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Australia Forest Trade Network Bulletin February 2007. WOODMAC CHINA 2007 FURNITEK CHINA 2007 December 2006. WOODBUILD CHINA 2007 WWF Forestry School Illegal Logging In early. March 20 23 2007 Shanghai China December 2006 the WWF Forests for Life Programme held a. WoodMac China forestry and woodworking machinery forestry school in Indonesia. supplies together with FurniTek China hardware furniture. manufacturing accessories and WoodBuild China wood. veneers wood products will have a host of complementary. professional seminars alongside the exhibition Topics will. include Sustainable Forest Management SFM China Wood. Flooring Trade China s Emergence as a Major Global. Furniture and Wood Product Exporter and China s Timber. Industry Fore more information go to,www woodmacchina net. WWF Forests for Life Forestry School Illegal Logging Jana Blair. For more forestry and timber trade events in our region go to WWF Australia. www forestandtradeasia org, The school bought together WWF representatives from all. areas of the globe who are working within the forestry. programme with a particular interest in the problems of illegal. AFTN News logging, 15 November 2006 The objective of the school was a balance between training. Publication of Keep It Legal and Responsible Purchasing and bringing people up to speed on ongoing work related to. Guide Version II Towards the end of 2006 the GFTN illegal logging through the global WWF network. published two guides designed to assist businesses grappling The week commenced with a tour of Sunda Kelapa port the. with the problems of determining legality and sustainability oldest port in Indonesia where sawn timber from the outer. within their timber and timber product supply chains islands such as Borneo arrives While figures on the extent and. scale of illegal logging in Indonesia and other countries vary. considerably the general consensus is that most of timber. flowing through this port has been sourced illegally. Sunda Kelapa Port Jana Blair WWF Australia, Most of you should have received soft copies of these guides The following day the forestry school visited the port in. via email Should you or other interested parties require hard Surabaya which is the main hub for logs Around this port are. copies please contact me on jblair wwf org au a variety of furniture manufacturing companies who have their. logs delivered to the port before they are taken to the furniture. factory sawn and transformed into furniture that is shipped. around the world, Australia Forest Trade Network Bulletin February 2007.
At the start of the project UP UP Creative provided the client. production options that both met the communications agenda. and environmental considerations Ensuring the project was. produced with FSC paper supported the Department of. Victorian Communities focus on sustainability while also. communicating that focus to recipients of the booklet. The projects key aims were to inform State Departments and. to represent and reflect current youth culture The universal. music concept emerged to address this key objective making. the documents fun and easily accessible The take away. Surabaya Port logs being unloaded Jana Blair WWF Australia brochure format had the dual purpose of reducing paper usage. and delivering the key Top 10 policies to the youth audience. Intertrend Utama new members of the Indonesian Forest and. Trade Network operate several factories near Surabaya. Intertrend produces garden furniture utilising timber that is. certified under FSC as well as in progress timber from the. Tropical Forest Trust TFT 1 and members of the Indonesian. While the problem of illegal logging persists in Indonesia the. consensus of the companies operating in the region is that the. current Indonesian Government is serious about cracking. down on illegal activity and that this commitment is making it. harder for those who continue to offend, Forestry School is an invaluable opportunity for the WWF. Forest team to share the problems and experiences of illegal. logging as they occur in Indonesia Russia Latin America and. Key youth organisations were consulted throughout the design. Africa while at the same time sharing stories of success and. phase who supported the music design concept direction. planning future strategy, ensuring the design talked directly to the audience. The booklet and take away brochure documents were, AFTN Participant News produced on Sovereign Offset paper which is an uncoated. paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, UP UP Creative Creative communications that Additionally the paper producer has an ISO14001. considered youth and the environment environmental management system in place and is. UP UP Creative were contracted by the Department of manufactured using elemental chlorine free pulp as well as. Victorian Communities because of their values based being acid free UP UP Creative printed the document using. approach in communicating social issues as well as the vegetable based inks through an FSC accredited printer. capacity to meet the governments environmental policy The project gained further recognition at the recent 2006. through high end creative eco graphic design solutions Youth Media and Culture Conference in the Asia Pacific. As an integrated communications consultancy UP UP s team Region International Symposium The Future Directions. utilised fresh thinking to engage youth audiences for the project was presented as a successful example of how to. Future Directions Youth policy document and take away engage with the youth demographic a plus for the. brochure The project delivered directly to the target audiences Department of Victorian Communities UP UP Creative. as well as creating something that would be environmentally youth and the environment. The TFT runs a step wise process assisting producers managing tropical. forests to progress towards FSC certification For more information go to. www tropicalforesttrust com, Australia Forest Trade Network Bulletin February 2007.
Web page progress within Australia in implementing the 2003 policy As. a result Bunnings has decided to increase the focus and effort. The AFTN now has its own web presence please click here. on higher risk countries and products and establishing a. AFTN home page, verifiable legal basis as a condition of future supply. www forestandtradeasia org country Australia English. The AFTN welcomes feedback on both the content and layout Bunnings remains committed to ensuring that as a minimum. of the website and if there are any extra features you think all timber products originate from legal forest operations with. may be of interest the ultimate aim that they originate from well managed. A new website www whyFSC com is now officially online. The website is an initiative by a number of European. companies to promote FSC The site features support. testimonials and results of independent research about FSC. The information includes documents by scientists societal. interest groups legal authorities and governments,General News. Bunnings keeping the faith, Three years ago Bunnings led the Australian market in. adopting a policy which set a goal of ensuring that their wood FSC Garden Furniture from Bunnings Jana Blair WWF Australia. and wood products are sourced from legal and well managed. The amount of certified products in Bunnings stores continues. forest operations, to increase with the company recently procuring a significant. This goal was to be achieved in annual steps and by taking a quantity of FSC certified outdoor furniture as part of their. collaborative comprehensive approach working with 2006 Spring range Recent product additions include timber. suppliers government and environmental organisations such settings bar trolleys timber and mosaic outdoor kitchens. as Greenpeace and WWF Australia tables outdoor timber showers and all are identified by a. Forest Stewardship Council swing tag, Bunnings Managing Director John Gillam said We took this.
initiative because we shared justifiable public concern about For more information visit www bunnings com au. issues of legality and sustainability of forest operations in. some of the countries from which we are supplied We believe. that action at our end of the chain from forest to consumer will 21 November 2006. make a positive contribution in the countries of origin. ANZ and WWF join forces to change business decision. And this policy is definitely having an effect A recent report making ANZ and WWF Australia launched a strategic. commissioned by the Australian Timber Importers Federation three year partnership that aims to change the way business. ATIF to review the current policies and practices employed decisions are made. by timber and timber product importers to determine legality. The two organisations have worked together to develop a very. of supply found that the key driver identified for the adoption. practical program focusing on environmental finance. of written policy and practices to determine legality was. responsible lending in sensitive industry sectors reducing. Bunnings annual survey Many of the timber importers. ANZ s environmental footprint and building awareness and. nominated their reason for having a procurement policy was. understanding of sustainability issues among ANZ staff. due to this initiative by Bunnings 2, The combined strength of ANZ s business and investment. As part of Bunnings continued commitment in this area the. bankers and WWF s international network of specialists will. company recently conducted an extensive review of their. be brought to bear on a program which sets out to, The Timber Development Association New South Wales A Review of the. Develop and embed environmental policies and, Current Policies Practices employed by Timber and Timber Product performance benchmarks to inform business. Importers to determine the legality of supply prepared for the ATIF in June decision making for ANZ and its clients and. Australia Forest Trade Network Bulletin February 2007. Provide ANZ staff with the skills and information to plan to enhance the capacity of future generations He said. they need to engage with clients on reducing that along with climate change sustainable resource. environmental impact production and use were the biggest sustainability challenges. facing the state, Mr Steve Targett Group Managing Director Institutional. ANZ said This partnership which has taken many months to Another 500 000 cubic metres of additional timber will be. design and build gives us the opportunity to work with WWF required in Queensland by 2020 to meet projected demand yet. for the good of our planet It s as simple and as difficult as there is understandable concern to extend greater protection. that The three year agreement asks of us bankers business for Queensland s forest estate particularly state forests So. people professionals that we use our skills and knowledge while new plantations and increased timber recycling are. to better effect in the interests of environmental and social helping to meet spiralling demand native forest resources are. sustainability shrinking and we are becoming ever more dependent on. imports much of it of suspicious origin, Mr Targett said that the agreement was a recognition that.
changing the way a bank and its clients make business Under the circumstances our board has decided that we need. decisions was a tough ask and one which could better be to plan now for significant changes consistent with future. achieved in partnership with an expert and global conservation resource demand and constraints We see no future in fighting. organisation the community s legitimate expectations but we see profitable. opportunities if we embrace the challenges, We have an important role to inform and engage others. including our clients on how they deal with the environment Timber Queensland announces a list of priorities to which our. their people and social issues This partnership will assist us membership is now committed They focus on two areas. to focus on tangible outcomes that will make a difference sustainable timber production and use and enhancing. said Mr Targett Queensland s response to climate change These priorities. Mr Greg Bourne CEO WWF Australia said We believe, engaging companies from within is a stronger method of Exit all state native hardwood forests as part of a. creating change in the way business is done We are working transition to plantations and private wood. with ANZ to create business policies that truly benefit the No clear felling of native forest no export wood. environment These policies will have clear and measurable chipping of native forests. environmental targets No clearing or conversion of remnant native forest. for the establishment of plantations, The development of environmental management policies. No inappropriate use of chemicals such as 1080, that meet world standards and have high performance targets. against native animals, in high impact industries such as energy forestry and mining.
No logging of old growth forests forests of high, will make ANZ a leader in sustainable finance said Mr. conservation value and rainforest on State land, Seeking internationally recognised certification for. The partnership is international and extends to regions all timber harvested in Queensland including FSC. significant to both organisations including regions in which as well as existing certification under the Australian. ANZ s clients conduct operations or where WWF Forestry Standard and. International has country specific expertise Support and end to the import of illegally and. unsustainably produced timber,3 October 2006,Mr McInnes acknowledged that the commitments went. Timber Queensland breaks new ground The Queensland. timber industry announced new commitments that set it apart significantly further in some areas than traditional industry. attitudes but said that Timber Queensland made no apology. from traditional forest industry thinking Timber Queensland. said it had decided to embrace the community s increasing for that. expectation that business go beyond sustainability by For more information go to www timberqueensland com au. enhancing rather than simply maintaining the capacity of. future generations to meet their needs, Chief Executive Rod McInnes said that given the large. projected increases in Queensland s population and demand. for resources any industry that wanted a long term future had. Australia Forest Trade Network Bulletin February 2007. 11 October 2006 In 2005 WWF highlighted low levels of recycled fibres being. used in toilet paper paper towels and napkins offered in retail. Tissue giants gets mixed scores for forest friendly. markets This trend has worsened in 2006 according to the. practices Gland Switzerland While some of Europe s. global conservation organization, leading tissue manufacturers have made improvements to their.
environmental performances many gaps remain As a result trees from natural forests and plantations from. around the world are unnecessarily wasted and land straight in. As part of its annual environmental performance assessment. our toilets and bins Brandlmaier added, five giant tissue manufacturers that make up 75 per cent of. the European market Georgia Pacific Kimberly Clark Consumers should compare the different tissue products and. Metsa Tissue Procter Gamble and SCA Tissue were buy those with the best environmental records. scored by WWF across a range of criteria including their. The European tissue business is worth around 8 5 billion. levels of recycled content wood sourcing practices pollution. annually and accounts for 26 per cent of global tissue. control and transparency,consumption with each European using 13kg the. This year two of the five companies achieved a score of over equivalent of approximately 22 billion rolls of toilet paper. 50 per cent compared with none in 2005 Metsa Tissue. At a time when the world s natural forests are under severe. received a 53 per cent score while SCA Tissue achieved 69. pressure because of the skyrocketing demand for all kinds of. per cent the only company to get a green mark, timber products retailers should be offering the most. SCA Tissue the producer of such brands as Danke Edet environmentally friendly tissue products to their customers. Zewa Cosy and Velvet is the only surveyed company that is said Brandlmaier. able to ensure that wood fibres used in its products don t come. Customers should urge retailers to stock recycled tissues. from poorly managed forests This manufacturer also. The tissue giants should be producing forest friendly. promotes the highest environmental and social standards in. products in the first place, forest management reaching 89 per cent of the achievable. scores on sourcing Metsa Tissue is the only company to WWF will rescore the companies again in 2007. increase recycled fibre levels in its consumer products. Detailed findings from the scoring of the tissue giants as well. as the scoring report can be found at,www panda org forests tissue.
Copies of the a full participants list can be downloaded from. the GFTN website www panda org gftn, In our region the Global Forest and Trade Network has. chapters in China Indonesia Japan Malaysia and Vietnam. The WWF assessment shows that Metsa Tissue Georgia For more information on the Forest and Trade Networks in our. Pacific Kimberly Clark and Proctor Gamble have become region go to www forestandtradeasia org. more aware of the need to address controversial wood. 9th November 2006, sourcing However the companies still fail to show how they. effectively exclude the use of timber which is linked to WWF s China Forest Trade Network Celebrates Second. unsustainable forest exploitation illegal logging and land Year of Growth On November 9 2006 the China Forest. rights conflict and Trade Network China FTN the China chapter of. WWF s Global Forest and Trade Network GFTN welcomed. We welcome the improvements made but we urge these. four new members during its First Annual Members Meeting. companies to seriously work on the persistent weaknesses. at the China Wood International Flooring Import and Export. identified in the assessment said Helma Brandlmaier from. Conference in Shanghai Celebrating its second year of. WWF s Global Forests Programme, growth the China FTN now has ten trading participants and. Australia Forest Trade Network Bulletin February 2007. two forest management participants collectively producing or Faced with an increasing demand for wood and paper products. trading almost two million cubic meters of raw material per along with diminishing forest resources China imports timber. year sourced from across China Russia South Asia Africa from many countries including Russia Indonesia South. Europe North America and South America America and Central Africa These regions have significant. problems such as illegal logging and forest crimes loss of. Our membership now includes a broad range of companies. natural forest to agriculture and silviculture and loss of. including forest bureaus flooring ply mills furniture. biodiversity Against this backdrop the environmentally. manufactures and retailers said Mr Zhonghao Jin Manager. sensitive markets of Europe and North America are calling for. of the China FTN With nine applicants that source over 1 5. wood products that are legally harvested, million cubic meters of timber waiting to join the China FTN. will continue to grow through 2007 Chinese wood products manufacturers need technical supports. and guidance on how to satisfy the demands of raw material. supplies while reducing the depletion of forest resources. They also require more basic knowledge on illegal logging. forest trade forest certification as well as understanding about. the international market demands on certified forest products. The China FTN provides this support while linking member. companies with buyers who seek responsible products. The newest China FTN members include three flooring. companies Dalian Huade Wood Product Co Ltd, Chinafloors Timber Shanghai Co Ltd and Krono Senhua.
Flooring Co Ltd and one plywood manufacturer Dehua TB. New Decoration Material Co Ltd All of these companies. export to environmentally sensitive markets in Europe and FSC Australia now has a website up and running. North America and a number have trading relationships with www fscaustralia org. existing GFTN participants across the globe By joining the FSC Australia will hold a luncheon in Melbourne on Monday. China FTN these companies have made a public commitment 5 March at Zinc in Federation Square to officially launch FSC. to producing and purchasing responsible forest products and Australia FSC suggest marking this date in your diaries and. will now have a transparent forum for communicating their considering organising a table of your colleagues customers. commitment to the global marketplace or other associates The launch will be a high profile event. We hope the China FTN will help us develop a clearer and FSC Australia are inviting sponsors to support this. understanding of our supply chains from Russia and the rest of activity For more information contact Merrin Layden on. the world so that we can achieve FSC certification Ms merrin fscaustralia org. Karen Chen Manager of Import and Export at Dalian Huade The first Annual General Meeting of FSC Australia will be. Wood Product Co Ltd Many of our customers in North held the following day Tuesday 6 March Non members. America and Europe are global brands our work with the wishing to participate in this event will need to ensure their. China FTN will help us reassure them that the products they membership applications are received one month prior for. buy from us are coming from well managed sources processing 6 February Please contact Merrin if you need. Since the launch of the China FTN in 2005 GFTN companies forms or have any queries merrin fscaustralia org. have already created 20 trading relationships with China FTN For more information or to become involved contact Michael. participants with a combined value of over 20 million dollars Spencer on info fscaustralia org or Merrin Layden on. Strong interest from the global market has been key to the merrin fscaustralia org. growth of the China FTN Mr Jin stated Now in turn we. will work with our member companies to stimulate, responsible forest management in the producer countries that What is the AFTN. are the main exporters of timber to China, The Australia Forest and Trade Network AFTN is the local. The world s second largest importer of industrial timber pulp arm of the Global Forest and Trade Network GFTN set up. and paper China leaves a massive ecological footprint across by WWF to assist and encourage Australian businesses to. the forests of the globe both as a producer and a consumer support responsible forestry. Australia Forest Trade Network Bulletin February 2007. Participants in the AFTN support responsible forestry by On www fsc info org you can search for FSC certified species. implementing a timber and paper purchasing policy and time all over the world Search mechanisms include species tenure. bound action plan that identifies and as quickly as possible and country. ends the purchase of forest products from illegal or. Global search for FSC Forest management and Chain of. controversial sources and continuously increases the amount. Custody certificate holders www fsc info org, of product sourced from known legal verified legal. progressing toward certification and certified sources. On www certifiedwood org you can confirm the certification. The AFTN is open to all Australian businesses that produce status of a company. supply or use timber and paper and who are seeking to support Global search for FSC certified forests. responsible forest management www certifiedwood org The advantage of this certified forest. list is the contact details like telephone numbers are included. The benefits of participation are, Assistance in developing and implementing a The most up to date information on which forests and. practical responsible timber and paper purchasing companies are certified can be found on the main FSC. policy International website www fsc org however this information. Access to a global network of like minded businesses is mainly aimed at providing an overview rather then to. establish contact, and organisations including producers and suppliers.
that are committed to supporting responsible forestry. Guidance in assessing the value and credibility of Publications. different forest and chain of custody certification. schemes The AFTN has the following publications available in both. hard and soft copy,Improved risk management on a major environmental. issue for many businesses and AFTN Fact Sheet,Responsible Purchasing Guide Version II. Demonstrate to shareholders employees regulators Keep it Legal Guide on how to keep illegally harvested. and other stakeholders an enhanced corporate timber out of your supply chain. reputation FSC Certification An Introductory Guide. FSC Principles and Criteria A Framework for Forest. Management, AFTN Assistance FSC Certification Chain of Custody A Technical Guide. for Manufacturers and Suppliers, Certification Assistance Controlled Wood A Guide for Avoiding. Environmentally and Socially Damaging Wood, Contact Jana Blair Australia Forest and Trade Network.
Coordinator jblair wwf org au, To find accredited FSC certifiers search on www fsc org Background and Facts. Group Certification Group Certification for Forests 2002 The Forest Stewardship Council FSC is currently the only. www proforest net publications credible globally applicable timber certification system. supported by WWF The FSC label makes it possible for. buyers to choose forest products that come from forests. How to find FSC Certified Timber, managed to the highest environmental and social standards. Lodge a Market enquiry with your AFTN Coordinator and from legal sources As a global system FSC offers market. These enquires are forwarded to all members of the GFTN incentives for improving forest management around the world. on a quarterly basis,Further details on, Global search for FSC certified timer and products Forest Stewardship Council FSC www fsc org. www certifiedwood org This database allows you to search Global Forest and Trade Network www panda org gftn. by type of timber and timber species by product type and Forest For Life Programme WWF www panda org. supply chain position and country, Australia Forest Trade Network Bulletin February 2007. NGO Positions on Certification systems WWF World Bank Alliance. Footprints in the Forest 2004 The World Bank WWF Alliance was formed in 1998 and. In depth report on Canadian Standard s Association CSA draws on the comparative institutional strengths of the partner. Forest Stewardship Council FSC Programme for the institutions. Endorsement of Forest Certification PFEC Sustainable The Banks access to policy dialogue convening power. Forestry Initiative SFI Australian Forestry Standard AFS analytical capacity and financing operations. Sistema Brazileiro de Certificacao Florestal CERFLOR WWF s strong field presence private sector partnerships. Certifacion Forestal Certfor and the Malaysian Timber public trust and forest conservation experience. Certification Council MTCC www fern org, For more information on the World Bank WWF Alliance go to.
Make your own judgement about Certification www forest alliance org. Assessing Forest Certification A Practical Guide 2002. For Further Information, http www proforest net publications For more information and to be sent an AFTN application. form please contact Jana Blair on jblair wwf org au. WWF Forest Position Statements The AFTN welcomes your response to information published. WWF works on forest conservation through a multiplicity of in the Bulletin write to jblair wwf org au. approaches and strategies WWF Position Statements on the For more information on the work of WWF Australia please. following issues are available on WWF s web site go to www wwf org au. www panda org about wwf what we do forests publications. position papers index cfm,Forest Protected Areas,High Conservation Value Forests. Forest Certification,Certification Schemes FSC and PEFC. Forest Plantations,Climate Change and Forest Carbon Sequestration. Forest Conversion,Illegal Logging and Crime,Forest Fires.

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