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Council Meetings, The 4 H Youth County Council meet on April 27 2009 at 7 00 p m at the. ings are open to 4 H members age 9 Extension office at 200 Taylor Street. and older Meetings provide oppor Ste 500 Fort Worth Tx 76102. tunities for youth to meet share 2009 Co Council, ideas plan and implement activities Scheduled Meetings. with other youth throughout the,county Each club is encouraged to February. send 2 3 representatives to each April,meeting Club representatives typi May. cally include the President and 1 2,Council Delegates.
The next County Council Meeting is,Adult Leader Meetings. Council Notes, The next Adult Leader meeting will meeting Members planning to run for an offi. be May 26 2009 at the Extension 2009 Adult Ldr cer position must submit Intent to. office at 200 Taylor Street Ste 500 Run for Office form to the 4 H office. Fort Worth Tx 76102 Each club is Scheduled Meetings by April 30th The election will be in. invited to send representatives to May, participate in these meetings January Call the 4 H office to obtain the In. Anyone who is planning to pick up March tent to Run Form. supplies or copies at an ALA meeting May,should email their request to Nanci. Cindy at least 2 days prior to the,Leader s Graduating Senior Reception.
Appreciation Dinner, On Thursday April 9 2009 we will This is a great opportunity to rec. host a dinner at the Extension office ognize our graduating seniors and. to honor the adult volunteer leaders wish them well as they begin their. who have donated their valuable new journeys Watch the website. time throughout the year to provide and emails for additional details. opportunities for Tarrant County 4 H,Please RSVP at 817 884 1291 by April. Page 2 4 H Cloverleaf, County Project District IV Competitions Tarrant County. Show 4 H Dog Show,District Roundup refers to a group of. The Tarrant County 4 H Project Show district level contests in which youth The annual Tarrant County Dog. was established more than a decade represent their counties This year Show will be held April 18 at the. ago by CEA Dr Barry Boyd It was, the contests will be held at North Tri County Training Facility in Azle.
designed to give 4 H ers the oppor Central Texas College in Gainesville beginning at 11 am The show will. tunity to display compete in pro on April 24 25 2009 Youth only include obedience showmanship. ject areas that did not have county, need to attend the day of their con conformation trick costume drill. level contests available tests Please refer to the schedule and photography The dog show is. below for details and feel free to con open to all 4 Her s and will be a. great opportunity for them to, Since that time hundreds of youth tact the office with any questions. showcase the skills they have been, have enjoyed having this opportunity Registrations for each contest will be. training on all year More informa, to showcase their hard work conducted online through 4 H Con. tion and registration form will be,available very soon.
This year the Project Show Exhibi Some contests have different dead For information concerning the. tion will be May 16 9 00 11 00 lines for additional paperwork County Dog Show please contact. a m Please refer to guidelines for each,L a r i s s a D a i l y a t. specific contest,lvdaily2006 yahoo com,Please feel free to schedule an ap. Entry forms are due April 27 and the pointment if you need assistance. actual project entries or displays will,District Dog Show. be turned in at the Extension office,Contest Contest. May 11 Look for the entry form Date, soon on the 4 H website and by e Food Show April 24.
The District Dog Show will be held, mail Nutrition Quiz Bowl April 24 Saturday May 2 at the District. Horse Quiz Bowl April 25 office in Dallas The show is open. Share the Fun April 25 to all 4 H members and provides a. Educational Presentations April 25 great opportunity to practice skills. I think of the garden after,the rain in preparation for the State Dog. Entomology April 25,And hope to my heart comes Show in July. singing Consumer Decision Making April 24,The event includes conformation. At morn the cherry blooms, will be white Fashion Show April 25 obedience showmanship educa.
And the Easter bells be ring Design Apparel Acces April 3 tional posters and dog quiz. ing sory or Textile,Registration will be conducted. Edna Dean Proctor District contests are qualifying events for online through 4 H Connect Entry. Easter Bells most state level contests deadline is April 17. 4 H Cloverleaf Page 3,Workshops News, County Record Please join us in extending a warm wel Select Adult or Youth. come to Emily from the Add a New Family,Book Training Member drop down menu. Recordbooks are a record of what a Complete the Personal In. member has learned and accom 4 H Connect formation screen for the. plished in a 4 H year It includes re,cords on project learning experiences. Set Up Instructions adult or youth member,Fields in bold are required.
activities and accomplishments It Instructions for setting up a profile on. Be sure to indicate Yes if, also displays information on leader 4 H Connect are as follows. you participate in any volun, ship and community service Included Go to https texas 4honline com teer activities Click continue. in the book is a 4 H story coupled, Click I need to setup a profile The Additional Information. with photos showing the youth in ac, Select your county from the drop down screen will record your years in. menu 4 H leadership emergency con, The submission of a recordbook is an tacts school and alumni informa.
accomplishment that also qualifies Fill in the fields marked E mail Confirm. tion and the certification process, members to apply for advanced Email Last Name and create a pass. Complete this screen with accu,awards word you will remember. racy Click Continue, A record book training will be con Select Family on the Role drop down. Complete the Participation,ducted on Saturday May 16 at the menu. screen by selecting your primary, Extension office Please pre register Click Create Login club from the drop down menu.
with the office by May 14 to enable us and clicking Add Club Then. After setting up your account you must, in preparation of the appropriate add any additional clubs Notice. complete your profile There are 7,number of packets that you are on the Clubs tab. steps in this process listed at the top of, You may call us a 817 884 1291 or e the screen The first screen Personal Click Projects tab when fin. mail us at nf swindle tamu edu to information refers to family contact ished. register information Select your club project and, Some information will be automati years in project from the drop. cally generated from the previous down menu Add any additional. 4 H Welcomes Intern projects limit 5 Click Groups,screen Fill in your contact info.
Tarrant County 4 H would like to ex making sure it is accurate tab when finished. tend a warm welcome to Emily, The Password Management field Select any groups that you are. Randolph who will intern here at the, allows you to change the password involved in or are interested in. 4 H office for 10 weeks Emily is a, you provided on the previous joining Click Continue to return. senior at Tarleton State University to the Member List screen. with a major in Agricultural Services screen, Development Click Continue to advance to the Repeat the above steps to add. Member List step other family members involved in,Emily will receive training in 4 H and.
extension activities Upon completion The Member List allows you to identify. of this training period she will receive all members of your family actively par. the Bachelor of Science degree in Ag ticipating in 4 H programs This in. ricultural Services Development cludes youth members and parents in. from Tarleton State University volunteer roles,Page 4 4 H Cloverleaf. Tips Camps, Displays Exhibits Texas 4 H Outdoor Where Texas 4 H Center. Challenge Brownwood Texas,How Register on 4 H Connect. Part of the fun of gaining new knowl by May 31 2009. Forget Survivor this is the way outdoors, edge and skills is sharing the informa were meant to be enjoyed where. For more information contact, tion with others Opportunities to teamwork and rugged determination.
Derrrick Bruton, prepare educational displays exhibits are lauded and only the best are re. Extension Program Specialist, or posters are frequently an option for warded with the ultimate prize being. 4 H Youth Development,recognized as the top outdoor team in. members Phone 903 834 6191,A well designed display should D bruton tamu edu. enlighten or educate its viewer Below You and a group of friends will compete. are a few tips which may be consid in a series of contests to find the best. ered overall outdoors people in the state State Youth Water. You will be challenged physically and Camp, A display should mentally You may even want to give July 12 16 2009.
Get the viewer s attention Inter up before you are through but in the George and Opal Bentley. esting title appealing color end you will emerge a stronger leader 4 H Center Monahans Tx. with the confidence to take on any,scheme legible font consider size. challenge man beast or nature may The objective of the 5 day event is. style print method Include graph, throw into your path to help older youth throughout. ics or props the state become aware of current, Key points of interest should be Rifle water issues and appreciate the. emphasized Fishing implications of agricultural indus. Archery trial municipal and home water, Utilize technology to prepare text Shotgun use on water quality and supply. and graphics as needed Canoeing The camp features field trips. The design should include a natu Orienteering,tours and hands on group project.
ral flow of information left to work While time is made avail. Camping Skills able for recreation the camp fo, right top to bottom Outdoor Safety cuses on water issues quality and. The display board should be rigid Wildlife Identification conservation education. enough to support itself con, Who Texas 4 H Members This year 15 boys and 15 girls are. What 4 H Members compete in out being invited to attend camp from. Proper mounting techniques door contests all across the state of Texas Par. should be used Some of the most When June 26 27 2009 ticipants must be of high school. difficult mounting occurs when age In addition four adults are. securing large pieces of paper to needed to serve as cabin directors. cardboard Experiment and select and counselors,appropriate substances that will. not wrinkle the paper and will not Applications are due to the Texas. release in humid weather AgriLife Extension Service Ward. County by Friday May 22 2009,If you have any questions please. contact Ward County at 432 943,2682 or 943 4112,4 H Cloverleaf Page 5.
4 H Cloverleaf,Tarrant County RECOGNITION AWARDS,Due June 2009. Youth Youth,Recordbook Awards Community Service Award. Youth prepare and submit a recordbook Youth keep a log of volunteer service activities up. in a project area of choice to the last 12 months The log should indicate the. Application Process date type of service location number of hours and super. Submission of a recordbook which also quali visor s initials. fies a member to apply for specific criterion Application Process. based and merit based awards Submit a copy of the log to the 4 H office by the due date. Youth Criterion based Awards,Adult Awards Adult,Rookie Award. 4 H Honor Roll Member Award Youth and adults are encouraged to nominate adults. who make a difference through 4 H,4 H Letterman Award. Friend of 4 H,Each of these awards has a list of activities or.
experiences which a member should complete to 4 H Alum. earn the award Distinguished Leader,Application Process Nomination Process. Submit a recordbook Complete submit nomination to the office by the due. Complete submit application to the 4 H date,office by the due date. Merit based Awards,Club Awards,Outstanding New Member Award. Criterion based and merit based recognition,Achievement Awards. to recognize active clubs,Danforth Award Sr only,Gold Star Award Sr only 3 yr member.
Star Achievers,For each of the above awards judges base their. Blue Ribbon,selections on the submitted written applications. as well as an interview Nomination Process, Application Process Submit nomination to the office by due date. Decisions will be based on information provided on applica. Submit a recordbook,tion and reports submitted throughout the year. Complete submit application to the office by,the due date.
We want to recognize the hard work and diligent efforts of individuals and clubs In order to do this we need for. you to submit the application and nomination forms If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call. Page 6 4 H Cloverleaf,Word Search Puzzle,In the Garden. Words can go horizontally and vertically either way but not diagonally. Words may overlap but do not share letters,q r r e w o m n w a l r n t. r r w c m n r v t y n q v b,n c k n h b v f r h h o e k. y r h t r e w o l f m d g l,z k l t l y k l q n n m r r. c y g q x l c j y r z c e l,k g e a r t h e d a p s e n.
t r o w e l l k y f r y n j,p v d n q w n p d w n w h g. k x l d z k t q e e g w o l,m y l h e q v r e e r k u k. m t x v k n q l s d a r s v,m n n c a k g g g r s o e n. x g l j r m c x k l s f n t,earth grass lawnmower spade. flower greenhouse rake trowel,4 H Cloverleaf Page 7.
County Fashion Show Results 2009 Beekeeping Fort Worth Stock Show. Senior Division Essay Winners Reported Results,Construction Casual Heifers. Congratulations to Samuel Babler of Shaina Burgess 8th Maine Anjou. McKenna Milton 1st, Edgecliff South Tarrant 4 H for placing Grady Bruton 8th Shorthorn. Natural Fiber,9th in the State Beekeeping Essay,Kim Panther Participation Maine Anjou. McKenna Milton 1st Contest Keep up the good work Sam. uel Fancy Poultry,Consumer Buying Formal,Jake Randall 3rd 4th place. Allie Butler 1st,2009 Dog Quiz Katie Leonard 1st 3rd 4th 5th.
Bowl Results Elizabeth Leonard 1st 2nd 4th,Intermediate Division Michael Leonard 1st 3rd. Construction Casual,Riley Bruton 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th. Kaylie Hathaway 1st,Junior Division,San Antonio Stock. Kathryn Hearn 1st, Junior Division Rebecca Starfisher 1st Show Results. Construction Dressy Amber Greenwood 2nd,McCrae Milton 1st Morganne Matthews 2nd Heifers.
Jennifer Liptak 2nd Isabella Starfisher 3rd Shaina Burgess 4th Marie Anjou. Grady Bruton Participation Shorthorn, Design Senior Division Kim Panther 1st Maine Anjou. Lauren Kershner 1st,Apparel Design, Shannon Watterson 1st Grady Bruton of Texas Wranglers re. McKenna Milton 1st, Andrea Petell 2nd ceived 2nd place in the Calf Scramble. Accessory Design and received an 8 000 00 Scholarship. Camille Maddox 2nd,Stafford Milton 1st Way to go Grady. Casey Hamrick 2nd,Page 8 4 H Cloverleaf,4 H Project Show Classes.
Animal Science Electricity Potpourri, 1 Pest Life Cycle 22 Project Display 42 Displays Collections. 2 Animal Disease Energy 43 Processes and Procedures. 3 Animal Care 23 Energy Display Horticulture, 4 Animal Science Leather craft 44 Potted Flowering Plant. Horse 24 Any Project 45 Potted Foliage,5 Leather Home Accessories 46 Hanging Baskets. 6 Rope 25 Original Drawing 47 Terrariums Dish Gardens. 7 Horse Science 26 Non Original Drawing 48 Educational Display. Forestry 27 Original Painting,8 Tree Sample Board 28 Non Original Painting. Entomology 29 Original Fiber Arts,9 Insect Collection 30 Non Original Fiber.
Wildlife Fisheries 31 Original Clay Glass,10 Wildlife Display 32 Non Original Clay Glass. 11 Aquatic Science Display Personal Accessories,Geology 33 Needlework. 12 Rock Collection 34 Machine Sewing,Photography 35 Misc Media. 13 Color Animal Family Life Education,14 Color People 36 Genealogy. 15 Color Landscape 37 Culture Heritage,16 B W Animal 38 Children s Activities.
17 B W People Health Education,18 B W Landscape 39 Educational Display. 19 Photo Story Safety Accident Prevention,Woodworking 40 Exhibit or Display. 20 Hand Tools Project Poster Art,21 Power Tools Project 41 4 H Theme. 4 H Cloverleaf Page 9,Tarrant County 4 H Project Show. Entry form is due to office by April 27 2009, Project entries are due in the 4 H office by May 11 2009.
Exhibition May 16 9 00 11 00 am,Contestant Name Birth date. Phone Number Email Address,Age Division circle Junior Intermediate Senior. Participants are permitted to enter as many classes as they prefer but are limited to one entry per class. Please indicate the classes for your entries below. Class Class,Description Description,O 1 Life Cycle O 26 Non original Drawing. O 2 Disease O 27 Original Painting,O 3 Animal Care O 28 Non original Painting. O 4 Animal Science Careers O 29 Original Fiber Arts. O 5 Horse Leather O 30 Non original Fiber Arts,O 6 Horse Rope O 31 Original Clay or Glass.
O 7 Horse Science O 32 Non original Clay or Glass,O 8 Forestry Tree Samples O 33 Needlework. O 9 Insect Collection O 34 Machine Sewing, O 10 Wildlife Science Display O 35 Miscellaneous Media. O 11 Aquatic Science Display O 36 Genealogy, O 12 Rock and Mineral Collection O 37 Culture Heritage. O 13 Animal Photo Color O 38 Children s Activities. O 14 People Photo Color O 39 Health Education, O 15 Landscape Photo Color O 40 Safety Accident Prevention. O 16 Animal Photo B W O 41 4 H Theme, O 17 People Photo B W O 42 Displays Collections other.
O 18 Landscape Photo B W O 43 Processes Procedures. O 20 Hand Tools Wood Project O 44 Potted Flowering Plant. O 21 Power Tools Wood Project O 45 Potted Foliage,O 22 Electric Project O 46 Hanging Baskets. O 23 Energy O 47 Terrariums Dish Gardens, O 24 Leathercraft other than horse O 48 Educational Display Horticulture. O 25 Original Drawing, Fax 817 884 1941 E Mail CPBryant ag tamu edu Phone 817 884 1291. Page 10 4 H Cloverleaf,Barn Talk With Ken,County Horse New Horse Project. State Fair Lamb Show Validation Requirements,Goat Validation.
April 9 2009 is the due date for your May 2 2009 is the scheduled date 4 H members wanting to exhibit a. ear tag orders for the State Fair of for the Tarrant County 4 H Horse horse s at the county district. Texas The cost is 8 per tag If you Show The show will be held at and or state 4 H horse show are. miss the due date please speak with the Rendon Riding Arena Dead now required to validate their. Ken Johnson before ordering Make line for entries is April 17th horse s prior to May 1 each year. checks payable to ELEC The validation date for Tarrant. County is also the entry deadline,For information on entering the. for the Tarrant County 4 H Horse,Horse Show call Ken Johnson at. Show April 17 2009 Validation,817 884 1946,certifies that the horse is owned by. the 4 Her their sibling parent,Horse Project grandparent or legal guardian and. State Fair Swine Validation,Certification is not leased rented loaned or.
State Fair Swine Validation Ear Tag borrowed Each horse validated. orders are due April 24 2009 must be accompanied by a 10 00. The State 4 H Horse Show Committee, Please make sure you fill out your fee and a copy of the registration. requires that 4 H Horse Projects are, order form completely The cost papers or a grade horse identifica. certified each year You must turn, per tag is 8 00 If you miss the due tion certificate Validation forms. the following items in by April 17, date you must speak to Ken John are available on the Tarrant County. 2009 if you plan on showing in the, son before ordering You may website Checks or money orders.
county and district horse shows this,reach Ken at must be made payable to Texas 4 H. Foundation Horse Validation no, KDJohnson ag tamu edu Certification form for Texas 4 H cash will be accepted for payment. Horse Projects,State Steer Tag A horse can be validated for more. Copy of the Horse s Registration than one eligible 4 H member and. Orders Due, Papers or Grade Horse Certifica only one fee will be paid In other. For those of you who are planning tion form whichever applies words two siblings can validate the. on showing your steers in the major, show it is time to order steer tags These forms can be obtained from 4 H Horse Shows.
again The orders are due on April the Tarrant County 4 H office or at. 8 2009 to the 4 H office Cost is 8 the Tarrant County 4 H website un. per tag and payment must accom der Current Events County Horse Show May 2 2009. pany order Order forms are on the at Rendon Riding Arena. 4 H website under Current Events,District Horse Show June 16 2009. All late orders must be authorized State Horse Show July 26 2009. by Ken Johnson at 817 884 1946,4 H Cloverleaf Page 11. We re on the Web, http tarrant tamu edu page asp o tamu s t4h p 315977. 2009 Schedule of Events,April 2009 May 2009, 8 Steer Validation Tag orders due 2 District Dog Show. 9 State Fair Lamb Goat Tag orders due 3 County Horse Show. 9 Leader Appreciation Dinner 4 6 Domino s Pizza Ranch. 17 County Horse Show Entries Due 11 Project Show Entries due. 18 County Dog Show 16 County Project Show, 24 State Fair Swine Tag Orders due 16 Record Book Training.
24 25 District Roundup 26 Co Council Mtg 6 30 p m, 25 Annual Veterinary Education Symposium 26 Adult Ldr Mtg 7 00 p m. 27 County Council Meeting 7 00 p m,27 Project Show Entry forms due. Individuals with disabilities who require an auxiliary aid services or accommodation in order to participate in meetings or events are. encouraged to contact Cindy Bryant CEA 4 H at 817 884 1291 ten days prior to the event. RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED Fort Worth Texas 76101 1540. P O Box 1540, TEXAS AGRILIFE EXTENSION SERVICE Tarrant County 4 H. POSTAGE FEES PAID THE TEXAS A M UNIVERSITY SYSTEM,NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION TEXAS AGRILIFE EXTENSION.

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