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Readings All readings for this course are available on the ARES system of Course Reserves. through the Carleton Library This is an excellent system that allows you access to electronic. versions of the readings 24 7 from anywhere with internet. Requirements and Assessment,Tutorial Attendance and Participation 25. Take home test 20 questions given in February 3 Week 4 due February 10 Week 5. Short Essay 20 due March 10 Week 8,Final Research Report 35 due April 7Week 12. Note There is no final examination for this course. Tutorial Attendance and Participation TAs will take attendance each week Attendance will. be worth 11 marks of your participation grade 1 mark for each tutorial If you have to miss a. tutorial for any reason please email your TA in advance if possible explaining the reason for. your absence The other 14 marks of your participation grade will be for participation In order. to receive a grade in the A range participation must be i regular ii informed by readings iii. respectful and iv demonstrate careful and critical thinking on the issues of the week. Take home test There will be a take home test early in the term questions will be available on. CU learn on February 3rd Week 4 responses will be due submitted via CU learn on. February 10th Week 5 Questions will be on material covered in Weeks 2 and 3 only Students. will be required to answer two out of a choice of three essay questions Answers must be 400. 600 words each and must provide an answer to the question posed Students are encouraged to. refer to course readings and cite authors in answering the questions Answers will be graded. according to the following criteria, demonstrated knowledge and understanding of moral theories and their relationship to. global politics primarily on the themes we have addressed in assigned readings and the. course outline,strength of central argument and support provided. writing style word length citations and references. Short Essay, Topic Globalization and the commodification of Health A Moral Assessment.
Themes for the short essay could include medical tourism reproductive tourism organ. trafficking globalization of surrogacy drone warfare refugee crisis humanitarian intervention. outsourcing and exploitive labour practices environmental ethics economic justice These are. just examples Students can bring up other themes with ethical implications. All students will write a short essay on the moral implications of one theme You must use at. least four course readings from Weeks 2 7 for your essay you may use more course readings. and or readings from beyond the course outline Sources used including course readings must. be properly cited You must use one or more of the ethical theories and make your moral. assessment of these theories Your essay must have a central argument or thesis statement and. must be geared towards demonstrating the validity of that argument One way to test these. theories is think through how you could support or reject issues raised assigned readings. between weeks 2 7 Essays must be 6 8 pages 1500 2000 words double spaced 12 point. font All essays must be submitted to your TA via CU learn Word documents only Essays. will be marked for i the strength and coherence of your argument and analysis ii your. understanding of both the ethical theories and the aspect s and globalization of capital and the. commodification of health would be properly assessed iii writing style and formatting. Final Research Report Your final summative evaluation will be to write a briefing paper. on the ethical dimensions of an issue or problem in global politics in terms of one the themes we. have discussed in the course The aim of the project is to research an issue and to present and. analyze its ethical dimensions using one or more of the theories and or theoretical concepts. covered in the course especially in Weeks 2 3 In many ways this paper will be like a research. essay It must be researched using scholarly sources and formatted like a formal essay with. proper formatting citations and bibliography, The Final Research Report must be based on empirical description of pertinent issue and an. analysis of its ethical dimensions The report should resemble a briefing paper prepared to. advise policy makers on the ethical questions to be considered when developing policy. The report must be between 12 and 18 pages double spaced 12 pt font You must use at least. 5 scholarly sources from academic journals and books and at least 2 sources from non. academic sources reports briefings from NGOs think tanks policy research institutes. international organizations including the UN and its agencies etc You may use up to 3. sources from the course reading list these can be included in your 5 and 2 above. The report should be organized according to the following outline. Introduction,Historical Background or Context,Key Ethical Questions Arising. Moral Frameworks for Analysis,Moral Analysis,Conclusion. Examples of media reports with ethical dimensions, Below are some links contain helpful insights issues with ethical implications. I have to be taller the unregulated world of India s limb lengthening industry. https www theguardian com world 2016 may 09 i have to be taller the unregulated. world of indias limb lengthening industry, Globalization of the Beauty and skin whitening biotechnologies Ethical implications and.
health risks, The Ugly Face of Beauty Is Child Labour the Foundation for your Makeup. https www youtube com watch v OHuNE1P8S3s, http www independent co uk news world australasia baby gammy australian father. who abandoned down syndrome surrogate child now tries to access funds. 10261916 html, Examples of Global Ethical Issues for Final Research Report you are not required to choose one. of these they are just examples All topics MUST be approved by your TA or the course. instructor,The Pharmaceutical Industry, Trafficking in human beings including sex trafficking and organ trafficking. Migrant labour including migrant domestic workers,The global refugee regime.
Global commercial surrogacy, Global gender justice generally or a specific aspect. Child Labour, Commodification ageing and booming Unregulated anti ageing industries. Medical tourism,Reproductive tourism,Examples of Moral Theories Approaches. Kantian Perspective Autonomy and Respect, Kantian and neo Kantian ethics deontological ethics. Utilitarian ethics,Consequentialism,Contractualist ethics.
Communitarianism,Virtue Ethics,Feminist Ethics,Care Ethics. Postmodern ethics,Postcolonialism and ethics,Weekly Outline. January 6 Introduction to Course,No readings,January 13 Ethics and Moral theories. Rachels James and Rachels Stuart 3003 The Elements of Moral Philosophy Chapter 3. Subjectivism in Ethics pp 35 51 The MCGrow Hill Companies. Hooft Stan Van 2006 Understanding Virtue Ethics chapter 1 Distinguishing Virtue Ethics. from the Ethics of Duty p 7 48 and chapter 4 Reconciling Virtue with Justice p 109 126. Landau Russ Shafer 2012 The Fundamentals of Ethics New York and Oxford pp 117 186. January 20 Ethics in the Global Context, Crocker David 2008 Ethics of Global Development Agency Capability and Deliberative. Democracy Chapter 7 Agency responsibility and consumption p 217 255. Wolff Jonathan 2011 Ethics and Public Policy A Philosophical Inquiry chapter 6 Health. January 27 Globalizing and Privatizing Knowledge Create Wealth and Engender. Inequities, Dyer Wayne 2009 The Commodification of Tertiary Education within a Knowledge.
Economy Journal of Economic and Social Policy 13 I 1 17. May Christopher 2004 Commodifying the Information Age Intellectual Property Rights the. State and the Internet SCRIPTed 1 3 408 419, Krimsky Sheldon 2003 Science in the Private Interest Lanham Maryland Rowman. Littlefield Publishers Inc Chapter 4 57 71, February 3 Ethics Global Capital Commodification of Health in Reproductive Tourism. and Organ Trafficking, Scheper Hughes Nancy 2003 Rotten trade millennial capitalism human values and global. justice in organs trafficking Journal of Human Rights 2 2 197 226. J A Parks 2010 Care Ethics and the Global Practice of Commercial Surrogacy Bioethics. 24 7 333 340, Smith Cavros Eileen 2010 Fertility and Inequality Across Borders Assisted Reproductive. Technology and Globalization Sociology Compass Vol 4 7 466 475. Krolokke C Foss K A Pant S 2012 Fertility Travel The Commodification of Human. Reproduction Cultural Politics 8 2, Widdow Heather 2009 Persons and Their Parts New Reproductive Technologies and Risks of.
Commodification Health Care Analysis 17 1 36 46, February 10 Ethics Biomedicalization and Commodification of Ageing. Mykytyn C E 2009 Anti Aging is not Necessarily Anti Death Bioethics and the Front Lines. Practices Medicine Studies 1 209 228, Petersen Alan Seear Kate 2009 In Search of Immortality The Political Economy of Ant. Aging Medicine Medicine Studies 1 267 279, Pijnenburg MA Leget C 2007 Who wants to live forever Three arguments against extending. the human lifespan Journal of Medical Ethics 33 10 585 587. February 17 Poverty and Inequality Ethical Assessments and Perspectives. Wisor Scott 2011 Against shallow ponds an argument against Singer s approach to global. poverty Journal of Global Ethics 7 1 19 32, Miller Richard M 2010 Globalizing Justice The Ethics of Poverty and Power chapter 4 and. chapter 9 Oxford and New York Oxford University Press. Oxfam An Economy for the 1 How privilege and power in the economy drive extreme. inequality and how this can be stopped Oxfam Briefing Paper January 2016. https www oxfam org sites www oxfam org files file attachments bp210 economy one. percent tax havens 180116 en 0 pdf,February 24 No class winter reading break.
March 3 Critical Assessment of Humanitarian Interventionism and Migration Crisis. David Hollenbach S J 2016 Borders and Duties to the Displaced Ethical Perspectives on the. Refugee Protection System Journal of Migration and Human Security 4 3 148 165. Migrant crisis Should pictures of a drowned Syrian boy be shared on social media Canadian. Broadcasting Corporation CBC, http www cbc ca news world migrant crisis pictures 1 3212481. Goodman Ryan 2006 Humanitarian Intervention and Pretexts for War The American. Journal of International Law vol 100 107 141, March 10 Poverty Mass Migration Exploitation within and across the Global North and. the Global South, Iris Marion Young 2006 Responsibility and Global Justice A Social Connection Model. Social Philosophy and Policy 23 1 102 130, Naila Kabeer Globalization Labor Standards and Women s Rights Dilemmas of Collective. In action in an Interdependent World Feminist Economics 10 1 2004 3 35. World Affairs Council July 15 2013 Labor Exploitation and Outsourcing The Good the Bad. and the Ugly, http www worldaffairs org media library event 1130 WEw1KH2qFq8.
The McGraw Hill Companies 2008 Ethics of International Business chapter 4. https www scribd com doc 23616319 Ethics in International Business. March 17 The Ethics and Technologically Mediated Warfare. Daniel Brunsletter and Megan Braun 2011 The Implications of Drones on the Just War. Tradition Ethics and International Affairs 25 3 337 358. Singer P W 2009 Military robots and the laws of war The New Atlantis 23 25 45. Gray Chris Hables 2005 Peace War and Computers New York and London Routledge. March 31 Environmental Ethics Energy and global economy. Palmer C McShane K Sandler R 2014 Environmental ethics Annual Review of. Environment and Resources 39 419 442, Naomi Klein 2014 This Changes Everything Introduction One way or another everything. changes 1 28 Toronto Vintage Canada, Joseph Heath 2011 It s not Easy Being Green Literary Review of Canada December 2011. TA group final project presentations,April 7 Conclusion and Review final projects due. No readings, Academic Accommodations The Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities PMC. provides services to students with Learning Disabilities LD psychiatric mental health. disabilities Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD Autism Spectrum Disorders. ASD chronic medical conditions and impairments in mobility hearing and vision If you. have a disability requiring academic accommodations in this course please contact PMC at 613. 520 6608 or pmc carleton ca for a formal evaluation If you are already registered with the. PMC contact your PMC coordinator to send me your Letter of Accommodation at the beginning. of the term and no later than two weeks before the first in class scheduled test or exam requiring. accommodation if applicable After requesting accommodation from PMC meet with me to. ensure accommodation arrangements are made Please consult the PMC website for the deadline. to request accommodations for the formally scheduled exam if applicable. Accommodation for Religious Observance Students requesting accommodation for religious. observances should apply in writing to their instructor for alternate dates and or means of. satisfying academic requirements Such requests should be made during the first two weeks of. class or as soon as possible after the need for accommodation is known to exist but no later than. two weeks before the compulsory academic event Accommodation is to be worked out directly. and on an individual basis between the student and the instructor s involved Instructors will. make accommodations in a way that avoids academic disadvantage to the student Instructors. and students may contact an Equity Services Advisor for assistance www carleton ca equity. The deadlines for contacting the Paul Menton Centre regarding accommodation for final exams. for the December 2016 exam period is November 11 2016 and for the April 2017 exam period is. March 10 2017 Once again please note Last day to request formal exam accommodations for. April examinations to the Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities is March 10 2017. Note that it may not be possible to fulfil accommodation requests received after the specified. Accommodation for Pregnancy Pregnant students requiring academic accommodations are. encouraged to contact an Equity Advisor in Equity Services to complete a letter of. accommodation Then make an appointment to discuss your needs with the instructor at least. two weeks prior to the first academic event in which it is anticipated the accommodation will be. Plagiarism The University Senate defines plagiarism as presenting whether intentional or not. the ideas expression of ideas or work of others as one s own This can include. reproducing or paraphrasing portions of someone else s published or unpublished material. regardless of the source and presenting these as one s own without proper citation or reference. to the original source, submitting a take home examination essay laboratory report or other assignment written in.
whole or in part by someone else, using ideas or direct verbatim quotations or paraphrased material concepts or ideas without. appropriate acknowledgment in any academic assignment. using another s data or research findings, failing to acknowledge sources through the use of proper citations when using another s works. and or failing to use quotation marks, handing in substantially the same piece of work for academic credit more than once without. prior written permission of the course instructor in which the submission occurs. Plagiarism is a serious offence which cannot be resolved directly with the course s instructor. The Associate Deans of the Faculty conduct a rigorous investigation including an interview with. the student when an instructor suspects a piece of work has been plagiarized Penalties are not. trivial They may include a mark of zero for the plagiarized work or a final grade of F for the. Intellectual Property Student or professor materials created for this course including. presentations and posted notes labs case studies assignments and exams remain the intellectual. property of the author s They are intended for personal use and may not be reproduced or. redistributed without prior written consent of the author s. Submission and Return of Term Work Papers must be submitted directly to the instructor. according to the instructions in the course outline Late assignments may be submitted to the. BGInS office in 2404R River Building For essays not returned in class please attach a stamped. self addressed envelope if you wish to have your assignment returned by mail Final exams are. intended solely for the purpose of evaluation and will not be returned. Grading Standing in a course is determined by the course instructor subject to the approval of. the faculty Dean Final standing in courses will be shown by alphabetical grades The system of. grades used with corresponding grade points is, Percentage Letter grade 12 point scale Percentage Letter grade 12 point scale. 90 100 A 12 67 69 C 6,85 89 A 11 63 66 C 5,80 84 A 10 60 62 C 4.
77 79 B 9 57 59 D 3,73 76 B 8 53 56 D 2,70 72 B 7 50 52 D 1. Approval of final grades Standing in a course is determined by the course instructor subject to. the approval of the Faculty Dean This means that grades submitted by an instructor may be. subject to revision No grades are final until they have been approved by the Dean. Carleton E mail Accounts All email communication to students from BGInS will be via. official Carleton university e mail accounts and or cuLearn As important course and University. information is distributed this way it is the student s responsibility to monitor their Carleton and. cuLearn accounts, Official Course Outline The course outline posted to the BGInS website is the official course.

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