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A Word of Blake fleet lead by the Black Lion class Rays of Enlightenment moves to protect one of its Hidden Worlds the Ruins of Gabriel. Ejection and Abandoning Ship 26,INTRODUCTION 8 Fighters 26. Large Craft 27,Advanced Rules 8 Fighter Squadrons 27. Tactical Operations 8 Creating a Fighter Squadron 27. Strategic Operations 8 Using a Fighter Squadron 30. Interstellar Operations 9 Splitting a Fighter Squadron 34. Choose What You Like 9 Fuel Consumption Aerospace Units 34. Player Adjudication 9 Tactical Fuel Efficiency 34,Fiction 9 Strategic Fuel Efficiency 34. Fiction Vs Rules 9 Refueling 35,Fiction Vs Art 10 Fuel Consumption All Units 35. Components 10 HarJel 36,JumpShips 10 Gravitational Effects 36.
WarShips 10 Thresholds 36, Space Stations 10 Infantry Vs Infantry Actions Expanded 36. Record Sheets 11 Boarding for Damage Optional 37, Aerospace Record Sheets 11 Morale and Fatigue Outside of Game Play 38. Additional Record Sheets and Templates 13 Morale Outside of Game Play 39. Fatigue Outside of Game Play 41,THE NAVAL FACTOR 14 Moving Cargo 41. Aerospace Units 42, Mounting and Dismounting Units Outside of Game Play 42. Units and Personnel in Cargo Bays 43,GENERAL RULES 18 Orbital Obstacles 44.
Asteroids 44,Abstract Aerospace System 18 Debris 45. The Radar Map 18 Search And Rescue 45,Deploying Forces 19 Prisoners of War Optional 46. Abstract Ground Support 19 Aerospace SAR Optional 47. Abstract Air to Air Combat 21 Movement and Weapon Resolution Dice 47. Dropping Troops 22 Linked Scenarios 47,Atmospheric Drops 22 Assembling a Force 47. Space Drops for Orbital Insertion 23 Actions 47, Space Drops for Ground Units In Zero G Operations 24 Campaign Score 48. Winning the Campaign 49 Advanced Heat 96 Structural Costs 160. New Scenarios 49 Advanced Point Defense Weapons 96 Weapons and Equipment 160. Probe 49 Advanced Atmospheric Control Rolls 97 Final Unit Costs 160. Recon Raid 50 Ammunition 98 Calculating Advanced Aerospace Unit BV 160. Base Attack 50 Anti Aerospace Capital Laser Targeting Mode 99 Calculating Advanced Aerospace INTRODUCTION. Random Aerospace Assignment Tables 50 Attacking the Jump Sail 99 Offensive Battle Rating 160. Bracketing Fire Mode Space Stations 161, DESPERATE THRILL 58 Capital and Sub Capital Weapons Only 99 JumpShips 161.
Called Shots Mode 100 WarShips 161, Capital Missile Bearings Only Launch 100 Balancing Aerospace Unit Forces 161 GENERAL RULES. Capital Missile Preprogrammed,ADVANCED Waypoint Launches 102 HOUSE RULES 162. Capital Weapons Fire In Atmosphere 103,AEROSPACE Electronic Warfare 110 ADVANCED. MOVEMENT 62 Emergency Combat Heading Operation, DropShips and WarShips Only 113 MAINTENANCE AEROSPACE. Individual Weapons 114,Advanced Units 62,Large Craft and Sensor Shadows 114.
REPAIR SALVAGE AND,Movement Sub Phases 62,JumpShips 62. Over Penetration Weapons Fire 116 CUSTOMIZATION 166 ADVANCED. Space Bombing 116 AEROSPACE,WarShips 63, Targeting Capital Missiles 117 Optional Rules 166 COMBAT. Space Stations 63, Variable Damage Thresholds 117 Time Maintenance Repair Cycle 166. Advanced Initiative 63,Advanced Sensors 117 Skill Checks 167. Advanced Movement 64, Infrared Jump Signature Object 118 Unit Quality 167 ADVANCED.
Rotational Vectors 65, Emergence Wave Object 118 Support Personnel 168 AEROSPACE. Random Movement 66, Radio Triangulation Object 118 Technical Personnel 168 CONSTRUCTION. Lateral And Deceleration Movement 66,Drive Plumes Object 119 Medical Personnel 169. Special Maneuvers 66,Radar Object 119 Maintenance 169. Yawing and End Overs 66 Advanced Maintenance Optional 174. Optical Thermal Detection Object 119 MAINTENANCE,Docking 66 Mothballs Optional 175.
Zero G Ground Unit Combat 119 SALVAGE REPAIR, Flight and Transit Times 68 Repair and Replacement 175. BattleMechs 120 CUSTOMIZATION, Atmospheric Flight Times 68 Destroyed Vs Truly Destroyed 175. Weapon Attacks 120, Suborbital Flight Times 69 Mostly Dead Vs Truly Dead 176. Interplanetary Flight Times 69 Diagnosis 176,AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES 122. Landing and Liftoff Expanded 71 Obtaining Replacement Parts 178 BATTLEFORCE. Systems Status 71 Stockpiles Buying and Selling Optional 180 STANDARD RULES. Vertical Landing and Liftoff 72 Obtaining Replacement Personnel Optional 181. Water Landing and Liftoff,High Speed Closing Engagements.
ADVANCED Repairs and Replacements, Types of Closing Engagements 75 AEROSPACE UNITS Jury Rigging Optional. Medical Care,187 BATTLEFORCE, Sequence of Play 77 CONSTRUCTION 142 Natural Healing 187 ADVANCED RULES. Detection and Initial Maneuver Phase 77 Experience 187. The Basics of Advanced unit Design 142 Customization 188. Capital Missile Phase 79,Unit Type 142 Refit Kits 188. Meeting Engagement Phase 81 BATTLEFORCE,Technology Base 143 Customizing 189. End Phase 85 Salvage 191 CONVERSION RULES,High Speed Damage 85 Weight 143.
Special Cases 192,Hyperspace Travel 86 Space 143,Design Quirks Optional 193. Jump Points Outside of Game Play 86 Designing Advanced Aerospace Units 144 Positive Design Quirks 193. Charging the Drive Outside of Game Play 87 Step 1 Design the Chassis 144 Negative Design Quirks 196. Jump Calculations During Game Play 88 Choose Advanced Aerospace Unit Type 144 MINIATURES RULES. Jump Process Outside of Game Play 89 Choose Technology Base 144 WAR AND ITS MAKERS 200. Making a Jump During Game Play 89 Choose Weight 145. Allocate Weight for Structural Integrity 146, PUNITIVE STRIKE 90 Step 2 Install Engines and Control Systems 146. Install Engine 146 BATTLEFORCE INDEX,Determine Fuel Capacity 147. Determine Structural Integrity WarShips Only 148 STANDARD RULES 212. ADVANCED Determine K F Jump Capability,JumpShips and WarShips 148 Standard Rules 212. AEROSPACE COMBAT 94 Add Control Crew Systems 149 Advanced Rules 212 RECORD SHEETS. Special Enhancements 151 Conversion Rules 212, Advanced Aerospace Units Combat 94 Step 3 Add Heat Sinks 151 Terminology 212.
Firing Arcs 94 Step 4 Add Armor 152 BattleForce Versus Total Warfare 213. Hit Location 94 Step 5 Add Weapons Ammunition Game Terms 213. Critical Hit Effects 94 and Other Equipment 153 Rounding 213. Collisions and Ramming 94 Step 6 Complete the Record Sheet 159 Components 214. General Rules 94 Calculating Advanced Aerospace Unit Costs 160 Record Sheets 214. Advanced Anti Aircraft 94 Basic Cost Calculations 160 Dice 214. Maps and Miniatures 214 Screen Launchers 292,Counters 215. BAT TLEFORCE Space Station Attacks 293, A Note on Scale and the Rules 215 ADVANCED RULES 260 Space Bombers 293. Playing The Game 215 WarShips 293, Sequence of Play 215 Organization of Rules 260 Capital Weapons Fire in Atmosphere 293. Initiative Phase 215 Squadrons in Combat 295,Rules Level 260. Ground Movement Phase 215 Tele operated Missiles 295. Advanced Game Terms 260, Aerospace Atmospheric Movement Phase 215 Capital Missile Bearings Only.
Components 261,Aerospace Space Movement Phase 215, Record Sheets 261 Preprogrammed Waypoint Launches 295. Combat Phase 216,Counters 261 End Phase 295,End Phase 216. Playing the Game 262 Morale 295,Ground Movement Phase 216. Movement Basics 216 Initiative Phase 263 Loss of Leader Optional 297. Vehicles 218 Command Phase Optional 263 Commands Optional 298. Infantry 218 Ground Movement Phase 263 Chain of Command 298. Additional Movement Rules 219 Aerospace Atmospheric Movement Phase 263 Building the Chain of Command 298. Facing 219 Aerospace Space Movement Phase 263 Command Effects 302. Stacking 219 Combat Phase 263 Special Rules 308, Aerospace Atmospheric Movement Phase 220 End Phase 263 Abstract Ground Support Optional 308. Atmospheric Movement Basics 220 Initiative Phase 263 Abstract Space Support Optional 308. Liftoff Landing and Ground Movement 223 Initiative Modifiers 263 Alternate Munitions 308. Aerospace Space Movement Phase 224 Battlefield Intelligence Optional 263 Balancing Force Sizes Optional 310. Space Map Ground Map Interaction 224 Command Phase Optional 265 Buildings 311. Space Movement Basics 224 Command Points 265 Dropping Troops 313. Combat Phase 225 Additional Command Points Optional 265 ECM ECCM 314. Types of Attacks 225 Ejecting Abandoning Elements 314. Mobile Headquarters Command, Resolving Weapon Attacks 225 Environmental Conditions Optional 315.
Point Bonus Optional 266,Attack Declaration 225 Fire Optional 317. Abstract Command System Optional 266,Verify Line of Sight 225. Using Command Points 266 Hidden Units 320,Verify Firing Arc 226. Stacking Limit for Commands and Requests 269 Random Skill Rating Optional 320. Determine Range 226,Executing Commands 269 Separating Elements 322. Determine To Hit Number 227, Roll To Hit 228 Ground Movement Phase 270 Specialty Infantry 322.
Determine and Apply Damage 228 Alternating Movement Optional 270 Targeting and Tracking Systems Optional 323. Applying Damage 230 Advanced Movement 270 Terrain Conversion 323. Roll for Critical Hits 230 Advanced Terrain 270 Transporting Elements 324. Critical Hit Effects 230 Large Naval Vessel Support Vehicles and Airships 270 Squadrons Optional 326. Roll for Motive Systems Damage 231 Mobile Structures 270 Creating Squadrons 326. Physical Attacks 231 Aerospace Atmospheric Movement Phase 273 Force Generation 328. Resolving Physical Attacks 232 Alternating Movement Optional 273 Building Units Optional 328. Aerospace Attacks 233 Moving On and Between the Maps 273 Random Force Generation Optional 328. Overheating 236 Special Maneuvers 274 Determine Military Organization 329. End Phase 237 Aerospace Space Movement Phase 276 Determine Force Size and Formation 329. Damage 237 Space Movement Basics 276 Determine Force Rating 329. Heat 237 Alternate Movement Optional 277 Determine Force Weight Class 329. Shutdown 237 Advanced Movement Optional 277 Determine Force Composition 329. Cooling Down 237 Docking 277 Determine Force Experience 330. Preparing for Play 238 Towing 277 Determine Company Composition 333. Assembling Forces 238 Evasive Maneuvers 277 Determine Lance Composition 333. Determine Military Organization 238 Hyperspace Jump 277 Roll on Random Assignment Tables 334. Collecting Elements Into Units Formations 239 Ground Units in Zero G Operations 279. Determining Unit Weight Size Class 241 Fighter and DropShip Squadrons 279 WARFARE SYMBOLOGY 336. Setting Up 242 Combat Phase 279, Games With Space and Ground Maps 242 Core Combat Rules 279. Starting Positions 242 Verify Line of Sight LOS 282. BAT TLEFORCE,Creating Scenarios,Standup Fight,Artillery 285 CONVERSION RULES 342. Large Very Large and Super Large Support Vehicles 287. Hide and Seek 242 Minefields 287 Special Abilities 342. Hold The Line 242 Mobile Structures 290 Special Abilities Descriptions. Extraction 242 Aerospace Attacks 290 And Conversion Rules 345. Breakthrough 242 Boarding and Repelling 290 Active Probe PRB 345. Chase 242 Docked Elements 291 Advanced Fire Control AFC 345. Victory Conditions 243 Grappling 291 Aerospace Transport AT 345. Ground Units In Zero G Combat 291 Amphibious AMP 345. AEROSPACE OPERATIONS 244 Landing On The Hull 291 Angel ECM AECM 345. JumpShip Attacks 292 Anti Mech AM 345,Satellite Attacks 292. Anti Missile System AMS 345 S CNarc S CNARC 351 Armor 379. Artillery ARTX 345 Naval C3 NC3 351 Structure 379, Armored Component ARM 345 Off Road ORO 351 Aerospace Elements 380. Armored Motive System ARS 345 Omni OMNI 351 ProtoMechs 380. Atmospheric ATMO 345 Point Defense PNT 351 Critical Hits 380 INTRODUCTION. Autocannon AC X X X X 345 ProtoMech Transport PT 352 Converting Back to BattleForce 381. BAR BAR 345 Rail RAIL 352, Basic Fire Control BFC 346 Recon RCN 352 TWO SECONDS 382.
BattleMech HarJel BHJ 346 Remote Sensors Dispenser RSD 352. BattleMech Shield SHLD 346 Saw SAW 352 GENERAL RULES. Bloodhound BH 346 Screen SCR 352 386, Bomb BOMB 346 Searchlight SRCH 352 MINIATURES RULES. Booby Trab BT 346 Short Range Missile SRM X X X X 352. 3D Terrain Vs Paper Maps 386 ADVANCED,Bridgelayer BRID 346 Small Craft Transport ST 352. A Note On Sportsmanship 386 AEROSPACE, C3 C3I Boosted Systems C3BS 346 Space Defense System SDS 352. Components 387 MOVEMENT, C3 Emergency Master Computer C3EM 346 Space Ops Adaptation SOA 352. C3 Master Computer C3M 347 Spaceflight SPC 353,MechWarrior Dark Age and.
C3 Remote Sensor C3RS 347 Stealth STL 353 ADVANCED. Age of Destruction Miniatures 387, C3 Slave Computer C3S 347 Sub Capital SCAP 353 Terrain 387 AEROSPACE. C3 Improved Computer C3I 347 Super Large SLG 353 Playing the Game 387 COMBAT. Capital CAP 347 Target Acquisition Gear TAG 353 A Note On Scale And The Rules 387. Cargo CAR 348 Taser M BTAS 353 Level Elevation Altitude 388. Cargo Transport Kilotons CK 347 Tele operated Missile TELE 353 Ground Movement 388 ADVANCED. Cargo Transport Tons CT 347 Torpedo TOR 353 Movement Basics 388 AEROSPACE. CASE CASE II CASE CASE II 348 Triple Strength Myomer TSM 353 Facing 388 CONSTRUCTION. Door D 348 Turret TUR 353 Jumping 389, Drone DRO 348 Underwater Maneuvering Unit UMU 354 Stacking 389. Drone Carrier Control System DCC 348 Variable Range Targeting VRT 354 Making Piloting Driving Skill Rolls 391 MAINTENANCE. DropShip Transport DT 348 Vehicle Transport VTX 354 Movement on Pavement 391 SALVAGE REPAIR. Ejection Seat ES 348 Very Large VLG 354 Aerospace Movement 391 CUSTOMIZATION. VSTOL VSTOL 354 Atmospheric Movement 391,Electric Engine ELEC 348. Watchdog WAT 354 Combat 393,Electronic Countermeasures ECM 348. Converting New Rules 354 Line of Sight 393,Energy ENE 348 Firing Arcs 394 BATTLEFORCE.
Engineering ENG 348 Converting New Movement Modes 354. Converting New Terrain Types 354 Firing Weapons 395 STANDARD RULES. Environmental Sealing SEAL 349 Weapons and Equipment 396. Converting Total Warfare Piloting Gunnery Skills 355. Extended Mechanized XMEC 349 Destroying A Unit 396. Converting BT Elements to BattleForce 355,Fire Resistant FR 349 Physical Attacks 396. Conversion Process 355,Flak FLK X X X X 349 Buildings 396 BATTLEFORCE. Determine Element Composition 355, Flight Deck FD 349 Multi Section Buildings 397 ADVANCED RULES. Determining Weight Size Class 355,Heat HT 349 Movement Effects 397. Convert Movement Points MP,Helipad HELI 349 Combat Effects 397.
and Movement Modes 355,Hyperpulse Generator HPG 349 Support Vehicles 397. Converting Armor 357 Carrying Units 397 BATTLEFORCE. iNarc INARC 349,Converting Structure 358 Infantry 397. Indirect Fire IF 349 CONVERSION RULES,Converting Weapons 359 Conventional Infantry 397. Industrial TSM I TSM 349 Converting Heat 362,Infantry Transport IT 349 Infantry Combat 399. Determining Final Damage Value 362 Anti Mech Attacks 399. Kearny Fuchida Drive KF 350 Calculating Overheat Value Infantry Carriers 399. Large LG 350 Mechs and Aerospace Fighters Only 362 MINIATURES RULES. Aerospace Units 399, Leader LEAD 350 Converting Special Equipment to Special Abilities 362 Atmospheric Combat 399.
Light Active Probe LPRB 350 Determine Base Point Value 362 Quick Strike Rules 400. Light ECM LECM 350 Converting Conventional and Aerospace Fighters Game Terms 401. Light TAG LTAG 350 Fixed Wing and Airship Support Vehicles 363 Components 401. Lithium Fusion LF 350 Converting Battle Armor 364 Playing the Game 401 INDEX. Long Range Missiles LRM X X X X 350 Converting Conventional Infantry 364 Movement Phase 401. Maglev MAG 350 Converting Vehicles 365 Combat Phase 404. Mech Transport MT 350 Converting Small Craft and DropShips 366 End Phase 409. Mechanized MEC 350 Converting Satellites and Space Stations 367 Special Abilities 409. Melee MEL 350 RECORD SHEETS,Converting Mechs 368,Mimetic Armor System MAS LMAS. Mine Dispenser MDS,Converting Mobile Structures,Converting ProtoMechs. Minesweeper MSW 350 Converting Support Vehicles 371. Missile MSL 351 Converting Large Very Large RECORD SHEETS 414. Mobile Army Surgical Hospital MASH 351 and Super Large Support Vehicles 371. Mobile Field Base MFB,Mobile Headquarters MHQ,Converting WarShips. Converting BattleForce to BattleTech,TABLES 439,Project Concept David R Deitrick. Randall N Bills James Hauser,Brennan Letts,Project Development Chris Lewis.
Herbert A Beas II Duane Loose,Randall N Bills Matt Plog. Klaus Scherwinski,Franz Vohwinkel,Miniatures Painting Photography. Fiction Ray Adrian Gideon Arrastia CSO Coordinator. Paul Bowman William Sounguru Burt,Dan C Duval Chris Pendragon Dolega. Kevin Killiany Paul DarkMarauder Eckes,Mike Miller Dave Fanjoy. David L McCulloch Joel Psycho Hardwick,Steven Mohan Jr Ross SavageCoyote Hines.
Rules David Dak Kerber,Herbert A Beas II Frederic foxbat Lagoanere. Randall N Bills Steve MadDoc Livingston,Additional Rules Mark Hyena Maestas. Joel Bancroft Connors Ryan B1BFlyer Peterson,T rence Harris Mike Ogre Raper. Ben Ghostbear Rome additional photography,Chris Hartford. Ed Captain of the Watch Smith,David L McCulloch Drew Tai sa Williams.
Mike Miller Terrain, Luke Robertson William Sounguru Burt 2007 2008 Diorama. Maintenance Salvage Repair and Customization Dwin Craig GHQ Miniatures Ground Zero Games. David L McCulloch Herpa Miniature Models Iron Wind Metals. BattleForce Rules based on rules by Bryan Nystul David Dak Kerber Gabriel Base. Joel Steverson Map of the Inner Sphere,Miniatures Rules ystein Tvedten. Kirk Alderfer Map Diagrams,Ray Arrastia Ray Arrastia. Matt Murray Record Sheets,Rick Sardinas David L McCulloch. Product Editing Rita Tatum,Diane Piron Gelman,Additional Design and Development.
The following people have been involved in the creation and de. BattleTech Line Developer velopment of BattleTech rules either by writing material that was. Herbert A Beas II assimilated into the main body of the rules serving as the BattleTech. line developer in the past or otherwise contributing to the game in a. Production Staff major way, Art Direction Samuel B Baker Herb Beas Randall N Bills Forest G Brown. Randall N Bills Chuck Crain Chris Hartford Clare Hess Scott Jenkins J Andrew. Cover Art Keith James R Kellar Dale Kemper L R Butch Leeper Bryan Li. Franz Vohwinkel Brandi Jim Long David McCulloch Jim Musser Bryan Nystul Mike. Nystul Blaine Pardoe Boy F Peterson Jr Rick Raisley Ben Rome. Cover Design,Jerry Stenson Christoffer Trossen Wm John Wheeler. Matt Heerdt,BattleTech Logo Design Acknowledgements. Shane Hartley Steve Walker and Matt Heerdt To Chris Hartford for all the years of being the aerospace guy. Evolved Faction Logos Design and giving us a great framework off of which to expand. Jason Vargas To Joel Steverson for his fantastic work on BattleForce Not only. Graphic Presentation did he take the BattleForce 2 rules and notch them up in quality and. David M Stansel Garner presentation he adapted and expanded it to include almost every. Troy Stansel Garner thing under the sun that the current game line has to offer All while. Layout his own life was kicking him in the teeth Welcome to the club. To Joel Bancroft Conners for constantly digging deeper and. Matt Heerdt making sure that in my drive to create a yeah we ve got a rule for. Illustrations that mentality with the ground combat found in Tactical Opera. Doug Chaffee, tions I raised aerospace rules to the same high bar I hope we dark falcon darkstar2011 Davion deathknight69 Death. made them Zug proof or at least almost rider6 demi precentor worktroll diplominator dukeroyal. To Herb Beas for settling further and further into the role of elsni failure16 fireangel foxes teeth freak gaiiten gbscientist. the BattleTech line developer so I can move on to other things general308 geoff watson ghost0402 glitterboy2098 gojira01. To the core group of people who to one extent or another gomi goose gracus greywolfactual gus Harvey hunterada INTRODUCTION. have significantly contributed to transferring BattleTech to its ice trey idea weenie istal devalis jackmc jedibear jeyar. new home and to taking it to a new level Ray Arrastia Herb jibbajabbawocky jimdigris jink rum jmiles2 jungle boy. Beas Loren Coleman Warner Doles David M Stansel Garner kit desummersville kobra kojak kuttsinister7 Leon Shirow. Diane Piron Gelman Jason Hardy Chris Hartford Jason Knight lissette woo lyonheart mad malefactor malakar martius. Chris Lewis David McCulloch Ben Rome Matt Plog Paul mattlov max francis vard minchandre mock26 mostro joe GENERAL RULES. Sjardijn Peter Smith Scott Taylor Christoffer Trossen ystein mystic nan nightlord01 nikita oldfart3025 omaharenegade. Tvedten Jason Vargas and the fanatic core of fact checkers panzerfaust150 perkinsc peter smith praetorian prometheus. and playtesters who worked under urgent data requests fire purpledragon rage redshirt revanche rexor k Rick Rais. more often than we d like to admit ley rommel twee shadow slayer shadow walker shadow6 ADVANCED. To Ray Arrastia our own Renaissance man sculpting paint shatara shijima shockwave sierra gulf skiltao sldf spector AEROSPACE. ing illustration graphic design and layout just don t start snake eyes sudedei sushi talz teamnutmeg tel hazen tor MOVEMENT. writing or you may put some authors out of a job rent truegrit truetanker twycross urgru vandal vega obscura. To Diane Piron Gelman for always stepping up to edit an vorpal wantec warchicken wasp weirdguy weirdo welshman. other giant tome werewolf whistler wildfire wolf lancer 4 wolfspider wrangler ADVANCED. To the CGL Demo Team for continued support Let s get zone of alienation AEROSPACE. some cool aerospace games going COMBAT, To the camospecs com team who always step up no matter Special Thanks.
how many curve balls I throw To the Aerospace Cabal Joel Welshman Bancroft Connors. Jason Donahue T rence Weirdo Zug Harris Mike Miller Luke ADVANCED. Playtesters Proofers Fact Checkers Jellico Robertson and Christopher K Goose Searls I ve tried AEROSPACE. Joel Agee Kirk RommelTwee Alderfer Ray Adrian Gideon hard to interact with the community over the years taking CONSTRUCTION. Arrastia Chuck Chaffins Joel Bancroft Connors Ron Barter their dedication and passion and using that to increase the. Brian cache Benzing Paul Blackhorse Bowman James Rich quality of our products The creation of the Aerospace Cabal. ard Brown Joshua Sweeper Brumley William Sounguru Burt and their work on Strategic Operations took that to a new level MAINTENANCE. Roy Wolf Lancer 4 Carl Scott Gnollyn Crandall Aaron Jalinth as I directly tapped into players expertise to hopefully fill in so SALVAGE REPAIR. Davis Konstantin Dika Brent Dill Nicolai Wolf Mav969 Duda many of the gaps left in aerospace rules across so many years I CUSTOMIZATION. Dan Eastwood Roberta Fallguy Elder Tami McKenna Elder believe I can finally say that this is the rules set aerospace fans. Roy Davion Falo Dave Fanjoy Thomas Ferrell Bruce Ford have been waiting for. Anthony Hardenburgh T rence Harris John Worktroll Haward. Dedication BATTLEFORCE, Ross Savage Coyote Hines Glenn Hopkins John Bleusman. Hudson Lynne Devessi Hunt Rich Hunter Hunt Jan Hendrik As this book is really volume two of Tactical Operations I must STANDARD RULES. Kalusche David Kerber Rodney Klatt Michael Konan Koning again dedicate this book to my fantastic all too forgiving wife. Alan Brainburner Kreilick Edward Tenaka Furey Lafferty Jay Again please give Tara a giant round of thanks if you like these. Lawson Edward Lott Tami Lynx Mark Hyena Maestas Chris core rulebooks as they wouldn t exist without her support. BATTLEFORCE, Alex Knight Marti Eberhard Rote Baron von Massenbach. Brian McAuliffe Tim McAuliffe Mike Miller Jeff Morgan Matt 2011 The Topps Company Inc All Rights Reserved BattleTech ADVANCED RULES. Blarg D Impaler Murray Darrell FlailingDeath Myers Justin Strategic Operations Classic BattleTech BattleTech Mech Bat. iamclanwolf Nelson Andrew Norris Jason Paulley William tleMech and MechWarrior are registered trademarks and or. J incrdibl Pennington Michael Pfister Aaron Gravedigger trademarks of The Topps Company Inc in the United States and. Pollyea Jim Rapkins Rick Rick Steele Remer Kevin Roof Luke or other countries No part of this work may be reproduced stored BATTLEFORCE. Robertson Andreas Gaiiten Rudolph Eric Mendrugo Salz in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means CONVERSION RULES. man Rick Sardinas Bj rn Keiran Schmidt Christopher K Searls without the prior permission in writing of the Copyright Owner. Chris Sheldon Paul Sjardijn Jeff Skidmore Ed Captain of the nor be otherwise circulated in any form other than that in which. Watch Smith Peter Smith played by Peter Smith Sam Wasp it is published. Snell Joel Steverson John Surette Geoff 97jedi Swift Roland MINIATURES RULES. Ruger Thigpen Christopher J Thomas Colin CharlieTango Corrected Second Printing. Toenjes ystein Tvedten Jason Panzerfaust 150 Weiser Law Published by Catalyst Game Labs. rence Wigg Chris Chinless Wheeler Paul Weasel Wolf Patrick an imprint of InMediaRes Productions LLC. Wynne OPFOR Kiel Andreas Rico Basener Sven Wallace Gorny PMB 202 303 91st Ave NE E502 Lake Stevens WA 98258. Bj rn Cunningham Grammatke Jan Hendrik Korsar Kalusche INDEX. Alexander Guyver Krohn Jan Fastjack R ther Michael JackTF FIND US ONLINE. Schulz Steel City MechWarriors Rich Cencarik Charlie Cogley Precentor martial classicbattletech com. Rich Darr Brian Golightly Dave Lang Drew Martin e mail address for any BattleTech questions. http www battletech com,Additional Thanks RECORD SHEETS. official BattleTech web pages, To the following on line players that provided great sugges. tions off of which many of the rules in this book were built http www CatalystGameLabs com. 3rdcrucislancers abandon adept dave Baughman agen apar Catalyst web pages. biter asano atlas3060 auren awprime axeman89 bean2213 http www battlecorps com catalog. bedwyr Blackhorse 6 blacksheep bluedragon7 bluetiger online ordering. boilerman bored lyron,bored lyron boyscout,boyscout bryanc.
bryanc bulldog79,bulldog79 cache,cannonshop captainjohn casper. casper chaos cat charlie tango, chrisxa cobrausn coelacanth daemion dark jackal dark jaguar. The Total Warfare TW and TechManual TM rulebooks present Building on Total Warfare and TechManual Tactical Operations. the core game and construction rules for BattleTech BT otherwise conveys many advanced rules for movement and combat across. referred to as the standard rules These two volumes encompass various units while expanding core rules such as those for build. eight core unit types several of which contain numerous sub ings and implementing a host of advanced terrain and weather. unit types and a host of weapons and rules as well as covering rules Rules for the construction and use of advanced Support. many different game situations However despite the breadth of Vehicles are presented as well as advanced and prototype con. play covered many game situations still fall outside those rules struction options and weapons for use by almost every unit. not to mention a plethora of more advanced equipment as well. as a few advanced units STRATEGIC OPERATIONS,Forces in solar system. ADVANCED RULES Beginning burn to planet,Conflict expected to last weeks to achieve object. Beyond the standard rules a legion of advanced rules exists al BattleTech Strategic Operations SO is the rulebook you hold. lowing players to expand their games in any direction they desire in your hands and is the second staging Advanced Rulebook It. In an effort to bring these rules to players in the most logical form stages a player up to the next logical area of play focusing on. possible the advanced rules are contained in three staging core in a solar system and multi game play its rules represent weeks. rulebooks each one staging up and building off of the previous within the BattleTech universe the time frame needed for several. rules set Additionally each one focuses on a particular in uni battles to conquer an entire solar system. verse time frame that will allow players to easily grasp where a Strategic Operations contains advanced movement and combat. given rulebook will plug into their existing game play operations emphasizing the importance of aerospace units while. extensive rules cover combat drops of numerous troop types into. TACTICAL OPERATIONS any situation Linked scenarios and comprehensive maintenance. SitRep salvage repair and customization rules provide an easy format for. Forces on world players to turn multiple games into an interconnected campaign. Conflict expected to last mere hours to achieve object to capture a target system where the support crew of technicians. and doctors and their skills can be just as important as any war. BattleTech Tactical Operations TO is the first in the staging rior Complete game play and construction rules for advanced. Advanced Rulebooks Its focus is during game play and applies aerospace units are also included Finally a complete game sys. directly to a game as it unfolds on a world in the BattleTech uni tem BattleForce allows players to use their existing miniatures. verse its rules represent hours in universe the time frame it takes and mapsheets to play quick fast paced BattleTech games from. for a single moderate sized battle to play out on a gaming table small scale skirmishes to large scale planetary invasions. This book contains a number of rules changes from pre PLAYER ADJUDICATION. vious editions We feel confident that these are the most An advanced rules book for any game is almost by defini. complete clear and concise advanced rules for BattleTech ever tion more complex In a game system with such a long and. presented rich heritage as BattleTech this rulebook alone draws from. INTRODUCTION, These rules supersede all previously published rules includ dozens of different sources across a large number of years.
ing the BattleTech Manual BattleTech Compendium BattleTech that complexity is even greater Developers and writers have. Compendium The Rules of Warfare BattleTech Master Rules gone to great effort to make these rules as comprehensive as. standard and revised editions Combat Operations AeroTech possible not only from one section to the next in this book. First Second and revised editions and BattleForce First and but in how such advanced weapons and rules interact with GENERAL RULES. Second editions the core game and construction rules as presented in Total. To use the construction rules designers will need paper and Warfare and TechManual However the sheer scope of Stra. pencils as well as copies of the Blank Record Sheets found at tegic Operations as with Tactical Operation and the plethora ADVANCED. the back of this book Due to the complexities involved with of options provided means that it is not possible to cover all AEROSPACE. the construction of the Advanced Aerospace Units a calcula potential situations Once this product reaches the players MOVEMENT. tor will be handy as well hands they ll envision scenarios and create situations on a. game board that never crossed the minds of the developers or. INTERSTELLAR OPERATIONS the legion of authors and playtesters that thoroughly worked ADVANCED. SitRep over this product AEROSPACE,Forces marshaled COMBAT. With that in mind when players encounter situations not. Flotillas assigned to target solar systems covered in the rules as they integrate the contents of Strategic. Conflict expected to last months to achieve objects Operations into their playing group they are encouraged to ADVANCED. adjudicate each situation appropriately make up the rules AEROSPACE. BattleTech Interstellar Operations IO is the third and final that work for you If in the process a playing group runs into CONSTRUCTION. staging Advanced Rulebook Players are staged up to the an argument feel free to let a die roll resolve any disputes so. final level of play where they can assume the roles of a House you can return to playing the game and having fun. Lord or Clan Khan and dominate the galaxy IO rules represent MAINTENANCE. Finally the forums on www classicbattletech com are an. SALVAGE REPAIR, months in the BattleTech universe the time frame for conquer excellent resource Players can tap into a strong and vibrant. CUSTOMIZATION, ing numerous star systems online community tapping a wide selection of players for dif. Interstellar Operations contains complete rules for gen ferent ideas on how best to adjudicate a particular situation. erating and running any type or size of force as well as the. BATTLEFORCE, BattleTech Strategic Game The Inner Sphere in Flames This com. STANDARD RULES, prehensive rules set governs the running of an entire faction s.
military as a player tries to conquer or defend numerous solar. systems More importantly the Strategic Game contains rules. that allow players to stage any portion of a given conflict back As described in Total Warfare and TechManual fiction BATTLEFORCE. through the various rule sets as they desire from the simple plays a pivotal role in bringing the BattleTech universe to life ADVANCED RULES. easy to use rules of conflict for the Strategic Game down to Whether story fiction that places readers inside the heads of. BattleForce or all the way back down to a standard BattleTech the characters in that universe or sourcebook fiction that. game as presented in Total Warfare and Tactical Operations places the reader in the universe as though living among BATTLEFORCE. Players have complete flexibility for any type of conflict in those characters both work hand in hand to immerse players CONVERSION RULES. which they wish to engage in this vibrant milieu, Total Warfare concentrated on story fiction while TechMan. CHOOSE WHAT YOU LIKE ual concentrated on sourcebook fiction Strategic Operations. As previously noted Strategic Operations encapsulates a covers something of a middle ground with various story and MINIATURES RULES. myriad of advanced rules In effect all the rules and weapons sourcebook fiction sections found throughout the book. equipment in this volume are optional This means you can. use as many or as few of the rules in this book as you want In FICTION VS RULES. fact this book contains so many new rules that we recommend It is important to remember that regardless of the critical. you try them out a few at a time rather than attempting to role fiction plays in immersing players in the BattleTech uni INDEX. use them all at once Furthermore most of the new rules and verse such fiction should never be construed as rules As with. equipment here can be added individually to a standard game Total Warfare TechManual and Tactical Operations to eliminate. You can add rules and pieces of equipment to your game one at confusion about which sections are fiction and which are rules. a time most of the rules do not rely on other rules in this book the fiction sections have a unique look compared to the RECORD SHEETS. to work in existing BattleTech games This allows you to tailor uniform presentation of the various rules sections All fiction. your BattleTech game to your taste by including only those rules sections are italicized in the table of contents. that you find make the game more interesting or fun Use what. ever new rules and equipment you want and disregard the rest FICTION VS ART. Given the scope of the rules and the fact that they are optional Strategic Operations follows the graphic design format. all players in a group should read through and agree to the use established by Total Warfare TechManual and Tactical Opera. of any of these rules and weapons equipment tions wedding art to the book s visual presentation in order. to enhance the players experience In this case role though the wild variations in size and use of. the graphic presentation represents a computer WarShips means that some vessels fall outside the. from House Marik s Lloyd Marik Stanley Aero categories shown below. space School one of the Inner Sphere s largest, and most advanced universities for the teaching Raider 100 000 to 150 000 tons. of all aspects of aerospace travel piloting and Corvette 150 000 to 250 000 tons. combat Destroyer 250 000 to 550 000 tons, As with fiction while art plays an important Frigate 500 000 to 750 000 tons. role in bringing the BattleTech universe to life it Light Cruiser 600 000 to 725 000 tons. should never be construed as rules Cruiser 700 000 to 800 000 tons. Heavy Cruiser 800 000 to 1 000 000 tons,Battle Cruiser 750 000 to 1 400 000 tons. COMPONENTS Battleship 1 000 000 to 2 500 000 tons,Surveillance Transport and Carriers No.
weight restrictions,Page 26 of Total Warfare as well as p 13 of. TM discusses several units that exist in the Bat Small WarShips. tleTech universe but fall outside the purview of Small WarShips weigh less than 750 000 tons. the standard rules game and construction rule These armed and armored JumpShips normally. books Those units are discussed here serve as escorts providing protection for Jump. Ships and DropShip fleets Many commanders, JUMPSHIPS also employ them as strategic assets allowing. JumpShips provide the only means of trans them to accompany DropShips all the way to the Small WarShip. portation between the far flung star systems destination planet Upon arrival they establish a. of the Inner Sphere the Periphery and beyond geosynchronous orbit that allows them to react. These vessels make interstellar leaps of 30 light either to enemy troop movement on the ground. years at a time by harnessing the radiant energy with tactical orbital bombardments or to the threat. of the stars with their huge solar energy sails and of incoming reinforcements. Kearny Fuchida hyperdrive technology Jump, Ships are primarily used to transport DropShips Large WarShips. between star systems Large WarShips range in weight from 750 000. to a mammoth 2 500 000 tons Employed almost, WARSHIPS exclusively as protection for JumpShip fleets a Large WarShip. Heavily armored massively armed and highly large WarShip rarely uses its massive destructive. mobile the military JumpShips known as War firepower against ground targets Because of their. Ships generally have the firepower to destroy sheer size and firepower most large WarShips need. even an assault DropShip with a single volley only fear another large WarShip. They usually need only fear another WarShip, As with DropShips their myriad sizes and de SPACE STATIONS.
signs create two types of categories both based Numerous orbital facilities colloquially known as. on size though their intended role comes into Space Stations serve multiple functions through. play in the second type of categorization The out the Inner Sphere From factories to habitats. first category type is simple demarcation be shipyards to system defense stations all of these. tween small and large as explained below The facilities fall into one of three broad groups low Space Station. second type of classification combines size and orbit geosynchronous or stable point stations. RECORD SHEETS,Advanced F B,ADVANCED AEROSPACE MOVEMENT SHEET D. Players use the following record sheets to track various VELOCITY RECORD ADVANCED MOVEMENT INTRODUCTION. types of information while playing BattleTech Each type of. Unit A vector is active if thrust is applied while the unit is facing that hexside. A vector is inactive if the unit spends no thrust to move through that. Turn Velocity hexside,Thrust Facing A B C D E F Fuel. unit JumpShips WarShips and Space Stations uses a unique. Each time a unit spends thrust note down that number on the record. sheet in the appropriate vector the vector of the unit s facing Next. 1 determine the effect of spending thrust by consolidating the active vectors. 2 First consolidate any active opposing vectors see Opposing Vectors. record sheet Blank Record Sheets are provided at the back 3. diagram by subtracting the lowest thrust value from both vectors reducing. one vector to 0, Next consolidate the oblique vectors see Oblique Vectors diagram. of this rulebook for all unit types How they work and which 5. When any pair of oblique vectors is active subtract the lowest of the two. thrust values from both vectors or from both if they are equal reducing. GENERAL RULES, 6 one or both oblique vectors to 0 and add the same value to the thrust. record sheets should be used for each unit type featured in. value of the vector in between, 7 After consolidating all vectors a unit should have no more than two.
active vectors,this book are outlined below 9,OPPOSING VECTORS. If both vectors marked with,arrows are active subtract an. equal amount from both until only E C E C E C,11 one of them is active D D D. Construction 13,OBLIQUE VECTORS,If both vector markers are. active subtract an equal amount,A ADVANCED, As noted in TechManual at the end of the design process.
from both and add that amount to D X,vector X E C E C. for any construction rules presented in this volume each 17 X. 18 F B F B, designer must translate his or her unit from its raw statistics. 19 E C F B E C, to an appropriate record sheet in order to use it properly in a VELOCITY RECORD VELOCITY RECORD. game of BattleTech,Turn Velocity Turn Velocity, Thrust Facing A B C D E F Fuel Thrust Facing A B C D E F Fuel AEROSPACE. AEROSPACE RECORD SHEETS, Based on unit type the three aerospace unit record sheets 5.
have a different appearance but use the same overall layout 7. and core components These record sheets are JumpShip 9. WarShip and Space Station 11,CONSTRUCTION,Advanced Aerospace Movement Sheet The Advanced 13. Aerospace Movement Sheet is not a specific unit record sheet 15. MAINTENANCE, but instead can be used in conjunction with any other aero 17 17. SALVAGE REPAIR, space record sheet either from this rulebook or TechManual. CUSTOMIZATION, allowing players to easily track advanced vector movement 2011 The Topps Company Inc BattleTech Mech and BattleMech are trademarks of The Topps Company Inc All rights reserved. Catalyst Game Labs and the Catalyst Game Labs logo are trademarks of InMediaRes Production LLC Permission to photocopy for personal use. rules see Advanced Movement p 64,BATTLEFORCE,STANDARD RULES.
BATTLEFORCE,ADVANCED RULES,BATTLEFORCE,CONVERSION RULES. MINIATURES RULES,RECORD SHEETS, Clan Ghost Bear and Clan Nova Cat engage in a fierce naval battle in the Alshain system. Fighter Squadron Record Sheet The Fighter Squadron Re TM. cord Sheet doesn t represent a new unit type so much as a new SQUADRON. unit formation and a way to track those details However most of SHEET. the information on that sheet follows the same data blocks as out SQUADRON DATA Name. Starting AV Heat Each Range,Gunnery Skill,Starting AV Heat Each. Piloting Skill,Safe Thrust,Starting AV,Max Thrust,Heat Each Range. lined below for more information see Fighter Squadrons p 27. Weapon Bay Loc Current Each Current Total Bracket Weapon Bay Loc Current Each Current Total Bracket Weapon Bay Loc Current Each Current Total Bracket. Tech Base Inner Sphere Clan Total Heat Capacity Current Total Fuel SI. FIGHTERDATA, The Unit Data block for aerospace units varies by name with Ftr 1.
2 4 D Gear 5,Total Armor Fatal, Weapons and Equipment Loc Ht AV Range Weapons and Equipment Loc Ht AV Range. the unit type JumpShip Data for JumpShips WarShip Data for Avionics. WarShips and so forth Located in the upper left corner this sec FCS. Life Support, tion of the record sheet lists the unit s most important statistics Ftr 2. Engine 2 4 D Gear 5,Total Armor Fatal, Weapons and Equipment Loc Ht AV Range Weapons and Equipment Loc Ht AV Range. including its model Type weight Tonnage Thrust Points Safe Avionics. Max or Station Keeping Weapons Inventory Cost and Battle. FCS 2 4 D Max HS Fuel,Life Support 2 Pilot 1 2 3 4 5 D G P. Value JumpShips WarShips and Space Stations which can pos Ftr 3. Engine 2 4 D Gear 5,Total Armor Fatal, Weapons and Equipment Loc Ht AV Range Weapons and Equipment Loc Ht AV Range.
sess fighter and other unit bays may note their complement of. Avionics 1 2 5 Thrust,Sensors 1 2 5 Safe,FCS 2 4 D Max HS Fuel. such units followed by the number of functioning doors on the Life Support. 2 Pilot 1 2 3 4 5 D G P,Total Armor Fatal SI, vessel capable of releasing these units during game play. Weapons and Equipment Loc Ht AV Range Weapons and Equipment Loc Ht AV Range. Engine Threshold,2 4 D Gear 5,Avionics 1 2 5 Thrust. In the Weapons Inventory weapons of identical types and loca Sensors. Max HS Fuel, tion may be combined on a single line to conserve space Unlike Life Support Pilot G P. 2 1 2 3 4 5 D, Ftr 5 Total Armor Fatal SI Weapons and Equipment Loc Ht AV Range Weapons and Equipment Loc Ht AV Range.
Mechs and vehicles however multiple weapons in the same firing Engine Threshold. 2 4 D Gear 5,Avionics 1 2 5 Thrust, arc or the same bay for DropShips must note their total com. Sensors 1 2 5 Safe,FCS 2 4 D Max HS Fuel,Life Support Pilot G P. bined heat and Damage Values at each range bracket as these. 2 1 2 3 4 5 D, Ftr 6 Total Armor Fatal SI Weapons and Equipment Loc Ht AV Range Weapons and Equipment Loc Ht AV Range. units generally fire their weapons by arc or bay Unlike other units. Engine 2 4 D Gear 5,Avionics 1 2 5 Thrust,Sensors 1 2 5 Safe. aerospace units do not list weapon ranges in hexes but rather list FCS. Life Support, the damage their weapons can deliver at each range bracket with VELOCITY RECORD.
a value of 0 or a dash for any bracket beyond the weapon s range Turn. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20. Ammunition is noted on a separate line designers can track such. Effective Velocity, munitions there or in the Notes block 2011 The Topps Company Inc BattleTech Mech and BattleMech are trademarks of The Topps Company Inc All rights reserved. Catalyst Game Labs and the Catalyst Game Labs logo are trademarks of InMediaRes Production LLC Permission to photocopy for personal use. Aerospace units that have access to capital missile weapons. should list damage in standard and capital scale To translate. standard scale damage into capital scale damage divide the. Damage Value for the weapon in standard scale by 10 and round TM. ARMOR DIAGRAM, normally When listing Damage Values the appropriate format is Capital Scale. to list the capital value first followed by the standard damage in JUMPSHIP RECORD SHEET. Nose Damage Threshold,Total Armor,parentheses JUMPSHIP DATA. Name Tonnage Fore Left Damage Fore Right Damage,Threshold Total Armor Threshold Total Armor. Thrust Tech Base,Pilot Crew Data Station Keeping Only Clan.
Inner Sphere,DropShip Capacity, This block lists the name skills and condition of the unit s pilot Fighters Small Craft Launch Rate. or crew Weapons Equipment Inventory,Capital Scale,Standard Scale. 1 12 13 24 25 40 41 50,1 6 6 12 13 20 21 25,Bay Loc Ht SRV MRV LRV ERV. Structural,Critical Damage, All aerospace units include a block for tracking possible effects. of critical damage The equivalent of a Critical Hits Table this sec Sail Integrity. tion is pre generated and varies only slightly by unit type Docking Collars. Armor Diagram, The Armor Diagram for aerospace units fills most of the right.
hand side of the unit s record sheet It outlines each of the main. Aft Left Damage Aft Right Damage,Threshold Total Armor Threshold Total Armor. body locations found on the unit and surrounds a single area Aft Damage Threshold. Total Armor, shaded in gray that represents the unit s structural integrity CREW DATA CRITICAL DAMAGE. Avionics 1 2 5, When finalizing the design of an aerospace unit the designer. Gunnery Skill Piloting Skill 2,Hits Taken 1 2 3 4 5 6 CIC 2 4 D. must black out all excess armor and structural integrity circles Ammo. Sensors 1 2 5,squares by location,Passengers Elementals.
Cost BV Other Battle Armor,Life Boats Escape Pods Left 1 2 3 D. Capital Scale Armor JumpShips WarShips and Space Stations VELOCITY RECORD Right 1 2 3 D. track armor using capital scale 10 x standard scale To help differ Turn. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10,Engine 1 2 3 4 5 D, entiate capital scale from standard scale armor tracking on other Effective Velocity. Heat Sinks Heat Generation Per Arc, aerospace units these record sheets use squares for each armor Turn. 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20,Left Right Fore,Single Left Right Broadside. point in place of circles Effective Velocity,Left Right Aft.
2011 The Topps Company Inc BattleTech Mech and BattleMech are trademarks of The Topps Company Inc All rights reserved. Catalyst Game Labs and the Catalyst Game Labs logo are trademarks of InMediaRes Production LLC Permission to photocopy for personal use. Heat Scale,ARMOR DIAGRAM,Capital Scale, JumpShips WarShips and Space Stations which operate on. Nose Damage Threshold,Total Armor, a zero net heat principle do not use a Heat Scale nor do they. WARSHIP RECORD SHEET, track the number of sinks on the ship using circles Instead. WARSHIP DATA,INTRODUCTION,Name Tonnage Fore Left Damage Fore Right Damage. these units list the number of heat sinks checking off their. type single or double and their heat capacity in parentheses. Threshold Total Armor Threshold Total Armor,Thrust Tech Base.
Safe Thrust Clan, These units also must note the total number of heat points for. Maximum Thrust Inner Sphere,DropShip Capacity,Fighters Small Craft Launch Rate. Weapons Equipment Inventory,Capital Scale 1 12 13 24 25 40 41 50. each arc s worth of weapons fire Remember that such units. may not fire an arc if doing so would exceed the unit s heat GENERAL RULES. Standard Scale 1 6 6 12 13 20 21 25,Bay Loc Ht SRV MRV LRV ERV. Structural,sink capacity,Velocity Record,Sail Integrity.
Only found on JumpShip and WarShip record sheets this. Docking Collars, block provides space to record the unit s current velocity dur MOVEMENT. ing game play,Aft Left Damage,Threshold Total Armor. Aft Right Damage,Threshold Total Armor,ADDITIONAL RECORD SHEETS AND TEMPLATES ADVANCED. Aft Damage Threshold, The following additional record sheets are also found at AEROSPACE. Total Armor,CRITICAL DAMAGE, the end of this rulebook but are described elsewhere in this.
Gunnery Skill Piloting Skill Avionics 1 2 5 Life,Hits Taken 1 2 3 4 5 6 CIC 2 4 D. Modifier 1 2 3 4 5 Incp,Sensors ADVANCED,Ammo 1 2 5. Crew Marines,Passengers,Elementals,Battle Armor, This template is used in conjunction with the Abstract Aero. Left 1 2 3 D,Life Boats Escape Pods,VELOCITY RECORD Right 1 2 3 D CONSTRUCTION. Turn 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10,Engine 1 2 3 4 5 D space System see p 18.
Effective Velocity HEAT DATA,Heat Sinks,Heat Generation Per Arc. High Speed Closing Engagements Sheet MAINTENANCE,Turn 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20. Velocity Single,Left Right Fore,Left Right Broadside. This record sheet is used in conjunction with the High Speed SALVAGE REPAIR. Effective Velocity,Double Left Right Aft,Closing Engagements rules see p 74 CUSTOMIZATION. 2011 The Topps Company Inc BattleTech Mech and BattleMech are trademarks of The Topps Company Inc All rights reserved. Catalyst Game Labs and the Catalyst Game Labs logo are trademarks of InMediaRes Production LLC Permission to photocopy for personal use. BattleForce Record Sheets, The various BattleForce Record Sheets are for use with either BATTLEFORCE.
the BattleForce Standard Rules or BattleForce Advanced Rules STANDARD RULES. ARMOR DIAGRAM,Nose Damage Threshold,Capital Scale, rules set the specifics of those record sheets are discussed in. those sections see pp 212 and 260 respectively,Total Armor. SPACE STATION RECORD SHEET,SPACE STATION DATA,Type BATTLEFORCE. Fore Left Damage,Threshold Total Armor,Fore Right Damage. Threshold Total Armor,Miniatures Rules Templates ADVANCED RULES.
Station Keeping Only Clan, Inner Sphere These templates are for use with the table top miniatures. conversion rules see Miniatures Rules p 386,DropShip Capacity. Fighters Small Craft Launch Rate,Weapons Equipment Inventory. Capital Scale 1 12 13 24 25 40 41 50,Standard Scale 1 6 6 12 13 20 21 25. Bay Loc Ht SRV MRV LRV ERV Structural,Unit Maintenance Worksheet BATTLEFORCE.
CONVERSION RULES, Sail Integrity This worksheet is for use with the Maintenance Repair Sal. vage and Customization rules see p 166,MINIATURES RULES. Aft Left Damage Aft Right Damage,Threshold Total Armor Threshold Total Armor. Aft Damage Threshold,Total Armor,CREW DATA CRITICAL DAMAGE. Avionics 1 2 5 Life,Gunnery Skill Piloting Skill 2.
Hits Taken 1 2 3 4 5 6 CIC 2 4 D,Modifier 1 2 3 4 5 Incp. Ammo Sensors 1 2 5,Crew Marines,Passengers Elementals. Cost BV Other Battle Armor,Life Boats Escape Pods Left 1 2 3 D. RECORD SHEETS,NOTES Right 1 2 3 D,Heat Sinks Heat Generation Per Arc. Left Right Fore,Left Right Aft, 2011 The Topps Company Inc BattleTech Mech and BattleMech are trademarks of The Topps Company Inc All rights reserved.
Catalyst Game Labs and the Catalyst Game Labs logo are trademarks of InMediaRes Production LLC Permission to photocopy for personal use.

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