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Writing BattleTech Line Developer Unit Stats and Record Sheets. Johannes Heidler Herb A Beas II Herbert A Beas II, Ken Horner Assistant Line Developer Sebastian Brocks. Daniel Isberner Ben H Rome Brent Evans,Kevin Killiany Jason Hansa. Aaron Pollyea Production Staff John Haward,Christopher Purnell Art Director Johannes Heidler. Craig Reed Brent Evans Ken Horner,Luke Robertson Assistant Art Director Jan Prowell. Jason Schmetzer Ray Arrastia Luke Robertson,Adam Sherwood Paul Sjardijn.
Joel Steverson,Geoff Swift,Andreas Zuber,Anthony Scroggins. Dan Sweikata,Patrick Wynne,Chris Wheeler,Product Development. Layout Cover Design,Ray Arrastia,a m Proofers and Fact Checkers. Jason Schmetzer,Development Assistance,Herbert A Beas II. Illustrations, S Roy Carl Rich Cencarik Stephen A Frabartolo Joshua.
Franklin William Gauthier Keith Hann Johannes Heidler. Iain MacLeod Jason Paulley Jan Prowell Luke Robertson. Andreas Rudolph Eric Salzman Mike Timbers ystein, Product Editing Tvedten Elliotte Want Chris Wheeler Matt Wilsbacher. Jason Schmetzer Patrick Wynne,STAR LEAGUE ERA CLAN INVASION ERA JIHAD ERA. 2013 The Topps Company Inc All Rights Reserved BattleTech Technical Readout 3145. Mercenaries Classic BattleTech BattleTech BattleMech and Mech are registered trademarks and. or trademarks of The Topps Company Inc in the United States and or other countries Catalyst. SUCCESSION WARS ERA CIVIL WAR ERA DARK AGE ERA Game Labs and the Catalyst Game Labs logo are trademarks of InMediaRes Productions LLC. Introduction, Even from the clearest most wholesome dreams one must always wake up. The ten years since Exarch Levin enacted Fortress Republic have been some of the most conflict filled years since the Succession Wars Without access to the leavening influence. of Terra and the Republic government the Inner Sphere s ancient powers have returned to conquest as their favored policy as if the golden years of Devlin Stone s Republic had. never been Cut off from Terra the former Prefectures I IX have fragmented and been gobbled up by the surrounding states. In preparation for the inevitable SIS and RAF intelligence have been building dossiers on notable military figures orders of battle for known and newly organized military units. and white papers on the probable intentions of the nearby politicians In this collection of material organized to identify and demonstrate the use of equipment and materiel in. prominent campaigns heavy with the use of mercenaries Republic officers will find a wealth of situational information. Though the BattleMech has reigned supreme since its introduction more than 600 years ago the last century has more than demonstrated the capabilities of other combat. arms The militaries of the Successor States took this lesson to heart shortly after the coming of the Clans and the trend has only continued since the feverish rearmament of the. 3130s and 40s The haphazard conversion of IndustrialMechs into armed MechMODs has given way to reopened factories for full up BattleMechs New factories have brought to. market new combat vehicles and aerospace fighters and infantry weapons and battlesuits proliferate as ever. Of course the Successor States have been working in secret much longer than we have And the Clans who s to say the Clans ever really stopped Certainly the Sea Foxes have. always made their fortune from the sale of arms to all factions With the recent frenzy to rearm the Foxes are selling more than ever to more customers than ever. Mercenaries have been a staple of the battlefield since long before the BattleMech and the unrest and disquiet of the Blackout brought a resurgence in the mercenary trade. that is both startling and disheartening There is much to admire about the professional soldier his courage his determination and his single minded discipline to the mission and. his word but not all mercenaries are professional Some like the stereotype are loyal not to their last coin but the highest coin. As the lifeblood of a realm transfers from the hand of the citizen to the hand of the soldier for hire it s important that the RAF be prepared to face the new equipment these. mercenaries are likely to field Some of it is being sold to them directly some they will no doubt claim in salvage or capture in battle some they will steal as the less honorable of. that sort always do,The soldiers of the RAF must be ready. The Republic demands no less,Paladin Janella Lakewood.
12 October 3145,Game Notes, Technical Readout 3145 Mercenaries covers a wide breadth of units and equipment To understand how these various units plug into the core BattleTech rulebooks it s useful. to cover how the various rulebooks interact,Standard Rules. The Total Warfare TW and TechManual TM rulebooks present the core game and construction rules for BattleTech BT otherwise referred to as the standard rules In addition to reflect. the advancement and proliferation of new technologies several Advanced Rules items from Tactical Operations have been reclassified as Standard Rules items for games set in the Dark Age era. Advanced Rules, Beyond the standard rules a legion of advanced rules exists allowing players to expand their games in any direction they desire In an effort to bring these rules to players in. the most logical form possible the advanced rules are contained in three staging core rulebooks each one staging up and building off of the previous rules set. Tactical Operations TO is the first in the staging advanced rulebooks Its focus is on special situations and advanced terrain during game play and applies directly to a game. as it unfolds on a world in the BattleTech universe. Strategic Operations SO is the second staging advanced rulebook It stages a player up to the next logi cal area of play focusing on in a solar system and multi game play. Interstellar Operations IO is the third and final staging advanced rulebook Players are staged up to the final level of play where they can assume the roles of a House lord. or Clan Khan and dominate the galaxy,How to Use this Technical Readout. Complete rules for using Mechs vehicles infantry battle armor fighters and DropShips in BattleTech game play can be found in Total Warfare while the rules for their construction can. be found in TechManual some equipment is detailed in Tactical Operations The rules for using JumpShips and WarShips as well as their construction rules can be found in Strategic Operations. The following three definitions are used to clarify the various types of equipment that appear in Technical Readout 3145 Mercenaries and are presented in the standard and. advanced rulebooks, Standard most of these work with Total Warfare rules only but some Advanced rules items may be present requiring Tactical Operations for full effect.
Advanced Any equipment mass produced in universe must have Tactical Operations and or Strategic Operations in addition to Total Warfare to use. Experimental Rules Any equipment not mass produced in universe because it is prohibitively expensive extraor dinarily sophisticated exceedingly difficult to maintain or. simply deemed too unreliable or restrictive for widespread deployment must have Tactical Operations and or Strategic Operations in addition to Total Warfare to use. Design Quirks, Every unit described in Technical Readout 3145 Mercenaries may have one or more listed positive and or negative Design Quirks see p 193 SO and p 204 TRO Prototypes. These quirks are included to give each design a unique flavor Use of these quirks is optional and should be agreed upon by all players before play begins. Spectre Stealth Battle Armor, The Spectre battlesuit was developed and deployed his troopers throughout the merce Notable Units. fielded by Protectorate Arms Conglomerate in nary base On his signal they began an assault. remarkably fast time Basing their product on from cover slaughtering the command staff Colonel Shmuel Israel Rabin Colonel Rabin. plans for various other battlesuits allowed them and much of the support staff in the first fusil commands the mercenary Magen David His. to leapfrog many of the initial development lade As the base defenses reacted MalDonaldo Infiltrator Mk II was damaged beyond repair. obstacles It has proliferated throughout the was killed by a Locust and the death of their in Capellan service during the invasion of the. Periphery reaching the Protectorate s Filtvelt charismatic leader broke the ad hoc regiment Republic He is still getting used to his Spectre. allies and the Raven Alliance in large numbers Scores were killed by Clean Kill BattleMechs be but no one doubts this expert in stealth op. Mercenaries have spread the Spectre through fore the Taurian Pride arrived The mercenaries erations will be far behind the lines reconnoi. out the rest of the Periphery and Inner Sphere were put to flight but the Spectres were almost tering enemy positions on the Magen David s. completely wiped out next contract,Capabilities Many battlesuit mercenary units have. The Spectre got its name from the excel formed and disappeared this century The Colonial Marshal Lena Rae Jacobs Marshal. lent Calderon Shield stealth armor that pro mercenary Magen David is one that has en Jacobs is an ace MechWarrior but she prefers. tects it from enemy sensors though the thin dured primarily because it does not limit it to operate in her Spectre battlesuit Criminal. shell fares poorly under fire The Spectre covers self to any one type of battlesuit Instead they activity on Herotitus has dropped dramatically. ground quickly but its mechanical jump boost purchase across the market Their Spectre since she assumed command of the Marshalry. er is not a true replacement for regular jump,jets Magnetic clamps adapted from the Fa Shih. battlesuit allow the Spectre to be carried into l e. Company led the reconnaissance of Second,Try in advance of the Capellan incursion.
Captain Xena Fonzarelli personally destroyed,there Her perpetual absence from her office ir. ritates the political leadership but she knows,safeguarding an entire planet is not something. battle but while its armament gives it better,combat ability than some early stealth suits it. cannot stand up to larger battle armor like the a mMesshorn s power plant by disabling the safe. ty interlocks before shutting off the cooling,water The resulting reactor explosion caught. to monitor through reports and status updates, Instead she patrols the fringes of the cities with.
her junior Marshals to ensure none fall prey to, Elemental or Kanazuchi S her before she could escape Elsewhere on. Second Try Lieutenant Andromache de,lingering organized crime elements leftover. since the world joined the Fronc Reaches, Deployment Carbondale captured the planetary governor. Convention holds large scale engage in a brilliant infiltration of the capitol escap. ments of the Spectre incredibly rare though ing the city with her prisoner before the reac. the Calderon Protectorate does not always tor went critical. subscribe to convention When the Taurian Wolf s Dragoons Gamma Regiment used. sponsored Clean Kill mercenaries landed co their Spectre squad in textbook fashion as. vertly Diik in 3105 they evaded detection advance scouts on Mauckport in the recent. while carrying out raids for months Captain Combine invasion of the Federated Suns The. Jere MalDonaldo of the Protectorate military planetary militia was so poorly equipped that. built a regiment out of Spectre battlesuits the squad captured most of the infantry com. available from the factory Even though most plement before the rest of Gamma arrived on. of the troopers were inexperienced once the world The conquest was quick once Gamma. mercenaries were discovered MalDonaldo made planetfall allowing the scouts to move. chose not to fade into the shadows and wait for ahead to Mansfield to gather intelligence for. the Second Taurian Pride to arrive Instead he the next step of the invasion. Spectre Stealth Battle Armor,Type Spectre,Manufacturer Protectorate Arms Conglomerate. Primary Factory Diik,Equipment Rating E X X F,Tech Base Inner Sphere.
Chassis Type Humanoid,Weight Class Light,Maximum Weight 750 kg. Battle Value,Swarm Leg Attack Mechanized AP Yes Yes Yes No. Notes Features the following Design Quirks Improved Communications. Equipment Slots Mass,Chassis 100 kg,Motive System,Ground MP 4 60 kg. Jump MP 1 0 kg,Manipulators,Battle Claw Vibro,Armor Value. Improved Stealth 5,6 1 Trooper,Weapons and Equipment.
David Light Gauss Rifle 20,Location Capacity Tonnage. LA 1 100 kg,Magnetic Clamps Body 2 30 kg,Mechanical Jump Booster 50 kg.

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