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The curriculum planning resource toolkit is a compilation of tools and strategies for supporting after. school planning This toolkit bridges best practices in school curriculum planning with the. components of high quality after school programming In other words it brings together the ideas of. curriculum theory and practice1 which argue for a learner centered process and the research on high. impact after school programs2 that define curriculum quality and staffing as critical to program. The intent of this toolkit is to be a working resource for program directors education coordinators and. program deliverers The toolkit focuses on instructional strategies and designs that can be adapted to. and implemented in the after school setting Also the tools and strategies can be used in isolation or. combination,Toolkit Content, Club Activity Profile This form is to assist deliverers to do intentional curriculum planning. using core features for creating highly dynamic programs activities. Instructional Framework This form is to assist deliverers to conceptualize each activity into. five realms essential learning assessment content practice activities and why do this. Using the Three E s to Prepare Activities This form is to assist deliverers identify the ways. each activity is Entered Engages youth and Expands. Strategies Series This series is to assist deliverers in using various strategies to deliver a. program or activity, After School Curricula Structures This form is to assist deliverers in identifying the. instructional benefits and drawbacks of various after school curricula. Glossary This glossary serves as a reference for the content and language used throughout. the resource toolkit, Stenhouse L 1975 An Introduction to Curriculum Research and Development London Heinemann Freire P 1972. Pedagogy of the Oppressed Harmondsworth Penguin, Miller Beth 2003 Critical Hours AfterSchool Programs and Educational Success Nellie Mae Foundation. Planning Frameworks,Club Program Name,Club Program Profile.
Outcome Goal,Aligned w standard,of sessions,of participants. End Product s,Session Plan I,Delivery Strategy s,Learner Styles. Grouping used,Skills competencies,Materials required. Discussion Q s,Session Plan II,Delivery Strategy,Learner Styles. Grouping used,Skills competencies,Materials required.
Discussion Q s,Session Plan III,Delivery Strategy,Learner Styles. Grouping used,Skills competencies,Materials required. Discussion Q s,Session Plan IV,Delivery Strategy,Learner Styles. Grouping used,Skills competencies,Materials required. Discussion Q s,Club Wrap up,Instructional Framework.
Class Unit Teacher,Essential Learnings Assessment, What do we want students to know and be like What will they be able to do because. of what they know,Why Do This,What is the life long. learning benefit for a,student participant,Content Practice Activities and. Benchmark Instructional,What do students need to know Strategies. and be able to do How do I design the,learning opportunities to.
allow all students to learn,Complex Thinking Skills. Area Education Agency 7 Educational Services,January 2000. Adapted from Nancy Lockett s Unit Lesson Planning Guide http edservices aea7 k12 ia us framework. Delivery Strategies,Using The Three Es To Prepare Activities. Each day s activity needs to have a way of beginning or. entering The strategy varies with each age group grade. level e g adolescents need to feel a sense of co lead in. how they engage a new activity or topic while elementary. age youth engage a topic or an activity by mining what. they already know about the topic or activity i e what do. you know or remember What is common with each, age grade group is providing youth an opportunity to tap. into their own knowledge base or mastery level The. following are things to consider in entering an activity or. Room set up and structure,Content intro of topic prep of topic.
Intro of topic question what do know about this or declarative we re going to do. this today statements, Prep of topic group leader s training and research on topic or activity. Engaging youth in an activity or topic is not an easy feat. thus having an intentionality to capturing their interest. takes planning The key to engaging youth in after school. is maintaining their interest or curiosity Youth are self. selecting to participate in after school because they. consider that experience as different from school and an. opportunity for them to tap into their talents Our. strategies for engaging youth and keeping their interest or. curiosity high is to draw them in through high octane. curriculum The following are key strategies for engaging. Learning styles melding topic to the three learning styles and its dimensions. Youth centered emphasize youths self initiated engagement in activities promote. opportunities for youth to interact with each other and positive adults. Delivery styles adapting topic or activity to how youth learn and how the topic can be. The expansion of an activity or topic is a key,opportunity for youth to take ownership of. their current and future learning Expanding,an activity or topic builds on the prior set of. experiences and activities and asks youth,what else is important about this topic or. activity It s an opportunity for group,leaders to use their delivery facilitation skills.
to generate a new trajectory based on youth,input The following are key points to. consider in expanding an activity or topic,Make room for new ideas. Shift gears get a new perspective e g what would you do v what do you feel. Tap into their personal interests e g do you want to meet and talk to a professional. Strategies Series,Shared Inquiry,What is it,Shared inquiry is a distinctive method of. learning in which participants search for,answers to fundamental questions raised by a. written text It involves taking what the author,has given us and trying to grasp its full meaning.
to interpret or reach an understanding of the text. in light of our experience and using sound,Develop self reliant thinkers readers and writers. Group Leader s Role, A shared inquiry leader does not impart information or present your own opinions but guide. participants in reaching their own interpretations. The leader asks questions and is an active listener. What does the shared inquiry process look like,1 OPENING INTRODUCTORY QUESTIONS 1. QUESTION Example,Racial Profiling Article, A general question that directs students into the text for. an answer The question should get youth to begin 1 Opening question. exploring the main ideas topics or themes What was suspicious. about the gentleman s,2 CORE GUIDING QUESTIONS 2 5 QUESTIONS.
2 Core guiding, Questions that are provocative and force youth to questions When is it. generate a list of issues that it raises for them Also okay and not okay to. extract a quotation and ask for interpretation racially profile. someone What does,3 CLOSING QUESTION 1 QUESTION it feel like to be. racially profiled, A question that connects with youth s lived experience. 3 Closing question,What would you do in,this situation. Anchor Activities,What is it, Anchor activities are ongoing activities that youth can work on independently.
throughout a year Anchor activities provide meaningful work for youth when they. finish their homework when they first enter the classroom or when they are stumped. Provide ongoing activities that are tied to other enrichment activities. Develop individual and or group working,skills Meets the needs of different readiness. levels i e youth that always finish early,groups that need a transition activity prior to. working on homework,How do you plan for anchor activities. Define academic skills activity will build describe the anchor activity how will it. be introduced to youth how will the activity be managed and monitored. Some Anchor Activities,Brain busters large jigsaw puzzles. Activity box,Youth vocabulary dictionary slang words.
Magazine articles,Commercial kits youth create ads for products. Silent reading,Listening stations,Investigations CSI type activities. Journals or learning logs,Chunking an Activity,What is it. Chunking a lesson is an informal term,used to describe instruction taught in. segments while stopping frequently to,check for comprehension before.
moving on to new concepts Chunking,could be used in afterschool during. study hall and or academic enrichment,when doing complex tasks activities. Chunking helps youth retain, information and strategies for remembering information. American Ballet Theatre, 1 Oral Directions Slow down your speech and supply visual. At IS 218 the ABT teacher examples of the end result and the activity step by step Instead. creates a print rich environment of saying everything at once and creating a linguistic overload. for youth participants A new list give shortened instructions in chunks. of terms is placed on the wall, every month meanwhile the 2 Written Directions Avoid too many prepositional phrases.
previous month s terms are and complex word choice Choose common words that are. continuously used Youth are consistent with your oral directions. able to build their vocabulary 3 Chunk Matching Vocabulary Simplify text in number of. through continuous use and learn choices and use wording consistent with classroom instruction. spelling of terms For example if you want to expand their vocabulary by 20. words then chunk the choices in groups of 5 and continuously. use the words and provide them an incentive to use the words. Chess in the Schools throughout a program week month. At IS 90 the Chess instructor,teaches about one move and. power influence of one chess,piece every week Youth get an. opportunity to continuously,practice the new move along with. previous weeks moves,Instructor also talks about each.

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