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Condensing Boilers,Superior Norland Norland Plus, A Compact Floor Standing A Floor Standing High Efficiency A Floor Standing High Efficiency. Gas Fired High Efficiency Condensing Hot Water Boiler Condensing Hot Water Boiler. Condensing Hot Water Boiler Suitable for pressure jet Suitable for pressure jet and. Suitable for single multiple and pre mix gas burners pre mix gas burners. boiler installations Outputs 95 851kW Outputs 1000 1600 kW. Outputs 120 280kW,Norland Plus,Condensing Boilers Outputs kW. 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000,Superior Norland Norland. Norland Plus,Standard Efficiency Cast Iron Hot Water Boilers. Optimajor Plus Commodore Plus Metrose E, Cast Iron Sectional Hot Water Cast Iron Sectional Hot Water Boiler Cast Iron Sectional Hot Water Boiler.
Boiler Suitable for Pressure Jet Suitable for Pressure Jet Burners Suitable for Pressure Jet Burners. Burners Oil gas or dual fuel firing Oil gas or dual fuel firing. Oil or gas firing Outputs 162 432 kW Outputs 406 1450 kW. Outputs 60 137 kW,Standard Efficiency Cast Iron,Hot Water Boilers Outputs kW. 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000,Optimajor Plus. Commodore Plus,Optimajor Plus Commodore Plus Metrose E. Standard Efficiency Steel Hot Water Boilers,Calder SCP SCP Plus. Steel Hot Water Boiler Steel Hot Water Boiler Steel Hot Water Boiler. Suitable for Pressure Jet burners, Suitable for Pressure Jet burners Suitable for Pressure Jet burners.
Oil gas LPG or dual fuel firing, Oil gas LPG or dual fuel firing Oil gas or dual fuel firing. Outputs 300 3000 kW,Outputs 70 3500 kW Outputs 3000 7000 kW. Calder Model,SCP SCP Plus, Standard Efficiency Steel Hot Water Boilers Outputs kW. 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000,Calder Model. High Efficiency Steel Hot Water Boilers,Calder Plus.
High Efficiency Steel Hot Water Boiler,Suitable for Pressure Jet burners. Gas or LPG firing,Outputs 70 3500 kW,Calder Plus Model 70 1300. High Efficiency Steel Hot Water Boilers,Outputs kW. 0 1000 2000 3000 4000,Calder Plus,Calder Plus Model 1400 3500. Steam Boilers,Savile Plus Metropolitan,Steam Boiler Steam Boiler.
Suitable for Pressure Jet burners Suitable for Pressure Jet or Rotary Cup burners. Oil gas or dual fuel firing Oil gas or dual fuel firing. Outputs 380 5425 kg h Outputs 1845 21 700 kg h,Savile Plus Metropolitan. Steam Boilers Outputs kg h, 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000 16000 18000 20000 22000. Savile Plus,Metropolitan,Additional Steam Boiler Accessories. Condensate Pumping set Hotwell tank Blowdown vessel. Additional steam products include,tainless steel Hotwell Tanks S. team pressure reducing P,late heat exchangers C,lean steam generators to.
up to 30 000 litres stations produce steam that meets. ondensate pumps,the criteria of HTM 2031,lowdown Vessels designed F. lash vessels designed and powered by electricity or. and manufactured in manufactured in accordance steam air P. ackage plant rooms, accordance with PD5500 with PD5500 which can be designed to. team to water Packaged,incorporate any of the,team to Water Non S. team Accumulators Condensate heat recovery,above equipment. Storage Calorifiers units,A Comprehensive Range, Hartley Sugden is a long established and respected brand.
with over 140 years of experience in designing and. Our extensive product range Other Ormandy Group, manufacturing steam and hot water boilers It has a reputation. offers boilers with outputs from products for commercial water. for offering a wide range of high quality steel and cast iron. 60 kW to 14MW for firing on heating are also available. sectional boilers giving exceptional service and reliability. oil gas and other fuels including, As part of the Ormandy Group The Hartley Sugden name Calorifiers. Hartley Sugden boiler, is well known worldwide with specifiers and installers for its heat exchangers. categories include, specialist expertise in supplying solutions and manufacturing Thermal stores and pressure. Condensing hot water, products recognised for their durability and long life vessels.
Standard and high efficiency, expectancy The comprehensive boiler range covers most Off site pre fabricated. hot water steel, steam and hot water applications within the building services Packaged plant rooms and. Standard efficiency hot water, sector and process industries skid mounted systems for. cast iron sectional,hot water or steam,Medium and high pressure. Complete heating solutions,hot water boilers steel.
Steam boilers, Application Support from the In addition we are able to offer. Hartley Sugden Team boilers of a more bespoke,nature for particular projects. which may be outside our,standard product range details. Hartley Sugden has a team Production facilities in the UK. available upon request, of qualified fully trained and at Halifax and Bradford are. experienced staff available to staffed by an experienced. provide expertise relating to management team and, all aspects of boiler design fully trained Engineers and.
application and installation operatives, The team comprises internal An after sales support. and external staff which can,offer assistance in selecting. team provides service,commissioning and,Quality Build. the best boiler types to suit maintenance facilities for all. your specific heating and hot Hartley Sugden products All products are engineered to Hot water boilers are. water requirements the highest quality standards compliant with Part L2 A. Spare parts are also available, Experienced Engineers are for the whole boiler range and fully inspected and tested and B of the 2010 Building. available to visit site and for assured quality Regulations. undertake surveys to assess As part of the Ormandy Group All boilers conform to. requirements and provide a Hartley and Sugden are CE requirements where. technical specification and accredited for appropriate and are tested. quotation ISO 9001 Quality and certified to all relevant EU. Hartley Sugden design Management System standards and requirements. Engineers use CAD technology ISO 14001 Environmental including EN 303 1 which is. including 3D in order to System the EU standard for safety and. support the application of performance of commercial. We also supply boilers in,boilers in relation to the and industrial boilers.
accordance with current,project design,European Standards and. legislation i e EN 303 EN 12953,General Installation Requirements. All boilers should be installed in accordance with the relevant requirements BS EN 12828 2003 Heating systems in buildings Design for water based. of the following heating systems, Building regulations IGE UP 2 Gas installation pipework and compressors on industrial and. Health and safety regulations and legislation IEE regulations commercial premises. Gas safety Installation and Use regulations IGE UP 10 Installation of gas appliances in industrial and commercial. National and local water regulations premises Part 1 Flued appliances. Insurance company codes HSE Guidance note PM5 automatically controlled steam and hot water. boilers HSE Guidance Document INDG436, The following list of standards and codes of practice give guidance on the HSE Guidance note PM60 Steam Boiler Blowdown systems. requirements for installation CISBE Guide Reference sections B7 B11 and B13. BS 6880 Code of Practice for low temperature hot water heating systems CIBSE Guide reference AM14 2010 Non domestic hot water heating. for output greater than 45kW systems, BS 6644 Installation of gas fired hot water boilers of rated inputs between.
70kW net and 1 8MW net,Ormandy Group, Ormandy Group aims to be a market leading provider of world An early innovator in the development of off site manufacturing. class heat transfer and packaged solutions through our integrated our ambition is to become the first choice for consultants. portfolio of products and our expertise in design technology and contractors and clients working on projects of all types and sizes. manufacture We will do this by consistently delivering complete high quality. solutions for our customers both in the UK and overseas. Ormandy Offsite Ormandy Aquatherm, Designers and offsite manufacturers Plastic piping systems for plumbing. of bespoke package plant rooms and public health mechanical services. skid mounted systems and fire engineering,Ormandy Rycroft Ormandy Newade. Commercial water heating equipment Stainless steel pressure vessels. Calorifiers heat exchangers thermal fabrications for the HVAC. stores and pressure vessels Food and Pharmaceutical Industries. Ormandy Electric Ormandy Dreh, Safe and hazardous area electric Copper and MHD Fittings Soil and. heaters for Air Gas Oil and Water waste fabrications. Buildoffsite Registration Ormandy serves many markets. Ormandy is a proactive member of Buildoffsite the organisation Education Local Government. that works to promote the uptake of offsite techniques in UK Healthcare Manufacturing. construction and is one of the first to have been accredited for Defence Petro chemical. both design and manufacturing by the Buildoffsite Registration Prison Service Pharmaceutical. Scheme operated by Lloyd s Register Housing Transport. Hotel industry Food processing,Leisure recreation Marine.
Retail Offshore,Data Handling,Issue 1 October 2011. Ormandy Offsite Ormandy Newade,T 44 0 1422 350111 T 44 0 1422 356658. sales ormandyltd com sales newade co uk,Ormandy Rycroft Ormandy Dreh. T 44 0 1274 490911 T 44 0 1274 499406,sales rycroft com sales dreh co uk. Ormandy Electric Ormandy Aquatherm,T 44 0 1274 362798 T 44 0 1444 250500.
For full information on the Ormandy Group and all its products services. electric ormandyltd com sales aquatherm uk com, please visit www ormandyltd com Tel 44 0 1422 350111. Please visit www ormandyltd com,to access comprehensive information on. Ormandy Hartley Sugden products and services,Ormandy Hartley Sugden Atlas Works. Gibbet Street Halifax HX1 4DB England, Tel 44 0 1422 355651 Email sales hartleyandsugden co uk. Ormandy Group follows a policy of continuous improvement in the design and performance of its products Therefore we reserve the right to make changes and improvements to our. products without notice which may affect the accuracy of the descriptions and illustrations contained in this brochure.

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