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Chapter 3 Isolationists Internationalists and Lend Lease
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positions As a result they only had cavalry and infantry to counter attack against German tanks that. broke through their defenses The Germans were simply moving too fast for Allied generals Employing. blitzkrieg lightening war tactics German paratroopers landed behind Allied lines seizing bridgeheads. and other strategic choke points such as railroad junctions Terror and confusion were further spread by. the Luftwaffe the German air force Their planes routinely machine gunned civilian refugees to tie up. Allied supply routes, With breakneck speed the Germans drove west reaching the English Channel on May 20th The. entire British army and a French army a total of 35 divisions were thereby cut off in Belgium from the. main French force Their backs were to the sea, At this point Hitler could have destroyed the surrounded Allied armies in Belgium by cutting off. their escape route to the English Channel Instead he called a halt to his panzer column advance The. British seized on this opportunity to pull their army back to Dunkirk There between May 26 and June 4. 1940 the Allies evacuated 338 000 British and French troops across the channel to safety 860 boats. and ships carried out this escape assisted by bad weather and a temporary halt in Luftwaffe. The Battle of Britain, The Luftwaffe had 998 heavy bombers 316 dive bombers and 1 056 fighters within range of Britain. The Royal Air Force RAF had only 640 fighters At the end of July 1940 Hitler s air war against the RAF. began For two perilous months the battle raged,with the Luftwaffe launching around the clock. attacks on RAF aircraft airfields and radar,installations Then in response to British Bomber.
Command attacks on Berlin Hitler changed his,strategy Just as the German air force was winning. the battle to destroy the RAF Hitler ordered the,Luftwaffe to bomb British cities. September 7 1940 witnessed the first massive,air raid against London with 300 Luftwaffe. bombers escorted by 648 fighters That same night,a second wave of attackers bombed London In all. 4 400 000 pounds of explosives were dropped on,Britain s capital that day Subsequent German air.
raids reduced large parts of London and other,British cities to blackened rubble. St Paul s Cathedral London, December 29 1940 In the autumn of 1940 the Luftwaffe Blitz. continued to pound British cities German sub, marines called U boats sank increasing numbers of ships transporting arms and food to the besieged. island German Wehrmacht soldiers singing We March Against England trooped into channel ports. At this point the British realized that only the United States could save them. Thomas Ladenburg copyright 1974 1998 2001 2007 t ladenburg verizon net. Britain s Plight, By the fall of 1940 Britain possessed fewer than 1 000 field artillery and anti tank guns and fewer. than 260 tanks These weapons could only equip two divisions to defend the British Isles The German. invading force was expected to be 20 times larger The RAF now numbered less than half the size of the. Luftwaffe And the Royal Navy consisted of but 100 destroyers aircraft carriers and battleships This. force was overextended in trying both to shield Britain from the German army and to keep worldwide. supply routes open, Meanwhile the British treasury was as empty as Mother Hubbard s fabled cupboard By October.
1940 only 2 billion remained in the treasury This amount was already slated for partial payment for an. order of 5 billion worth of arms and supplies from the United States Without a US loan the British had. no way of buying the supplies absolutely essential to their defense As British Ambassador Lord Lothian. told New York reporters Well boys Britain s broke It s your money we want Britain however was. running up against an old American tradition isolationism. America s Dilemma, In his 1796 Farewell Address George Washington advised Americans to avoid entangl ing our. peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition a policy that had been followed for 120 years. During this time the United States grew and prospered without becoming overly involved in overseas. wars More than 130 years later many Americans believed that the United States was dragged into World. War I by acting as Britain s arms supplier transporter and banker The resulting160 000 US casualties. and the unpopular Treaty of Versailles subsequently turned many Americans against participation in. international politics, Isolationist legislators tried to avoid a similar US military engagement in the 1930 s by passing. neutrality legislation These laws like the McReynolds Neutrality Act of 1937 specifically required the US. to follow a policy of cash and carry for products sold to nations at war The purchaser of equipment. had to pay in cash and carry the supplies in its own ships The British lacked the ships and the money to. meet these requirements, To get around the restrictions of such neutrality legislation President Roosevelt devised a clever. plan He would simply lend Britain war materials Britain would not have to return the materials until the. war was over Roosevelt made a simple analogy to explain this concept to the American people He. reduced Britain s problem with Germany to a situation of a neighbor whose house was on fire. If he can take my garden hose and connect it up with his hydrant I may help put out the fire Now. what do I do in such a crisis I don t say to him before the operation Neighbor my garden hose. cost me 15 00 You have to pay me 15 00 for it I don t want 15 00 I want my garden hose. back after the fire is over, The Lend Lease Act HR Bill 1776 an act to further promote the defense of the United States was. drafted in January 1941 It would give the President the power to sell transfer title to exchange lend. and otherwise dispose of any defense article to any country whose defense the President believes vital to. the defense of the United States, Roosevelt s plan to lend Britain arms and supplies split the country into opposing camps.
Internationalists thought that the Lend Lease Act would enable the president to lend Britain the arms to. Thomas Ladenburg copyright 1974 1998 2001 2007 t ladenburg verizon net. defeat Hitler before Germany became a danger to America Thus the British and not Americans would. do the fighting to stop Hitler Borrowing from Roosevelt s analogy isolationists countered by asking. what would happen to the lender s house if his neighbor lost his hose in trying and failing to put out the. fire They declared that the Atlantic Ocean not the English Channel was the US s real line of defense. against Germany,Internationalists Isolationists, The people of Europe who are defending We are divided because we are asked to fight. themselves do not ask us to do their fighting over issues that are Europe s and not our own. They ask us for the implements of war which issues that Europe created by her own. will enable them to fight for their liberty and short sightedness We are divided because. our security Emphatically we must get those many of us do not wish to fight again for. weapons to them in sufficient volume and England s balance of power or for her. quickly enough so that we and our children domination of India Mesopotamia and Egypt. will be saved the agony and suffering of war or for the Polish Corridor or for another treaty. which others have to endure We must be the like Versailles We are divided because we do. great arsenal of democracy 3 not want to cross an ocean to fight on a foreign. President Franklin Roosevelt continent for foreign causes against an entire. world combined against us 5, Grant Hitler the gigantic prestige of a victory We must turn our eyes and our faith back to. over Britain and who can doubt that the first our own country before it is too late And. result on our side of the ocean would be the when we do this a different vista opens before. prompt appearance of imitation Nazi govern us Practically every difficulty we would face. ments in a half dozen Latin American nations in invading Europe becomes an asset to us in. forced to be on the winning side begging for defending America Our enemy and not we. favors clamoring for the admission to the Axis would have the problem of transporting. Germany and Italy What shall we do Make millions of troops across the ocean and landing. war upon these neighbors send armies to fight them on a hostile shore They and not we. in the jungles of Central and South America would have to furnish the convoys to transport. run the risk of outraging native sentiment and guns and trucks and munitions and fuel across. turning the whole continent against us Or three thousand miles of water Our battleships. shall we sit tight while the area of Nazi in and submarines would be fighting close to. fluence draws ever closer to the Panama Canal home bases we would then do the bombing. and a spreading checkerboard of Nazi airfields from the air and the torpedoing at sea If any. provides ports of call for German planes that part of an enemy convoy should ever pass our. may choose to bomb our cities 4 navy and our air force they would still be. Editorial in The New York Times faced with the guns of our coast artillery and. behind them in the div sions of our army 6,Charles Lindbergh. 3 The Public Papers and Addresses of Franklin D Roosevelt New York Macmillan 1943 p 640. 4 The New York Times April 30 1941 p 18,5 The New York Times April 24 1941 p 12. 6 Charles Lindbergh An Autobiography of Values New York Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1977 p 194. Thomas Ladenburg copyright 1974 1998 2001 2007 t ladenburg verizon net. Suggested Student Exercises 7, 1 Identify or define and briefly tell the importance to this chapter of each of the following.
a Polish Corridor g Lord Lothian m internationalists. b Ardennes Forest h Europ ean ambition n Arsenal for Democracy. c blitzkrieg ji cash and carry p They not we,d Dunkirk j garden hose p The Jungles of. e the blitz k Lend Lease Act q Europe s Problems,f England s plight l isolationists. 2 Describe the course of World War II from September 1939 to September 1940 Write your description. from the British perspective, 3 As your teacher directs prepare an argument favoring the isolationists or internationalists position. You should consider the following points, a the self interest argument is it better to fight in Europe with the help of allies or use 3000 miles. of ocean as its chief line of defense, b the tradition argument should the US continue following a policy of not entangl ing our peace.
and prosperity, c the morality argument should the US leave millions of Europeans to live and die under a harsh. Nazi dictatorship, Thomas Ladenburg copyright 1974 1998 2001 2007 t ladenburg verizon net.

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