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Bible Study Questions on the Book of Proverbs, A workbook suitable for Bible classes family studies. or personal Bible study,Copyright David E Pratte 2015. All rights reserved,ISBN 13 978 1516930685,ISBN 10 1516930681. Printed books booklets and tracts available at,www gospelway com sales. Free Bible study articles online at,www gospelway com.
Free Bible courses online at,www biblestudylessons com. Free class books at,www biblestudylessons com classbooks. Free commentaries on Bible books at,www gospelway com commentary. Contact the author at,www gospelway com comments, Note carefully No teaching in any of our materials is intended or should ever be. construed to justify or to in any way incite or encourage personal vengeance or. physical violence against any person,He who glories let him glory in the Lord.
1 Corinthians 1 31,Front Page Photo,The Temple in Jerusalem. Model of an artist s conception, And when the queen of Sheba had seen the wisdom of Solomon the house that he had built. Then she said to the king It was a true report which I heard in my own land about your words. and your wisdom and indeed the half of the greatness of your wisdom was not told me You. exceed the fame of which I heard Happy are your men and happy are these your servants who. stand continually before you and hear your wisdom 2 Chronicles 9 3 7 NKJV. Photo credit Public domain via Wikimedia Commons,Workbook on Proverbs Page 2. Other Books by the Author,Topical Bible Studies,Growing a Godly Marriage Raising Godly Children. Why Believe in God Jesus and the Bible evidences, The God of the Bible study of the Father Son and Holy Spirit.
Grace Faith and Obedience The Gospel or Calvinism, Kingdom of Christ Future Millennium or Present Spiritual Reign. Do Not Sin Against the Child Abortion Unborn Life the Bible. True Words of God Bible Inspiration and Preservation. Commentaries on Bible Books,Genesis Gospel of Mark. Joshua and Ruth Gospel of John,Judges Acts,1 Samuel Romans. Ezra Nehemiah and Esther Ephesians,Job Philippians and Colossians. Proverbs Hebrews,Bible Question Class Books,Genesis Gospel of John.
Joshua and Ruth Acts,Judges Romans,1 Samuel 1 Corinthians. Ezra Nehemiah and Esther 2 Corinthians and Galatians. Job Ephesians and Philippians,Proverbs Colossians 1 2 Thessalonians. Ecclesiastes 1 2 Timothy Titus Philemon,Isaiah Hebrews. Gospel of Matthew General Epistles James Jude,Gospel of Mark Revelation. Gospel of Luke,Workbooks with Study Notes, Jesus Is Lord Workbook on the Fundamentals of the Gospel of Christ.
Following Jesus Workbook on Discipleship, God s Eternal Purpose in Christ Workbook on the Theme of the Bible. Visit our website at www gospelway com sales to see a current list. of books in print,Page 3 Workbook on Proverbs,Bible Study Questions on the Book of Proverbs. Introduction, This workbook was designed for Bible class study family study or personal study The class. book is suitable for teens and up The questions contain minimal human commentary but instead. urge students to study to understand Scripture, Enough questions are included for teachers to assign as many questions as they want for each. study session Studies may proceed at whatever speed and depth will best accomplish the needs. of the students, Questions labeled think are intended to encourage students to apply what they have learned.
When questions refer to a map students should consult maps in a Bible dictionary or similar. reference work or in the back of their Bibles Note My abbreviation b c v means book. chapter and verse, For class instruction I urge teachers to assign the questions as homework so students come. to class prepared Then let class time consist of discussion that focuses on the Scriptures. themselves Let the teacher use other Scriptures questions applications and comments to. promote productive discussion not just reading the questions to see whether they were answered. correctly Please do not let the class period consist primarily of the following Joe will you. answer number 1 Sue what about number 2 Etc, I also urge students to emphasize the Bible teaching Please do not become bogged down. over What did the author mean by question 5 My meaning is relatively unimportant The issue. is what the Bible says Concentrate on the meaning and applications of Scripture If a question. helps promote Bible understanding stay with it If it becomes unproductive move on. The questions are not intended just to help students understand the Scriptures They are also. designed to help students learn good principles of Bible study Good Bible study requires defining. the meaning of keywords studying parallel passages explaining the meaning of the text clearly. making applications and defending the truth as well as exposing religious error I have included. questions to encourage students to practice all these study principles. Note that some questions on this book are more difficult and advanced The study leader may. want to skip some questions if he she is teaching a less advanced study. Finally I encourage plain applications of the principles studied God s word is written so souls. may please God and have eternal life Please study it with the respect and devotion it deserves. For whatever good this material achieves to God be the glory. Bible study commentary and notes to accompany some of our workbooks are. available at www gospelway com sales,David E Pratte June 21 2017. Workbooks commentaries and topical studies for sale in print at. www gospelway com sales, To join our mailing list to be informed of new books or special sales contact the. author at www gospelway com comments,Workbook on Proverbs Page 4.
Assignments on Proverbs 1, Please read Proverbs 1 and answer the following questions. 1 Read as much of the book of Proverbs as you can and summarize its theme. 2 Define proverb, 3 What men wrote various of the Proverbs Give proof. 4 Special Assignment List some of the main events in the life of Solomon Give book. chapter verse b c v for your statements,5 Explain why this book was written 1 2. 6 Define wisdom instruction and understanding, 7 What other purposes are accomplished by the Proverbs 1 3 6. 8 What is the source of true wisdom 1 7 What lessons can we learn. 9 What are some methods that evil people use to entice others to participate with them in sin. 10 What advice does Solomon give to help his son avoid temptation to evil. 11 What consequences come to those who are greedy of gain 1 17 19. Page 5 Workbook on Proverbs, 12 Application What lessons should we learn from Solomon s advice in 1 10 19.
13 Summarize the theme of 1 20 33 Think How is the term wisdom used in the book of. 14 In what places does Wisdom call to people 1 20 21 Think What can we learn. 15 What question does Wisdom ask in 1 22 How does the verse describe those who do not. accept wisdom Think In what sense do such people hate knowledge. 16 What does Wisdom call on the people to do What promise does she make 1 23. 17 How had people reacted to Wisdom s call 1 24 25. 18 Define reproof and counsel, 19 What problems does Wisdom say would come upon the people and how would she react. 20 What will people do when terror comes upon them and what problems will they have. 1 28 31 Why would these problems occur, 21 Application What should we learn from these warnings Give examples. 22 What warning does Wisdom give and what promise does she make in 1 32 33. Workbook on Proverbs Page 6,Assignments on Proverbs 2. Please read Proverbs 2 and answer the following questions. 1 What attitude should we have toward wisdom according to 2 1 2 What will we do if we have. this attitude, 2 How does Solomon describe the desire we should have for wisdom in 2 3 What does this. show about our human wisdom compared to wisdom we obtain from another source. 3 If one has the proper appreciation for wisdom how diligently will he work to obtain it. 2 4 Give examples to illustrate how people search for treasure and material wealth. 4 Application What lessons should we learn about what we should do to obtain wisdom. What are some specific things we should do to obtain wisdom. 5 If we search for wisdom in the proper way what promise does God make in 2 5. 6 List other passages showing God s word can be understood if we study properly. 7 What is the proper source of wisdom 2 6 What does God promise to do for those who. will seek wisdom from Him 2 7 8, 8 What will result from a diligent search for wisdom according to 2 9 11.
9 Is the Bible to blame for the fact that people do not understand it Explain. 10 Case Study A friend says I tried to study the Bible once but I decided I just couldn t. understand it so I quit trying What conclusions can we reach from the context about why some. people do not understand the Bible,Page 7 Workbook on Proverbs. 11 From what can wisdom deliver us 2 12 15, 12 List characteristics from these verses of the person who travels the way of evil. 13 Application How does our society especially entertainment often view the kind of. person described in these verses How does this differ from the way wisdom views them. 14 In particular from what kind of woman does wisdom deliver us in 2 16 Where else is such. a woman described in the book of Proverbs, 15 What kind of speech is she guilty of Why would such a woman speak this way. 16 How is she described in verse 17 Explain, 17 What are the consequences of following her according to verses 18 19. 18 Application What lessons should young men and young women learn from the. description of this woman, 19 Rather than walking in the paths of evil what can wisdom lead us to do 2 20.
20 Why is it important to walk in this path rather than the path of evil 2 21 22. 21 Case Study Suppose a person is serving God but wonders whether or not he is good. enough to receive eternal life Explain how this discussion of wisdom can help him. Workbook on Proverbs Page 8,Assignments on Proverbs 3. Please read Proverbs 3 and answer the following questions. 1 What should we do with the commands we receive that are based on God s law What. blessings can they give us 3 1 2, 2 What qualities should we cling to according to 3 3 How firmly should we hold them. Explain What benefits would they give us verses 3 4. 3 From where does proper guidance come From where does it not come 3 5 6. 4 Application Give examples that demonstrate how people often trust in their own. understanding rather than in the Lord, 5 What leads people to trust their own wisdom instead of that of God What is the benefit of. fearing God verses 7 8, 6 What should we do with our possessions Explain how we do this What benefits will we. receive 3 9 10, 7 How should we view chastisement from the Lord Where is this quoted in the New.
Testament How does the passage illustrate God s chastisement of us 3 11 12. 8 Application Discuss some ways God may chastise his people What are some ways people. sometimes demonstrate that they do not appreciate this chastisement. 9 What man is truly happy verses 13 15 How valuable are these qualities. 10 Wisdom leads to what blessings 3 16 18 Explain how this may happen. Page 9 Workbook on Proverbs, 11 How does Solomon demonstrate the value of wisdom and knowledge 3 19 20 Explain. how these things demonstrate God s wisdom, 12 When people truly value wisdom and discretion what will they do with them 3 21. Explain why, 13 What benefits will wisdom and discretion give 3 22 23 Why is this important. 14 How will wisdom affect our fears 3 24 26 What is the source of this confidence What. should we learn, 15 What good should we practice How do people sometimes try to avoid helping others. 16 Application What two conditions are given for helping others Give examples of. situations that meet the conditions and examples of situations that do not. 17 How should we treat a neighbor 3 29 How does this differ from the world s idea. 18 What conduct is forbidden in verse 30 What condition is given Think What might we. do if this condition is not met, 19 Whom should we not envy according to 3 31 33 What reasons are given.
20 How does God treat scorners 3 34 35 To whom does He give grace. 21 List other similar passages about how God treats the humble. Workbook on Proverbs Page 10,Assignments on Proverbs 4. Please read Proverbs 4 and answer the following questions. 1 What does the father urge his children to do in 4 1 2 Why. 2 What had his parents taught him 4 3 4, 3 Application What should parents and children learn from these instructions. 4 How important is it to obtain wisdom and understanding verses 5 7 Why. 5 When we have wisdom what should we do about it, 6 What will wisdom do for us when we have it verses 8 9. 7 What are the advantages of following in the way of wisdom 4 10 12. 8 What should we do with instruction 4 13 Why is this important. 9 What should we do when we see the way wicked people walk 4 14 15. 10 How does this differ from the way most people treat evil. 11 Case study A friend says Sure I read Playboy Magazine and watch X rated movies I. figure it doesn t hurt to think about those kinds of things as long as I don t do anything immoral. How do the principles taught in Proverbs apply to such thinking. Page 11 Workbook on Proverbs, 12 How does Solomon describe the sleep of the wicked 4 16 What is the point. 13 What is the diet of those who walk in evil 4 17 What lessons should we learn. 14 In contrast to the path of evil what path is described in verse 18 How is it described In. what sense is this true, 15 How does the path of the wicked contrast to the path of the just 4 19 What effect does.
darkness have in their lives, 16 How many paths has Solomon described for people to choose from Why only this. number Where else are similar points made in Scripture. 17 Once again what does Solomon urge his son to do in verses 20 22 Why. 18 Why is the condition of the heart important 4 23 Explain the point. 19 Where else is the point of verse 23 taught in Scripture. 20 Application How does verse 23 explain the evil that people often commit What. application should we make for our own lives, 21 What does Solomon teach about our speech in 4 24 What applications need to be made. to modern society, 22 What must we do according to verses 25 27 in order to make sure that we remain on the. proper path in life Explain the point,Workbook on Proverbs Page 12. Assignments on Proverbs 5, Please read Proverbs 5 and answer the following questions.
1 Read Proverbs chapter 5 and state the main theme discussed. 2 What advice does Solomon give to his son as he begins the discussion What benefit will. this be to him 5 1 2, 3 What danger does Solomon warn his son about beginning in 5 3 Explain the significance. of the oil and the honey, 4 In contrast to verse 3 what is the end result of the immoral woman verse 4 Explain the. significance of the wormwood, 5 Where do her feet lead verse 5 Explain the point. 6 What characterizes the path that she walks 5 6 What should a man learn. 7 What solution does Solomon give his son to deal with this problem verses 7 8. 8 List and explain 3 passages elsewhere that show the importance of avoiding fornication. Page 13 Workbook on Proverbs, 9 Application Explain how the principles of this context should be applied and how these. principles would help in dealing with the problem, 10 What consequences would follow to one who does not avoid this evil 5 9.
11 What happens to the wealth and the work of one who pursues an immoral woman verse. 10 Give examples to illustrate, 12 What is the end result of disregarding this teaching verse 11. 13 When a young man gives in to seduction how does he view the teaching he has received. about morality 5 12 13, 14 Explain the significance in 5 14 of the reference to the midst of the assembly and. congregation Does the fact that a person participates in spiritual activities and appears to be. upright guarantee protection against sexual immorality Explain. 15 Explain the illustration used in verse 15 How does this apply to the discussion about sexual. immorality, 16 How do verses 16 and 17 contrast to verse 15 Again explain the illustration. Workbook on Proverbs Page 14, 17 What practice will help a man avoid immorality 5 18. 18 How does Solomon describe the beauty of marital love as compared to immorality in verses. 19 List other passages that show the propriety of the sexual relationship in marriage in. contrast to outside marriage, 20 Special assignment According to the context should a couple reserve only the.
ultimate union for marriage or is there more that should also be reserved for marriage Explain. the significance to immoral conduct, 21 What reason is given in 5 21 for practicing moral uprightness. 22 What consequences of immorality are described further in verses 22 23. 23 Application Suppose a young unmarried couple confides to you that they are strongly. attracted to one another physically and it is hard for them to remain pure List several practical. suggestions based on our study that would help them.

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