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Welcome Back, As the holiday season is upon us before you read the articles within. let s take some time to reflect on those loved ones family friends. coworkers or pets who are not able to be with us whether it be due to. a relocation active military or those who have passed. Since the last edition there has been one institution that has started. their own puppy program Now there are a total of 14 institutions with. programs and more institutions working on setting up puppy programs. so stay tuned,The Facilities with Puppy Programs,SCI Albion SCI Houtzdale. SCI Camp Hill SCI Mercer,SCI Cambridge Springs SCI Muncy. SCI Coal Township SCI Pine Grove,SCI Forest SCI Rockview. SCI Graterford SCI Smithfield,SCI Greene SCI Somerset.
SCI Forest,SCI Forest would like to introduce from top. left to right Bam a Mastiff mix Fina a Ger,man Shephard Sassy a Lab mix Eddie the. Boxer Pretty Girl a shy Pit Timber a Boxer,Pit mix and Duncan an adorable Pit who. thinks everything is a toy to be played with,The dogs finished training in November A. new group of dogs arrived earlier this month,We have been busy networking to get more.
Veterans program contacts and to better ac,quaint us with agencies that work with PTSD. vets Our goal is to get our dogs to the local,heroes that truly need them. We had some special training going on with,Eddie Fina and Sassy They wanted to tell. you about it themselves as they are very ex,cited Here are their latest interviews. Hello my name is Eddie That name was,chosen for me by a very special girl who I.
am in training to help You see she is in a,wheelchair and needs me I am learning to. walk with a chair be calm and just let her,know I am here She is very special as she. needs someone to always be with her and let,her human family know when something is. wrong I just love her and I know she loves, me The only name she could say was Eddie so I took it Personally I think Sir Eddie the Great is bet. ter but I keep that to myself As you can see I am the handsome one two dogs down on the right side. of the picture, Fina also went through some more intensive training Here is her latest press release.
I am Fina the beautiful at least that s what I have been told I am 7 years old and really want to. help someone I was so bored in the cage at the shelter that I convinced the humans to take me to. P A W S There I met someone who was in the war and is having a hard time I fell instantly for him. and him for me so I am learning how to take care of him I am learning to turn on lights so he never. has to go into a dark room I open doors and look in rooms for people and even let him know when. people come into the room he is in He gets nervous in crowds so I will be trained to be right by his side. so all he has to do is touch me to know he will be ok I am being trained to take care of one of our na. tion s heroes I am being trained to help someone with PTSD As you may have figured out I am the. top dog on the right personally I am the top dog on the totem pole. Sassy will be used for a very special purpose Here is her take on it. I am called Sassy because I am in charge all the time well not really all the time When I am in. training to become a therapy dog to a therapist in a hospital I am not in charge I am the best student. in the class No one does it better than me When I am on the playground it s another story I have to. be the best and the fastest Second place is not an option for me We are working on my focus right. now I seem to be as my humans say a little scattered I lose my focus because I get distracted and. forget that I am supposed to be calm and collected I love what I am doing but I am still young As I. get older I will get more focused and will exceed all expectations for me I am the black shiny star on. Brenda Haupt,Unit Manager,SCI Forest cont, The remaining four dogs each have their own take on life at SCI Forest This is what they have to say. Hello world my name is Timber I am a big loveable brindle bundle of joy I am calm cool and. collected I think of myself as Cool Hand Luke I can also open my door and take a walk whenever no. one is looking The best part is everyone loves me so I never get in trouble My favorite friend here is. Pretty Girl she is awesome and here is what she has to say. I am the prettiest pit you will ever see I tend to be shy but I love you and will never let you. down I am the best shade of grey tan you will ever lay eyes on I got my name because everyone who. sees me says Oh what a pretty girl I get overwhelmed with all the activity but do absolutely fantastic. in a controlled setting Timber and I like to play with Bam Bam is a huge nut who loves to lay around on. pillows He tends to steal them off the beds of the human He says it s his mission to get as many as he. can He declined comment that s why I have to explain him to you. Duncan chimed in on the interview with Life is great here and I love it He says his favorite. thing to do is sit on people His comment to that is Where else am I going to sit I have to sit on some. one Duncan has a constant smile because of his under bite and he loves to run fast Any dog smaller. than him is considered an interactive squeaky toy and he tends to treat them as such. Our trainers love the dogs they get and it s always a proud emotional day when the group leaves This. group of dogs seems to have stolen their hearts more so due to the missions they are being trained for. The trainers all took part in the specialized training for Eddie Fina and Sassy and they are learning so. much about the dog training process The staff here at Forest have come to expect great things from our. dogs and the trainers continue to impress us with what the dogs can learn We love to rescue the dogs. but in reality they rescue us,Brenda J Haupt,Unit Manager. SCI Graterford, Graterford s RTU Residential Treatment Unit is partnering with the New. Leash on Life USA program to provide RTU inmates with weekly access. to a therapeutic dog Prior to being adopted to its forever home the. therapeutic dog practices its therapeutic skills with RTU inmates Current. ly the therapeutic dog Paige has been servicing the RTU Many of the. inmates who struggle with mental health issues on the RTU have been. interacting with Paige by feeding and petting her This interaction has. been helpful in motivating RTU inmates to spend less time withdrawing in. their cells and more time utilizing their social skills The therapeutic dog. has been a welcome addition to Graterford s RTU,Tiffany Ray MSEd LPC. Psychological Services Specialist, It is wonderful to see a specific inmate here as he interacts.
with Paige He swore he would never get another dog after. losing his beloved pet after he came to prison He has had. little hope and we have been very concerned since he will. complete his sentence and be released shortly Perhaps he. can learn that he can enjoy another pet and look forward. Also an inmate who is hearing impaired would not at first. come near the dog He was afraid but now he pets her and. gives her treats Meaningful victories within walls. Pamela Jacques,Corrections Counselor 2,Veterinary Services for CPL Dogs at SCI Muncy. Like humans events in a dog s early life are likely to determine the dog s behavior personality and socializa. tion The first year of a dog s life is also a crucial period for the dog s long term physical health As such the. CPL organization has a standardized veterinary care schedule for each dog This schedule specifies dates for. vaccinations physical exams and other procedures By using a regimented schedule in conjunction with. skilled veterinary staff the program ensures that each dog has the best opportunity to reach his or her full. It is very important that the veterinary care dictated by this schedule is followed within the set timeframes It. would be challenging to do this with one dog but it is even more challenging to follow these protocols with six. dogs of various ages Luckily the CPL program at SCI Muncy works with three local veterinary hospitals which. offer complimentary care to the dogs as a public service. Currently three veterinary clinics sponsor CPL dogs at SCI Muncy The sponsors. Lewisburg Animal Care Hospital Lewisburg PA,Companion Animal Hospital Selinsgrove PA. Loyalsock Animal Hospital Williamsport PA, Each clinic sponsors two dogs The office provides free services including routine. exams vaccinations specialized testing flea and tick medication heartworm medication spay neuter services. and emergency care as needed The CPL program at SCI Muncy is very fortunate to have three high quality. offices that provide services free of charge Young dogs can be challenging in terms of their medical needs. Often there are medical conditions that begin to manifest in early puppyhood and having good doctors is im. portant for diagnosing these issues early so that the dogs can be treated or preparations can be made for the. dog to fulfill a different role due to its special medical needs. In addition to the regular developmental issues associated with young dogs puppies. have a noted propensity for getting into trouble The handlers work hard to puppy. proof their living spaces but the puppies seem to be able to seek out inappropriate. items wherever they may be In the past dogs have been treated for eating rocks. parts of chew toys a dead bird and various stinging insects We have also had broken. bones allergic reactions a variety of cuts and bruises and so on This unpredictability. means that skilled and available vets are a necessity. In most cases a vet visit is scheduled by a staff member and the dog is taken to an. outside vet by whomever is available This includes after hours scheduling for emergen. cies as well as late night and early morning drop offs pick ups for procedures The. staff volunteers and the veterinary offices do a great job ensuring that the dogs receive. appropriate and timely care It is not an easy process to track or arrange but the coop. eration of all the people involved is a great asset to the program. Recently the CPL program has also been lucky enough to start receiving services. from a veterinarian who visits the prisons in order to provide the needed services. Two of the younger dogs are sponsored by Companion Animal Hospital and Dr Jayne. Kubat has been kind enough to visit the facility in order to see the dogs These visits. occur outside of the secure perimeter but on state grounds The doctor is able to. check the dog s health measure its vital statistics and provide other services This is. a very beneficial arrangement for SCI Muncy because fewer hours need to be taken. from staff member s regular duties, This is one example of a great veterinary service provided by our sponsoring veteri. nary hospitals but we appreciate all of the care that is given to the dogs The fact. that the services are provided for free is a huge help to the program but it is evident. that the doctors and other veterinary staff who are involved genuinely care about the. dogs and support the mission of the CPL organization We couldn t do it without them. Eli Stevens, Unit Manager Pictures are of CPL dog Binky during a recent visit from Dr Kubat at the facility.
SCI Houtzdale, SCI Houtzdale is initiating a canine program in December 2015 This program is a collaboration with United. Disabilities Services UDS located in Lancaster PA When we began researching canine programs that. would be a good fit for Houtzdale in September 2014 staff visited several institutions that already had in. tact canine programs SCI Pine Grove was one of those facilities We were so impressed by TAILS that UDS. was contacted in the hopes that agency would agree to partner with HOU in our endeavor to start such a. worthwhile program UDS decided to try a second prison pup program and now HOU is ready to welcome 4. Labrador puppies The institutions that had programs up and running were extremely helpful in giving di. rection to the staff at HOU We formed a steering committee of uniformed and non uniformed staff that. have worked diligently to insure the success of this program We began with a contest to name the pro. gram that involved entries from staff and inmates The name RUFF Relying Upon Furry Friends was cho. sen from over 500 submissions Six staff members then participated in a week long training at UDS head. quarters in May 2015 Our staff will train the inmate handlers how to train the dogs Preparation continued. throughout 2015 with the development of a local policy upgrades for the canine recreation yard inmate. selection and training for the program staff and inmate education selection of a logo and murals for the. housing unit We suffered a minor set back due to the budget impasse travel ban but UDS solved this. problem by offering to come to Houtzdale to complete the staff training in December What we thought. would be a delay to RUFF actually turned into a plus because staff will be training with our four puppies in. December and they will stay at Houtzdale when the trainers from UDS leave We are positive that RUFF will. live up to the standards set by the many other Pennsylvania correctional canine programs that have come. Abel Murray Brodey Renner,Joan Bailey,Unit Manager. Her eyes met mine as she walked down the corridor peering apprehensively into the kennels I felt her. need instantly and knew I had to help her, I wagged my tail not too exuberantly so she wouldn t be afraid As she stopped at my kennel I blocked. her view from a little accident I had in the back of my cage I didn t want her to know that I hadn t been. walked today Sometimes the overworked shelter keepers get too busy and I didn t want her to think poor. ly of them, As she read my kennel card I hoped that she wouldn t feel sad about my past I only have the future to. look forward to and want to make a difference in someone s life. She got down on her knees and made little kissy sounds at me I shoved my shoulder and side of my head. up against the bars to comfort her Gentle fingertips caressed my neck she was desperate for companion. ship A tear fell down her cheek and I raised my paw to assure her that all would be well. Soon my kennel door opened and her smile was so bright that I instantly jumped into her arms. I would promise to keep her safe,I would promise to always be by her side.
I would promise to do everything I could to see that radiant smile and sparkle in her eyes. I was so fortunate that she came down my corridor So many more are out there who haven t walked the. corridors So many more to be saved At least I could save one. I rescued a human today,SCI Somerset, SCI Somerset s Canine Connection Program has been very active. since the last issue of the newsletter We received our five fe. male pups three Golden Retrievers and two Labrador Retriev. ers on May 12 2015 We were fortunate enough that we were. able to get two sets of sisters to complete or program the Golden. Retrievers are all from the same litter as well as the Labradors. being from the same litter The last six months have passed like. a whirlwind and our girls are growing SO quickly They have all. successfully passed their 4 month and 8 month evaluations. through the Canine Partners for Life Program We are currently. working on Part 2 of the Canine Partners for Life training curricu. lum and preparing for their 12 month evaluations that are to be. held in February 2016, It is quite amazing the difference that a few pups can make in the demeanor of an institution Staff and. inmates alike have grown to love these girls and look forward to seeing them around the jail They real. ly do become like the mascots of the institution They travel throughout the institution with the inmate. handlers or staff handlers Some of the areas of the jail that they frequent are Activities Yard Library. Chapel Medical Visiting Room Barber Shop and the Special Needs Unit We frequently have requests. from staff that they visit the other housing units as well We are so proud of them and how quickly they. pick up on the training commands, In the picture you will see the evidence of some Halloween fun that we had with them In the back row. are the three Goldens Donut Madge and Flower In the front row are the two Labs Whitney and Mino. I m not too sure that they enjoyed that photo op as much as we did. Melanie Pyle,Unit Manager,SCI Mercer, The dog handlers in the C A R E Program were recently asked to write. an essay stating the reasons why they wanted to be in the program. as well as what they hope to gain from being in the program Many of. the handlers had several of the same reasons for wanting to be in the. program first and foremost their love of dogs and wanting to provide. the dogs with a second chance at a good home by resolving the issues. that brought them to the shelter In addition to helping the dogs the. handlers believe that the dogs also help them They stated that caring. for the dogs teaches them responsibility patience and a good work. ethic They feel that the dogs are therapeutic and help them to deal. with the stress of being in prison and dealing with the crimes they. committed Many of them hope to utilize the skills that they have learned while in the program once. they are released into the community, The C A R E Program sponsored a Daffin s candy bar sale to benefit Strayhaven Animal Shelter All can.
dy bars were purchased by inmates A grand total of 1487 50 was donated to Strayhaven Pictured is. Lisa Graves Program Coordinator presenting a check to Britney Sanfilipo Director of Strayhaven We. are currently in the process of planning our second candy bar sale to coincide with the holidays and hope. to be able to donate an even larger sum of money to the shelter this time. Lisa Graves,Unit Manager,SCI Camp Hill Hounds of Prison Education HOPE. A Program of the Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance. The HOPE Program was launched in March of 2005 in an effort to help more homeless animals find their way into. forever homes Sponsored by the Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance CPAA the HOPE Program works in conjunc. tion with the PA State Correctional Institute at Camp Hill the MD State Correctional Institution at Roxbury and CPAA. member rescues, The program pairs carefully screened inmates with needy dogs for a period of several weeks to several months The. inmates work together with a professional trainer prison staff and HOPE volunteers to provide the dogs with basic. obedience training socialization behavior modification and one on one attention The dogs involved in the program. graduate with a wealth of valuable skills that help give them a paw up on finding a home. The inmates and the dogs live together in the cell and attend weekly training sessions They follow a strict training. regimen which provides the dogs with the structure they need to adapt into a traditional home Many of the dogs. who are involved in the program have moderate behavior and social issues have been in foster care for an exten. sive period of time or just need some extra one on one attention to get them ready for adoption. By the time they are paroled the dogs have become more confident better behaved and are looking forward to. starting a new life on the outside,HOPE Dogs at SCI Camp Hill. Gabbie Pepper Delaney Rusty Lucy Gracie,Scott Whalen. Unit Manager,MADISON S JOURNEY, This past September long time HOPE resident Madison finally paroled to her forev.
er home A young beautiful red nosed pit bull she came in to the prison in June of 2013. after having been rescued from a known dogfighter in the city of Harrisburg Under. standably among her issues was an extreme reactivity to other dogs to the point that. she would turn and try to go after whoever was closest to her usually her handler. whenever she d see another dog Her inmate handler put his heart and soul in to her. training lots of focus and impulse control work After a while Madison became tolerant. of the other dogs in the program but as a volunteer when I took her on field trips outside. the prison and we d encounter another dog it was pretty much a nightmare Her handler. continued working with her never giving up I started to see some changes when we d. go out It became easier and easier to get her attention when we d come across another. dog Then it got to the point that many times she d just completely ignore the other. Even though Maddie was more than ready for adoption no applications were coming. in Everyone at the prison loved her however so she was more than welcome to stay. Finally Madison s perfect match came along after 2 years 3 months in the prison. The day of Madison s adoption was bittersweet Everyone of course was elated that. Maddie was going to a loving home and naturally her handler was extremely sad to see. her go But he was also proud proud of Madison for having come such a long way and Madison showing off at the. for having learned to trust and proud of himself for helping to change her life playground. That day walking with Madison out of the prison for the last time and having watched. her transformation from the beginning I was reminded that kindness and patience are powerful tools. Margie Stewart,HOPE Volunteer,SCI Smithfield, We currently have four pups in the program Preston Norm Sargent and Rafter Preston and Norm. are returning to CPL in the next few weeks for the next phases so we are looking forward to the arrival. of our two new pups Preston is entering the home companion training phase while Norm will continue. his service dog training at CPL, There are currently nine handlers Additional potential handlers have been interviewed for the pro. gram The handlers are carefully selected and must pass a screening process and finally be approved by. vote sheet prior to participating The handlers continue to work every day independently as a group and. continue their ongoing training with CPL twice a month At the last CPL training we were introduced to. Cindy and Buck who will be taking over the CPL training responsibilities at Smithfield. In addition to their CPL training the handlers take the pups to the SRTU and medical department to. assist those inmates who would benefit from a visit and interaction with the pups The handlers also take. the pups to the visiting room for socialization, On October 14 all four puppies were taken to the Huntingdon Area Middle School for a visit The pup. pies were part of the Positive School Wide Behavior program at HAMS During the visit there was a brief. presentation of CPL the pups and their daily lives and training The students involved in the presentation. are part of a lunch bunch where students come together once a week to discuss social issues and. struggles as a middle school student The students had time to interact with the puppies and ask ques. tions about the program, As the holidays are right around the corner the puppies are part of the inmate Holiday photos In. mates who wish to have their holiday photos taken with one of the pups can make that request The. puppies are also going to visit a local nursing home as part of their Christmas party hosted by the staff. at SCI Smithfield The puppies will have the opportunity to interact with the residents of the home and. put smiles on their faces,Left to right Radar Norm Sargent and Preston.
Radar is a 9 month old golden retriever Radar is a visiting pup on a trade for Rafter Norm is a 14 month old black Lab. rador retriever Norm will be leaving in December to progress to the next phase of his training Sargent is an 11 month. of black Labrador retriever Preston is a 15 month old standard poodle who is also leaving in December to enter home. companion training,Kammy Laird,School Principal,Inmate Testimonials. This is why I want to be in the CARE Program it starts with the fact that I always love dogs and grew up with. dogs always in the house The program has given me a wonderful opportunity to acquire a skill that I need to. be successful on the streets and in the meantime gain friendship and companionship with these dogs I have a. lot of time to do still and ever since I joined the program I have learned how to be more responsible loving. caring and patient It feels good to wake up in the morning and to know I have real responsibilities and pur. pose for the day and that I m needed and wanted The best part about the program is the dogs getting a high. er adoption rate To see them develop socialization skills and watching them improve over the 2 months they. are here into adoptable dogs It is amazing how the arrival of the dogs on the housing unit has created such a. positive reaction with both staff and inmates Finally I like to share my thoughts on the program itself in the. 4 years of being in the CARE Program I got the privilege of meeting a multitude of dogs 28 to be exact each. with their own unique demeanor This program provides a positive atmosphere and a sense of accomplishment. for those inmates who chose to take on the challenge of preparing these dogs for a second chance at life It. also provides a positive aspect to the workplace for staff to meet interact and potentially provide a home to. these dogs I was one of the Blue Print Crew that started the program and I still believe in it I would like to. thank all the staff members who help make this a successful program I would not have had this great experi. ence if it was not for CARE and the staff at Mercer for believing in me and trusting in me and my work ethics. Eric P Handler since 8 23 11, Getting them adopted is the biggest reason why I do what I do And the fact. that I fall in love with every one of them is both a blessing and a curse The. patience that I have learned and the sense of compassion I have grows with. every dog I train I also think that another one of my biggest reasons for be. ing in the program is to show that people s attitudes and personalities can be. changed molded and formed just like the dogs that we work with I can take. a troubled problematic dog and fix him or her to be a productive member of. K 9 society just like myself and that personal growth is what I strive for and. the CARE Program helps me to do that on many levels. Joseph C Handler since 2012, I wish to stay in the dog program as long as it can continue to be a positive way in which I can help the com. munity by training and preparing neglected dogs for placement in loving homes For me personally I can em. pathize and relate with the dogs we get most come in abandoned scared lonely and may or may not have. made mistakes which resulted in their being here But the transformation you begin to see in some of these. animals as they become accustomed once again to human interaction as they come to know love commitment. and concern from their handlers that s what gets me Because it s not until you overcome that emotional set. back with the dog that you truly make him her fully receptive to your training and spark the eagerness to. please that for me personally makes an optimal training companion animal It s also about the changes the. daily interaction with the dogs bring about in me personally as well Being in prison having committed ac. tions that go against my upbringing dealing with loss and guilt and deciding upon a new way of life and com. mitment to sobriety all this is magnified by my lifestyle as a dog handler I m able to avoid the typical nega. tivity associated with the prison lifestyle and focus on the task at hand of rehabilitating the dog Because in. rehabilitating the dog I m also rehabilitating myself It also makes me feel less disassociated with society and. home makes me feel like a human being again,William M Handler since March 2015. CPL was a God send to me It was a journey raising and training different pups It helped me re find my hu. manity it taught me to care and love for another unconditionally without understanding the kind of love that. was going to be returned tenfold My most profound experience was crying for a dog I helped raise for under a. year Hancock When he was neutered the vets couldn t stop his bleeding and the way this information was. given to me well I thought he was going to die It was the first time I have prayed for a pet since I was a. child When I think of that it gladdens me to know that this unbelievable dog is going to change someone s life. Thank you for the opportunity to better someone s life. SCI Albion, September of 2015 marked the 10th anniversary of the Canine.
Partners For Life Prison Puppy Raising Program coming to SCI. Albion Since its inception in 2005 a carefully selected group of. dedicated inmates have worked with 47 dogs raising puppies. from the time they are 8 to 10 weeks old until they are about 15. months old These pups are part of the Canine Partners For Life. program which trains and places service dogs to assist individuals. with many different types of disabilities The service dogs are able. to perform tasks that otherwise would require the assistance of. another person so they give their partner a degree of independ. While at the prison the handlers teach their pups basic obedi. ence and provide their complete care feeding grooming train. ing and socializing these dogs to be confident in any situation they. may encounter The pups stay in their handler s cell go with them. to their work sites within the prison go to chow and to any other. activities groups or classes that they have during the day Nor. mally there are five pups being raised at the same time so they do have canine playmates and have play time and. exercise time routinely during each day plus they get lots of attention and love from their handlers and many others. staff and inmates within the facility, The staff person who coordinates the program at SCI Albion is Unit Manager Roderic Showers Mr Showers said. I have been working with the program for a little over two years I have enjoyed working with the inmates that are. involved as well as the pups It has been a sincere joy to watch the pups grow from little ones into assistance dogs. My observations of the interactions with the handlers staff recipients and the pups have been priceless to me. He and five other staff members take the pups to their veterinary appointments with the three area veterinary. hospitals who sponsor the pups and provide for their health care during this important first year in the program The. pups are being sponsored by the Twinbrook Veterinary Hospital in Erie the Albion Animal Center in Albion and the. Crawford County Humane Society Veterinary Hospital in Meadville A group of community volunteers assist with so. cializing the pups taking them out to public places or keeping them for an overnight to attend social events go. shopping or any public activity that is available and getting them used to riding in the car Ruth Prest the CPL prison. puppy liaison volunteer and some of the other volunteers provide a training session at Albion and also at SCI Cam. bridge Springs for handlers and pups twice a month to work on obedience skills and keep track of each pup s pro. gress Mrs Prest remarked This is an amazing program not only for what difference the dogs can make in the. lives of their final recipients but also the difference they make at the prisons while they are being raised These. puppies start to work their magic even while they are babies warming the hearts of those who care for them. When the pups complete their first year of training and leave the prison they travel to Cochranville Pa near. Philadelphia to the headquarters of Canine Partners For Life where they live in a state of the art kennel with 30. dogs and work with professional trainers to learn service skills like retrievals opening doors turning light switches. assisting with dressing providing support for walking and many other helpful tasks Many of these dogs are placed. with people who need support to walk without falling or who are confined to a wheelchair and need retrieval and. door opening skills Many are also placed as medical alert dogs for people who experience seizures or have cardiac. conditions The dogs are able to alert a person with a seizure disorder well in advance of their oncoming seizure so. that the person can get to a safe place and not fall or be injured. In addition to the service dogs CPL also places home companion dogs usually with children or teens who are. autistic or with elderly people who can benefit from having a canine companion but who aren t able to raise a puppy. Of the 47 pups that have been raised at SCI Albion 18 have graduated as service dogs 15 have graduated as. home companions 7 have been released because of a medical issue or a behavior problem 2 are currently in the. kennel at CPL and should graduate in summer 2016 and 5 are currently working with the handlers in the prison. Since the program started at SCI Albion 19 inmates have gone through the training and worked with pups. When they are placed in their forever homes these remarkable dogs provide emotional support and physical as. sistance to their partners who are disabled But earlier in their lives they provide their inmate handlers with a. sense of purpose and a way to contribute to society as they lay the foundation of the dog s training during this criti. cal first year As one handler said Seeing the photos of the dogs with their new recipients and just knowing that I. had a part in making someone s life better is the most rewarding experience for me The puppy has also taught me. a lot about patience and unconditional love These little guys teach us as much if not more than we teach them. They help soften the harsh realities of life here and bring smiles to lots of faces even the hard ones I just need to. say Thank you,SCI Albion cont, And another handler said Being a dog handler to me means that I have the opportunity to be a positive and. lasting benefactor not only to an individual but to society as a whole It gives me a sense of pride and gives mean. ing to my life It also means that I m tired a lot and he grinned. One of the most recent service dogs to graduate from SCI Albion was Ranger a tall yellow Labrador Retriever. He is currently providing assistance to a woman from New York who deals with a number of serious medical condi. tions Ranger provides support and balance for her alerts for cardiac issues and uses his skills to reduce her fatigue. level and more With Ranger s help she can put aside her cane and not use it again. Our current pups include Jerry a Red Standard Poodle Banks a Black Labrador Retriever Fidget a Black Labrador. Retriever Chadds a Yellow Labrador Retriever and Rushie a Black Labrador Retriever Banks and Fidget are half. brothers and Chadds and Rushie are brothers Jerry should be transitioning to the kennel at CPL within the next six. to eight weeks,Ruth Prest,CPL Prison Puppy Liaison Volunteer. Goose Dog Update, It s Year 2 for the Goose Dog Program at SCI Albion and it has proven to be very successful one Steele Dixie. and Sadie love their job and enjoy the freedom that comes with going outside to work despite the perils of snapping. turtles ferocious beavers and determined deer ticks We have seen a reduction in the goose population of approxi. mately 90 Staff and inmates have benefited by this by no longer having to navigate past territorial geese and or. the evidence of the presence of geese, The program has had many unexpected benefits It has increased the confidence and patience of those directly.
involved with the dogs as well as see the formation of some future entrepreneurial plans for the handlers when they. are released back to their homes Sadie Dixie and Steele continue to be a great stress reliever for the inmates on. the unit as they are always up for a game of catch or tug of war or to just sit quietly when someone is upset The. unit dogs have acted as a point of commonality for the staff and inmates Staff has enjoyed weekend visits with. Steele and Dixie and frequently bring in dog treats for them especially around the holidays. We look forward to the upcoming year with our Goose Dogs. Roderic Showers,Unit Manager,SCI Benner Township, SCI Benner Township s A Dog s Tail from Jail recently cele. brated its 1 year Anniversary in August On 8 27 15 the pro. gram was honored by a special celebration held on K Unit. where the dogs are housed with their handlers The celebration. included program participants the canine provider inmates. housed on K unit staff and the participating veterinary hospital. First dogs arriving at facility, Pam Graci our canine provider and trainer was the guest Greyhounds CAN sit. speaker Ms Graci expressed her gratitude to the facility staff. and handlers for allowing this program to be successful She thanked BEN administrative. staff for without their help and support transitioning into this program would have been a. harder task Maureen Casey of Metzer s Animal Hospital was able to attend and the veteri. narians and their staff was also acknowledged for their on going support and care of the dogs. they have been very gracious with their time and resources to see the dogs as soon as possi. ble when needed and each trip there has gone smoothly because of the dedication of their. wonderful staff team, Ms Graci spoke of the trials and triumphs that come with. starting a new program that involves so many different challeng Cake YUM. es finding appropriate dogs for the program determining how to. get them in and out of the facility getting to know the staff and inmates involved the. gratifying moments of the dogs and trainers accomplishments and the joy of the dogs. finding their families, Our handlers were given the opportunity to show off their dogs and to speak to the. crowd of what the program has meant to them,Celebration Day.
Billie Rupert,Unit Manager,SCI CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS CPL. Meanwhile down on the, Our five boys The Fab Five Astro Axle Davy Quincy and Ritz have had a sum. mer that has been filled with fun fun and more fun It has been a summer filled with. laughter as we watched them swim in their new pool only to find out that all Labs do. not like the water We have had the joy of having visiting pups from SCI Albion who. took no time in fitting in our beloved Astro Black poodle brother of Ritz released. from the program It has truly been bitter sweet for all the handlers but the sweet. always seems to outweigh the bitter and it has been a time in all of our lives that we. will not soon forget This summer has not only been an experience but a wild and cra. zy adventure, On August 31 2015 the poodles Astro and Ritz celebrated their first birthday. and you will never guess where we went for the celebration Hawaii Yes we all. packed our bags and went to that beautiful paradise with its crystal clear blue water. sandy beaches and awesome skies Astro and Ritz were surprised when all of their. friends Axle Davy and Quincy came as a guests to their luau The affair was catered. by a special friend and she made them personalized placemats and kabobs They all. were decked out in leis grass skirts and party hats The menu also included cookies. and cupcakes for dessert There was also a photo shoot taken on a surfboard Later. the photographer took pictures of the Fab Five in the beautiful flower garden atop a. layer of soft green velvety grass Once the party and photo shoot were over the. pups were pretty pooped and took a long siesta, On September 13th we all had to say goodbye to our beloved Astro It was time. for him to leave SCI Cambridge Springs Everyone was sad to see him go all the. handlers the entire inmate population and even staff who had come to know and love. him He pranced down the walk never looking back and was taken to Meadville Air. port to fly back to CPL Astro was leaving on a jet place but he was never coming back again We will miss you. Astro and we hope that you will always know how much you were loved by us all Before leaving Astro met Har. vey a 12 week black lab who was coming to Cambridge Springs Astro then flew back to CPL where he began the. next chapter of his life, On September 14th Harvey arrived at SCI Cambridge Springs Harvey hurried down the walk and jumped into.
his handler s arms giving lots of kisses He also met the other handlers He was tiny and sweet and stole our. hearts Harvey is a happy smart pup who loves to train but has a playful side Harvey enjoys squeaky toys and. balls He also enjoys playing with Axle Davy Ritz and Quincy one at a time of course He needs to be reminded. that he is still little even though he acts like he is KING KONG The big boys put up with a lot from him but draw. the line when he bites on their ears with those tiny sharp teeth He is growing up fast and is about 17 inches tall. and weighs about 26 pounds He is a joy and a lot of fun. Our last fun filled event took place on October 11 2015 For the Halloween season we dressed up the Fab Five. and took a trip to a haunted house with a huge cracked door covered with cobwebs And then we visited the pump. kin patch filled with huge pumpkins We had a great time and of course we took plenty of pictures. Harvey whose name means Battle Worthy was a Spartan complete with a crocheted helmet and jacket Axle. whose nickname is 500 that s another story in itself was the great pumpkin also appropriate since he is the. biggest Davy was a spider with long legs and Quincy was a bat complete with bloody fangs Last but not least. was our poodle Ritz who was dressed to the nines in a tuxedo and bowtie as well as a top hat and cane. The next big celebration will be this month because Axle Davy and Quincy will all be celebrating year 1 It is a. birthday celebration YEAH Rumor has it that their going to ride on their very own float in the Macy s Day Pa. rade We will make sure to take plenty of pictures, This has been a great year for the pup program at SCI Cambridge Springs and with the arrival of Harvey 72. puppies have touched and enlarged our hearts WOOF WOOF To you all. Jamie Rodriguez,Unit Manager,SCI Pine Grove Scottdale Public Library Hero Day. July 6 2015,CCII Marhefka and Lewes with, In 2013 SCI Pine Grove partnered with United Disabilities Services of Children s Librarian Rhonda. Lancaster PA to create a program to educate inmates on how to provide. care and train services dogs United Disabilities Services is a non profit. organization that is committed to helping people with disabilities lead. more independent lives UDS currently services over 30 counties in Penn. sylvania In 2014 the journey began with the creation of the TAILS Pro. gram The acronym TAILS was selected to describe the mission of the pro. gram It refers to the five elements that the project is designed to foster. namely Train Assist Inspire Loyal and Serve In June 2015 SCI Pine. Grove s TAILS program successfully completed its inaugural year The. TAILS canines exceeded the expectations of both the SCI Pine Grove staff. and the UDS staff In early June the first round of TAILS canines graduat. ed and returned to Untied Disabilities Services in Lancaster to participate. in secondary training approximately three months ahead of schedule. Three of the four TAILS canines completed all phases of the training and. are in the process of being placed with individuals from the UDS Service. Dog waiting list All three canines are being placed with individuals who. reside in Pennsylvania including one veteran UDS was pleased with the. outcome of the first program as typically only one out of four canines. completes the program when raised in a puppy home, On June 23 2015 four new puppies from UDS arrived at SCI Pine. Grove to begin TAILS training Dewey Lewes Avalon and Jersey are the. first group of canines from the new United Disabilities Services breeding. program A connection was immediately made with the eight inmate dog. handlers five of which were returning from the first program Training. IUP Summer Reading Program,started immediately July 22 2015.
Dewey visiting with students and,Dogs in the Community teachers. The TAILS canines have been very busy in the community during. the last few months preparing for their life as a service dog. In July the service dogs in training attended Hero Day pro. grams at libraries in Scottdale PA and Indiana PA The service dogs. also attended the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Summer Read. ing Program where students ages 8 12 read to the canines. In August the service dogs attended the State Volunteer Ban. quet at the DOC Training Academy to honor UDS Trainer Kristina. August 22 2015 DOC Volunteer Banquet Smith who was named as SCI Pine Grove s Volunteer of the Year. CCII Marhefka with Lewes UDS Trainer, Ms Smith has been involved with United Disabilities Services for. Kristina Smith with Deora and CCII Delosh more than 17 years and has been very involved with the TAILS pro. with Dewey at the DOC Volunteer Banquet gram TAILS canine graduate Deora accompanied Ms Smith to the. Ms Smith was named SCI Pine Grove s event, Volunteer of the Year In September the canines participated in a presentation for the. Shakespeare Club of Indiana, In October TAILS graduates Milton Deora and Somerset re. turned to SCI Pine Grove to visit with the staff and inmates and. new TAILS puppies before being placed in their permanent assign. In October the canines attended Bark Against Violence an event. hosted by the Alice Paul House to promote domestic violence aware. ness The canines also traveled to Lancaster PA to participate in the. UDS Hershey Bear Calendar Fundraiser, In November the canines participated in a presentation at the.
Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club in Delmont PA. Front Row from left Somerset Deora and,Milton Back Row from left Dewey Lewes. Avalon and Jersey with inmate handlers,SCI Pine Grove cont. UDS Hershey Bears Calendar Shoot,October 28 2015, Current TAILS canines Lewes Jersey Dewey and Avalon join. Somerset Deora and Milton on the Ice with the Hershey Bears. Bark Against Violence,October 24 2015,CCII Marhefka with Lewes Lion and. CCII Delosh with Jersey Turtle attend,Bark Against Violence an event held.
by the Alice Paul House, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Certificate Program. SCI Pine Grove also partnered with Indiana University of Pennsylvania s Adult and Continuing Educa. tion program and United Disabilities Services to provide the inmates of SCI Pine Grove with the recogni. tion of a certificate in dog training and care The program was designed to support inmates in three very. important ways 1 by expanding their knowledge of and skills in working with dogs of various types 2. by giving them an official form of recognition for the specialized expertise that they have acquired and. 3 by improving their communication skills and ability to work effectively with community members In. February 2015 SCI Pine Grove staff officially began teaching the course The program consisted of four. 30 hour courses for a total of 120 hours Some of the program topics include canine wellness dog train. ing in correctional facilities animal rescue and rehabilitation shelters training different types of service. dogs communication skills and working with the public Seven of TAILS inmates graduated with a Certifi. cate of Training in Canine Training and Care in November 2015. Tara Marhefka,Corrections Counselor II,Dewey Lewes Avalon and Jersey. Round 2 Puppy Arrival Day August 2015 October 2015 November 2015.

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