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SOME OF MY , HOPPED CIDERS,1 Hallelujah Hopricot 10 Taylor s Gold Simcoe. Cascade Amarillo 11 Double Hopped Revival,2 Fresh Hop Hallelujah Citra Amarillo . Hopricot wet Cascade 12 L pulo Marron many ,3 Hallelujah Hallertauer 13 Hopped Pomegranate. 4 Bartlett Amarillo Willamette Liberty Mosaic ,5 Bartlett Simcoe 14 7 Deadly Sins ENVY 10. 6 Bartlett Citra hops ,7 Bartlett Galaxy 15 Hopland 1 8 many hops .
8 d Anjou Mosaic 16 Hopland in Space Chinook ,9 d Anjou Sauvin Nelson Cascade Ella . WHY PUT HOPS IN CIDER ,Are you trying to copy flavors found in beer . Are you trying to use an ingredient you love or grows in your. region , Are you looking for validation from beer drinkers . Are you trying to make a gluten free alternative to beer . Are you trying to add depth and complexity to your apple . forward ciders ,Are you trying to create a hop forward cider . Are you trying to add layers in flavors aromas to complement. other yeast or fruit , Are you jumping on the bandwagon with no knowledge of.
hops , WHO ELSE IS MAKING, HOPPED CIDER ,1 2 Towns 14 Grizzly 26 Square Mile. 2 Angry Orchard 15 HUB Cider 27 Stem Ciders,3 Anthem 16 Les Vergers de la 28 Swift. 4 Apple Outlaw Colline 29 Texas Keeper,5 Big B s 17 Merridale 30 Tieton. 6 Bull Run 18 New West 31 Two Rivers,7 Cider Riot 19 Oliver s 32 Wandering Aengus. 8 Citizen 20 Portland Cider 33 Woodchuck,9 Colorado Cider 21 Red Tank .
10 Doc s Draft 22 Rogue and dozens,11 Eaglemount 23 Sasquatch more I m sure . 12 Finnriver 24 Schilling,13 Fox Tail 25 Sociable, HOW TO START. 1 Purchase high quality Cascade pellets from a, great grower seller e g Crosby Hop Farm . beau crosbyhops com , Sold in 44 lb mylar bag in box you can buy from. local HBS in 1 lb bags, Price is 8 15 per pound, Buy 1 pound per beer barrel 31 gallons .
2 Put pellets into a nylon hop bag tie the entire bag. shut not just with the pull string, HOW TO START, 3 Use pull string to tie off inside your tank maybe. with zip ties, Tie to carb stone, Tie to a custom made steel loop. Throw in an IBC with a bottle float tied to the, string. Bag will be extremely heavy when wet, 4 Wait 5 days at ambient 55 65 F then chill tank for. packaging or rack cider off into brite tank to chill. HOW TO MAKE REALLY, GOOD HOPPED CIDERS, Read hop books For the Love of Hops by Stan Hieronymus.
Learn from pro brewers Seek out GABF or World Beer Cup. IPA winners in your region and ask for their secrets AFTER. you ve read a book But be careful with the beer, translations . Try new hops Buy small quantities of exotic hops from. breweries or home brew shops and play with them, Talk to homebrewers These guys are serious hop heads . Drink hoppy beers Don t limit yourself to just IPA seek. out single hop beers The best hoppy brewers in the world. drink lots of hoppy beers , COMMON HOP VARIETIES, CHARACTERISTICS. Aroma or Flavor hops not bittering, Wet or Fresh hops straight from the field in season. Cascade Amarillo Centennial,Most common Tropical grapefruit Floral and lemon.
grapefruit and citrus Super Cascade , Citra Simcoe Chinook. Melon lime lychee Pine earth Spice pine ,passionfruit citrus grapefruit. ADVANCED DRY, HOPPING TECHNIQUES Rev Nat s Secrets . Multiple additions 5 days out 3 days out from packaging. Layer different varieties at each addition, Use far more than recommended up to 10 lbs per barrel . Beware Law of Diminishing Returns, Use complimentary hops Chinook pine Citra citrus .
Experiment outside the norm Nobles Ella Look to So. Hemisphere, Do not allow extended 7 days contact time. Control headspace tank pressures for aroma, Keep oxygen away purge brite tanks with CO2. If not filtering dry hop in the presence of fermentation. Expect measurable IBUs Hopricot is 19 IBUs , BREWING CIDER. Boil pellets for an hour in apple juice or cider, Use IPA recipes. Don t just follow the IPA advice though Experiment. Use hop bursting techniques or continuous hop additions ala 60 Minute IPA where. most hops are added with 20 minutes remaining in the boil. Plan ahead for caramelization of the juice due to boiling possibly boil a fraction. of your final juice size with a full amount of hops. Whirlpools are great for low heat low bitterness extraction due to sub 180 degree. heat and no isomerization, Use of a hopback with whole leaf is awesome Always aroma hops.
Work with brewers to best utilize their brewhouse equipment. How many degrees are lost going to the whirlpool How fast can you bring to a. boil How much steam loss anticipated How much can you fit in your hopback . Pass through a heat exchanger considering hitting with oxygen in line due to boil. depletion then ferment normally, FINAL NOTES, Do not filter hops do not crossflow . Package in brown glass due to UV skunky , Send your cider to my Hopped Cider Fest in April . Barrel age before or after hopping, Don t fear pasteurization keep kegs cold. Boiled hops have never clarified for me with gelatin sparkaloid . extreme wait times enzymes, Randalls add extra charge of hoppiness at point of service. Whole leaf floats sort of Pellets sink sort of , Store opened mylar bags in a corny keg purged with CO2.
Why am I giving away all my secrets Thousands of IPAs are made annually from. brewers with access to the exact same ingredients and only one wins Gold . Nat West ,Reverend Nat s Hard Cider, nat revnats com. Joe Casey , Square Mile Cider,joe casey craftbrew com.

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