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OUTER COVER x1,METAL FRAME x1,BALL BEARING x4,M10 BOLT x4. SECURITY WASHER x4,SOLID WALL EXPANSION SLEEVE x4, F I T T I N G A N D A S S E M B LY I N S T R U C T I O N S. Decide on the location for AIRLOK taking into consideration the type and size of bike s it will. secure and the type of wall it is being fixed to Ensure there will be sufficient clear space around. the AIRLOK and bicycle taking into account furniture opening doors etc Check the unit is not too. high to be able to safely unlock the locking pin and remove hang your bicycle AIRLOK is. designed for indoor and outdoor use, Important For Sold Secure ART approval AIRLOK must be fitted to a solid substrate i e. concrete wall using the security fixings supplied, AIRLOK does not have to be fitted to a brick or concrete wall BUT it will not be as secure and will. not be Sold Secure or ART approved Before fitting ensure the selected wall is suitably strong. and of sound construction to support the weight of the AIRLOK and bicycle stud or plaster board. walls may be to weak, AIRLOK can be fitted to a timber wall if timber is of appropriate structural rigidity and thick enough.
to fix with correct timber fixings such as heavy duty wood screws not supplied but again it will. not be as secure and Sold Secure or ART approval will not apply. Remove AIRLOK from box and slide metal,frame from outer cover. Using the metal frame mark the 4 holes,with a pencil ensuring the unit is level Drill. four pilot holes using a 6mm or 8mm,masonry drill approximately 20mm deep. Using a 15mm masonry drill bit if using the supplied anchor bolts drill each hole 55 60mm. deep Make sure these are clean and drilled level Always vacuum out drilled holes before. installing the anchor bolts, Warning Ensure you are not drilling into water pipes gas pipes or electrical wiring. These may be recessed into a concrete or brick wall behind plaster or render If in doubt. check with an expert, Remove the bolts from the outer casing and tap into the wall Be careful not to.
damage the casings,Bo l t ca si n g sh o u l d b e f l u s h. Ta p e r e d n u t sh o u l d r e ma i n,i n si d e ca si n g. Hold the metal frame up to the wall and screw the bolts back in through the frame using the. security washers using an allen key wrench tighten each bolt hand tight until the unit is. secure Please note the larger holes in the framework allow for a small amount of adjustability. Ensure unit is level and correct way up before fully tightening the bolts and before inserting. ball bearings, Installation of ball bearings for Sold Secure ART approval ball bearings must be. hammered into the allen key holes To install these use adhesive tape to hold the ball bearing. over the holes Use a large hammer to hammer them into place then remove adhesive tape. Note Once ball bearings are hammered into allen key holes removal of the AIRLOK unit is. not possible without damage to the wall or AIRLOK itself. Remember If you re unsure please call us refer to our website www hiplok com or ask a. professional for help,BALL BEARINGS,These should be held in with tape. then hammered into place for,a permenant fixing, STEP 5 A OPTIONAL If you want to easily relocate your Airlok in the case.
you change houses Hexlox can be used instead of,the supplied ball bearings. You can purchase the Hexlox Airlok Set from hexlox. com Airlok,The set includes 2x 6mm Hexlox 1x Coded Key. Key code card, The Hexlox are inserted into the top right and the. bottom left hex bolt that secure the Airlok to the wall. The Hexlox blocks the bolt so an Allen Key can not be. See instructions at hexlox com Airlok,Your Airlok is Sold Secure ART approved ONLY. when the supplied ball bearings are used In using,Hexlox this accreditation is void.
STEP 6 STEP 7, Once the frame is secure on the wall lift on the plastic Screw in the 4 allen bolts to. body and slide into place Ensure the plastic body is the secure the plastic body to the. correct way up and it fully covers the frame on the sides metal frame. Ensuring the logo is the right,way up fit the rubber mouth. part into the plastic body,Ensure it is located properly. and is a flush within the Outer,Unlock the locking pin using its key and. push the pin up through the hole into place,You are now ready to secure and store your.
bike with AIRLOK see USER GUIDE on,Familarise yourself with both the locking. unlocking mechanism of the locking pin as,well as its movement within the AIRLOK. before securing bicycle for the first time,LOCKING LOADING PROCEDURE. When AIRLOK is not loaded with a,bicycle it is recommended to keep. locking pin in locked position,To load unload bicycle unlock lock.
ing pin with key a and pull down to,lower position b. If necessary locking pin can be,removed completely for easier. loading and unloading c,Once bicycle is loaded into AIRLOK. push locking pin back up to higher,position and lock pin with key. Check locking pin is locked before,leaving bicycle.
If required the locking pin can be,kept in lower position when bike is. not loaded If keeping locking pin in,this lower position ensure pin is. locked and key is removed to avoid,potential theft of pin or accidental. removal dropping,B I K E C O M PAT I B I L I T Y, AIRLOK has been designed to work with the vast majority of bicycle frame shapes and sizes. Large box section frames oversized tubes and unusual cross sectional shapes can be. accommodated However we recommend checking the compatibility of your bike before installing. your AIRLOK To check the compatibility of your bike please refer to the following guidelines. If a rectangular of dimensions 150mm,wide x 60mm length will fit under the.
top cross bar within the front triangle,of your bike then your bike should work. with AIRLOK The max width of the,frame that can be accommodated is 60mm. 60mm a standard frame tube width is,BIKE LOADING, When loading a bike into AIRLOK for the first time take care and spend some time finding the. correct balance point and position for the bike so it remains stable Depending on the width of. handlebars of your bicycle the front wheel may need to be turned The design of the frame and. angle of the top cross bar will also effect the angle at which the bicycle sits within AIRLOK. Ensure the bike is in a stable position and within lower area of rubber frame holder before. releasing your grip of the bike and pushing locking pin into upper position Take care when. unlocking pin and removing bike also For further support on compatibility and loading go. to www hiplok com airlok,K E Y R E G I S T R AT I O N. AIRLOK comes supplied with 3 unique coded keys We recommend you register your keys. immediately Registration of your keys will allow you to purchase replacement or additional keys. should you need them in the future In order to register your AIRLOK keys go to. www hiplok com mykey,WARRANTY Garantie, Hiplok and Plus 8 Industries Ltd warrants that this product is free of manufacturing defects in Hiplok en Plus 8 Industries Ltd garanderen dat dit product vrij is van fabricagefouten in materiaal.
material and workmanship Unless otherwise stipulated by local law this warranty is limited to one en vakmanschap Tenzij de plaatselijke wetgeving anders bepaalt is deze garantie beperkt tot. year from the date of purchase and is limited to the original purchaser een jaar vanaf de datum van aankoop en tot de oorspronkelijke koper. This warranty does not apply in the event of abuse negligence carelessness or modification or Deze garantie wordt ongeldig bij misbruik nalatigheid onzorgvuldigheid of aanpassing en bij. if the product is used in any way other than is intended ander dan het beoogde gebruik van het product. Nor is any attempted repair or replacement with any part or accessory other than the original Ook eventuele pogingen tot reparatie of vervanging van een onderdeel of accessoire met andere. Hiplok parts and products covered by the terms of this warranty onderdelen dan die van Hiplok vallen niet onder de bepalingen van deze garantie. This warranty takes precedence over any other agreements or warranties general or special Deze garantie heeft prioriteit boven eventuele andere overeenkomsten of garanties of ze nu. expressed or implied and no representative or person is authorized to assume liability on behalf algemeen of speciaal uitdrukkelijk of impliciet gegeven zijn Geen vertegenwoordiger of persoon. of Plus 8 Industries in connection with the sale or use of this product is bevoegd om namens Plus 8 Industries aansprakelijkheid op zich te nemen in verband met de. verkoop of het gebruik van dit product, Plus 8 Industries makes no other expresses warranties or guarantees except as otherwise. specifically stated Plus 8 Industries waives all responsibility for any third party for consequences Plus 8 Industries geeft geen andere uitdrukkelijke garanties of waarborgen dan de specifiek. that might result from the use or handling of any Hiplok product by any legal or natural person vermelde Plus 8 Industries wijst alle verantwoordelijkheid voor derden af indien het gebruik of. hanteren van een product van Hiplok door een juridisch of natuurlijk persoon negatieve gevolgen. Garantie DE, Hiplok und Plus 8 Industries Ltd garantieren dass dieses Produkt in Material und Verarbeitung frei. von Herstellungsfehlern ist Wenn nicht anders von lokalen Gesetzen vorgeschrieben betr gt der. Garanti SE, Garantieanspruch ein Jahr ab dem Kaufdatum und besteht ausschlie lich gegen ber dem Hiplok och Plus 8 Industries Ltd garanterar att denna produkt r fri fr n tillverkningsfel i material. Originalk ufer och utf rande Om inte annat anges i den lokala lagen r denna garanti begr nsas till tv r fr n. ink psdatum och r begr nsad till den ursprungliga k paren. Der Garantieanspruch erlischt bei missbr uchlichem nachl ssigem unachtsamem und. unsachgem em Umgang mit dem Produkt und wenn Ver nderungen an dem Produkt Denna garanti g ller inte vid missbruk f rsumlighet slarv eller modifiering eller om produkten. vorgenommen werden anv nds p annat s tt n vad som avses. Ebenso erlischt der Garantieanspruch bei versuchten Reparaturen mit oder beim Einsetzen von Garantin g ller ej om l set har lagats eller modifierats med icke original delar. nicht originalen Hiplok Ersatzteilen oder Zubeh r, Diese Garantie hat Vorrang gegen ber s mtlichen anderen allgemeinen oder speziellen Denna garanti har f retr de framf r alla andra verenskommelser eller garantier allm nna eller. ausdr cklichen oder implizierten Vereinbarungen oder Gew hrleistungen und kein Vertreter bzw s rskilda uttryckliga eller underf rst dda och ingen representant eller person r beh rig att ta. keine Person ist dazu berechtigt im Namen von Plus 8 Industries f r den Verkauf oder die ansvar p uppdrag av Plus 8 Industries i samband med f rs ljning eller anv ndning av denna. Verwendung dieses Produkts die Haftung zu bernehmen produkt. Wenn nicht ausdr cklich anders angegeben gew hrt Plus 8 Industries keine anderen Plus 8 Industries avst r allt ansvar f r n gon tredje part f r konsekvenser som kan bli f ljden av. ausdr cklichen Gew hrleistungen oder Garantien Plus 8 Industries bernimmt keine anv ndning eller hantering av en Hiplok produkt av n gon fysisk eller juridisk person. Verantwortung f r Dritte und f r die Folgen die sich aus der Verwendung oder dem Umgang mit. Hiplok Produkten durch eine nat rliche oder eine juristische Person ergeben k nnen. Garanti NO,Garant a ES, Hiplok og Plus 8 Industries Ltd garanterer at dette produktet er fri for fabrikasjonsfeil i materiale og.
Hiplok y Plus 8 Industries Ltd garantiza que este producto est libre de defectos de fabricaci n en utf relse Med mindre annet f lger av lokale lover er denne garantien begrenset til ett r fra. los materiales y la mano de obra A menos que las leyes locales estipulen lo contrario esta kj psdato og begrenset til den opprinnelige kj peren. garant a est limitada a un a o desde la fecha de compra y est limitada al comprador original. Denne garantien gjelder ikke i tilfelle av misbruk uaktsomhet uforsiktighet eller endringer eller. Esta garant a no se aplica en el caso de abuso negligencia descuido o modificaci n o si el hvis produktet blir brukt p noen annen m te enn det som er beregnet. producto se utiliza de cualquier otra forma que su uso previsto. Heller ikke er noen fors k p reparasjon eller erstatning med noen del eller tilbeh r enn de. Tampoco est cubierto por los t rminos de esta garant a ning n intento de reparaci n o originale Hiplok deler og produkter som omfattes av vilk rene i denne garantien. reemplazo de cualquier pieza o accesorio que no sea con una pieza o producto original Hiplok. Denne garantien g r foran eventuelle andre avtaler eller garantier generelle eller spesielle uttrykt. Esta garant a tiene prioridad sobre cualquier otro acuerdo o garant as general o especial eller underforst tt og ingen representant eller person er autorisert til p ta seg ansvar p vegne. expresa o impl cita y ning n representante o persona est autorizada a asumir responsabilidad av Plus 8 Industries i forbindelse med salg eller bruk av dette produktet. por parte de Plus 8 Industries en relaci n con la venta o el uso de este producto. Plus 8 Industries gir ingen andre garantier med mindre annet er oppgitt Plus 8 Industries. Plus 8 Industries no ofrece ninguna otra garant a expl cita salvo que se indique lo contrario Plus fraskriver seg alt ansvar for noen tredjepart for konsekvenser som kan f lge av bruk eller. 8 Industries renuncia a toda responsabilidad por cualquier tercero y por las consecuencias que h ndtering av et Hiplok produkt av noen juridisk eller fysisk person. pudieran derivarse de la utilizaci n o manipulaci n de cualquier producto Hiplok por parte de. cualquier persona f sica o,Garanzia IT, Hiplok e Plus 8 Industries Ltd garantiscono che questo prodotto privo di difetti di produzione di. Garantie FR materiale e fattura A meno che diversamente stabilito dalla legislazione locale la presente. garanzia limitata al periodo di un anno dalla data di acquisto ed limitata all acquirente. Hiplok et Plus 8 Industries Ltd garantissent que ce produit ne pr sente aucun d faut de mat riau originale. et de main d uvre Sauf dispositions contraires du droit local cette garantie se limite un an. compter de la date d achat et elle est r serv e l acheteur d origine La presente garanzia non applicabile in caso di cattivo uso negligenza noncuranza o modifica. oppure se il prodotto viene utilizzato in modo diverso da quanto previsto. Cette garantie ne s applique pas en cas d utilisation abusive de n gligence de manque de soin. ou de modification ou si le produit est utilis d une mani re autre que celle pr vue I termini della presente garanzia non coprono inoltre eventuali tentativi di riparazione o. sostituzione di parti o accessori ad eccezione delle parti o dei prodotti Hiplok originali coperti dai. Elle ne s applique pas non plus la r paration ou au remplacement par un l ment ou un termini della presente garanzia. accessoire autre que des pi ces et produits d origine Hiplok couverts par la pr sente garantie. La presente garanzia prevale su qualsiasi altro accordo o garanzia generale o speciale esplicito. Cette garantie pr vaut sur tout autre accord ou garantie g n rale ou particuli re expresse ou o implicito e nessun rappresentante n persona autorizzato ad assumersi responsabilit per. implicite et aucun repr sentant ou autre personne n est autoris assumer une responsabilit conto di Plus 8 Industries relativamente alla vendita o all uso del presente prodotto. pour le compte de Plus 8 Industries en rapport avec la vente ou l utilisation de ce produit. Plus 8 Industries non d ulteriori garanzie espresse ad eccezione di quanto altrimenti specificato. Plus 8 Industries n accorde aucune autre garantie expresse sauf stipulation contraire et Plus 8 Industries non si assume alcuna responsabilit per terzi relativamente a conseguenze. sp cifique Plus 8 Industries renonce toute responsabilit envers un tiers concernant les derivanti dall uso o dal maneggio di qualsiasi prodotto Hiplok da parte di persone fisiche o. cons quences qui pourraient d couler de l utilisation ou de la manipulation d un produit Hiplock. par une personne morale ou physique, Hiplok ja Plus 8 Industries Ltd antaa tuotteelle yhden vuoden takuun materiaali ja valmistevikojen. Hiplok Plus 8 Industries varalta Takuu on voimassa tuotteen ensimm iselle omistajalle. Takuu ei kata tuotteen v rink ytt huolimatonta k ytt tai jos alkuper ist tuotetta on. Hiplok Takuu ei ole voimassa jos tuotetta on yritetty itse korjata muokata jollain muulla kuin alkuper isill. Hiplok varaosilla, T m takuu menee muita sopimuksia tai takuita yleisi tai erityisi suoria tai ep suoria takuita. Plus 8 Industries eik edustaja tai henkil on oikeutettu ottamaan vastuun puolesta Plus 8 Industries yhteydess. myyntiin tai t m n tuotteen k yt st,Plus 8 Industries Plus 8 Industries. Plus 8 Industries luopuu kolmannen osapuolen seurauksista jotka voivat aiheutua tuotteen.

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