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BCGA CODE OF PRACTICE 4,Industrial gas cylinder manifolds. and gas distribution pipework,excluding acetylene,Revision 4 2012. Copyright 2012 by British Compressed Gases, Association First printed 1986 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or, transmitted in any form or by any means electronic. or mechanical including photocopy without,permission from the publisher.
BRITISH COMPRESSED GASES ASSOCIATION,4a Mallard Way. Pride Park,Website www bcga co uk,ISSN 0260 4809,BCGA CP 4 Rev 4 2012. The British Compressed Gases Association BCGA was, established in l971 formed out of the British Acetylene. Association which existed since l901 BCGA members include. gas producers suppliers of gas handling equipment and users. operating in the compressed gas field, The main objectives of the Association are to further. technology to enhance safe practice and to prioritise. environmental protection in the supply and use of industrial. gases and we produce a host of publications to this end BCGA. also provides advice and makes representations on behalf of its. Members to regulatory bodies including the UK Government. Policy is determined by a Council elected from Member. Companies with detailed technical studies being undertaken by. a Technical Committee and its specialist Sub Committees. appointed for this purpose, BCGA makes strenuous efforts to ensure the accuracy and.
current relevance of its publications which are intended for use. by technically competent persons However this does not. remove the need for technical and managerial judgement in. practical situations Nor do they confer any immunity or. exemption from relevant legal requirements including by laws. For the assistance of users references are given either in the. text or Appendices to publications such as British European. and International Standards and Codes of Practice and current. legislation that may be applicable but no representation or. warranty can be given that these references are complete or. BCGA publications are reviewed and revised if necessary at. five yearly intervals or sooner where the need is recognised. Readers are advised to check the Association s website to ensure. that the copy in their possession is the current version. This document has been prepared by BCGA Technical Sub. Committee 1 This document replaces BCGA CP 4 Revision 3. 2005 It was approved for publication at BCGA Technical. Committee 143 This document was first published on. 18 07 2012 For comments on this document contact the. Association via the website www bcga co uk,BCGA CP 4 Rev 4 2012. Section Page,TERMINOLOGY FUNCTIONS AND DEFINITIONS 1. 1 INTRODUCTION 5,3 SUPPLY SYSTEMS 7,4 DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS 9. 5 DESIGN 11,5 1 General 11,5 2 General safety 11,5 2 1 Safety distances 11. 5 2 2 Location of supply systems 16,5 2 3 Example calculations 20.
5 3 Use points 22,5 4 Distribution pipework design 22. 5 4 1 Pressure drop 22,5 4 2 Velocity 23,6 MATERIAL COMPONENT SELECTION 24. 6 1 Materials of construction 24,6 2 Flexible hose assemblies 24. 6 3 Pigtail 24,6 4 Manifold 24,6 5 Regulators 24,6 6 Pressure gauges 24. 6 7 Pressure relief devices 24,6 8 Isolation valves 25.
6 9 Non return valves 25,BCGA CP 4 Rev 4 2012,Section Page. 6 10 Flash back arrestors 25,6 11 Filters 25,7 CONSTRUCTION INSTALLATION TEST 25. 7 1 Pipe bends 25,7 2 Flanges and fixings 25,7 3 Jointing materials 26. 7 4 Pipe fittings 26,7 5 Compression fittings 26,7 6 Pipe jointing 26. 7 7 Jointing techniques 27,7 7 1 Welding 27,7 7 2 Brazing 27.
7 7 3 Screw threads 27,7 8 Supports 28,7 9 Routing 28. 7 9 1 General 28,7 9 2 Routing in ducts 29,7 10 Underground routing 30. 7 10 1 General requirements 30,7 11 Protection 32,7 11 1 Painting 32. 7 11 2 Wrapping 32,7 11 3 Cathodic protection 32,7 12 Earth bonding electrical continuity etc 32. 7 13 Cleaning 32,7 14 Identification 32,BCGA CP 4 Rev 4 2012.
Section Page,7 15 Testing 33,7 15 1 General 33,7 15 2 Pressure test 33. 7 15 3 Types of pressure test 33,7 15 4 Applicable pressure tests 33. 7 15 5 Test medium 33,7 15 6 Determination of the test pressure 34. 7 15 7 Pressure retention test 34,7 16 Commissioning 34. 7 16 1 Anti confusion 34,7 16 2 Purging into service 35.
7 16 3 Service tests 35,7 17 Precautions 35,7 18 Provision of information 35. 8 USER OF THE PRESSURE SYSTEM 36,8 1 Operation information and training 36. 8 2 Maintenance 36,8 2 1 Weekly inspection 37,8 2 2 Annual inspection 37. 8 3 Repair and modification 38,8 4 Written scheme of examination 38. 8 5 Keeping records 38,8 6 The competent person 39.
9 REFERENCES 40,BCGA CP 4 Rev 4 2012,Section Page,APPENDICES. APPENDIX 1 Oxygen 45,APPENDIX 2 Nitrogen 47,APPENDIX 3 Argon 48. APPENDIX 4 Helium 49,APPENDIX 5 Hydrogen 50,APPENDIX 6 Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG 52. APPENDIX 7 Methane 54,APPENDIX 8 Carbon dioxide 56. APPENDIX 9 Mixed gases 58,APPENDIX 10 Plastic pipes 59.
APPENDIX 11 BCGA opinion on the use of gas cabinets 60. BCGA CP 4 Rev 4 2012,TERMINOLOGY FUNCTIONS AND DEFINITIONS. Shall Indicates a mandatory requirement for compliance with this. Code of Practice, Should Indicates the preferred requirement but is not mandatory for. compliance with this Code of Practice, May An option available to the user of this Code of Practice. Adiabatic compression Occurs when there is no heat transfer during the. compression of a gas either because of perfect insulation or. because the change in pressure is so rapid that there is. insufficient time for the heat which is generated to. dissipate This may happen if a valve in a system is opened. too quickly leading to rapid pressurisation of a system. This results in elevated temperatures and can lead to. ignition in some cases for example in oxygen systems See. Appendix 1, Analysis point A sensing point for determining the gas composition within. the pipework, Bursting disc A non re closing pressure relief device actuated by.
differential pressure and designed to function by the rupture. of the bursting disc, Contact type pressure A pressure sensing device with electrical contacts. gauge adjustable for a required pressure signal, Cylinder bundle A number of cylinders permanently manifolded to a. Manifolded Cylinder common outlet and contained in a rigid protective. Pallet MCP framework for ease of handling by forklift truck. Supply manifold A piping system connecting source pressure i e cylinders. cryogenic containers or cylinder packs to the distribution. Usually a manifold will consist of connecting pipes from. the cylinders or bundles or from cryogenic containers. feeding into a header with related valves and other devices. Cryogenic Appertaining to gases liquefied by deep refrigeration. Cryogenic container A vacuum insulated container containing a cryogenic fluid. BCGA CP 4 Rev 4 2012, Detonation A flame front which travels into the unreacted gas at a rate. above sonic usually several times the speed of sound. Detonation involves a sharp difference in pressure between. the reacted and unreacted gas The change from low, pressure of the unreacted gas to the high pressure produced. by the reacted gas takes place in a shock wave at the front. of the flame, Filter An element capable of restraining particles which may.
interfere with the operation of downstream equipment. Flashback arrestor A device which arrests a flame front and which is suitable. for the most severe type of flame which may occur e g. detonation It shall be effective in stopping a flame coming. from either one or both directions depending upon the. application and design Flashback may occur in systems. using flammable gases and other than in acetylene systems. will normally require a mixture of the flammable gas and. oxygen or the flammable gas and air to occur, Flowmeter A device for measuring gas flow by mass or volume. Orifice plate A plate with a sharp edged hole the dimensions of which. have been calculated to create a pressure drop with the. intention of limiting the flow through a system or providing. sampling points for instrumentation, Outlet point An assembly including an isolation valve together with. other features identified in Table 2 fitted at the termination. of the distribution pipework for connection of the user. Pigtail flexible hose A flexible connection between two components in the. assembly system It may be manufactured from coiled metal tube. pigtail or flexible elastomeric material hose, NOTE Gauge pressures are used except where otherwise stated. Pressure unit 1 bar 100 kPa 0 1 MPa 105 N m2 0 1 N mm2 14. Safe operating limits For the purpose of this Code of Practice the definition of. safe operating limits is restricted to the system design. pressure and the maximum minimum design temperatures. Design pressure The design pressure of the system is always less than or. equal to the lowest design pressure of any component in the. BCGA CP 4 Rev 4 2012, Supply system pressure Where the gas supply is from cylinders the minimum. system design pressure shall be equal to the developed. cylinder pressure at 60 C this information may be obtained. from the cylinder supplier, Where the gas supply is from a cryogenic container the.
design pressure is normally equal to the set pressure of the. highest protective device of the container, Distribution system pressure For the distribution system the design pressure is the lowest. rated pressure of any component in the system, Pressure drop The loss of pressure through the system due to frictional. forces and restrictions under flow conditions, High Pressure HP For the purposes of this code high pressure means greater. than 50 barg and is typically the source pressure, Low Pressure LP For the purposes of this code low pressure means a pressure. equal to or less than 50 barg and is typically the distribution. pressure i e after the pressure regulation, Main pressure A self governing device for regulating a variable inlet.
regulator pressure to the required outlet pressure When used to. regulate pressure from a high pressure permanent gas. source it is normal practice to use a multi stage regulator. Auto change unit A device used to ensure continuity of supply between dual. system gas supplies normally situated in the manifold. header and set to automatically change from the service. bank to the reserve bank at a predetermined pressure This. device commonly has integral pressure regulators, However where pressure regulators are not an integral part. of the unit a main pressure regulator is still required. Outlet point regulator A device for reducing distribution pipework pressure to that. required by the user,Pressure gauge A device that indicates pressure. Purging into service The safe removal of air or any other gas that may be present. in a system prior to the introduction of the service gas. Purging out of service Removal of the service gas from the system by replacement. with an inert gas,BCGA CP 4 Rev 4 2012, Header Pipework for collecting gas at cylinder pressure from one or. more cylinders or gas containers, Distribution The pipework downstream of the cylinder regulator or. manifold pressure regulator, Non return valve A self actuating valve which prevents the passage of gas in.
the opposite direction to the normal flow, Isolating valve A valve which gives positive shut off. Pressure relief valve A valve which automatically vents to prevent a dangerous. build up of pressure in a system when the pressure exceeds. a predetermined value The pressure relief valve, automatically reseats when the conditions causing the over. pressure are corrected, Pressure actuated shut A self actuating pressure limiting device which shuts off. off valve the supply if the pressure down stream of the manifold. regulator rises above the safe operating limit, Vaporiser A device for converting liquid to gas by heat transfer. Heater Sometimes required with certain gases to prevent. temperature drop or ensure complete vaporisation of. Safety shut off device Device which automatically shuts off the gas supply when. the set distribution pressure flow or temperature is. Regulator mounting A mounting block fitted to the header pipe or distribution. block pipe threaded to accept the regulator, Alarm Device which provides visual or audible warning of change.
in conditions such as pressure flow or temperature. Installation For the purpose of this Code of Practice the term. installation is the combination of the supply system and. distribution system,BCGA CP 4 Rev 4 2012,BCGA CODE OF PRACTICE 4. Industrial gas cylinder manifolds and gas distribution pipework. excluding acetylene,1 INTRODUCTION, This is one of a series of related British Compressed Gases Association BCGA Codes of. Practice CP under the following titles, CP 4 Industrial gas cylinder manifolds and gas distribution pipework excluding. CP 5 The design and construction of manifolds using acetylene gas from 1 5 bar. to a maximum working pressure of 17 bar 46, CP 6 The safe distribution of acetylene in the pressure range 0 1 5 bar 47. CP 7 The safe use of oxy fuel gas equipment individual portable or mobile. cylinder supply 48, CP 18 The safe storage handling and use of special gases in the micro electronics.
and other industries 49, The BCGA is grateful for the active help and co operation of the Health and Safety Executive. HSE in the preparation of these Codes of Practice, This document is not a Design Code The user of this Code of Practice shall make reference. where applicable to UK legislation and internationally recognised Standards where these. apply and to take into account the specific practices of the UK industrial gases companies. Users of gas processes having gas supplies from manifolds or pipework are recommended to. ensure that after the issuing of these Codes all new installations or modifications to existing. installations comply with the relevant Codes for the products or services involved. It is pointed out that the Codes represent the BCGA s view of minimum requirements for safe. This Code of Practice gives the minimum safety standards for the design construction. installation operation examination and maintenance of industrial gas supply manifolds and. associated distribution pipework of up to 54 mm nominal bore The manifolds are supplied. by gas cylinders filled to a settled pressure of up to 300 bar gauge at 15 C and maximum. working pressures of up to 50 bar gauge The maximum distribution pipework pressures are. limited to 50 bar gauge for any of the following industrial grade gases. Carbon Dioxide,BCGA CP 4 Rev 4 2012,Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Nitrous Oxide,Mixtures of the above gases, For higher purity gas systems special techniques are required and not addressed in this. This Code of Practice can also be used to design and construct single cylinder permanently. piped systems, Requirements for acetylene manifolds are given in BCGA CP 5 46.
Requirements for acetylene distribution are given in BCGA CP 6 47. Additional requirements for special gases are given in BCGA CP 18 49. Additional requirements for hydrogen systems larger than those covered by this code are. given in BCGA CP 33 51, 1 Storage of Gas Cylinders The risks relating to the storage of gas cylinders. are of a lower order than those of cylinders in use Guidance on the storage of. compressed gas cylinders is given in BCGA GN 2 Guidance for the storage of gas. cylinders in the workplace 52, 2 This code of practice does not include medical gas pipeline systems These. are covered by Department of Health Health Technical Memorandum HTM 02 01. 3 This Code of Practice may also be used as guidance for the design and. installation of gas distribution pipework systems supplied from for example. cryogenic container installations etc, 4 The Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations 1998 3 deal with the. safe installation maintenance and use of gas systems including gas fittings. appliances and flues mainly in domestic and commercial premises e g offices. shops public buildings and similar places The Regulations generally apply to any. gas as defined in the Gas Act 1986 1 amended by the Gas Act 1995 apart from. any gas comprising wholly or mainly of hydrogen when used in non domestic. premises Thus most industrial installations are not covered by the Regulations. Where the Regulations do apply such work shall only be carried out by persons. registered as competent on the Gas Safe Register, 5 Gas Safe Register is the official gas registration body for the United. Kingdom Isle of Man and Guernsey appointed by the relevant Health and Safety. Authority for each geographical area,BCGA CP 4 Rev 4 2012.
3 SUPPLY SYSTEMS, The supply system is that part of an installation from the outlet of the gas cylinder cylinder. pack or cryogenic container storage to the main pressure regulating equipment as shown in. Figure 1 The supply system shall be capable of withstanding maximum cylinder or. cryogenic container pressure refer to Terminology Functions and Definitions Pressure. Gas containers of different pressures or products shall not be connected to the same supply. manifold e g a cryogenic container shall never be connected to the same supply manifold as. a compressed gas cylinder, The schematic arrangement for supply systems in Figure 1 shows all the components. normally encountered for the range of gases covered by this Code of Practice Only a few. components will be required for most gases while others will be specific to individual gases. The schematic arrangement as shown is not intended for use as a specific installation Table. 1 identifies the various items and qualifies their status in respect of the various gases. Table 1 Gas Supply Component Relationship,Bursting disc or pressure relief valve. Main regulator or autochange with,Pigtail flexible hose assembly. Temperature control valve,Regulator mounting block.
Non return valve 4 or,Safety shut off device,High pressure gauge. GAS SUPPLY,Low pressure gauge,integral regulators,isolating valve 5. Cylinder valve s,Header valve,Purge valve,4 or 14 14. defined in 2 3 6 7 8 9 10A 10B 11 12 13 14 15,Oxygen E E E E N O E N N E O O R E R O. Nitrogen E E E E N O E O N E O O R E R O,Argon E E E E N O E O N E O O R E R O.
Hydrogen E E E E N R E N N E O O R E R O,Carbon E E E E O O E O O E O O R E R O. Dioxide from,E E E E E O E O E E N O O O O O,a dip tube. Helium E E E E N O E O N E O O R E R O,Methane E E E E N R E N N E O O R E R O. Nitrous E E E E N O E N N E O O R E R O,LPG gas E E E E N O E N N E O O O E O O. Mixed Gases See Appendix 9 Mixed Gases, The device used to prevent back feed must comply with BCGA GN 10 53.
E Essential R Recommended O Optional N Not Applicable.

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