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From the Director, The Centre for Health Initiatives CHI has had another year of substantial growth in. 2010 and I am delighted to present this summary of our activities and achievements. Our pool of staff students and members has continued to grow CHI now employs 24. academic and general staff and has 26 Members and 11 Associate Members We ended. the year with 67 ongoing HDR students and celebrated the graduation of five Doctorates. and two research Masters see page 3, We completed eleven major research projects in 2010 see pages 4 6 several of. which have already resulted in substantial changes to policy and or practice Completed. projects include the development and testing of messages discouraging drug driving. the development of alcohol related curriculum for secondary students and the. development of an undergraduate nursing competencies assessment tool for use. across Australian universities, As CHI has continued to grow and the number and size of our research projects has expanded significantly. more than 60 active research projects in 2010 we have structured the reporting of our activities under our three. research streams, Initiatives in Social Marketing and Community Engagement pages 7 and 8. Initiatives in Critical Marketing and Media Analysis page 8. Initiatives in Health Education Leadership and Practice Development pages 9 and 10. As you will see from these pages all three of our research streams have been extremely productive and I would like. to acknowledge the work of the four staff members who have taken on the role of Stream Manager which involves. overseeing and coordinating the vast array of activities in the stream Thank you to Dr Gillian Stillfried Initiatives in. Social Marketing and Community Engagement Dr Heidi Gilchrist Initiatives in Critical Marketing and Media Analysis. and Ms Lyn Phillipson and Dr Keryn Johnson Initiatives in Health Education Leadership and Practice Development. The substantial growth of CHI over the last 12 months has also resulted in the review of our management structure. and I have been extremely fortunate to have the assistance of two profoundly talented individuals as we have gone. through this process Lance Barrie was promoted from Project Officer to Research Manager and has taken on the role. of managing all of CHI s consultancy and commercial contract processes as well as supervising all of CHI s rapidly. increasing research staff Donata Palinkas joined us in 2010 as a Process Manager and has been instrumental in. establishing processes within CHI that will enable us to continue to grow for many years to come I would also like. to thank my fellow Board Members Prof Don Iverson and Prof Patrick Crookes for their ongoing support their. commitment to CHI and their unfailing willingness to listen to my ideas and provide sage advice. CHI researchers have once again been extremely successful in having their work published in 2010 with a 38. increase in refereed publications since 2009 Our 2010 output includes 5 book chapters 59 journal articles and. 12 refereed conference papers I am particularly delighted that we had three papers published in the A ranked Cancer. Causes and Control two of which report on the findings from our research conducted in partnership with the National. Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre, As those who are familiar with CHI will know a key factor in all of our work is our strong relationships with our many.
partners within leading government non government and community organisations CHI prides itself on the conduct. and dissemination of research that makes a difference in the lives of our community a list of our current partners is. shown on page 12, This report outlines some of our key achievements in 2010 including projects completed grants awarded. publications and presentations and engagement with the community What it represents is the combined efforts. of an amazing team of research staff and students in partnership with other individuals and organisations who share. our passion for making a difference,Sandra Jones,From the Director 01. CHI People,Director CHI Members,Prof Sandra Jones Dr Stephen Barnett. Postdoctoral Research Fellows Ms Alison Bell,Dr Heidi Gilchrist Dr Andrew Bonney. Mr Ross Gordon Ms Angela Brown,Mr Roy Brown,Associate Research Fellows Prof John Bushnell.
Dr Danika Hall A Prof Peter Caputi,Dr Keryn Johnson Prof Patrick Crookes. Ms Lyn Phillipson Prof Rodney Croft,Dr Samantha Reis A Prof Janette Curtis. Dr Gillian Stillfried Dr Mario Fernando,Dr Nina Berry honorary Mr Terry Froggatt. Research Manager Prof Nicky Hudson,Mr Lance Barrie Prof Don Iverson. Process Manager Ms Joanne Joyce McCoach,Ms Donata Palinkas Dr Christopher Magee.
Dr Judy Mullan,Project Managers,Dr Lindsay Oades,Ms Kelly Andrews. A Prof Lyndal Parker Newlyn,Ms Joanne Telenta,Dr Russell Pearson. Ms Katherine Eagleton,Dr Kylie Smith,Research Assistants Dr Gerard Stoyles. Mr Matthew Carter A Prof Victoria Traynor,Mr Parri Gregory Dr Margaret Wallace. Ms Lanni Lin Prof Kenneth Walsh,Ms Keiken Munzner Dr Moira Williamson.
Ms Sarah Pasquale,CHI Associate Members,Ms Laura Robinson. Ms Kay Crookes,Mrs Irit Alony,Dr Andrew Dalley,Ms Julia Green. Prof Jan Dewing,Administrative Officers Prof Richard Fleming. Mrs Christine Cairns from Oct 2010 Prof Julian Gold. Mrs Melissa Davies to Oct 2010 Dr Lisa Kervin,Ms Megan Kovac casual A Prof Tony Okely. Ms Natalie Stefanic,Mr Max Sutherland,Ms Natalie Wall.
Dr Fiona Williams,Mrs Christine Cairns,CHI People 02. CHI Students, Doctoral students Chettha Kaewprom Catherine Bateman. Amira Al Showkan Kate Lewis Nicole Britten,Ahmad Al Sagarat Susan Liersch Susan Bromhead. Stephen Barnett Lesley Sue Martin Rebeka Carter,Andrew Bonney Jessica Ogle Kay Crookes. Angela Brown Karen Patterson Jacqueline Cross,Roy Brown Lyn Phillipson Heidi Dowse.
Kellie Buckley Walker Phat Prapawichar Katherine Eagleton. Pippa Burns Paula Robinson Kathryn Godwin,Neysa Burns Rani Sarmugam Kim Hart. Phoebe Carter Paul Smith Margaret Jordan,Chun Min Chen Natalie Stefanic David Kampers. Timothy Coombs Shae Leigh Vella Julia Kittscha,Justin Coulson Stewart Vella Li Chiu Lin. Sandra Daley Susan Vella Li Mei Liu,Jennifer Dooley Natalie Wall Jenifer Lowe. Uwana Evers Melinda Williams Melissa Lynch,Richard Fleming Zhenyu Zhang Faye McMillan.
Terry Froggatt Rebecca Zuchetti Leeanne McQueeney,Janette Gale Paula Olsen. Mohammed Ghadi Masters Students Ketty Rivas,Jennifer Heath Catherine Andrew Jenny Sim. Yumiko Horiguchi Kelly Andrews,Joanne Joyce McCoach Chantel Ashkar. 2010 Graduations, Dr Gabrielle Berea DPsych Adjustment to Multiple Sclerosis Application of the Fennell Four. Phase Model and identification of effective social support Supervisors A Prof Peter Caputi. Dr Nadia Crittenden, Dr Nina Berry PhD Got Milk The influence of the advertising of toddler formula on attitudes.
beliefs and perceptions about infant feeding Supervisors Prof Sandra Jones Prof Don Iverson. Dr Danika Hall PhD Advertising of disease and prescription medicines to Australian consumers. Supervisors Prof Sandra Jones Prof Don Iverson, Dr Ching I Hsu PhD The level of service inventory revised an evaluation and its utility for. Australian offenders Supervisors A Prof Peter Caputi Dr Mitchell Byrne. Dr Keryn Johnson PhD Selling sun protection to a youth audience Best practice guidelines. for social marketing initiatives Supervisors Prof Sandra Jones Prof Don Iverson. Yuka Kishi MSc Research Adaptation processes of Japanese registered nurses Supervisors. Prof Patrick Crookes Dr Allison Shorten Dr Kumiyo Inoue Walsh. Rebekkah Middleton MSc Research What emergency nurses consider the reasons possible. primary care patients present to an Emergency Department for treatment Supervisors. Prof Patrick Crookes Prof Kenneth Walsh, A special congratulations to Dr Danika Hall who as well as graduating with her PhD was awarded. the CHI Outstanding Research Student 2010,CHI People 03. PROJECTS COMPLETED IN 2010, Initiatives in Social Marketing and Community Engagement. Building an evidence base to reduce alcohol related crime in the Illawarra. South Eastern Sydney Illawarra Area Health Service contract research. Dr Heidi Gilchrist Prof Sandra Jones, CHI partnered with South Eastern Sydney Illawarra Area Health Service SESIAHS to develop a profile of alcohol.
related crime in the Illawarra and to investigate emergency department staff experiences of alcohol related violence. The findings from this research have been presented in two separate reports to both the Illawarra Crime Prevention. Committee and the SESIAHS Southern Drug and Alcohol Service for their use as well as being accepted. for publication, Evaluation of the City of Greater Dandenong Public drinking of alcohol campaign. Convenience Advertising contract research,Prof Sandra Jones Mr Lance Barrie. The City of Greater Dandenong Public Drinking Campaign which was launched in 2009 aimed to raise awareness of. the 1000 penalty imposable for drinking alcohol in public CHI evaluated the effectiveness of the public drinking. campaign which entailed a series of posters signs and stickers placed around the city Overall the campaign was well. received by the public had excellent levels of recall and made respondents more aware of drinking in public places. Evaluation of problem gambling marketing campaign,Convenience Advertising contract research. Prof Sandra Jones Mr Lance Barrie, The Problem Gambling Campaign launched in August 2010 in Tasmania targeted problem gamblers. and their significant others and aimed to raise awareness of problem gambling help services such as. www gamblinghelpline org au and the 24 hour telephone service Results from the evaluation indicate that the. campaign was very well received by the public that there was a broad level of concern in the community and it. was highly visible to respondents 89 9 recall, Self management wants and needs of adults with asthma in NSW.
Asthma Foundation NSW contract research,Ms Kelly Andrews Prof Sandra Jones. This project used social marketing principles to investigate the perceived self management needs and wants of. asthmatics in the Illawarra region A mixture of qualitative literature review and focus groups and quantitative. online survey research methodologies were used The individual nature of the asthmatic and their disease stood. out as a fundamental starting point for future asthma management strategies. Smashed Drugs and driving don t work,NRMA ACT Safety Trust Research Grant. Prof Sandra Jones Mr Lance Barrie, This project aimed to create an awareness and acceptance among 18 25 year old drivers that taking illicit drugs. can impair driving ability and also to reduce participants intentions to engage in drug driving Firstly we examined. the level of knowledge of issues related to drug driving This information was then used to develop strategies to. address the problem including the development and testing of print based messages aimed at changing drug driving. related behaviours,PROJECTS COMPLETED IN 2010 04, Initiatives in Critical Marketing and Media Analysis. DET curricula project, NSW Department of Education and Training contract research.
Prof Sandra Jones Mr Lance Barrie, The Centre for Health Initiatives CHI was contracted by the Department of Education and Training DET to provide. information for a research based teaching and learning package to complement Stage 4 and Stage 5 alcohol education. resources The package will engage students to work towards the NSW Board of Studies syllabus outcomes for PDHPE. and will be distributed to teachers with specific interactive activities for their students to complete. Evidence based community standards for ethics in advertising. Australian Research Council ARC Discovery Project Grant. Prof Sandra Jones Ms Katherine Eagleton, In Australia consumer complaints about advertising are adjudicated by the regulator with regard to prevailing. community standards The primary aim of this project was to develop evidence based standards for ethics in. advertising which would assist in a more accurate and impartial process for the adjudication of advertising complaints. The project consisted of three studies Developing a taxonomy of ethical issues Evaluating the taxonomy. and Evaluating current practice, Initiatives in Health Education Leadership and Practice Development. An undergraduate nursing competencies assessment tool for use across Australian universities. Australian Learning and Teaching Council ALTC Grant. Prof Patrick Crookes and Mr Roy Brown, This project confirmed that although all nurses are being assessed against the same competency standards ANMC. 2006 there are different assessment tools in use by the 39 universities delivering eligibility to registered nursing. programmes A single competency assessment schedule containing tools that can be used by any university delivering. a nursing program to assess the competency of its students was designed and developed to address this issue. The roll out and bench marking of the tools will begin in 2011. Evaluation of curriculum renewal in exercise science project. Australian Learning and Teaching Council ALTC Grant sub contract. Prof Sandra Jones Dr Keryn Johnson and Ms Lyn Phillipson. CHI was commissioned to conduct an independent evaluation of the ALTC grant on Curriculum Renewal in Exercise. Science CRES Using document analysis stakeholder and participant interviews and an online survey the project s. objectives were mapped against process and impact data allowing an assessment of the overall success of the research. project and recommendations for future research The evaluation was completed in December 2010 and is undergoing. ALTC review, Nurse education A dying art Exploring strategies for encouraging nurses into research and education.
CHI International Collaboration Grant,Prof Patrick Crookes Dr Kylie Smith. Initially funded by a CHI International Collaboration Grant this project involved connecting with academic nurse. leaders in the UK and US to address the aging and dwindling academic nurse workforce The project has resulted in. a workshop a survey and two conference presentations with two journal articles currently in press A UK model used. in the 1970s The Studies In Nursing Care project was compared to new programs emerging out of the modernising. nursing careers initiative in the UK The project is now continuing into a second phase that will have positive. implications for nursing academia and clinical practice. PROJECTS COMPLETED IN 2010 05, Initiatives in Health Education Leadership and Practice Development Cont d. Older patients attitudes to general practice registrars. CityCoastCountry Training Research Grant, Dr Andrew Bonney Prof Sandra Jones Prof Don Iverson Mr Lance Barrie. This study was designed to provide robust data to inform the development of models of older patient GPR interaction. that would be acceptable to patients provide quality learning experiences for registrars and be achievable in training. practices The resulting cross sectional survey represents the most extensive investigation into the responses of patients. to GPRs yet undertaken in Australia A number of recommendations for training practices and Regional Training. Providers were made,Dr Andrew Bonney,Prof Patrick Crookes. A Prof Peter Caputi,Prof Don Iverson,PROJECTS COMPLETED IN 2010 06.
NEW ONGOING PROJECTS IN 2010, Initiatives in Social Marketing and Community Engagement. The use of social marketing strategies and online, communication tools to improve asthma self management Evaluation of the problem gambling statewide. in older people communications program, ARC Linkage Grant 2009 2012 Department of Justice Office of Gaming and Racing VIC. Prof Sandra Jones Prof Don Iverson A Prof Peter Caputi Prof Sandra Jones Prof Simon Eckermann Prof Don. UOW Ms Michele Goldman Ms Sara Morgan AFNSW Iverson Mr Lance Barrie Dr Sam Reis. Implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive sun GP dementia risk reduction education program. protection program for adolescents NSW Health 2010 Collaboration with the Illawarra. ARC Linkage Grant 2009 2011 Division of General Practice. Prof Sandra Jones Prof Don Iverson A Prof Peter Caputi Prof Sandra Jones Ms Lyn Phillipson. UOW Dr Andrew Penman Ms Kathy Chapman, Ms Vanessa Rock Ms Sophia Potente CCNSW Hearts and Minds Trialling a community education. intervention in the South Eastern Sydney Illawarra area. Post adoptive behaviour in IT enabled work systems NSW Health 2010 Collaboration with South East Sydney. Using multi method research to study implementation Illawarra Area Health Service. of enterprise systems in a large organization Prof Sandra Jones. ARC Linkage Grant 2007 2010, A Prof Peter Caputi A Prof Rohan Jayasuriya Measuring the effectiveness of underage drinking interventions.
targeting secondary supply, Alcohol labelling information Strategies to reduce harm UOW Partnership Grant Collaboration with NSW Police. UOW University Research Council Small Grant Dr Heidi Gilchrist Dr Gillian Stillfried Prof Sandra Jones. Dr Gillian Stillfried Dr Samantha Reis Prof Sandra Jones. Promoting healthy lifestyles in IRT self care communities. Alcohol attitudes and behaviours of Australian female university IRT Research Foundation Collaboration with Illawarra. students Are they linked to risky sexual behaviours Health and Medical Research Institute 2010. UOW HBS Early Career Researcher Grant Prof Sandra Jones Dr Andrew Bonney Prof Don Iverson. Dr Heidi Gilchrist, School leavers alcohol expectancies and social norms. Cancer risk and protective behaviours of Illawarra adults AER Foundation Research Grant 2010. UOW HBS Early Career Researcher Grant Prof Sandra Jones Mr Lance Barrie. Dr Gillian Stillfried,Scoping study at Mission Australia. Closing the gap between drinking guidelines and older people s UOW Research Development Fund Grant. alcohol knowledge attitudes and behaviours Mr Terry Froggatt. UOW Near Miss Grant 2009, Prof Sandra Jones Prof Don Iverson A Prof Peter Caputi Stigma and dementia in Australia A pilot study of. Ms Lyn Phillipson community attitudes,UOW Partnership Grant Alzheimer s Australia.
Educational resource for peers of students with autism Prof Sandra Jones Dr Christopher Magee. spectrum disorders, UOW Community Engagement Grant 2010 Partners Time use family functioning and health among secondary. Dapto High School and Wollongong High School school teachers. Prof Sandra Jones UOW Ms Fiona McKay Dapto UOW Partnership Grant Collaboration with Catholic. High School Education Office, A Prof Peter Caputi Dr Chris Magee Dr Gerard Stoyles. Efficacy of emotional appeals in asthma campaigns Dr Mario Fernando. Asthma Foundation NSW Innovation Grant 2010, Prof Sandra Jones Dr Gillian Stillfried Dr Samantha Reis. NEW AND ONGOING PROJECTS IN 2010 07, Initiatives in Social Marketing and Community Engagement Cont d. Testing the utility of a social marketing approach to. develop undergraduate psychology placements,NSW ACT Dementia Training and Study Centre.
Ms Lyn Phillipson, Young adult sun protection Bridging the gap between. intentions and behaviour,UOW HBS Early Career Researcher Grant. Dr Keryn Johnson,Dr Gillian Stillfried, Initiatives in Critical Marketing and Media Analysis. An investigation of the nature and effects of point of sale. promotions for alcohol beverages,ARC Linkage Grant 2009 2011. Prof Sandra Jones UOW Prof Steve Allsop Dr Tanya,Chikritzhs NDRI.
Measuring children s responsiveness to food advertising. ARC Discovery Grant 2009 2011,Prof Sandra Jones Dr Lisa Kervin. Alcohol sponsorship of sporting events Exposure awareness. and attitudes of young people,UOW University Research Council Small Grant. Dr Heidi Gilchrist, Alcohol sponsorship of the National Rugby League What is its. impact on young males,NSW Health Research Grant 2010. Prof Sandra Jones Dr Heidi Gilchrist Dr Heidi Gilchrist. Medicalisation of behavioural problems,Faculty of Education Grant.
Dr Valerie Harwood Prof Sandra Jones Dr Andrew Bonney. NEW AND ONGOING PROJECTS IN 2010 08, Initiatives in Health Education Leadership and Practice Development. Academic integrity standards aligning policy and practice in Evaluation of a 3 year practice development program to. Australian universities enhance person centred cultures within Uniting Care Ageing. Australian Learning and Teaching Council for a SE region Australia. Priority Project Prof Jan Dewing Ms Jane Nolan Ms Heidi Dowse Ms. Margaret Wallace CHI Ruth Walker UOW Tracey Tamra Macleod Mr Philip Eldridge Ms Anna Marie. Bretag UniSA Margaret Green UniSA Lee Partridge Harmon Mr Carmel Gibson. UWA Ursula McGowan UniAdelaide Julianne East, LaTrobe and Colin James UniNewcastle Facilitating person centred ways of working strengthening. the dementia care workforce by enhancing facilitation and. ADF Ran Radhaz inquiry officer inquiry mentoring skills. ADF Consultancy NSW Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service. Prof Rodney Croft DBMAS Central Service South East Sydney Illawarra. Health Mental Health Service, Measuring magnetism in Australian health care facilities Prof Ken Walsh Ms Denise Edgar. Sydney South West Area Health Service Balmain, and Liverpool Hospital Impact of community based health care teaching models in. Ms Joanne Joyce McCoach Prof Patrick Crookes rural Australia rural community based medical education. Mr Lance Barrie the real costs, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.
An exploratory study investigating GP registrar attitudes re Rural Clinical School Funding. garding usefulness of medical online communities Prof Nicky Hudson Prof Elizabeth Farmer. CityCoastCountry Training Research Grant Dr Kathryn Weston. Dr Stephen Barnett Mr Lance Barrie Dr Sam Reis Dr, Andrew Bonney Prof Sandra Jones Liquid handling workstation for high throughput lipidomic. sample preparation, Annual review and ranking of refereed journals in which Clive and Vera Ramaciotti Foundation Equipment Grant. Australia and New Zealand nursing and midwifery Prof Don Iverson. researchers publish their work, Australia New Zealand Council of Deans of Nursing Assessing the openability of hospital food and. Midwifery beverage packaging, Dr Samantha Reis Prof Patrick Crookes UOW HBS Early Career Researcher Grant. Prof Sandra Jones Ms Alison Bell, Aspire to inspire enhancing our person centred culture The social construction of the role of the clinical.
A transformational practice development program nurse consultant. in aged care UOW Partnership Grant Collaboration with SESIAHS. In conjunction with UnitingCare Prof Ken Walsh A Prof Cheryle Moss Ms Denise Edgar. Prof Jan Dewing A Prof Victoria Traynor and Ms Geraldine Bevan Ms Miriam Nonu Ms Frances Owen. Ms Heidi Dowse Mr Steven Dunn Ms Bronia Kandl Ms Linda Horning. Ms Victoria Buglass Ms Janice Jensen Ms Anne,Foreman Ms Vhari Dickson. Evaluation of a 3 year practice development program to. NEW AND ONGOING PROJECTS IN 2010 09, Initiatives in Health Education Leadership and Practice Development Cont d. Understanding nursing competence in dementia care,A literature review. DOHA Research Grant, A Prof Victoria Traynor Prof Patrick Crookes Dr Keryn Johnson. Co operative evaluation of practice development in a. maternity service,FRC Research Development Scheme,Dr Moira Williamson Prof Kenneth Walsh Ms Denise.
Maternity services practice development program, In conjunction with the Illawarra and Shoalhaven Local. Health Network,Professor Ken Walsh Ms Denise Edgar. Ms Jackie Donsante,Taking the Emergency Out of Changing an Emergency. Department Practice Development Program,In conjunction with the Illawarra and Shoalhaven. Local Health Network,Prof Ken Walsh Ms Denise Edgar Ms Bronwyn Oakes.
Maternity services clinical supervision pilot two separate Ms Lyn Phillipson. groups one staff and one management level,In conjunction with the Illawarra and Shoalhaven. Local Health Network,Prof Ken Walsh Ms Denise Edgar. CHI Pilot Grants, A systematic review of the impact of work schedules on An investigation into the implicit and explicit health related. employee health 2009 10 behaviour trade offs made by young males aged 18 30 years. A Prof Peter Caputi Dr Christopher Magee 2009 10,Prof Sandra Jones. Alcohol and the Internet The impact of alcohol websites and. promotions on young people 2010 11 Better safe than sorry 2010 11. Mr Lance Barrie Prof Sandra Jones Dr Nina Berry, Alcohol attitudes and behaviours of Australian male university Changing horses mid stream Building an academic workforce.
students 2010 11 with general practitioners 2010 11. Dr Heidi Gilchrist Dr Kylie Smith Dr Russell Pearson Dr Fiona Williams. Alcohol websites and their appeals Coding framework of Construction of health risk in television advertisements what. Internet promotion websites 2010 11 is their impact on people s health understandings and lifestyle. Mr Lance Barrie Prof Sandra Jones choices 2009 10,Dr Heidi Gilchrist. An exploratory study to investigate feasibility of a healthy. lifestyle intervention for international students 2010 11 Exploring young people s awareness and attitudes to alcohol. Prof Sandra Jones Dr Keryn Johnson drugs exercise and study habits 2010 11. Mr Lance Barrie Prof Sandra Jones,NEW AND ONGOING PROJECTS IN 2010 10. CHI Pilot Grants Cont d, Feasibility study for the establishment of an Illawarra Internet Strategies to improve training practice communication. panel 2009 10 regarding general practice registrars A pilot study 2009 10. Prof Sandra Jones Dr Andrew Bonney, How well is the link between alcohol and cancer covered in the The paradox of protective behaviours 2009 10. Australian print news media 2010 11 Prof Sandra Jones Dr Samantha Reis. Dr Gillian Stillfried, The role of behavioural decision theory BDT concepts in young.
It s not really alcohol 2010 11 adults drinking behaviours 2010 11. Prof Sandra Jones Mr Lance Barrie Prof Sandra Jones Mr Lance Barrie. Media framing of the alcopop tax 2009 10 What advice do young people 12 to 17 year olds receive about. Prof Sandra Jones alcohol consumption 2009 10,Prof Sandra Jones Dr Keryn Johnson. Rethinking scholarship Implications for academic health. workforce development and promotion 2010 11,Dr Kylie Smith Prof Patrick Crookes. NSW ACT Dementia Training and Study Centre, Dementia and driving retirement Making decisions Determining the needs of younger people with dementia. A Prof Victoria Traynor Prof Don Iverson and their families II. Ms Cathie Andrew In conjunction with DoHA Special Needs Dementia. Education Project, Dementia and lifelong learning A Prof Victoria Traynor Dr Adrienne Withall. A Prof Victoria Traynor Prof Jan Dewing Ms Kim Hart Ms Susan Bromhead. Determining the needs of younger people with dementia Evaluation of a Warfarin education programme in residential. and their families I aged care facilities, A Prof Victoria Traynor Dr Adrienne Withall Dr Chris Dr Judy Mullan A Prof Victoria Traynor.
Shanley Prof Wendy Moyle Ms Vanessa Curnow Ms Margaret Jordan. Mr David Kampers Ms Faye McMillan, Evaluating the implementation of delirium pathways. A Prof Victoria Traynor Ms Angela Brown,Ms Nicole Britten. NEW AND ONGOING PROJECTS IN 2010 11,Alzheimer s Australia. Alzheimer s NSW,Asthma Foundation NSW AFNSW,Cancer Council NSW CCNSW. Catholic Education Office,Convenience Advertising,Coast City Country General Practice Training.
Department of Communities WA,Hammond Care,Illawarra Crime Prevention Partnership. Illawarra Division of General Practice IDGP,Illawarra Retirement Trust IRT. National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre NBOCC,National Breast Cancer Foundation NBCF. National Drug Research Institute NDRI,NSW Dept of Education and Training DET. NSW Dept of Health and Ageing DOHA,NSW Health,NSW Justice Health.
NSW Police, South Eastern Sydney Illawarra Area Health Service SESIAHS. UnitingCare Ageing,Warrigal Care,Mr Lance Barrie,NEW AND ONGOING PROJECTS IN 2010 12. CHI PUBLICATIONS 2010,Audio Visual Recording, Godwin K Curtis J White Y 2010 The retention of Bonney AD Farmer E 2010 Health care reform can. rural practice nurses RACV Royal Pines Resort Gold Coast we maintain personal continuity Australian Family. Australia Australian Practice Nurses Association APNA Physician 39 7 455 456. Book Chapters Bonney AD Jones SC Phillipson L Iverson DC 2010. Brown AM Scott G 2010 Treasures in jars of clay General practice registrars attitudes of older patients. working with critical companionship In J Horstad L Australian Family Physician 39 6 419 424. Foyle Eds Illuminating the Diversity in Cancer and. Palliative Care Education Sharing Good Practice Broady T Chan AYC Caputi P 2010 Comparison of. pp 83 92 Oxford Radcliffe Publishing older and younger adults attitudes towards and abilities. with computers implications for training and learning. Brown IM Lockyer L Caputi P 2010 Multiliteracies British Journal of Educational Technology 41 3. and Assessment Practices In DL Pullen DR Cole 473 485. Eds Multiliteracies in Motion pp 191 206, New York Routledge Broady T Stoyles GJ MacMullan K Caputi P Crittenden. N 2010 The experiment of foster care Journal of Child. Brown IM Lockyer L Tognolini JS Caputi P 2010 and Family Studies 19 5 559 571. Multimodality Multiliteracy and Visual Literacy Where. does assessment fit In M Avgerinou RE Griffin P Buccini LD Iverson D Caputi P Jones C 2010 An. Search Eds Critically Engaging the Digital Learner Australian based study on the readability of HIV AIDS and. in Visual Worlds and Virtual Environments pp 71 78 type 2 diabetes clinical trial informed consent documents. Loretto PA International Visual Literacy Association Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 7 3 313 319. Deane FP Crowe TP Oades LG 2010 Therapeutic Buccini L Iverson D Caputi P Jones C 2010. alliance in vocational rehabilitation In C Lloyd Eds A new measure of informed consent comprehension. Vocational rehabilitation and mental health pp 95 113 Part I Instrument development Control Clinical Trials. Oxford UK Wiley Blackwell,Buckley Walker K Crowe TP Caputi P 2010.
Dreyfus SJ Jones SC 2010 Constructing Sports Stars Exploring identity within the recovery process of people. Appliable Linguistics and the Language of the Media with chronic mental illness Psychiatric Rehabilitation. In A Mahboob NK Knight Eds Appliable Linguistics Journal 33 219 227. pp 114 129 London Continuum International, Publishing Group Chen C Mullan J Griffiths D Kreis I Lan T Chiu H. 2010 Trajectories of depression and their relationship. Journal Articles with health status and social service use Archives of. Andresen R Caputi P Oades LG 2010 Do clinical Gerontology and Geriatrics. outcome measures assess consumer defined recovery DOI 10 1016 j archger 2010 07 006. Psychiatry Research 177 309 317,Hsu C Caputi P Byrne MK 2010 The Level of. Berry L Stoyles GJ Donovan MO 2010 New wine Service Inventory Revised LSI R Assessing the Risk. new wineskins revisiting Catholic sacramentality through and Need Characteristics of Australian Indigenous. the eyes of a child s spiritual being Journal of Religious Offenders Psychiatry Psychology Law 17 3 355 367. Education 58 4 36 44,Crookes PA Reis SL Jones SC 2010 The. Berry L Stoyles GJ Donovan MO 2010 Postseparation development of a ranking tool for refereed journals in. parenting education in a Family Relationships Centre A which nursing and midwifery researchers publish their. pilot study exploring the impact on perceived parent child work Nurse Education Today 30 5 420 427. relationship and acrimony Journal of Family Studies 16. 224 236 Curtis J 2010 Reflections on unexpected arrivals in. Australia Some essential considerations needed by nurses. Berry NJ Jones SC Iverson DC 2010 It s all formula and other health professionals Journal of Chang Gung. to me women s understandings of toddler milk ads Institute of Technology 12 1 4. Breastfeeding Review 18 1 21 30,CHI PUBLICATIONS 2010 13. Journal Articles Cont d, Ellis J Mullan J Worsley A 2010 Prescription Jones SC Jernigan D 2010 Research Note Response.
medication hoarding borrowing or sharing in older to Professor Jean J Boddewyn Journal of Public Affairs. residents in the Illawarra Australasian Journal of Ageing 10 4 389 390. 1 5 DOI 10 1111 j 1741 6612 2010 00457,Jones RA Okely AD Caputi P Cliff DP 2010. Fernando M Chowdhury R 2010 The relationship Perceived and actual competence among overweight and. between spiritual well being and ethical orientations non overweight children Journal of Science and Medicine. in decision making an empirical study with business in Sport 13 6 589 596. executives in Australia Journal of Business Ethics 95. 2 211 225 Jones RA Okely AD Caputi P Cliff DP 2010. Relationships between child parent and community, Fernando M 2010 Corporate social responsibility in characteristics and weight status among young children. the wake of the Asian tsunami effect of time on the International Journal of Pediatric Obesity 5 256 264. genuineness of CSR initiatives European Management. Journal 28 1 68 79 Jones SC Gregory P 2010 Health warning labels on. alcohol products the views of Australian university stu. Fleming R 2010 An environmental audit tool suitable dents Contemporary Drug Problems 37 1 109 137. for use in homelike facilities for people with dementia. Australasian Journal on Ageing DOI 10 1111 j 1741 Jones SC Reid A 2010 Marketing to children and. 6612 2010 00444 teens on Australian food company web sites Young. Consumers 11 1 57 66,Fleming R Purandare N 2010 Long term care for. people with dementia environmental design guidelines Jones SC Reid A 2010 The use of female sexuality in. Review International Psychogeriatrics 22 7 Australian alcohol advertising public policy implications. 1084 1096 of young adults reactions to stereotypes Journal of Public. Affairs 10 1 2 19 35,Gonsalvez CJ Hains A Stoyles GJ 2010 Relationship. between religion and obsessive phenomena Australian Jones SC Telenta J 2010 Are Australian consumers. Journal of Psychology 62 2 93 102 willing to pay for the installation of reversing cameras in. motor vehicles Health Promotion Journal of Australia 21. Gordon R Magee CA Frazer A Evans C McCosker K 1 70 74. 2010 An interim prosthesis program for lower limb, amputees Comparison of public and private models of Jones SC 2010 When does alcohol sponsorship of sport.
service Prosthetics and Orthotics International become sports sponsorship of alcohol A case study of. 34 2 175 183 developments in sport in Australia International Journal. of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship 11 3 250 261,Hall D Jones SC Hoek J 2010 Direct to Consumer. Advertising vs Disease Awareness Advertising Consumer Jones SC Reid A 2010 Children s magazines reading. Perspectives from Down Under Journal of Public Affairs resources or food marketing tools Public Health. DOI 10 1002 pa 379 Nutrition 13 3 393 399, Hsu C Caputi P Byrne MK 2010 Level of Service Jones SC Gregory P Nehill C Barrie LR Luxford K. Inventory Revised Assessing the Risk and Need Nelson A Zorbas H Iverson DC 2010 Australian. Characteristics of Australian Indigenous Offenders women s awareness of breast cancer symptoms and. Psychiatry Psychology and Law 17 3 355 367 responses to potential symptoms Cancer Causes and. Control 21 6 945 958,Hudson JN Weston KM Farmer EA Ivers RG Pearson. RW 2010 Are patients willing participants in the new Jones SC Iverson DC Waters L 2010 Just don t eat. wave of community based medical education in regional chicken the challenge of engaging Australian adults in. and rural Australia MJA 192 150 3 appropriate preventive behaviours for bird flu. International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector. Jernigan DH Jones SC 2010 Editorial Alcohol Marketing 15 1 78 90. advertising marketing and regulation Journal of Public.

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Building a 28mm Seleucid Army (cont.) - WFHGS

Building a 28mm Seleucid Army cont WFHGS

Building a 28mm Seleucid Army Special points of interest: Several battle reports using AOR3, War-master Medieval, Saga, BKC2, and Fire & Fury ACW rules. Two new Engagements scenarios. How to article on a Samurai era peasant cottage. Game and book reviews. BKC2 Battle Report: U.S. Armored Attack 4

Arctic Convoy Campaign Rules - Grognard.com

Arctic Convoy Campaign Rules Grognard com

This campaign game mainly needs ownership of Arctic Convoy for play. However, some optional ships need ownership of Bismarck as well. In general all Arctic Convoy and SWWaS rules remain in effect, unless being superseded by these campaing rules, which is only rarely to occur, as these campaign rules are designed to



PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY ... Short Protocols in Molecular Biology. John Wiley. Kun LY. 2006. Microbial Biotechnology. World Scientific. Sambrook J, Russel DW & Maniatis T. 2001. Molecular Cloning: a Laboratory Manual. Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory Press. MBB 506 MICROBIAL/INDUSTRIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY 2+1 Objective To familiarize about the various microbial processes/systems ...