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Aerospace Ground Equipment AGE maintenance facilities. are a vital key to AMC s mission The Air Mobility,Team Responsive Global Reach for America Every. Day They keep our aircraft ready to respond on short notice. to any contingency, AMC s goal is to sharpen our focus on standards of quality and. excellence in our working environments Investments in. excellent facilities are investments in the people who do such a. great job of aircraft maintenance AMC developed this guide to. set the standard for AGE Maintenance facilities Use it to attain. levels of excellence which reflect professionalism and pride in. the Air Force and the Air Mobility Command,Table of Contents. Introduction 1,A Purpose 1,B Project Development 2. Exterior Elements 3,A General 3,B Site Design Improvements 3.
Functional Areas,B Administration Areas 5,C Service Maintenance Areas 6. D Support Areas 9,Interior Standards 12,A General 12. B Finishes 12,C Color Concepts 12,D Specialties Accessories 12. E Building Systems 13,F Communications 13,References 15. Introduction, A Purpose The types of equipment requiring repair servicing.
maintenance and storage include powered and, non powered units The quantity and type of equipment. This design guide provides the basic criteria to organize. evaluate plan program and design Air Mobility plays a major part in determining the space requirements. Command AMC Aerospace Ground Equipment AGE for the facility Fully functional and properly configured. maintenance and storage facilities It applies to the design facilities will ensure that a higher percentage of the. of all new construction and renovation projects The equipment is kept in operation. information presented is intended to make commanders. and their staff aware of important design considerations This guide is for use by commanders logistics personnel. and to aid them in project development Quality facilities base civil engineers headquarters staffs design architects. will improve the maintenance specialists efficiency and. ability to service and repair equipment and encourage. pride of ownership in their workplace, and engineers and others involved in Aerospace Ground. Equipment maintenance and storage facilities It is. intended to help all participants better understand AGE. facility requirements and design criteria so they can. Aerospace Ground Equipment facilities are an essential effectively participate in the project development. component of aircraft operations Facilities are required process Use this guide to supplement other Air Force and. to support AGE activities for the following AMC aircraft Department of Defense policies instructions and. C 5 C 17 C 130 KC 10 and KC 135 standards,E OUTSIDE STORAGE. N MAINT SERVICE SUPPORT,FLIGHTLINE SERVICE,MAINTENANCE. EQUIPMENT AREA,FUEL ADMINISTRATION,EMPLOYEE SUPPORT.
Figure 1 A Conceptual Area Relationships,INTRODUCTION. B Project Development 3 Design, Design includes concept development design reviews. The key elements to successful facility delivery are and construction documents It is important for civil. planning programming design and construction engineering and the user to actively communicate. Planning and programming for AGE facilities should throughout the design process to bring about a successful. consider all aspects of the operation as well as project A high quality design will maximize effective use. maintenance service repair and storage of the various of available space and provide an efficient AGE facility. equipment types Throughout the entire design process give preference to. the use of environmentally friendly materials as described. 1 Planning in Air Force Environmentally Responsible Facilities Guide. Effective planning will establish and support the overall. objectives for AGE facilities It should also lead to a Compliance with all applicable building codes is. timetable for project completion Planning must be mandatory Life safety code requirements take priority over. long term other facility improvement requirements All areas should. be barrier free and accessible to the disabled in accordance. The siting of AGE facilities is important Ideally with the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA and. centrally locate the facility no further than the second tier Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards UFAS. from the flightline to minimize access time to aircraft In. addition a site must be of sufficient area to accommodate. all of the functions and storage requirements for the. overall complex If possible allocate space for facility. Prepare a comprehensive interior design CID package for. the AGE facility in conjunction with any major design. project The CID package addresses interior finishes. expansion modification for mission reassignments or artwork signs and furnishings It ensures that even minor. additional aircraft capacity Local weather conditions soil upgrade projects meet the design objectives for the entire. analysis and utility availability are other variables to facility Refer to the AMC Interior Design Guide for an. consider in site evaluation expanded discussion of interior design. When planning a new facility initial site selection Integration of infrastructure parking utility com. must be accomplished prior to completing a munication systems etc engineering architec. DD Form 1391 Military Construction Project Data tural and interior design issues throughout the de. Additional requirements identified during the DD Form sign process will result in a well coordinated design. 1391 phase may require an alternate site selection Analyze an existing facility s structural mechanical. electrical and communications systems prior to, 2 Programming planning renovation projects Refer to DoD Air. Programming includes determining user requirements Force industrial standards and AGE manufacturers. developing solutions identifying funding sources and recommendations for maintenance requirements. forwarding programming documents to the appropriate Include infrastructure improvements concurrently. review and approval authorities Each programmed with interior finish work. project should be consistent with the base comprehensive. plan for new and existing facilities Work is classified as 4 Construction. maintenance repair or construction Quality reviews of the contractor s submittals by project. engineers and daily on site inspections by civil engineering. Information required during preparation of the DD Form construction management personnel and the user will help. 1391 which initiates project development is found ensure that design goals are achieved. throughout this guide Included are space criteria overall. facility size and special factors for consideration in. estimating costs,Exterior Elements,A General 2 Parking. Provide all AGE facilities with parking areas for, The exterior elements of the project significantly visitors personnel and official vehicles Locate visitor.
contribute to the overall appearance of the facility This handicapped and personnel parking close to the main. chapter addresses the concept site plan parking areas entrance Allow a minimum of 35 square yards per vehicle. entrances building materials design outside storage areas for planning of parking areas This allowance includes. refueling areas landscaping signs utilities and lighting maneuvering and circulation space in addition to. The Architectural Compatibility Guide for each base will parking space Provide 90 degree parking whenever. assist in the design of these elements The overall complex practicable. should present a cohesive architectural image,B Site Design Improvements. Provide access to the AGE facility from the flight. 3 Entrances, The facility entries and entry paths should be easily. identifiable to the first time visitor Design the main. entrance to provide protection from the weather,whenever practicable. line ready line outside storage and personnel, parking lots Access is also required for delivery of. bench and shop stock to the various maintenance,shops and for hazardous material pick up.
Figure 2 A Concept Site Plan,EXTERIOR ELEMENTS, 4 Building Materials Design accidental fuel spills Allow adequate room for re. Construct new facilities with building materials in fueling truck maneuvering Install tanks above. context with the base s architectural theme Select ground and in accordance with Environmental Pro. materials that are durable and require minimal tection Agency EPA state and local criteria. maintenance Comply with the airfield clearance where applicable Provide visual screening where. requirements for building height and setbacks in applicable. accordance with AFJM 32 1013 Airfield and Heliport. Planning and Design 7 Landscape, Landscape elements help create an attractive facility. 5 Equipment Storage Areas These elements define the site add visual interest. Provide concrete pavement for all areas in which enhance the main entrance and visually screen utilitarian. equipment is parked due to potential fluid leaks areas mechanical electrical equipment dumpsters above. Outside storage should be sufficient in size to accommodate ground tanks etc Landscape elements include earth. the quantity of authorized equipment Include covered berms trees and shrubs pavement materials site amenities. storage to protect designated AGE equipment from screen walls fences signs and lighting Provide low. local weather conditions which improves operational maintenance landscape and select only base approved. readiness Designate a ready line area for serviced native plant materials Refer to the AMC Landscape. equipment available for immediate deployment During Design Guide for specific information. cold weather inside storage of powered ready line, AGE will be required to ensure the reliability of equipment. operation Design covered and or enclosed storage,areas to be integral with the building design. 6 Refueling Defueling Facility, Remotely locate this facility due to the potential fire.
hazard Maintain minimum clearance requirements,between the fuel dispensing facility and adjacent. buildings and any pole mounted power or telephone,lines Provide an electric defueling pump which. filters and meters fuel being returned to the storage. tanks A canopy covered island protects the area,and fueling operations during inclement weather. Architectural screening of utilitarian items enhances overall appearance. Design the canopy to provide adequate clearance, and coverage of AGE equipment Pave all immedi 8 Signs. ate areas with concrete Slope concrete to drains Exterior signs include the facility directional parking. and provide an oil water separator for collection of and flammable code signs They must comply with AMC. sign standards See AFM 91 201 Explosives Safety, Standards to determine if fire symbol signs are required.
on the outside of the building,9 Utilities and Lighting. Whenever possible locate utility lines underground to. avoid visual clutter and overhead obstructions to the. movement of tall AGE equipment Provide photo cell, controlled lighting for safety and security at all parking. areas walkways and entrances Install additional lighting. as required for night operations Use high intensity. discharge light sources for all exterior illumination. Provide exterior engine warming receptacles as needed. in severe cold weather climates for AGE as well as. A covered refueling island provides shelter from the elements government owned vehicles GOV and private owned. vehicles POV 1,Functional Areas,A General 5 Conference Training Areas. Provide a multi purpose space for conducting staff. The AGE flight inspects maintains repairs services briefings meetings and technical training Design the. and stores powered and non powered equipment The space to provide overhead slide and video projection. facility operates 24 hours per day seven days a week Also include ample wall space for chalk marker. depending on mission requirements Space requirements tack boards and projection screens Provide multiple. for AGE facilities are determined by the number of switching and dimming controls to obtain appropriate. authorized pieces of AGE Refer to the space quality lighting levels Locate an outlet in the floor for. requirements tables on page 10 for allowable areas convenient electrical connection of equipment Divide. Consider the number of authorized personnel when rooms with an acoustical rated operable partition to. planning administrative and support areas,B Administration Areas. IV allow simultaneous conferences and training sessions. Furnish the conference training room with durable easily. maintained tables and chairs Furnish the conference. training room with individual study carrels when specific. 1 General project conditions permit, Administrative areas provide control and support to.
operations Locate the administrative portion of the 6 Technical Order T O Library. facility to serve as a control point between the Include a library area for technical manuals located with. entrance and the shop areas In addition acoustically easy access to all shop areas Provide computer stations. separate the administrative area from the shop area as required to access technical data. 2 Entrance Lobby 7 Storage Room, The public entrance to the facility should be readily Provide a small lockable room near the training room. discernible from the parking lots Provide an air lock for storage of educational materials and teaching aids. type vestibule with an independent heating and cooling books papers VCRs video monitors televisions tapes. system In the lobby area provide a public telephone computers and peripherals audio equipment etc as. drinking fountain and a visitor waiting area well as office supplies and files. 3 Staff Offices, Provide a private office for the AGE Flight Chief and. general open office space for administrative support. personnel Include modular systems furniture for work. stations to ensure efficient use of floor space while. reducing the number of walls and small offices,4 Air Reserve Technician A R T Office. At certain installations Air Reserve Technician personnel. require an office Provide a lockable office area with a. secured storage closet, Use systems furniture in staff offices for effective space utilization. FUNCTIONAL AREAS, C Service Maintenance 3 Flightline Dispatch Office.
Areas The dispatch office serves as a control point which. monitors equipment to and from the flightline Provide an. 1 General enclosed office space with views to the exterior and into. When planning a facility consider the size weight and service maintenance areas to oversee the flow of. maneuverability of all equipment to be serviced Safety is traffic A direct line of sight to the ready line and. a mandatory requirement for all functional areas within an fueling areas is important Where operational activities. AGE shop Carefully address all safety issues in the design are remotely located use closed circuit video cameras. of the facility Equip the room with a base radio computers fax machine. and an equipment dispatch status board Locate fuel. A center drive through concept with service and mainte pump controls and gauges within the room. nance bays on both sides provides an efficient layout. Provide coiling doors at each end as well as other locations. as needed for work flow The minimum door width is, 22 feet Equip all overhead doors with push button operat. ed automatic door openers Position support functions. around the perimeter of the bays for convenient accessibil. ity In severe winter climates use air curtains at overhead. doors and compartmentalize areas to minimize heat loss. Unique mission requirements may require additional. functions to support the overall equipment,operations maintenance effort. 2 Service Maintenance Bays, Design a large open space as the central work area. Provide ample width to include a two way drive through High bay access is required for oversized equipment. traffic lane with bays on either side Allow space for. personnel circulation and area for work benches, Incorporate overhead bridge cranes to cover the service. maintenance bays The cranes should have a five 5 ton. minimum lifting capacity Provide a minimum clear height. to accommodate the majority of equipment to be serviced. Size at least one isolated high bay with exterior access to. comfortably handle the largest piece of AGE Slope floors. to a trench drain located down the center of the, drive through aisle Connect all floor trench drains to an.
oil water separator Mark floors with striping to visually. separate work bays and circulation areas Include an. equipment exhaust venting system for the removal of. fumes Provide an exhaust vent connection for each, maintenance stall in which powered equipment will be An overhead crane is essential for equipment and material handling. FUNCTIONAL AREAS,4 Shop Offices 7 Floor Tools Jack Storage. Supervisory staff includes NCOIC s shift supervisor Assign floor space for the storage of jack stands floor. supply officer scheduling personnel and others who are jacks and miscellaneous tools Locate the area directly. responsible for manpower assignment Arrange enclosed adjacent to service bays for easy access by mechanics. office spaces near the functional areas they serve or control. Include windows to aid in the visual observation of 8 Flammable Storage. daily shop operations Acoustically treat the offices to Store flammable materials within a fire rated enclosure. reduce noise levels produced by shop activities with access to the exterior. 5 Bench Stock Special Tools, A centralized enclosed secure area is required for parts Include a welding area in the design of the facility. and special tools Provide a service counter with a Provide space for an acetylene welder arc welder and. roll up shutter Allow space adjacent to the service welding bench Include an OSHA compliant screen blind. counter for parts display Equip the room with metal system and proper ventilation hood to protect personnel. storage shelving bins racks and or mezzanine to from the hazards of welding operations. maximize storage space Provide direct access to the. exterior for deliveries, A two level service counter is beneficial when issuing heavy items Utilize pre engineered paint spray booths to comply with environmental. regulations,6 Machine Shop 10 Corrosion Control, Allocate sufficient work space for machine shop Corrosion control is essential for prolonging the life.
equipment drill press milling machine grinder etc of AGE Provide a paint preparation mixing and storage. lockable tool storage cabinets on casters and work areas including storage cabinets and dust control screens. benches The type and quantity of equipment will vary The paint booth must comply with all federal and state. depending on mission requirements Locate the space with environmental regulations Size the corrosion control area. immediate access to the exterior as well as the service to handle a substantial portion of the AGE Typically. maintenance bays Provide acoustical separation from the preparation and painting of oversized equipment. other interior areas will be accomplished elsewhere on the base usually in. the aircraft maintenance shop or corrosion control. FUNCTIONAL AREAS,14 Battery Storage, Provide space for storage and periodic charging of batteries. Ensure that the area is appropriately ventilated,15 Special Equipment. Each base will have special criteria and circumstances. regarding equipment The designer should verify all. equipment specifications with the manufacturer Include. structurally designed foundations substantial floor space. and overhead clearances for jack testers Use surface. mounted adjustable arm equipment lifts to simplify. repair and maintenance Concrete pits offer limited benefits. and should be avoided Automotive style fluid dispensing. An exterior semi enclosed wash rack units and racks are useful in maintaining a clean and. uncluttered working environment Tire repair operations. include removal equipment a leak detector tank a tire. 11 Wash Rack inflation safety enclosure a balancing machine and. Depending on local climate a semi enclosed or IV, fully enclosed wash rack area is preferred for the washing. of equipment Allocate an exterior open area adjacent. to the wash area to accommodate the cleaning of, storage racks Provide space for a load bank test area. Testing operations produce extreme noise levels Preferably. locate the space in a covered outside location, over sized equipment Slip resistant flooring surfaces 16 Hazardous Waste Accumulation Point.
water resistant materials and exterior electrical fixtures Designate an area to store hazardous waste generated. are mandatory requirements to ensure safety and by ongoing maintenance operations Comply with current. durability Provide an oil water separator for drainage federal state and base regulations and procedures. and comply with EPA state and local criteria where. applicable An independent hot water supply source 17 Support Equipment Storage. separate from the building s domestic hot water system Provide a covered or enclosed area for the storage of AGE. is highly recommended Include a storage room nearby which requires protection from the weather. for soap and supplies,18 Utilities, 12 Parts Cleaning Provide ample pneumatic connections and electrical. Components removed from AGE are cleaned in this outlets for power tool hookups A compressed air source. area Provide space for parts cleaning equipment 0 120 psi hot cold water valves and electrical power. and a work bench 120 VAC 240 VAC 480VAC should be conveniently. located throughout the facility Provide air service and. 13 Liquid Oxygen LOX electrical outlets adjacent to all overhead doors Locate. Provide a separate oil free area for LOX handling emergency shower eye wash stations throughout the facility. equipment The floor must be concrete This area must and connect to an alarm system to alert personnel in the. be covered preferably inside the facility and located event of an emergency. on an outside wall,FUNCTIONAL AREAS,D Support Areas. Support areas include the roll call break room rest rooms. locker rooms shower areas janitor s closet mechanical. room and electrical communications room When, operations occur 24 hours per day consider incorporating a. game table or exercise room to help promote personnel. health welfare and morale Provide drinking fountains. in convenient locations,2 Roll Call Break Room, The roll call break room contains a space large enough to. assemble personnel for staff meetings It also functions as Break Rooms offer personnel an area for professional and social. the work break lunch room for personnel Equip this room interaction. with a refrigerator ice maker microwave coffee maker and. sink with hot cold water and a garbage disposer Provide. 5 Mechanical Room, wall and base cabinets with countertop to assist in food.
preparation and storage Allow space for vending, machines with water hook ups if necessary Optional. accessories include a television radio and bulletin board. Locate this room near conference and training rooms to. The mechanical room should include adequate space,for the HVAC and fire detection prevention alarm. equipment Locate this room away from administrative. areas and provide sound insulation to prevent noise from. disrupting activities Include a double service door to the. support group activities, exterior and a concrete ramp for the convenient moving. 3 Rest Rooms Locker Rooms Showers of large equipment and parts into the room. Locate rest rooms within the facility to serve both. 6 Electrical Communications Room, administrative and technical staff Provide separate men s. and women s facilities Each should have direct access to Provide an area for electrical service to include. appropriate lockers and showers Use electronic sensor distribution equipment wiring receptacles grounding. faucet and wash stations to control on and off water flow interior and exterior lighting controls emergency. lighting security and fire alarms commercial telephone. Locker rooms should include two tier high metal service and local area network LAN Wall mount power. lockers with concrete bases and sloping metal tops to help and telephone distribution equipment and floor mount. maintain cleanliness Provide hardwood benches for the LAN computer file server Install a system of conduits. seating or raceways for telephone and computer wiring with a. central feed to this room Locate conduits and raceways for. 4 Janitor s Closet accessibility Size the conduit and provide nylon pulling. Include a mop sink a small counter storage shelves and lines to facilitate future additions or modifications to. hooks for cleaning supplies and maintenance equipment wiring systems. FUNCTIONAL AREAS, Example Functional Space Requirements Example Functional Space Requirements.
Administration Area 4 Service Maintenance Area,Function Net SF Net SM Function Net SF Net SM. Entrance Lobby 150 14 Service Maintenance Bays 9 8 800 818. Flight Chief s Office 200 19 Flightline Dispatch Office 240 22. Staff Offices 4 480 44 Shop Offices 5 960 89, A R T Office 3 5 240 22 Bench Stock Special Tools 900 84. Conference Room 6 200 19 Machine Shop 700 65, Training Room 6 200 19 Floor Tools Jack Storage 150 14. T O Library 200 19 Flammable Storage 100 9,Storage Room 80 7 Welding 3 400 37. SUBTOTAL 1 750 163 Corr Contr Prep Mix Paint 3 1 800 167. Walls Circulation 20 350 32 Wash Rack 800 74,Parts Cleaning 150 14.
GROSS TOTAL AREA 2 100 195,Liquid Oxygen LOX 150 14. Table 3 A Space Requirements for Administration Areas Battery Storage 150 14. Jack Test Equipment 3 400 37,Hazardous Waste Accum Point 100 9. Authorized Space Requirements,for the AGE Service Maintenance Area. Authorized Shop,Gross Area 1,Total Storage 2,Oversized Equipment Bay 3. Authorized Area,Additional Area 3,Pieces of AGE SF SM SF SM Walls Circulation 15.
Up to 100 5 400 502 5 687 528 Authorized Area 1 980 184. 101 to 150 6 900 641 8 537 793 Additional Area 3 520 48. 151 to 200 8 050 748 11 385 1 053 GROSS AREAS,201 to 250 9 200 855 14 234 1 322. Authorized Area 15 180 1 410, 251 to 301 10 350 962 17 081 1 587 Additional Area 3 4 020 373. 301 to 350 11 500 1 068 19 922 1 850 GROSS TOTAL AREA 19 200 1 783. 351 to 400 12 650 1 175 22 700 2 115, Table 3 C Space Requirements for Service Maintenance Areas. 401 to 450 13 800 1 282 25 619 2 380,451 to 500 14 605 1 357 28 468 2 644. 501 to 550 15 180 1 410 31 307 2 908 Example Functional Space Requirements. 551 to 600 15 755 1 464 34 155 3 174 Support Area 4. 601 to 650 16 330 1 517 37 004 3 438 Function Net SF Net SM. 651 to 700 16 905 1 570 39 853 3 702 Break Room 7 600 56. 701 to 750 17 480 1 624 42 691 3 966 Rest Rooms 500 46. 751 to 800 18 055 1 677 45 540 4 231 Locker Rooms Showers 400 37. 801 to 850 18 630 1 731 48 389 4 496 Janitor s Closet 75 7. 851 to 900 19 250 1 784 51 238 4 760 Mechanical Room 8 600 56. 901 to 950 19 780 1 838 54 076 5 024 Electrical Room 8 75 7. 951 to 1 000 20 355 1 891 56 925 5 288 Communications Room 8 50 5. Additional Area 3 4 020 373,SUBTOTAL 2 300 214,Example Total Area 19 200 1 783 31 307 2 908.
Walls Circulation 20 460 43,Table 3 B Authorized Space Requirements. GROSS TOTAL AREA 2 760 257,Table 3 D Space Requirements for Support Areas. FUNCTIONAL AREAS, Example Functional Space Requirements LEGEND FOR TABLES 3 A 3 B 3 C 3 D AND 3 E. for a Typical AGE Facility SF Square Feet SM Square Meters. SM SF x 0929 All measurements are rounded, Function Gross SF Gross SM 1 Gross area is based on the number of authorized pieces of AGE as. listed in AFH 32 1084, Administration Area 2 100 195 2 Total storage area covered enclosed open storage.
Table 3 A Covered enclosed storage size will vary depending on base location. 3 Additional area is based on project specific justifiable requirements. Service Maintenance Area 19 200 1 783 4 Administration and support areas are based on the number of personnel. Table 3 C 5 Allow 120 SF per individual for planning purposes. 6 Area is based on 20 SF per seat, Support Area 2 760 257 7 Area is based on 15 SF per seat plus vending area. 8 Allocate approximately 10 of total area for planning purposes. Table 3 D Actual area will vary depending on equipment and base location. 9 Allocate 16 SF per piece of authorized AGE Allowance includes. GROSS TOTAL AREA 24 060 2 235 maneuvering and work space. Table 3 E Space Requirements for a Typical AGE Facility. Figure 3 A Concept Floor Plan,Interior Standards,A General C Color Concepts. Quality interiors create an environment which improves Designers should give special attention to color selection. job performance conveys professionalism and maintains and provide a timeless color scheme Use accent colors. security and safety in the workplace Use qualified sparingly to complement a neutral color scheme. professional interior design services to establish and. coordinate finish materials and furnishings Select Select neutral colors for industrial flooring carpets. finishes for anticipated use durability life cycle wallcoverings and systems furniture wall panels. maintenance cost effectiveness fire and life safety Incorporate accent colors in upholstery graphics. requirements and appearance borders accessories and artwork for design scheme. B Finishes,1 Administrative Areas,IV consistency,D Specialties Accessories. Design administrative areas to resemble a typical office Administrative areas should include modular systems. environment Include carpeted floors gypsum drywall furniture to allow for reconfiguration Systems furniture. partitions vinyl wall coverings wood doors and includes interchangeable wall panels prehung desks and. suspended acoustical panel ceilings storage modules which are combined to form office work. stations Use systems furniture that easily integrates. 2 Maintenance Areas computer hardware Panels should incorporate integrated. Finishes within the maintenance areas are subject to conduits and raceways to hide unsightly wires and cables. constant traffic cleaning and abrasion Install a Sound absorbent fabric panels will reduce background. slip chemical resistant floor coating system Use concrete. noise and provide a quiet work area Finish work surfaces. block walls for impact resistance and massing to reduce in plastic laminate or wood. sound transmission Use hollow metal doors for, durability Provide exposed roof structure to maximize Develop an interior sign plan and use only professionally. overhead clearance above the maintenance bays and made signs appropriately sized for the viewing distance. paint it a light color to increase light reflectance Select professionally framed artwork pictures paintings. and awards that contribute to the facility s decor. 3 Support Areas, Locate a quality display area in the lobby for the.
In support areas select materials which promote, prominent recognition of awards trophies and other. cleanliness and ease of maintenance, forms of notable achievements Use vertical blinds or. miniblinds in administration areas to control daylight. levels and views Use lined draperies to block daylight. in the conference and operations training rooms for. visual presentation These rooms can be divided into. multiple rooms with fabric covered acoustical rated.

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