3G models use the same technology as cell phones so they are. dependent on cellular coverage areas By default a 3G Kindle device will automatically. connect to a 3G network If there isn t sufficient 3G signal strength it will connect to a. slower GPRS or EDGE network Your Kindle automatically turns off 3G when you connect. using Wi Fi with better signal strength If you disconnect from a Wi Fi network or move out. of Wi Fi range your Kindle will automatically switch back to 3G. To turn wireless off from the Home screen tap the Menu button select Settings and enable. Airplane Mode Any periodical downloads or other pending updates that require a wireless. connection will occur the next time you turn it back on Turning on Airplane Mode disables. both 3G and Wi Fi connections,Special Offers and Sponsored Screensavers.
For Kindle with Special Offers devices you will receive Special Offers and Sponsored. Screensavers that display only on the Home screen or screensaver not within a book Note. that Special Offers and Sponsored Screensavers are not available in all countries. Screensaver, When your device is sleeping a special offer will be displayed on your screensaver To see. more details on the offer wake up your Kindle and then tap the Tap for Details area To. unlock your Kindle without viewing offer details swipe your finger to unlock Special Offers. and Sponsored Screensavers are updated regularly when your Kindle is connected to a. Special Offer banners, Special Offer banners are displayed at the bottom of the Home screen To view additional. details tap the banner,To view all available special offers. 1 Tap the Home button then tap the Menu button,2 Tap View Special Offers. 3 Tap on any available offer to view details about it. Note that if you buy a special offer when your Kindle is offline your order will not be. processed immediately The purchase will be queued and the transaction will be automatically. completed the next time you connect to a network,Kindle User s Guide 12.
Chapter 2 Acquiring Managing Kindle Content,Recommended content. When in Cover View your Kindle Home screen displays recommended content from the. Kindle Store such as Editors Picks Tapping the item will direct you to the Kindle Store. where you can view additional details read customer reviews and complete purchases. Swipe or tap to view additional content,Kindle User s Guide 13. Chapter 2 Acquiring Managing Kindle Content,Acquiring Managing Kindle Content. Shop the Kindle Store anytime anywhere, The Kindle Store offers a wide selection of Kindle books Kindle Singles newspapers. magazines and blogs as well as popular games and active content To access the store tap. the top of the screen to display the toolbars then tap the Shopping Cart button You can also. select Shop Kindle Store from some menus, To navigate within the Kindle Store simply tap on any area of interest then swipe left and.
right or up and down to move around pages and lists You can search for a title browse by. category check out the latest best sellers or view recommendations personalized just for you. The Kindle Store lets you see details about titles read customer reviews and even download. book samples, When you re ready to make a purchase the Kindle Store securely uses your Amazon 1 Click. payment method After you order the Amazon Whispernet service delivers the item directly to. your Kindle via your wireless connection Books are downloaded to your Kindle immediately. generally in less than 60 seconds Newspapers magazines and blogs are sent to your device. as soon as they re published often even before they re available in print If your Kindle is in. Airplane Mode when a new issue of a periodical becomes available the issue will be delivered. automatically the next time you connect wirelessly. You can also synchronize your Kindle device so that purchases within Kindle apps or other. Kindle devices registered to your account are available to you For example you can read a. few pages using the Kindle application on your iPhone iPad or Android device and then pick. up right where you left off when you return to your Kindle This setting is available via the. Manage Your Kindle page accessible from www kindle com support For more information. see Reading Kindle content on other devices,Device and Cloud storage. Content that is not downloaded to your device is securely stored and available in the Cloud. This includes copies of all your books along with recent issues of newspapers and magazines. To view your Cloud content tap Cloud in the top left of the Home screen Your personal. documents are also saved in the Cloud if they have been e mailed to your Kindle and if you. have enabled archiving on the Manage Your Kindle page. To view content stored on your Kindle tap Device If you are preparing to go offline toggle to. Cloud and download to your Kindle any content that you want to have available when offline. If you wish to download content that you have in the Cloud tap Cloud on the Home screen. and then choose the item s you want to restore to your Kindle You can cancel a download by. tapping on the item s title Once you have downloaded an item you can either open it from. the Home screen or directly from the Cloud Use this same method to download previously. purchased content to a new Kindle device, The Manage Your Kindle page accessible from www kindle com support offers a handy way. to view and manage your Kindle content settings and account using a web browser. Kindle User s Guide 14,Chapter 3 Reading Kindle Documents. Removing items from your Kindle, To free up space on your Kindle you can remove items by pressing and holding the item s.
name or cover on the Home screen When the dialog box appears tap Remove from Device. This option will vary depending upon the content Your content will remain stored securely in. the Cloud for download at a later time, Your personal documents are saved in the Cloud if they have been e mailed to your Kindle. and if you have enabled Personal Document Archiving on the Manage Your Kindle page. accessible from www kindle com support Note that files transferred to your Kindle using the. USB cable will be permanently deleted For information on personal document management. see Carrying and reading personal documents, Periodicals Older issues of newspapers and magazines are stored on the Home screen in a. collection titled Periodicals Back Issues Issues that are more than seven issues old will be. automatically deleted to free up space for new content Expiring next to an issue indicates. that it will be deleted soon,There are two ways to keep a copy of an issue. On the Home screen press and hold on the name for the issue you wish to keep Select. Keep This Issue from the options, From within the issue tap the Menu button and select Keep This Issue. Managing your Kindle Library, Your Kindle can store thousands of digital books personal documents newspapers blogs.
magazines and active content which are referred to collectively as content throughout. this guide To display a list of content on your Kindle Paperwhite tap the Home button To. view how much free space you have available for storing content from the Home screen tap. the Menu button and select Settings On the Settings page tap the Menu button and select. Device Info, By default your content is sorted by Recent meaning that new items and the content you re. currently reading are at the top You can change the sort option by tapping on the name of the. existing sort order in the header to display other available sort options You can also sort items. that you have stored in the Cloud, To filter your content by type on the Home screen tap My Items located under the toolbar. Filtering options include All Items Books Periodicals Docs and Active Content You can also. filter items that you have stored in the Cloud, To jump to a specific title or page go to the Home screen and tap the page number control. For example 1 2 indicates you are on page 1 and have 2 pages of content on your Kindle. When the dialog box appears enter the page number you want to go to or the first letter of. the title or author depending upon your current sort option. To view more information about an item and access a menu of applicable options go to the. Home screen and press and hold on the item s artwork or name if using List view Menu. options vary but may include Add to Collection Go To Book Description Search This Book. View Notes Marks and Remove from Device,Using collections. If you store a lot of content on your Kindle you can create collections for easier access You. can add as many items as you like to each collection including books active content and. personal documents Items can also be added to more than one collection Your Kindle will. sort your Home screen content by collections after you create your first collection. Kindle User s Guide 15,Chapter 3 Reading Kindle Documents.
To create a new collection,1 On the Home screen tap the Menu button. 2 Select Create New Collection, 3 Use the keyboard to type a name for the collection and then tap OK A list of the items on. your Kindle that can be added to a collection displays Note that periodicals and blogs cannot. be put into collections, 4 Tap the checkbox next to an item s title to add it to the collection and tap Done when finished. You can add or remove items at a later time by tapping on the Menu button when in a. collection and selecting Add Remove Items Other options include Rename Collection and. Delete Collection Note that deleting a collection from your Kindle does not remove the. content stored on your device Items previously placed into the collection that are stored on. your Kindle will appear on the Home screen after the collection is deleted.

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