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BT Omega Manual qxp 12 7 09 1 25 PM Page D,1 Rules for Safe Marker Handling 1. 2 Introduction and Specifications 1,3 Getting Started 2. 4 Firing Your Marker 4,5 Velocity Adjustment 4,6 Unloading Your Marker 4. 7 Removing Air Supply 5,8 Maintenance and Lubrication 5. 9 Storage and Transportation 5,10 Disassembly Reassembly 6.
11 Parts List and Diagram 8,12 Troubleshooting 10,13 Warranty Information 11. For manuals and warranty details go to,paintballsolutions com. For manuals in other languages where appli,cable go to paintballsolutions com. 2010 BT Paintball Designs The BT Shield,and Battle Tested are trademarks of BT. Paintball Designs All rights reserved, NEITHER BT PAINTBALL DESIGNS INC NOR ANY OF ITS PRODUCTS ARE AFFILIATED WITH TIPPMANN SPORTS LLC Patents pending.
B T P A I N T B A L L C O M,BT Omega Manual qxp 12 7 09 1 25 PM Page 1. 1 Rules for Safe Marker Handling 2 Introduction and Specifications. IMPORTANT Never carry your marker uncased when not on a playing Congratulations on your selection of the BT Omega paintball marker BT. field The non playing public and law enforcement personnel may not be markers are made to provide you with many years of reliable performance. able to distinguish between a paintball marker and firearm For your own BT Paintball Designs Inc is honored that you have chosen a BT marker as. safety and to protect the image of the sport always carry your marker in your marker of choice and hope you enjoy using this high quality product. a suitable marker case or in the box in which it was shipped. BT markers come with a removable barrel system This feature allows the. Treat every marker as if it were loaded user to select a barrel that is most suitable for the playing conditions. Never look down the barrel of a paintball marker Standard barrels are mirror honed with a step bore porting and a stock. Keep the marker in Safe Mode until ready to shoot length of 133 4 inches. Keep your finger OFF the trigger until ready to shoot. Never point the marker at anything you don t wish to shoot. Keep the barrel blocking device in on the marker s barrel when not shooting Included Items. Always remove paintballs and the air source before disassembly Marker. After removing the air source point marker in safe direction and dis Barrel Blocking Device. charge until marker is degassed Allen Wrenches 1 8 5 32 and 3 16. Store the marker unloaded and degassed in a secure place Manual. Follow warnings listed on the air source for handling and storage. Do not shoot at fragile objects such as windows, Every person within range must wear eye face and ear protection designed Specifications. specifically to stop paintballs and meeting ASTM standard F1776 Caliber 68. Always measure your marker s velocity before playing paintball and Mechanical Action Semi Automatic. never shoot at velocities in excess of 91 44 meters 300 feet per second Powered CO2 or Compressed Air HP Output. Main Body Material Aluminum, Read this entire manual before loading or attaching a propellant. source or in any way attempting to operate the BT Omega marker. NOTE Eye protective devices designed specifically for paintball use must. be worn by the operator and anyone within range, BT Paintball Designs Inc No part of this document may be copied or. reproduced without the prior written consent of BT Paintball Designs Inc. B T P A I N T B A L L C O M 1,BT Omega Manual qxp 12 7 09 1 25 PM Page 2.
3 Getting Started Barrel Installation, Safety and safe marker handling are the most important aspects of Make sure marker is degassed hopper removed no paintballs in the. paintball sports Please practice each of the following steps with an feed port or breech and the marker is in Safe Mode. unloaded marker before attempting to charge your marker with an air While pointing marker in a safe direction place the threaded end of. source and paintballs the barrel into the front opening of the marker body. Turn the barrel clockwise until it stops do not over tighten. Do not install an air cylinder or load paintballs into your marker Install a barrel blocking. until you feel completely confident with your ability to handle your device This can be a. marker safely barrel plug or other, Keep your finger out of the trigger guard and away from the trig such device that pre. ger point the muzzle of the marker in a safe direction at all times vents the accidental dis. Keep the marker in Safe Mode safety on until you are ready to charge of a paintball. operate the marker Please refer to the Safe Mode section below for Fig 1 2. full details Fig 1 2, Always keep your marker pointed in a safe direction Always use a. barrel plug or barrel blocking device Always use ASTM approved Slide Away Feed Elbow and Loader Installation. paintball specific eye protection in any areas where paintball mark Feed Elbow. ers may be discharged Press and hold the retention button located on the side of the Slide. Away elbow, Remember that the ultimate safety device is you the operator Slide the elbow onto the front of the picatinny rail. Line up the elbow with the feed hole on the right side receiver. Safe Mode Check that the elbow is, In this manual you will see locked in place and prop.
the term Safe Mode The erly aligned Fig 1 3,safety should be set to Safe. red marking on safety will Note Spring loaded reten. not be visible Make sure tion button must line up in a. your marker is set to Safe gap on the picatinny rail. Mode when indicated to do,so Fig 1 1 Top photo in Fig. 1 1 indicates Safe Mode,Fig 1 1 Fig 1 3,2 B T P A I N T B A L L C O M. BT Omega Manual qxp 12 7 09 1 25 PM Page 3,Loader ed at the base of the pistol grip. To install a loader check the Slide Away elbow and loader to make Position the BT marker so that the air cylinder adapter is pointed. sure they are free from debris and obstructions upwards while keeping the muzzle of the marker pointed in a safe. Position the Slide Away elbow onto your marker s receiver direction. Use a 3 16 Allen wrench and loosen the clamping screw on the Slide Insert the threaded cylin. Away Elbow to allow the loader to slide into the top of the elbow der valve end into the. Press the loader into the opening of the elbow until it stops adapter. Align the loader so that the lid is pointing to the rear and the loader is Without pushing the cylinder. parallel with the marker twist the cylinder clockwise. Clamp the loader in place by using a 3 16 Allen wrench Tighten the and allow the threads to draw. clamping screw on the elbow until snug or close the clamping arm Do the cylinder into the marker. not over tighten the loader until it stops Your marker is. now charged Fig 1 4,Air Cylinder Installation Fig 1 4.
Consult the dealer where you purchased your BT marker or a recognized Notes. and competent air smith for instruction in the safe handling of compressed Remember compressed air nitrogen systems and CO2 cylinders can. air cylinders before purchasing or connecting one to your BT marker be extremely dangerous if misused or improperly handled Use only. cylinders meeting D O T or regionally defined specifications. Never disassemble your tank or tank regulator Only a qualified and. Before Pressurizing your Marker, trained technician should perform work on your tank and tank regulator. Check to make sure that you and anyone within range are wearing eye. Never add any lubricants or greases into the fill adapter on your tank. protection designed specifically for paintball, Double check that all screws are tightened and no parts are loose. before installing your tank, Ensure you have a barrel plug barrel sock or other specifically Loading Paintballs. designed barrel blocking device in place BT markers use 68 Caliber water soluble paintballs readily available at. Make sure there are no paintballs in the marker paintball pro shops commercial playing fields and many sporting goods. Set marker to Safe Mode stores The paintballs are fed from the loader through the feed elbow into. the breech of the marker,Pressurizing your Marker,Make sure the marker is set to Safe Mode. While pointing the marker in a safe direction cock the marker by. Put on an eye protective device designed specifically for paintball and. pulling the cocking knob located on the left side of the marker back. make sure that anyone within range of the marker does the same. until it clicks and stops, Load quality 68 caliber paintballs leave some room for paintballs to.
Release the cocking knob the marker is now cocked,move about inside loader. Locate the air cylinder adapter The BT marker cylinder adapter is locat. B T P A I N T B A L L C O M 3,BT Omega Manual qxp 12 7 09 1 25 PM Page 4. Stock Adjustment make sure that anyone within range of the BT marker does the same. Push the stock adjustment lever While pointing the marker in a safe direction remove the barrel block. up and adjust the stocks length ing device, by pulling or pushing on the Point the BT marker over a chronograph that will measure the veloc. back of the stock Fig 1 5 ity of the paintballs discharged by the marker. Set the marker to,Fire Mode turn,4 Firing Your Marker safety off. Warning Always keep your Pull the trigger,marker pointed in a safe direc and check the.
tion Everyone within firing reading on the,range should always use paint Fig 1 5 chronograph. ball approved eye and face protection in the presence of live paintball Locate the velocity. markers Make sure the marker is set to Safe Mode before following the adjuster screw on. steps below the left side of the Fig 1 6, Place the empty loader onto the marker Using a 5 32 Allen wrench turn the screw inward or clockwise to. Be sure that it is securely mounted in place reduce the velocity and outward or counterclockwise to increase the. Cock the marker velocity of the paintballs discharged from the marker Fig 1 6. Apply the air cylinder pressurizing the marker, Put the paintballs into the loader DO NOT REMOVE THE VELOCITY ADJUSTMENT SCREW. Remove the barrel plug sock or barrel blocking device. Aim the BT marker in a safe direction, Set the safety to the Fire position 6 Unloading Your Marker. Aim the marker at the target Put on an eye protective device designed specifically for paintball and. Place your finger on the trigger make sure that anyone within range of the BT marker does the same. Pull the trigger with a smooth squeezing motion Make sure the barrel blocking device is properly installed and the. marker is set to Safe Mode, Loosen the loader clamping screw with a 3 16 Allen wrench.
5 Velocity Adjustment While holding the paintball hopper in place invert the marker so that. Always check the velocity of the marker prior to playing paintball the hopper is below the BT marker. Different playing fields may have different maximum velocity limits At no Remove the loader and all paintballs. time should you shoot at velocities above 300 feet per second fps While pointing the BT marker in a safe direction remove the barrel. Put on an eye protective device designed specifically for paintball and blocking device. 4 B T P A I N T B A L L C O M,BT Omega Manual qxp 12 7 09 1 25 PM Page 5. Keep the BT marker pointed in a safe direction and pull the trigger Cleaning Barrel and Breech of Marker. several times to insure there are no balls remaining in the chamber or Keep your barrel clean to get the best performance from your BT Omega. the barrel marker A dirty barrel or marker can lead to poor accuracy and perform. Properly re install the barrel blocking device and set the marker is set to ance. Safe Mode Pull a BT battle swab through the barrel to clean the inside Warm. water can also be used to clean out paint or dirt before using your bat. tle swab when barrel has been removed from marker, 7 Removing Air Cylinder Cock the marker and insert the battle swab into the barrel adapter to. Make sure the barrel blocking device is properly installed and the BT clean the breech and detent area of the marker If the breech is covered. marker is set to Safe Mode in paint it may be necessary to disassemble the marker to clean it. Point the BT marker in a safe direction and turn the cylinder counter properly. clockwise about 3 4 of a turn This allows the cylinder valve to close. without damaging the cylinder O ring Lubricating the Front and Rear Bolt O Rings. While pointing the BT marker in a safe direction disengage the safety To access the front and rear bolts you must first remove the left side. set to Fire receiver See the Disassembly section, Keeping the BT marker pointed in a safe direction pull the trigger until. the remaining CO2 or air is expelled and it fails to re cock Once the left side receiver has been removed remove the front and. Unscrew the cylinder from the BT marker rear bolts. The marker is now ready to be cleaned or put away for future use Gently wipe the parts clean and inspect the O rings for damage or. wear replace if needed, Apply one drop of premium marker oil to each O ring on the front and. 8 Maintenance and Lubrication rear bolts, CAUTION Before attempting to perform any maintenance operations Clean any residue from the inside of both receiver halves with a clean.
make sure that all paintballs and air sources have been removed from the rag or paper towel and reassemble. marker Install a barrel blocking device Marker must be unloaded. degassed and un cocked before any disassembly or maintenance. 9 Storage and Transportation, Once your BT marker is unloaded and the air cylinder is removed you can When you are finished using your BT marker it is important that you pre. use a damp cloth to wipe off paint dirt and debris from the outside of pare it for storage This will not only serve to increase the life of the mark. your marker Once your marker is clean and dry you can re oil using a er but will assure optimum performance on your next outing. light premium marker oil Do not use any petroleum based or aerosol. products on your marker Petroleum based and aerosol products can BT marker must be clear of all paint and propellant when not being used. damage your markers O rings,B T P A I N T B A L L C O M 5. BT Omega Manual qxp 12 7 09 1 25 PM Page 6, Be sure to have marker in Safe Mode when not in use Barrel Removal. Make sure barrel blocking devise is in place Turn the barrel counter clockwise to remove it from the marker. Store BT marker and propellant in cool dry place, Keep your BT marker away from children without proper supervision Slide Away Elbow Removal. Your BT marker must be free of all paint and not attached to a propel The barrel must be removed to allow the elbow to slide off the receiver. lant source while being transported to and from the playing field Press and hold the retention button located on the name plate side of. Observe and obey all local state and federal laws concerning the the Slide Away Elbow. transportation of paintball markers For information concerning any of Slide the elbow toward the front of the marker and remove. the laws in your area contact your local law enforcement Reverse process to install the Slide Away Elbow. Always store the marker in a secure location when not in use so as to. prevent access by unauthorized persons,Magazine Removal.
Press in the two locking tabs on each side of the magazine and pull it. IMPORTANT Never carry your BT marker uncased when not on a play. down and out of the marker s body, ing field The non playing public and law enforcement personnel may not. be able to distinguish between a paintball marker and firearm For your. own safety and to protect the image of the sport always carry your BT Receiver Body Separation. marker in a suitable marker case or in the box in which it was shipped To fully access the internal receiver components these parts must be. removed first,Slide Away Elbow,10 Disassembly Reassembly Magazine. CAUTION Before attempting to perform any maintenance operations. make sure that all paintballs and propellant sources have been removed. Make sure the mark, from the marker Install a barrel blocking device marker must be. er is in the un cocked, unloaded degassed and un cocked before any disassembly or mainte. forward position, nance Follow unloading and removing air supply steps.
before taking body,Disassembly Tips Remove the bolt. Make sure you have a clean area to work on your marker handle cover rub. When separating the shell for the first time do so carefully so you do ber bonnet. not lose any parts Loosen the two, Visit PaintballSolutions com for additional information ASA screws. Lay on a flat sur,face with the left Fig 1 7,6 B T P A I N T B A L L C O M. BT Omega Manual qxp 12 7 09 1 25 PM Page 7, name plate facing up Removing Barrel Adapter Ball detent and Front Bolt. Remove the seven receiver screws Fig 1 10, Lift name plate receiver away from other receiver half Fig 1 7 Lift away barrel adapter and barrel if still installed.
Lift out ball detent, Note The stock will be under some spring tension and may spring out notice its position before. when the top name plate receiver is lifted off removing it. Slide the Front Bolt,Trigger Assembly forward and off the. The trigger assembly lifts power tube,out as a single unit It is rec. ommended that you do not Reassembly,take it apart Fig 1 8 To reassemble the mark. er reverse the disassem,Removing Stock bly instructions starting.
Spring Guide Bumper with the barrel adapter,ball detent and front bolt. and Spring removal While reassem Fig 1 10,bling the marker you. Lift the stock out of the, Fig 1 8 should lightly oil all O rings and sliding parts All parts and O rings. right side receiver, returned to the marker should be free of debris and visual nicks and. Remove the bumper O ring, scratches which can alter the performance of the marker All screws.
Remove spring and spring, returned to the marker must be tightened so there is no chance of them. vibrating loose,Removing Rear Bolt,Cocking Handle and. Linkage Arm,Rotate rear bolt counter,Remove linkage arm. Remove bolt handle,Slide the rear bolt rear Fig 1 9. ward and remove,B T P A I N T B A L L C O M 7,BT Omega Manual qxp 12 7 09 1 25 PM Page 8.
11 PARTS LIST DIAGRAM, Schematic Description SKU Schematic Description SKU. 1 Tank Adapter 17044 25 Short Tank Adapter Bolt 19440. 2 Complete Valve Assembly 19382 26 Bolt Handle Rubber Cover 19445. 3 Power Tube 19384 27 Trigger Return Spring 19446,4 Feed Elbow complete 19385 28 Drive Spring 19447. 5 Ball detent 19386 29 Drive Spring Guide 19448,6 Bolt Plug 19389 30 Sear Spring 19449. 7 Barrel Adapter 19391 31 Barrel Adapter O Ring 19452. 8 Trigger Plate Spacer 19404 32 Bolt handle 19454,9 Sear 19405 33 Rear Bolt 19455. 10 Front Bolt 19409 34 Stock complete 19280, 11 Linkage Arm 19410 35 Barrel Assembly complete 19281.
12 Receiver Nuts 19415 36 Right Receiver 19282,13 Valve Screw 19416 37 Left Receiver 19283. 14 Velocity Screw 19418 38 Magazine 19284, 15 Feed Elbow Pinch Bolt 19420 39 Omega Name Plate 19285. 16 Feed Elbow Nut 19421 40 Grips left and right side 19287. 17 Feed Elbow Washer 19422 41 Trigger Plate 19288, 18 Tank Adapter Nuts 19423 42 Trigger Plate Pin 19289. 19 Front Bolt O Ring 19424 43 Trigger Assembly 19290. 20 Rear Bolt External Valve O Ring 19426 44 Safety With O rings 19291. 21 Shock Absorber O Ring 19427 46 Short Receiver Screw 19294. 22 Grip Screws 19430 47 Long Receiver Screw 19295,23 Gas Line 19435 48 Lower Frame Screw 19296. 24 Long Tank Adapter Bolt 19439,8 B T P A I N T B A L L C O M.
BT Omega Manual qxp 12 7 09 1 25 PM Page 9,B T P A I N T B A L L C O M 9. BT Omega Manual qxp 12 7 09 1 25 PM Page 10,12 Troubleshooting. PROBLEM DIAGNOSIS SOLUTION, Marker double firing or going full auto Air cylinder low on air Get air cylinder filled. Rear bolt O ring worn or damaged Replace rear bolt O ring. Rear bolt or sear worn Inspect both for wear and replace if needed. Rear bolt has no oil Oil rear bolt O ring area with paintball oil. Bad valve Service or replace valve, Marker does not re cock Rear bolt O ring worn or damaged Replace rear bolt O ring. Rear bolt O ring is dry Oil rear bolt O ring area with paintball oil. Power tube is damaged Replace power tube, Marker internals clogged Clean dirt and or broken paintballs from inside receiver and barrel.
Gas leaking out of barrel Valve leaking Service or replace valve. Gas leaking at ASA Tank O ring damaged or missing Replace tank O ring. Tank or ASA damaged Replace tank and or ASA if needed. Marker is breaking paint Velocity is too high Lower velocity by turning screw clockwise. Paint is of low quality or old Try better fresh paint. Ball detent damaged or backwards Replace detent or check if it s in backwards. Marker is double feeding Ball detent is damaged Replace ball detent. Velocity is low Do NOT Exceed 300 FPS Velocity screw is in too far Turn the screw counter clockwise to increase velocity. Air source is low Get air cylinder filled,Power tube is damaged Replace power tube. Drive spring is weak Install a stiffer drive spring. Velocity is high Do NOT Exceed 300 FPS Velocity screw is out too far Lower velocity by turning screw clockwise. Drive spring is too stiff Install a lighter drive spring. 10 B T P A I N T B A L L C O M,BT Omega Manual qxp 12 7 09 1 25 PM Page 11. 13 Omega Limited Lifetime Warranty apply to you This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other. rights which vary from state to state province to province nation to nation. LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY INFORMATION ORIGINAL, PURCHASE RECEIPT REQUIRED If you should encounter any problems with your product and you have added aftermar. KEE Action Sports KEE warrants that this product is free from defects in materials and ket parts on your product please test it with the original stock parts before sending it in. workmanship for as long as it is owned by the original purchaser subject to the terms Always unload and remove air supply before shipping markers Do not ship your air sup. and conditions set forth below KEE Action Sports will repair or replace with the same or ply tank if it is not completely empty Shipping a pressurized air supply tank is unsafe. equivalent model without charge any of its products that have failed in normal use and unlawful Remove all batteries from products prior to shipping. because of a defect in material or workmanship, This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights. KEE Action Sports is dedicated to providing you with products of the highest quality and which vary from state to state Some states do not allow the exclusion of incidental or conse. the industry s best product support available for satisfactory play quential damages. Purchaser should register product to activate warranty Register your product by For warranty parts service or information contact. 1 Online at www paintballsolutions com Paintball Solutions www paintballsolutions com. 2 Complete the product registration card if applicable and mail along with a copy of E mail tech paintballsolutions com Phone 1 800 220 3222. your receipt to Paintball Solutions 570 Mantua Blvd Sewell NJ 08080. WHAT THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER, This warranty does not cover problems resulting from abuse the unauthorized modifi PAINTBALL GUNS AND PAINTBALL GUN.
cation or alteration of our product problems resulting from the addition of aftermarket ACCESSORIES ARE NOT TOYS. products and scratches or minor superficial imperfections Due to the nature of paint Careless use or misuse may result in serious bodily injury or death. ball products it is important that the product be maintained by the user as indicated in Eye protection designed for paintball must be worn by the user and all persons within range. the product manual to remain in good operating condition Your Limited Lifetime Not for sale to persons under 18 years of age. Warranty will be void if you fail to maintain the product as recommended in the product Must be 18 years of age or older to operate or handle any paintball gun and paintball gun. instruction manual In addition certain parts of a product may be subject to wear. accessories without adult of parental supervision, through regular usage Replacement and repair of such parts is the responsibility of the. user throughout the life of the product These parts are not covered under the Limited Read and understand all cautions warnings and operating manuals before using any paint. Warranty Examples of this type of part include but are not limited to goggle lens ball gun or paintball gun accessory. straps O ring seals cup seals springs ball detents batteries hoses drive belts gears Do not aim paintball gun at eyes or head of people or at animals. and any part of a product subject to continuous impact from paintballs Hydrotesting of Paintball guns are to be used with 68 caliber Paintballs Only. air cylinders is not covered under this warranty To prevent fire or shock hazard do not expose unit to rain or moisture. To prevent fire or shock hazard do not immerse unit in liquids. The Limited Lifetime Warranty also does not cover incidental or consequential damages To prevent fire or shock hazard do not disassemble any electronic paintball device. This warranty is the sole written warranty on KEE s product and limits any implied war Please conform to all local or state regulations with regard to battery disposal. ranty to the period that the product is owned by the original purchaser. Use Common Sense and have fun, Some states provinces and nations do not allow the limitation of implied warranties or. of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitations or exclusions may not BT Omega Instruction Manual Version 1 0 10 09. B T P A I N T B A L L C O M 11,BT Omega Manual qxp 12 7 09 1 25 PM Page E. B T P A I N T B A L L C O M E,BT Omega Manual qxp 12 7 09 1 25 PM Page B.

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