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Appendix A 185,Intel 8085, Followed on from the 8080 which was a two chip equivalent of the 8085 Not used in any. home computers but was extremely popular in early late 1970s industrial control systems. AD7 ADO H L set is,Multiplexed d ata,bus and lower half of. address bus require 8212,to split data and address buses. Start addresses of Interrupt P Os,Service Routines 8155 3 ports 256 bytes RAM. RESET J 8255 3 ports,TRAP 0024 8355 2 ports 2K ROM.
RST5 5 002C 8755 2 ports 2K EPROM,RST6 5 J34,RST7 5 XJ3C. INTR from interrupting device,Other 8251 USART 8202 Dynamic RAM controller. support 8253 CTC 3 counters 8257 DMA controller,devices 8271 FDC 8257 CRT controller. Intel DMA Control System,de multiplexed,186 Microcomputer Fault finding and Design. Probably the most popular 8 bit microprocessor Used in home computers Spectrum. Amstrad Tandy office computers and industrial controllers. data Interrupt Memory,lines vector I refresh R,Index register IX.
Index register IY,to refresh dynamic RAMI Stack pointer. Based on the Intel 8085 but,possesses second set of registers. SR Interrupt Service Routine start addresses,RESET 0000. INT CPU obeys contents of Interrupt Vector for CPU mode 0. 0038 for CPU mode 1, XXYY for CPU mode 2 XX is contents of Interrupt Vector. YY is supplied on Data Bus from interrupting device. Vector CPU examines XXYY to find start address of ISR. ZBO P 0 ZBO CTC,External pulses,Zero count,or Timeout.
4 addresses,00 Port A data 4 channels counters Each. 01 Port A control possesses its own control,10 Port B data register same address as. 11 Port B control counter,Send OF to Control register for. output port 4F for input port,Appendix A 187,Address TxCA Channel A. Z80 SIO RxCA,is almost Data Modem control,zso signals DTR.
DART DSR RTS CTS,but offers,additional also,synchronous TxB. transmission RxB Channel B,ZBO Daisy chain Interrupt System. Common shared mterrupt line,lEI Interrupt,f lEO Interrupt. enable out,PIO CTC DART,lEI lEO lEI lEI lEO,1 5 vd 1 1 I I 1 0. Daisy chain Daisy chain broken CTC is,interrupt active so DART.
cannot generate an interrupt,188 Microcomputer Fault finding and Design. MOS Technology 6502, Very popular 8 bit microprocessor used in home computers such as BBC Apple 2. Acorn Atom Commodore PET and VIC 20,Other members of the family possess. only 28 pins such as,16 6503 12 address lines,address 6504 13 address lines. Accumulator A,Index register X,data Index register Y.
I PCH I PCL Program counter PC,Stack pointer SP,Status register. Memory Map,Zero page Page 0 Can be used as registers. 256 bytes within instructions,OOFF memory so slow transfers. 0100 Stack Page 1,256 bytes must,01FF beRAMI P 0,FFFB vector. FFFC RESET,FFFE LSB IRQ,Possesses 2 ports 2 counters.
FFFF MSB vector,No input output,instructions like 6809 TxD. so memory mapped,input output must be used,P 0 Memory. 6530 2 ports 1 counter,64 bytes RAM,50 baud to 19200 baud. Appendix A 189,Motorola 6809,Developed by Motorola when. the 6502 s popularity,I B Accumulators,exceeded that of Motorola s.
6800 Probably the most X Index,powerful 8 bit y,microprocessor possesses SP User. multiply and divide,instructions and some,16 bit operations PC. A and B can be combined as,a 16 bit register D,MC6809 Predecessor 6800 does not. possess DP Direct Page,Y or second SP,Memory Map P 0. 2 ports only no counters,FFFA SWI software,interrupt vector.
FFFE LSB RESET TxD,vector Address,Notice the similarity of these A CIA. devices to the MOS Technology UART,support devices 6522 PIO RTS. and 6551 UART These devices CTS,can be used with the 6809 DCD. Rx clocks 1,Handshaking,6839 mathematics firmware,6829 memory management unit. 190 Microcomputer Fault finding and Design,Motorola 6809.
Application VDU Design,Address bus,J 8K RAM Address. CPU bytes Data display,RAM buffer,Address generator f Shift. J Keyboard,6850 encoder controller, ASCII characters received from remote computer through UART are. loaded into 8K RAM display buffer CRT controller removes these bytes. and uses Character generator ROM to generate row for the dot matrix for. each character,Appendix A 191,Microcontrollers Single chip Microcomputers. These devices employ 8 bit CPUs but include some memory and input. output This single chip solution often produces a smaller and cheaper. assembly for such applications as,a washing machine controller.
b telephone answering machine, The instruction set is not normally easy to use and instructions are 1 or 2. bytes long,Typical pin functions,Sometimes the address. and data bus lines,are multiplexed with,the port lines to. allow external,devices to be connected,Intel Microcontrollers. The most commonly used members of the Intel family are. 1 8048 3 ports 1 counter 64 bytes RAM 1K ROM,2 8748 3 ports 1 counter 64 bytes RAM 1K EPROM.
3 8035 3 ports 1 counter 64 bytes RAM no ROM,4 8049 3 ports 1 counter 128 bytes RAM 2K ROM. 5 8022 3 ports 1 counter 64 bytes RAM 1K ROM 1 ADC. 6 8051 3 ports 1 counter 128 bytes RAM 4K ROM 1 UART plus. extra instructions for example multiply and divide. Zilog Microcontrollers, 1 Z8601 4 ports 2 counters 1 UART 144 bytes RAM 2K ROM. 2 Z8602 4 ports 2 counters 1 UART memory buses, 3 Z8603 4 ports 2 counters 1 UART 144 bytes RAM 2K ROM. 2K EPROM piggy backed on top of device,4 Z8681 4 ports 2 counters 1 UART memory buses. 5 Z8611 Z8612 and Z8613 4K versions of 1 2 and 3,6 Z8671 as 1 with BASIC interpreter.
192 Microcomputer Fault finding and Design,Intel 8086 80186 80286. This is the most popular 16 bit microprocessor family and is based on the 8086 8088 devices. One of the derivatives 8088 80186 or 80286 is used in nearly all DOS based 16 bit office. computers IBM PC Amstrad Apricot Sirius Intel were the first manufacturer to. produce 16 bit devices and took control of the market. A19 A16 1 Mbyte address,8088 has only,CLK 8066 8 bit data bus. 5 10 MHZ CPU lA07 ADOI,40 pin OIL,All registers,are 16 bit DH DL. Opcode is SP,byte length,CPU Architecture of 8086 8088. Execution Unit lEU I Bus Interface Unit lBIUI,Multiplexed.
4 bytes for 8088,6 bytes for 8088,Appendix A 193,Intel 8086 80186 80286. Instructions arc pre fetched from memory and placed in Instruction Queue or pipeline. to increase program execution speeds The segment registers allow program code data. and stack to occupy different MK memory segments,Memon Segmentation. JsoooJ Code segment CS,Segment registers Add,Code segment ICS. Data Result J64000J Physical address,Data segment IDS 64K to memory. Stack segment ISS,Extra segment ES J3000J Data segment I OS.
As each address 64K J6789J Offset I 16 bit,leaves the CPU. it is modified by Rosult J36789J Physical address,the contents of one to memory. of the segment,Application of8086 Apricot Computer. A 15 AO ldynamicl, I The XOX7 performs floating point arithmetic high precision fixed point arithmetic. mathematical functions such as SINE, 2 The XOXY handles 1 0 transfers such as DMA transfers to from floppy or hard disk.
194 Microcomputer Fault finding and Design,Intel 8086 80186 80286. As 8086 plus the following on chip functions, 1 Clock generator 2 Chip select logic 7 1 0 6 memory. 3 Timers 3 4 DMA control 2 channels,5 Programmable interrupt controller. Mounted in a 64 pin JEDEC chip carrier, Similar to the 8086 but it provides memory management and virtual. memory facilities Segment registers have a different role in order to. perform memory management, Program change occurs and segment registers point to memory locations.
from which 48 bit segment descriptor registers are transferred to a cache. on the CPU,15 0 47 40 39 16 15 0,Descriptor Access Segment base Segment. table rights address size, Program is then implemented using these 48 bit registers to provide. physical memory addressing with access rights such as write protect. Additionally virtual memory disk is treated as an extension of. memory allows a file to be transferred from disk although its address is. specified as if it is in memory descriptor table indicates that file is not in. memory interrupt is generated operating system initiates a DMA transfer. to load file into memory, The 80286 is used in the IBM PC AT version AT Advanced Techno. logy It can be supported by its own Numeric Co processor the 80287 to. perform hardware floating point arithmetic Additionally the 80130 OSP. Operating System Firmware Procedssor can act as a co processor to the. 8086 or 8088 in order to extend the instruction set. Appendix A 195,Zilog Z8000, The Zilog 16 bit family hasnot achieved the popularity of the Intel XO lo or even the. Motorola 681Klll families which is a shame because the Zilog devices offer a powerful range. of facilities There arc four members of the family. a Z81Kll 23 address lines 16 data lines 48 pin DIL package. b Z81Kl2 16 address lines 16 data lines 40 pin DIL package. c Z81Kl3 and, d Z81Kl4 both similar to the Z81Kil but offering virtual memory.
16 multiplexed RO,address and data 14 accumulators. lines and index registers,lines Normal stack segment R14N. System stack segment R145,lines Normal stack pointer R 15N. System stack pointer R 155,48 pin OIL,PC segment,Similar mnemonics to ZBO. CPU operates in System or Normal modes for example can only perform 110. instructions when in System mode,ZBO Memory Management Unit.
A07 AOO 07 00,A015 A08 015 08,Z8001 I II A7 AO,number Table of Add A23 A8. SN6 SNO v 64segment,descriptor,A23 A8 I f r,registers Physical address. address Z8010MMU,T o memory, The segment number effectively the top 7 of the 23 address lines is used in the MMU to. generate a 16 bit block identifier This allows the operating system to relocate a program. anywhere in physical memory Also access rights such as read only no DMA can be set. Support Devices, Z8030 Serial Communications Controller doublc UART. Z81l31 Doublc UART Z81136 PIO 2 ports CTC 3 channels. Z81ll6 DMA controller Z81l70 Floating Point Unit, Z81l90 Universal Peripheral Controller 2 1 2 ports 2 counters.
196 Microcomputer Fault finding and Design,Motorola 68000. Very powerful 16 bit processor with 32 bit registers Easy to use program and interface. There are four family members, a MC68000 24 address lines 16 data lines used in Apple Macintosh. b MC68008 20 address lnes 8 data lines used in Sinclair QL. c MC68010 as MC68000 with virtual memory, d MC68200 single chip 68000 with ROM RAM UART timers. CLK address 8 data registers,CLK data AO,4 12 5 7 address registers to. MC68000 lines,Control User stack pointer A7,lines Supervisor SP.
16M byte address range interrupts,Uses memory mapped 1 0. Used in many UNIX systems Status, A status flag indicates if the CPU is in System or User mode In System mode certain. privileged instructions can be used Only 56 basic mnemonics in the instruction set A 16 bit. opcode with 3 bits specifying register number 14 addressing modes. Interrupts, Possesses 256 exceptions interrupts including software interrupts First 1K of memory. contains 256 vectors for example contents of 4 memory locations bytes are placed in PC. on interrupt,Application,Using 8 bit support devices. Support Devices,MC68451 Memory Manager MC68450 DMA Controller.
Appendix A 197,32 bit Microprocesson, Advantages over 16 bit devices 1 gigabyte 1OOOM bytes. 1 32 bit data manipulation integer range 231 to 231 1. 2 larger memory addressing range 232 4 gigabytes, 3 faster operation clock speeds 16 MHz to 25 MHz typically 3 times faster than 16 bit. 4 extra instructions and addressing modes, 5 built in memory management convert logical address to physical address and provide. memory protection, 6 instruction data cache on chip memory holding most frequently addressed instructions. and data items, NMOS or CMOS devices in 84 to 114 pin chip carrier packages Machine code compatible.
with their 16 bit predecessors,nte 80386 or 386 31 0. On chip memory management,No on chip instruction data cache BX EBX. typically add 16K static RAM ex ECX,Can use the 80287 or 80387 ox EDX. floating point co processor Work,Sl EDI registers,Typical System 01 ESI. 80387 Numeric Co processor SP ESP,16K static RAM memory cache.
4M dynamic RAM main memory cs,82258 DMA 8272 FDC ss. 82062 Fixed Disk Control Segment,8259A Interrupt Controller registers. 82786 Graphics Co Processor ES,82530 Serial Control FS. 82586 LAN Local Area Network Control,Zilog Z80000,On chip memory management. On chip cache 16 16 byte entries 31 0,Possesses 6 stage instruction pipeline.
30 32 bit work,415 MIPS Million Instructions Per registers. System Normal modes set by status bit,Translation Table. EPU Extended Processing Unit Descriptor Registers,4 used by Memory. The following co processors Management Unit,Z8070 Floating Point Processor. Z8016 DMA Controller,Normally uses Z bus backplane.
198 Microcomputer Fault finding and Design,32 bit Microprocessors. Motorola MC68020,External memory management chip,Same register set as. On chip cache 64 64 bit entries,for 16 bit MC68000. low hit rate so often use,in which registers,additional external cache memory. are 32 bit,Uses memory mapped 110,Some additional,Supervisor User modes set by.
registers exist for,status bit,cache control,Powerful exception interrupt. system lK byte vector table,256 4 byte vectors,MC68881 Floating Point Processor.

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