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This User Guide provides you with all the Got everything. information you need to get the most BT Edge 1500 handset. from your phone BT Edge 1500 base,2 x NiMH 750mAh, Before you make your first call you will rechargeable batteries. need to set up your phone Follow the already fitted. simple instructions in Getting Started Battery compartment cover. on the next few pages Mains power adaptor,item code 052299. Telephone line cord, If you have any problems setting up or using your BT Edge 1500. pre installed, please call our free Helpline on 0808 100 6556 Our dedicated. advisors are more likely to be able to help you than the retailer If you have purchased a BT. where you made your purchase Edge 1500 multiple pack you. will also have the following, Alternatively you may find the answer in the Help section at the.
items for each handset,back of this guide,BT Edge 1500. Additional answers to Frequently Asked Questions are also. additional handset,available from www bt com producthelp. BT Edge 1500 charger,2 x NiMH 750mAh,Only use the telephone line cord supplied. rechargeable batteries, Please note that this equipment is not designed for making already fitted. emergency telephone calls when the power fails Alternative. Battery compartment cover, arrangements should be made for access to emergency services.
Small mains power adaptor,item code 052300, Calls made from within the UK mainland network are free Mobile and. International call costs may vary, If you experience any problems please call the Helpline on Freephone 0808 100 6556 or visit www bt com producthelp. In this guide, Getting started Redial a number from the redial list 16. Location 6 Save a number from the redial list,to the phonebook 16. Setting up 6,Delete a redial number 17,Setting up for multiple packs 7.
Delete entire redial list 17,Set date and time manually 8. Keypad lock 17,Getting to know your phone,Find handset paging 17. Handset display display icons 10,Store a name and number in the phonebook 18. View an entry in the phonebook 18,Navigating the menus 12. Dial an entry in the phonebook 18,Menu map 13,Edit a name and number in the phonebook 18.
Using the phone,Edit the assigned ringer melody 19. Switch handset on or off 14,Delete an entry in the phonebook 19. Make an external call 14,Delete entire phonebook 19. Preparatory dialling 14,Copy the phonebook to another. End a call 14 BT Edge 1500 handset 20,Options during a call 14 Speed dial 20.
Open the phonebook during a call 14 Store or change a speed dial number 20. Receiving a call 15 Dial a speed dial number 21, Earpiece handsfree volume 15 Delete a speed dial number 21. Mute Secrecy 15,Handset and base settings,Handsfree 15. Handset settings 22,Make a handsfree call 15,Ring volume 22. Answer a call handsfree 15,Handset ringer off on 22. Switch to handsfree during a call 16,Ring melody 22.
Redial the last number called 16,Handset name 22, If you experience any problems please call the Helpline on Freephone 0808 100 6556 or visit www bt com producthelp. Keypad beep 23 Answering machine, Confirmation tone 23 Using the answering machine at the base 31. Display contrast 23 Set the answer mode 31,Wallpaper 23 Base LED indicator 31. Backlight time 24 Recording memory full 32,Dim mode 24 Message playback 32. Auto hang up 24 Adjust volume 32,Auto answer 25 Delete all old messages 32.
Base settings 25 Call screening 32,Ring volume 25 Using the answering machine. from the handset 33,Ring melody 25,Set answer mode and switch on off 33. Clock alarm,Outgoing messages 33,Set date time 26,Record your own outgoing message 33. Set time format 26,Play the outgoing message 34,Date format 26. Delete your outgoing message 34,Set alarm 27,Message playback 34.
Alarm tone 27,Delete all messages 35,Alarm volume 27. Record a memo 35,Alarm snooze 28,Answer settings 35. Caller Display and the calls list Ring delay 35, Calls list 29 Switch call screening at the handset on off 35. New Message and Caller Display 29 Call screening at the handset 36. View and dial from the Calls list 29 Adjust the incoming message length 36. Save a number to the phonebook 30 Remote access 36. Delete an entry in the calls list 30 Remote access on off 36. Delete entire Calls list 30 Operating your answering machine remotely 37. If you experience any problems please call the Helpline on Freephone 0808 100 6556 or visit www bt com producthelp. Advanced settings Put a caller on hold and make an internal call 45. Change PIN 38 Transfer a call 45,Call barring 38,Call barring on off 39. General information,Set call barring number 39,Replacing the handset batteries 49.
Safety information 49,Handset Answering machine,default settings 40 Cleaning 50. Environmental 50,BT Network services,Product disposal instructions 51. Pre stored BT Services numbers 41,Guarantee 51,Open the BT Services menu 41. Technical information 52,Call Waiting 42,Activate de activate call waiting 42. Declaration of Conformance 53,Voicemail 42,Connecting to a switchboard 53.
To dial your voicemail 42,Inserting a pause 53,To change your voicemail number 42. Using additional handsets,User Guide formats 53,Handset registration 43. De register an Edge handset 44,Select a base 44,Internal calls 44. Call another handset 44,Conference call 44,Conference on off 44. Join a conference call 45,To invite another handset to start a.
conference call 45, If you experience any problems please call the Helpline on Freephone 0808 100 6556 or visit www bt com producthelp. Getting started,Do not place your BT Edge 1500 in,the bathroom or other humid areas. Handset range,The BT Edge 1500 has a range of up,Location to 300 metres outdoors when there. is a clear line of sight between the, Place your BT Edge 1500 within 2 metres of the mains power base and handset Any obstruction. socket and telephone socket so that the cables will reach Make between the base and handset will. sure it is at least 1 metre away from other electrical appliances to reduce the range significantly. avoid interference With the base indoors and handset. either indoors or outdoors the range, Your BT Edge 1500 works by sending radio signals between will normally be up to 50 metres.
Thick stone walls can severely affect, the handset and base The strength of the signal depends on the range. where you site the base Putting it as high as possible ensures. Signal strength,the best signal,The icon on your handset. indicates when you are in range If,Setting up moving out of range of the base the. range indicator will flash If you go,out of range any call you are on will. The base station must be plugged,into the mains power socket at all.
Do not connect the telephone line,until the handset is fully charged. Retaining clip Only use the power and telephone,cables supplied with the product. 1 Plug the mains power adaptor item code 052299 into the. socket marked on the back of the base and secure the cable. behind the retaining clip Plug the other end into the mains. power wall socket and switch the power on,The base emits a beep and the indicator lights up. The answering machine is switched on and will default. to Answer and record mode, If you experience any problems please call the Helpline on Freephone 0808 100 6556 or visit www bt com producthelp. Battery low warning, 2 Remove the protective film from the handset screen and activate.
The icon flashes in the handset, the batteries by pulling the plastic tab away from the back of display when you have only a. the handset few minutes talk time remaining,Recharge the handset before you. can use it again You also hear a low,battery warning beep if the battery. is low and needs recharging During,charging the icon will scroll in the. Rechargeable batteries,for 24 hours before use,and charge batteries.
Remove this tab,already fitted,Battery performance. In ideal conditions a fully charged,battery should give up to 14 hours. talk time or 160 hours standby time,on a single charge. 3 Place the handset on the base to charge for at least 24. Note that new batteries do not reach, hours When the handset is fully charged the icon full capacity until they have been in. will be displayed normal use for several days, 4 After 24 hours plug the telephone line cord into the To keep the battery in the best.
telephone wall socket condition leave the handset off the. base for a few hours at a time, Note if you ever need to remove the batteries simply slide open. Running the battery right down at, the battery compartment cover and insert your finger nail under least once a week will help it last as. the end of the batteries to pull them out long as possible. The charge capacity of rechargeable, Setting up for multiple packs batteries will reduce with time as they. wear out giving the handset less talk, If you have purchased a BT Edge 1500 multiple pack you will standby time Eventually they will. need to be replaced New batteries, need to prepare any additional handsets and chargers for use.
are available from the BT Edge 1500, For each additional handset and charger Helpline on 0808 100 6556 After. charging your handset for the first, 1 Insert the power adaptor with the red connector item code time subsequent charging time is. about 6 8 hours a day Batteries and, 052300 into the underside of the charger Plug the other end handset may become warm during. into the mains wall power socket and switch on charging This is normal. 2 Remove the protective film from the handset screen and Using your BT Edge 1500 on a. activate the batteries by pulling the plastic tab away from the Broadband line. back of the handset If this product is to be used on a. broadband line then you must, 3 Charge the handset for at least 24 hours When the handset is ensure that it is connected via an. fully charged the icon will be displayed ADSL microfilter Using this product. on a Broadband line without an, Any additional handsets supplied as part of a multipack are ADSL microfilter may cause.
pre registered to the base so once charged are ready for use problems with this product and. your Broadband service,The handset number is shown in the display. Additional BT ADSL microfilters can,be purchased from www shop bt com. If you experience any problems please call the Helpline on Freephone 0808 100 6556 or visit www bt com producthelp. Automatic date and time setting,Set date and time manually. Providing you have subscribed to, 1 Press Menu scroll to Clock Alarm and press Select your network s Caller Display service. the date and time is set automatically, 2 Set Date Time is highlighted Press Select for all handsets when you receive.
your first call,The current date and time setting is displayed. The date and time is recorded with, 3 Use the keypad to enter the correct time using the 24 hour each answering machine message. mode and date Press OK to confirm you receive, 4 Press Back until you return to standby If you do not have a Caller Display. service you can set the date and,time manually,Your BT Edge 1500 is ready for use. Change Time Date format,You can set the time format to the 12.
or 24 hour clock but when changing,the clock you must enter using the. 24 hour mode i e for 2 30pm enter,14 30 When entering a time before. 12 mid day please remember to add,a 0 before the time setting i e for. 9 30am enter 09 30 You can,also change the date format to. present the day or the month first,see page 26,Multi handsets.
When setting the time and date on,one handset any other handsets. registered to the base are also,updated automatically. If the time or date format is adjusted,then only the handset being used will. be updated all others will need to be,changed independently if required. If you experience any problems please call the Helpline on Freephone 0808 100 6556 or visit www bt com producthelp. Getting to know your phone,Up Redial Option button right.
In standby press to open the In standby press to open the. Redial list page 16 Phonebook page 18,In a menu press to scroll up Moves back up a menu. through the options During a call press to switch,During a call press to Mute on or off page 15. increase the volume,Down Calls,Option button left In standby press to open. In standby press to open and scroll through the,the main menu Edge 1 Calls list page 29. Select options displayed In a menu press to scroll. on screen through the options,1 JUL 15 30, During a call press to open the MENU NAMES During a call press to.
phonebook page 14 decrease the volume,Talk Handsfree Clarity End call Off or On. In standby mode press to make Press to end a call page 14. and receive calls page 14 In standby press and hold to. Press again to switch between switch the handset off on. handset and handsfree mode page 14,page 15 16 In menu mode press to return. to standby,Press and hold to switch the Lock Pause Upper and. handset ringer on or off Lower case,Press and hold to lock unlock the. R keypad page 17, For use with switchboard PBX When storing a number press and.
and BT Calling Features hold to enter a Pause page 18. When entering text press and,hold to switch between upper and. In standby press to call,lower case letters,another handset. During a call press to put a,caller on hold and to make an. internal call page 45, If you experience any problems please call the Helpline on Freephone 0808 100 6556 or visit www bt com producthelp. Handset display,Handset name,Edge 1 Handset number.
8 AUG 12 30 Time,MENU NAMES,Display icons, Shows handset battery status On Answering machine is switched on. Scrolls when the handset is charging Flashes slowly You have new. answering machine messages,Flashes when less than 15 minutes talk. time is left Flashes quickly Answering,machine is full. Flashes when receiving a call,Off Answering machine off. On during a call,On Handset in range of base,Flashes when you have missed calls in.
the Calls list Flashing Out of range or not,registered to base. On while you are reviewing the Calls list,On during an internal call with. Alarm set another handset,Flashes when you are being called by. Handsfree is in use,another handset, Handset ringer is switched off The keypad is locked. For this feature to work you must subscribe to your network provider s Caller Display service A fee may be payable. If you experience any problems please call the Helpline on Freephone 0808 100 6556 or visit www bt com producthelp. Press to ring all,Answer on off Play Stop registered handsets Skip.
Press to toggle Press to play helpful for finding Press once to. between answer messages a missing handset replay the current Skip Delete. and record During playback page 17 Also used message twice to Skip forward to Press to delete. answer only stops message during registration play the previous the next message messages during. and on or off playback page 43 message during playback playback. Base LED indicator Vol Vol, Green LED on Answer Record set to on Decrease Increase base speaker volume. Amber LED on Answer Only set to on,LED off Answer machine set to off. Flashing New answer machine message s received,or when you are on a call. Flashing fast Answer machine full, If you experience any problems please call the Helpline on Freephone 0808 100 6556 or visit www bt com producthelp. Option buttons,Navigating the menus,Press to select the option displayed.
Your BT Edge 1500 has an easy to use menu system on screen. 1 JUL 15 30, Each menu has a list of options which you can see on the menu SELECT NAMES. map on the following page,When the handset is switched on and in standby. 1 Press Menu to open the main menu, 2 Press or to scroll through the available options. 3 Press Select to select a menu option or Back to return to If no button is pressed for 30 seconds. the previous screen the handset returns to standby. automatically,4 To exit a menu and return to standby press. Main menus icons,Handset settings,Base settings,Clock and Alarm.
Advanced Set,Network Services,Answer Machine, If you experience any problems please call the Helpline on Freephone 0808 100 6556 or visit www bt com producthelp. Menu map PHONEBOOK Add entry New entry,Edit entry,Select melody. Delete entry,Delete all,SPEED DIAL,copy phonebook,Handset settings HANDSET NAME. HANDSET TONES RING VOLUME,RING MELODY,CONFIRM TONE. LCD CONTRAST,BACKLIGHT TIME,AUTO HANG UP,AUTO ANSWER.
SELECT BASE,Base Settings Ring volume,Ring melody,Clock Alarm SET DATE Time. Set format,Alarm tone,Alarm volume,Advanced set Conference. CALL BarrinG,Change PIN,Registration,De regisTER,Network ServiceS PROD HELPLINE. Divert all,Divert busy,Divert no ans,Call waiting,Voice mail. Cancel callback,Withhold ID,Answer machine Play,Delete all.
Outgoing MSG Answer record,Answer only,Record memo. Answer mode Answer record,Answer only,Answer off,Ans settings Ring delay. Remote access,HS screening,ICM LENGTH, If you experience any problems please call the Helpline on Freephone 0808 100 6556 or visit www bt com producthelp. Using the phone, Switch handset on or off When you make a call the base LED. indicator light on the base flashes,To switch off,Call timer.
1 Press and hold until the handset switches off after about Your handset will automatically time. 5 seconds the duration of all external calls,The handset display shows the call. To switch on duration both during and for a few,seconds after your call. 1 Press and hold until the handset switches on,Out of range warning. When the handset goes out of range, Make an external call of the base flashes If you are on. a call the line will hang up Move,1 Press back within range The handset will.
automatically re connect to the base,2 When you hear the dial tone dial the number. Preparatory dialling,Press and hold Clear to delete the. 1 Dial the number first If you make a mistake press Clear to whole number and return to standby. delete the last digit Press Save to add the number to the. Phonebook see page 18,2 Press to dial,End a call,Options during a call. 1 During a call press Options to open the in call menu. 2 Scroll and between the two options Phonebook or,Start 2nd Call. Open the Phonebook during a call, 1 During a call you can check entries in the Phonebook.
Press options then select phonebook,2 Scroll or to the entry you want. 3 Press SELECT to see the number,4 Press Back to return to the previous menu level. If you experience any problems please call the Helpline on Freephone 0808 100 6556 or visit www bt com producthelp. Receiving a call, When the phone rings the display shows the caller s number. if available or the caller s name if it matches an entry in the. phonebook If you do not have a Caller Display service the screen. shows External call,1 Press to answer the call Auto answer. As long as you have auto answer, Or lift the handset off the base or charger set to ON you can answer a call by.
lifting the handset off the base, Earpiece Handsfree volume If you have switched auto answer off. you will need to press as well, During a call you can adjust the volume of the earpiece or handset Auto answer ON is the default setting. loudspeaker There are 5 levels See page 25,1 Press or to increase or decrease the volume. Mute Secrecy, During a call you can talk to someone nearby without your. caller hearing, 1 Press Mute Your caller cannot hear you MUTE ON is shown.
on the handset screen,2 Press Unmute to return to your caller. Handsfree lets you talk to your caller without holding the handset. to your ear It also enables other people in the room to listen to. your conversation over the loudspeaker,Make a handsfree call. During a handsfree call press or, 1 Dial the number then press twice You hear your call to change the volume. over the handset loudspeaker Press again to switch the. call between the loudspeaker and the earpiece, Answer a call handsfree Auto answer is set to ON as the. default see page 25 If you lift the, 1 Press twice The call is transferred to the handset handset to answer and then press the.
loudspeaker button the loudspeaker will be, If you experience any problems please call the Helpline on Freephone 0808 100 6556 or visit www bt com producthelp.

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