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Sustainable Engineering Energy and Environment pp, Titanium Disilicide as Hot Side Metallization Layer for Thermoelectric Generators 1 5. U Hilleringmann M Schdnhoff and F Assion,Negating temperature on photovoltaic panels 6 10. Ruaan Morne Schoeman Arthur James Swart and Christo Pienaar. Ensuring sustainability of PV systems for a given climate region in South Africa 11 15. James Swart Ruaan Schoeman and Christo Pienaar, Evaluating the effect of a stationary PV panel on the charging rate of Deep Cycle. Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries 16 21,Osamede Asowata James Swart and Christo Pienaar. Analysis of Effects of Sun s Position in the Sky on Solar Radiation and Solar. Panel Output Power 22 28,Moein Jazayeri Sener Uysaland Kian Jazayeri.
Determination of Power Losses in Solar Panels Using Artificial Neural Network 29 34. Kian Jazayeri Sener Uysal and Moein Jazayeri, Dynamic Model of an Isolated Six Phase Self Excited Induction Generator driven. by a Fixed Pitch Wind Turbine 35 39,A Senthil Kumar Josiah L Munda and G K Singh. Planning and Management of Sustainable Microgrids the test bed facilities at the. University of Genoa 40 44, Stefano Bracco Federico Delfino Fabio Pampararo Michela Robba and Mansueto Rossi. Graphical User Interface control for a solar battery hydrogen fuel cell power. plant 45 49,Marius Viljoen and Christo Pienaar, Simplified Encapsulation of Solar Cells Using Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymers 50 54. Wan en S Hurter Haydn du Plessis and Nickey Janse van Rensburg. A Combined Energy System Model for Solar Racers 55 59. Stephanus Schoeman and Johnson Carroll, Optimal Meter Commitment Solutions to CDMEnergy Efficiency Lighting Projects 60 64.
Xianming Ye Xiaohua Xia and Jiangfeng Zhang, Interchangeable Energy Sources for Hybrid Vehicles 65 69. A Corregedor C Murcott K Smith J Carroll and J Meyer. A Statistical Analysis of Cape Town Wind Profile 70 74. Mbuyamba Tshibanda and Jan Harm C Pretorius, Computation of the Mutual Inductance between Circular Filaments with Coil. Misalignment 75 79, Anele O Amos Hamam Ykandar Alayli Yasser and Djouani Karim. Smartmetering implementation for enabling Water Conservation and Water. Demand Management 80 84,ObbyA Masia and Louwrence D Erasmus. Level of infrastructure maintenance management in utilities of the Southern. African Power Pool 85 89,L M Moeko and J K Visser, Impact of Renewable Energy Deployment on Climate Change in Nigeria 90 97.
Ogbonnaya I Okoro and E Chikuni, Survey on Mobile Phone Battery End Life in Tanzania 98 102. Matti Tedre Veronica Chuma and Mikko Apiola, Evaluating and optimizing the potential of Photovoltaics in Mauritius 103 107. Yatindra Kumar Ramgolam Dishan Sunnoo Umangish Chumun. Mapping of intense magnetic fields based on polarization sensitive reflectometry. in single mode optical fibers 108 112,Andrea Galtarossa and Luca Palmieri. Cost Effective Carbon Mitigation through Energy Efficiency A Case for a. University Student Residence Lighting in Cape Town 113 117. N Tshikuvhe M Nthontho S P Chowdhury and S Chowdhury. Effect of friction stir processing on the electrical resistivity of AA 6082 118 121. Esther T Akinlabi Stephen A Akinlabi and K Surekha. On the Adaptation of South Africa Experience to Combine Solar Energy and. Smart Grid in Namibia 122 126,G M boungui A A Jimoh and T R Ayodele. Characterising Compact Fluorescent Lamp Population Decay 127 131. Herman Carstens Xiaohua Xia Jiangfeng Zhang and Xianming Ye. Designing a model of a full control module for a camless engine employing rotary. valves 132 136,Ishmael Zibani Joseph Chuma and Rapelang Marumo.
Biodiesel Production from Used Cooking Oil Using Controlled Reactor Plant 137 140. Okoye Ejike K Edeh Charles P C Ezumezu Chinyere O and Ejiogu and Emenike C. SOGI based grid fault detection for feeding asymmetrical reactive currents to fulfill. LVRT requirements 141 145, Andreas Uphues Kilian Notzold Ralf Wegener and Stefan Soter. Assessing the energy savings potential in public buildings through retrofit. measures in tropical climates,A case study in Mauritius 146 150. Oumesh Kumar Mohit and Vishwamitra Oree, The Gamified Grid Possibilities for Utilising Game based Motivational Psychology. to Empower the Smart Social Grid 151 155,Bradley Marques and Ken Nixon. Analysis of energy performance of households using energy performance. indicators,A case study in Mauritius 156 160,Yatindra Kumar Ramgolam and Anooj Needroo.
Effects of Tariffs and Energy Saving Schemes on Domestic Households Energy. Consumption 161 165,T A Main and K A Folly, Sustainable Green Broadband Solutions for Bridging the Digital Divide in Africa A. Technical survey of feasible and affordable broadband solutions for rural Africa 166 170. S Mangeni Hassan Hamdounm K Ennser Y K Dwivedi and J Mubiru. Electricity Access in Nigeria Viability of Off Grid Photovoltaic System 171 178. Uduak S Akpan Salisu R Isihak and Ye Obong N Udoakah. Managing digital system power at the system level 179 183. Dominik Macko and Katarina Jelemenska, Harmonic Levels of Domestic and Electrical Vehicle Loads in Residential. Distribution Networks 184 188, Jaan Niitsoo Jako Kilter Ivo Palu Paul Taklaja and Lauri Kutt. Social Influence and Energy Efficiency Savings 189 192. Uduakobong E Ekpenyong Jiangfeng Zhang and Xiaohua Xia. Decision factors for locating in an automotive supplier park A South African Case 193 197. Vimal Mammen and Jasper L Steyn, Strategic Planning of Power Supply in Oman Including Wind Energy. Considerations 198 202,A S Malik and C Kuba,Communication Theory and Wireless Communications.
Recursive MMSE based Iterative Channel Estimation for OFDM IDMA Systems 203 207. Olutayo O Oyerinde Member and Stanley H Mneney, Interpolation and Mapping of the Median K factor for Terrestrial Link Applications. in South Africa 208 211,A M Nyete and T J O Afullo. The MAP in LC concept for MTR Decoding in Multiple Head Magnetic Recording. Systems 212 216,Nikola Djuric and Vojin Sank, Rainfall Microstructures for Microwave and Millimeter Wave Link Budget at. Tropical and Subtropical Sites 217 221,Akintunde A Alonge and Thomas J Afullo. A 3 1 Bandwidth Planar Lossless Cavity Backed Sinuous Antenna for Reflector. Feed Applications 222 226,Ngoy Mutonkole and Dirk I L de Villiers.
Energy Efficient Distributed Receiver Based Cooperative MAC for Wireless. Sensor Networks 227 232,Sithembiso Gama and Tom Walingo. Polar Coded MQAM with No Noise Variance Estimation for Capacity and Soft. Decision Metric 233 236,Peter Akuon HongjunXu, Low Phase Noise Cylindrical Cavity Oscillator 237 241. J Maree J B de Swardt and P W van der Walt, Attenuation Rain Rate Power Law Relation and Critical Diameters from Drop Size. Distribution Measurements in Durban 242 246,O Adetan and Thomas J Afullo. Throughput Optimization MAC Scheme for Cognitive Radio Networks A POMDP. Framework 247 251,J A Msumba and H Xu, A Comparison of Spectrum Occupancy in the South African 900 MHz GSM.
Cellular Bands 252 256,S D Barnes and B T Maharaj, Exponential TEM Horn with a Convex Triangular Arc 257 261. K Schoeman P Meyer and D I L de Villiers, Hardware Implementations of Gaussian Elimination over GF 2 for Channel. Decoding Algorithms 262 266,Stefan Scholl Christopher Stumm and Norbert When. Design of RS232 powered controller for switched parasitic array antenna 267 271. Mofolo O R Mofolo and Albert A Lysko,Performance of a transmit. diversity MIMO MC CDMA communication system, employing Cyclically Rotated Complete Complementary Codes 272 276.
N de Figueiredo L P Linde and J H van Wyk,Packet scheduling for VOIP over LTE A 277 282. Ronnie Mugisha and Neco Ventura, Measurement of Loss Mechanisms in Microwave Coaxial Resonator Filters 283 285. S Maas P Meyer and P W Van der Walt, Analog Signal Acquisition and Transmission within Extremely Low and Very Low. Frequency Bands ELF and VLF 286 288,R Rangata K Ouahada and S Chinnappen. A Novel Wireless Sensor Network Test Bed Sensor Node 289 293. Joubert G J Krige Magdalena J Grobler and Henri Marais. Inter Cell Interference Coordination for Distributed MIMO Systems based on. Wideband Precoder Selection 294 298,Johannes Dommel Martin Kurras and Lars Thiele.
Neural Network based efficiency optimization method for RF Power Amplifiers. with controllable Power Supply 299 302,Patrick Juschke Andreas Pascht and Georg Fischer. Modelling of an RFID based Electronic Vehicle Identification System 303 307. H Marais M J Grobler and J E W Holm, Relay Selection Cooperative Diversity in Land Mobile Satellite Systems 308 313. Babatunde Awoyemi Tom Walingo and Fambirai Takawira. The Design of an HF Antenna on a 1U CubeSat 314 317. R Lehmensiek R R van Zyl and D F Visser, Markov Modelling of In Vehicle Power Line Communication 318 323. Mark Wilson Hendrik Ferreiray and Reolyn Heymann, Robust Behavioral Non Uniform Look Up Table Spacing in Adaptive Digital. Baseband Predistortion Technique for RF Power Amplifier 324 328. G Coviello F Cannone G Avitabile, Linear MMSE based Frequency Synchronization Algorithm for OFDM IDMA.
Systems 329 334, Muyiwa B Balogun Olutayo O Oyerinde Member and Stanley H Mneney. Joint Source Channel Decoding of Circular Non Binary Turbo Codes 335 339. Yogesh Beeharry T P Fowdur K M S Soyjaudah, Experimental evaluation of NFC reliability between an RFID tag and a. smartphone 340 344, M Mareli S Rimer B S Paul K Ouahada and A Pitsillides. Orthogonal Receive Symbols at the Receiver for Fast Fading Rayleigh Channels 345 349. Stephan Ludwig Jens Bonier and Berthold Lankl, Novel Design of Tracking process for UWB Communication Systems 350 354. Rshdee Alhakim and Emmanuel Simeu, Modified Backoff Technique with Transmission Priority Scheme in Fiber Wireless.
Networks 355 358, Wan Hafiza Wan Hassan Horace King Shabbir Ahmed and Mike Faulkner. Massive SDMA with Large Scale Antenna Systems in a Multi Cell Environment 359 363. Martin Kurras Leszek Raschkowski Mostafa Talaat and Lars Thiele. LDPC Coded Adaptive Multiresolution Modulation for Unequal Error Protection 364 368. K Nuckchady and B Rajkumarsingh, WSN Lifetime Prolongation for Deterministic Distributions Using a Hierarchical. Routing Protocol 369 373,Nora A AH and Omar A Nasr. Design and Realisation of an Efficient VLIC Architecture for a Linear Frequency. Modulation LFM Pulse Compression in Pulsed Radars Using FPGA 374 380. A E El Henaway A A El Kouny and H A Said, Turbo codes and FSK in Power Line Communication 381 386. K Z Heetun and B Rajkumarsingh, Parallel Concatenation of Recursive Systematic Convolutional Codes with.
Transmission of Interleaved Set 387 391, Insah Bhurtah Pierre Clare Catherine and K M Sunjiv Soyjaudah. Multiple Access with Distance Preserving Mappings for Permutation codes 392 396. Thokozani Shongwe Theo G Swart and Hendrik C Ferreira. Coordinated Multipoint Transmission for LTEAdvanced Networks in Dense. Informal Settlements 397 401, Beneyam B Haile Edward Mutafungwa and Jyri HSmSISinen. Comparative Analysis of Algorithms for Making Multiple sessions Handover. Decisions in Next Generation Wireless Networks 402 407. Olugbenga A Taiwo and Olabisi E Falowo, 60GHz delivery over SMF and MMF for In door Applications 408 410. Uchenna O Igweaniand H S Al Raweshidy, Mobile Device Localization in IEEE 802 11 Networks A Comparative Analysis of. SSDoA against TDoA 411 415,Geerish Suddul andAvinash Ramdoyal.
Joint Odd Even Quantisation in Cartesian Delta Sigma AI Upconverters 416 419. Sirmayanti Sirmayanti Vandana Bassoo and Mike Faulkner. Communications Network and Security, A Study of Resilience within Information Security in the Power Industry 420 425. Maria B Line, Digital Forensic Readiness in a Cloud Environment 426 430. George Sibiya Thomas Fogwill H S Venter and Sipho Ngobeni. A Secure Management System for Vehicle Number Plates 431 438. Alwyn J Hoffman Daniel J S Geldenhuys and Albertus B Pretorius. Birefringence and Polarization Fluctuations as a Result of Optical Fibre Bending. During Scanning of a KAT 7 Riser Cable 439 443, H Kourouma E Rotich T B Gibbon A W R Leitch R Siebrits R Julie and F Kapp. Characterization of the Polarization Mode Dispersion of Single Mode Fibre in. KAT 7 Telescope Array Network South Africa 444 447. E K Rotich Kipnoo H Y S Kourouma R Julie R Siebrits and F Kapp. The FIREMAN Foraging lnspired Energy Management in Multi Radio Wi Fi. Networks 448 452,Thomas Otieno Olwal and Fisseha Mekuria. The eCOMBAT Energy Consumption Monitoring Tool for Battery Powered. Communication Device 453 457, Thomas Otieno Olwal Litsietsi Montsi Mofolo Mofofo and Fisseha Mekuria.
Effects of Polarization Mode Dispersion PMD on Raman Gain and PMD. Measurement using an Optical Fibre Raman Amplifier 458 462. D Kiboi Boiyo S Kuja D Waswa G Amolo R R G Gamatham E K Rotich Kipnoo T B. Gibbon and A W R Leitch, Frequency Optimization for Narrowband Power Line Communications 463 468. T O Sanya T G Swart and H C Ferreira, A Testbed Evaluation of Energy Efficiency of Routing Protocols in Battery. powered Wireless Mesh Networks 469 474,O A Oki P Mudali M B Mutanga and M O Adigun. Fibre to the Hut Research into Tailored FTTH Solutions for Africa 475 479. Romeo Gamatham Enoch Rotich Andrew Leitch and Timothy Gibbon. A Clustering Algorithm based on Energy variance and coverage density in. centralized hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks 480 484. R Vo S A Randriatsiferana Frederic AHcalapa Richard Lorion and Aquil Mirza Mohammedy. System Architecture for Ubiquitous Live Video Streaming in University Network. Environment 485 489, Angeline G Dludla MncedisiJ Bembe Badamsuren Byambaakhuu Mohammed Sani Abdulai. and Jae Jeung Rho, Cyber Physical Systems Networking with TCP IP 490 494.
Miroslav Sveda and Radimir Vrba, A Case for Packet Switched Telecommunication Infrastructure for Low Density. Traffic Rural Areas 495 500,Kennedy Ifeh, Evaluating ALWadHA for Providing Secure Localisation for Wireless Sensor. Networks 501 505,Adnan M Abu Mahfouz and Gertiard P Hancke. Windows 8 32 bit,Improved Security 506 510,Manuel Corregedor and Sebastiaan Von Solms. A New Packet Scheduling Algorithm in Satellite LTE Networks 511 516. Gbolahan Aiyetoro Giovanni Giambene and Fambirai Takawira. Enabling Dynamic Spectrum Access through Location Aware Spectrum. Databases 517 522, Luzango Mfupe Listietsi Montsi Mjumo Mzyece and Fisseha Mekuria.
An SSL Based Client Oriented Anti Spoofing Email Application 523 527. D Mooloo and T P Fowdur, An Enhanced Mechanism for the Authentication of Students taking Online Exams 528 532. Roopesh Kevin Sungkur Irma Beekoo and Dicshita Luveena Bhookhun. Cloud Computing Authentication using Cancellable Biometrics 533 536. Krishnaraj Madhavjee Sunjiv Soyjaudah Gianeswar Ramsawock and Muhammad Yaasir. Khodabacchus,Multimedia and Signal Processing, A Multi GPU implementation of diffusion operators within 3D volumes 537 542. William John Shipman Andr6 Leon Nely and Deshenthree Chetty. Periodic Signal Frequency Tracking via a Shifted Second Order Generalized. Integrator 543 547,Giuseppe Fedele Andrea Ferrise and Giro Picardi. Fast Technique for Mixed Gaussian and Impulsive Noise Suppression in Color. Images 548 552,Bogdan Smolka and Krystyna Malik, Generation of Panoramic View with Depth Cue using Image Convergence. Technique 553 558,Abdulkadir lyyaka Audu and Abdul Hamid Sadka.
New Current Mode All Pass Filter With Grounded Capacitor Based on Gain. Variable CCIII 559 562, Norbert Herencsar Jaroslav Koton Kamil Vrba and Oguzhan Cicekoglu. Image Recovery by 2 D Least Mean Square Adaptive Method 563 569. P Manyere and A L Nel, Highly Parallel Implementation of Sphinx 3 Voice Recognition Algorithm 570 576. Dimitris Tsiamasiotis loannis Papaefstathiou and Charalampos Manifavas. Some Remarks on Choosing Video Stream Encoding for Remote Video. Verification on Android Mobile Devices 577 582, Dariusz Mrozek Bartfomiej Buk and Bozena Matysiak Mrozek. Effect of training algorithms on performance of a developed automatic modulation. classification using artificial neural network 583 588. Jide Julius Popoola and Rex van Olst, A Colour Image Watermarking Technique Resistant to Affine Geometric Attacks 589 593. Felix Owalla and Elijah Mwangi, Comparison between General Cross Correlation and a Template matching.
scheme in the application of acoustic gunshot detection 594 598. J F van der Merwe and J A Jordaan, Algorithms for Fast Calculation of Scalar Optical Diffraction Field on a Pixelated. Display Device 599 603,G Bora Esmer, Spectrum Estimation using New Efficient 2 D AR Lattice Modeling of Random. Fields 604 609,Erdogan Camcioglu and Ahmet H Kayran. Monitoring Respiration by Using Fiber Optic Interferomtery and Maximum A. Posteriori Estimation 610 614,Damjan Zazula and Sebastijan Sprager. An Unequal Error Protection Scheme for SPIHT Image Transmission with. Prioritised Retransmissions and De noising 615 619. T P Fowdur D Indoonundon and K M S Soyjaudah, SSVEP Enhancement Based on Canonical Correlation Analysis to Improve BCI.
Performances 620 624, Emmanuel Kalunga Karim Djouani Yskandar Hamam Sylvain Chevallier and Eric Monacelli. Cloud Computing GRIDs and Virtualization, Implementation and Verification of a Cloud Based Machine to Machine Data. Management System 625 629, Pieter Willem Jordaan and Johann Erich Wolfgang Holm. A Technique for Load Balanced Management of Security Tasks Load in Grids 630 634. Najlaa Al Huwaishel and Soha S Zaghloul, A Comparative Analysis of Pricing Models for Enterprise Cloud Platforms 635 641. Promise Mvelase George Sibiya Nomusa Dlodlo John Oladosu and Matthew Adigun. Partitioned Services Layer Autonomous System for Cloud Computing 642 645. Shahad Alqefari and Soha S Zaghloul, The Mutual Effect of Virtualization and Parallelism in a Cloud Environment 646 650.
Soha S Zaghloul, New cloud consolidation architecture for electrical energy consumption. management 651 653,N MADANI A LEBBAT S TALLAL and H MEDROMI. Mobile Computing and Geoprocessing Systems, A combined GPS RFID system for improved cross border management of freight. consignments 654 661, Alwyn J Hoffman and Kabanda Lusanga and Ernest Bhero. Compensating the Effect of Doppler Shift in a Vehicular Network 662 668. E A Feukeu K DjouaniandA Kurien, Geo Based IPv6 Multicast in LTE for Dynamic Addressing of Road Users 669 672.
C Dannheim M Maeder and C Icking, Active Driving Safety Based On Efficient Mobile Technologies 673 678. C Dannheim M Maeder and C Icking, A Pattern Based Tokenization Model for XML Parsing on Mobile Devices 679 683. Geerish Suddul Nimal Nissanke and Nawaz Mohamudally. An Open API to Monetize Mobile Micro Services for Emerging Countries 684 687. Naveesh Doolhur Geerish Suddul Ravi Foogooa and Morgan Richomme. Scientific Computing and Computational Engineering. Continuous Time Model Identification Using Non Uniformly Sampled Data 688 693. Rolf Johansson Mania Cescon and Fredrik Stahl, Development of a stereolithography STL slicing and G Code generation. algorithm for an entry level 3 D printer 694 698,Andrew C Brown and Deon de Beer. Simulating Quantum Circuits with GNU Octave and Python 699 702. Makhamisa Senekane Lerato Mohapi and Francesco Petruccione. Low Cost Fault Tolerant Techniques for Nano Pico Satellite Applications 703 707. P J Botma W H Steyn and A Barnard, Shape deformable Models for Computational Electromagnetic Dosimetry of a.
Human Body 708 711,Tomoaki Nagaoka, Performance Evaluation of Wire Pairs in Telecommunications Networks by Fuzzy. and Evolutionary Models 712 716,Ferenc Lilik and Laszlo T Koczy. Investigating Antenna Radiation Properties with Characteristic Mode Analysis 717 721. W J Strydom and M M Botha, Integrating the dynamic MoM kernel with near singularity cancellation quadrature. schemes 722 724,M M Botha and W J Strydom,Attitude Control of a CubeSat in a Circular Orbit. using Reaction Wheels 725 732, Ajayi Michael Oluwatosin Karim Djouani and Yskandar Hamam.
Attitude Control of a CubeSat in a Circular Orbit using Magnetic Actuators 733 741. Ajayi Michael Oluwatosin Karim Djouani and Yskandar Hamam. Exploiting Reversibility in the Complete Simulation of Reversible Circuits 742 747. Robert Wille Simon Stelterand Rolf Drechsler, A Compact and Efficient SAT Encoding for Quantum Circuits 748 753. Robert Wille Nils Przigoda and Rolf Drechsler, RHINO Cluster Control and Management System 754 758. Valerie Chiriseri Simon Winberg and Shanly Rajan, A Novel Highly Flexible Network Multi Processor Optimised for Reconfigurable. Devices 759 764, Grigoris Raptis loannis Papaefstathiou Konstantinos Georgopoulos and. Charalampos Manifavas, Electric power distribution system visualization with graph partitioning 765 770.
Nemanja Kovacev Imre Lend k Darko Capko and Aleksandar Erdeljan. Large scale FDTD Analysis to Obtain Precise Propagation Characteristics of In. flight Wireless Access Service 771 774, Takashi Hikage Toshio Nojima Shunichi Futatsumori Akiko Kohmura and Naruto Yonemoto.

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