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UNDREAMED OF POSSIBILITIES,An introduction to,Self Realization Fellowship. The teachings of,Paramahansa Yogananda,Copyright 1982 1997 Self Realization Fellowship. All rights reserved,SELF REALIZATION FELLOWSHIP,Paramahansa Yogananda. January 5 1893 March 7 1952,UNDREAMED OF POSSIBILITIES. hat human being has not longed to under,W stand the meaning of existence to fathom.
the ultimate purpose of creation And, who among us does not desire a sense of security and. well being the self confidence and strength to cope with. life s problems Who has never yearned for perfect, love a love that does not fade with time old age or. We all want to experience lasting satisfaction and. perfection but is it really possible Or are such desires. and longings merely an escapist s approach to the hard. realities of human existence,Through the example of his life and teaching. Paramahansa Yogananda shows that the inner fulfillment. we seek does exist and can be attained In truth all the. knowledge creativity love joy and peace we are, looking for are right within us the very essence of our. beings To fully realize this not just as an intellectual. philosophy but as an actual experience that brings. strength and understanding into every area of our daily. lives is what Self realization is all about,SELF REALIZATION FELLOWSHIP.
You realize that all,along there was something,tremendous within you. and you did not know it,Paramahansa Yogananda,UNDREAMED OF POSSIBILITIES. M ost of us are accustomed to looking outside of, ourselves for fulfillment We are living in a world that. conditions us to believe that outer attainments can give. us what we want Yet again and again our experiences. show us that nothing external can completely fulfill the. deep longing within for something more,Most of the time however we find ourselves. striving toward that which always seems to lie just be. yond our reach We are caught up in doing rather than. being in action rather than awareness It is hard for us. to picture a state of complete calmness and repose in. which thoughts and feelings cease to dance in perpet. ual motion Yet it is through such a state of quietude. that we can touch a level of joy and understanding im. possible to achieve otherwise, It is said in the Bible Be still and know that I am.
God In these few words lies the key to Self realization. The science of Yoga offers a direct means of stilling the. natural turbulence of thoughts and restlessness of body. that prevent us from knowing what we really are By. practicing the step by step methods of Yoga taking. nothing for granted on emotional grounds or through. blind faith we come to know our oneness with the,Psalms 46 10. Quite apart from the charm of the new and,the fascination of the half understood there is. good cause for Yoga to have many adherents It of, fers the possibility of controllable experience and. thus satisfies the scientific need for facts and be. sides this by reason of its breadth and depth its,venerable age its doctrine and method which in. clude every phase of life it promises undreamed,of possibilities.
Dr Carl G Jung,UNDREAMED OF POSSIBILITIES, Infinite Intelligence Power and Joy which gives life to. all and which is the essence of our own Self, Ordinarily our awareness and energies are directed. outward to the things of this world which we perceive. through the limited instruments of our five senses Be. cause human reason has to rely upon the partial and of. ten deceptive data supplied by the physical senses we. must learn to tap deeper and more subtle levels of aware. ness if we would solve the enigmas of life Who am I. Why am I here How do I realize Truth, Yoga is a simple process of reversing the ordinary. outward flow of energy and consciousness so that the. mind becomes a dynamic center of direct perception. no longer dependent upon the fallible senses but capa. ble of actually experiencing Truth, In past centuries many of the higher techniques of. Yoga were little understood or practiced owing to, mankind s limited knowledge of the forces that run the.
universe But today scientific investigation is rapidly. changing the way we view ourselves and the world, The traditional materialistic conception of life has van. ished with the discovery that matter and energy are. essentially one every existing substance can be re. duced to a pattern or form of energy which interacts and. interconnects with other forms Thus modern science is. confirming the ancient principles of Yoga which pro. claim that unity pervades the universe,The word yoga itself means union of the indi. vidual consciousness or soul with the Universal Con. sciousness or Spirit There are various paths of Yoga. Opposite Self Realization Fellowship members gather at an annual Convocation held. each summer in Los Angeles,SELF REALIZATION FELLOWSHIP. that lead toward this goal each one a specialized,branch of one comprehensive system. Hatha Yoga a system of physical,postures or asanas.
whose higher purpose is to purify the,body giving one awareness and control. over its internal states and rendering it,fit for meditation. Karma Yoga selfless service to,others as part of one s. larger Self without attachment to the,results and the performance of all ac. tions with the consciousness of God as,Mantra Yoga centering the con.
sciousness within,through japa or the repetition of certain. universal root word sounds represent,ing a particular aspect of Spirit. Bhakti Yoga all surrendering devo,tion through which one. strives to see and love the divinity in,every creature and in everything thus. maintaining an unceasing worship,Jnana Yoga the path of wisdom.
which emphasizes the,application of discriminative intelli. gence to achieve spiritual liberation,Raja Yoga the royal or highest path. of Yoga formally sys,tematized in the second century B C by. the Indian sage Patanjali which com,UNDREAMED OF POSSIBILITIES. bines the essence of all the other paths,At the heart of the Raja Yoga system.
balancing and unifying these various,approaches is the practice of definite. scientific methods of meditation that,enable one to perceive from the very. beginning of one s efforts glimpses of,the ultimate goal conscious union. with the inexhaustibly blissful Spirit,Such methods are an integral part of the. Self Realization Fellowship teachings,THE SCIENCE OF K R I YA Y O G A.
The quickest and most effective approach to the, goal of Yoga employs those methods of meditation that. deal directly with energy and consciousness It is this. direct approach that characterizes Kriya Yoga the par. ticular system of meditation taught by Paramahansa. Yogananda Specifically Kriya is an advanced Raja, Yoga technique that reinforces and revitalizes subtle cur. rents of life energy in the body enabling the normal. activities of heart and lungs to slow down naturally As. a result the consciousness is drawn to higher levels of. perception gradually bringing about an inner awaken. ing more blissful and more deeply satisfying than any. of the experiences that the mind or the senses or the. ordinary human emotions can give, All scriptures declare man to be not a corruptible. body but a living soul The ancient science of Kriya. Yoga reveals a way to prove this scriptural truth,Referring to the sure and methodical efficacy. SELF REALIZATION FELLOWSHIP,When you go beyond the consciousness of.
this world knowing that you are not the body,or the mind and yet aware as never before that. you exist that divine consciousness is what,you are You are That in which is rooted every. thing in the universe,The aftereffects of Kriya bring with them. the utmost peace and bliss The joy that comes,with Kriya is greater than the joys of all plea. surable physical sensations put together,Through the use of the Kriya key persons.
who cannot bring themselves to believe in the, divinity of any man will behold at last the full di. vinity of their own selves,from the writings of,Paramahansa Yogananda. UNDREAMED OF POSSIBILITIES,Luther Burbank and Paramahansa Yogananda. Santa Rosa California 1924, Luther Burbank world renowned horticulturist and Kriya Yoga disciple. of Paramahansa Yogananda wrote The system is ideal for training and. harmonizing man s physical mental and spiritual natures By simple and sci. entific methods of concentration and meditation most of the complex prob. lems of life may be solved and peace and goodwill come on earth. of devoted practice of the Kriya science Paramahansa. Yogananda declared It works like mathematics it,cannot fail.
S E L F R E A L I Z AT I O N L E S S O N S,Through a series of printed lessons that can be. studied at home Self Realization students devote them. selves to a period of preliminary study and meditation. in order to prepare themselves physically mentally. and spiritually for Kriya practice During this time they. Students Comments,The energization technique has improved my health. markedly What used to be a drab existence has changed to. one of enthusiasm and new interests It seems as if a new di. mension has been added to my life, The benefits derived from the concentration technique. must be experienced to be realized While practicing the. technique it seems as if I perceive the true meaning behind. life its order and righteousness The practice has given me a. new love and joy in life D F East Canton Ohio, Since I began practicing the technique of energization my. friends say I look twenty years younger But the joy of it is in. the way I feel wonderful The exercises have made my. mind clearer and more alert The whole study has promoted. an ability to relax such as I would not have believed possi. ble before G F Boston Massachusetts, The technique of concentration is more and more be.
coming a part of my life because it can be practiced at any. time or place and each practice takes me a step deeper I feel. a great peace within and without whenever I practice this. simple but dynamic technique It really proved its value. when I was in college where tension and strain are ever. present And whenever I practiced it before playing solos on. my violin instead of the usual stage fright I would feel. serene peace beyond words J O Jacksonville Florida. I practice the technique of meditation before any spe. cial undertaking or when guidance is needed and help is. always forthcoming The peace of meditation flows into daily. living This peace and joy brings poise and a sense of secu. rity with underlying vitality and strength D S Victoria. After practicing your Lessons for six months I have. found all you have taught me to be true You have proven. the existence of God to me something I once thought im. possible C C Vienna Virginia,UNDREAMED OF POSSIBILITIES. learn three important techniques of the Self Realization. 1 Technique of Energization enables one to,draw energy consciously into the body. from the Cosmic Source This technique of,life energy control purifies and strength. ens the body and prepares it for medita,tion making it easier to direct the energy. inward in order to reach higher states of,consciousness Regular practice also pro.
motes mental and physical relaxation and,develops dynamic will power. 2 Technique of Concentration helps to de,velop one s latent powers of concentration. Through practice of this technique one,learns to withdraw thought and energy. from outward distractions so that they,may be focused on any goal to be achieved. or problem to be solved Or one may direct,that concentrated attention toward realiz.
ing the Divine Consciousness within,3 Technique of Meditation shows one how. to use the power of concentration in the,highest way to discover and develop the. divine qualities of one s own true Self The,technique expands the awareness beyond. limitations of body and mind to the joyous,realization of one s infinite potential. Since Yoga is based on practice and experience, rather than on adherence to a particular set of beliefs fol.
lowers of all religions can benefit from these tech.

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