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Astro Vision SoulMate Report,Girl Anjali Nair Boy Rahul Kumar. Star Revati Star Hasta, Birth Date 01 Jan 1993 10 30 pm Birth Date 01 Jan 1989 12 05 am. Longitude 80 17 Latitude 13 5 Longitude 80 17 Latitude 13 5. Moo Ket Mar Mar Jup,Sat Lag Mer Ket,Sun Mer Rah Maa Jup Sun Sat Ven Lag. Compatibility between Birth Stars,RASI PORUTHAM, Rasi Porutham means the compatibility of Zodiac Signs According to Indian Astrology the position of the moon at. birth time determines the Zodiac Sign Rasi of a person The person s character culture and physical characteristics. are strongly dependent on his or her Zodiac The compatibility in these qualities is essential between the husband and. wife for ensuring a long life and prosperity for their married life This obviously points to the significance of Rasi. Porutham It acts as the remedy for the absence of other compatibilities like Gana Porutham. Girl s rasi is Meena,Boy s rasi is Kanni,For this couple Rasi Porutham is Good.
RASYADHIPATHI PORUTHAM, Rasyadhipathi Porutham means the compatibility of the Rasi Lords The compatibility of the Lords of the Birth Rasis. of the bride and the bridegroom determines this Porutham Rasyadhipathi Porutham signifies the capabilities long. life and luck of the children born to the couple In those cases where rasyadhipathis may not be compatible. compatibilities like Samasapthama in the horoscope and Mahendra porutham rectify the defect. Girl s rasilord is Guru,Boy s rasilord is Budha,For this couple Rasyadhipathi Porutham is Good. VASYA PORUTHAM, Vasya porutham means the Compatibility between the zodiac signs with respect to their mutual enchantment This. Porutham helps to enhance the love and affection between the couple Vasya Porutham gains more prominence in the. absense of other poruthams like Rasi Porutham and Gana Porutham. Girl s rasi Meena is a vasya rasi of the Boy,For this couple Vasya Porutham is Good. MAHENDRA PORUTHAM, Mahendra Porutham is determined on the basis of the birth stars of the couple This Porutham determines and.
provides the man the power to protect his wife and children born in her in moral physical and financial aspects It. is believed that Mahendra Porutham is capable enough to suppress the effects of the absense of Rasyadhipathi and. Dina Porutham,The boy s star is the 14th from that of the girl. For this couple Mahendra Porutham is Not satisfactory. GANA PORUTHAM, Gana Porutham means the compatibility between the birth star groups The twenty seven stars are classified into. three ganas groups Devagana Asuragana and Manushagana Gana Porutham stands for the compatibility between. the ganas groups corresponding to the birth stars of the couple Generally this Porutham signifies the mental and. spiritual compatibility Gana Porutham helps the couple to have a life with prosperity and satisfaction. Girl is in Deva gana,Boy is in Deva gana,For this couple Gana Porutham is Good. YONI PORUTHAM, Yoni Porutham means the compatibility with respect to the gender corresponding to the birth star of each The stars. are classified into two groups based on their yoni Purusha yoni masculine yoni and Sthree yoni feminine yoni. If Yoni porutham is good between the couple it helps them to ensure financial prosperity and happy married life. The absence of Yoni Porutham may result in the lack of satisfaction the difficulties relating to children etc These. problems will be nullified by the presense of any two among Rasydhipa Porutham Vasya Porutham and Mahendra. Girl s star has Female yoni,Boy s star has Female yoni.
For this couple Yoni Porutham is Satisfactory,DINA PORUTHAM. Dina Porutham is another measure of compatibility between birth stars Dina Porutham helps the couples to achieve. mental compatibility and happiness in life Absense of Dina Porutham is ignored and considered not very important. in the presense of Rasi porutham or Yoni porutham,The boy s star is the 14th from that of the girl. For this couple Dina Porutham is Not satisfactory,STREE DEERGHA PORUTHAM. Stree Deergha Porutham is reckoned by the distance of the man s birth star from that of the woman It ensures long. and happy married life It also acts as a remedy for absense of Gana porutham. The boy s star is the 14th from that of the girl,For this couple Deergha Porutham is Satisfactory. Dosha Absence of Dosha is counted as compatibility. RAJJU DOSHA, The Rajju Dosha is considered to be one of the most destrucitve among the doshas related to marriage compatibility.
especially the Madhyma Rajju dosha Rajju dosha can become the reason for many unexpected sorrows in marriage. The girl s star is in Anthima Rajju,The boy s star is in Prathama Rajju. For this couple there is No Dosha,VEDHA DOSHA, The marriage is not recommended if the birth stars of the couples are in Vedha to each other Because of this dosha. the couples may suffer mental tensions due to separation frequently occurring illnesses and other problems that are. likely to occur in a marriage, There is no Veda Dosham between girl s star Revati and the boy s star Hasta. For this couple there is No Dosha, There is EXCELLENT match between the birth stars UTHAMAM. Star Match Rating 70,Kuja dosha comparison, Great importance is attached to the effect of KUJA in a horoscope Kuja plays an important role in determining.
marriage compatibility Often people say that there is Kuja dosha in a horoscope simply because Kuja is in the 7th. or 8th house However authentic books on astrology gives several rules of exception by which Kuja dosha can be. considered as nullified A proper analysis on this basis is given below. Kujadosha check with reference to Lagna, For the girl Kuja is in the eleventh house no dosha. For the boy Kuja is in the seventh house strong dosha. Kujadosha in girls horoscope is less than the boy,Kujadosha check with reference to Chandra. For the girl Kuja is in the fourth house weak dosha. For the boy Kuja is in the seventh house strong dosha. Kujadosha in girls horoscope is less than the boy,Kujadosha check with reference to Shukra. For the girl Kuja is in the fifth house no dosha,For the boy Kuja is in the fifth house no dosha. Kujadosha compares well,Summary of Kujadosha checks.
Reference Comparison,Lagna Girl has less dosha,Chandra Girl has less dosha. Kujadosha check is NOT SATISFACTORY, Papa dosha Comparison is done here by assigning points for the position of Mars Saturn Rahu Ketu and Sun with. respect to Lagna Moon as well as Venus,Papasamyam is NOT satisfactory. Dasa Sandhi check,Date of birth of girl 1 1 1993, Dasa balance at birth Budha 8 years 0 months 8 days. Shukra dasa ends 09 01 2028,Surya dasa ends 09 01 2034.
Date of birth of boy 1 1 1989, Dasa balance at birth Chandra 0 years 4 months 28 days. Guru dasa ends 31 05 2030, There is no serious dasa sandhi for this couple This is a GOOD indication. Summary and recommendation,Check Result Remarks, Compatibility between Birth Stars Good Kerala System Applied. Kuja dosha comparison Not satisfactory,Papasamya Not satisfactory. Dasa Sandhi check Satisfactory Serious check enabled. Matching is NOT recommended,Porutham Code S1 K1 P1 D06 Ver 6 0 1 1 20180726.
DISCLAIMER, Although broadly based on Indian Predictive Astrology we request you to consider this report as an independent work of Astro Vision Futuretech Pvt Ltd ASTRO VISION. astrological calculations are based on scientific equations and not on any specific published almanac Therefore comparisons between the calculations made by. ASTRO VISION and those published in almanacs are absolutely unwarranted Astro Vision Futuretech Pvt Ltd shall not entertain any dispute on differences arising out of. such comparisons Astro Vision Futuretech Pvt Ltd cannot be held responsible for the decisions that may be taken by anyone based on this report While we ensure that. each report is prepared meticulously and with utmost care we do not rule out the possibility of any unexpected errors In case of any errors our liability is limited to the. replacement of the report with a rectified one The software versions and the predictive text in the reports are subject to continuous modifications including addition of new. chapters This is necessitated by the nature of the content and our constantly evolving research findings We have adopted Chitrapaksha ayanamsa for all our. calculations as it is the most popular and widely used ayanamsa system in India The astrological calculations and predictions may differ in case a different ayanamsa is. used There are minor variations in the systems and practices followed by different regions of India and we have accommodated some of these variations in the regional. language versions As a result the reports generated in different languages may not be exact translations Also all the language versions are not updated simultaneously.

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