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Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Federal Grants Contracts Cooperative Agreements and Subcontracts. Received On or After October 1 2012,Grant Nuclear Policy Program N00244 14 1 0047. Contract Nuclear Policy Program SAQMMA13M1292, Cooperative Agreement Nuclear Policy Program S ISNCT 14 CA 1005. Subaward via University of Maryland Nuclear Policy Program Subaward Number 15064 Z9940001. Subaward via University of Maryland Asia Program Subaward Number 9413 Z9742004. Contract Asia Program HHM402 13 C 0050, Assignment Agreement Asia Program No Federal Award Number. Grant Russia Eurasia Program SKZ100 13 GR141 A001,Grant Carnegie Europe Program S BE 500 14GR 014.
None of these sources of support listed immediately above represented 10 or more of the receipts in. their respective year, As of December 8 2014 neither Deborah Gordon nor any other scholars in the Energy and Climate. Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has received any federal support. Deborah Gordon,DGordon ceip org,Professional Experience. Transport Beyond Oil Policy Choices for a Multimodal Future Island Press Edited. volume with D Burwell March 2013, Global Ten Managing the Unconventional Oil and Gas Bonanza Carnegie Endowment. for International Peace Edited volume with D Buwell January 2013. Two Billion Cars with D Sperling Oxford University Press publication January. 2009 paperback with Afterword April 2010, Two Billion Cars Chinese translation Shanghai JiaotongUP July 2011. Steering a New Course Transportation Energy and the Environment Washington. D C Island Press 1991 236 pp textbook in University transportation policy. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Director and Senior Associate Energy and Climate Program.
2010 to present, Manage Global Oil Initiative to investigate the growing array of global oils and develop. policies to manage new oils energy climate environmental and security challenges. Develop Oil Climate Index that rank global oils based on their lifecycle greenhouse gas. Analyze oil water risks associated with unconventional oil development worldwide. Policy Consultant, Specializing in transportation energy and environmental policy. 1996 to 2010, Conduct policy analysis design and development strategic planning feasibility. studies technical and policy white papers cost benefit evaluations technical. assistance and policy support to foundations and coalitions on issues ranging from. innovative transportation energy and climate policies clean vehicles alternative fuels. fiscal measures economic incentives transport energy efficiency and new mobility. Clients include partial listing Hewlett Foundation Energy Foundation Union of. Concerned Scientists ClimateWorks National Commission on Energy Policy National. Transportation Policy Project California Energy Commission International Council on. Clean Transportation Truman Security Project,Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Program Director Lecturer Senior Research Scholar,1996 to 2000.
Co Directed the Yale Transportation and Environment Program conducted applied. research on transportation policymaking, Designed and taught graduate seminar on transportation and the environment. Union of Concerned Scientists, Director of Transportation Energy Programs Senior Policy Analyst. 1989 to 1996, Supervised and directed staff of 14 professionals in four different U S locations and. managed a program budget of 1 5 million, Delivered expert testimony and advice on transportation environmental and energy. policy issues to government non profit foundation media academia and private. Developed precedent setting transportation policies including clean car incentive. programs alternative fuels proposals and intelligent transportation system criteria. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory U S Department of Energy. Policy Analyst,1988 to 1989,Created clean car feebate program.
Designed and analyzed a market incentive program to increase consumer demand for. green motor vehicles and under a grant from the U S Environmental Protection. Agency drafted model legislation DRIVE in California which was passed by the. State Legislature and has served as a model for developing feebate programs in other. states and nations,Chevron U S A Inc,Chemical and Regulatory Engineer. 1982 to 1987, Served as principal negotiator for environmental mitigation strategies and permit. conditions for major off shore oil development, Delivered public testimony monitored regulatory developments and advised Chevron. staff to ensure environmental compliance,University of California Berkeley. Goldman School of Public Policy,Masters of Public Policy 1989.
University of Colorado Boulder,Chemical Engineering. Bachelor of Science 1982,Website Articles and Media Cites selected. Carnegie Oil Initiative Webpage ongoing catalogue of articles events blogs and media. appearances http carnegieendowment org specialprojects CarnegieOilInitiative. National Interest The Complexities of U S Oil Exports March 21 2014. CS Monitor Will California Frack Not Without Oil January 18 2014. International Economy Magazine U S Energy Independence is Unlikely December 13 2013. Huffington Post The Third Carbon Age August 8 2013. Scientific American Fossil Fuels A New Normal July 15 2013. The New York Times Let s Not Braise the Planet Mark Bittman July 1 2013 linked. Huffington Post Unlikely Allies Urbanization and Unconventional Oils February 13 2013. The Hill Managing the New Oil Bonanza February 11 2013. Center for New American Security Read These Now Energy Climate Recommendations. for the Second Term January 23 2013, KUHF Houston Public Radio Where Would Refined Keystone XL Crude Go January 22. Scientific American Navigating the New World of Oils January 15 2013. YouTube U S Embassy in Berlin From Conventional to Unconventional Oil September. The Hill Guessing at the Gas Pump July 17 2012, E E TV The Future of Unconventional Oil in the United States May 2012. Time Magazine There Will Be Oil And That s the Problem March 29 2012. European Financial Review Critical Crossroads forthcoming October 2011. International Monetary Fund F D Magazine Quest in Search of Itself Book Review Daniel. Yergin The Quest September 2011, NPR Interview To the Point Carmegeddon July 15 2011.
Politico Big Oil s Slick Profit Day April 29 2011,C Span Interview Washington Journal June 21 2010. Washington Post Big Oil Can t Get Beyond Petroleum June 13 2010. World Bank blog Following China s Lead Transforming Transportation June 7 2009. C Span Book TV After Words November 23 2009, Yale Environment 360 Surviving Two Billion Cars China Must Lead the Way March 5 2009. New York Times Op Ed with D Sperling How High Gas Prices Can Save the Car. Industry November 16 2008,Publications selected, China s Oil Future with Yevgen Sautin and Wang Tao Carnegie Endowment May 6 2014. Texas Oil and Water Tightrope with Kate Garner Carnegie Endowment March 11 2014. Mapping California s Oil Water Risks with Kate Garner Carnegie Endowment January 15. Uncovering Oils Unknowns with Chris Malins Carnegie Endowment June 2013. The Carbon Contained in Global Oils Carnegie Endowment December 2012. Policy Priorities for Advancing the U S Electric Vehicle Market Carnegie Endowment. September 2012, Understanding Unconventional Oil Carnegie Endowment May 2012. Driving Force Energy and Climate Strategies for China s Motorization with Yuhan Zhang. Carnegie Endowment April 2011, A Review and Comparative Analysis of Fiscal Policies Associated with New Passenger.
Vehicle CO2 Emissions Contributing author International Council for Clean. Transportation February 2011,Safe at 60 Center for Auto Safety 2011. The Role of Transportation in Driving Climate Disruption Carnegie Endowment for. International Peace December 2010, Tackling Our Oil Addiction Reducing Dependency on Our Enemies Truman Project. October 2010, Driving Transportation Innovation Next10 org November 2009. Managing Motorcycles International Council on Clean Transportation 2009. Getting There Greener Union of Concerned Scientists December 2008. Advance Passenger Transportation Technologies with D Sperling Journal of. Transportation Technology 2008, Sipping Fuel and Saving Lives Optimizing Vehicle Safety and Fuel Economy Simultaneously. co authored William and Flora Hewlett Foundation June 2007. Climate Change Mitigation Findings of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report co authored. Union of Concerned Scientists IPCC Highlight Series 2007. Passenger Vehicle CO2 and Fuel Economy Standards A Global Review co authored. International Council on Clean Transportation 2007. Fiscal Policies for Sustainable Transportation International Best Practices In Studies on. International Fiscal Policies for Sustainable Transportation published in English and Chinese. by the China Sustainable Energy Program Packard Foundation Hewlett Foundation and the. Energy Foundation March 2005, Federal Oil Subsidies How Can They Best Be Targeted National Commission on Energy.
Policy April 2004, DRIVE Promoting Cleaner and More Fuel Efficient Motor Vehicles Through a Self. Financing System of State Tax Incentives In Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. Volume 9 Number 3 1990,Advisory Boards, Transportation Research Board Energy Committee Appointed Member 1998 to 2004. National Research Council Committee on Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance 1999 to. National Research Council Standing Committee to Review the Research Program of the. Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles 1994 to 1996. American Academy of Arts and Sciences Avoiding the Collision of Cities and Cars 1993. Testimony and Addresses selected, U S Congress House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Terrorism Nonproliferation and. Trade April 2014,Georgetown University March 2014, Kaist Business School South Korea Cases in Green Finance MBA class July 2014 June. 2013 September 2013 October 2011 October 2010,Aspen Institute Energy Forum June 2013.
Union of Concerned Scientists Board of Directors May 2013. NORDEA Bank March 2013,East West Center February 2013. World Energy Council Berlin Germany September 2012. U S Department of State German Embassy September 2012. University of Virginia Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy April 2012. Darden Business School University of Virginia Car of the Future and Future of the Car. Conference November 2010, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Transportation Driving Climate Disruption. Keynote Speaker December 2010, Miller Center for Public Affairs University of Virginia Speaker Series April 2010. World Bank Washington D C January 2009 and May 2009. Transportation Research Board Denver Colorado July 2009. Virginia Festival of the Book Charlottesville VA March 2009. World Affairs Council Washington D C January 2009, Rodman Engineering Fellowship Program University of Virginia Keynote Speaker 2008. Advisory Council on Energy National Conference of State Legislatures December 1998. Climate Action Plan White House Policy Dialogue Advisory Committee February 1995. California Energy Commission Testimony on Sustainable Transportation 1994. U S House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy and Power March 1991. Awards and Fellowships, University of California Institute of Transportation Studies Visiting Fellow 2001 2.
Transportation Research Board s Fred Burggraf Award 1992. L B J Congressional Fellow 1988,Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honorary Society 1981.

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