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Jf Jg I FQJg gAyJy , Page 2, 3 3 Engine with electric starter or ignition cover and 1 carburetor. assembly as per 5 2 and 5 4 , Modification kit Rotax part no 887 113 consisting of . 1x intake cover with diffuser tube, Ix oil pump assy . 2x oil pipe transparent , lx rubber ring intake cover . lx shim 4 3, lx oil pump gear, 4x TAPTITE screw M5x16.
4x friction washer 5 3, 3 4 Engine with electric starter or ignition cover and 2 carburetors . assembly as per 5 3 and 5 4 , Modification kit Rotax part no 887 112 consisting of . 2x intake socket with diffuser tube, lx oil pump assy . 2x oil pipe transparent , 2x gasket intake socket . lx shim 4 3, lx oil pump gear, 4x TAPTITE screw M5x16.
4x friction washer 3,4 Configuration of supply , For functional and security technical reasons the intake cover respectively intake socket is. completed in the factory with the oil pump thus warranting tightness . g EfJ INgTQ R yJgyQN, Page 3,5 Sequence of assembly . 5 1 Exchange of complete rewind starter , After loosening of 4 Allen screws M6x16 and lock washers A6 remove the. complete rewind starter 0 , Grease oil pump gear and square profile of the crankshaft with BP ENERGREASE. LS 3 , Mount new complete rewind starter with oil pump fitted and fix it with 4 Allen.
screws M6x16 0 and lock washers A6 tightening torque 10 Nm 90 in lb . NOTE When fitting the rewind starter take care that the square profile of the. oil pump gear slides easly into the internal square profile of the. crankshaft 0 , n ATTENTION If the rewind starter has to be fitted in a different position the oil pump. must be refitted to be if possible in a vertical position Secure. TAPTITE screws 0 with LOCTITE 221 L and tighten with torque. 5 Nm 45 in lb , Page 4,5 2 Exchange of intake cover with 1 carburetor . Loosen hose clamp on intake socket and remove carburetor 0 with air filtc. Remove the hex screws M8x65 and the hex screws M6x30 and lock w. from intake cover , Remove old intake cover with gasket and fit new pre assembled intake cl. with diffuser tubes and new gasket , Tighten hex screws M8x65 and lock washers with 22 Nm 195 in lb ar. screws M6x30 and lock washers with torque 10 Nm 90 in lb Fit carbur. with air filter and fix with hose clamp 0 , Page 5.
5 3 Exchange of the 2 intake sockets of 2 carburetor version. Slacken hose clamps of the intake sockets and remove carburetor with air filter. Remove Allen screws M8x40 with lock washers from the two intake sockets . Remove old intake sockets with gaskets and fit pre assembled intake sockets . with diffuser tube and new gaskets , Tighten Allen screws M8x40 with lock washers A8 I with torque 22 Nm 195 in lb . Fit the two carburetors and fix them with hose clamps I . ill 31, 1, Page 6, 5 4 Fitting of pre assembled oil pump on ignition cover or electric starter. cover, Greaseoil pump gear on both sides and the square profile of the crankshaft with. BP ENERGREASE LS 3 F , Insert the oil pump gear Q carefully into the internal square profile of the crankshaft . Fit shim on the pin at the inside of the oil pump . Fit complete oil pump Qi carefully and fix it with 4 TAPTITE screws M5x16 ana. friction washer Secure TAPTITE screws with LOCTITE 221 L and tighten. with torque 5 Nm 45 in lb , X X ,6 General advice .
The oil pump driven by the crankshaft via the pump gear feeds the engine with. fresh oil The oil pump is a piston type pump with metering system Via diffuser jets in. the intake cover respectively intake socket each cylinder is supplied with exactly. proportioned quantity of Super two stroke oil The oil quantity is defined by the engine. r p m and the oil pump lever position This lever is actuated via a Bowden cable. connected to the throttle cable The oil comes to the pump from an oil tank by gravity . A WARNING In case of fresh oil lubrication the carburetors are fed with pure fuel. no oil fuel mixture , OTAX R lliICE INFQRMATKBN ry I. Page 7,6 1 Technical data and configuration , Oil supply quantity max 192 cm3 h per exit at 1500 l min pump speed . Oil Super two stroke oil , H ATTENTION The pour point of the oil must be 10 C 50 F below lowest ambient. temperature to be expected , The oil pump assy has one oil return nipple and two oil exit nipples with integrated. check valve ,6 2 Installation , The size of the oil tank should be bigger than 5 of the fuel tank capacity Use an.
oil tank with bottom outlet which must not be installed lower than the level of the pump. inlet It should be mounted as far as possible free of vibrations . 41 oil tank , 42 oil filter, 43 suction tube, 44 oil pump. 45 pressure tube, 46 check valve, NOTE The dimension Hs must be positive also at descent or climb . Use only stiff oil resistant suction tubes with hose clamps that don t allow kinking. of the tubes A suitable oil filter e g ROTAX part no 956 330 between oil tank and. oil pump I is necessary , A simultaneous Bowden cable actuation for oil pump and the two carburetors is. possible via a throttle cable distributor , , ROTAX J R vIQ INFOR ZA rION f . Page 8,6 3 Adjustment , Set throttle leverto idle position Fit Bowden cable and.
pretension the cable by slightly pushing back of the 52. pump lever With the adjusting nut position the, pump lever until the mark on the pump lever aligns. with the mark on the pump housing See illustration . I ATTENTION Throttle piston and oil pump lever, must be actuated synchronously . NOTE The point mark on the pump lever, serves for calibration by the pump. manufacturer , A WARNING In order to warrant lubrication also in 55. case of torn or disengaged Bowden, cable a clearance of 360 for the pump.
lever is necessary The pump lever turns, automatically to maximum supply . In such a case due to possible excessive oil feed check the spark. plugs , At initial filling of the oil system the suction tube must be carefully vented before starting. the engine by opening of the vent screw a The oil feed tube must be completely free. of air check the transparent oil tubes for air bubbles Then close the vent screw. carefully tightening torque 4 6 Nm 35 53 in lb , At firstfilling of the oil system it is recommended not to use pure fuel but a fuel oil mixture. 1 lOO to assure lubrication of the engine Nevertheless the system has to be carefully. vented as the oil pump does not vent itself ,6 4 Maintenance . Check oil level before every flight and refill if necessary Check oil lines nipples . connections oil filter and oil pump lever position at every pre flight check for tightness. and perfect function , Check to assure that the oil consumption is between I 80 and I 50 of the fuel.
consumption , n ATTENTION The fresh oil lubrication does not lubricate the propeller gearbox . n ATTENTION A wrongly adjusted or wrongly serviced oil pump can cause serious. engine damage When working on the engine running the craft must.

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page3 Rev.A,03/04 Possibleconfiguration Bytheconfigurationofthetheenginetype,engine number,hoursofoperation,temperatureunitandtherespective enginelimitsareprogrammed.

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