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Table of Contents,Welcome to Atmel Studio 1,1 New and Noteworthy 3. 1 1 Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 2 3,1 2 Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 1 3. 1 3 Atmel Studio 6 2 3,1 4 Atmel Studio 6 1 Update 2 4. 1 5 Atmel Studio 6 1 Update 1 1 4,1 6 Atmel Studio 6 1 Update 1 4. 1 7 Atmel Studio 6 1 4,1 8 Atmel Studio 6 0 5,1 9 AVR Studio 5 1 5.
3 Installation Instructions 10,3 1 System Requirements 10. 3 1 1 Supported Operating Systems 10,3 1 2 Supported Architectures 10. 3 1 3 Hardware Requirements 10,3 2 Downloading and Installing 10. 4 Atmel Studio Extensions 12,5 Bugs and New Features 13. 5 1 Notable bugs fixed 13,5 2 Known issues 13,6 Supported Devices 19.
6 1 AVR UC3 19,6 2 AVR Mega 20,6 3 SAM 24,6 4 AVR Tiny 29. 6 5 AVR Xmega 30,7 Device Notes 32,8 Contact Information and Disclaimer 33. 8 1 Disclaimer 33,9 Document Revision History 34,Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 2 RELEASE NOTES 2. 42399A MCU 02 2015,1 New and Noteworthy,1 1 Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 2. Atmel Software Framework 3 21 0,Added support for the ATSAML21 device family.
Added support for the ATSAMV7 device family based on the ARM Cortex M7 core. 1 2 Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 1,Atmel Software Framework 3 19 0. AVR 8 Toolchain 3 4 5 with upstream versions,Binutils 2 41. avr libc 1 8 0svn,AVR 32 Toolchain 3 4 2 with upstream versions. Binutils 2 23 1,ARM GCC Toolchain 4 8 4 with upstream versions. Binutils 2 23 1, Support for trace buffers for ARM MTB and AVR32 UC3 NanoTrace.
Support for attaching to targets,1 3 Atmel Studio 6 2. Atmel Software Framework 3 17 0,AVR 8 Toolchain 3 4 4 with upstream GCC 4 8 1. AVR 32 Toolchain 3 4 2 with upstream GCC 4 4 7,ARM GCC Toolchain 4 8 3. Support for Atmel ICE,Support for Xplained Mini,Support for data breakpoints. Read OSCCAL calibration for tinyAVR and megaAVR, Create ELF production files for AVR8 using the programming dialogue.
Live Watch, For more information see the readme that is installed as part of the toolchain. Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 2 RELEASE NOTES 3,42399A MCU 02 2015. Nonintrusive trace support for SAM3 and SAM4 family of devices including. Interrupt trace and monitoring,Data trace,Free RTOS awareness. Statistical code profiling,Polled Data trace support for Cortex M0. Default debugger for SAM devices is now GDB GDB does in some scenarios handle debugging of. optimized code better, Support to create a GCC Board project Atmel board User board for ALL the installed versions of ASF.
New ASF Board Wizard to Add or Remove Board Project Template. Improved loading time of New Example Project dialog by loading only one ASF version by default. IDR events now gets displayed in a separate pane in the output window. LSS file syntax highlighting,1 4 Atmel Studio 6 1 Update 2. Support for SAM D20 devices on the JTAGICE3,Atmel Software Framework 3 11 0. 1 5 Atmel Studio 6 1 Update 1 1, Fix programming of boot section for xmega devices introduced in 6 1 update 1. Fix SAM4LSP32 barebone project setup,1 6 Atmel Studio 6 1 Update 1. Atmel Software Framework 3 9 1, Extension Development Kit XDK Support for packaging an Embedded Application project into an Atmel.
Gallery Extension,Support for SAM D20 and SAM4N devices. ARM GCC Toolchain 4 7 3 with experimental newlib nano and multilibs. 1 7 Atmel Studio 6 1,Support for Embedded Debugger platform. Support for Xplained Pro kits,Atmel Software Framework 3 8 0. AVR 8 Toolchain 3 4 2 with upstream GCC 4 7 2,AVR 32 Toolchain 3 4 2 with upstream GCC 4 4 7. ARM GCC Toolchain 4 7 3,CMSIS 3 20,Updated Visual Assist.
Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 2 RELEASE NOTES 4,42399A MCU 02 2015. Command line utility for firmware upgrade, Stimulus for simulator Create a stimuli file to write register values while executing simulation. 1 8 Atmel Studio 6 0, Support for Atmel ARM based MCUs with Atmel SAM ICE. Atmel Software Framework 3 1 3,AVR Toolchain 3 4 0. ARM Toolchain 3 3 1,Atmel Software Framework Explorer.
Support for QTouch Composer as extension,Updated Visual Assist. New extension gallery,1 9 AVR Studio 5 1,New version of AVR Software Framework ASF. Availability and installation of new ASF versions through extension manager without having to upgrade. Support for side by side versioning of ASF with the ability to upgrade projects. Syntax highlighting and better debugging support for C projects. Support for importing AVR 32 Studio C projects,New version of AVR Toolchain. New command line utility atprogram with support for all Atmel AVR tools and devices. Enhancements to programming dialog including support for ELF programming. New version of Visual Assist with several enhancements and bugfixes. Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 2 RELEASE NOTES 5,42399A MCU 02 2015. 1 What is the Atmel USB Driver, The Atmel USB Driver is a cumulative installer that bundles the Jungo USB driver for the AVR tools and the.
Segger USB Driver for SAM tools, 2 I get an error during installation of the Atmel USB Driver Package. During installation of the Atmel USB Driver Package you might get the error 0x800b010a A certificate. chain could not be built to a trusted root authority This means that the certificate that signs the installer. could not be validated using the certificate authority built in to Windows. The reason for not being able to validate the certificate is because the certificate chain needs to be. updated through Windows Update Make sure that you have received all updates so that Windows is able. to validate the certificate, If you are not able to update your computer due to the computer being offline or restricted in some way. then the root certificate update can be downloaded from http support2 microsoft com kb 931125. 3 Will Atmel Studio 6 2 work in parallel with Atmel Studio 6 1 Atmel Studio 6 0 AVR Studio 5 0 5 1. AVR Studio 4 0 and AVR32 Studio, Yes it will work If you are uninstalling AVR Studio 4 0 or AVR32 Studio be careful when you manually. delete folders or registry entries after uninstall as there might be other keys and folders deployed by Atmel. Studio inside the Atmel folder and registry paths, 4 I have AVR Studio 4 in my PC When installing Atmel Studio it updated the Jungo USB driver Will. AVR Studio 4 still work, Yes it will work If Jungo driver is already present and its version is anything less than the new one then.
the installer will update the Jungo driver you already have The updated Jungo driver is fully compatible. with its previous versions, 5 During installation the installer hangs more than 20 minutes while displaying Atmel Studio. requires the following items to be installed on your computer A progress bar is running but there. is no indication about real progress, If you have network connectivity that is limited no internet connectivity disconnect the network or disable. all the active network adapters and start installation of Atmel Studio This happens only on Windows XP. and Windows 2003 based machines, 6 The Atmel Studio installer crashes when installing using the run as option in Windows XP any. architecture with the Protect my computer option enabled. Do not use the run as option with the Protect my computer option enabled The installer will have. read only access to parts of the registry and system folders causing it to malfunction This is due to. the DEP option enabled by Windows in this mode Refer to http blogs msdn com b aaron margosis. archive 2004 09 10 227727 aspx for more information. 7 Atmel Studio and Visual Studio 2010 SP1 conflicts. If Atmel Studio is installed on a machine with Visual Studio 2010 SP1 the following message might be. displayed when starting up Atmel Studio or Visual Studio Only some of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. products on this computer have been upgraded to Service Pack 1 None will work correctly until all have. been upgraded, Follow the instructions in the error message dialog to resolve the problem. 8 Atmel Studio cannot find any debuggers or programmers after uninstalling AVR Studio 4. The AVR Studio 4 installer uninstalls the Jungo USB Driver which is shared by Atmel Studio Repairing the. Atmel Studio installation might not reinstall Jungo USB Driver Download the Atmel USB Driver installer. from the Atmel web and install it, 9 Atmel Studio cannot find any debuggers or programmers when Norton AntiVirus is running.
Atmel Studio might not show any connected tools if Norton AntiVirus is running To make it work make. sure Norton AntiVirus allows atprogram exe to communicate with the Atmel Studio front end by adding. atbackend exe as an exception in the Norton AntiVirus allowed programs This is the same with any. anti virus program that by default blocks ports,Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 2 RELEASE NOTES 6. 42399A MCU 02 2015, 10 Windows shows a message box with the following message when attempting to run Atmel Studio. installer Windows cannot access the specified device path or file You may not have the. appropriate permissions to access the item, This might be caused by an anti virus program blocking the installation of the Atmel Studio We have seen. this with the Sophos antivirus package Temporarily disable the Sophos service running on the machine or. any corresponding anti virus service and attempt installation. 11 After installing and starting Atmel Studio in Windows XP the following error is displayed This. application has failed to start because MSVCR100 dll was not found Re installing the application. may fix this problem, This probably means that your PC does not have Service Pack 3 for Windows XP installed Install SP3 and. then install Atmel Studio again, 12 Atmel Studio takes a very long time to start but runs well in a VM environment.
The Visual Studio shell and thus Atmel Studio does a considerable amount of processing during start. up Parts of the operations are WPF operations which benefits greatly by updated graphics libraries and. drivers Installing the latest graphics driver may give a performance boost both during normal operation. and during start up, 13 Verification and programming often fails with a serial port buffer overrun error message when. using STK500, This is a known issue Due to DPC latency serial communication can have buffer overruns on the UART. chipset A workaround which works for most systems is to use an USB to serial adapter. 14 Internet Explorer 6 does not display user documentation correctly. This is a known issue primarily due to the incompatibility of the version of HTML used to prepare the help. content and the IE6 rendering engine Update your browser to a later version of IE to resolve the issue. This problem is only observed with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. 15 Help Registration fails with error code 401, One of the common reasons for this failure is because of an corrupted Help Store location The help. store location is usually SYSTEMDRIVE ProgramData Microsoft HelpLibrary for Vista or later. machines and it is SystemDrive Documents and Settings All Users Application Data. for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 based machines Clean up this location and try running the. installer again, 16 When launching from a guest account the following error is displayed when starting Atmel Studio. Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. Atmel Studio neither installs under guest account and nor runs under it. 17 Can install and run Atmel Studio from within a Virtual Machine. Yes with simulator there should be no issues However with physical devices like debuggers and. programmers the VM must offer support for physical USB and Serial port connections. 18 How can I reduce the startup time of Atmel Studio. Make sure you have uninstalled unwanted extensions in studio. Disable Allow Add in components to load,1 Go to Tools Options Add in Macro Security.
2 Then uncheck the Allow Add in components to load option. Disable the startup page alternative 1, 1 Disable Show page on Startup inside the start page. Disable the startup page alternative 2, 1 Go to Tools Options Environment Startup At Startup. 2 Select Show empty environment option,Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 2 RELEASE NOTES 7. 42399A MCU 02 2015, 19 How to improve studio performance on Windows XP or single core systems. Make sure your system has the latest version of the Windows Automation API. Disable Visual Experience if you have single core system. 1 Go to Tools Options Environment General, 2 Then uncheck the Automatically adjust visual experience based on client performance Enable rich.
client visual experience and Use H W graphics acceleration options. Disable the Editor Track Changes,1 Go to Tools Options Text Editor. 2 Then uncheck the Track Changes option, Disable the Track Active Item in Solution Explorer. 1 Go to Tools Options Projects and Solutions General. 2 Then uncheck the Track Active Item in Solution Explorer option. 20 How to improve studio performance for any supported version of Windows. Make sure your system has the latest version of the Windows Automation API. Exclude the following directories and files from antivirus scanner. Atmel Studio Installed directory and its sub directories and files. AppData Roaming Atmel directory and its sub directories files. AppData Local Atmel directory and its sub directories files. Your Atmel project directories, Visual Studio 10 shell requires a lot of swap space Increase the paging file Also put the system to. maximize performance Both options are found in System Properties Performance Settings. 21 Should I install the latest Windows Automation API 3 0. Yes if your OS is any of the following,Windows XP,Server 2003. Server 2008, 22 How can I make sure my system has the latest Windows Automation API 3 0.
Your system has the latest Windows Automation API if you have Windows 7 or Windows 8 Only. Windows XP Windows Vista Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 have the old version. API Find the UIAutomationCore dll file in your system normally found in the windows folder and. compare the version number of that file The version should be 7 X X X for the new API The latest API. can be found at http support microsoft com kb 971513. 23 My Project is large and it takes a long time to open Is there any option to avoid this delay. Visual Assist X parses all the files when we opening the existing project You could disable this option. 1 Go to VAssistX Visual Assist X Options Performance. 2 Uncheck the Parse all files when opening the project. 24 I have the limited RAM size in my system and I work long hours in the same instance of Atmel. Studio After some time Atmel Studio becomes slow on my system. Press Ctrl Shift Alt F12 twice to force Atmel Studio to garbage collect. 25 Does Atmel Studio perform better on multi core processors than on single core systems. Yes Atmel Studio performs better on a multi core system. Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 2 RELEASE NOTES 8,42399A MCU 02 2015. 26 How can I make my projects build faster, You can enable parallel build Option from Tools Options Builder GNU Make Make Parallel. Execution Of Build This option will enable the parallel execution feature in the GNU make utility This. option may cause the build log to be displayed unordered. Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 2 RELEASE NOTES 9,42399A MCU 02 2015. 3 Installation Instructions,3 1 System Requirements. 3 1 1 Supported Operating Systems, Windows XP x86 with Service Pack 3 all editions except Starter Edition.
Windows Vista x86 and x64 with Service Pack 1 all editions except Starter Edition. Windows 7 x86 and x64,Windows 8 8 1 x86 and x64, Windows Server 2003 x86 and x64 with Service Pack 2. Windows Server 2003 R2 x86 and x64, Windows Server 2008 x86 and x64 with Service Pack 2. Windows Server 2008 R2 x64,3 1 2 Supported Architectures. 32 Bit x86,64 Bit x64,3 1 3 Hardware Requirements,Computer that has a 1 6 GHz or faster processor. 1 GB RAM for x86,2 GB RAM for x64, An additional 512 MB RAM if running in a Virtual Machine.
4 GB of available hard disk space, A minimum display resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher is recommended. 3 2 Downloading and Installing,Download the latest Atmel Studio installer. Atmel Studio 6 2 can be run side by side with Atmel Studio 6 1 Atmel Studio 6 0 AVR Studio 5 0 and. 5 1 Uninstallation of previous versions is not required. Verify the hardware and software requirements from System Requirements section. Make sure you are logged on with Administrative privileges. Save all your work before starting because the installation might prompt you for a restart if required. Disconnect all Atmel USB Serial hardware devices, Windows XP users are urged to stay connected to the internet during installation to allow for automatic. certificate updates See the FAQ for more information. Double click the installer executable file Note that this might take some time to extract depending on H W. configuration,Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 2 RELEASE NOTES 10. 42399A MCU 02 2015, Atmel Studio Prerequisites installation will start If you have all the prerequisites already installed then this.
dialog will not be shown, If the NET Framework 4 0 is not already installed the installer will start the NET Framework setup. Note that this does not include SP1, Accept the license agreement and proceed through the installation If the installer prompts for. restart do so After restart the installation will start automatically. If Visual Studio Isolated shell 2010 is not installed the installer will start the Microsoft Visual Studio. Isolated Shell 2010 Setup, Accept the license agreement and proceed through the installation. The Atmel USB Driver will install or upgrade the existing Jungo USB driver. Accept the license agreement and proceed through the installation. If you have previous versions of Jungo USB driver then the installer will update them The Atmel. USB driver Jungo USB Driver and SAM USB Driver is fully compatible with its previous versions. AVR Studio 4 Studio 32 and AVR Studio 5 0 and 5 1 should continue to work with the updated. driver without any issues, After this the Atmel Studio installation should start. Click Next to continue,Accept the license agreement and continue.
Choose the Destination Directory to Install and click Next. Review the summary and click Install, The installation will copy all files and prompt to click Finish. At the end the installer will display options to associate files with Atmel Studio Choose this if you prefer to. open files with the mentioned file extensions in Atmel Studio. The installer also displays an option to Start Atmel Studio after completion If you choose to open then. note that Atmel Studio will launch with administrative privileges since the installer was either launched as. administrator or with elevated privileges in Windows Vista or later. Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 2 RELEASE NOTES 11,42399A MCU 02 2015. 4 Atmel Studio Extensions, Extensions and updates to Atmel Studio are available through the Atmel Gallery Access it through http. gallery atmel com or use the extension manager in Atmel Studio under the Tools menu. The set of extensions supporting a given Atmel Studio version may vary Visit http gallery atmel com to see. which extensions are available for a given version of Atmel Studio Note that at the time of the release of a new. version of Atmel Studio not all extensions have been ported from the previous version. Atmel Studio does not automatically reinstall extensions installed on previous versions of Atmel Studio. Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 2 RELEASE NOTES 12,42399A MCU 02 2015. 5 Bugs and New Features,5 1 Notable bugs fixed,Issue AVRSV 5685.
The first flash page can be corrupted by re connecting with a SAM ICE after a programming session Problem. is seen in relation to reading the CoreSight ROM table which is done during the connect sequence. Issue AVRSV 5893, Debugging and stepping in code can lead to interrupts being disabled. Issue AVRSV 5920, Support links in Atmel Studio points to the old support site. Issue AVRSV 5923, Error message pops up during programming using JTAGICEmkII saying that the device id is wrong This. is due to an error during the programming session which caused Atmel Studio to start a new programming. session inside the already ongoing session,Issue AVRSV 6015. Compile time in Atmel Studio is many times greater then building directly from the command line This has. been traced to a issue in how Atmel Studio parses warning information and presents it to the user. Issue AVRSV 6016, Locking region may fail in few scenarios If it fails import the user page fuse settings from a file through.
memories page in Device programming dialog,Issue AVRSV 6020. Programming files that have non ascii charaters in the path fails This is now fixed by doing a UTF 8 to UTF 16. conversion if the path is not found,5 2 Known issues. Issue AVRSV 283, A message saying webproperties tlb could not be located can be displayed on some systems A workaround. for this problem is to make a copy of a file named webproperties tlb in C Program Files x86 Common. Files microsoft shared MSEnv on the same location and rename it to webproperties tlb. Issue AVRSV 414, Power toggle and external reset is not handled gracefully in all situations. Issue AVRSV 546, The NET Framework installer might not work properly if network connectivity is limited If connectivity is limited.
disconnect from the network or disable all active network adapters before starting installation of Atmel Studio. Issue AVRSV 628,Scrolling memory view does not work properly. It is not possible to use the slider in the memory view to scroll it Only the up and down arrows works. Issue AVRSV 680, Sometimes breakpoints that are set in the Source Editor are not reflected correctly in the Disassembly Window. while debugging,Issue AVRSV 831, Atmel Studio installation may fail on XP systems if the Microsoft Windows Imaging Component 32 bit is not. installed Install this component downloadable from Microsoft. Issue AVRSV 966, Running the Atmel Studio installer using the run as option on Windows XP may crash the installer. Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 2 RELEASE NOTES 13,42399A MCU 02 2015.
Issue AVRSV 1192, Internet Explorer 6 will not render the navigation menu in the user documentation correctly. Issue AVRSV 1254, The asf h header file is not included in all examples. Workaround Include this file manually if you add additional drivers using the. Select Drivers from AVR Software Framework dialog,Issue AVRSV 1436. If a command times out during execution on a tool then the next command can fail with a Command Error. This is due to desynchronization between the software and hardware and is fixed by power cycling the tool. Issue AVRSV 1533, Visual Studio 2010 RC Beta version has conflict with RTM version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Isolated. Shell The workaround is to uninstall Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 isolated Shell that is installed with Atmel. Issue AVRSV 1557, Mapped network drives do not appear in the Project Location window when creating a new project.
Issue AVRSV 1603, When debugging on ATmega16 A or ATmega32 A devices it is not possible to read out the value of UBRRH. using the debugger,Issue AVRSV 1675, If a driver for a tool has not been installed first time it s plugged in and the user plugs the tool into the PC. when Atmel Studio is running then it will be shown in the Available Tools view but not have access to the tool. as a OS driver for the tool does not exist Any operation on the tool initiated will fail. Restart Atmel Studio to access the tool,Issue AVRSV 1733. Stepping in the source view over a software reset may leave the target running on ATxmega devices. Issue AVRSV 1758, Projects which include paths or files with non Latin characters are not supported. Issue AVRSV 1760, Service Pack 1 of Visual Studio 2010 installed on a PC where Atmel Studio 6 is installed may initiate a need.
for reapplying the SP1 installer A dialog box will then appear during startup of Atmel Studio and detail the. steps that must be taken,Issue AVRSV 1883, The IO window does not fully support registers like e g DIRSET DIRTGL and DIRCLR for the XMEGA family. used to manipulate a corresponding DIR register Toggling the value of bits in these registers have undefined. result on DIR,Issue AVRSV 1888, Debugging ATmega128 in ATmega103 compatibility mode is not supported. Issue AVRSV 1895, Alt G does not open the file avr io h This file is not parsed by Visual Assist. Issue AVRSV 1901, Creating two projects in the same solution which have different devices is not supported Create two different. solutions instead,Issue AVRSV 2022, Running Folding home together with Atmel Studio may cause unresponsive user interface We recommend to.
disable the Folding home when running Atmel Studio. Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 2 RELEASE NOTES 14,42399A MCU 02 2015. Issue AVRSV 2163, Files or folders with more than one consequent spaces are not supported as part of AVRStudio 5 projects. Issue AVRSV 2462, Reading target voltage with the TPI interface enabled might cause all further actions to fail. Issue AVRSV 2558,HVPP for ATtiny2313A does not work on STK500. Issue AVRSV 2601, During installation of Atmel Studio the Visual Studio 2010 Shell installation will re register the vsjitdebugger.
This might make Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2005 unable to debug a crashed application reported by. Workaround Run repair of Visual Studio on top of the Atmel Studio installation This should re enable the. capability of Visual Studio to get a chance to handle crashed applications. Issue AVRSV 2884, Project creation may fail when file folder name of the project or its sub items name exceeds 256 characters. Issue AVRSV 3296, Autocompletion and snippets provided by Visual Assist can generate invalid embedded C and it might also. try to insert C in a C project, This includes exceptions classes and namespace declarations. Issue AVRSV 3313, If you encounter the error variable xxxx must be const in order to be put into read only section by means. of attribute progmem then this description applies The problem is due to the incompatibility of the. ASF source code with the AVR GCC compiler The GCC 4 6 Release document http gcc gnu org gcc 4 6. changes html mentions that the error is expected and to use the ASF projects created in 5 1 i e ASF 2 9 0. we have to use avr gcc toolchain verison 3 3 1 and for later ASF versions use 3 4 0 Alternatively you could. manually add the const qualifier to the variable s that are reported when compiling ASF 2 9 0 projects with. AVR GCC toolchain 3 4 0 or later,Issue AVRSV 3376, If a custom destination folder is selected in the Atmel Studio installer some components will still install.
themselves in the default location,Issue AVRSV 3672. ASF projects cannot be created in UNC paths To create the ASF project map the UNC path to a network. Issue AVRSV 3761, If atprogram is interrupted during programming the next invocation to the same programming tool may throw. an error A hardware reset of the tool will resolve the issue. Issue AVRSV 3993, On virtual machines like VirtualBox the event endpoint may not work properly and no events will be. propagated from the tool to Atmel Studio This mainly impacts debugging. Issue AVRSV 4005, Setting flash region lockbits when using SEGGER may have no effect as the SEGGER tool may unlock the. flash region before it writes to it at a later stage. Issue AVRSV 4037, Using a SEGGER tool after a chiperase in the programming dialogue reading device flash to file does not.
reflect the true erased state of the device,Atmel Studio 6 2 Service Pack 2 RELEASE NOTES 15.

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