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ACCEPTANCE, This dissertation BLACK WOMEN PURSUING DOCTORATES IN MATHEMATICS. EDUCATION AN EXAMINATION OF STORIES OF THEIR MATHEMATICAL. EXPERIENCES by NATHALIE NICHOLLE DAMES was prepared under the direction of the. candidate s Dissertation Advisory Committee It is accepted by the committee members in. partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in the College of. Education and Human Development Georgia State University. The Dissertation Advisory Committee and the student s Department Chairperson as. representatives of the faculty certify that this dissertation has met all standards of excellence and. scholarship as determined by the faculty,Christine D Thomas Ph D Janice B Fournillier Ph D. Committee Co Chair Committee Co Chair,Tisha Lewis Ellison Ph D Pamela Seda Ph D. Committee Member Committee Member,Gertrude M Tinker Sachs Ph D. Chairperson,Department of Middle and Secondary Education.
Paul A Alberto Ph D,College of Education and Human Development. AUTHOR S STATEMENT, By presenting this dissertation as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the advanced. degree from Georgia State University I agree that the library of Georgia State University shall. make it available for inspection and circulation in accordance with its regulations governing. materials of this type I agree that permission to quote to copy from or to publish this. dissertation may be granted by the professor under whose direction it was written by the College. of Education and Human Development s Director of Graduate Studies or by me Such quoting. copying or publishing must be solely for scholarly purposes and will not involve potential. financial gain It is understood that any copying from or publication of this dissertation which. involves potential financial gain will not be allowed without my written permission. Nathalie Nicholle Dames,NOTICE TO BORROWERS, All dissertations deposited in the Georgia State University library must be used in accordance. with the stipulations prescribed by the author in the preceding statement The author of this. dissertation is,Nathalie Nicholle Dames,Department of Middle and Secondary Education. College of Education and Human Development,Georgia State University.
Atlanta Ga 30303,The director of this dissertation is. Christine D Thomas and Janice B Fournillier,College of Education and Human Development. Georgia State University,Atlanta GA 30303,CURRICULUM VITAE. Nathalie Nicholle Dames,ADDRESS 7632 Wrotham Circle. Atlanta GA 30349,Ph D 2015 Georgia State University.
Middle and Secondary Education, Educational Specialist 2011 Georgia State University. Mathematics Education,Master s Degree 2008 Georgia State University. Mathematics,Bachelor s Degree 2003 Agnes Scott College. Mathematics,PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE,2014 present Mathematics Instructor. Atlanta Technical College,2006 2011 Mathematics Instructor.
Rockdale County Schools,2003 2006 Mathematics Instructor. DeKalb County Schools,PRESENTATIONS AND PUBLICATIONS. Smalls N Johnson A 2014 November What is Working in the Urban. Mathematics Classroom Strategies for Continued Improvement International. Conference on Urban Education Montego Bay Jamaica, Parker P Johnson A Smalls N Wisdom N 2014 January Mathematical Literacy. or Assessment of Mathematical Literacy The Dichotomy Between Mathematics. Assessment and Social Stratification 6th annual Creating Balance in an Unjust World. Conference on Mathematics Education and Social Justice Los Angeles California. Smalls N 2013 May Using other data the challenges of a novice researcher Ninth. international congress of qualitative inquiry Urbana Illinois. Smalls N 2012 November Ethnomathematics South African Beadwork International. Conference on Africa and Diaspora Expressions of indigenous and local knowledge. UGA Athens Georgia, Smalls N 2012 March Ethnomathematics South African Beadwork Poster presented at. Blurring Boundaries An International Education Development Conference Atlanta. Chahine I Bass E Byrd S Dwellingham T Porter E Shahbaz R Sheriff K. Frazier L Johnson A Smalls N 2011 October Embracing Indigenous. Mathematical Knowledge Systems Investigations in Cultural Mathematics Annual. Conference of Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics Eatonton. Chanine I Fain A Goings C Mcqueen M Shaheed S Sheriff K Smalls N. 2010 October Experiencing the prodigies of ethnomathematics Immersion. based learning in trans cultural settings Annual Conference of Georgia Council of. Teachers of Mathematics Eatonton, Arnold D Smalls N 2008 February How to Integrate Technology into.
Mathematics to Improve Student Achievement Powerpoint presented at the Professional. Conference of the National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of. Mathematics Science and Technology Dallas, BLACK WOMEN PURSUING DOCTORATES IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION AN. EXAMINATION OF STORIES OF THEIR MATHEMATICAL EXPERIENCES. Nathalie Nicholle Dames, Under the Direction of Dr Christine D Thomas and Dr Janice B Fournillier. The research shows a lack of representation of Black women in mathematics education. The purpose of this study was to explore Black women s perspectives on how their mathematical. experiences influenced their decisions to pursue a doctoral degree in mathematics education To. address this issue the following research questions were explored What perspectives do Black. women who are in pursuit of a doctorate of philosophy degree in mathematics education have. about their mathematical experiences How have those perspectives of their experiences. influenced their pursuit of a doctorate of philosophy in mathematics education For this study. purposeful sampling was used to select seven participants that classify themselves as Black. women and are currently in a doctoral program in mathematics education Individual and group. interviews conducted with the participants were analyzed using a grounded theory approach to. gain an understanding of their mathematical experiences as learners with respect to their. trajectories in becoming doctoral students in mathematics education The Black women that. participated in this study had positive feelings about their mathematical abilities This resulted in. confident mathematical identities The mathematical environment included classrooms with. supportive teachers classmates that were mainly Black and an even split between the genders. Once this environment was challenged a crisis occurred which caused them to lose confidence in. themselves All of the participants began teaching secondary mathematics as a career change. from their initial undergraduate degree Their initial graduate degrees were in conjunction with. their decision to pursue a career as a mathematics educator The decision to pursue a doctoral. degree was out of a personal desire to advance academically as well as desire to effect change. within their community The findings of this study support an achievement motivation. framework This research presents an initial understanding of how perspectives of mathematical. experiences influence their decision to pursue doctoral degrees in mathematics education. INDEX WORDS Black Women Mathematics Mathematics education. BLACK WOMEN PURSUING DOCTORATES IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION AN. EXAMINATION OF STORIES OF THEIR MATHEMATICAL EXPERIENCES. Nathalie Nicholle Dames,A Dissertation, Presented in Partial Fulfillment of Requirements for the. Doctor of Philosophy,Mathematics Education,Teaching and Learning. College of Education and Human Development,Georgia State University.
Atlanta GA,Copyright by,NATHALIE NICHOLLE DAMES,ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. First I would like to thank God There is absolutely no way that I could have made it. through this journey without Him I have faced so many obstacles along this journey but it is. only by His grace that I have reached this point, I would also like to thank my friends and family I know this has taken longer than any of. you expected but I have finally achieved this goal Thank you to my husband Ellis for believing. in me I appreciate all the time you spent reading my work and helping me with my edits Thank. you Moni for your encouragement Hope to see you at the finish line soon Thank you Alanna for. the example that you set and your words of wisdom when I was not sure how to navigate this. process Thank you to my sisters Vonnetta and Kaysha for being proud to say that you had a. sister that was working on her PhD Thank you to my mom Melinda who showed me how to. truly work hard and juggle many responsibilities at the same time I would also like to thank my. nieces and nephew Najjah Naki and Zyere Hopefully I have shown you that with determination. you can achieve anything I would also like to thank all of my professors The classroom. experiences I had caused me to change my perspectives about myself and the field of education. I would also like to thank the participants of my study Thank you for sharing your rich stories. Next I would like to thank my co chairs Dr Fournillier and Dr Thomas Thank you for. pushing me to be the very best that I could be I admire both of you and all of your. accomplishments You are truly dedicated to your students and I was honored to have you both. co chair my committee I would also like to thank my committee members Dr Lewis Ellison. and Dr Seda Your time and responses to my work were greatly appreciated Again thank you. all for your support and direction throughout this journey. TABLE OF CONTENTS,LIST OF TABLES v,1 INTRODUCTION 1. Purpose Statement 3,Research Questions 4,Conceptual Framework 4. Significance 7,Conclusion 8,2 LITERATURE REVIEW 9,3 METHODOLOGY 48.
Researcher s Role 49,Research Design 52,Methods 53. Data Collection 55,Data Analysis 59,Limitation of the Study 65. 4 FINDINGS 67,Portrait of the Participants 67,Perspectives about Mathematical Experiences 87. How have those experiences influenced their pursuit 97. 5 DISCUSSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS 99,Summary of the Study 99. Discussion 101,Recommendations 107,Conclusion 109,REFERENCES 110.
APPENDICES 127,LIST OF TABLES,Description of Participants 54. Data Sources 56,Phases of Data Collection 58,1 INTRODUCTION. As an early PhD student in mathematics education I read Why so Few Women in. Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Hill Corbett St Rose 2010 one of. many articles discussing growing concern about the absence of women and minorities in STEM. fields However when I looked around in my own courses I saw many women as well as. minorities This difference raised an important question What is so different in this program. The university I attended is located in an urban city within the southeastern region of the. United States and the program was a doctorate of philosophy in teaching and learning with a. concentration in mathematics education Many of my program s participants had backgrounds in. teaching secondary mathematics many of them were women and the majority of these women. were Black Consequently when I read an article lamenting the absence of women in STEM I. was initially confused However the article was referring to such PhD programs populations at. large which meant that places like my school are far from the norm in fact they are the. exception Soon I began to question what made the women in my program so atypical What led. them to this program and what mathematical experiences did they have prior to entering it. More specifically my interest was on the Black women students As a Black woman I wondered. what common mathematical experiences led each of us to pursue PhDs in mathematics. education Thus I decided to focus my study not merely on women but on an even smaller. portion of the STEM population Black women I wanted to understand what motivated Black. women to pursue mathematics For the purpose of this study the term Black women refers to any. woman that self identifies as Black I chose this terminology instead of a term like African. Americans in an effort to include women from the African Diaspora who though they consider. themselves Black they do not identify themselves as African American In addition this term.

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