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Annual Report 2010 11 Excellence through shared values
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02 34 35 66,Sound business Clear strategy,02 2010 11 Highlights 26 Operational Review. 04 Financial Highlights 32 Expansion Plans,06 Founder Chairman 34 Human Capital Review. 07 Chairperson Emeritus 36 Global Ventures, 08 CMD s Message 42 Corporate Social Responsibility. 10 JSPL s Profile 62 Board of Directors,16 Group Companies 63 Management Team. 18 Product Portfolio 64 Key Performance Indicators. 22 Brand JSPL,24 Awards and Accolades,67 92 93 144.
Well governed Strong financials, 65 Notice of Annual General 110 Standalone Financial Statements. Meeting 159 Consolidated Financial Statements,72 Directors Report. 78 Annexures to Directors Report,86 Corporate Governance Report. 102 Management Discussion,and Analysis Report,2010 11 Highlights. Jindal Steel Power Limited Annual Report 2010 11,Steel Making Innovative Products.
At a time when we are moving forward,with accelerated momentum towards. multi dimensional growth our values serve,as an anchor When values are shared and. encouraged across an organisation they,generate a tremendous force of courage. and conviction to strive for new frontiers,of excellence 18 31. Our values Passion for People Business, Excellence Integrity Ownership Sense of Rise in total income to.
Belonging and Sustainable Development Rs 13 193 59 crores in. are helping us build an agile innovative 2010 11 from Rs 11 151 82. stakeholder centric and more sustainable crores in 2009 10. JSPL globally An organisation with a strong,foundation to transform the challenges of. today into the opportunities of tomorrow, Sound business Clear strategy Well governed Strong financials. Environmental Initiatives Corporate Social Responsibility. 8 30 7 46 4 66, Increase in operating Escalation in cash Growth in profit after tax. profit to Rs 6 398 59 profit to Rs 5 115 02 to Rs 3 804 01 crores in. crores in 2010 11 from crores in 2010 11 from 2010 11 from Rs 3 634 56. Rs 5 907 99 crores in Rs 4 759 96 crores in crores in 2009 10. 2009 10 2009 10,2006 07 3 548 78,2007 08 5459 87,2008 09 10 913 37. 2009 10 11 151 82,2010 11 13 193 59,Rs in crores,Financial Highlights.
2006 07 1 431 58,2007 08 2 162 61,2008 09 5 231 81. Excellence,2009 10 5 907 99,in numbers,2010 11 6 398 59. Rs in crores,2006 07 1 174 21,2007 08 1 768 10,2008 09 4 193 57. 2009 10 4 759 96,2010 11 5 115 02,Rs in crores,2006 07 702 99. 2007 08 1 236 96,2008 09 3 007 15,2009 10 3 634 56.
2010 11 3 804 01,Rs in crores,2006 07 5 866 87,2007 08 6 579 42. 2008 09 14 927 77,2009 10 21 109 48,2010 11 29 316 50. Rs in crores,Jindal Steel Power Limited Annual Report 2010 11. Sound business Clear strategy Well governed Strong financials. EPS Operating Net profit Return on, annualised profit margin margin capital employed Dividend rate. JSPL allotted 775 651 530 bonus shares of Re 1 each on 19 09 2009 in the ratio of 5 bonus shares for each existing equity share of. Re 1 and 929 869 equity shares against stock options during the year leading to an increase in the number of outstanding shares from. 154 652 683 as on 31st March 2009 to 931 234 082 as on 31st March 2010 This has resulted in a lower EPS and dividend percentage. Founder Chairman,Jindal Steel Power Limited Annual Report 2010 11.
The Visionary,Late Shri O P Jindal Founding Chairman. In the late 1970s while India was a country still in quest of socio economic. resurgence some were able to see opportunity in adversity and make the best of it. One such visionary was the company s Founding Father Late Shri O P Jindal a man. who believed in India s potential to grow in every significant sector Today of course. with the benefit of hindsight it s easy to see how accurate his surmise was. Jindal Steel and Power Limited JSPL is the product of this vision It s no mean. achievement that the company is now a multi faceted organisation with substantial. investments in steel power petroleum and mining, A visionary who is remembered for his business excellence and social responsibilities. alike Shri Jindal believed that without inclusive growth a nation can never prosper. Thus he spent a lot of time to help alleviate poverty and improve the living standards. of the backward sections of the society,A true Son of the Soil. Chairperson Emeritus Sound business Clear strategy Well governed Strong financials. Inspiration,Smt Savitri Jindal Chairperson Emeritus. Our Chairperson Emeritus Smt Savitri Jindal is an inspiration for each and every member. of the JSPL family She motivates each and every member of this widening fraternity to. strive for greater heights of excellence in business and community support Smt Jindal. is an ardent believer in business with a social purpose and is a torchbearer of the legacy. of our Founding Chairman Shri O P Jindal Apart from business responsibilities she. takes a keen interest in social initiatives to help transform the lives of the underprivileged. sections of society She has also been instrumental in driving JSPL s community welfare. and environment protection initiatives across various project sites nationally and. internationally Besides empowerment of people though education employability and. healthcare remain the key areas of her concern,CMD s Message.
Jindal Steel Power Limited Annual Report 2010 11,Dear Shareholders. Chairman The world is witnessing an interesting phase of. transformation towards an unprecedented realignment. I had indicated about this phenomenon in my last, communication to you and I would like to reiterate. that we are moving towards a multi polar world a new. socio economic dispensation in which the emerging, Director s economies have a far greater role to play in shaping the. future than ever before India is the poster boy of this. new era attracting global attention and scrutiny Twenty. message years ago the Government of India initiated the intrepid. step towards economic liberalisation which eventually. transformed India and that process is still continuing. The economy has averaged 8 GDP growth in the, last decade and per capita income has shot up from. 300 to 1700 in two decades accelerating domestic,consumption and savings.
The inference even with modest foreign capital inflows. India can now afford an investment rate of 36 38,of GDP which can sustain 8 9 GDP growth in the. foreseeable future Besides unprecedented economic,development has enhanced government spending on. socio economic infrastructure There has been another. visible advantage Indian businesses including JSPL. have successfully aligned their operations and mindset. to global benchmarks and have become multinationals. in their own right Something that was rare two,decades ago. Although India China and Latin America witnessed, considerable economic activity in 2010 11 the US and. Eurozone economies registered sluggish recovery, These economies are now fraught with uncertainties.
and looming recessionary trends Inflation represents. the new global economic challenge leading to a,spiralling rise in prices of commodities mineral. resources and energy The global steel industry has been. impacted by the unprecedented increase in the price. of iron ore and coking coal Steel demand in advanced. nations has been largely stagnant while Asia enjoyed. robust demands with China continuing its march at the. top of the league, India s steel industry has played a major role in driving. the country s economic development Over the decades. India s steelscape has also evolved characterised by. global acquisitions adoption of advanced technologies. and modernisation strategies for cost rationalisation. and energy efficiency and finally backward integration. into global raw material sources The result is that. India today is the world s fifth largest steel producer. and is poised to emerge as the second largest by 2015. Although modest performance of India s construction. and infrastructure sector in 2010 coupled with high. input costs has impacted the domestic steel sector the. long term outlook remains robust Firm international. steel prices and strong domestic demand will drive. domestic steel prices considerably Besides the, Sound business Clear strategy Well governed Strong financials. government s estimated infrastructure spending is commissioned a 300 MW 2x150 MW phase I out of. expected to drive the steel demand The share of the 600 MW 4x150 MW power project at Dongamahua. government s infrastructure spending as a percentage Chhattisgarh to address the additional power. of GDP is expected to touch 9 by the end of the 11th requirements We are setting up captive power plants. Five Year Plan as part of integrated steel plants at Angul Orissa. and Patratu Jharkhand for meeting their power, Although operating in a challenging macro economic. requirements We have also forayed into wind, scenario 2010 11 has been a busy and fruitful year for.
energy currently operating a 24 MW wind mill in, JSPL nationally and internationally Domestically we. Maharashtra as a part of our commitment to a,commenced operations at the wire rod mill and bar. carbon free world Besides Jindal Power Limited JPL. mill at our Patratu Jharkhand plant Moreover we,a company promoted by JSPL is planning to set up. have considerably enhanced domestic investments for. environment friendly thermal and hydro power projects. the creation of additional capacities and capabilities. across India, to emerge as a significant player in the steel sector. Internationally we are focusing on the acquisition of Despite our business priorities our social commitment. iron ore and coal mines in Australia Indonesia South remains predominant During the year under review. American and African countries to ensure raw material we enhanced focus on providing healthcare to the. security I am also happy to report that the acquired underprivileged impart quality education to the children. Shadeed Iron Steel Co LLC SISCO a Company and youth and work towards women empowerment. incorporated under the laws of the Sultanate of Oman in livelihood livestock care population stabilisation. 2010 through our 100 subsidiary Jindal Steel Power drinking water and sanitation youth and sports and. Mauritius has been commissioned in record time and infrastructure development We are equally steadfast in. commercial operations began in December 2010 four our commitment to a cleaner and greener environment. months ahead of schedule The Jindal Shadeed plant and as we go along we will enhance our green quotient. was dedicated to the Nation of the Sultanate of Oman in terms of acquisition of more environment friendly. recently by H E Sheikh Sa ad Bin Mohammed bin Said al technologies encouraging green practices in our plants. Mardhouf al Sa adi Honourable Minister of Commerce and host communities globally and above all generate. and Industry awareness about global warming and climate change. Allow me now to share with you our initiatives in South Values when actively pursued with deep conviction. America through our subsidiary Jindal Steel Bolivia S A can generate tremendous wellsprings of energy and. JSB we have acquired the development rights for 20 focus This is the true spirit of JSPL We believe business. billion tonne of EL Mutun Iron Ore Reserves in Bolivia excellence is not an isolated enterprise It is the. Moreover there are plans to build a 2 52 MMTPA outcome of integrity towards people and community. natural gas based Midrex Direct Reduction Plant This transparency towards stakeholders and an enduring. new plant will be the single largest module till date commitment towards sustainable development. of any commercial direct reduction technology in the. world We also commenced dispatch of iron ore from, the EL Mutun mines recently Iron ore from here will be.
transported mainly to China Middle East European and. South American countries through the Parana Paraguay. Hidrovia riverway This will be for the first time that iron. Naveen Jindal,Chairman Managing Director,ore from JSB will be exported. 2010 11 was a financially rewarding year for JSPL owing. to higher steel production and sales diversified product. basket and extensive global reach The consolidated. income stood at Rs 13 193 59 crores in 2010 11 Our future strategy would. compared with Rs 11 152 82 crores in 2009 10 EBIDTA. increased to Rs 6 398 59 crores in 2010 11 from be to sustain and improve. Rs 5 907 99 crores in 2009 10 Profit after tax escalated upon this operational and. to Rs 3 804 01 crores in 2010 11 from Rs 3 634 56, crores in 2009 10 Our future strategy would be to financial performance while. sustain and improve upon this operational and financial. performance while remaining steadfast to deep rooted. remaining steadfast to, values that have nourished the organisation since deep rooted values that have. nourished the organisation, Energy represents a key input for steel making and. the backbone for social advancement We have since inception. JSPL s Profile,Jindal Steel Power Limited Annual Report 2010 11.
operations in,1991 Jindal,Steel and Power,Limited JSPL. is one of India s,leading steel,manufacturers,with a significant. presence in,mining power,generation and,infrastructure. H Beam production in progress at RUBM Raigarh steel plant Chhattisgarh. Sound business Clear strategy Well governed Strong financials. Core capacities,To be a globally admired,organisation that enhances 3 MTPA. the quality of life of all Steel,stakeholders through.
sustainable industrial and,business development,Iron Ore and Coal Mining. We aspire to achieve business excellence through,The spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. Optimum utilisation of resources, Sustainable environment friendly procedures and Power. The highest ethics and standards,Hiring developing and retaining the best people. Maximising returns to stakeholders,Positive impact on the communities we touch.
Hot Briquetted Iron,We aspire to achieve business excellence through. Passion for People,Business Excellence Pellet Plant. Integrity Ownership and Sense of Belonging,Sustainable Development. JSPL s Profile,Jindal Steel Power Limited Annual Report 2010 11. Clean green and serene steel plant at Raigarh Chhattisgarh. JSPL at a glance,Listed on the National Stock Exchange of India.
Limited NSE and the Bombay Stock Exchange,Limited BSE in India. NSE ticker JINDALSTEL BSE ticker 532286,Bloomberg JSP IN and Reuters JNSP BO. Accreditations,Quality management system ISO 9001 2008. ensuring stringent quality protocol,Environmental management system ISO. 14001 2004 testifying to superior environmental,Occupational health and safety management.
system OHSAS 18001 2007 creating a safe work,environment. Sound business Clear strategy Well governed Strong financials. Geographic diversity Technology collaborations, Corporate office at New Delhi India SMS Siemag Germany. Manufacturing plants located at Raigarh in Lurgi Germany. Chhattisgarh Angul in Orissa and Patratu in,Danieli Italy. Jharkhand The Machinery division is located in,Raipur Siemens VAI Austria. Captive coal mines are located at Dongamahua Concast Switzerland. and Tamnar Chhattisgarh iron ore mine at Tensa,Outotec Germany.
Orissa and iron ore pelletisation plant at Barbil,Offices located at seven locations and 11. stockyards ensuring a pan India footprint,Global presence in Brazil Bolivia Georgia China. Mongolia Mozambique Democratic Republic of,Congo Indonesia Madagascar South Africa and.

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