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232 CD MP3 AND DIGITAL MEDIA PLAYERS, GALAXY AUDIO RM2 RACKMOUNT CHASSIS AND MODULES A diverse line. of CD players digital recorders cassette players and AM FM tuners Two 1 2 rack. modules can be installed in various configurations into the single space RM2 rack. DENON DNC615 SINGLE CD PLAYER Supports MP3 folder search and CD RW. chassis The RM2 supplies power and provides useable rear panel inputs and outputs. playback with text has 12 pitch control direct track entry random play instant. to the modules It also features dedicated stereo RCA outs for each module a priority. start cue and more RCA outputs S PDIF output headphone output. stereo RCA out a stereo RCA in for recording and AM FM antenna terminals It has. ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE a universal power supply for use with AC anywhere in the world plus a 12VDC screw. DNC615 2RU CD player 349 00, RCU620 Handheld remote control 39 00 terminal power input. ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE,RM2 GALAXY 1RU rackmount chassis 179 99. RM CASS Cassette recorder 189 99,RM CASSP Cassette player 99 99. RM CD CD player plays MP3 USB SD card input 199 99. RM CDAF CD player AM FM tuner w remote plays MP3, DENON DN C620 BROADCAST CD PLAYER Based on the DN C640 this CD player USB SD card input 249 99.
is a 1RU with a slot in CD mechanism that supports CD DA CD R RW WAV and MP3 RM DIGIMP Digital media player USB SD card input 99 99. formats Features include pitch control quick replay cue to music program random RM DIGIREC Digital recorder USB SD card input 2 mic inputs 1 4 189 99. play CD Text and more Audio outs include balanced XLR digital S PDIF AES EBU RM TUNER AM FM digital tuner 99 99. and fixed variable unbalanced RCAx2 Also includes a 25 pin GPIO port for easy studio. integration 9 pin RS232 for ID3 tag CD TEXT Now Playing transmission and. more and IR control through included remote CDX 1210. ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE, DNC620 Broadcast CD player slot in mechanism 1RU 729 00. GEMINI SOUND PROFESSIONAL CD PLAYER This 2RU feature seamless loop. anti shock pitch bend search jog modes and is CD CD R compatible Has instant. DENON DNC635 STUDIO CD PLAYER Supports MP3 CDR without TOC start cue with preview as well as fader start capability. CD extra has next track reserve A B loop repeat instant start power on play cue ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE. to music end of message and index search I O RCA coaxial digital headphone 1 4 CDX 1210 Single CD player 199 95. with volume control Remote optional,ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE GEMINI. DNC635 2RU CD player 614 00 CDJ 700 PROFESSIONAL MEDIA PLAYER. RCU620 IR remote 39 00 This innovative CD player provides flexible file NEW. format memory device support compatibility with,a variety of modern media and a 3 5 touch sensi. tive display that provides simple navigation and,control The accurate jog wheel with integrated. DENON DN F300 F400 SOLID STATE display screen offers three selectable modes. AUDIO PLAYERS Both players read MP3 as well as adjustable resistance for a custom. WAV files from SD or SDHC cards the feel Other features include 6 DSP powered. DN F300 also reads from USB drives effects 3 programmable Hot Cues for instant. ideal for audio playback in a myriad of playback points variable pitch control rear panel. demanding applications including background music fitness message on hold RCA USB S PDIF outputs and anti shock capabilities via RAM buffer memory It also. systems theaters and broadcast The DN F300 has IR control microphone input with includes MIDI capabilities for controlling the parameters of your favorite DJ software. music ducking and 16 pitch and tempo control The DN F400 features balanced as well as an integrated 24 bit 192kHz soundcard. unbalanced outputs RS232c control and GPIO General Purpose Input Output The ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE. optional RC F400S remote controller features a large LCD display and enhances the CDJ700 CD SD USB media player 599 95. DN F400 s capability by providing intuitive control for instant playback of audio or. sound effects via its hot start buttons,ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE.
DNF300 Solid state audio player 1RU 399 00, DNF400 Solid state audio player 1RU half rackspace 499 00. RCF400S Remote controller for DNF400 399 00, GEMINI CDMP 2700 DJ MEDIA PLAYER Combining 2 3 5 touch screens with. 2 touch sensitive jog shuttle wheels this flexible media player offers versatility and. tactile command in a 2RU package Offers multi format playback of MP3 AAC WAV. DENON DN C640 SLOT IN NETWORK CD PLAYER A full featured rackmounted and AIFF audio from CD s SD cards and USB memory in a variety of file formats and. network CD player with a combination of flexible file formats network control and has fast loading 8 sec max slot in CD ROM s compatible with CD s CD R s and. comprehensive inputs and outputs It features 12 pitch control balanced output MP3 CD s Other features include 24 bit 192kHz soundcard variable pitch control. quick replay end monitor user selectable finish mode cue to music program play MIDI control 6 DSP powered effects hot cueing reverse and loop sections and. and support for CD DA WAV MP3 MPEG 1 Layer II and Windows Media formats Has BPM sync tap lock Rear panel features include line outputs USB out and S PDIF. RCA phono outputs as well as XLR analog digital outputs digital output. ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE, DNC640 Slot in network CD player 1039 00 CDMP2700 2RU DJ CD media player 699 95. Follow us PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE Call today or visit us online. CD MP3 AND DIGITAL MEDIA PLAYERS, NDX900 SOFTWARE CONTROLLER USB AUDIO INTERFACE Capable of mixing music from virtually any. digital source including a computer CDs MP3 CDs or even USB flash drives MP3 only A layout that is familiar to. DJs everywhere with a large seven inch touch sensitive illuminated platter smooth front loading CD drive top. facing USB port powerful remixing effects control scratching looping and sampling capabilities all in a solid feel. chassis Beat synced DSP effects include chop echo filter flanger pan and phaser with full control of the effects. blend Has two USB connections one on top for compatible mass storage devices and one on the back for USB MIDI. and audio stereo L R RCA line outs to mixer L R RCA computer audio outputs stereo audio mix from computer. and digital RCA S PDIF out Comes with RCA audio cable USB cable power cable software DVD and driver DVD. ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE, NDX900 Software controller and USB interface 399 95.
ICDMIX2 ICDMIX3 ICDMIX2,CD MIXER W IPOD DOCK,These rugged dual CD player. mixers feature Numark s,Fader Start and Anti,Shock functions as. well as a multifunc,tion jog shuttle wheel,for track searching and pitch. NUMARK CDN SERIES CD PLAYERS These rackmount CD players are built tough bending beat matching The iCDMIX units also. with DJs or permanent installations in mind All units are dual bay with separate rack have replaceable crossfaders PFL cueing and seam. mountable control units They feature large backlit displays dual ring jog pitch wheel less looping as well as RCA inputs for additional devices. and pitch change control for each CD bay The ICDMIX 3 can also play MP3 CDs. ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE, CDN22 MK5 Dual deck S PDIF out 12 pitch beat match ICDMIX 2 Dual bay CD player iPod dock 3ch mixer 299 95. track sequence programming 149 95 ICDMIX 3 Dual bay MP3 CD player iPod dock 3ch mixer 399 95. CDN450 Dual deck S PDIF out scratch shuttle wheel tap tempo CDMIX CASE V3 Case for ICDMIX 2 or ICDMIX 3 62 37. key lock anti shock buffer 4 8 16 pitch,and auto BPM detection 299 95.
CDN77USB Dual deck dual USB CD MP3 player master tempo scratching. seamless loop 4 8 16 100 pitch control reverse and. brake effects auto BPM counter 399 95 IPOD NOT INCLUDED. NUMARK IDEC RACKMOUNT IPOD INTERFACE DOCK Delivers quality audio. playback records audio at 44 1kHz and features an integrated universal dock for. iPods 5th generation and up and iPod Nanos 2nd and 3rd generation that syncs. NUMARK MP103USB RACKMOUNT DJ USB MP3 CD PLAYER the device up with iTunes Features RCA stereo line inputs with clip indication and. This professional CD player plays standard audio CDs and MP3 CDs and also has a USB stereo line outs an S video out a composite video out and a USB audio interface Great. port to load songs via flash or hard drive Features seamless looping pitch control for DJs musicians or in venues such as bars restaurants and stadiums Easy to use. reverse brake effects and RCA balanced XLR outputs with a selector wheel and large play control buttons on the front of the console. ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE, MP103 USB Professional USB MP3 CD player single 199 95 IDEC Playback recording interface for iPods 2RU 199 95. PIONEER CDJ850 PERFORMANCE MULTI PLAYER Features large 206 mm jog. dial front load slot disc drive rotary selector browse buttons integrated within. PIONEER CDJ350 the unit s display and an analog RCA output Songs can be listed by title. DIGITAL MULTI artist BPM etc You can also view the flow and dynamics of a given song on. PLAYER Features loop the display Works with mp3 AAC WAV AIFF files on CD R RWs and USB. creating functions beat storage devices Comes with rekordbox MAC and PC music management. matching Loop Divide software allowing you to create cue loop settings create edit playlists and. Hot Loop visual metro more Works with various DJ software programs. nome auto BPM lock ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE, playlist creating func CDJ850 CD audio file DJ player 899 00. tion skip prevention, 4 level tempo settings PIONEER CDJ 900 PRO DJ TABLETOP MULTI FORMAT PLAYER. 6 10 16 Can play CDs audio files on CD MP3 AIFF AAC WAV and USB memory devices. WIDE and compat A multi format audio media player for DJs allows you to search access and. ibility with DJ software control your music with ease Comes with Pioneer s Rekordbox music. Compatible with mp3 AAC WAV AIFF files on CD R RWs management software Features MIDI assignable buttons slip mode. and USB storage devices Comes with rekordbox for continued song playback during looping reversing or scratching and. music management software for MAC and PC creates a 4 beat loop at the touch of a button. ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE, CDJ350 DJ multi media player 699 00 CDJ900 CD MP3 USB drive multi format DJ audio player 1299 00. Visit fullcompass com today For expert advice call 800 356 5844. M F 9 00 5 30 Central,234 CD MP3 AND DIGITAL MEDIA PLAYERS.
TASCAM CD 200 SERIES RACKMOUNT CD PLAYERS Using a high quality TEAC. drive this 2RU unit supports CD R CD RW MP3 WAV CD file playback plus ID3. display tags and CD text Provides features such as pitch control with an on off knob. headphone out with level control RCA out S PDIF digital outputs coaxial and optical. intro check anti shock memory and a variety of playback modes The CD 200i and. CD 200iB have a slide out iPod dock The CD200iB also has dual balanced XLR outputs. All models include remote control,ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE. CD200 Rackmount CD player remote CALL,CD200I Rackmount CD player with iPod dock CALL. CD200IB Rackmount CD player with iPod dock XLR outputs CALL. PIONEER CDJ 2000,MULTI FORMAT DJ CD MP3 PLAYER,CONTROLLER Play MP3 AIFF WAV and AAC. files on CDs DVD ROMs SD cards and USB,memory devices Features a 6 1 color LCD. panel GUI a Needle Search pad for in song,cueing assignable buttons for DJ effects and.
software with MIDI mapping capability Has, Pro DJ Link which allows you to link as many TASCAM CD500 CD500B SINGLE SPACE CD PLAYERS. as 4 player controller units to one music These 1RU slot loading CD players feature a new transport which uses a brushless. source Comes with Pioneer s Rekordbox motor for improved reliability Their drive mechanism grabs discs from the edges. Music Management software instead of top and bottom which avoids damage to the disc surface Both models. ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE feature flash start front panel 10 key input WAV MP3 file playback 16 pitch. CDJ2000 Multi format CD MP3 player controller 1899 00 control auto ready auto cue modes fade in out power on play frame accurate. search skip back play relay play with multiple units index directory search. fader start event start headphone output footswitch input RS 232C control and a. wireless remote control The unbalanced CD 500 includes S PDIF optical coaxial. and RCA outputs The CD 500B adds balanced XLR outputs AES EBU digital out. and parallel control,ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE,CD500 CD player unbalanced outputs 1RU 474 00. CD500B CD player balanced outputs 1RU 579 00, ROLLS HR72 CD MP3 PLAYER A 1 2 rack CD MP3 USB SD MMC player the HR72 is. ideal for installation applications like restaurants clubs schools churches or aerobic. studios It plays standard audio CDs as well as CDs formatted with MP3 files The single. rack space height makes it convenient to install in most any professional audio rack It. features RCA and 1 8 outputs track programming repeat 1 all and shuffle play modes. and output level control It accepts both standard 4 72 and mini 3 14 compact. discs SD cards and USB thumb drives,ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE. HR72 Multi format CD MP3 player half rack size 1RU 279 45. ROLLS MP322 MP3 PLAYER CARD READER This device, plays mp3 files off of SD cards MMD cards and USB 1 1 and.
2 0 jump drives up to 2GB Comes with wireless remote TASCAM CD A550 750 CD CASSETTE PLAYERS Combines 2 of the most. control and universal wall adapter 1 8 and RCA output jacks popular consumer audio formats into an attractive package that delivers both func. ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE tionality and value Duplicate entire CD s or individual tracks to cassette tape in one. MP322 MP3 player card reader 97 88 convenient easy to use system New features include MP3 and WAV file playback CD. text display auto cue and auto ready digital output and pitch control for both the CD. and cassette mechanisms Each has contractor specific features such as power on. play continuous playback a wired remote control rackmountable design and shock. memory on CD playback The CD A550 has unbalanced RCA I O and coaxial digital out. The CD A750 adds balanced XLR ins and outs parallel and RS232 control. ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE, CDA550 Unbalanced RCA and digital coaxial I O out CALL. CDA750 Balanced XLR I O unbalanced RCA I O,digital coaxial I O RS232 CALL. Follow us Para asistencia en Espa ol llame al 800 356 5844 x1164 y x1178. CD MP3 AND DIGITAL MEDIA PLAYERS,STANTON CMP800 CROSS MEDIA PLAYER. Builds on existing CD and CD MP3 players by,including the ability to play back MP3s stored. on a USB thumb and hard drives ChainLink,feature allows two units to be connected via.
USB to share a single external USB mass storage,device It features a newly designed high reso. lution jog wheel with multi style illuminated,position indicator CD and mass storage device. playback built in sampler hot cues loops beat VOCOPRO DUAL CD CD G KARAOKE PLAYER. synchronized FX and full MIDI control Other Featuring 12 pitch control with anti scramble technology this deck is ideal. features include a 4 bank sampler data search for professional KJs and DJs Other features include switchable NTSC PAL video. function and pitch control Outputs include Digital output frame search single track and continuous play modes loop function jog. S PDIF analog RCA and headphone out with dial and pitch bend A continue feature skips to the next tray when one is finished. volume control It has a high voltage selector and includes an external controller. ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE, CMP 800 Cross media player S PDIF and RCA outputs 399 00 CDG 8900 PRO Dual CD CD G Karaoke player external controller 319 00. STANTON RACKMOUNT CD PLAYERS The C 402 is a single CD player that. features auto cue anti shock buffer to prevent CD skipping seamless looping and VOCOPRO DVG777K II MULTI FORMAT KARAOKE DVD PLAYER. a pitch bend slider that provides adjustment of 4 8 or 16 increment while a With enhanced USB SD and mini SD memory capabilities you can access your digital. 10 track folder skip search makes finding the right CD or MP3s quick easy Other video and music library on a hard drive or memory card and create MP3 versions of. features are instant start remote start input XLR RCA outputs and S PDIF output your CD tracks The player reads DVD CD CD G MP3 HDCD and VCD USB also. The C 500 is an affordable dual CD player featuring 2 jog wheels fader start auto cue supports hard drive playback on FAT FAT32 formats It offers 2 microphone 1 4. pitch adjustment 10 track skip plus RCA and S PDIF digital outputs The C 502 is a input channels with individual volume controls Single Mode stops playback after. dual CD MP3 player that has all the features of the C402 but adds a relay play feature 1 track has completed KJ Mode cues each track for professional karaoke perfor. which automatically alternates tracks or entire CD from one drive to the other mances Other features include 5 1 channel digital surround sound Digital Echo for. professional sound full function remote control and PAL NTSC for worldwide use. ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE, C402 Single CD MP3 player w XLR RCA S PDIF outputs 199 00 NOTE Unit is slightly larger than 1RU will fit 1RU if only item in rack. C500 Dual CD player w RCA S PDIF outputs 169 99 ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE. C502 Dual CD MP3 player w XLR RCA S PDIF outputs 299 00 DVG777K II Karaoke and DVD player multi format USB SD memory 209 00. CD S300 RK, YAMAHA CD S300RK CD C600RK CD PLAYERS With numerous playback.
functions these rackmount players offer CD R RW disc playback USB and MP3. TEAC CDP1260 SINGLE CD PLAYER A table top single CD player that features 8 WMA compatibility Pure Direct is a listening mode for high quality analog audio. times oversampling rate CD CD R RW MP3 disc support repeat play 1 all shuffle The CD C600RK also has RS 232C IR In Out and a PlayXchange function that. play 1 bit dual D A converter headphone jack w level control and analog audio output changes CDs while the current CD plays. A remote control is included,ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE. ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE CD S300 RK Rackmount single disc CD player USB CALL. CDP1260 Single CD player CALL CD C600 RK Rackmount 5 disc CD player USB RS 232C I. RM1260 Rackmount kit for CDP1260 29 78 R in out PlayXchange CALL. TEAC AD800 CD PLAYER CASSETTE DECK WITH USB A CD player and cassette. deck with USB connectivity The CD player section supports CD CD R RW and MP3 YAMAHA CD C600 FIVE DISC CD CHANGER. discs and has random repeat 1 ALL Program A B and intro play modes The cassette Holds up to 5 discs and features numerous convenient playback functions including. deck is auto reverse record and play and features pitch control Dolby B noise PlayXchange which allows uninterrupted music play while changing discs Short. reduction CD dubbing Computomatic Program Search timer recording and timer signal paths and a high performance DAC combine with Pure Direct mode elimi. play functions The USB connection allows MP3 recording from CD Cassette AUX nates processing except audio for high quality audio clarity and performance. MP3 playback from a USB device and USB timer play function Other features include Compatible with MP3 WMA s iPod s CD R RW discs A front panel USB port. LCD display with level meter headphone jack with level control remote control and ensures access to digital music in most of today s formats An RS 232C interface. multi voltage settings for 120VAC and 230VAC and IR in out is included for custom installation and control. ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE, AD800 CD player cassette deck USB CALL CD C600BL 5 disc CD player CALL. Visit fullcompass com today For expert advice call 800 356 5844.

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