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T his cu r ri cu lum of t r a inin g in P a ed iat r ic s w as d ev e lop ed i n 20 1 0 and un de rg oe s. an annu al r ev i ew b y P rof Al f N i cho ls on P rof John M urph y a nd P rof M ic ha el. O N ei ll Nat ion al Sp e c ia lt y Di r ect or s D r An n O Sha ughn e ss y H e ad of Edu ca tion . Innov atio n R es e ar ch an d b y th e P a e dia tr ic s T r a ini ng C omm itte e T he. cu rr i cul um i s app rov ed b y t h e Fa cu lt y of P ae di at ri cs Fa cu lt y of P a ed iat r ic s . Version Date Published Last Edited By Version Comments. 7 0 01 07 2017 Aisling Smith Minor changes to requirements. Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 2017 1, Paediatrics BST Table of Contents. Table of Contents,INTRODUCTION 4, OVERVIEW OF CURRICULUM 5. BASIC SPECIALIST TRAINING REQUIREMENTS AND POLICIES 6. OVERVIEW OF BASIC SPECIALIST TRAINING IN PAEDIATRICS 6. REQUIREMENTS FOR BASIC SPECIALIST TRAINING IN PAEDIATRICS 6. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS 7, BASIC SPECIALIST TRAINING AGREEMENT 7. TRAINING ENVIRONMENT 7, AIMS 7, ACCEPTANCE AND REJECTION OF SHO ROTATIONS 8. POINT OF ENTRY TO THE PROGRAMME AND COMPLETION DATES 8. LEAVE 9, COMPLETION OF BST FOUR YEAR RULE 9, WITHDRAWAL FROM PROGRAMME 10.
Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 2017 2, Paediatrics BST Table of Contents. PSYCHIATRY 55, REHABILITATION AND DISABILITY 56, RESPIRATORY MEDICINE INCLUDING OTOLARYNGOLOGY 57. RHEUMATOLOGY 58, DOCUMENTATION OF MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR TRAINING 59. Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 2017 3, Paediatrics BST Introduction. Introduction, This curriculum outlines the Faculty of Paediatrics and the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland s.
RCPI approach to accreditation and certification of Basic Specialist Training BST in Paediatrics . Completion of BST is an essential step for a career in Paediatrics and entry into Higher Specialist. Training This curriculum is aimed at Senior House Officers SHOs in training and their supervising. trainers and comprehensively outlines the knowledge skills and attitudes that should be developed. during the period of BST ,BST key elements , Clinical experience gained from direct patient care supervised by senior clinicians and based on a. clinical curriculum as well as professional and ethical practice learnt through mentorship by senior. clinicians and supported by the RCPI s mandatory programmes. The core curriculum has been updated to ensure that these key elements are completed to the. satisfaction of the Faculty of Paediatrics Accreditation and certification will focus on evaluation of. trainees progress and the educational validity of the posts they occupy This will be done by formal. registration of all trainees with the RCPI and an ePortfolio to ensure that specific competencies are. achieved and that formal supervision by trainers is undertaken during each post . The college recognises that not all trainees will have the same exposure to specialities and therefore. their training experience will differ As a result the topics and practical skills obtained during BST will. reflect the individual s rotation programme , All BST trainees in Paediatrics must pass the MRCPI Medicine in Childhood examination in order to. successfully complete their BST programme It should be noted that this curriculum is not a syllabus. for this examination but it will provide guidance for the knowledge required to take the examination . Professor Alf Nicholson National Specialty Director Paediatrics Basic Specialist Training. Prof Michael O Neill National Specialty Director Paediatrics Basic Specialist Training. Prof John Murphy National Specialty Director Paediatrics Basic Specialist Training. Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 2017 4, Paediatrics BST Introduction. Overview of Curriculum, This curriculum outlines the educational content of the two year Basic Specialist Training BST . Programme The BST programme follows the educational principles of a spiral curriculum Learning. builds on previous experiences and is linked to future skills obtained in Higher Specialist Training . The curriculum is laid out in four sections , The first section covers the rules and policies governing the BST programme Trainees.
should note these policies carefully especially ones regarding leave and how to apply for a. certificate of completion, The second section Teaching Learning and Assessment Methods describes the different. methods of assessing trainees progress through the BST programme It is important that. trainees understand the role of the BST ePortfolio and are familiar with the methods of. assessment they will encounter on the BST programme. The third section lists the generic skills e g communication skills that are applicable to. trainees on BST programmes in every specialty, The fourth section is specialty specific and lists the knowledge and skills that should be. acquired while in each specialty subspecialty as well as the relevant assessment and. learning methods , Trainees will be assessed in the workplace at intervals throughout the BST programme These. assessments must be recorded in the BST online ePortfolio Trainees are also required to attend an. annual review in RCPI at which their ePortfolio is reviewed and they are given the opportunity to provide. feedback on their rotation , The ePortfolio should be kept up to date throughout the year It is designed to record progress through. the programme in particular whether trainees have satisfactorily completed all requirements for. training , While this document sets out the curriculum for BST and lists the core knowledge skills and attitudes.
required at the end of the BST Programme this list is not exclusive and there will be many opportunities. within the programme for trainees to acquire additional knowledge and skills over and above the core. content defined here , Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 2017 5. Paediatrics BST Introduction, Basic Specialist Training Requirements and Policies. Overview of Basic Specialist Training in Paediatrics. BST consists of two years of training in approved Senior House Officer posts Senior House Officer. SHO grade is the initial training grade after Internship and for most doctors the minimum period. spent in this grade will be two years , BST in Paediatrics is regulated and certified by the Faculty of Paediatrics and RCPI and completion of. this period of training has been a mandatory requirement for entry into most but not all RCPI . accredited Higher Specialist Training Programmes Specialist Registrar training since 1999 . BST must be done in posts that have been approved for training by RCPI . Besides the acquisition of specific clinical skills and competencies it is emphasised that personal. development including leadership and team working communication and presentation skills basic. management and audit are important core components of BST and all other phases of training . Important rules and procedures relating to the BST programme are listed below . Requirements for Basic Specialist Training in Paediatrics. To be eligible for a BST Certificate of Completion in Paediatrics trainees are required to . Register on the BST programme Entry to the programme is in July on an annual basis unless. otherwise agreed with the relevant programme director and the National Specialty Director of. BST , Complete 24 months of training in SHO posts that have been approved for BST . A minimum of six months must be spent in posts approved for General Paediatrics. Six months must be spent in posts approved for pure Neonatology. Experience in Community Paediatrics Paediatric Emergency medicine or another paediatric. subspecialty i e Cardiology Gastroenterology etc may be included Not more than 6 months. may be spent in any one of these specialties , Not more than six months may be spent in any one SHO post .
Complete all training requirement as set out in the Minimum Requirements for Training chapter of. this curriculum, Paediatric BST Study Days are held each year and trainees are required to attend ten study. days over the course of their BST, Maintain an up to date and correctly completed ePortfolio as evidence of satisfactory completion. of training , Attend annual reviews, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 2017 6. Paediatrics BST Introduction,Entry Requirements, To be eligible for entry to BST trainees must have . Completed their Internship satisfactorily , Be eligible for registration on the trainee specialist division of the Medical Council.
Have proof of competency in the English language in line with HSE Specifications . Basic Specialist Training Agreement, Trainees are required to sign a Basic Specialist Training Agreement prior to entering the BST. programme in which they must formally agree to , Fully cooperate in all aspects of the BST programme. Uphold their commitment to all allocated posts in the structured rotation programme. Fulfil their clinical service requirements and work cooperatively with all members of the. service team, Follow the curriculum and ePortfolio requirements complete the mandatory courses and. attend assessments as required, Undertake additional training or assessment if required to do so by RCPI. Fully commit to and utilise available work time for the BST programme. Maintain up to date personal details on RCPI Online Medical Education Centre. Attend to requests correspondence from RCPI in a timely manner. Act professionally at all times in their dealings with RCPI . Training Environment, Training posts require the approval of RCPI Regular inspection of all posts by RCPI via hospital.
inspections is the basis for monitoring the training content of these posts Additional monitoring data. may derive from questionnaires sent to post holders All posts will be expected to conform to statutory. guidelines on hours and conditions of work for doctors in training . Aims, Professionalism According to the Medical Council Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics for. Registered Medical Practitioners medical professionalism is a core element of being a good. doctor Good medical practice is based on a relationship of trust between profession and society in. which doctors are expected to meet the highest standards of professional practice and behaviour It. involves partnership between patient and doctor that is based on mutual respect confidentiality . honesty responsibility and accountability In addition to maintaining clinical competence a doctors. should also , Show integrity compassion and concern for others in day to day practice. Develop and maintain a sensitive and understanding attitude with patients. Exercise good judgement and communicate sound clinical advice to patients. Search for the best evidence to guide professional practice. Be committed to continuous improvement and excellence in the provision of health care. whether working alone or as part of a team, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 2017 7. Paediatrics BST Introduction,Acceptance and Rejection of SHO Rotations. Before entry to the BST programme , The SHO Matching Scheme is the process whereby applicants are placed on two year SHO rotations .
If a trainee accepts an offer The trainee is confirming that they are available to enter the rotation. programme on the specified start date unless otherwise agreed with the BST office . The trainee is not permitted to accept a place on another rotation in the same specialty Paediatrics . If a trainee wishes to withdraw their acceptance of an offer If a trainee who previously accepted. an offer wishes to withdraw their acceptance they must do so in writing to the BST office immediately . and at least 21 working days before the specified start date Emailed notifications will be accepted . The trainee must also notify the relevant hospital in accordance with their contract of employment . Point Of Entry to the Programme and Completion Dates. Point of entry Entrance onto the BST Programme is accepted once a year in July . Completion dates may change under the following circumstances . If a trainee took special leave in excess of 4 weeks over two years and is required to. complete a further period of training, If a trainee has not reached the required standard and is required to undertake additional. training , If a trainee has not fulfilled the curriculum requirements for BST certification and is required to. undertake additional training or attend outstanding mandatory courses. If a trainee s completion date is changed for any reason the trainee and programme director will be. informed in writing by the BST Office , Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 2017 8. Paediatrics BST Introduction,Leave, Study leave and annual leave do not affect BST completion dates . Special Leave Other than study and annual leave , Examples of special leave Sick leave maternity leave compassionate leave Force Majeure Leave.
As the BST programme consists of two years of intensive supervised clinical training any significant. period of leave i e greater than 4 weeks taken over the course of the programme has the potential. to affect the trainee s opportunities to acquire the core skills and knowledge required for satisfactory. completion of the programme , In cases where additional leave including maternity leave is agreed by the trainee s employer the. following conditions apply to all trainees , 4 weeks over two years If a trainee takes special leave totalling 4 weeks or less over two years . his her BST completion date is not affected , 4 weeks over two years Any leave of greater than 4 weeks must be made up in blocks of 6. months extra training , 7 months 6 months of training in an approved post s must be completed in order to meet the. requirements for BST certification This applies to all trainees who take special leave totalling more. than 4 weeks and less than or equal to 7 months over two years . 7 months 12 months of training in an approved post s must be completed in order to meet the. requirements for BST certification This applies to all trainees who take special leave totalling more. than 7 months and less than or equal to 13 months over two years . 13 months 18 months of training in approved posts must be completed in order to meet the. requirements for BST certification , If an extra 6 12 or 18 months is required In cases where due to leave in excess of 4 weeks a.
trainee is required to complete a further period of training the College will help to place the trainee in. a suitable approved training post s , The post s will be approved for BST in the trainee s specialty and will be counted towards the clinical. training required for certification However please note the following . RCPI cannot guarantee a post s in the trainee s current hospital or region. The trainee may need to wait until a suitable post becomes available . Completion of BST Four Year Rule, Trainees must complete BST within a four year period If a trainee s expected completion date is. changed to a date greater than four years after their start date they will be required to undertake the. full two year programme again from the beginning , Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 2017 9. Paediatrics BST Introduction,Withdrawal from Programme. Withdrawal after commencing BST programme , Informing the College If a trainee wishes to leave the programme before their expected BST.
completion date they must notify the BST office in writing at least 4 weeks before they wish to leave. their current post Emailed notifications will be accepted The trainee is not required to outline his her. reasons for leaving the programme however providing an explanation will assist future planning and. development , Informing the employer Notice of resignation by the trainee as an employee of his her hospital must. be given in accordance with the provisions of their contract of employment . Leave of absence If a trainee wishes to take leave of absence retain credit and return to the BST. programme this must be agreed with the relevant hospital s and the BST office The trainee should. seek prospective approval of their leave of absence at least 4 weeks in advance Approval will be agreed. on a case by case basis and credit may not be retained in all cases . Supervising Trainer, Every BST post has at least one assigned Supervising Trainer whose duties include . Meeting with the trainee in their first week in the post and agreeing the trainee s Personal. Goals Plan, Appraising the trainee s progress at regular intervals during the post. Completing the Supervising Consultant Appraisal in the ePortfolio at the end of the post. Supporting the trainee both personally and in respect of obtaining career advice although. others may be involved in this,BST ePortfolio, Trainees are required to keep a BST ePortfolio as a record of their progress through BST and to ensure. that their training is valid and appropriate , The BST ePortfolio is evidence of satisfactory completion of training and is therefore required for the.
issue of a BST Certificate of Completion , The ePortfolio contains all relevant forms for recording information about each aspect of BST . The MRCPI Examination, Trainees must pass the MRCPI in Medicine of Childhood in order to qualify for a certificate of completion. of BST , Part 1 The examination is 3 hours in duration and consists of one Single Best Answer SBA style. paper containing 100 questions to answer , Part 2 consists of a written paper examination and clinical exam The written exam consists of 1 essay. paper of 3 hours duration and must complete all 5 questions and a short question paper with 20. questions containing clinical vignettes data interpretation etc The clinical exam consists of 1 long. case and a minimum of 3 short cases , Candidates must have completed at least twelve months post registration work in Paediatrics by the.
date of the examination For more information see college website www rcpi ie. Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 2017 10, Paediatrics BST Introduction. Certificate of Completion, Trainees must submit an application for a certificate of completion of BST. To apply for this certificate trainees are required to . 1 Ensure all minimum requirements of ePortfolio have been met. 2 Form 092 End of Post Assessment Form should be signed by each relevant trainer. 3 Copies of all completed mandatory course certificates and the MRCPI Diploma Certificate. should be uploaded to the Personal Library section of ePortfolio. Applicants will be issued with a formal certificate of completion once all application requirements are. complete ,Provisional approval, Trainees who are in their second year of BST and who wish to apply to the or Higher Specialist. Training are required to submit a letter of provisional approval of BST which confirms that the trainee. will complete BST before the start date for SpR posts Trainees in this position are advised to apply. for provisional approval well in advance of the closing date for Higher Specialist Training applications . due to the large volume of applications received every year . Applicants should note that provisional approval alone does not count as an application for a. Certificate of Completion only applications with a full set of supporting documents will be considered. for formal approval A letter of provisional approval will only stand for a period of six months after. completion of the 24 months in approved training posts . Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 2017 11, Paediatrics BST Generic Components. Generic Components, This chapter covers the generic components which are relevant to BST trainees of all specialties.
but with varying degrees of relevance and appropriateness depending on the specialty . As such this chapter needs to be viewed as an appropriate guide of the level of knowledge and. skills required from all BST trainees with differing application levels in practice . Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 2017 12, Paediatrics BST Generic Components. Good Professional Practice, Objective Trainees must appreciate that medical professionalism is a core element of being a good. doctor and that good medical practice is based on a relationship of trust between the profession and. society in which doctors are expected to meet the highest standards of professional practice and. behaviour , Medical Council Domains of Good Professional Practice Relating to Patients Communication. and Interpersonal Skills Professionalism Patient Safety and Quality of Patient Care . KNOWLEDGE,Effective Communication, How to listen to patients and colleagues. The principles of open disclosure, Knowledge and understanding of valid consent.
Teamwork, Continuity of care,Ethics, Respect for autonomy and shared decision making. How to enable patients to make their own decisions about their health care. How to place the patient at the centre of care, How to protect and properly use sensitive and private patient information in accordance with. data protection legislation and how to maintain confidentiality. The judicious sharing of information with other healthcare professionals where necessary for. care following Medical Council Guidelines, Maintaining competence and assuring quality of medical practice. How to work within ethical and legal guideline when providing clinical care carrying research. and dealing with end of life issues, Honesty openness and transparency mistakes and near misses . Preventing and managing near misses and adverse events . When and how to report a near miss or adverse event. Incident reporting root cause and system analysis. Understanding and learning from errors, Understanding and managing clinical risk.
Managing complaints, Following open disclosure practices. Knowledge of national policy and National Guidelines on Open Disclosure. Raising concerns about patient safety, Safe working practice role of procedures and protocols in optimal practice. The importance of standardising practice through the use of checklists and being vigilant. Safe healthcare systems and provision of a safe working environment. Awareness of the multiple factors involved in failures. Knowledge and understanding of Reason s Swiss cheese model. Understanding how and why systems break down and why errors are made. Health care errors and system failures, Human and economic costs in system failures. The important of informing a person of authority of systems or service structures that may. lead to unsafe practices which may put patients yourself or other colleagues at risk. Awareness of the Irish Medical Councils policy on raising concerns about safety in the. environment in which you work, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 2017 13. Paediatrics BST Generic Components,SKILLS, Effective communication with patients parents guardians and colleagues.
Co operation and collaboration with colleagues to achieve safe and effective quality patient. care, Being an effective team player, Ethical and legal decision making skills. Minimising errors during invasive procedures by developing and adhering to best practice. guidelines for safe surgery, Minimising medication errors by practicing safe prescribing principles. Ability to learn from errors and near misses to prevent future errors. Managing errors and near misses, Using relevant information from complaints incident reports litigation and quality. improvement reports in order to control risks, Managing complaints. Using the Open Disclosure Process Algorithm,ASSESSMENT LEARNING METHODS.
Feedback in the workplace and at evaluation of progress. Workplace based assessment e g Mini CEX DOPS CBD, Educational supervisor s reports on observed performance in the workplace prioritisation of. patient safety in practice, RCPI BST Leadership in Clinical Practice. Medical Council Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics. Reflective learning around ethical dilemmas encountered in clinical practice. MRCPI Examination, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 2017 14.

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