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OUR CITY YOUR MAGAZINE, I love Buffalo Spree because no matter what I m interested in I know it will be covered in the magazine. a local twist As a certified foodie and fashionista I can count on Spree to cover the newest Buffalo. restaurants as well as what s trending on runways around the world Plus the Top Docs list really helps. me find the best healthcare in the city and makes Spree stand out from any other publication you can. find in Buffalo,RACHEL GOOD,Event producer specializing in fashion events. 53 THINGS EVERY WNYER MUST DO People Year,BRINGING BACK BROADWAY FILLMORE. THE MISSION OF STEPHEN KARNATH p 14,12 Try one of Buffalo s. most loved,cocktail desserts,gin fresno,pepper lime.
triple sec berries,from Aro Bar,How would you like your observation deck. burger Traditional gourmet,alternative or meatless THE F WNY at City Hall. Jill Jedlicka,executive director,RIVERKEEPER,come and get em Good Life. STAYING ALIVE,It must be your,The Big Poppa,from JuiCy. On the Town,Burger Bar in SPOTLIGHT,Hamburg Beaux Arts Ball.
on the Water,Some of the,Boca Negra,blackout cake,whipped milk. candied movers and shakers,who are making it happen. hazelnut sour,cherry cr me,fra che from,Best Desserts. Restaurant, INSIDE HOME ISSUE THE HOME GARDEN DESIGN MAGAZINE OF WESTERN NEW YORK. VOTE for 2016 s BEST of WNY,www buffalospree com,The On the Eat.
38 12 ISSUES,17 Good Life Town AT THE,www buffalospree com. KID STUFF HOLIDAY TABLE, 716 The Good Life On the Town Thoughful CALENDAR Salt and. SPOTLIGHT WILD WNY SPOTLIGHT Margaret Sullivan giving pepper. echo Art Fair,chooses an,A new column,by naturalist. Celebrating,Just Buffalo,Historic Allentown,Renovation. heads to Connor s From parish school to luxury apartments. East Amherst Chalet, industrial icon Gerry Rising Literacy Center PAGE 104.
APRIL2016 buffalospree com 4 95 JUNE2016 buffalospree com 4 95 AUGUST2016 buffalospree com 4 95 DECEMBER2016 buffalospree com 4 95. 3 bonus publications, Call 1 855 MYSPREE 1 855 697 7733 or visit BuffaloSpree com. 1738 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo NY,Celebrating the 2017 BEST OF WNY. 6 00 7 00 July 21 2017 7 00 10 00,VIP General,TICKETS ON SALE IN JUNE. V I P P RESE NTE D BY P LATN I U M S P O N S O R,S P O N S O R E D BY. WHAT S INSIDE,February 2017 Published by,Buffalo Jewish Federation.
The Award Winning,TU B SHEVAT NEW YEAR,OF TREES FEBRUARY 11. 2640 North Forest Road,Getzville NY 14068,Editor s ote On The Cover. 716 204 2241,www jfedbflo com, BUFFALO ISRAEL THE JEWISH WORLD WWW JFEDBFLO COM FEBRUARY 2017 SHEVAT ADAR 5777. CEO Executive Director Rob Goldberg,President Steven J Weiss. Editor Marketing and Community Relations Director Ellen S Goldstein. Advisory Board,Susan Adelman Elizabeth Kahn Eric Reich.
Jonathan Epstein Alyssa Rabach Kenneth Rogers,Richard Hirsch Peter Simon. The Buffalo Jewish Federation Is a proud member, of the Jewish Federations of North America and the. American Jewish Press Association,Produced by, llen oldstein ditor These are the first ifference Makers of From left top. row Jay ershberg Cheryl Stein ewis Shaevel with his. mother Amy Molly Brownstein Sonia lein,I hope you realize by now that good things are. From left middle row Richard ipsitz Jr Helen einstein Senior Vice President Creative Director Chastity O Shei. happening in our Western New York community Steve Schwartz ina ukin miriam treger honig From left coshei buffalospree com. MEET THESE WNY LEADERS NOW,CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED.
And members of our Jewish community are involved bottom row isa allenfels Mark oldman ilby 4 Bronstein. Permit No 4,Vice President Production Jennifer Tudor. Williamsport PA,PAID Getzville NY 14068,US Postage. ayne isbaum Janet unner,2640 North Forest Road, every step of the way This month we again profile jtudor buffalospree com. Presorted STD Buffalo Jewish Federation,Lead Designer Kimberly Miers. 12 actually 15 community leaders who make our,kmiers buffalospree com.
town a better place for everyone From Bagel Jay Senior Graphic Designers Josh Flanigan. Gershberg who enables all of us to eat great bagels Andrea Rowley Jean Pierre Thimot Nicholas Vitello. 3 Jewish Buffalo s Difference Makers, every day of the week if we want to attorney Wayne Traffic Coordinator Adam Van Schoonhoven. by Rob Goldberg Associate Publisher Senior Vice President Advertising Barbara E Macks. Wisbaum whose dedication has re created a gorgeous. bmacks buffalospree com, acoustically enhanced Kleinhans Music Hall for all Jay Gershberg by Maria Scrivani Assistant Sales Marketing Manager Marianne Potratz. of us to enjoy to Mark Goldman who has pushed to 6 Sonia Klein by Mara Koven Gelman mpotratz buffalospree com. create a better more just and more creative city for Sales Director Cynthia Oppenheimer. more than 40 years to Kilby Bronstein representing. Janet Gunner by Peter Simon coppenheimer jewishjournalwny com. Senior Account Executives Robin Kurss rkurss jewishjournalwny com. the young leaders choosing to return to Buffalo and My Jewish Journey from Light Bruce Halpern bhalpern buffalospree com. rebuild it into a City of Light to Darkness by Nina Lukin Betty Tata btata jewishhournalwny com. You might not know that February is national Proofreaders Sharon C Levite Amy Goldstein. Wayne Wisbaum by Howard, Jewish Disability Month We have a story about it by Members of. new Yad B Yad Director Cindi Mikulick on page 33, and are also fortunate enough to be represented at a 4 Women Synagogue Presidents. Jewish Federations of North America JFNA Jewish by Mara Koven Gelman Submissions. Submit editorial stories photos and calendar items by the 1st of the. Disability Advocacy Day this month in Washington Lewis Shaevel by Rob Goldberg preceding month of issue to egoldstein jfedbflo com. D C by National Federation for Just Communities To Advertise. Mark Goldman by Jordana Halpern, honorees Howard and Valerie Rosenhoch who will To advertise call Cynthia Oppenheimer at 716 783 9119 x2240.
share their insights with us when they are back home Molly Brownstein by Ellen Goldstein Ad space materials are due by the 10th of each month prior to. Finally I just returned from a magical 10 day Steve Schwartz by Susan Lichtblau publication For a rate card and any additional information please. Interfaith Trip to Israel with congregants from Temple email Cynthia Oppenheimer coppenheimer jewishjournalwny com. Beth Zion Congregation Shir Shalom Westminster, 22 Richard Lipsitz Jr by Peter Simon or Barbara Macks bmacks buffalospree com. To Subscribe, Presbyterian Church and North Presbyterian Church 23 Kilby Bronstein by Jana Eisenberg. To subscribe visit www jfedbflo com and click on JJWNY. supported by Federation funds My head is still 24 Food Moroccan Stew by Robin Kurss subscription Free for Western New York area residents and donors. spinning and I m stuck in the Middle East time zone to the Campaign Non resident subscription is 36 for 12 issues. for a few more days but I look forward to sharing my 5 Things you can do to repair payable to The Jewish Journal. thoughts and photos with you in the March Jewish the world in February. The Jewish Journal of WNY JJWNY reserves the right to cancel any advertisement at. Journal Oh and during our warmish winter days at Where in Jewish B o any time The Buffalo Jewish Federation and Buffalo Spree Publishing Inc are not. liable for the content or errors appearing in the advertisements beyond the cost of. the beginning of the, Agencies Synagogues the space occupied The JJWNY does not assume responsibility for the kashrut of. any product or service advertised in this paper Editorials columns advertisements. month watch out for agency reports and other outside articles do not necessarily represent the views. that groundhog Synagogue Happenings of the newspaper or the Buffalo Jewish Federation but rather express the view of. the writer,February Calendar, All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing. Ellen Goldstein Editor, Agency Events Act of 1968 which makes it illegal to advertise based on race color religion.
sex handicap familial status national origin or an intention to make any such. preference limitation or discrimination This newspaper will not knowingly accept. Jews in the News any advertising for real estate that is in violation of the law Our readers are hereby. informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal. 44 Not The Last Word Karen Wiseman opportunity basis. 2 www jfedbflo com February 2017, J E W I S H B U F F A LO S D I F F E R E N C E M A K E R S. mitzvah who is making a difference in the lives,of those going through cancer therapy and a. retiree who has devoted his second career to,traveling throughout the world organizing. disaster relief teams on behalf of the Red,Cross We profile a Holocaust Survivor who. continues to tell her story an individual who, by Rob Goldberg is changing lives for Jews with disabilities and.
Actions speak louder than words Or as we spotlight four women taking charge of their. former Buffalonian and marketing guru Seth synagogues Together these members of our. Godin who will be with us on April 27th for community weave a story that underscores the. our first Made in Buffalo event suggests diversity and strength that is Jewish Buffalo. All the promises explanations and asides in We hope that you enjoy each of their. the world pale in comparison with what you stories and are inspired by their work passion. do and contributions Many thanks to Ellen, And so when we introduced our Difference Goldstein for inspiring this idea and editing. Makers special edition last summer that the profiles and to Susan Lichtblau Maria. featured a dozen individuals who practice Scrivani Mara Koven Gelman Peter Simon. what Seth preaches we knew that we had Howard Rosenhoch Jordana Halpern Ellen. only scratched the surface that there were Rob oldberg. Goldstein Nina Lukin and Jana Eisenberg who, dozens of others we could have featured had contributed the narratives for our Difference. we more space It was an easy decision then for who are making an impact on those around Makers As Seth Godin reminds us Words. us to publish another version of Difference them keep getting cheaper which makes action. Makers this month to showcase individuals This version introduces a recent bar more valuable than ever. Thank you for your,Super Sunday campaign gift,If you have not made your Pledge. please go to www fedbflo com,February 2017 www jfedbflo com 3. J E W I S H B U F F A LO S D I F F E R E N C E M A K E R S. Jay Gershberg,Bringing Better Bagels to Buffalo,By Maria Scrivani.
It was also quickly a choice, Call Jay Gershberg a matchmaker he s the guy aka Bagel Jay who brought meeting place The Gershbergs had. the classic New York City baked good the bagel to Buffalo It was love at thought to leave some room in the. first bite destined to be a long marriage made in well if not exactly heaven front of the space and within a. certainly someplace where hard work is well rewarded month of their opening had added. tables and chairs for the lingering, It s been more than four decades since student at Oswego realized that Buffalo noshers We had 10 to 12 varieties. this callow kid with younger sibling was the only reasonably sized city in of bagels fewer choices than we. Robert in tow brazened his way onto the state that didn t have fresh New have now and to top them a cream. the Buffalo business scene with the first York City bagels An idea was born and cheese schmear tuna or egg salad. store of many to come then called Bagel pursued with deliberation the guiding For a while we made a real New York. Brothers principle of Jay Gershberg being to do City cream cheesecake and challah. We came into this with a limited things right He paid a consulting fee to and rye bread but we couldn t get. knowledge of the business side of a bagel baker in Ithaca and learned the the consistent quality we wanted. things says Gershberg in a recent craft at his side In July of 1976 he and So the menu evolved we learned. phone conversation from his home his brother two early 20 somethings there were certain things we were. in Boca Raton Florida We learned having worked with the Small Business better off not doing. fast Growing up in the projects in Administration and partnering with The big deal with his bagels. the Bronx with parents who worked M T Bank not to mention borrowing is they are still being made with. as an office manager dad and a from family members opened their highest quality ingredients the old. bookkeeper mom he was not used to first bagel emporium in one of the fashioned way boiled in water and. a very warm neighborhood and cohesive hottest commercial spots in town the then baked on a board now made of. community two traits he attributes to Northtown Plaza It was the center of aluminum he says What makes it. this part of the state Buffalo in particular the universe then says Gershberg And a real New York bagel is the recipe. Here you get to know people and as a we were doing everything ourselves more than anything else And ours. business person you know who to call to from mixing the dough to baking and has stood the test of time We will. get things done working the front of the store From day not compromise on ingredients to. If hard work is one part of the equation one we had a line out the door save money. for success Gershberg says the other The line was peopled by natives who By the time Gershberg sold the. part is luck if they knew of bagels at all had only business in 1996 he had two dozen. And the Gershberg siblings must ever known Abel s Bagels from the Jay Gershberg stores in this area and also the. have learned something at the knees local Lippes family which was bought greater Cleveland area Not bad for. of their business oriented parents Jay out by Lender s and became a frozen on post graduation joining the ranks of a plucky kid We had enough years. who earned a teaching degree at Ithaca bagel supermarket mainstay the only professionals doctors lawyers engineers of success to weather some of the. College was working construction game in town until the Bagel Brothers and others who found Western New York a tougher times he says Some tough. helping to build schools in New York arrived to save our city from itself Also most congenial place to settle in a fine spot times were still brewing though and. City until the bottom dropped out of in the long line those early days were in which to raise a family and now finally a contractual conflict resulted in a. the economy there Somewhere along folks who d come from downstate to you could get a real bagel So Bagel Brothers contentious court case In June of. the line he and Robert then a college go to college in Buffalo Many stayed became in a way a public service franchise 2000 it was over and Gershberg. 4 www jfedbflo com February 2017, signed a one year non compete clause reputation of the revered Buffalo. BONNIE CLEMENT, He came back the following year opening business he built Western New York 716 553 8384. the newly christened Bagel Jay s at has been very good to me he says It s bsclement aol com. Hopkins and Klein in Williamsville very satisfying to me that we brought. Brother Robert changed professions good bagels to Buffalo but even more so. moving to Florida where he still lives I am proud of the people who ve worked. and works for a placement firm for us it s the team that really makes. Jay Gershberg still maintains a it all go There are a number of people. townhouse in Western New York as he who started at Bagel Brothers their first. travels back up here frequently to keep job And we have very loyal customers. tabs on three Bagel Jay s stores the They say positive things on Facebook. one in Williamsville plus one back in and that is very fulfilling We created. a former location in the Great Arrow a good following we ve made people. Plaza in Buffalo and another also in happy It warms my heart to be back. a location that once housed a Bagel and hear people say It s Jay who did Broker for HUNT Real. Brothers just opened last fall at Main things right This area has always been. Estate ERA which includes, and Harlem in Snyder a great place to live and raise a family.
I was too young when I sold the and it is great to see the rebound that is 1 100 sales associates and. business back in 1996 too young happening in Buffalo today 38 offices nationwide from. to retire he muses These days he s Maria Scrivani who is known to eat. Buffalo to Albany and the, taking it a little slower I m not in bagels from time to time is a frequent. my 20s anymore but still working contributor to Forever Young and State of Arizona. hard maintaining and renewing the Buffalo Spree,FBI s Cohen to Address Hadassah March 19. Special FBI Agent Adam S,HUNT Real Estate ERA congratulates. Cohen will be speaking at the,Benderson JCC on Sunday. Bonnie on her remarkable,March 19 at 3 00 PM in the.
Lippman Lounge The program,2013 2014 2015,is planned by the Buffalo. Hadassah Chapter and is,co sponsored by the Buffalo. Jewish Federation and the,Jewish Community Center,Mr Cohen is a 19 year. veteran of the FBI and has been,in the Buffalo agency s office. since October 2015 He is a SAC Adam Cohen,graduate of Brandeis University.
and Dowling College Before Operations, coming to Buffalo he served He will speak briefly about his background and Beth Joseph Bari Spokane Bonnie Clement Sheryl Martin. as section chief of the FBI s his work in the FBI and will take questions following. Counterterrorism Internet his talk Coffee tea and dessert will be served All of HUNT Real Estate ERA Gross Closed Commission and 1 total Units Buffalo Niagara Region 2013. finest mouth watering n y bagels since 1976 homemade shmears deli sandwiches soups salads. Remember how bagels Shivah Platters,summer street used to taste. Kiddush Platters,N Y Wedding Brunches,cat clinic That s what you ll taste today. at Bagel Jay s consistently Let Us Do the Work, summerstreetcatclinic com delicious deli favorites. Pickup Dropoff,25 Summer Street in every bite service available.
Buffalo New York 14209, 716 883 3324 MARSHALL S PLAZA NOW OPEN DASH S PLAZA. 2323 N Forest Rd 2130 Delaware Ave Buffalo 4498 Main St Snyder NY 14226 100 A Plaza Dr Williamsville. 716 874 1800 716 839 2222 716 639 1000,Getzville New York 14068. 716 689 2287 www bageljays com, Serving the Cats of WNY since 1981 finest dark roasted coffees fresh baked bagels signature tuna fish and more. February 2017 www jfedbflo com, J E W I S H B U F F A LO S D I F F E R E N C E M A K E R S. Sonia lein,Making Memory Matter, By Mara Koven Gelman or frigid winter They slept next to the.
crematorium and went to bed smelling, How do I tell the story of my life bodies burn How does one comprehend. during the Holocaust in one hour How that she asked rhetorically. do I tell you about five years 1825 days In February to April 1945 1000 women. 44 000 hours in just one hour asks were forced to march no shoes or food. 91 year old former Buffalo resident At least at the camp we received a roll. Sonia Klein the size of a hotdog bun and a 10 ounce. She visited Buffalo in July and gave cup of watery soup On the march there. her personal account during the Shoah at was no food If you leaned over to eat. Temple Israel in Niagara Falls She shared some snow the guards would shoot you. her story with the Jewish Journal of WNY One hundred women survived the march. and her thoughts on Holocaust education said Sonia. and who will tell the story in the future,ar ears When asked about her faith she said. Sonia was born in Warsaw and was 14 there is only one way she could have. when World War II began The first day survived so many atrocities She looks. of the war her house was burned to the upward If I am still alive it is only by. ground and her family was forced into the the grace of G d Sonia doesn t condemn. Warsaw Ghetto Later she was transported anyone who is an atheist Sonia s family. to four different concentration camps and were observant Jews before the war and. finally forced on a death march from she is Modern Orthodox today. February to April 1945 She was liberated Is it hard to retell these painful stories. by U S troops in Leipzig Germany and Sonia promised herself that if she survived. went to a Displaced Persons DP camp she would never remain silent Life has. in Mittenwald Germany operated by the taught me one thing never to be quiet. Russians She eventually made her way I often cannot sleep well for several. back to a US operated DP camp met her nights before I speak she said She. husband had a son and together they Sonia lein spoke about Jews and non Jewish victims. started a successful leather and textile They were murdered once If we don t. business in Germany Rosie Wisel in North Buffalo Joseph built Their heads were shaved and given a remember they will be murdered again. They eventually emigrated to the US KW Textiles before retiring to Florida tattoo She said it was hard to tell people Do I hate No because that is what. in 1949 through Boston and re settled After her husband Joseph died 16 years ago apart from one another We stopped led to what happened Can I forgive. in Buffalo I promised myself that if I Sonia relocated to Brooklyn to be with her being people and became numbers The For those who directly caused death and. survived I would never stay silent and sister Sophia Sonia is active with SelfHelp family came up to the now well known pointed out where the Jews were hiding I. I would never step on soil Poland full Community Services an organization line to separate inmates for work to the can t forgive I see the horrors of children. of blood she said Poland ceased to be dedicated to serving Holocaust Survivors right or death to the left Her mother in Syria and my hearts bleeds for them so. her home The US gave us a country and Israel Bonds She is a highly sought refused to let go of her young son s hand I guess in a way I have learned to forgive. hope and a life Buffalo will always be my after speaker recently speaking to Hillel and they were forced to go to the left Sonia notes that she and her sister. home students at Washington University in St Sonia her sister and father went to the are one of many thousands of siblings. Louis and Maryville University right to work She never saw her mother that survived together For that she is. Post war new home in Buffalo or brother again extremely grateful. After arriving in Buffalo in December Horrors A thousand women were put in five. 1949 Sonia said the Jewish Federation Sonia understandably is upset when rows of 200 each the guards asked Future. helped her family resettle and integrate talking about children and their reactions who knew how to make shoes Sonia Like most Survivors who see the. Initially Sonia and her husband Joseph to the Holocaust My son Alan at five doesn t remember what made her raise dwindling number of their peers who. were hired by the newly opened Jewish and half years old told me that he didn t her hand and then push up her sister s are eyewitnesses to the Shoah she looks. Community Center now the JCC Holland want a number on his arm like I had hand She and Sophia worked in the shoe to the next generation and Holocaust. Building Joseph worked in maintenance What was I supposed to say to him commando separating soft leather hard education When asked what she thought. and Sonia helped in the kitchen preparing Eventually she told him simply Don t leather and nails We handled all shoes of grandchildren tattooing grandparent s. meals for 450 Centerland campers worry you don t have to have a number men s women s baby s shoes With each concentration camp numbers on their arm. I didn t even know what boiled water like Mommy pair I handled I hurt in my heart I knew as an act of remembrance and resilience. looked like said Sonia referring to so I don t talk a lot about the horrors that they came from dead Jews For two she shared that two of her grandsons have. many years without a normal life A of the Holocaust said Sonia And yet years we worked there done exactly that. JCC caterer taught her how to cook and she did during this interview The Klein In the ultimate irony they were forced Mara Koven Gelman is the Executive. eventually she opened the successful family Sonia her mother father sister to walk barefoot the 3 miles from Birkenau Director of the Holocaust Resource Center. K W Kosher catering business with friend and little brother arrived in Auschwitz to Auschwitz during the heat of summer of Buffalo. 6 www jfedbflo com February 2017,February 2017 www jfedbflo com 7. J ISH B FFA S IFF R C MA RS,Janet unner,Accessible Jewish Life. By Peter Simon, Balancing the responsibilities of being a mother a wife and an attorney was.
in retrospect taxing but almost routine for Janet Gunner My life was. pretty ordinary pretty normal she said That all changed 24 years ago when. her son Daniel was born with autism and it became clear that he would require. constant care I realized the isolation experienced by families that are full. time care providers Ms Gunner said I was very cut off from my peers Those. feelings and above all the needs of Daniel and other people who require. similar assistance prompted Ms Gunner to become a relentless and effective. champion for those unable to battle for themselves. Relying on her faith her family constantly reaches for the heavens and. her synagogue and her low key but in the process brings the rest of us along. unbending determination Ms Gunner with her Janet unner. was instrumental in establishing several In the year 2000 she was a co founder. measures to help both people with and later chairperson of Beth Tzedek s a place here every day said Ms Gunner volunteer lay leaders throughout the. disabilities and their care givers Janet Kesher Connections program who attributes the success of the program Jewish community work together to. Gunner is a tireless passionate defender an initiative that provides activities to support from Rabbi Netter Cantor improve and expand those efforts. of and advocate for the inclusion of every transportation and other services to Mark Spindler and the congregation as a Now an attorney who is looking after. member of the Jewish community into persons dealing with frailty illness whole Ms Gunner also heads up a task Daniel rather than practicing law Ms. the fabric of Jewish life said Rabbi Perry disability and loss force that seeks to ensure that clergy Gunner said she initially hesitated to. Netter of Temple Beth Tzedek Janet We want to make sure everybody has community agency representatives and take him to daily services because of. Bring your worn out furniture,to us for a new lease on life. Free In Home Estimates,Free Pickup Delivery,Large Selection of Fabrics. Foam Cushion Replacement,Antique Custom Furniture Restyling. Conrice Boards Window Treatments,MASTERCRAFT,UPHOLSTERY. Residential Commercial Upholstery,More Than 40 Year Experience.
Chris Helwig Owner,25 CENTRAL AVE NEAR BROADWAY,8 www jfedbflo com February 2017. his limited attention span But other disabled the sick and the shut in Rabbi. congregants were welcoming and Ms Netter said, Gunner realized the level of support she Ms Gunner s involvement hardly ends. had when a friend accompanied Daniel there She was president of Beth Tzedek. from services to the Beth Tzedek office from 2011 to 2014 and is now chair of its. to work on a computer when he needed Board of Trustees She has also served. a change of scenery By attending shul as chair or co chair of the Beth Tzedek. Daniel learned the prayers and practices Ritual Committee the Youth Scholarship. that enabled him to become a Bar Committee and the High Holy Days. Mitzvah at age 13 He was so grateful Subcommittee, so appreciative Ms Gunner said Ms Gunner stays fresh and motivated. Now Daniel attends Shabbat services by sharing festive Shabbat meals with. every week with his mother and looks her husband Glen Pincus and their three. forward especially to kissing the Torah children Benjamin 28 and Daniel and. There s a very strong spiritual side to Rachel 24 year old twins She also is. Daniel Ms Gunner said Meanwhile grateful to spend time with her father. Ms Gunner headed up a task force that Murray Gunner who was executive. was instrumental in the creation of the director of several Jewish Community. first local group home for Jewish persons Centers before retiring in 1988 He is. where five women now reside That 98 and lives at the Weinberg Campus. committee is now working to establish An early morning half mile run in her. a supervised residence for Jewish men Amherst neighborhood is also part of. with disabilities where Daniel will live Ms Gunner s daily routine It all adds up. Beginning with the creation to a life of balance accomplishment and. of Kesher continuing with the pride It s been an amazing journey for. establishment of the Jewish group home me a rich and full life Ms Gunner said. and now with the community task force Peter Simon is a retired Buffalo. Janet has inspired everyone to take care News reporter and an active member of. of the frail elderly the developmentally Congregation Shir Shalom. February 2017 www jfedbflo com,J ISH B FFA S IFF R C MA RS. Traveling from the arkness to ight,My Jewish Journey from Poland to Israel Part 1.
By Nina Lukin,The Jewish Council for Public,Affairs JCPA is the hub of the. national Jewish community relations,network The mission of the. organization is to raise awareness,on public policy issues encourage. civic and social involvement with,other racial and ethnic groups and. legislators develop strategies and,programs and deliberate on key.
issues of importance to the Jewish,community The organization has. an unparalleled capacity to mobilize,Jewish activism through its unique. partnership with 16 national member,agencies and 125 local community. relations councils CRCs The Buffalo,Jewish Federation has long been a. member of the organization and,many Buffalonians have attended.
conferences and events around the,Lois Frank a former JCPA board chair. and her husband established the JCPA s,Frank Fellowship program four years. ago to foster emerging leadership in,community relations In the summer of. 2016 my former freshman roommate at, Brandeis and one of my dearest friends in They tried to eliminate a people. the world suggested I consider applying but didn t recognize the strength. to be a Frank Fellow After researching of the Jewish people to survive all. JCPA s unique focus on pluralism and of which have sustained us over. social justice that reflect the profound thousands of years So it was truly. Jewish commitment to Tikkun Olam a blessing to be able to end the. the repair of the world I filled out my day by joining a vibrant Shabbat. application celebration at the Krakow Jewish, I was granted a Frank Fellowship Community Center As Jonathan.
just as the Buffalo Federation began Orenstein Executive Director. re envisioning its local community of the Krakow JCC reminded us. relations work The focus of the unique between World War II and the fall. 12 day fellowship mission to Poland and of communism in 1989 it s as if. Israel in early December 2016 was racial Poland is finally waking up from. and gender equality religious pluralism Top ina in pink hat at Auschwitz bottom photos of the death camp a 50 year coma Once a thriving. two state solution efforts for peaceful community of more than 3 million. humanitarian support and security I Poland Work sets you free notoriously perished within this concentration camp it it s estimated than less than 20 000. traveled and learned with seven other adorns the gates of Auschwitz where we was notable how much smaller Auschwitz Jews reside in this part of Eastern. emerging leaders JCPA Board members heard how the Nazis quickly evolved and Auschwitz II Birkenau were than I had Europe some only learning they. and Community Relations professionals their tactics from imprisonment to imagined Then our guide reminded us are Jewish from their grandparent s. from across the country Rather than forced labor and ultimately to outright that barracks weren t needed for the vast or parent s deathbeds While. a trip it was more of a journey where I murder On a bitter winter morning numbers of ill elderly pregnant and young small the community in Krakow is. began with a limited understanding of we toured the largest graveyard in children who were killed upon arrival So undergoing a gradual reawakening. the vast history and efforts relating to history where seemingly endless barbed many lives were never recorded and so it s a rekindling of Jewish life. Israel a thriving and complex democracy wire and train tracks transformed in impossible to account for the true loss of life We travelled from the darkness. amongst the hotbed that is the Middle my mind into a systematic processing My time at Auschwitz left me struggling to of the Holocaust s epicenter to. East facility of human suffering While it s reconcile how survivors regained composure the brightness of Israel where we. On December 1st we landed in Krakow believed that nearly 2 4 million people and hope Clearly the Nazi s miscalculated observed true humanitarian efforts. www jfedbflo com February 2017,underway at the Syrian border even. amongst political military and religious,strife In the Golan Heights we learned. about the NGO Amalia focused on,delivering food medical supplies and. essential goods to help rebuild a Syrian,border civilian community that has been. crippled by the civil war While the Free,Syrian Army and civilians benefit from.
the aid select rebel forces continue to,disparage the initiative portraying the. recipients as traitors and collaborators,of Zionism Amazingly the Israel. Defense Forces IDF established a good,neighborhood unit that coordinates the. military civilian transports of severely,injured Syrian refugees to receive. medical treatment,Hearing about the ongoing civil war.
crisis and even standing at the Syrian,border wasn t nearly as impactful. as meeting a few of the many Syrian,amputees who suffered blast injuries. and are being treated at Ziv Medical,Center in Safed Israel The hospital. staff comprised of Jewish Muslim,and Druze Israeli clinicians and. even therapeutic medical clowns are,expanding treatment to include chronic.
and mental health conditions and are,focused on delivering outstanding. compassionate care to Syrian patients,Understandably Syrians being treated. within the enemy Jewish State is highly,controversial and cynics suggest this. lifesaving work is strategic policy rather,than a purely humanitarian effort. however I witnessed the remarkable,commitment by Israelis to the welfare of.
human beings regardless of nationality,race even loyalty to a hostile military. To be continued Read the rest of,Nina Lukin s journey to Israel in the. March issue of the Jewish Journal,Sterling Silver and. 18K Yellow Gold,Bracelet with,Fine Blue Topaz,PAUL J MICHAELS. 487 Elmwood Ave Buffalo NY 14222,716 886 1300,aurumonelmwood com.
Tues Sat 10am 6 30pm or By Appointment,February 2017 www jfedbflo com. J ISH B FFA S IFF R C MA RS,ayne isbaum,Advocate for All. By Howard Rosenhoch followed by a distinguished legal. career which continues today much, What do saving the Buffalo to the benefit of his beloved City of. Philharmonic Orchestra and its Buffalo, home Kleinhans Music Hall Wayne s family religious. have in common with freeing upbringing and training in and. Soviet Jews from the strictures practice of the law have combined. of the repressive Soviet regime to instill in Wayne the desire and. The answer is Wayne Wisbaum ability to have a positive impact on. one of the Difference Makers his community And Wayne s impact. we celebrate this month has been considerable Wayne took. Wayne Wisbaum is a Harvard on his first volunteer leadership. educated lawyer who has practiced role as President of the Buffalo. his profession in Buffalo for more Council on World Affairs only 8. than 55 years at the Kavinoky years after starting his private law. Cook law firm Wayne s legal practice The number and breadth. career has formed the platform of community organizations that. for his years of community have benefited from Wayne s. service Emblematic of Wayne s leadership as Chair Officer. selfless contributions in 2003 the and or Board member have been. New York State Bar Association legion including American Jewish. presented him with the coveted Committee Buffalo Chapter Jewish. Root Stimson Award recognizing ayne isbaum Family Service Buffalo Philharmonic. his outstanding commitment to Orchestra Artpark Foundation for. community and volunteer service Franklin was Secretary of his synagogue Temple Jewish Philanthropies Burchfield. and to the improvement of the Beth Israel for 40 years and became head of the Penney Art Center Zoological. justice system Chevra Kadisha at age 18 serving until he was Society of Buffalo Buffalo State. When I sat down with Wayne 90 Franklin founded and was President of Jewish College Foundation Temple Beth. last December in his law office he Federation of Niagara Falls and New York State Zion United Way and Catholic. spoke of the four most important B nai B rith He was the first Jew to sit on the Charities Fund Drives Buffalo and. aspects of his life Family Board of Niagara County Savings Bank Active in Erie County Public Libraries Irish. Religion the Law and Community Republican politics Franklin was appointed by Classical Theatre Company Buffalo. Remembering his Father and Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt to head Jewish Federation and Daemen. Mother Franklin and Elizabeth the Selective Service for all of New York State College. you could see the light in Wayne s outside of Metropolitan New York City Elizabeth The many honors and awards. eyes grow brighter with love and Wisbaum joined her husband as chairs of Israel conferred on Wayne in recognition. pride Wayne chuckled as he Bonds campaigns and co founded Hadassah and of his community service stand as. told of both his parents talent other women s organizations in Niagara Falls a testament to his contributions. in music and art qualities that With a family pedigree like this it s not In addition to the Root Stimson. Wayne admitted they failed to surprising that religion is in Wayne s core and Award they include the Young. pass on to him even as they played such an important role in molding him into Leadership Award of the United. succeeded in instilling in Wayne the person he is As a boy growing up in Niagara Jewish Federation of Greater. a love of music literature and Falls he learned the history of his community Buffalo the Abram Pugash Award. CLEANING SERVICE,Marvelous Martha s, theater Other equally important visiting the site of the Orthodox Tenth Street from Jewish Family Service the.
qualities made their way into Shul the first Jewish house of worship in the Buffalo News Outstanding Citizen of. Wayne s DNA Like Wayne both Falls Wayne began studying for his Bar Mitzvah the Year Award the Buffalo History. his parents were high achievers at age 11 at Temple Beth Israel founded by two of Museum s Red Jacket Award the. Franklin graduating from law his grandparents learning and ultimately leading Friends of Wildlife Award from. school at age 20 Elizabeth the entire service the Buffalo Zoo the National. attending medical school a rarity Fast forward to Wayne s college years as an Endowment Achievement Award. for women in their day And undergraduate at Cornell where he majored from the Foundation for Jewish. Wayne s parents commitment to in Government and minored in English Philanthropies and just this past. community service found its way literature with a good helping of music and art year the Inaugural Grosvenor. Experienced Insured Affordable deep into Wayne s core appreciation Despite the urging of one of his Award from the Buffalo and Erie. References available, Franklin Wisbaum a lawyer in English lit professors who saw in Wayne a talent County Public Libraries Among the. MarthaCleaning aol com Niagara Falls for 65 years made his for scholarship and literature and urged him to many honors Wayne has received. 716 536 7535 mark in service to his community pursue a Ph D Wayne chose to follow in his two touched his heart most of all. especially the Jewish community father s footsteps Harvard Law School awaited the Community Relations Award. www jfedbflo com February 2017, of the American Jewish Committee and Wayne and Janet led a 200 person. Change the Way You See, the Outstanding Community Leader Buffalo delegation joining over 200 000. Citation from the State of Israel Bonds who marched on Washington in support. That s because Wayne co chaired those of freedom of emigration for Soviet Jews. endeavors with Janet Wisbaum the At the same time the BPO was led by. woman with whom he fell in love at first Principal Conductor and Music Director. sight his partner in life and his wife of Semyon Bychkov himself a Soviet Jew. 56 1 2 years who emigrated to the U S under difficult. When it comes to community circumstances in 1974 Bychkov s father. service Wayne is an equal opportunity a refusnik for 15 years was not so lucky. contributor His love of the Jewish Wayne a leader of both the Orchestra. Community and his concern for the and the movement on behalf of Soviet. arts community have been the focus for Jewry as well as being a Board member. Wayne s volunteer work Which brings of HIAS the national Hebrew Immigrant. us back to the confluence of his work Aid Society knew of the situation faced. for the BPO Kleinhans and the plight of by Bychkov s father Using skills honed. Soviet Jewry through years of legal practice Wayne. When Wayne served as President and quietly pushed all the right buttons The. Board Chair of the BPO in the early to emotion in Wayne s voice was palpable. mid 1980 s and then chaired Kleinhans when he described witnessing the. Music Hall Management and its 12 reunion between Semyon and his father. million restoration campaign throughout Through deeds large and small. the 1990 s both the Orchestra and its and advocacy loud and soft Wayne. home faced financial crises which Wayne Wisbaum gets things done That s why. managed and overcame In the late,1980 s Wayne undertook to chair the. we celebrate Wayne as a Jewish Buffalo,Difference Maker Your Complete.
Family Eye Care Center, Soviet Jewry Resettlement Committee a Retired attorney Howard Rosenhoch. joint committee of Jewish Family Service is Immediate Past President of Buffalo. and the Buffalo Jewish Federation Jewish Federation. New Patients Alway s Welc ome,Routine Ey e Ex ams for All Ages. L aser Vision Correc tion,Catarac t Glauc oma Evaluations. L arge Selec tion of Designer,Frames Sunglasses,Contac t L ens Ex ams Fittings Sara Sirk in. We Ac c ept M ost M aj or Credit Cards,Sara Sirkin M D.
2441 Sheridan Drive,716 836 8700,www atwaleye com,February 2017 www jfedbflo com.

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iii Cisco SCMS SM MPLS/VPN BGP LEG Reference Guide OL-8233-05 CONTENTS Audience v Document Revision History vi Organization vii Related Publications vii Document Conventions vii Obtaining Documentation, Obtaining Support, and Security Guidelines viii CHAPTER 1 About the MPLS/VPN BGP LEG 1-1 MPLS/VPN Overview 1-1 MPLS/VPN BGP LEG Overview 1-2 VPN Subscriber 1-3 VPN Identifier (RD or RT) 1-4

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1 Lembaga Peperiksaan Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia 2 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Accepted date: 29 July ... I. M. (2017). Kepimpinan Teknologi Pengetua Dan Hubungannya Dengan Prestasi Akademik Sekolah Di Malaysia. International Journal of Education, Psychology and Counseling, 2(5), 215-230. ABSTRAK: Pengetua sebagai pemimpin teknologi di sekolah menghadapi tugas yang mencabar dalam ...

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Oracle WebLogic Server

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Standard Wundbehandlung bei Erwachsenen

Standard Wundbehandlung bei Erwachsenen

Datei Autor Zur Genehmigung Ersetzt Version vom Freigabe Seite Standard Wundbehandlung bei Erwachsenen Siehe Seite 2 29.02.2012 28. Februar 2007 31. 05.2012 1/34

No. NF-T-1 - IAEA


Uranium Mining: An Overview of Operations No. NF-T-1.4. IAEA NUCLEAR ENERGY SERIES PUBLICATIONS STRUCTURE OF THE IAEA NUCLEAR ENERGY SERIES Under the terms of Articles III.A and VIII.C of its Statute, the IAEA is authorized to foster the exchange of scienti?c and technical information on the peaceful uses of atomic energy. The publications in the IAEANuclear Energy Series provide information ...

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Exploring Uranium Resource Constraints on Fissile Material

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What is a Complex Adaptive System Code org

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