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BS 8460 CoP for Safe Use of MEWPs,Background,Why and how it was reviewed. What changes have been made,Who use BS 8460,Standards structure. Material Handling Equipment,Committee 12 Lifting Equipment. Working Group 1 MEWPs,DR ISO 21455,BS 8460 CoP Safe Use. Drafting Committee,Where do standards fit in legal hierachy.
Legislation,Approved codes of practice,Industry Guidance. Company policies, Compliance with a British Standard cannot confer immunity from. legal obligations,BS8460 Scope,Recommendations and guidance Operator selection. and training,examination,Selection and training,Hiring of other personnel. Maintenance,Positioning,Safe use Selection of,competent persons.
Notes give references and additional information that are important but do not form. part of the recommendations,Commentaries give background information. Design changes since 2005,Changes to legislation and HSE guidance. GEIS 6 2014,Definitions,3 9 deck riding, practice of placing a MEWP on a previously erected structure above the ground prior. to structural completion either by using a static sled fixed to the base of the MEWP. or by placing the MEWP on a temporary MEWP support frame. 3 28 primary guarding, function enable device which requires activation prior to any lift or drive movement. control being activated, NOTE Examples include a foot pedal a recessed hold to run button or trigger.
3 32 secondary guarding, device fitted to a MEWP in addition to the primary guarding systems to further. reduce the risk of entrapment and or provide an alert that an entrapment situation. has occurred, NOTE Shrouds placed over the controls are not considered as secondary guarding. Definitions, person or organization that has control of the planning management and use of the. MEWP on site and is responsible for ensuring the MEWP is kept in a safe working. NOTE 1 This can include the person responsible for the site principal contractor or. subcontractor, NOTE 2 This is not necessarily the same as the operator see 3 22. 3 23 oscillating axle definition enhanced,3 23 1 active oscillating axle.
3 23 2 passive oscillating axle,Enhanced Risk assessment tables. Positioning prior to,carrying out work During use Maintenance. Setting up Thorough examination,including testing,References to new guidance. Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group MEWP Safety Group. Loading and unloading transport vehicles, User responsible for providing On the public highway. a well lit area for loading activity to take place. of sufficient size Avoided where reasonably practicable. on firm and level ground, segregated from other work activities Schedule deliveries for a quiet time.
free of traffic pedestrians and members of Identify. the where the delivery vehicle will park, public where possible Direction of vehicle for increased visibility. clear of overhead and underground hazards Competent and authorized. supervisor signaller,Vehicle and pedestrian management. MEWP is suitably restrained using appropriate load restraint devices. Secure slew pins to prevent booms accidentally slewing. extending decks to prevent sliding out,canopy doors to prevent opening. Modifications and or fitting additional devices or equipment. Annex D Machine modifications and CE marking,Interchangeable equipment. a installed by the operator,b after machine is put into service.
c changes the function of the machine or,attributes a new function to the machine. d not a tool,Responsibility, Original MEWP manufacturer is not liable for the adaptation addition. or modification or any effects it has on the safety and performance of. The person carrying out the adaptation addition or modification takes. on these responsibilities and may become liable for the safety of the. complete MEWP,Self familiarisation,Previous experience. Authorised by User Complexity,Operator is confident in his ability. Adequate time,Safe location,All relevant information available Manual.
Manufacturer s instructions and warnings,Features of the specific model. Control functions,Safety devices and Evidence recorded.

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