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Definition of assessment, Assessment is how we find out what pupils know and. how we use that information to inform future planning. The process of seeking and interpreting evidence for. use by learners and their teachers to decide where the. learners are in their learning where they need to go and. how best to get there National curriculum key stage 3. Why do we assess,Assessment of Learning,The summative act of assessment carried. out periodically,To judge how well the pupil is performing. Assessment for Learning,Takes place all the time in the classroom. Uses the information gained from,assessment to improve learning.
The Planning Loop,Evaluation Teaching,Assessment,What is Assessment for Learning. the process of seeking and interpreting,evidence for the use by learners and their. teachers to decide where the learners are,in their learning where they need to go. and how best to get there,Assessment Reform Group 2002. Assessment for Learning Principles,Is part of effective planning.
Focuses on how pupils learn,Is central to classroom practice. Is a key professional skill,Is sensitive and constructive. Fosters motivation,Promotes understanding of goals and criteria. Develops the capacity for self and peer assessment. Recognises all educational achievement,When should you assess. All of the time,Every section of the lesson should include.
some form of assessment A variety of,techniques should be used in every lesson. What should you assess,Subject knowledge,Understanding. Assessment for learning methods in,geography after Capel et al 1995. oral written graphic products,Questioning Questionnaires Diagrams Models. Listening Diaries Sketches Artefacts,Discussing Reports Drawings Games.
Presentations Essays Graphs photographs,Interviews Notes Printouts. Debates Stories,Audio recording Newspaper,Video articles. Role play Scripts,Video recording Lists,simulation Poems. Descriptions,How To do it,Examples from Geography,Share learning objectives at the start of. the lesson,Introduce peer and self assessment,centered around the learning objectives.
Make all written comments formative in,Encourage students to reflect upon their. own progress at the end of lessons and,modules of work. Assessment sheet for year 7,newspaper article,Learning objectives. 1 To describe the reasons why volcanoes,2 To use resource material to build up a. picture of a volcanic eruption,3 To produce a front page newspaper.
report about a volcanic eruption,Assessment guidelines. Your finished piece of work should include the following. 1 A description of what caused the volcano to erupt. 2 Pictures of the eruption labelled,3 An eye witness report written in your own words. 4 A description of what damage the eruption caused. 5 It should be set out as a proper newspaper with headlines and. 6 A labelled map to show the location of the volcano. Year 7 Assessment task Volcano News Report, Mark your own work according to the descriptions given by putting a tick in the top row of boxes in the. level that you think the work deserves Use a or symbol to indicate if the work is in the top or lower. band of this section, Now pass your work to the person sitting next to you who will also mark it in the second row of boxes. Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Teacher comment, Name of the Volcano named Volcano named and Name and location.
volcano and labeled Facts location described included Facts about a. Research given and the about the number Eyewitness report is REAL eruption including. Knowledge name of the of casualties and accurate and realistic dates and figures Factual. country in damage included Some explanation of eyewitness account. which it is Picture of the how the volcano Explanation of why. located A volcano erupting erupts volcanoes erupt and the. basic eye Eyewitness report theory of plate tectonics. witness with some detail Information specific to this. account is volcano,Friends mark, Headlines Headlines and Headline and written Accurate written. naming the eyewitness information clear and information Clear labeled. Presentation volcano and account Picture of concise Picture picture Detailed accurate. skills explaining the volcano includes labels map showing exact. where it included and a explaining what it is location of the volcano. happened map showing the showing Detailed Clear diagrams or maps to. Eyewitness location map with key and title support written. account as a showing the location explanation of why this. short piece of Writing or diagrams to volcano erupted. writing explain why volcanoes,My mark Overall mark. Friends mark,Student evaluation,Student name Date,Evaluation Volcano newspaper article. Answer the following questions thinking carefully about your answers. 1 Where the instructions clear at the start of the task Yes No. 2 What parts of the work did you find difficult,3 Which parts of the work did you enjoy. 4 Have you read and understood the teachers comments Yes No. 5 What targets do you need to work towards to achieve a better mark.

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