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2 between the busy northbound and south,bound carriageways In order to satisfy. the community s request for a mild gra,dient the deck level would have to be 9 m. above the N2,Conceptual designs were greatly,in uenced by the deck height median ter. rain and soil pro les identi ed from the,geotechnical investigation Design options. such as a six span continuous beam and,column structure and a two span stressed.
ribbon bridge were explored along with,more innovative and technical solutions. such as a cable stay option and a double,arch It was the aforementioned factors in. particular the di cult founding conditions,at the selected location which dictated the. costs of each option,The signi cant depth to adequate. founding along half of the bridge length,favoured fewer footings Utilitarian op.
tions o ered almost no cost savings over,the more challenging long span solutions. 3 and in early 2009 SANRAL s technical,team approved the cable stay pedestrian. bridge in the form in which it now stands,The height and location of the struc. ture required that provision for lightning,protection as well as a protective light. beacon be provided to prevent damage to,the structure from extreme weather and.
to alert aircraft For these purposes elec,tric ducts were enclosed within the legs of. the pylon to maintain the sleek aesthetics,of the structure. The aesthetic appeal of the structure,was intended to be derived from its. slenderness and the con guration of its,components rather than by unnecessary. adornments and was conceived in house,without architectural input.
Technical challenges in the design of,the bridge deck included. Post tensioning to accommodate TMH7,requirements as well as international. cable stay standards b which man,date the loss or removal of any single. stay This required that at the cable stay,connections the bridge deck edge beams. were required to accommodate both,positive and negative bending moments.
arising from either 8 m or 16 m spans,These requirements favoured the use of. concentric pre stressing for the entire,stayed deck length. In order to satisfy the same international,standards with which the cable stays. complied the cable stay connections at,the bridge deck and pylon were required. to meet 100 year life cycle parameters,38 Civil Engineering December 2011.
This meant that corrosion including 2 Aerial view of construction site 4. electrolytic decay between unlike between the north and southbound. metals and fatigue design to eliminate carriageways of the busy N2. the risk of brittle fracture due to cyclical 3 Prepping stays for installation. load cycles from cable stay vibrations 4 Installation of stays prior to tensioning. required careful consideration, Splitting in the thin deck slab war to the Blackburn Pedestrian Bridge and. ranted a 3 D nite element analysis of Dr Golliger s report served to provide an. the deck section as post tensioning ef external check of the wind loading forces. fects could result in tensile forces away determined from this method. from the compressive stress ow in the Slenderness of the structure required. edge beams Signi cant additional rein a careful investigation into potential. forcing was required in the slab to pre e ects of footfall induced vibrations. vent longitudinal cracks from forming Because the TMH7 does not provide. at the stressing points guidance on dynamic behaviour of cable. In addition to the challenges listed above stayed structures such as the Blackburn. a wind expert Dr Adam Golliger was Pedestrian Bridge specialist literature. consulted on the wind forces expected in was consulted A computer model was. the area and the potential for associated created to determine the modal excita. dynamic e ects The engineering team tions of the structure Whilst special. and Dr Golliger determined that the pro attention was paid to the bridge deck in. posed deck shape mesh screen and cables vertical lateral and torsional movements. would not contribute or succumb to wind the entire structure was analysed for dy. induced excitation such as swaying vi namic behaviour The preliminary inves. bration or galloping Dynamic models had tigation revealed that several structural. suggested that the TMH7 s alternative modes existed within the frequency range. wind loading Method B was applicable shared by pedestrian footfalls Although. Civil Engineering December 2011 39,5 this raised alarm bells the design team. used customised design tests and experi,ence in dynamics from past design expe. rience in earthquake prone California to,rule out footfall induced vibrations. Originally envisaged as balanced,cantilever construction of the deck.
the contractor s proposed construction,method utilised scaffolding to continu. ously support the entire bridge deck,which required several kilometres of. support tubing The balanced cantilever,method of construction was intended to. minimise the impact on N2 traffic and,the environmentally sensitive wetlands. in the median Using scaffolding to sup,port the bridge deck required that truss.
beams be used to span over the wetland,area in order to have little or no impact. on the area,The alternative construction method,also required a quick re design of. the deck post tensioning The bridge,deck comprises two edge beams sized. 5 Tensioning of stays from below the deck,6 View along deck of the completed bridge. 40 Civil Engineering December 2011, to accommodate the deck stressing that additional re stressing would Originally envisaged as.
ducts and the coupling anchors result in unacceptable delays. Detailing the couplers their uniquely Prior complications and balanced cantilever. shaped bursting reinforcement and challenges had reduced the time construction of the. the cable stay ducts with their own window allowed for installing the. system of bursting reinforcement stays but the final deck profile deck the contractor s. required excellent attention to detail was achieved ahead of the. proposed construction, and three dimensional thinking from required deadlines and by late. SSI s technical team The level of May 2010 the Blackburn method utilized scaffolding. detailing required to accommodate Pedestrian Bridge was standing. to continuously support, the electrical conduits for lighting and on its own The impact and. lightning protection in the pylon legs benefit to the community the entire bridge deck. at the intersection with the bridge was evident early on when. deck also proved a technical community members began which required several. achievement crossing the N2 using the kilometres of support tubing. Blackburn Pedestrian Bridge, The cable stays and their installation before it was fully completed A The balanced cantilever. required SSI to provide a stage by follow up pedestrian survey is method of construction was. stage analysis of the structure under way and findings are. outlining the behaviour of the showing that today those intended to minimise the. structure as each stay was hundreds of Blackburn,impact on N2 traffic and the. progressively stressed Not only time Community members who. consuming this process required previously risked their lives every environmentally sensitive. that the cable would be loaded to the day crossing the N2 now walk and. correct final stresses bearing in bike to their work using the bridge. wetlands in the median, mind that each additional cable and its walkway This project has Using scaffolding to support.
being stressed impacted the cables clearly achieved its goal of. around it and attainment of the deck providing its intended value to the bridge deck required. at correct fi nal levels Complicated the Blackburn community while that truss beams be used to. by elastic behaviour of the also successfully overcoming the. scaffolding and the lateral flexibility numerous design detailing and span over the wetland area. of the pylon the looming FIFA World construction challenges inherent. in order to have little or no,Cup deadline meant in such a technical project. impact on the area,Civil Engineering December 2011 41.

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