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course content to novel and practical situations, This active engagement with course content gives students. an enhanced sense of empowerment Kassop 2003, Kubala 1998 ultimately leading to a more interested. motivated and participatory student, In face to face classes questions are almost always posed. sometimes repeatedly to the instructor unnecessarily. Faculty members spend less time,tying up their time When using a discussion board. answering questions, however students often answer each other s questions.
with little or no prompting from the instructor, Race and gender based bias can often creep into face to. face classes more readily than it can into discussion. boards On a discussion board the only distinguishing. characteristic from which race and or gender might be. Students have a greater sense of,drawn from is a participant s name. race and gender based equality, In discussion boards the bias often exhibited towards non. whites and women in face to face classes is reduced. resulting in a more instructionally agreeable environment. http www wpi edu Academics ATC Collaboratory Idea boardbenefits html. Improving the Use of Discussion Boards,Teaching Goal. Increase the regularity with which students post to class discussion boards in addition to. enhancing the depth and quality of comments they make in those postings. Benefits of Addressing Research and Theoretical Base. Considerable research indicates that the effective use of discussion boards results in. Greater cognitive and exploratory learning Haggerty et al 2001. Increased student to student conversation and collaboration Kassop 2003 Rovai 2004. More developed critical thinking skills Collison et al 2000 Eklund Eklund 1996. Newman et al 1999 Shapley 2000, Greater student empowerment Kassop 2003 Kubala 1998.
An enhanced sense of race and gender based equality in the class community Hiltz. Wellman 1997 Markel 2001 Sullivan 2002, Method 1 Practice good discussion board moderation. techniques,Primary Techniques Examples Rationale, Open ended questions are particularly useful in discussion. boards and should be used in lieu of closed ended questions. whenever possible Play devil s advocate by asking probing. Ask questions to guide student, questions using contradictions and counterexamples and. comments and the direction of, challenging students to apply their learning to novel situations. the discussion,practical scenarios and prior learning.
Weave student comments into, Quoting student comments goes a long way towards providing. your postings as a means of, confidence and satisfaction in your students and spurs more. summarizing and subtly,frequent posting, Discussion boards are an ideal venue for students to role play. Use role playing as a means of, different perspectives and vantage points because of the. stimulating discussion,reflective nature of the tool.
Make your presence known in the discussion boards but do. not dominate them or be overwhelming by posting too often. Posting too frequently leads to short discussions and fewer. student postings posting too infrequently leads students to. believe the instructor is disinterested or absent Mazzolini. Maddison 2003,Balance and presence are key, The appropriate rate of posting depends upon the context of. aspects of a successful,the discussion which should be closely monitored. discussion board, Encourage student to student learning first and foremost on. the discussion boards as a means of enabling students to. attribute learning and success to themselves, Student questions directed to the instructor should be answered. within 24 hours,If the discussion board, supplements your in class Extend discussion you have in class to the online venue.
activities be sure to draw clear asking students to consider alternate perspectives and other. connections between the in criteria which may challenge their assumptions beliefs and. class material and the online findings,discussions. Empower students by allowing When a student facilitates a discussion board they feel an. them to facilitate discussion increased sense of ownership over their own learning and the. forums through myWPI learning of their fellow students they are more invested in the. learning process, Encourage your students Regularly reinforce positive behavior and strong comments on. especially those who do not the discussion boards through both personal correspondence. normally speak out in class and by weaving student comments into your own postings. Instead of commenting That s right or Not exactly in your. Resist the temptation to make responses pose questions asking students to analyze the. declarative statements context of their perspective or project their perspective onto a. novel situation, Use multiple short paragraphs Students spend considerably more time reading shorter. in lieu of one or two long paragraphs online than they do longer ones and remember. paragraphs in your postings more of the content Outing Ruel 2004. Manage flaming quickly and Because discussion boards lack facial gestures and body. decisively through private language misunderstandings between students can take place. emails Address them through private emails, No fewer than three 3 and no more than seven 7 students. should be posting to a single discussion forum Too few will. Limit the number of students, limit the perspectives on the forum and too many often makes.
posting to a single discussion,the conversation difficult to follow. Method 2 Define a rubric by which student comments will. be assessed,Primary Techniques Examples Rationale,Rubrics may be used to grade either. individual student comments or a series of,comments from a student. Clearly identify what varying degrees of success A very simple four point scale might look. look like Rubrics usually consist of three like this. essential features evaluation criteria definitions. of what constitutes mastery at each level and 4 Points The posting s integrates multiple. either a holistic or analytical scoring strategy viewpoints and weaves both class readings. and other participants postings into their, In terms of what to grade in the rubric you discussion of the subject. might consider addressing the degree to which, other student comments are weaved into the 3 Points The posting s builds upon the.
comment as well as the timeliness relevance ideas of another participant or two and digs. accuracy depth and mechanics of the comment deeper into the question s posed by the. instructor,2 Points A single posting that does not. interact with or incorporate the ideas of,other participants comments. 1 Point A simple me too comment that,neither expands the conversation nor. demonstrates any degree of reflection by,the student. 0 Points No comment, Method 3 State clear expectations to students for discussion.
board participation,Primary Techniques Examples Rationale. Typically this requirement includes both original comments. and responses to other student comments, The specific number of comments a student is required to post. Require students to post a set varies depending on the purposes served by the discussion. number of times per week and board As an instructor you might include the following point. discourage last minute posting as a guidepost for your students. Students are required to post three substantive original. comments by mid week and three responses to other student. comments by the end of the week, Generate an array of sample responses illustrating the range. Provide sample postings, of scoring on a rubric Use student postings from past courses. representative of each scoring, with their permission illustrating the range of scoring on a.
category listed in the rubric, As an instructor you might include the following points as a. guidepost for your students, Please participate in online discussions as you would. in constructive face to face discussions,Please be professional and courteous. Use good Netiquette by being Online communication lacks the non verbal cues that. explicit about your expectations provide much of the meaning in face to face. for the tone and content of conversations Choose your words carefully phrase. student comments your sentences clearly and keep your sentences and. paragraphs brief, State the main topic of your posting in the Subject. State your purpose for writing at or near the beginning. of your message whenever possible, Proofread what you post You may want to use a word.
processor to draft what you intend to say check your. spelling and grammar and then paste your text into. the Message section of your posting, Please do not use all capital letters It makes it hard to. read and it comes across as though you were,References. Collison G Elbaum B Haavind S Tinker R 2000 Facilitating online learning. Effective strategies for moderators Atwood Publishing Madison WI. Eklund J Eklund P Integrating the web and the teaching of technology Cases across two. universities 1996 In M Nott Ed Proceedings Australian World Wide Web Conference. Gold Coast AUS Southern Cross University, Haggerty N Schneberger S Carr P 2001 Exploring media influences on individual. learning Implications for organizational learning In J DeGross S Sarkar V Storey Eds. Proceedings International Conference on Information Systems pp 13 22 New Orleans LA. Hiltz S R Wellman B 1997 Asynchronous learning networks as a virtual classroom. Communications of the ACM 40 9 44 49, Kassop M 2003 May June Ten ways online education matches or surpasses face to face. learning The Technology Source, Kubala T 1998 Addressing student needs Teaching on the internet THE Journal 25 8 71.
Markel S 2001 Technology and education online discussion forums It s in the response. Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration 4 2. Mazzolini M Maddison S 2003 April Sage guide or ghost The effect of instructor. intervention on student participation in online discussion forums Computers Education 40 3. Meyer K A 2003 Face to face versus threaded discussions The role of time and higher order. thinking Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks 7 3 55 65. Newman D R Webb B Cochrane C 1999 A content analysis method to measure critical. thinking in face to face and computer support group learning. Outing S Rual L 2004 The best of eyetrack III What we saw when we looked through. their eyes, Rovai A P 2004 A constructivist approach to online college learning The Internet and Higher. Education 7 79 93, Shapley P 2000 Online education to develop complex reasoning skills in organic chemistry. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks 4 2 55 65. Sullivan P 2002 Winter It s easier to be yourself when you are invisible Female college. students discuss their online classroom experiences Innovative Higher Education 27 2 129. http www wpi edu Academics ATC Collaboratory Idea boards html. Using Online Discussion Boards to Enhance,Learning in Your Class. Posted on April 21 2011, If you are an instructor wanting to engage your students using an online discussion board you. may have questions about benefits and best practices. The benefits of using an online discussion board for your class are numerous Some key advan. tages include, Builds connections and class community by promoting discussion on course topics and.
more informal discussion, Contributes to the development of cognitive critical thinking and writing skills. Allows time for thoughtful in depth reflection on course topics Much like traditional. writing exercises students have more time to think about research and compose their. thoughts before contributing to the discussion, Facilitates exploratory learning by allowing students to review and respond to the work. of others and approach learning in diverse ways, Empowers students to express themselves For students with different learning styles. an online discussion board can be a venue where they feel more comfortable contributing. to group discussions With positive reinforcement from interactions on the discussion. board an increase in in class participation may also occur. Best Practices, Becoming informed about best practices will help make you and your students experience with. the discussion board a rewarding experience and one that contributes effectively to learning. Here are some quick tips, Establish and communicate discussion board ground rules What are your expecta.
tions for writing styles in the online forum Are students expected to adhere to general. rules of netiquette or does anything go Including an introductory post that outlines your. expectations for students will benefit you and your students. Determine and communicate how you will evaluate students participation Students. must know how their contributions will be assessed in order to make effective responses. otherwise they may misunderstand your directions or become unsure of what is expected. of them leading to a frustrating and ineffective learning experience. o What are your guidelines for giving students credit for discussion board participa. tion Do they need to post a certain number of times How often Any specific. length Is there information they should include or reference What are your spe. cific evaluation criteria, o Encourage students to contact you if they don t understand the assignment or are. having technical difficulties with the board, Engage your students by asking good questions to get discussions going Use open. ended questions and questions that challenge thinking In depth guidelines for writing. good discussion prompts are included in the Additional Resources section below. To encourage informal interaction and connection amongst your students create an. area in your discussion board for personal introductions and discussions Your students. may learn more about their peers than they would in the classroom opening new doors. of connection and community,Sample prompts, Personas prompt In this example students are asked to respond to the prompt from the. perspective of different roles This is a case where students could also create profiles based on. their role or character, Example In Charles Dickens Hard Times the conflict between reason and emotion dominates. much of the narrative For this discussion you will speak from the perspective of one of the. novel s main characters see list below for character assignments Using evidence from the. novel explain whether or not you as your character think Louisa s decision to leave Bounderby. was a valid response to her situation Be sure to use I and to speak in the manner and tone of. the person you have been assigned,List student names after each character.
Louisa Gradgrind,Mr Bounderby,Sissy Jupe,Mr Gradgrind. Mrs Gradgrind, Debate prompt This prompt provides one example of how to ask students to make an argument. in discussion, Example In higher education there are more female than male students At the University of. Washington 47 of undergraduate students are male and 53 are female The growing gender. gap has caused schools around the country to look at their admission process and consider. options for attracting more male students,For discussion debate the following statement. The University of Washington should make changes to its admission process to reduce the. gender gap, If your last name begins with A L you will support this statement in the debate.
If you last name begins with M Z you will argue against this statement. Use evidence from our readings to support the position you have been assigned. Reading response prompt These types of prompts are helpful for encouraging discussion. supported by examples, Example During the time in which Jane Austen s Emma was set the Napoleonic Wars were. tearing Europe apart Yet her novel focuses on the trials and tribulations of young wealthy. people falling in love Due to this choice of focus critics have commented that the novel lacks a. significant message and does not address the important issues of the day think of Charlotte. Bronte s critique, For this discussion you will identify important issues that are discussed in Emma Find a. passage 6 8 lines that you feel captures the central message of the novel Type the passage at. the beginning of your post Then explain why you selected this passage and discuss what it. reveals about the novel s message At the end of your posting use your analysis of this passage. to respond to the critique that Austen does not discuss important issues You can agree or. disagree with this criticism, Concept prompt These prompts can be used to help students develop conceptual. understandings, Example Using the criteria we have developed in class for a true revolution provide an. example of a historical event that you believe either meets these criteria or does not Then. respond to a classmate s post categorize their event as an example or non example of a. revolution and include your reasoning you may need to do some research The goal of this. discussion is to expand and strengthen our understanding of what constitutes a revolution in. Question prompt An example of a prompt that encourages further discussion and posting. Example Post a question for your classmates After you have posted your question read and. respond to at least three questions that your classmates have posted. Sample student question to classmates Are private or public schools better Do you think that. there are more benefits in a private school or a public school Is one safer than the other Does. one have more opportunities than the other, Open forum Creating a permanent discussion area on your board for open discussion of.
anything related to your course is a good idea, Example You can use this area to discuss any topic related to the course or seek clarification. about readings or assignments, http depts washington edu swedtech 2011 04 21 using online discussion boards to.

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