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Every Monday 10 a m 1 p m, But the travel bug has bit her again and she plans to take the truck back on the road Kyle will visit the. Every Thursday 2 p m 6 p m, San Francisco Main Library on Tuesday Oct 23 and park her Type Truck on Fulton Street from 1 to 5 p m. Everyone is invited to step up into the van try, your hand at letterpress printing meet Kyle and see Pilot Youth Mobile. for yourself how she made her moveable type dream Schedule of service locations at sfpl org. Kyle s visit has inspired a library mobile caravan of. sorts during her visit you will also have an opportu. nity to explore Project Read s new all electric outreach. van and the Green Bookmobile,Photo Derek Fagerstrom. 2 OCTOBER 2012 AT THE LIBRARY,Exhibitions,Subscribe to the monthly Exhibitions and Adult.
Programming newsletter at www sfpl org nextreads,October 2012. Jewett Gallery,Afro Cuban Folklore, he Main Library is hosting an exhibit AfroCuba and Secrets. Born Among Mirrors Lebanon 50 Years After, Through documentary and fine art photography photo Under the Skin featuring paintings and manuscripts on the. journalist Najib Joe Hakim tries to reconcile the Lebanon his theme of Afro Cuban folklore Highlighted is the work of Susan. family left 50 years ago and the war torn Lebanon of today Matthews which is based on her studies spanning 15 years. Through Nov 4 Main Lower Level Related Program See. of music dance and folklore of Cuba Also on view will be selections. calendar Page 4, from Jill Flanders Crosby s Secrets Under the Skin an artists collaborative. investigation of the cultural connections between Perico Cuba and. Skylight Gallery Dzodze Ghana Under Flanders Crosby s direction a multidisciplinary. Skylight Gallery Open Hours same as Main, group of artists including Matthews have interacted with two distant.
Skylight Gallery Closes Mon Sat at 6 p m Sun at 5 p m communities discovering links between them and creating video. dance photography and painting that honors age old traditions while. Draw Me a Story A Century of Children s Book Illustra. tion A thematic and nostalgic trip through the history of. carrying them forward in contemporary form The artists then take their. children s book illustrators and illustration techniques with work back to the source communities for feedback and further connec. 41 original works of art and 12 books Through Dec 2 Main tion The exhibit is on view through Dec 6 2012 on the Main Library s. 6th Floor Related Program See calendar page 4 Third Floor International Center. Other Exhibits and Displays at the Library Hilda la Obbini Omo Eleggua Related programs. painting by Susan Matthews Exhibit Tour with Susan Matthews Oct 2 6 p m Main Third Floor. AfroCuba and Secrets Under the Skin Artwork by Susan. Matthews will be on display in the library including part International Center. of her work featured in the Secrets Under the Skin exhibit. Jill Flanders Crosby Presents Interpretive and Documentary Videos Oct 7 3 p m Main Lower Level. in Havana Cuba in 2010 Through Dec 6 Main 3rd Floor. International Center Latino Hispanic Community Meeting Room. De VIA Linocuts by Deaf Artist David Call De VIA,Fairytale Pop up Exhibit. represents deaf artists and perceptions based on their deaf. experiences It uses formal art elements with the intention. of expressing innate cultural or physical deaf experience. Oct 1 through Nov 30 Main 1st Floor Deaf Services Center. Related Program Meet the Artist Oct 6 4 5 p m,hink you know the story of Little Red Riding. Hood Maybe you should think again Artist Jane,Digging Deep Underneath the San Francisco Public. Library The current Main Library rests on a Gold Rush era. R Willson s research led her on a chase following, cemetery and the ruins of the old City Hall destroyed in the Red and the wolf through old story books and folklorist s. 1906 earthquake and fire The archaeological remains pulled writings spanning three centuries And before those. from the site include everyday and unusual objects that tell writings Red Riding Hood thrived a good thousand years. the story of the development of the Civic Center and the. city s earliest residents Ongoing Main Grove Street entrance. in world oral traditions, In the exhibit Not So Little Red Riding Hood Willson.
Motion Pictures An exhibition of photographs by David. installs more than 100 pieces of her art to create a rich. Jouris representing a cross section of local dance com painterly terrain for Red and wolf to lead visitors on their. panies that strive to capture the flowing energy that is wooded path from antiquity to contemporary times. unique to dance Oct 27 through Jan 31 Main 4th Floor The exhibit is on view Oct 1 through Dec 31 in the Main. Steve Silver Music Center,Library s Fisher Children s Center. Jane K Willson,Willson a San Francisco artist and writer who. Not So Little Red Riding Hood A girl a wolf a mysterious. walk in the woods trace their mysterious path as they. embraces a magical realism figurative style to explore historical painting narratives weaves a series of true. traverse time and culture to land in the 21st century sub plots throughout the Red Riding Hood exhibit One looks at the little known stories of the tale spinners. Local artist Jane R Willson has created a magical pop up themselves those who updated Red Riding Hood s tale to appeal to the tastes of their culture and times. art exhibit Oct 1 through Dec 31 Main 2nd Floor Fisher Another illuminates the ancient kings and queens and their opulent regimes which had a huge hand in. Children s Center, reshaping the tale Then there are the secret cultural codes which tale spinners embedded in Little Red s. story to make real in the guise of magic their secret desires for personal liberty Finally Willson s own tale. November 4 2008 Voting Series A series of 15 gouache. paintings by Santa Cruz artist Myra Eastman narrates the. enters into this fairytale fray a story of dark cunning and espionage where she tours France to spy on Louis. collective awakening from the 2008 presidential election XIV s 17th century French court the place where Mother Goose was born. Through Nov 8 Main 5th Floor Government Information. Center Related Programs, Meet Artist Jane R Willson Meet the creator of Not So Little Red Riding Hood and ask questions about her. The Plastic in Question Judith Selby Lang and Richard. Lang have transformed plastic debris collected along Point folkloric journey of discovery into the origins of the famous story Oct 7 1 3 p m Main Fisher Children s Center. Reyes National Seashore into art that raises awareness of the. Book Making Workshop Jane R Willson leads adults and children on a creative plunge into the world of. sheer variety and ubiquity of plastic pollution and its impact. on delicate marine ecosystems Through Oct 11 Main 1st book making Nov 11 2 4 p m Main Fisher Children s Center. 4th and 5th Floors,Wake Up and Vote, Race Art Before Answers AfroSolo Arts Festival 19 presents.
its annual visual arts exhibit showcasing the works of 11. artists exploring their individual responses to race Through. Oct 18 Main 3rd Floor African American Center, A series of 15 gouache paintings on display at the Main Library. Street Food 1906 Earthquake Kitchens After the 1906 by Santa Cruz artist Myra Eastman narrates the nation s collective. Earthquake and Fire San Francisco citizens banded together awakening during the Nov 4 2008 election. to feed their neighbors On display are San Francisco History I realized I had to give voice to the hope and dreams of. Center photographs of these improvised kitchens where. change that everyone was feeling immediately following the. free food and warm social spaces developed as people gath. ered to cook and eat This exhibit is part of One City One Nov 4 2008 election I intentionally used gouache paint which. Book Through Nov 1 Main 2nd Floor Larkin Street Bridge gives the paintings a graphic and chalky texture highlighting the. illustrative quality of the subject matter I wanted the paintings. Words with a View The Poetry of Wislawa Szymborska to be small seeking an intimate connection with the viewer said. Poems in Polish and English are displayed in honor of the Eastman My hope is that this exhibition reminds us all how only. Nobel prize winning poet who died this year Through. a short four years ago we set aside our cynicism of the political. Oct 19 Main 3rd Floor, process and allowed ourselves to walk into our local polling. stations believe in democracy and vote, The November 4 2008 Voting Series exhibit is on view on the. Main Library s Government Information Center Fifth Floor through. Nov 8 2012,Man with a Magnifying Glass,painting by Myra Eastman. Funded by Friends of the San Francisco Public Library AT THE LIBRARY OCTOBER 2012 3. One City One Book Selection,A Paradise Built in Hell.
The Extraordinary Communities,that Arise in Disaster. by Rebecca Solnit, Democracy and Disaster SF Fire Chief Joanne Hayes White Author Rebecca Solnit. ne City One Book 2012 author Rebecca Solnit will discuss her book Book Discussion Questions for A Paradise Built in Hell. A Paradise Built in Hell The Extraordinary Communities that Arise in 1 The book begins and ends with pressive measures that become. Disaster with SF s Fire Chief on Thursday Oct 11 at 6 p m in an exciting the questions Who are you secondary disasters Does this. talk co sponsored by Litquake A Paradise Built in Hell explores our Who are we How did the seem valid. book help you reflect on the, need for community and common purpose which Solnit argues are dividing line between individual 6 During the press coverage of. fundamental to democratic forms of social and political life Rebecca will be signing and community What does the Hurricane Katrina CNN pointed. individual owe the community out that many news photo. books after the program with book sales by Readers Bookstore graphs of African Americans. What does the community owe, San Francisco writer Rebecca Solnit is the author of 13 books about art landscape the individual gathering necessities were cap. public and collective life ecology politics hope meandering reverie and memory They tioned looting while whites. 2 Have you yourself experienced doing the same thing were. include Infinite City A San Francisco Atlas a book of 22 maps and nearly 30 collaborators. a moment on a large or small gathering supplies Why do you. Storming the Gates of Paradise A Field Guide to Getting Lost Hope in the Dark Untold scale when disaster is a path to think this happened What does. Histories Wild Possibilities Wanderlust A History of Walking and many others a place in which we are who we it reveal about racial attitudes in. Joanne Hayes White was sworn in as the 25th Chief of the San Francisco Fire hope to be do the work we de America. sire and are each our sister s and, Department on Jan 16 2004 San Francisco is the largest urban fire department in the brother s keeper 7 Solnit and others have character.
world with a female chief Prior to her appointment as chief Hayes White served as the ized 9 11 as a missed opportuni. 3 How do you think contemporary ty on behalf of our nation given. director of training for the San Francisco Fire Department where she oversaw recruit social protests such as the the spirit of brave resolve and. training in service training continuing education and firefighter paramedic cross Occupy movement and the deep attention that was allowed. training Chief Hayes White has been recognized by the San Francisco Business Times Arab Spring rebellions fit into to slip away Solnit posits that. Solnit s rubric people yearning to sacrifice, as one of the city s Most Influential Women of the Year every year since 2004. could have been asked to make, This year as part of the eighth annual One City One Book SFPL is participating in 4 What do you think of this claim personal and societal changes. California Reads a statewide reading and discussion program created by Cal Humani by Solnit The elite often believe that would have for instance. that if they themselves are not lessened American dependence. ties in partnership with the California Center for the Book and supported by the Cali in control the situation is out of on foreign oil Do you agree. fornia State Library For more information visit sfpl org onecityonebook control and in their fear take re. League of Women Voters Candidate Forums, The League of Women Voters of San Francisco is sponsoring two candidate forums Exhibit 1906 Earthquake. at the San Francisco Main Library The first for State Senate District 11 will feature in. cumbent Democrat State Senator Mark Leno who is being challenged by Republican Street Kitchen Photos. Harmeet Dhillon, Immediately afterward Democrats Phil Ting and Michael Breyer will participate in fter the 1906. a candidate forum for State Assembly District 19 These events are being co sponsored Earthquake and. by the Junior League of San Francisco and the University of California San Francisco Fire San Fran. For more information on other candidate forums and voter services provided by the cisco citizens banded. League of Women Voters of San Francisco visit www sfvotes org together to feed their. This event is part of the One City One Book San Francisco Reads For more infor neighbors Improvised. mation see http sfpl org onecityonebook kitchens with free food. and warm social spaces, Candidate Forums Oct 3 Main Koret Auditorium developed as people.
5 30 p m State Senate District 11 6 30 p m State Assembly District 19 gathered to cook and. eat As Rebecca Solnit,says about one such, Not In Our Town Light in the Darkness improvised kitchen. organizers Just as her, This film documents the story of a town s residents stand kitchen was one of many Courtesy of the San Francisco History Center. ing together to take action after a hate crime killing devas spontaneously launched. tates their community It addresses the growing problem community centers and relief projects so her resilient. of anti immigrant violence in communities nationwide In resourcefulness represents the ordinary response in. 2008 a series of attacks by a group of seven local teenagers many disasters In them strangers become friends and. against Latino residents of the Long Island New York town collaborators goods are shared freely people improvise. of Patchogue ended with the killing of 37 year old Marcelo new roles for themselves. Lucero An Ecuadorian immigrant Lucero had been a Pa The photos in this display were found in the. tchogue resident for 13 years Filmed over a two year period San Francisco Historical Photograph Collection located. the documentary follows Mayor Paul Pontieri the victim s in the San Francisco History Center Main Library Sixth. brother Joselo Lucero diverse community leaders residents Floor They show a city torn but banding together for. and students as they openly address the underlying causes survival and as will be found with good food even some. of the violence work to heal divisions and initiate ongoing From Not in Our Town vigil. on the one year anniversary pleasure in the face of disaster. action to ensure everyone in their village will be safe and. of Marcelo Lucero s death On View Sept 8 Nov 1 2012 Larkin Street Bridge. respected A panel discussion follows the film This program. Photo William Caballero,is part of One City One Book San Francisco Reads. Film Screening Not In Our Town Oct 30 6 p m Main Koret Auditorium. 4 OCTOBER 2012 AT THE LIBRARY Funded by Friends of the San Francisco Public Library. October 2012 Events,Celebrate Arab Heritage Month What s. Join us when author Soha Al Jurf discusses her book Even My Voice is Silence This book on Your. discusses her trip to her father s Palestinian village On the trip she believes she is em. barking on a journey that will help her reconcile the conflicted parts of her identity as Library. a Palestinian American Muslim woman Instead what she had anticipated would be. the end of her long journey proves only to be the beginning. of a search for her true self mired in the painful realization of Get your entries in ASAP to design the next. Soha Al Jurf what it means to be a refugee Al Jurf offers readers a rare and San Francisco Public Library card Artwork sub. intimate perspective on the daily challenges of living in Occupied Palestine This missions are being accepted through Oct 5. event is co sponsored by the Arab Cultural Community Center and the Arab Submissions are accepted in five age and or. Heritage Month Committee For more information visit www arabculturalcenter org grade categories. and www arabheritagesf com After that you ll still have a chance to vote. Meet the Author Oct 30 6 30 p m Main Latino Hispanic Community on the designs Visit at ImproveSF com to view. Meeting Room A book sale by Readers Books follows the event the submitted artwork in each category and. vote for your favorites ImproveSF is a citywide, Related Exhibit Born among Mirrors Lebanon 50 Years After Now through program that generates opportunities for the.
Nov 4 Main Jewett Gallery City and Country of San Francisco and its resi. dents to work together via online community,challenges voted on by the public. Picturing Alice The five winning designs will be featured on. new San Francisco library cards issued in 2013, It is one of literature s greatest paradoxes that Alice in Wonderland ImproveSF and the San Francisco Public. whose original illustrator John Tenniel complemented the text with Library have formed a great civic partnership. such divine perfection producing inextricably intertwined words to engage our vibrant and creative communi. and images that are among the most revered and iconic of Western ties in designing and voting for our next library. civilization has since become perhaps the most widely illustrated cards said Mayor Edwin M Lee This challenge. novel in existence Join us when Mark Burstein a noted Lewis Carroll highlights the important and innovative role of. collector scholar and president of the Lewis Carroll Society of North our libraries in continuing to provide free equal. America discusses the kaleidoscope of artistic interpretations of access to information to support the success of. Alice in Wonderland from the 1860s to the present day in cultures our residents. spread all over the globe giving weight to the universality of the tale Artwork submission forms are available at. but also reflecting the ethos of the individual cultures societies and San Francisco schools check with an art teacher. times A book sale by Readers Books follows the talk and at all San Francisco neighborhood libraries. Forms also can be printed out online from, Picturing Alice Oct 25 6 p m Main Latino Hispanic Community Meeting Room sfpl org or ImproveSF com. Related Exhibit Draw Me a Story A Century of Children s Book Illustration Main Skylight Gallery. through Dec 2,Adults Author Maria de Lourdes,Victoria Spanish English. Disaster Preparedness Work,shop American Red Cross.
Movie Count of Monte Cristo,Ortega 6 9 p m,Write Your Will Seminar with. SFMOMA Frida and Diego,Mexican Originals Main La, Main Latino Hispanic Room Portola 2 p m tino Hispanic Room 6 8 p m. 1 15 22 29 Mondays Stuart Bronstein Bring a blue,6 8 p m 13 Saturday ink non erasable pen Advance. OWL Older Writers 9 Tuesday Library Operating Hours. Mi M sica Community Sing registration 415 355 5600. Poetry Group Bernal Heights Sourdough Workshop Pinterest for Beginners District 4 Ortega 6 8 p m. Along Spanish English SF Richmond 2 3 p m, 3 30 5 30 p m Mission Bay 6 7 30 p m Bernal Heights 2 3 30 p m Conservatory of Music Main Multiple Subject Teaching. Latino Hispanic Room 10 30 Movie The Man Who Came To. 1 Monday Poets 11 Ortega 7 8 30 p m Evening with Lois Lowry Credential Online CalState. a m 12 p m Dinner 1942 113 minutes, Movie A Free Soul 1930 93min Main Koret 6 p m TEACH Anza 6 30 7 30 p m.
Golden Gate Valley 3 5 p m, Excelsior 6 30 8 30 p m 4 11 18 25 Thursdays 5 Year Anniversary Celebra. Knitting Circle Merced League of Women Voters San Intro to Safe Cycling. Blind Yoga Nancy Yates Main tion La Familia Pe a Govea. Leveling Up with Gene Yang 6 7 30 p m Francisco and California propo Mission Bay 6 30 p m. 2nd Floor Library for the Blind Glen Park 1 6 p m,Sunset 7 8 p m sitions on November ballot. 6 7 30 p m Christopher Haanes Cal On Location Golden Gate. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Western Addition 7 8 30 p m. 2 Tuesday ligraphy Main Latino Hispanic Bridge on the Silver Screen. 4 Thursday Room 6 30 7 30 p m Mission 1 5 p m, Library Operating Hours Dis 16 Tuesday Bernal History Group Bernal. Create Your Will Workshop Tim Muhrlin Beekeeper Heights 7 8 30 p m. trict 9 Bernal Heights 6 8 p m Tuesday Evening Writers D I Y Book Clutch Preregister. Stuart Bronstein Limited to 25 Bernal Heights 7 p m Bernal Heights 2 p m 415 355 2888 Chinatown 3 5 p m. 50 Shades of Banned Books preregister Ocean View 5 p m Poets 11 Richmond 7 8 30 p m. Main Koret 6 p m Poets 11 North Beach One Year Anniversary Film Swing Vote Main Latino. Celebration Performance 18 Thursday,6 Saturday 7 8 30 p m Hispanic Room 5 p m. AfroCuba and Secrets Under by Dolore s Jazz Band Golden Finding a Public School for Your. Discardia More Life Less, the Skin Exhibit Talk Main 10 Wednesday Gate Valley 2 4 p m ITVS Community Cinema As Child Parents for Public Schools.
Stuff Author Dinah Sanders, Latino Hispanic Room 6 p m Goes Janesville Film Discus Noe Valley 10 30 a m 12 p m. Golden Gate Valley 2 3 30 p m Disaster Preparedness for. Related Exhibit Page 3 Happy Birthday Charles Wal sion Main Koret 5 45 p m. Animals Bernal Heights 7 p m Family Literacy Night OMI. lace Celebrate 50th Anniversa, 3 10 17 24 31 Wednesdays Disaster Preparedness Library Operating Hours Dis Family Resource Center. The Poetry of Disability Lit ry of A Wrinkle in Time Litquake. Ingleside 2 4 p m trict 10 Visitacion Valley 6 8 p m Ocean View 5 p m. Art of Storytelling Bev Bender quake Main Koret 1 30 p m event Main Koret 2 p m. Main Latino Hispanic Room 35th Anniversary SFPL Deaf Will Writing Workshop with. Be Red Cross Ready Canton Argentine Tango Jurek Mazur. 2 4 p m Services Center Information Radar Reading Jean Smith Stuart Bronstein Bring a blue. ese Chinatown 2 30 3 30 p m of the Academia de Tango. 415 625 9082 vp 415 of Mecca Normal David pen Preregister 415 355 5700. 3 Wednesday Argentino Excelsior 7 8 30 p m, 557 4433 tty 415 557 4434 Lester of Mecca Normal and Ortega 7 p m. Finding a Public School for, 2013 Opera Preview Lecture voice or deafservices sfpl Lonely Christopher Hosted. Your Child Parents for Public 16 30 Tuesdays, Moby Dick Music by Jake org Main Deaf Services Center by Michelle Tea Main Latino 20 Saturday.
Schools Richmond 3 4 30 p m Workshop Series Investment. Heggie and Libretto by Gene 1st Floor 12 6 p m Hispanic Room 6 p m. and Personal Finance Essential Urban Farmer, Scheer Speaker Gene Scheer Voter Information Cantonese Novella Carpenter Willow. 7 14 21 Sundays Poets 11 Merced 7 8 30 p m West Portal 6 30 8 p m. Main Koret 12 2 p m English Parkside 3 30 5 p m Rosenthal Main Latino Hispanic. Introduction to Western Introduction to Safe 17 Wednesday Room 10 30 a m 12 p m. KALW Hear Here Classical Music John Smalley 14 Sunday. Bicycling SF Bicycle Coalition,Ingleside 3 30 p m 2013 Opera Preview Lectures. Main Latino Hispanic Room Parkside 7 8 p m Disaster Preparedness Work Blow Yo Trumpet Gabriel. Lohengrin by Richard Wagner, 12 15 2 30 p m shop Cantonese Portola 2 p m Louder and Louder 9th An. All Power to the Imagination Speaker Simon Williams. 11 Thursday nual Negro Spirituals Heritage, Fine Arts Museums Potrero 4 p m Matinee Back to the Future Main Koret 12 2 p m. 7 Sunday Day Main Koret 1 3 p m,Rebecca Solnit in Con 1985 PG 118 minutes.
League of Women Voters Can Screening Secrets Under the versation on Disaster and Finding a Public School for. Western Addition 2 4 p m Holiday Cards and Books C J. didate Forums State Senate Skin Jill Flanders Crosby Main Democracy with SF Fire Chief Your Child Parents for Public. District 11 at 5 30 p m and Dis Latino Hispanic Room 3 5 Schools Golden Gate Valley Grossman Merced 1 3 p m. Joanne Hayes White One City Consumer Health Alternative. trict 19 at 6 30 p m Main Koret p m Related Exhibit Page 3 One Book Main Koret 6 p m Medicine Potrero 3 4 30 p m 6 8 p m Continued on Page 6. All programs and events are free and open to the public AT THE LIBRARY OCTOBER 2012 5. An Insider s Guide to,October 2012 San Francisco s Chinatown. An intriguing attraction lies in a section of,San Francisco that has often fascinated tourists. and been portrayed in many films as an exotic,ghetto shrouded in shadow and mystery Pago. da styled rooftops adorn old buildings golden,dragons curl around lamp posts along Grant. Christopher Haanes Calligraphy Avenue and some believed that hidden tunnels. ran for miles underground This neighborhood, Norwegian calligrapher typographer and graphic artist Christopher Haanes is none other than San Francisco s Chinatown.
will present an illustrated talk about his career in the lettering arts Haanes an ethnic enclave that remains to this day the. studied calligraphy in England at the Roehampton Institute under Ann Camp oldest and largest of its kind populated by. and was elected a Fellow of London s prestigious Society of Scribes and Chinese Americans since the late 1840s. illuminators 1989 He lives in Oslo Norway and works as a freelance callig In conjunction with City Lights Books re. rapher book designer graphic artist and teacher His work appears in many tired architect and pioneering historian Philip P Choy recently published. publications and he is currently writing a handbook on calligraphy as well San Francisco Chinatown A Guide to Its History and Architecture a tour guide. as branching out into font design highlighting this enduring community Mr Choy co taught the first Chinese. This program is sponsored by the American history course at San Francisco State University SFSU and is the. Book Arts Special Collections and recipient of the prestigious SFSU President s Medal His book is packed with. Friends of Calligraphy historic photos and gems of insight offering a boon. Christopher Haanes Oct 9 to the curious traveler and featuring an insider s guide. 6 30 p m Main Latino Hispanic to the Chinese American experience Choy will be. Community Meeting Room presenting a talk and discussing his book at the San. Francisco Main Library,San Francisco Chinatown with Author Philip P Choy. Oct 27 11 a m Main Latino Hispanic Community,Meeting Room A book sale and signing will follow. Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration the talk Philip P Choy. Join us for a rare free performance of the San Francisco Guitar Quartet at. Mission Branch Library s Hispanic Heritage Month celebration Oct 13. The quartet is made up of Mark Simons Patrick O Connell Jon Mendle. and Roberto Granados who perform an expansive and vibrant repertoire of. Green Bookmobile Lit Crawl, classical Spanish jazz and world music Founded in 1997 the San Francisco The Green Bookmobile will be celebrating Litquake s. Guitar Quartet has established itself as closing night at Lit Crawl the world s largest FREE literary. an enduring presence in the guitar world crawl Over 70 venues in the Mission district will stage 500. through its ground breaking concerts authors who will read their work in a single night Take a. and recordings Grounded in tradition break from all of the literary mayhem and step inside our. they are proponents of new music co sweet ride to find your next great read Or be inspired to. alescing classical world and improvisa create your own poetry and prose outside the mobile library with magnetic. tory musical traditions lettering kits We ll be parked out front of the Elbo Room 647 Valencia St. Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration Saturday Oct 13 Mission Branch from 5 10 p m See you there. 1 15 3 30 p m Family Workshop with Carmen Lomas Garza Green Bookmobile at Lit Crawl Saturday Oct 13 Elbo Room. 4 15 5 15 p m San Francisco Guitar Quartet 647 Valencia St Open hours 5 10 p m. Continued from Page 5,eBook Publishing Jules Older. Introduction to Cycling,SF Bicycle Coalition,27 Saturday.
Music Movement Mindful,Book Groups 18 Thursday,Book Club West Portal 2 3 30 p m. Golden Gate Valley 2 p m Richmond 6 30 7 30 p m,ness Early Literacy Workshop. Preregister http tinyurl com,20 Saturday, Get Your Knit Together at Poets 11 Presidio 7 8 30 p m Book Club T C Boyle s The Tor. october27libraryworkshop tilla Curtain Merced 7 8 p m Book Club Ortega 12 1 15 p m Classes at the Main. Knit Happens Information, Main 2nd Floor Children s 155 Winston Drive 19th Ave 5th Floor Training Center unless. 415 557 4533 or raronowitz 24 Wednesday Center 9 a m 12 p m otherwise noted Most classes. sfpl org Main 2nd Floor Chil 24 Wednesday, dren s Center 2 4 p m San Francisco Rent Board 3 Wednesday require basic keyboard skills All.
Western Addition 5 30 8 p m History of SF s Chinatown Rinc n Literario Spanish La. Book Group Model Home by classes are first come first served. Philip P Choy Main Latino His Tejedora de Sombras by Jorge. St Petersburg Program Eric Puchner Sunset 7 9 p m Volpi Main 3rd Floor Conf 2 9 16 23 30 Tuesdays. Earthquake Evidence of a panic Room 11 a m 12 30 p m. Main Latino Hispanic Commu Room 6 7 30 p m Basic Mouse Typing Skills. nity Meeting Room 2 5 p m Restless Planet California. Library Operating Hours 4 Thursday 1 15 2 p m,Academy of Sciences Main. Sit Down Readers Theatre Koret 6 7 30 p m District 2 Presidio 1 3 p m Great Books Discussion Group 25 Thursday. The Poetry of W H Auden Register email clifford louie Book Club The Particular Sadness. Ukrainian Culture Celebra sbcglobal net or call Jim Hall at eBook Power User 4 5 p m. North Beach 2 5 p m Multiple Subject Teaching of Lemon Cake by Amy Bender. Credential Online CalState tion Main Koret 2 5 p m 415 387 2125 Main 4th Floor Bernal Heights 4 5 30 p m 4 Thursdays. Documentary See What I m TEACH Mission Bay Conf Room 5 30 7 30 p m. Be Red Cross Ready OpenLibrary org 1 2 p m, Saying Bernal Heights 3 p m 6 7 30 p m 27 Saturday. Glen Park 3 30 4 30 p m 9 Tuesday,Boris Rozenfeld Russian Bib 4 11 18 25 Thursdays. Finding a Public School for Library Operating Hours Great Books Discussion Group liophiles Club Main Latino eReader Drop in 12 1 p m. Your Child Parents for Public District 5 Park 6 8 p m 28 Sunday Register email clifford louie Hispanic Room 2 4 p m. Schools Ortega 3 4 p m Genealogy Research Potrero sbcglobal net or call Jim Hall 5 Friday. Finding a Public School for 3 4 30 p m at 415 387 2125 Richmond. Future of the Book Robert 28 Sunday Chinese Handwriting Input. Your Child Parents For Public 6 8 30 p m,One City One Book Discus Method Cantonese 2 4 p m. Bringhurst Brewster Kahle Schools Parkside 6 7 30 p m. Peter Koch and Harry Reese, 29 Monday 10 Wednesday sion A Paradise Built in Hell by 6 13 20 27 Saturdays.
Main Koret 3 45 5 15 p m Movie Oliver Twist 1948 116 Great Books Discussion Group Rebecca Solnit Noe Valley. Bernal Jazz Quintet Basic Mouse Typing Skills, min Golden Gate Valley 3 5 p m Register email clifford louie 3 4 p m. Bernal Heights 6 30 8 30 p m 10 15 11 a m,22 Monday sbcglobal net or call Jim Hall. Library Operating Hours 30 Tuesday at 415 387 2125 Noe Valley 29 Monday 11 Thursday. The Water is Wide Tim Holt, District 7 West Portal 6 8 p m Merced 7 8 30 p m Dia de los Muertos Anita de 6 15 8 15 p m Book Club Anna Karenina by Internet for Seniors. Lucio Bernal Heights 3 30 Leo Tolstoy Mission 6 30 8 p m Japanese 10 30 11 30 a m. Poets 11 Excelsior 7 8 30 p m 13 Saturday, 25 Thursday Joy of Reading Chinese Book 12 Thursday. A Streetcar Named K or L Film Alma Main Koret Bird Brained Origami Club Pu gong ying by Gao iPad iPhone Chinese Input. or M Muni s 100th Birthday 6 7 30 p m Chinatown 3 30 5 p m Derongl Main Latino Hispanic. West Portal 7 15 8 45 p m,Library Operating Hours,Room 2 4 p m Business Method Cantonese 2 4 p m.
Picturing Alice 13 Saturday, 23 Tuesday Mark Burstein Main Latino District 11 Excelsior 6 8 p m 15 Monday Counseling Email 101 11 a m 12 p m. Moveable Type Kyle Durrie Hispanic Room 6 30 p m Tertulias Literarias Spanish. Related exhibit Page 3 Film Not In Our Town Light in Language Book Club Mission. 3 10 17 24 31 Wednesdays 18 Thursday,Type Truck Main Fulton Street. Darkness Main Koret 6 p m at Mission Cultural Center Business Counseling Sessions. Steps 1 5 p m Internet and Catalog Russian, 26 Friday 2868 Mission St 7 8 30 p m Free one hour appointments Meet at 3rd Floor International. Youth Digital Media Fair SF s Celebrate Arab Literature Call 415 744 6827 Main 4th. Work in Progress Folk Songs Center 9 15 11 15 a m, Broadband Technology Oppor Night Main Latino Hispanic 17 Wednesday Floor Business Science and. from Japan and Korea Room 6 30 8 p m Related, tunities Program BTOP Book Discussion Group Technology Dept 10 a m 3 p m 19 Friday.
Main Koret 3 4 p m Exhibit Page 3, Main Koret 5 p m Noe Valley 7 8 30 p m Email Cantonese 2 4 p m. 6 OCTOBER 2012 AT THE LIBRARY Funded by Friends of the San Francisco Public Library. Celebrating the Talents of,Events People with Disabilities. San Francisco Public Library s Access Services invites you. to celebrate Disability Awareness Month by enjoying an. exhibition of culturally significant art by a Deaf artist a. Litquake performance by wonderful writers with disabil. ities screening of a documentary that gives a glimpse. into the lives of deaf performing artists and an open. It Came from the Library house commemorating the 35th anniversary of SFPL s. Deaf Services Center, Strange and unexpected happenings will be popping SFPL s Deaf Services Center opened its doors on. up at libraries around the city this October It Came Oct 1 1977 Thirty five years of activity have resulted. From the Library is a series of programs celebrat in a large collection of print and video materials about. ing Teen Read Week Oct 14 20 an initiative of the deafness deaf culture and American Sign Language that. Young Adult Library Services Association YALSA to serve as a resource to the Bay Area Along the way the. celebrate reading for fun and to encourage teens to Library has produced an award winning video series. become regular library users American Culture The Deaf Perspective and has offered. many events over the years Celebrate the Deaf Services. Center at the Main Library during an Open House Deaf American Gothic by David Call. Saturday Oct 6, In October the Deaf Services Center also hosts the opening of an exhibition of De VIA linocut. prints by deaf artist David Call De VIA Deaf View Image Art is created when the artist intention. ally expresses his deaf experience through visual art The exhibition will be on view in the Deaf. Services Center Oct 1 Nov 30 The artist will discuss De VIA and his work during the open house. on Oct 6 4 5 p m, The Poetry of Disability will be celebrated in a Litquake event on Oct 10 in the Main Library.
San Francisco Public Library will be offering up Two authors Amber DiPietra and Denise Leto who are included in the anthology Beauty is a Verb. an array of macabre choices for teens to enjoy Swap the New Poetry of Disability will appear at this event curated by SFPL s Library for the Blind and. paranormal books at Glen Park watch corpse brides Print Disabled and the Deaf Services Center The anthology includes a range of writings by people. or aliens from the deep at Excelsior s movie program whom society considers to be disabled but who may or may not consider themselves to have a. Get crafty making Halloween themed jewelry or cre disability An open mic session will follow the author reading. ating your own horrific characters through cartoons On Oct 20 enjoy a screening of See What I m Saying at the Bernal Heights Branch Library. at Chinatown If those crafts don t quite spell spooky This documentary provides a powerful and rare glimpse into the lives of four deaf performing. you can learn to carve a wooden tombstone at Excel artists actor Robert DeMayo singer TL Forsberg drummer Bob Hiltermann and comic CJ Jones. sior Branch s woodworking class If you are just plain Together their fascinating and intertwining stories showcase the talent and the universal human. hungry for gore you can design a creepy cupcake or appeal of their gripping journeys. snack o lantern at Portola Branch And for those who ASL interpreters will be provided for the Litquake performance and the film screening. need a spine chill share some nightmarish stories at The documentary will be subtitled Audience members who need other accommodations should. Richmond Branch request them at least 72 hours in advance of each program by contacting 415 557 4557 or. During the last Saturday in October teens are mgoddard sfpl org. invited to Ortega Branch to Save the Earth at a web. making celebration event including zombie survival Deaf Services Center Artist Talk and Open House Oct 6 12 6 p m Main First Floor. techniques At the end of October you can say it all The Poetry of Disability Litquake Event Oct 10 1 30 p m Main Koret Auditorium. came from the library For more information consult. the Teens calendar listings below See What I m Saying Documentary Screening Oct 20 3 p m Bernal Heights Branch. 20 Saturday Drop in technology help,Excelsior 3 30 5 p m. Jobs Careers 3 10 17 24 31 Wednesdays Ukulele 101 Portola 4 30 p m 25 Thursday. Email 102 11 a m 12 p m Crafts Literacy Fun 12 Friday Scary Book Swap. West Portal 1 4 p m 1 15 22 29 Mondays Excelsior 4 p m Glen Park 3 30 p m. Library Catalog 2 3 p m Halloween Movie Coraline,7 14 21 28 Sundays Job Seekers Lab Main 5th. Wii Gaming Ocean View 4 p m PG 100 minutes 2009 26 27 Friday Saturday. Floor Computer Training Room Chinatown 3 30 p m, 25 Thursday Math Help Program Save the Earth Digital media. 11 a m 2 p m 3 10 17 31 Wednesdays, West Portal 2 4 p m literacy and fun Info jennifer. Movie Information Data 13 Saturday, bases 2 3 p m 2 9 16 23 30 Tuesdays WritersCorps Contact ehan collins sfpl org or 415 557.
10 24 Wednesdays nan sfpl org or 415 557 4426 Teen Zine English Chinese 4268 Ortega 1 p m. Job Seekers Lab Main 5th Chinatown 1 p m, 26 Friday Drop In Computer Help Main Children s Center 4 p m. Floor Computer Training Room, Western Addition 2 4 p m 10 a m 1 p m Teen Volunteer Orientation 26 Friday. Internet Computer Basics 4 11 Thursdays, Cantonese 2 4 p m Portola 3 p m Movie Monster House PG. 11 Thursday 10 Wednesday Book Swap Parkside 3 p m 2006 90 min Portola 3 30 p m. Osher Teen Computer Corps Jobs Career Resources on 16 Tuesday. iPad Talk Demo Mandarin, Drop in technology help the Internet Main 5th Floor Graphic Novel Reviewers LEGO Engineering Chal 30 Tuesday. Latino Hispanic Community, Richmond 4 6 p m Computer Training Room Parkside 3 30 p m lenge Richmond 4 p m.
Meeting Room 2 15 3 45 p m Day of the Dead Woodcarv. 2 3 30 p m ing Excelsior 4 p m,13 Saturday 5 Friday 18 Thursday. 27 Saturday 18 Thursday, Basic Mouse and Keyboard Wii Gaming Chinatown 3 30 p m Draw Manga Monsters 31 Wednesday. Fiction Lovers Workshop Skills for Seniors Cantonese Job Searching with Social Chibi Zombies with Manga. 12 15 1 15 p m Personal Essay for College Trick or Treat Books. Space limited register at Media Main Latino Hispanic artist Karen Luk Main Chil. Applications Workshop West Portal 5 p m, branch Chinatown Room 6 7 30 p m dren s Center 4 p m. Classes Held at the Branches 10 30 a m 12 30 p m Space is limited sign up 415. 23 Tuesday 355 5770 Parkside 4 p m Game On Video gaming. 1 15 22 29 Mondays 15 Monday,3 10 17 24 Wednesdays. Adult and Senior Email,Resume Workshop Main La,tino Hispanic Room 10 12 p m.
Book Swap Portola 4 p m,Portola 4 p m,Videos on the. Technology Assistance Pro,gram West Portal 4 7 p m. Sunset 6 30 8 p m 5 12 Fridays,Chinese Reading Club Man. Large Screen,17 24 Wednesdays Graphic Novel Reviewers. 2 Tuesday Osher Teen Computer Corps Teens West Portal 3 30 p m. darin Psyche incubus attack,by Li Min Chinatown 3 30 p m.
In the Koret Auditorium at,the Main Thursdays at Noon. Searching the Internet Drop in technology help FREE S A T Prep Courses Teen Book Swap When possible films are shown. Excelsior 7 8 30 p m Chinatown 3 30 5 p m 20 Saturday with captions to assist our deaf. Sign up at http www suc West Portal 3 30 p m, Halloween Jewelry Making and hard of hearing patrons. cesslinktutoring com SFPL, 3 17 31Wednesdays 20 Saturday 6 27 Saturdays with Chelsee Robinson Preregis Films About Elections. eBook and eAudiobook Help Internet 101 for Seniors 1 Monday ter 415 355 2888 or jewelchen. Halloween Cartooning Work Oct 4, Potrero 6 30 7 30 p m Cantonese Chinatown sfpl org Chinatown 3 p m. uBooth Digital sound booth shop Chinatown 3 30 p m. 10 30 a m 12 30 p m Mr Smith Goes To Washing, Excelsior 1 p m Creepy Cupcakes Snack o ton 1939 130 min.
4 11 18 25 Thursdays 6 Saturday,23 October Tuesday Lanterns Portola 4 p m. Basic Computers for Seniors 2 9 16 Tuesdays Book Club Ortega 4 p m Oct 11. Mouse Keyboard All About Apps Bernal Heights 23 Tuesday. 7 30 8 30 p m Finger Crochet Pre register Bob Roberts 1992 102 min. Ocean View 2 30 4 p m,at branch North Beach at,10 Wednesday Upcycled Fingerless Gloves. 25 Thursday DiMaggio Clubhouse 661 Creepy Cupcakes Snack o by GoGo Craft Pre register Oct 18. Adults Seniors Computer, Lombard St 3 p m lanterns Visitacion Valley 4 p m 415 355 2825 Merced 3 p m Wag The Dog 1997 97 min. Class Richmond 2 30 4 p m Library Resources Chinese. Chinatown 10 11 a m 2 Tuesday 11 Thursday 24 Wednesday Oct 25. 6 13 20 27 Saturdays, Basic Email Library Account Movie The Abyss Excelsior Movie Corpse Bride Movie Insidious PG 13 103 Election 1999 103 min. Osher Teen Computer Corps Chinatown 11a m 12 p m 3 30 p m Glen Park 4 p m min Visitacion Valley 4 p m. All programs and events are free and open to the public AT THE LIBRARY OCTOBER 2012 7. Read for the,Children s Calendar Record 2012,San Francisco Public Library.
partners with Jumpstart s Read,for the Record bringing national. and local attention to the im,portance of early education by. October 2012 School Age Films,Chinatown 4 p m organizing the world s largest. celebration of reading Each year,Potrero 6 30 p m, All programs and events are free and open to the public. Programs are for children of all ages except where noted. the campaign sets a new world record for the most children reading the. Ghost Stories with same book on the same day This year on Oct 4 millions of children will. Please call ahead to confirm dates and times Michael Katz. Groups need to reserve space Presidio 4 p m read Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad by David Soman and Jacky Davis. Where branch is closed for renovation alternate location is listed Bayview at YMCA 1601 Lane From the kickoff party at the Main Library to ladybug tea parties. For film titles call branch library St 6 p m there are many ways to get involved Find ages and program details. at sfpl org events,Family Crafts with Sophie, Golden Gate Valley 6 30 p m Unable to attend a library event Host your own at home or school.
1 15 22 29 Mondays 5 12 19 26 Fridays Here are three easy ways to get involved. Homework Help Homework Help 10 24 Wednesdays, Excelsior 4 6 p m Sunset 4 30 p m 1 Check out a copy of Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad from the library. Musical Family Storytime,and read anytime on Oct 4. 2 Tuesday 6 13 20 27 Saturdays 2 Get your school involved by reading Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad. Ingleside 7 p m,Preschool Films Chess Club Ages 6 as a class. Parkside 10 a m Excelsior 1 3 p m 11 Thursday 3 Read Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad during breakfast in the bathtub. Homework Help Preschool Films on the bus anytime anywhere. Snail People Music for toddlers Chinatown 10 15 a m. Golden Gate Valley 10 15 a m Sunset 4 30 p m, For more information about the national event visit readfortherecord org. Story Telling Dance Theater,2 9 16 23 30 Tuesdays 6 Saturday.
with Kim Epifano Main Chil, Homework Help Arts Crafts with Read for dren s Center 10 30 a m. the Record s Ladybug Girl,16 Tuesday Flip Books craft 25 Thursday. Portola 2 30 4 30 p m Bernal Heights 3 p m, and the Bug Squad School Age Films Preschool Films Jazz for Kids Ages 5 Main. Excelsior 4 6 p m, West Portal 10 30 a m Chinatown 4 p m Noe Valley 10 15 10 45 a m Children s Center 10 30 a m. and 11 11 30 a m 20 Saturday, 3 Wednesday Tricycle Music Fest Mini Preschool Films Cowgirl Tricks Excelsior 11 a m.
11 25 Thursdays, Build It Lego Club Ages 5 12 Concert Frances England Preschool Films West Portal 10 30 a m. Bernal Heights 3 p m Parkside 3 p m Playtime for Babies Toddlers Western Addition 10 a m Main Children s Center 11 a m Juggling Joy with Dana Smith. West Portal 10 30 a m Sunset 10 30 a m, 3 10 17 24 31 Wednesdays 7 Sunday Build It Legos Halloween Hootenanny. 12 Friday Ages 5 Park 3 30 p m Park 11 a m 4 p m LEGO Club Ages 5 12 North. Homework Help Exhibit Opening,Build It LEGOs Beach at DiMaggio Clubhouse. Excelsior 4 6 p m So Little Red Riding Hood, Parkside 3 30 p m 17 Wednesday Ballet Folklorico 661 Lombard St 4 p m. Mission 4 6 p m Created by Jane R Willson,Visitacion Valley 2 p m.
Main Children s Center 1 3 p m Preschool Films Videos. 13 Saturday 26 Friday,Main Children s Center 10 and. 4 Thursday Tricycle Must Fest West Drop in Crafts Ages 5. 9 Tuesday Celebrate the Glen Park 10 45 a m, Read for the Record Ladybug The Hipwaders Mission 3 30 p m. Preschool Films Branch Library Bernal Heights 3 p m. Girl and the Bug Squad Anniversary Celebration Insect Discovery Lab Space. Main Children s Center 10 a m Chinatown 10 15 a m 10 45 Wii Games West Portal 3 30 p m. Glen Park 1 6 p m limited sign up 415 355 5770, North Beach at DiMaggio a m and 2 p m Finding a Public School for. Parkside 3 30 p m, Clubhouse 661 Lombard St Your Child Parents for Public School Age Film Once Upon. Kidquake Celebrate Golden Gate Schools adults only. 10 15 a m Valley Branch Library Not So Scary Spider Craft a Midnight Scary. Excelsior 11 a m Main Koret Auditorium and Ortega 3 p m Visitacion Valley 4 p m. Anniversary Celebration Portola 3 30 p m,Portola 2 p m Latino Hispanic Room.
9 a m 12 30 p m Golden Gate Valley 2 p m, Ingleside 3 p m Finding a Public School for 21 Sunday 27 Saturday. Parkside 3 30 p m Mission Branch Celebrates Your Child Parents for Public Meet the Bats. School Age Films Scary Stories with Olive, Hispanic Latino Heritage Schools Golden Gate Valley Ortega 3 p m Hackett Shaughnessy. Preschool Crafts with Sophie Chinatown 4 p m, Month Papel Picado workshop 6 p m West Portal 11 a m. Sunset 10 30 a m Ages 6 Mission 1 p m 22 Monday,Beaded Friendship Bracelets. Ghost Stories with Michael Celebrate Park Branch s 103. Ages 6 16 Crafts with Sophie, 4 18 Thursdays Finding a Public School for Katz Ingleside 7 p m Birthday Park 1 p m.
Richmond 4 p m Ages 5 Anza 3 30 p m,Homework Help Your Child Parents for Public. Portola 2 30 4 p m Schools adults only 18 Thursday Celebrate Dia de los Muertos. 9 23 Tuesdays 23 Tuesday, Richmond 3 p m Preschool Films Videos Potrero 3 30 p m. Preschool Films Music Movement with,4 11 18 25 Thursdays Main Children s Center 10. Visitacion Valley 10 15 a m Tricycle Music Fest Mini Charity Kahn Bonnie Lockhart s Music. and 10 45 a m, Reading Buddies Concert The Monkeybutts Noe Valley 10 15 a m from Around the World. Sunset 10 30 a m, Excelsior 4 6 p m 10 Wednesday Visitacion Valley 3 p m Mission Bay 4 p m.
Finding a Public School for 24 Wednesday, 5 Friday 15 Monday Your Child Parents for Public Really Freakin Scary Stories 28 Sunday. Main Koret Auditorium and, Sing Along with Susan Pena Latino Hispanic Room Sing Along with Schools adults only Ages 10 Merced 6 p m Tricycle Music Fest Grand. Miguel Govea 9 a m 12 30 p m Alison Faith Levy Noe Valley 10 30 a m Costume Party Finale. Eureka Valley 4 p m Marina 10 15 a m Finding a Public School for Elizabeth Mitchell and You. La Familia Pena Govea Your Child Parents for Public Are My Flower Lucky Diaz. Preschool Films, Preschool Videos Space limited call branch for Schools adults only and the Family Jam Band. Board Game Madness Chinatown 10 15 10 45 a m, Glen Park 10 30 a m reservations Chinatown 1 p m Parkside 6 p m Main Koret Auditorium 2 p m. Ages 6 Glen Park 4 p m Richmond 11 a m,Happy Halloween.
Don t eat too much candy this Halloween Instead stop by a neighborhood library for some brain candy read a book. And have fun at these Library Halloween happenings. Halloween Parade Come in costume to Presidio Branch Library Following the regularly scheduled Toddler Tales program. noisemakers and instruments will be passed out and children are invited to join the librarian on a three block Halloween. parade to our neighbors on Sacramento Street Oct 30 Presidio Branch 10 15 a m. Halloween Fun Too old for trick or treating Think again On Halloween night young and. old trick or treaters can step into the West Portal branch for a free comic book or a fun. random gift Oct 31 West Portal Branch 5 7 p m, Halloween Storytime Enjoy a fun Halloween storytime at Excelsior and get in. some trick or treating with some sweet treats on this special day Oct 31 Excelsior. Branch 11 a m, Arts Crafts Trick or treat with arts and crafts at Ingleside Trick or treaters will also. get free books to promote early literacy Oct 31 Ingleside Branch 6 30 p m. Library Trick or Treat Stop by the Bernal Heights branch library and show off your. costume You can make Halloween crafts in the Children s Room or chill out and watch. Halloween movies in our Meeting Room Oct 31 Bernal Heights Branch 6 8 p m. 8 OCTOBER 2012 AT THE LIBRARY Funded by Friends of the San Francisco Public Library. Baby Rhyme Time,Tricycle Music Rollicking rhymes songs and. Thur 4 11 18 25,at 3 30 p m,Sat 6 13 at 11 a m,Fest West books for infants to 18 months. and their caregivers,Mon 1 15 22 29,Tue 2 9 16 23 30.
Bernal Heights at 11 a m playtime at 1 15 p m playtime. San Francisco s favorite family music Wed 3 10 17 24 31. festival concludes its three month at 1 15 p m playtime Merced Presidio. Thur 4 11 18 25 Thur 4 11 18 25,run with concerts every weekend in at 10 15 a m. Chinatown at 10 a m playtime, October Concerts in the branches Thur 4 11 18 25 playtime. begin with Frances England the at 11 a m playtime Mission. sweetheart of kindie rock on Satur Mon 1 15 22 29,Wed 3 10 17 24 31. day Oct 6 at Parkside Head over to Eureka Valley at 1 15 p m playtime. Spanish English at 3 30 p m,Wed 3 10 17 24 31, Visitacion Valley on Saturday Oct at 1 30 p m playtime. 13 for a zany dance party with The Mission Bay, Monkeybutts Then race out to a perfectly pitched playful outdoor concert Excelsior Thur 4 11 18 25.
Tue 2 9 16 23 30,Thur 11 18 at 10 15 a m playtime, with The Hipwaders at Bernal Heights Branch Library on Saturday Oct 20 Reservations 415 355 2838. at 11 a m playtime,at 11 a m playtime,West Portal, Grand Costume Party Finale Glen Park Ortega Tue 2 9 16 23 30. Tue 2 9 23 30 Tue 2 9 16 23 30 at 10 30 a m, Award winning musicians and songwriters at 10 30 a m playtime at 11 30 a m playtime. Elizabeth Mitchell and Lucky Diaz perform,Sunday Oct 28 as the festival s costume. finale concert in the Main Library s Koret Marina Park. Auditorium Elizabeth Mitchell s Little Seed, Toddler Tales Mon 1 15 22 29 at 10 15 a m Thur 4 11 18 25.
n Books rhymes music move,at 10 30 a m,and Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band s Mission. ment and more for toddlers 18 to, A Potluck albums were both featured recently 36 months and their caregivers. Tue 2 9 16 23 30 Presidio, in People Magazine s 8 Cool Kids Albums Now at 10 15 a m playtime Tue 2 9 16 23 30. Spanish at 10 15 a m playtime, article and of course available for checkout Anza Thurs 4 11 18 25. from the library Thur 4 11 18 25 at 10 15 a m playtime Richmond. With her husband Daniel Littleton and at 10 30 playtime Spanish English Tue 2 9 16 23 30 at 10 15 a m. their daughter Storey Mitchell has released Eureka Valley Mission Bay Sunset. some of the most uplifting kids music out Tue 2 9 16 23 30 Tue 2 9 16 23 30 Tue 2 9 16 23 30 at 10 15 a m. there said NPR They bridge the gap be at 10 30 a m at 10 15 a m Space limited. Elizabeth Mitchell, tween indie rock and folk with family style call for reservations Visitacion Valley.
Golden Gate Valley 415 355 2838 Wed 3 10 17 24 31, transcendent harmonies and radiant sweetness Tue 9 16 23 30 at 11 a m. Los Angeles based Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band take the stage at 10 15 a m playtime Noe Valley. bringing retro and rockabilly blending influences from Vampire Weekend Tue 2 9 30 at 10 15 10 45 Western Addition. a sprinkle of Jackson Five and a Main a m 11 11 30 a m Thur 4 11 18 25. Mon 1 15 22 29 Park strollers by elevator at 10 15 a m playtime. shaker full of Dane Zanes sing at 10 30 a m, along style plus a whole lotta Wed 3 10 17 24 31 Ortega West Portal. dancing Come and find out at 10 30 a m Mon 1 15 22 29 at 10 30 a m Thur 4 18 at 10 30 a m. why they are touted as Best,new kindie band by USA. In addition to live music Preschool Merced,Sun 7 14 21 28 at 3 30 p m. Tue 9 16 23 30 at 10 a m,there will be a photobooth Storytime.
sponsored by Pan Focus Studios nStories songs fingerplays North Beach Portola. Dress in costume and dance the Thur 4 11 18 25 at 11 a m Tue 2 9 16 23 30. and more for ages 3 to 5,Held at DiMaggio Club at 10 30 a m. Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band afternoon away at the library. Anza house 661 Lombard St,Tue 2 9 16 23 30,Schedule at 10 30 a m. Tue 2 9 16 23 30 at 11 a m,Ocean View, Oct 6 3 p m Frances England at Parkside Branch Library Excelsior. Tue 2 9 16 23 30 at 10 a m Sunset, Oct 13 3 p m The Monkeybutts at Visitacion Valley Branch Library Tue 2 9 16 23 30 at 11 a m Thur 11 at 10 30 a m. Wed 3 10 17 24 31 at 11 a m Ortega, Oct 20 3 p m The Hipwaders at Bernal Heights Branch Library Mandarin Cantonese Tue 2 9 16 23 30 Visitacion Valley.
English at 10 30 a m Tue 2 9 16 23 30 at 11 a m, Oct 28 2 p m Elizabeth Mitchell and You Are My Flower at Main Library. Oct 28 3 p m Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band at Main Library Marina Park Western Addition. Tue 2 9 23 at 10 15 a m Mon 1 15 22 29 at 3 30 p m Tue 2 9 23 30 at 10 a m. Main Parkside,Family Storytime Tue 2 9 16 23 30 Thur 4 11 18 25. n Family Storytimes are for,at 10 30 a m at 10 a m. children of all ages unless Sat 6 13 27 at 11 a m Sat 6 13 20 27. 29 Monday Dia de los Muertos Altar, with Anita de Lucio noted Sun 7 14 21 28 at 1 p m at 10 a m. Create a Dias de los Muertos Spanish English,Bernal Heights 3 30 p m.
Altar with artist Anita De Lucio Bayview Potrero, Ocean View 10 30 11 30 a m Tue 2 9 16 23 30 Mission. Really Freaking Scary Stories Thur 4 11 18 25, Ages 10 Richmond 5 p m at 10 30 a m Sat 6 13 20 27 at 11 a m at 10 30 11 15 a m. 30 Tuesday Held at YMCA 1601 Lane Spanish English,Preschool Films Street at Revere. 31 Wednesday Mission Bay Presidio,Marina 10 15 a m Thur 4 11 18 25. Halloween Open House Bernal Heights Fri 5 12 19 26 at 4 30 p m. Bernal Heights 6 p m Tue 2 9 16 23 30 Reservations 415 355 2838 at 3 30 p m. Halloween Parade at 10 15 a m, Presidio 10 15 a m Family Film Tangled Infants to 5 years North Beach Richmond.
Merced 6 p m Thur 4 11 18 25 Sat 6 13 20 27, Creepy Craft Ages 3 5 North Chinatown at 10 15 a m at 11 a m. Beach at DiMaggio Clubhouse Trick or Treat at the Library Sat 6 13 20 27 Held at DiMaggio Club. 661 Lombard St 11 a m Richmond 6 p m at 10 30 a m house 661 Lombard St. West Portal,Excelsior Park Sat 13 at 10 30 a m,Family Film Casper Halloween Arts and Crafts. Ingleside 6 30 p m Sat 6 13 20 27 Thur 4 11 18 25,Ocean View 3 p m. at 11 30 a m at 11 30 a m, Please call ahead to confirm dates and times Groups need to reserve space. Check Out the Family Pass, In partnership with the Department of Children Youth and Families and the Creativity Museum Newer attractions that have come on board recently.
Recreation and Parks Department San Francisco Public Library continues include the SS Jeremiah O Brien historic ship at Fisherman s Wharf Coit Tower. to circulate family passes that provide free visits every week of the year to on Telegraph Hill and the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. more than 20 San Francisco museums and recreational sites to San Francisco In addition passes can be checked out to be used during free recreational. families with children under 18 All that is needed is a library card and a visit to swim times at all eight San Francisco public pools operated by the Recreation. one of San Francisco s 27 branch libraries or the Main Library and Parks Department. Among the attractions that generously provide the free passes in the So grab the kids check out a family pass at your neighborhood library. Check Out San Francisco Family Pass program are the San Francisco Zoo and check out one of San Francisco s wonderful attractions. California Academy of Sciences the Cartoon Art Museum and the Children s. AT THE LIBRARY OCTOBER 2012 9,Branch News, Wells Fargo officials donate 50 000 to the Bayview Library campaign and are joined by representatives from the Library Friends of the San Francisco Public Library Department of. Public Works and Supervisor Malia Cohen s office Photos Jason Doiy. Bayview Library Campaign In Full Swing, ith only Bayview and North Beach remaining to complete the highly successful Neighborhood Library Campaign which has provided furniture. fixtures and equipment for 22 branch libraries to date Friends is gearing up to launch a comprehensive public campaign specifically for the Bayview. Branch Library this fall Construction is scheduled to be completed in early 2013 with an opening as early as January 2013. The Bayview Branch Library will serve as a cultural educational and community beacon for the southeast corridor and with that in mind the. Campaign will be raising funds not only for furniture fixtures and equipment but also to provide additional funding to support current and future programmatic. needs We will be raising funds at the local neighborhood level and also engaging larger scale support from private community and corporate foundations. We are proud to support the San Francisco Public Library and encourage patrons citywide to be part of this incredible library renaissance For more information. on how to get involved with the Bayview Campaign please visit FriendsSFPL org or call 415 626 7500. Photos Bruce Damonte,Golden Gate Valley Branch Library Recognized. he beautiful and historic Golden Gate Valley Branch Library which was renovated and reopened last year as part of the Branch Library Improvement. Program has received two prestigious architectural awards. The library at 1801 Green St at Octavia Street in the Cow Hollow neighborhood received a Preservation Design Award from the California Preservation. Foundation in the rehabilitation category This category recognizes projects that make possible the continued historic use or a compatible new use. through repair alterations and additions while preserving those portions or features which convey a site or structure s historical cultural or architectural values. The library also received the 2012 Honor Award for Architecture from the American Institute of Architects California Council AIACC In granting the award the. jury noted This is a smart project that has been executed beautifully It achieves its purpose of seismic upgrading while also creating a wonderful mix of old and. modern elements The enlarged tree grates and the book return are particularly well designed details. The preservation renovation and small expansion of the Golden Gate Valley Branch Library was designed by Tom Eliot Fisch Paulett Taggart Architects. The original brick and terra cotta Beaux Arts structure was designed in the shape of a basilica by local architect Ernest Coxhead and opened in 1917 The 4 2 million. renovation project was completed in October 2011 and provided accessibility seismic and life safety upgrades improvements to the mechanical and electrical. systems fa ade restoration and a complete interior renovation. 10 OCTOBER 2012 AT THE LIBRARY,Friends Focus,October Featured Sections. Meet our New Executive,Fort Mason,Director Scott Staub.
History of Technology e are so excited to announce philanthropist and expert non. profit fundraiser Scott Staub as the new executive director. October Events of Friends of the San Francisco Public Library. Mr Staub officially took the lead as executive director in. October 3 10 17 24 31, September bringing with him over 25 years of valuable senior development. Step Sales, Every Wednesday April through October and volunteer leadership experience Recent appointments include posi. weather permitting Main Larkin St Steps tions as Vice President of Development Advancement at Glide Foundation. 100 Larkin St 11 a m 3 p m Scott Staub and Vice President of Fund Development at EMQ Children Family Services. Oct 4 11 18 25 San Francisco has a jewel of a library system notes Staub who is a regular visitor to the Merced branch. Thursdays at Readers Poetry Series My first course of business is to visit every branch and get to know the library as a whole. Readers Bookstore Fort Mason Center Staub will be instrumental in the completion of the already successful Neighborhood Library Campaign. Building C South End 6 30 p m which has raised the funds to furnish and purchase equipment for the 24 newly built and renovated. Oct 4 Aja Couchois Duncan and Sarah Kliban San Francisco Public Library branches since 2000. Oct 11 Toshi Washizu and Luke Warm Water, It s been quite an undertaking adds Marcia Schneider co interim executive director with Deborah. Oct 18 Francisco Orrego and Opal Palmer Adisa, Doyle And we couldn t be more excited to have Scott leading our team into our 52nd year. Oct 25 Gary Hicks and Dottie Payne, Since 1961 Friends has provided advocacy fundraising and literary and educational program support for the.
Visit FriendsSFPL org for more info and Main Library and 27 branches of the San Francisco Public Library Please join us in welcoming our new leader. a complete listing of events,Like us at Facebook com FriendsSFPL. Follow us at Twitter com FriendsSFPL,Celebrate Poetry from Around. Readers Locations Hours,READERS BOOKSTORE,the City at Poets 11 2012. Fort Mason Center Building C Join us for Poets 11 2012 a citywide celebration of poetry in which local poets read at branch libraries. Open seven days a week throughout San Francisco Now in its fourth year Poets 11 celebrates San Francisco s rich literary community. Bookstore 10 a m 6 p m and thriving poetry scene Hundreds of residents of each of the City s 11 districts submitted their works. Telephone 415 771 1076 with former poet laureate of San Francisco and Friends Poet In Residence Jack Hirschman announcing the. selected poets at the branch events,READERS BOOKSTORE. Beginning in October selected poets will,Main Library.
take the microphone at branch libraries and,Grove Street Entrance. share their works in a variety of languages and,Open all Library hours. topics Eleven events will take place over two,Telephone 415 557 4238. months kicking off at the Ortega Branch Library on Oct 3 and culminating with a final event on Jan 13 2013. featuring all participating poets at the Main Library s Koret Auditorium Selected poets will have their poems. published in an anthology that will be available for purchase at the final event and at Readers Bookstores. Come support poets from your district and around the city. Poets 11 Branch Event Schedule, Wed Oct 3 7 p m District 4 Tue Nov 6 7 p m District 9. Ortega Branch 3223 Ortega St Bernal Heights Branch 500 Cortland Ave.

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3 for one hour; by grades 4-6 Spanish and English instructional time is equally divided in the school day. Throughout the elementary program, all students in the class receive the same Spanish and English instruction. In other words there is no pull-out of students for certain language lessons as in some types of bilingual programs.

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Key words: in vitro culture, adventitious rooting, anatomical study, Spanish cedar, histology. Species of the genus Cedrela (Sapindales: Meliaceae) are widely distributed across the American continent, and form part of the autochthonous flora in all South American countries from Mexico to Argentina (except

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