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2 EDITORIAL The Reporter October 26 2019 Vol 24 No 1207. Reining in lawlessness,The dearth of ideas political parties have to be. characterizing Ethiopia s able to operate in an enabling. political landscape has created environment In a situation. a favorable condition for where unruly mobs routinely. lawlessness Inciting one s barricade roads and break up. base to wreak havoc instead meetings or rallies organized. of trying to earn public by someone espousing views. consent with superior ideas different from theirs it s. has become the badge of very challenging to conduct. contemporary politicians No elections That is why it s. meaningful measure has been absolutely vital to bring the. taken as bullies who have utter full force of the law to bear. disregard for democracy and, the will of the people roil the No one stands to benefit. country and dash the hopes of from anarchy except, the youth Many seem to forget conflict entrepreneurs The. that fomenting violence over killing displacement and. issues that ought to be settled disparagement of innocent. through dialogue peddling Ethiopians may become a, vitriolic rhetoric while thing of the past when the. suppressing constructive government carries out its. ideas and sowing instability law enforcement duties with. with intent to vanquish resolve Failure to bring, rivals who cannot be defeated to heel belligerents who.
otherwise only beget anarchy threaten to retaliate when. and mayhem Considerable the government vows to, destruction has been wrought enforce the law is bound to. owing to the government s embolden them and rob the. failure to discharge its primary government of credibility in. obligation namely to protect the eyes of the public When. the wellbeing of citizens and the people turn their back to. uphold the rule of law out of,the government lawlessness. strategic patience Presently,is certain to rear its ugly. though Ethiopia finds itself at, any more Law and order need objectives Consequently head The public just wants. a time the rule of law must be, to prevail the administration of Prime peace democracy and justice.
enforced given the grave risks, Minister Abiy has been the it neither cares whether the. imperiling its very survival We have always underscored. target of frequent criticism EPRDF merges to form a. This is a duty that must be that nothing is more important. accorded precedence over all But now that the premier has single national party nor gives. than assuring Ethiopia s very, other tasks affirmed that criminals will a damn about individuals and. survival As Prime Minister, be brought to justice there groups pushing ethnocentric. Democracy may take root Abiy Ahmed PhD told, should be no backtracking narratives to amass wealth. in Ethiopia insofar as lawmakers this Tuesday no, The principle that all persons What worries it the most is.
fundamental rights and matter who he may be anyone. are equal before the law must the fate of the country and. liberties are respected the posing a threat to Ethiopia s. be demonstrated in deeds itself because it knows well. rule of law is upheld the peace and security should be. that if Ethiopia does not, democratic space broadens held to account In particular The importance of upholding. the imperative to neutralize the rule of law cannot be embark soon on the road to. and undemocratic tendencies democracy and prosperity it. are rooted out When attitudes troublemakers holding the overstated here One s. passports of foreign countries reputation as a freedom fighter will continue to be dogged by. and practices unfit for the instability and poverty It s. 21st century are eschewed who can beat a hasty retreat or an activist can never justify. anywhere they want to after lawlessness on his part The for this fundamental reason. by society rabble rousers, stirring up chaos has never government needs to look into that Ethiopians are desirous. will have no place enabling, been greater Ever since itself critically as it carries out to see pseudo politicians. compatriots who feel they, widespread mass protests its law enforcement duties It s and activists abandon the. can contribute their share to, forced the ruling Ethiopian simply impossible to give life backward and nihilistic.
do so party politics will be, Peoples Revolutionary to the law with institutions politics they practice and. rid of deep seated animosity, Democratic Front EPRDF and personnel that kowtow to engage constructively with. scheming and backbiting that, have beset it for long and pave a coalition of four parties criminals The government each other They need no one. the way for civilized discourse into introducing political may be deemed to be to tell them that the future will. Blockading roads to traffic reforms some 18months ago committed to defend the rule not bode well if lawlessness. and defiling the emblems and scores of politicians and of law as long as it displays the becomes increasingly. flags of political opponents are activists who were released attributes of a government prevalent As anarchism is put. essentially undemocratic The from prison or returned from There is no way it can govern under control and different. forces instigating lawlessness exile are operating freely a nation while its appointees ideas begin to flow freely. which ironically claim to be Despite this however a say the right things officially peace democracy and justice. rights advocates are actually handful of individuals whose but actually sympathize with will flourish This is precisely. harming the national interest fame has gone to their head subversive elements If free why lawlessness must be. Anarchy and other criminal are resorting to violence to fair and credible elections reined in The sooner the. acts must not be countenanced accomplish their political are to be held in Ethiopia better. General Manager Reporter Head of Photography,Amare Aregawi. Managing Editor Dawit Tolesa Nahom Tesfaye,Bruh Yihunbelay Columnists Photographers.
Editor in Chief Leyou Tameru, Published weekly by Media Asrat Seyoum Tamrat Getachew. Sub city N lafto K 10 18 H No 614 Tsion Taye,Mesfen Solomon. Senior Editor Chief Graphic Designer,Communications. Address Bole SubCenter,City Dibaba Amensisa Daniel Getachew. Yibekal Getahun,Kebele 03 05 H No New Editors Cartoonist.
Kaleyesus Bekele Senior Graphic Designer,Tel 011 6 616180 Editorial. 011 6 616185 Reception Yonas Abiye Sofoniyas Tadesse Elias Areda. 011 6 616187 Finance Bruck Getachew Dagmawi Gobena Fasil W giorgis. Fax 011 6 616189 Online Editor,Graphic Designers Marketing Manager. PO Box 7023 Brook Abdu,Assistant Editor Tsehay Tadesse Endalkachew Yimam. 0910 885206 Marketing,Fasika Balcha,E mail mcc ethionet et. Senior Reporters Semenh Sisay,Samuel Getachew, www thereporterethiopia com Dawit Endeshaw Netsanet Yacob.
www thereporterethiopia com, The Reporter October 26 2019 Vol 24 No 1207 HEADLINES 3. Tulu Moye set to drill geothermal wells,Photo By The Reporter Daniel Getachew. Darrel BOYD CEO of TMGO Rebecca Miano CEO of KenGen signing the drilling contract. By Kaleyesus Bekele at the Addis Ababa Hilton concession in the continent be able to generate 150MW of. Hotel in the presence of Kenyan where we are making great electricity to the national grid. Ambassador to Ethiopia inroads proving sustainable. Catherine Mwangi and energy solution she said The major financier of the. An independent power, representatives of the Ministry geothermal project Meridiam. producing company Tulu Moye According to Miano KenGen. of Finance The agreement was Infrastructure attended the. Geothermal TMGO is set to has invested heavily in, signed by Darrell Boyd CEO signing ceremony Thierry. commence drilling its first expertize and latest equipment. of TMGO and Rebecca Miano Deau founder and CEO, geothermal exploration wells instrumental in drilling.
CEO of KenGen of Meridiam said a lot of, in Ethiopia work We have drilled over resources are spent on the Tulu. TMGO has signed a power According to Darrell BOYD 300 wells We want to assure Moye geothermal project in. purchasing agreement with KenGen is a reputable TMGO that we will exert our the past three years Various. the Ethiopian government to company which has a decade best effort and are committed studies have been undertaken. develop and sell electric power experience in geothermal wells to deliver this project with to secure the geothermal. from a geothermal power drilling work KenGen is one excellence KenGen is known resources now we are going to. plant to be built in Arsi zone of the few profitable power for delivering on time We invest more on the new phase. Tulu Moye locality near Eteya companies in Africa We look have started a formidable and. to actually confirm there is a, town The company plans to forward to starting our journey long lasting partnership she. good resource he said For, build a geothermal power plant of exploration drilling here added. us it is a major project and it, with an installed generation in Ethiopia with you I know. According to Darrel Boyd the is an environmentally friendly. capacity of 150 MW with a that it is going to be journey of. contract signed with KenGen is one It will provide Ethiopia. total investment of 800 million success he said, 60 million dollars contract for with base load energy output.
dollars The company has been Ambassador Catherine the drilling of 12 geothermal which is affordable and that. undertaking various geological Mwangi remarked This is a wells each costing 5 6 million is the key for us in selecting. studies in the past several very proud moment for me as dollars We anticipate in projects he added. years a Kenyan Ambassador here drilling of 12 wells each 2500. in Ethiopia This is a big win meters deep Drilling works TMGO was established in. TMGO has awarded the December 17 2017 The company, drilling work contract to the for KenGen and a big win begins in early January Boyd. for Kenya It is the first big said signed a power purchasing. Kenyan company KenGen agreement with Ethiopian,project that Kenya would be. Seventy percent KenGen is TMGO anticipates generating Electric Power on December. participating in Ethiopia, owned by the government of 50 MW from the first phase of 19 2017 making it the second. Kenya and 30 percent of the This is not the first project for the geothermal power plant independent power project. shares are listed on the Nairobi KenGen in Ethiopia however scheduled for completion in next to Corbetti geothermal. Stock Exchange KenGen has They have signed contract with September 2022 The company TMGO is a shareholding. a rich experience in drilling Ethiopian Electric Power EEP will invest more than 250 company of the French. geothermal exploration wells for the drilling of geothermal million dollars on the first. investment firm Meridiam, in the Great East African Rift wells in Aluto Langano phase of the project. SAS 51 percent share and the, It is a very especial day for TMGO will build a second Icelandic geothermal company.
TMGO and KenGen signed the KenGen Rebecca Miano said power plant that will generate Reykjavik Geothermal 49. drilling contract on Wednesday We are entering into another 100 MW By 2024 TMGO would percent share. No 1207 No 1207 No 1207 26 2019,Vol 24 Vol 24 Vol 24 ber. 26 2019 26 2019 26 2019 rter Octo,for October October The Repo. orter honored orter orter,The Rep Abiy ce in the The Rep The Rep. old PM l spa to,42 year politica Adding,to the en the eates l. Award rts to wid to 134 laur ture an idea,his effo th time and tries to cap S.
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CALL FOR PAPERS, Women s Political Participation and Elections in Ethiopia Envisioning 2020 and beyond for Generation Equality. Addis Ababa University Center for Human Rights invites you to submit an abstract for presentation at a Conference to be held on 13. and 14 December 2019 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia with the title Women s Political Participation and Elections in Ethiopia Envisioning. 2020 and beyond for Generation Equality, The Conference aims to create a platform for concerned stakeholders electoral management bodies EMBs political parties. women associations civil societies individual gender activists and partners from intergovernmental organizations to discuss the. status and participation of women in leadership and politics particularly during election cycles Keeping in mind the legal and. political reform currently taking place the Conference will look to the future serving as a platform for different bodies to envision. an inclusive election cycle to identify their respective roles and learn from best practices that would support women in exercising. their civil and political rights, Researchers policy makers and practitioners on leadership and governance gender equality and women s empowerment are. welcome to submit original research or discussion papers or case studies to the Conference. Abstracts are expected to focus on the following sub themes 1 All abstracts must be submitted by November 11 2019. Presenters shall give due attention to the key dates and. Electoral system laws quotas and women s participation. deadlines for preparation and submission of papers as strict. Special normative and institutional measures to promote adherence is expected. women s participation in election and governance the. 2 The abstract shall present in a short summary your presentation. experience of Ethiopia and other countries, The abstract to the paper shall not exceed 350 words in length. international laws that work to support women s active charts literature reviews and bibliographies in the abstract. participation The abstract must at least have the following headings. Gender based violence in elections Ethiopian legal system a Introduction. and practice b Objective, Election process and women s participation c Methodology.
National Election Board and support to women s civic and d Findings and conclusion. political rights as voters and candidates, 3 Submissions that do not adhere to the requested format may. EMBs gender targeted intervention during elections the be returned to the authors for re submission. experience of Ethiopia, 4 Only individual submissions will be accepted Individuals may. Mainstreaming gender in election monitoring process best submit only up to two abstracts across all thematic issues. practice and way forward, 5 The abstracts will be reviewed as they are submitted and. Voter rights voter registration and voter education manuals once an abstract is submitted revision to the text either. design and women s representation and participation grammatically or content wise is not allowed. Political parties and women s participation in politics 6 Abstracts submitted to or presented at other national or. international conferences may be submitted However the. Norms and standards for promoting gender equality in. presenter shall clearly indicate with its submission the details. political parties in Ethiopia,of its previous presentation status. Political parties mainstreaming of gender in manifestos. 7 Abstracts must be submitted via email mehret berehe. policies and structures Ethiopia s case and highlighting. unwomen org Upon receiving the abstracts you will receive. best practice around the world,Civil Society and the election process.
8 The decision of the selection committee in relation to the. Civil societies and gender awareness in the electoral. Key dates and deadlines, 50 50 campaigns in Africa Ethiopia s international. Call for Abstracts opens 25 October 2019,commitments and road to implementation. Call for Abstracts closes 11 November 2018,Women political candidates and campaigning. political candidates J, Strategies to prevent corruption and how it addresses the Travel arrangements 10 12 December 2018. concerns of women political candidates Presentation of the papers 13 14 December 2018. Women political candidates and media how media Terms and Conditions. address women political candidates and its impact on. Submission of abstracts implies the author s agreement to publish. women s roles in decision making, the abstract in all Conference publications including the website.
Identity based politics and gender equality A critical. Acceptance of abstracts does not imply any payment from. assessment UN Women However for the selected paper presenters UN. Gender as identity in Politics and Political Campaigns Women will cover for the costs of travel accommodation and. stay in Addis Ababa for the given dates of the Conference In. National Ethnic based mobilization in politics and its effects. addition the selected papers for the presentation will receive. on other layers of identity i e gender, an award of 25 000 ETB cash prize The award will be given upon. Submitting an Abstract,www thereporterethiopia com. 6 HEADLINES The Reporter October 26 2019 Vol 24 No 1207. Russia agrees to provide atomic,energy supplies to Ethiopia. By Birhanu Fikade recommendations The strengthen and take to the members of the International. agreement indicated that next level a Memorandum Atomic Energy Agency. Ethiopia will apply nuclear and of Understanding MoU that IAEA and both have agreed. Taking the peaceful nuclear radiation safety regulations both sides had signed back in to use nuclear and radioactive. initiatives to a more and oversee the physical 2017 substances and material for. practical stage the Russian security of nuclear materials peaceful industries. Accordingly Ethiopia is, Federation has inked an sources of radiation storage. reestablishing an existing The Russian Rosatom State. intergovernmental nuclear facilities for nuclear materials. Radiation and Nuclear Nuclear Energy Corporation, deal with Ethiopia where the and radioactive substances.
Regulatory Authority tasked was founded in 2007 and. latter will develop its own and radioactive wastes. to oversee and regulate the currently it is the biggest. nuclear facilities in ten years, Following the agreement utilization storage waste nuclear company in the world. both countries will set up a treatment education and that has 36 nuclear blocks on. During the sidelines of the joint coordination committee training with nuclear and order from countries like. Russia Africa Economic to help implement selected radioactive materials and Bangladesh Belarus China. Forum at Sochi the state nuclear power projects which substances However it has Egypt Finland Hungary. owned Rosatom Nuclear include a 3 000 megawatts not yet been disclosed on how India and Turkey Reports. Energy Corporation has signed nuclear power generating much finance is needed or indicated that Rosatom is in. an accord with the Ministry of plants nuclear medicine who will finance the project talks with South Africa to. Innovation and Technology of applications agriculture install more nuclear reactors. It can be recalled that last, Ethiopia to provide technical nuclear training and in that country. year Rwanda had signed an, and technological supplies for education through the use and. inter governmental deal with Besides equipping Africa with. an atomic energy application of radioisotopes, Russia for a peaceful use of a peaceful nuclear technology. The intergovernmental From the Russian side Alexey nuclear energy in Moscow Russia has announced debt. nuclear cooperation Likhachev ROSATOM s And on Thursday Rwanda cancellations amounting to. agreement the two sides have Director General has signed and Russia have inked an USD 20 billion as a gesture of. signed includes development the nuclear deal with Gethaun accord that will help Rwanda cooperation towards Africa. of nuclear infrastructure Mekuria PhD Minister of establish a center for nuclear Ethiopia s share from the USD. on selected joint projects in Innovation and Technology science and technologies 20 billion is around USD 160. accordance with international The Sochi agreement is to Both Rwanda and Ethiopia are million. NEWS IN BRIEF,Ethiopia Germany ink EOTC calls for,EUR 74 5 mln grant.
agreement calm in Oromia, The Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church on. Ethiopia and Germany have signed a financial and technical agreements amounting Thursday has called for calm following the unrest in some areas of the. to EUR 74 5 million on Thursday,Oromia regional state. The technical agreement aims to support three projects with a total of EUR 28. million to be implemented through GIZ while the EUR 46 5 million will finance In a press conference the Holy Synod urged those groups who have. two other projects different ideas to resolve their differences through dialogues and civilized. The agreements were signed by State Minister of Finance Admasu Nebebe and. Ambassador of Germany to Ethiopia Brita Wagener It has also urged the youth the public leaders of political parties. After the signing ceremony Admasu said that the grant agreement will help create government officials scholars activists and other stakeholders to do. skilled manpower in the efforts to integrate agriculture into the industry their part in order to ensure peace and stability in the country. Moreover he stated that the grant agreement will foster jobs creation for the Conflicts in various parts of the country have resulted in the loss of lives. youth refugees and returnees as well as rehabilitating those affected by conflict. as well as damages to properties and mass displacements the Holy Synod. Germany is increasing its support level to Ethiopia he said adding that recently indicated. the government of Germany pledged to fund EUR 100 million to support the. ongoing reforms in the country The Holy Synod called on the youth and the people as well as public. Germany Ambassador to Ethiopia Brita Wagener said in his part that his country. private and the social media to discharge their responsibilities and build. is committed to support Ethiopia s economic reforms a peaceful united and prosperous Ethiopia. www thereporterethiopia com, The Reporter October 26 2019 Vol 24 No 1207 HEADLINES 7. ESDP expresses concern over lack,of peace stability across the nation. Photo By Reuters Tiksa Negeri, By Neamin Ashanfi Leaders of the party during The party echoed that the constitution is the law of.
the briefing also stated that new proclamation is stiffer the land it called up on the. Currently public opinion than the previous one because different political parties. The Ethiopian Social seems to be oppressed and the it requires all parties to irregular groups and activists. Democratic Party ESDP has tendencies of a dictatorship are reregister the exaggerated to respect the constitution. expressed its concerns over the evident in some of the officials required petitions to establish and coordinate their different. ongoing activities of different of the government Hence we a political party and forcing. activities within the context, politicians and activists request the government to government employees to. undermining the longstanding of the constitution, rectify such sentiments and leave their jobs if they aspire. culture of the country of attitudes swiftly to run for election and so on Therefore the party requests. living together harmoniously Therefore the party requested the government to take all the. Moreover the silence of the Apart from this the party the government to amend the necessary measures to rectify. government regarding the accused the government by new proclamation its wrongdoings and address. matter is also worrisome the saying that the cadres of. party lamented If we conduct the upcoming the questions of the public. the ruling party still control, the politics and violates the general election without according to democratic. In a press briefing held on addressing such demands and standards and values In. Wednesday October 24 2019 basic human rights of the. citizens The justification questions its damage would addition it further calls. the party addressed numerous outweigh the benefit So the. the party provided for such every groups and individuals. issues regarding the current government should prepare. political affairs of the country accusations is the recently to refrain from fueling the. itself for real discussions over current instability and. the haggle between member ratified proclamation which is. the matter the party warned demanded that the government. parties of the ruling Front and expected to govern the election. its effect on the national politics and the affairs of the political Furthermore the party take necessary legal measure. and other related issues parties of the country said that since the existing on those perpetrators. Second generation health AU Awards First,extension program to be Continental Teacher Prize. implemented in 4 500 clinics The African Union has awarded its first AU Continental Teacher Prize 2019 for. The second generation health extension program will be implemented across three teachers from Ghana Uganda and Kenya. the nation at 4 500 identified health clinics this Ethiopian fiscal year according Ghanian Augusta Lartey Young Kenyan Erick Ademba and Ugandan Sister. to the Ministry of Health Gladys Kachope won the 2019 AU Continental Teacher Prize for their commitments. Health Minister Amir Aman MD told ENA on Wednesday that the second to quality teaching that resulted in high standards of student achievements. generation health extension program that started with 1 600 health clinics last The award winning teachers received a certificate of recognition and USD 10 000. Ethiopian fiscal year will be widely implemented this year each. According to him it is not possible to achieve the global sustainable development Addressing the inaugural ceremony AUC Rural Economy and Agriculture. goal in 2030 by focusing only on communicable diseases. Commissioner Representative Beatrice Njenga said The teacher prize is an. The second generation health extension program will therefore focus on important and valuable instrument that contributes to the success of Agenda. tackling non communicable diseases that are becoming serious problems in the 2063. country Dr Amir stated, The Union has embarked on developing strategic instruments to raise the status.
The ministry is also working to expand and improve access to health services of teachers in the continent and to also ensure quality and transformative human. which is important to improve the health sector in terms of changing disease resources for Africa she added. patterns and population growth in the country it was pointed out. According to Njenga realizing Africa s potential and aspirations depends on the. According to him the existing 16 packages of the program has increased to 18 investments that are made today towards the development of teachers in Africa. so as to improve quality and access to health services as it is clear that the teacher is core for creating the Africa we want. www thereporterethiopia com, 8 Advertisment The Reporter October 26 2019 Vol 24 No 1207. www thereporterethiopia com, The Reporter October 26 2019 Vol 24 No 1207 Advertisment 9. UNHCR Representation in Ethiopia,Tel 251 11 6612822 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR. P O Box 1076,Email ethadsms unhcr org,Z LRPS 2019 9153369. registered Contractors Suppliers to participate in the following tender Topic UNICEF Ethiopia wishes to request eligible bidders. SN TENDER SUBJECT CLOSING DATE, 1 Invitation to bid for the establishment 20 November 2019 Details of the requirements for this bid and eligibility criteria etc.
of a two year local frame agreement can be found in the bid document. furniture to UNHCR Ethiopia Operation Interested and eligible bidders can get the bid document with. the below links, Interested Companies are invited to collect the tender documents. UNGM https www ungm org Public Notice Index 99071,following address. 1 UNHCR Representation in Ethiopia,Supply Management Service. an email to supplyaddisababa unicef org before or on 06. Addis Ababa, Bole road near to Ramada Hotel same website at 2merkato com to the public While sending. Working hours Monday to Thursday from 09 00 12 00 and 14 00 16 00. LRPS number in the subject email provide the name of your. Friday from 09 00 14 00 company contact person email and mobile number. Collection period Effective from 21 OCTOBER 2019, The due date for submission of proposals Bid to UNICEF Addis.
The Submission Deadline for Receipt of Offers is 12 00 hours local time. 10 00 am East African Time 13, on 20 November 2019 November 2019 Please read the LRPS for detailed requirements. Company Representative s collecting the tender documents will be and due dates. Please quote the respective LRPS request for quotation numbers. Offers must be hand delivered in a sealed envelope and deposited in. the tender box located at Z J, UNICEF reserves the right to accept or reject part or all of any or. Service Bole road near to Ramada Hotel Addis Ababa. Late offers will not be considered, ADDRESS UNICEF Ethiopia UNECA Compound Zambezi Building. UNHCR SUPPLY MANAGEMENT SERVICES ADDIS ABABA ETHIOPIA 2nd. www thereporterethiopia com, 10 HEADLINES The Reporter October 26 2019 Vol 24 No 1207. Ethiopia Egypt agree to taper off tensions, By Dawit Endeshaw equities difference over the dam in a we can deploy millions But.
more diplomatic way war is not a solution,The United States supports. Egypt Ethiopia and Sudan s Quoting Prime Minister Abiy Nevertheless the meeting. Following the meeting held, ongoing negotiations to reach Ethiopian News Agency ENA between the two leaders is said. in Russia Ethiopia and Egypt, a cooperative sustainable and said the discussion held was to have eased the tension over. have agreed to cool down the, mutually beneficial agreement fruitful the construction of the dam. tension that arose between the, two countries over the Great on filling and operating the.
We have agreed with the Again ENA quoting the, Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Grand Ethiopian Renaissance. technical committee to look Premier reported stating. GERD The Reporter has Dam read the statement, into it and to discuss about it that We can have a political. learnt All Nile Valley countries for the decision said Abiy discussion while the technical. For weeks the two countries have a right to economic and added that The project team which has met for the. were in a contentious development and prosperity should not be a center of fifth round so far continues. atmosphere where Egypt was The Administration calls on contention We have discussed separately and unobstructed. insisting on the intervention all sides to put forth good faith on jointly planting trees to with the technical work. of a third party The situation efforts to reach an agreement receive the required rainfall. It can be recalled that just, even caught the attention that preserves those rights to which President El Sisi has. a month ago Sileshi Bekele, of the beleaguered Trump while simultaneously responded positively to. PhD Minister of Water, administration whereby respecting each other s Nile.
This statement from the Irrigation and Energy,the White House issued a water equities added the. Premier comes just days after criticized Egypt over latter s. statement on the matter statement, he issued a stern statement new proposal regarding the. In its statement given a few Following a heated war of at the parliament whereby work which has been going on. weeks ago the US has called words between Officials of he said No force will stop the GERD and said that This. on the three nations to respect the two countries the two Ethiopia from building the is a technical issue and will be. each other s Nile water were said to have settled their dam If we are going to war solved technically. HORN IN BRIEF,Eritrea summons German Djibouti supports. ambassador over DW Egyptian int l stands, The Eritrean foreign ministry has summoned Germany s ambassador to. its Offices earlier this week over DW s reporting on the country. foreign policies, Djibouti s Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Ali Hamad has affirmed his country s.
Eritrean Information Minister Yemane Meskel on Monday claimed that support to Egypt s stands and foreign policies as he met with Egyptian ambassador. DW Germany s state owned broadcaster was engaged in an unbridled to Djibouti Mostafa Mohamed Urfi to discuss mutual relations and cooperation on a. smear campaign against Eritrea number of matters, In its response the German Foreign Ministry described the broadcaster as Hamad further expressed Djibouti s appreciation to Egypt s strenuous efforts in. an independent media outlet that works to high journalistic standards supporting the preparation of Djiboutian cadres. Press freedom is a valuable asset and prerequisite for a functioning. He also welcomed Egyptian investors in Djibouti inviting them to exploit his country s. democracy the ministry which gave no further details about the. promising capabilities in the field of tourism, ambassador s meeting said in a statement on Wednesday. In his part ambassador Mohamed stressed the strong relations between the two. DW has not issued a formal response on the matter, countries and their cooperation in a number of international and regional cases. Meskel had criticized the way the country s peace process with neighboring. Ethiopia was portrayed He also criticized the reporting of the country s The Egyptian ambassador also explained Egypt s stand on the Ethiopian Renaissance. system of national service which conscripts most citizens into the military Dam dispute while Hama expressed an understanding to the Egyptian position in this. and workforce indefinitely matter, Meskel said that the German ambassador had been summoned to seek Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukri had held talks on February with Djibouti Foreign. clarification Minister Mahmoud Ali Youssouf on establishing an Egyptian logistic free zone in the. African country, The small country in the Horn of Africa has been ruled by President Isaias.
Afwerki since 1993 The project is aimed at reviving economies of the countries of the Horn of Africa. DW Egypt Today,www thereporterethiopia com, The Reporter October 26 2019 Vol 24 No 1207 HEADLINES 11. World Forum held in developing world,The Social Enterprise World Forum in Addis Ababa. By Samuel Getachew economies and this conference,built behind social enterprise in. is evidence that this is a global ideas in Ethiopia which Ethiopia in a short space of time. movement making change around started with a vision of social Though the sector is still young. The 12th edition of the Social the world said Markos Lemma entrepreneurship are Mtena it has already put Ethiopia on. Enterprise World Forum SEWF co founder of iceaddis Ethiopia s a social enterprise that uses the world stage and in doing so. hosted by the British Council has, technology to reduce infant and inspired and brought people. ended in the capital last night startup maternal mortality and Tebita together from across all cultures. Held inside the compound With over 55 000 social and continents said Anna. ambulance services within the, of the United Nations enterprises across Ethiopia Chojnicka Head of Global Social.
Economic Commission for involved in children s education Entrepreneurship Network and. Africa UNECA hundreds of ambulance and drones to help the Tebita s founder Kibret one of the speakers at the forum. delegates attended the gathering burden of basic hospital services Abebe noted that Ethiopia still. the interest to use the principles of overwhelmingly uses public taxis According to a study released. social entrepreneurship has been to transport patients to hospitals during the conference by. developing nation to hold such an, a growing concept in the country Thompson Reuters Foundation. international gathering The weeklong event included the best places to be a social. Addis Ababa hosted the Social I am sure this event will shift an education symposium. entrepreneur are Canada, Enterprise World Forum SEWF the African narrative Moses youth week urban and rural. Australia France and, Anibaba Regional Director of study tours and a well attended. Belgium The study was based, British Council said at its closing exhibition and ample networking. market Inclusion is at the core on government support. ceremony opportunities, of social entrepreneurship It is resources that are available.
important that countries adopt SEWF is a self described leading Social enterprises do exist in and on access to investments. policies and strategies to properly forum for international exchange Ethiopia and improve society. and collaboration in social through sustainable business Hailfax the East Coast province. in their own context These entrepreneurship and social models Social Enterprise World of Nova Scotia in Canada is to be. discussions were previously, Forum 2019 is a testament to the host of the next SEWF event. conducted in developed Edinburgh Scotland in 2008 the momentum that has been in 2020. Sudan upbeat on prospects S Sudan opposition,of removal from U S movements retain. terrorism list, Sudan s top financial officials believe that it is just a question of time before his. country is removed from the U S state sponsored terrorism list services. Finance Minister Ibrahim Elbadawi on Tuesday told an event hosted by the Members of the South Sudan Opposition Movements SSOM alliance. Atlantic Council think tank that the listing posed a crippling impediment on Wednesday retained the services of Amsterdam and Partners LLP an. to the transitional government s ability to access funds from the International international law firm led by Robert Amsterdam. Monetary Fund or the World Bank As the legal entity representing the Real Sudan People s Liberation Movement. But he said that the government was working to address security concerns while R SPLM the National Salvation Front NAS and the South Sudan United. taking steps to boost internal revenues by closing tax loopholes and unwinding a Front SSUF Amsterdam Partners LLP will reportedly be tasked with. big shadow economy exploring international legal options to defend the rights of these parties and. as well as their members, Elbadawi told Reuters after the event that he was absolutely encouraged by his. The international law firm will also highlight the ongoing corruption and. discussions with U S officials and lawmakers about getting Sudan removed from. human rights abuses allegedly taking place under the present government in. the terrorism list, order to bring accountability to those responsible.
I could feel that things are moving he said I cannot give a specific date but. The people of South Sudan have been subjected to a series of systemic human. I m quite confident that it s just a question of time. rights violations by the current administration and its security services for. Donald Booth U S envoy to Sudan gave no timetable adding We want to make years something which the new nation may not recover from for a whole. sure that what we see as a problem isn t continuing and it depends on how long generation or more Robert Amsterdam founding partner of Amsterdam. it takes for them to do that Partners LLP said in a statement. Reuters ST,www thereporterethiopia com, 12 IN DEPTH The Reporter October 26 2019 Vol 24 No 1207. By Yonas Abiye the country The Norwegian or Oromiffa for the sake. Nobel Committee has awarded of defending the peace and. the prize for the 100th time stability of the country and. October a month which and to 134 laureates Adding well being of its citizens. kicked off in jubilation is to his accomplishments he. Furthermore in a clear, ending in grief and tragedy then quickly followed it up. manner he said to the, for most Ethiopians And for by releasing Medemer a book. House Using their second, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed which tries to capture an ideal. nationality and foreign, PhD it was a month where he which has been advocated by.
passport as an advantage, has successfully inaugurated the PM for over a year now. these media owners are,his brainchild Unity Park, But with every High s there likely to run away to their. launched his book Medemer, are also Lows and for Abiy safe heavens after inciting. and to top it all off he won the, that was certainly the case conflicts and lead the country. Nobel Peace Prize,into chaos,On Tuesday the PM appeared.
Unveiled on the first week of, before lawmakers to answer A day earlier on Monday. this month Abiy was able to, questions raised by members in an interview with the. turn a late 19th century Palace,of parliament regarding state media the head of. into a major tourist attraction, current issues And to offer the Ethiopian Broadcast. Unity Park encompassed in further explanation to Authority Getachew Dinku. a 40 hectar National Palace President Sahle work Zewde s PhD indicated that the. compound at the heart of opening remarks during the authority may go as far. the City has within it opening of the Parliament a as shutting down media. historical buildings where couple of weeks back institutions which incite. both the Imperial and conflicts by disseminating,The PM responded to matters.
Marxist governments passed unethical and biased contents. concerning the media Abiy, decisions affecting millions of unless they turn their face to. gave a stark warning to non,Ethiopians professional journalism. Ethiopian media owners, The unveiling of the project engaged in inciting conflicts It is to be recalled that last. was quickly followed by a among different communities week some 29 media outlets. Nobel Peace Award to the 42 by spreading hate speech On have held the first general. year old PM Abiy honored abusing press freedom the PM assembly of the Ethiopian. for his efforts to normalize said that his administration Media Council which aims. relations between Eritrea and will not tolerate those non to advance professional. Ethiopia and his efforts to Ethiopian media owners journalism in Ethiopia by self. widen the political space in whether they speak Amharic regulating and avoiding toxic. www thereporterethiopia com, The Reporter October 26 2019 Vol 24 No 1207 IN DEPTH 13. and biased reporting Why were they trying individuals who fall under its. to remove my security at protection We will continue. Going back to Abiy s, night he asked In the past to do so Endeshaw added.
statement and delving,whenever they made changes,between the lines some That night security forces. to security the commanders, commentators speculated that had surrounded his house and. either personally called me or, the PM s warning was directly the government attempted to. the head of my detail to inform, related to activist Jawar withdraw his security details. us What changed He asked, Mohammed who is also the according to Jawar s account.
General Manager of OMN He further said that he of the events. Furthermore the incident that thought the removal of the. followed the parliamentary security forces from his house Shimelis Abdisa vice. session on Tuesday was also was meant to take advantage president of the Oromia region. attributed to the statement of the political demonstrations called for an investigation into. made by the PM taking place over the past the incident saying it was a. few days in Addis Ababa and major mistake,On Tuesday around midnight. elsewhere in Oromia to be However after a string of. in a post Jawar wrote We,used against him violence in and around the. expected this to come while, accusing government law The plan was to remove my city and regions he called for. enforcement of attempted to security and unleash civilian protesters who had blocked. remove his VIP security detail attackers and claim it was a roads in the area to stand. in the middle of the night mob attack he said in the down open blocked roads and. without being issued a prior Facebook post let normal life resume. But Police Commissioner So far reports show that the. As the night gave way to day General Endeshaw Tassew violence has claimed the lives. more than 1 000 supporters told the state media on of dozens of innocent citizens. gathered around Jawar Wednesday that Jawar s throughout the regions while. Mohammed s residence after assumption that he is being unstated amount of property. he reported his government targeted for violence was false was vandalized in several. provided security details and that Jawar s case was locations of Oromia Regional. were asked by police to leave just one of several in which State. his home in the middle of the security details had been. night removed Such protests and violence,comes amid criticism of the. Jawar posted subsequent Police have been reassessing PM for not enforcing the Law. events on the Facebook page of the need for private security. the OMN which he co founded details for VIPs and Roaring page 29. www thereporterethiopia com, 14 INTERVIEW The Reporter October 26 2019 Vol 24 No 1207.
AGGRESSIVE,INTO AFRICA,AsratSeyoum K,www thereporterethiopia com. The Reporter October 26 2019 Vol 24 No 1207 INTERVIEW 15. Photos By The Reporter Mesfen Solomon, The Reporter After short are brand So there are a lot example one country s four cost of capital is high Since. intermission since the early of opportunities to take over start rating for a hotel could it is an emerging market. expansion of brand hotels in existing hotels and brand be significantly different one also have to import a lot. Africa in 2010s there appears them as well as build new ones from the four star rating of of finishing materials to the. to be a renewed push in As population economies the another country whereas country as it cannot be sourced. expanding affordable global and the middle class keep in brand recognition people easily in these economies On. hotel brands into Africa in growing and as more people actually know what to expect the other hand once opened. recent years Can you explain starts to travel there will be from a certain brand of hotel the operating cost of hotels. the major drivers of this more demand for brand hotels wherever it may be As a in emerging markets can also. dynamism in Africa in Africa Around result brand hotels have be very high because of the. 2009 10 telecommunications generally rendered the star higher price of electricity and. Andrew McLachlan From the, really moved in Africa as you rating system useless Indeed imported materials to run the. Radisson Hotel Group point, have more and more data and you still have your municipal facility However as more. of view we are actually a late, connectivity people are able ratings but generally when brand hotels join the market.
starter in the African market, to do business better At the people book hotels they now we see hotel room rates going. especially compared to our big, same time as business starts tend to look to the brand down or stabilizing A good. competitors the Hilton Accor, to peak up more and more andrankings in Trip Advisor example is the Nigerian hotel. and Marriot They all have, been in African for as long as people have a need to travel informing them of where the industry where in Lagos as. 50 or 60 years We have only and that is why we also saw facility is ranked in relative to more and more hotels join. come to Africa in the early rise in the airline business in other options within specific the markets the prices have. 2000s so I call us Radisson Africa about the same time cities This basically is more started to stabilize rather than. a young person with a lot of You can see a lot of airlines appealing to customers since increasing It all comes down. energy By the time we come in Africa growing in terms of it features the actual rating to economics and the rules of. to Africa there was a clear gap their networks if for example from the experience of other demand and supply for hotel. in African hotel market there you see Ethiopian Airlines its customers So generally. network growth over the past brands and online travel But with high room rates. was not too many branded in emerging markets and a. hotels focused in Africa and ten years has been significant advisory and agency systems. Kenyan Airlines as well have have emerged as more growing middle class and. there was a huge under supply average income is it not. of branded hotels So in 2007 done the same Rwandan important tools vis vis star. Air is also growing So as rating difficult for brand hotels to. we establish a dedicated expand where buying capacity. African office run by Africans business grows peoples need. It might also be perplexing for services they provide is. and we were the first branded for travel will increase as well. to observe that although still growing, hotel in Africa to have boots And the two important things.
generally prices are lower in, on the ground in the continent that business travelers ask for If you take my company. emerging markets than the, This was the time when we are a reliable airline to travel for instance we have only. advanced ones hotel fares, saw our momentum of growth with and brand hotels in their targeted 23 cities out of 60. don t seem to follow this, really peak up in Africa It destinations which they know African cities with population. rule In fact hotel rooms in, was in 2011 and 2012 that our and trust A lot of African above one million In doing.
emerging markets are very, competitors really recognized travelers whether business so we very carefully examine. high why do you think that is, the growth that we were or otherwise have started to the economic fundamentals. having in Africa and started travel more and come to be of the cities We try to have. to follow suit with physical familiar with brand hotels We can raise two things here demand break downs in the. presence in the continent At This is how most of the brand One is hotels do cost more to cities we are interested in and. end of the day it comes down hotels started to break into the build in an emerging market try to identify how much of the. to the size of the market in African market than advanced markets this demand is generated by local. Africa It is a huge continent means that to make a return customers and international. With the rise of brand, with 54 countries and over 60 on the investment the hotel ones And based on that we. reliability I think the old, cities having a population of investor would be inclined make sure that we put the right. system of star rating is, over one million so this offers to set hotel rates at highest brand into the right city For.
also fading out across the, a lot of opportunities from possible levels to maximize instance in certain markets. hospitality industry is that, leisure to business to MICE revenue In an emerging some 60 percent of the demand. And it is fact that we still market it generally takes generated could be from the. have a huge under supply of The thing with start rating longer to build hotels 24 international customers In. brand hotels in Africa If you is that there is no globally months in advanced economies such markets we consider. take all the hotels in Africa I accepted standard for star against 48 to 60 months in an. think not more than 25 percent rating This means that for emerging market So the Brand hotel aggressive page 30.

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