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Course grades will be based primarily on short analytical writings about six Most of the. writing assessments will be take home but at least one will be an in class exam Class. attendance is mandatory More than two absences may impact your grade The sessions. are organized as seminars which mean students will be participating in every session. There is only one text to purchase Additional readings will be assigned and placed on. reserve or you may download them,Class Schedule,Monday August 22 26. Introduction and Overview of the Course, Requirements expectations an overview of classroom operations All students are. directed to carefully read the syllabus Attendance is required in order to achieve a. good grade Participation accounts for 20 of the grade Do not e mail me your. work Bring a hard copy to class, Optional background reading Peat David F From Certainty to Uncertainty The. Story of Science and Ideas in the Twentieth Century ISBN 0 309 51049 X. Available from the Joseph Henry Press at http www nap edu catalog 10248 html. Reading Salzman Chapter 1 Schools of Culture Theory pp1 6. Film Strange Beliefs,Clips On Margaret Mead,Film Margaret Mead Taking Notes. August 29 September 2, Epistemological theories Science Certainty and Uncertainty.
September 5 9,Chapter 1 pp 6 12 Meta theory,September 12 16. Social Structure and Function, Reading Salzman Chapter 2 The Functionalist pp 13 18 Malinowski pp. 19 30 Durkheim Radcliffe Brown Pp 127 129,September 19 23. Film Off the Verandah,Chapter assessment,September 26 30. Reading Salzman Chapter 3 Agency in Human Action Processes and. Transactions,Overview of chapter,Components to interrogate Processualism pp31 40.
Patterns of Culture as choices Fredrik Barth generative models Exchange. Theory pp 41 48 pp 129 130,October 3 7 Oct 10 14, Rigby Peter Chapter 5 In African Images Racism and the end of. anthropology Functionalism Positivism Bourgeois Science Slavery and. Reading Salzman Chapter 4 Determining Factors Cultural Materialism and. Political Economy pp 49 66 pp 130 131,Film Karl Marx. Cows Pigs and Witches,Modes of Production, Optional read Wise 2010 An American Trilogy Death Slavery and Dominion on the. Banks of the Cape Fear River He is the founder and president of the Center for the. Expansion of Fundamental Rights, Reading Salzman Chapter 5 Coherence in Culture Dominant Patterns and. Underlying Structures pp 67 75 pp 121 125131 132,Ruth Benedict Apollonian and Dionysian.
Etic Emic and Marvin Harris Looking for evidence Understanding the. deconstruction of social arrangements and cultural understandings to expose and. debunk exploitation and oppression,Film Franz Boas. Neo Benedictine Theory Clifford Geertz The Symbolic of Power. October 31 November 4, Reading Salzman Chapter 6 Transformation through Time History and. The Theory of Evolution Pp 87 98,November 7 11, Natural Selection or Cognition Biological and Socio cultural evolutionists. Theoretical Issues in evolutionary thought pp 98 111 133 134. November 14 18, Reading Chapter 7 Critical Advocacy Feminism and Postmodernism pp. 113 121 pp 134 135, November 21 25 Chapter 8 A Reflection on Anthropological Theory Again.
pp 135 142,Thanksgiving,Student Presentations,New Science Bibliography. Aczel Amir D,2000 God s Equation New York Delta, 2002 Entanglement The Unlikely Story of How Scientists Mathematicians and. Philosophers Proved Einstein s Spookiest Theory New York Basic Books. Bartusiak Marcia, 2000 Einstein s Unfinished Symphony Washington D C Joseph Henry Press. 2004 Archives of the Universe 100 Discoveries that Transformed our Understanding. of the Cosmos ed with Introdctions by Marcia Bartusiak New York Vintage. Bolles Edmund Blair 1942, 2004 Einstein defiant genius versus genius in the quantum revolution. Washington D C Joseph Henry Press,Briggs J M and F David Peat.
1989 Turbulent Mirror an illustrated guide to the science of wholeness New. York Harper Perrenial,Briggs J M and F David Peat, 2000 Seven Life Lessons of Chaos New York Harper Perrenial. Briggs J M and F David Peat, 1984 Looking Glass Universe New York Simon Schuster. Bruce Colin, 2004 Schrodinger s Rabbits the many worlds of quantum Washington D C. Joseph Henry Press,Carlowicz Michael J and Ramon E Lopez. 2002 Storms from the Sun The Emerging Science of Space Weather Washington. D C Joseph Henry Press,Chown Marcus, 2006 The Quantum Zoo A Tourist s Guide to the Never Ending Universe.
Washington D C Joseph Henry Press,Clegg Brian, 2006 The God Effect Quantum Entanglement Science s Strangest Phenomenon. Corsaro Willliam A, 2003 We re Friends Right Inside the Curious World of Kids Culture. Washington D C Joseph Henry Press,Einstein Albert, 1916 Relativity The Special and General Theory New York Plume. Gamow George, 1966 A Star Called the Sun New York Bantam Pathfinder. 1988 One Two Three Infinity Facts and Speculations of Science New York. Dover Publications, 2008 God Does Play Dice with the Universe a Startling New Picture of the World.
Einstein Could Not Believe But You Can Understand Suffolk UK arima. Gardner Martin, 1997 Relativity Simply Explained New York Dover Publications. Gibilsco Stan, 1991 Understanding Einstein s Theories of Relativity New York Dover. Gleick James, 1987 Chaos Making a New Science New York Penguin Books. 1992 The Secret Life of Quanta Blue Ridge Summit PA TAB Books. 1993 The Probable Universe an owner s guide to quantum mechanics Blue Ridge. Summit PA TAB Books,Hawking Stephen W, 1998 A brief history of time New York Bantam Books. 2005 A briefer history of time New York Bantam Books. Hazen Robert, 2005 Genesis The Scientific Quest for Life s Origins Washington D C Joseph.
Henry Press,Hoffman Banesh, 1999 Relativity and its Roots New York Dover Publications. Jones Roger S, 1993 Physics for the Rest of Us New York McGraw Hill. al Khalili Jim, 2003 Quantum A Guide for the Perplexed London George Weidenfeld. 1999 Black Holes Worm Holes Time Machines Philadeiphia PA Institute of. Physics Pub,Kuhn Thomas S, 1996 The Structure of Scientific Revolutions orig 1962 Chicago U of Chicago. Mirza Muhammd R and Muhammad Iqbal Siddiqi eds, 1986 Muslim Contribution to Science Kazi Publication Lahore Pakistan.
Morris Richard, 2003 The Last Sorcerers the path from alchemy to the periodic table. Washington D C Joseph Henry Press,Nadaeu Robert, 1981 Readings from the new book on nature physics and metaphysics in the. modern novel Amherst University of Massachusetts Press. Nadeau Robert and Menas Kafatos, 1999 The Non Local Universe The New Physics and Matters of the Mind Oxford. Oxford University Press,Newton Isaac, 1999 The Principia mathematical principles of natural philosophy Berkeley. California University of California Press,Paras Eric.
2006 Foucault 2 0 Beyond Power and Knowledge New York Other Press. Parrish David, 2006 Nothing I See Means Anything Quantum Questions Quantum Answers. Boulder Colorado Sentient Publications,Peat F David. 1994 Lighting the Seventh Fire New York Citadel, 1987 Synchronicity The Bridge Between Matter and Mind New York Bantam. 1997 Infinite Potential The Life and Times of David Bohm New York Addison. 2002 From Certainty to Uncertainty The Story of Science and Ideas in the Twentieth. Century Washington D C Joseph Henry Press, 2006 Blackfoot Physics A Journey Into The Native American Universe New. York Weiser Books,Penrose Roger Malcolm Longair ed.
1997 The Large the Small and the Human MInd with Abner Shimony Nancy. Cartwright and Stephen Hawking Oxford Oxford University Press. Perkowitz Sidney, 1998 Empire of Light A History of Discovery in Science and Art Washington D. C Joseph Henry Press,Popper Karl R, 1962 The Poverty of Historicism New York Basic Books. 1962 Conjectures and refutations the growth of scientific knowledge New. York Harper Row,Radin Dean, 1997 The Conscious Universe San Francisco California Harper Edge. 2006 Entangled Minds Extrasensory Experiements in a Quantum Reality New. York Pocket Books,Rose Steven ed, 1998 From Brains to Consciousness Essays on the New Sciences of the Mind. Princeton New Jersey Princeton University Press,Rosenblum Bruce and Fred Kuttner.
2006 Quantum Enigma Physics Encounters Consciousness New York Oxford. Rosenthal Jeffrey S, 2006 Struck By Lightning The Curious World of Probabilities Washington D. C Joseph Henry Press,Sherden William A, 1998 The Fortune Sellers the big business of buying and selling predictions New. York John Wiley Sons,Siegrfried Tom, 2002 Strange Matters undiscovered ideas at the frontiers of space and time. Washington D C Joseph Henry Press,Singh Simon, 2004 Big Bang The Origiin of the Universe New York Harper Collins. Stapp Henry, 1993 Mind Matter and Quantum Mechanics New York Springer Verlag.
Steel Duncan, 1999 Eclipse The Celestial Phenomenon that Changed the Course of History. Diane Publishing,Strehl Susan, 1992 Fiction in the quantum universe Chapel Hill University of North Carolina. Tyson Neil DeGrass Charles Liu Robert Irion, 2000 The Universe At Home in the Cosmos Washington D C Joseph Henry. White Michael and John Gribbin, 2002 Stephen Hawking a Life in Science Washington D C Joseph Henry Press. Williams P Garnett, 2000 Chaos Theory Tamed Washington D C Joseph Henry Press.
Wolf Fred Allen,1989 Taking the Quantum Leap New York Harper Row. Wolfson Richard, 2003 Simply Einstein Relativity Demystified London W W Norton. Zohar Danah with I N Marshall, 1990 The Quantum Self a revolutionary view of human nature and consciousness. rooted in the New Physics London Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd. A few more These ancient articles were good then and thought provoking now. Horton Robin, 1967 African Traditional Thought and Western Science 2 parts Africa 37 1 and 2. 1 50 71 2 155 187,1971 African Conversion Africa 41 no 2 pp 85 108.
1975 The Rationale of Conversion 2 parts Africa 45 no 3 pp 219 235 and 45.

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