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Features and,You Designed by Customers, Like its chillers Trane wants its Trane s RTAA 70 125 was designed with. relationships with customers to last the end user s requirements in mind. Trane is interested in maintaining long Reliability efficiency sound and physical. term loyal relationships This perspective size were primary design concerns in. means the point in time that a customer expanding the RTAA product line down to. purchases a chiller is the beginning of a 70 tons The result is a reliable chiller that. relationship not the end Your business is will help you achieve your bottom line. important but your satisfaction is goals,2 2002 American Standard Inc All rights reserved. RLC PRC016 EN,Features and Benefits 2,Controls 12,Application Considerations 18. Model Number Description 22,General Data 23,Selection Procedure 24. Performance Adjustment Factors 25,Performance Data 27.
Electrical Data 32,Dimensional Data 38,Weights 42,Options 45. Mechanical Specifications 46,The standard ARI rating condition. 54 44 F and 95 F and IPLV are ARI,certified All other ratings including the. following are outside the scope of the,certification program and are excluded. Remote evaporator models,RLC PRC016 EN 3,Features and.
Designed To Perform Built To Last,RTAA 70 125 Chiller Highlights Performance. Years of research testing and High efficiency with all units complying. successful applications TheTrane helical with the ASHRAE 90 1 efficiency. rotary compressor has amassed standard, thousands of hours of testing much of it Excellent part load performance is. at severe operating conditions Not to achieved without resorting to. mention the successful application of manifolded multiple reciprocating or. RTAA chillers since 1994 with a scroll compressors. developed reputation as the industry Use of an electronic expansion valve. standard significantly improves part load, Trouble free startup through factory performance by minimizing superheat. testing of compressor and completed in the evaporator and allowing the. chiller and factory installation of chiller chiller to run at reduced condensing. accessories temperatures, High compressor reliability and Unique compressor sequencing. Adaptive Control to keep the chiller on equalizes not only starts but operating. line producing cold water during hours as well, adverse conditions Small footprint with Trouble Free Operation and Start Up.
smallest required application space With Adaptive Controls there are fewer. operating footprint in the industry nuisance trips meaning less expense. Small footprint with smallest required from unnecessary service calls. application space operating footprint in Factory installed and tested options. the industry keep start up time and expenses,Low sound levels and accessory minimized. options for sound sensitive applications Easy interface capability with the Trane. F leaving water temperature Integrated Comfort system via a. control 0 3 C resulting from PID feed single twisted pair of wires. forward controls and linear load Enhanced interface capability with. matching also allowing for 10 flow LonTalk compatible building automation. rate change per minute while systems with our expanded list LonTalk. maintaining F leaving water control points, temperature control Optional remote display panel simplifies. Reliability chiller monitoring control, Proven Trane helical rotary screw Packed stock availability for your quick. compressor design for longer life and replacement needs. greater dependability,Adaptive Control protects the chiller. when any of the system variables,approaches a limit condition that may.
damage the unit or cause a shutdown,The Unit Control Module takes. corrective action to keep the unit,Dual circuit design increases overall. system reliability,Unlike reciprocating designs this. compressor can handle liquid slugging,4 RLC PRC016 EN. Features and, Series R Compressor Highlights Precise Rotor Tip Clearances Exceptional Part Load Performance.
Direct drive low speed for high Higher energy efficiency in a helical rotary The air cooled Series R chiller has great. efficiency and reliability compressor is obtained by reducing the part load performance The patented. Simple design with only four moving rotor tip clearances This reduces the combination unloading system on the. parts resulting in high reliability and low leakage between high and low pressure compressor utilizes the variable. maintenance cavities during compression Precise rotor unloading valve for the majority of the. Field serviceable compressor for easy tip clearance is achieved with the latest unloading function similar to that of the. maintenance manufacturing and machining technology slide valve The compressor also uses a. Precise rotor tip clearance for optimal Trane was the first helical rotary step unloader valve which is a single. efficiency compressor manufacturer to unloading step to achieve the minimum. Suction gas cooled motor resulting in electronically check compressor parts unloading point of the compressor The. lower operating temperatures for machining accuracy as part of the result of both of these designs is. increased motor life and giving the standard production process optimized part load performance far. capability for Optimized Compressor Parts Profiles superior to single reciprocating or scroll. Five minute start to start two minute Rotor and slide valves are unique designs compressors. stop to start capability which allows for optimized for the air conditioning Advanced Heat Transfer Surfaces. closer water loop temperature control application The rotors are designed for Condenser and evaporator tubes use the. Robust Parts the pressure ranges in the air conditioning latest heat transfer technology for. Helical rotary compressors are precisely application The unloader valve has a increased efficiency. machined using state of the art processes unique profile that resulted from. from solid metal bar stock Tolerances are computer performance modeling in. maintained within 10 micron or less than typical part load situations. a tenth of the diameter of a human hair,The resulting compressor is a robust yet. highly sophisticated assembly capable of,ingesting liquid refrigerant without risk of. damage Contrast this to a reciprocating,compressor which can be destroyed by a. single slug of liquid,Cutaway of a helical rotary screw compressor. RLC PRC016 EN 5,Features and,Benefits Efficiency,The RTAA 70 125 offers the same high.
reliability of its larger predecessor,coupled with lowered sound levels. increased energy efficiency and reduced,physical footprint all due to its advanced. design low speed direct drive,compressor and proven Series R. performance,Some of the major advantages of the,Model RTAA 70 125 vs its larger. predecessor are,Higher energy efficiency,Lower sound levels.
Smaller physical footprint,The Series R Model RTAA 70 125 is an. industrial grade design built for both the,industrial and commercial markets It is. ideal for schools hospitals retailers office,buildings Internet service providers and. industrials,ASHRAE Standard 90 1 and RTAA 70,125 World Class Energy Efficiency. The importance of energy efficiency, cannot be understated Fortunately Efficiencies given for 60 Hz units.
ASHRAE has created a guideline,emphasizing its importance Nonetheless. energy is often dismissed as an,operational cost over which the owner. has little control That perception results,in missed opportunities for energy. efficiency reduced utility bills and higher,profits Lower utility bills directly affect. profitability Every dollar saved in energy,goes directly to the bottom line Trane s.
RTAA 70 125 is one way to maximize requires even higher efficiencies Risk The US Federal Government has. your profits Federal Executive Order mandates adopted ASHRAE 90 1 and it s expected. ASHRAE Standard 90 1 Executive energy consuming devices procured to be adopted domestically if not globally. Order New technology applied to the must be in the top 25 of their class or be in the future Domestic acceptance has. design controls and manufacturing have at least 10 better than any product already begun Make sure that your. created superior efficiency levels in the standard for that product In the case of chillers as well as your entire HVAC. RTAA 70 125 that are unmatched in the chillers that product standard is ASHRAE system complies or you may be caught. industry AllTrane air cooled chillers meet 90 1 Trane s RTAA 70 125 meets or retrofitting your project with new. the new efficiency levels mandated by exceeds the efficiency requirements of equipment and paying extra design. ASHRAE Standard 90 1 This new 90 1 with some units meeting the dollars if the code is adopted during. standard requires higher efficiencies than stretch goals of Executive Order construction. past technologies can deliver The US,Federal Government has adopted. standard 90 1 and in some cases,6 RLC PRC016 EN,Features and. Benefits Installation, Trouble Free Start Up Quick Installation Close Spacing Of Chiller. All air cooled Series R chillers are given All Series R chiller options including The air cooled Series R chiller has the. a complete functional test at the factory control power transformer starter tightest recommended side clearance in. This computer based test program disconnect low ambient control ambient the industry four feet but that is not all In. completely checks the sensors wiring temperature sensor low ambient lockout situations where equipment must be. electrical components microprocessor communication interface and ice making installed with less clearance than. function communication capability controls are factory installed and tested recommended which frequently occurs. expansion valve performance and fans Some manufacturers send options in in retrofit and rooftop applications. In addition each compressor is run tested pieces to be field installed WithTrane the restricted air flow is common. to verify capacity and power customer saves on installation expense Conventional chillers may not work at all. consumption The end result of this test and has assurance that ALL chiller However the air cooled Series R chiller. program is that the chiller arrives at the controls options have been tested and with Adaptive Control microprocessor. jobsite fully tested and ready to go to will function as expected will simply make as much chilled water as. work it can given the actual installed,conditions stay on line during any. unforeseen abnormal conditions and,optimize its performance Consult your.
Trane sales engineer for more details,RLC PRC016 EN 7. Features and Advanced,Benefits Abilities,Unit Performance Testing Hydronic Pumping Package. The ARI Certification Program has had a A factory performance test reduces start The integrated pumping package option. certification program covering air cooled up time thereby saving job site expense on RTAA chillers is the achievement of. water chillers for many years With this in A chiller that has been tested is operation thoughtful design and a close working. mind customers may ask Do I need to and performance proven This allows the relationship with our supplier These pre. factory performance test my chiller installing contractor to concentrate on engineered 460 60 3 only packages will. Trane began promoting factory proper electrical wiring and water piping run off of the chiller s incoming power. performance tests for water cooled and the service technicians to supply and incorporate seamlessly into. water chillers in 1984 for the same concentrate on proper refrigerant charge the unit control schemes This option has. reasons it is valid today for air cooled safeties diagnosis and initial logging of been designed to operate over a wide. water chillers to show we stand behind the chiller Means of obtaining full load on range of conditions and has been tested. the products we design and build the chiller and proving its performance do to ensure automatic control capabilities. not have to be determined by engineers such as lead lag failure recovery and. The benefits of a performance test or contractors thus saving time The proof of flow with an incorporated. include verification of performance certified test report documents differential pressure switch. prevention of operational problems and performance for the unit as built In. assurance of a smooth start up Only a addition factory testing significantly The integrated pumping package. performance test conducted in a reduces commissioning time and risk by provides a time saving and cost effective. laboratory or laboratory grade facility will re introducing manufacturer solution to customers wanting ancillary. confirm both performance and operation responsibility where its mitigation should equipment selected installed and pre. of a specific chiller reside tested by the factory The correct. pumping package will be chosen via the, While most factory performance tests go When a factory performance test is. smoothly should problems occur Trane RTAA selection program based upon the. requested the test can be conducted at, personnel can quickly correct them and total dynamid head and the specific flow. the specified design conditions The test, the chiller will ship as specified Job site facility has the capability to control rate for the application reducing the.
diagnosis ordering of parts and waiting ambient test conditions to assure our consulting engineer s time on managing. for delivery of replacement components customers that our chillers will perform and selecting pumps for the chilled water. is significantly reduced as predicted loop Package installation and complete. unit testing are efficiently done in the,factory saving valuable time and labor at. the jobsite In addition customers can,witness the unit and pumping package. being tested in the Air cooled RunTest,Facility in Pueblo Colorado. Air cooled Run Test Facility shown with an RTAC 500 ton unit. 8 RLC PRC016 EN,Features and Adaptive,Benefits Control. The RTAA 70 125 chiller offers advanced The microcomputer control incorporates The End Of Most NuisanceTrips. microprocessor control and features improved chiller start up load limiting Unnecessary service calls and unhappy. Adaptive Control Adaptive Control lead lag and compressor run time tenants are reduced Only when the UCM. means the Unit Control Module UCM equalization functions into standard chiller has exhausted the corrective actions it. directly senses the control variables that operation Interface with outside systems can take and the unit is still violating an. govern operation of the chiller and such as building automation controls is operating limit will the unit shut down. provides better control than past controls flexible and easy Controls on other chillers typically shut. as well as several important benefits When any of the chiller control variables down the chiller quite possibly just when. Adaptive Control Microprocessor such as motor current draw evaporator it is needed the most. The microcomputer based controller temperature and condenser temperature For example. allowsTrane to optimize controls around approaches a limit condition where the A typical five year old chiller with dirty. the chiller application and the specific unit may be damaged or shut down on a coils might trip out on high pressure. components used in the air cooled Series safety the UCM takes corrective action to cutout on a 100 F 37 8 C day in August. R chiller For instance the compressor avoid shutdown and keep the chiller A hot day is just when comfort cooling is. protection system is specifically designed operating It does this through combined needed the most In contrast the air. for the air cooled Series R chiller A new actions of compressor slide valve cooled Series R chiller with an Adaptive. leaving chilled water temperature control modulation electronic expansion valve Control microprocessor will stage fans. algorithm maintains accurate modulation and fan staging Additionally on modulate electronic expansion valve. temperature control minimizes the drift the UCM optimizes total unit power and modulate slide valve as it. from setpoint and provides better building consumption during normal operating approaches a high pressure cutout. comfort This control combined with linear conditions No other chiller control system Thereby keeping the chiller on line just. compressor unloading also allows the in the marketplace duplicates this when you need it the most. chiller to be applied in a wider array of performance Lower Service Expense. applications including variable primary Nuisance service calls are avoided When. flow there is a real problem that must be,corrected the UCM s extensive.
diagnostics help assure that the problem,is quickly identified Down time and. service expense are minimized And with,the ability to communicate with theTrane. Integrated Comfort system or a remote,display panel service problems can be. identified and diagnosed remote to the,installation. RLC PRC016 EN 9,Features and,Benefits PID Control, Electronic Expansion Valve Precise Control Stepped control also results in.
When coupled withTrane s Adaptive Trane s patented unloading system overcooling or undercooling your space. Control microprocessor our electronic allows the compressor to modulate because rarely does the capacity of the. expansion valve significantly improves infinitely and exactly match building machine match the building load The. part load performance of the Series R loads At the same time maintaining result can be 10 higher energy bills. chiller by minimizing superheat in the chilled water temperature control has Trane s RTAA optimizes the part load. evaporator and allowing the chiller to run never been so accurate or so easy For performance of your machine for energy. at reduced condensing temperatures process cooling jobs where temperatures efficiency precise temperature control. Chillers which use conventionalTXV s are critical Trane provides chilled water for all modes of operation and your. must run at higher head pressures and within 1 2 F 0 3 C of setpoint via personal comfort regardless of changing. consume more power than necessary at proportional integral differential PID conditions. part loads Additionally the electronic control Reciprocating scroll and screw. expansion valve and its controls allow chillers with stepped capacity control Reduce Compressor Cycling. much better stability and control over typically can only maintain chilled water Modulating capacity control offers better. dynamic load and head changes Under temperatures within 2 F 1 1 C of compressor reliability Compressor. these conditions a conventionalTXV may setpoint cycling typical of reciprocating. never achieve control stability and compressors will decrease compressor. extended periods ofTXV hunting and component life Parts like motors and. liquid slugging are common valves do not stand up well to excessive. compressor cycling,10 RLC PRC016 EN,Features and,Benefits Unit Control. Unit Control Module UCM Equal Compressor Sequencing Remote Display Panel. Trane s Adaptive Control Trane maximizes both compressor and Trane air cooled Series R 70 125 ton. microprocessor control system enhances motor life by equalizing both the number chillers are available with a twisted pair. the air cooled Series R chiller by of starts and the operating hours The connection to an optional remote display. providing the very latest chiller control UCM will start the compressor with the panel Chiller operation can be controlled. technology least number of starts and turn off the similarly to the control interface on the. compressor with the most operating chiller itself Through a twisted pair of. State of the Art Equipment, hours Conventional auto lead lag wires the unit can be turned on or off. The 70 to 125 ton air cooled chillers offer, control will equalize starts but running change the chilled water setpoint and. the exclusive Trane Adaptive Control, hours will typically be unequal Equalizing display over 90 operating and diagnostic. logic with the Clear Language Display, both starts and running hours will provide conditions The remote display panel can.
UCM The Clear Language Display has, equal compressor wear be mounted indoors so access to chiller. various functions that allow the operator, Internal Built In Chiller Flow Protection information is just steps away eliminating. to read unit information and adjust, The UCM automatically detects a no any need to go outdoors or on the roof. setpoints The Clear Language Display, panel has 16 keys the readout screen is a waterflow condition An external flow The clear language display for chiller sizes. two line 40 character liquid crystal with a switch is not required which lowers costs of 70 125 tons has the ability to control. backlight The backlight allows the versus typical chillers Built in flow multiple units In a multiple unit. operator to read the display in low light protection also eliminates nuisance flow configuration the Remote Clear. conditions switch problems Language Display Panel has the. capability to communicate with up to four,units Each unit requires a separate.
communication link with the Remote,Display Panel,Remote Clear Language Display Panel. for 70 to 125 ton air cooled chillers,RLC PRC016 EN 11. Controls Stand alone, Safety Controls Easy Chiller System Logging Stand alone Unit. A centralized microprocessor offers a The UCM displays data required to log Interface to stand alone units is very. higher level of machine protection Since the chiller system The following simple only a remote auto stop for. the safety controls are smarter they limit information is available either as scheduling is required for unit operation. compressor loading to avoid compressor standard or as an option with the Air Signals from the chilled water pump. or evaporator failures thereby Cooled Series R Chiller microprocessor contactor auxiliary or a flow switch are. minimizing nuisance shutdown The Unit Entering and leaving chilled water wired to the chilled waterflow interlock. Control Module UCM directly senses the temperatures Signals from a timeclock or some other. control variables that govern the loading Ambient air temperature remote device are wired to the external. of the chiller motor current draw Evaporator and condenser refrigerant auto stop input. evaporator temperature condenser temperatures and pressures Standard Features. temperature etc When any one of the Compressor suction temperature. variables approaches a limit condition Percent RLA for each compressor 1 External Auto Stop. where the unit may be damaged or Percent line voltage A jobsite provided contact closure will. shutdown on a safety the UCM takes Compressor starts and running hours turn the unit on and off. corrective action to avoid shutdown and Active setpoints Note Do not use the chilled water. keep the chiller operating The UCM chilled water setpoint pump to stop the chiller. optimizes total chiller power consumption current limit setpoint. during normal operating conditions ice termination setpoint 2 Chilled Waterflow Interlock. During abnormal operating conditions low ambient lockout setpoint A jobsite provided contact closure from a. the UCM will continue to optimize chiller Over 90 diagnostic and operating chilled water pump contactor or a flow. performance by taking the corrective conditions switch is required and will allow unit. action necessary to avoid shutdown This Part failure diagnostics operation if a load exists This feature will. keeps cooling capacity available until the water temperature sensors allow the unit to run in conjunction with. problem can be solved refrigerant temperature sensors the pump system. Whenever possible the chiller is allowed compressor contactors 3 External Interlock. to perform its function make chilled Air cooled Series R chillers can interface A jobsite supplied contact opening wired. water In addition to Adaptive Controls with many different external control to this input will turn the unit off and. microcomputer controls allow for more systems from simple stand alone units require a manual reset of the unit. types of protection such as over and to ice making systems Each unit requires microcomputer This closure is typically. under voltage Overall the safety a single source three phase power triggered by a jobsite supplied system. controls help keep the building running supply and a single phase 115V 60Hz such as a fire alarm. and out of trouble 220V 50Hz power supply The added 4 Chilled Water Pump Control. Monitoring And Diagnostics single phase power supply powers the Unit controls provide an output to control. Since the microcomputer provides all evaporator heaters For basic stand chilled water pump s One contact. control functions it can easily indicate alone applications the interface with closure to the chiller is all that is required. such parameters as leaving chilled water outside control is no different than for to initiate the chilled water system. temperature and capacity stage other Trane chillers However the RTAA 5 Remote Running and Alarm Indication. If a failure does occur one of over 90 units have many features that can be Contacts. individual diagnostic and operating codes used to interface with building control The unit provides three single pole. will be used to indicate the problem systems double throw contact closures to indicate. giving more specific information about that a failure has occurred if any. the failure All of the monitoring and compressors are running or if the. diagnostic information is displayed compressors are running at maximum. directly on a microcomputer display capacity These contact closures may be. used to trigger jobsite supplied alarm,lights or alarm bells. 12 RLC PRC016 EN,Controls Remote Display, The remote display option allows the Required Features.
operator to monitor chiller operation from 1 Communications Interface. a remote location Over 60 essential, chiller operating parameters can be Additional Features That May Be Used. transmitted between the unit control 1 External Interlock Standard. module on the chiller and the remote, display via a bi directional 2 Chilled Water Temperature Reset. communications link Only one twisted 3 Chilled Waterflow Interlock Standard. wire pair is required between the chiller 4 Remote Running and Failure. and the remote display In addition to Indication Contacts. monitoring chiller operation alarms and, unit diagnostics can be read from the External Trane Devices Required. remote display Furthermore the chilled 1 Remote Display Panel. water temperature setpoint can be,adjusted and the chiller can be turned on. or off from the remote display,RLC PRC016 EN 13,Controls Tracer Summit.
Trane Chiller Plant Control,TheTracer Summit Chiller Plant Building. Management System with Chiller Plant Modem,Control provides building automation and. energy management functions through Remote PC Workstation PC Workstation Notebook. stand alone control The Chiller Plant PC Workstation. Control is capable of monitoring and LAN,controlling your entire chiller plant. Application software available,Time of day scheduling. Demand limiting,Chiller sequencing Building,Control Unit.
Control Unit,Process control language,Boolean binary processing Variable Air Volume. Zone control Terminal,Reports and logs,Custom messages. Run time and maintenance,PID control loops,Modular Climate Changer. And of course theTrane Chiller Plant Air Handler, Control can be used on a stand alone Room temperature. sensor Diffuser,basis or tied into a complete building.
automation system,Variable Air Volume,When the air cooled Series R 70 125 ton Terminal. chiller is used in conjunction with aTrane,Tracer Summit system the unit can be. monitored and controlled from a remote Exhaust Fan. location The air cooled Series R 70 125,ton chiller can be controlled to fit into the. overall building automation strategy by,using time of day scheduling timed. Room temperature, override demand limiting and chiller sensor Diffuser.
sequencing A building owner can Air cooled Series R Chiller. completely monitor the air cooled Series,R 70 125 ton chiller from the Tracer. system since all of the monitoring and leaving evaporator water Required Features. information indicated on the unit temperatures and outdoor air Tracer Interface. controller s microcomputer can be read temperature Over 60 individual Additional Options That May Be Used. off theTracer system display In addition diagnostic codes can be read by the Ice Making Control. all the powerful diagnostic information Tracer system In addition theTracer. system can provide sequencing control External Trane Devices Required. can be read back at the Tracer system, for up to 25 units on the same chilled Tracer Summit Tracer 100 System or. Best of all this powerful capability comes, water loop Pump sequencing control can Tracer Chiller Plant Control. over a single twisted pair of wires,be provided from the Tracer system. Control functions include auto stop Tracer ICS is not available in conjunction. adjustment of leaving water temperature with the remote display or the external. setpoint compressor operation lockout for setpoint capability. kW demand limiting and control of ice,making mode The Tracer system reads.
monitoring information such as entering,14 RLC PRC016 EN. Controls Tracer Summit, Trane Chiller Plant Automation Tracer Summit features standard report. Trane s depth of experience in chillers and templates listing key operating data for. controls makes us a well qualified choice troubleshooting and verifying. for automation of chiller plants using air performance Reports for each type of. cooled Series R chillers The chiller plant Trane chiller and three and six chiller. control capabilities of theTraneTracer systems are also standard Detailed. Summit building automation system are reports showing chiller runtimes aid in. unequaled in the industry Our chiller plant planning for preventative maintenance. automation software is fully pre,Swift Emergency Response. engineered and tested It is a standard,We understand the importance of. software application not custom,maintaining chilled water production.
programming which can prove to be,while protecting your chillers from costly. difficult to support maintain and modify,damage If no water flow is detected to a. Energy Efficiency chiller s piping the start sequence is. Trane chiller plant automation intelligently aborted to protect the chiller The next. sequences starting of chillers to optimize chiller in the sequence is immediately. the overall chiller plant energy efficiency started to maintain cooling. Individual chillers are designated to,In the event of a problem the operator. operate as base peak or swing based on,receives an alarm notification and. capacity and efficiency Sophisticated,diagnostic message to aid in quick and.
software automatically determines which,accurate troubleshooting A snapshot. chiller to run in response to current,report showing system status just prior to. conditions The software also,an emergency shutdown helps operators. automatically rotates individual chiller,determine the cause If emergency. operation to equalize runtime and wear,conditions justify an immediate manual.
between chillers,shutdown the operator can override the. Trane chiller plant automation enables automatic control. unique energy saving strategies An,Integrated Comfort Capabilities. example is controlling pumps and chillers,When integrated with aTracer Summit. from the perspective of overall system,building management system. energy consumption The software,performing building control Trane chiller.
intelligently evaluates and selects the,plant automation coordinates withTracer. lowest energy consumption alternative,Summit applications to optimize the total. Regulatory Compliance Documentation building operation With this system. Comprehensive documentation of option the full breadth ofTrane s HVAC. refrigerant management practices is now and controls experience are applied to. a fact of life Trane chiller plant automation offer solutions to many facility issues If. generates the reports mandated in your project calls for an interface to other. ASHRAE Guideline 3 systems Tracer Summit can share data. Keeping Operators Informed via BACnet the ASHRAE open systems. A crucial part of efficiently running a protocol,chiller plant is assuring that the. operations staff is instantly aware of,what is happening in the plant Graphics. showing schematics of chillers piping,pumps and towers clearly depict the.
chiller plant system enabling building,operators to easily monitor overall. conditions Status screens display both,current conditions and upcoming. automated control actions to add or,subtract chiller capacity Series R and. other chillers can be monitored and,controlled from a remote location.

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