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This publication is protected by the Copyright Act 1968. State of Queensland September 2018, This work is licensed by the Department of the Premier. and Cabinet under a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY. 4 0 International licence To view a copy of this licence visit. https creativecommons org licenses by 4 0, You are free to copy communicate and adapt this publication. as long as you attribute appropriately including, The name of the publication Advancing Queensland s. hydrogen industry,A link to the work if you have sourced it online. The copyright licence statement above,Indicate if you have made changes to the work.
Advancing Queensland s,hydrogen industry, There is a strategic opportunity for a new hydrogen industry to advance Queensland s priority. for creating jobs in a strong economy, Hydrogen is already used in Queensland by the resources sector for metals refining for our. agricultural sector and biofuels, If hydrogen can be produced and transported in a more cost effective way this will support our. existing resources and agricultural sectors as well as our emerging biofuels industry. There is a further potential to convert Queensland s sunshine and wind into hydrogen so that. Queensland becomes a major exporter of renewable energy. Our significant renewable resources of solar and wind energy our existing gas pipeline. infrastructure and access to ports give us a competitive advantage in the future production. and export of hydrogen, Queensland s proximity to Asia and our existing energy industries position us to meet the. needs of our long established trading partners including Japan which imports 94 per cent. of its energy and is investing heavily to transition to hydrogen. As the world responds to climate change we need to draw on our natural advantages to meet. growing international demand for cleaner energy, Recent technological advances in the production storage and transport of hydrogen have.
renewed global interest in its potential as a renewable energy carrier. Queensland has the skills base to support an innovative industry that addresses challenges. in the competitive production storage transport and use of hydrogen in domestic and. international markets, We want community and industry feedback on the existing and future challenges of the. hydrogen industry and the pathways to facilitate growth. We encourage your participation and will consider all comments Collaboration will inform our. strategy to grow a world class hydrogen industry in Queensland. Together we can develop a thriving renewable energy economy for future generations. The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk MP The Honourable Cameron Dick MP. Premier of Queensland and Minister for State Development. Minister for Trade Manufacturing Infrastructure and Planning. Advancing Queensland s,Queensland s industryIndustry. Liquid water hydrogen bonds,Image Getty Images sitox. Queensland s,Due to Queensland s favourable location a number. of private sector proponents have approached the,Queensland Government recently with proposals for.
commitment demonstrating efficient and economic hydrogen generation. and use in Queensland, to hydrogen Trade and Investment Queensland has commissioned. a report into the future trade and investment opportunities. The Queensland Government is committed to developing for Queensland s developing renewable hydrogen economy. a sustainable hydrogen industry This report which is expected to be delivered in late 2018. As part of the 2018 19 State Budget the Queensland will focus on Japan and other potential markets. Government allocated 750 000 to investigate opportunities Three reports have recently been released about the. to produce and supply hydrogen at a competitive price hydrogen industry opportunity in Australia the National. to alternative energy sources Hydrogen Roadmap CSIRO Hydrogen for Australia s. The Queensland Government is also actively supporting Future Hydrogen Strategy Group for the COAG Energy. industry to develop hydrogen projects that service the Council and Opportunities for Australia from Hydrogen. Exports ACIL Allen consulting for ARENA The Queensland. needs of both domestic and international markets, Government will use the information and recommendations. We are collaborating on a number of potential, in these reports to inform our future hydrogen industry. projects between Japan and Queensland Trade and,strategy and to ensure Queensland capitalises on. Investment Queensland has coordinated a number,emerging opportunities.
of Australian visits by a leading Japanese institution. the University of Tokyo and industry partners The Queensland Government seeks your input on. this discussion paper the Queensland Government s,Through the Department of State Development. investigation into the development of a sustainable hydrogen. Manufacturing Infrastructure and Planning we are,industry for Queensland. providing facilitation services to a number of projects. and are linking them with key partners This includes Questions have been included throughout this document. discussions with the Port of Gladstone in relation to to prompt your views on certain aspects of the industry. hydrogen projects and export opportunities Your input will help the Queensland Government develop. The Queensland Government is supporting the an environment that will allow a sustainable hydrogen. development of innovative hydrogen technologies industry to thrive in Queensland. in Queensland In 2017 Gladstone based Southern Oil. Have your say, Refining received funding to facilitate a demonstration. bio hydrogen generation unit Q What role do you think the Queensland Government can. play in supporting the development of a hydrogen industry. Queensland s close proximity to Asia established, infrastructure and significant solar resources make Q Are there any best practice initiatives that. it an ideal location for hydrogen production and export the Queensland Government should be aware of. RENEWABLEhydrogen,Source Toyota,HYDROGEN Wave Natural gas.
The opportunity,THE OPPORTUNITY,Electrolysis, Quick easy Emits nothing but Smooth Drives like Long Zero CO 2 Comparable 270 Active Stations 6 475 FCEV s sold. to refuel water vapour, 1 00794 1 quiet ride a normal car travel range while driving running costs Public private. Solar PV Reformation,Electricity Water 1s 1,Components of a hydrogen refuelling Oil. gasification station HMA Lighthouse Project,2H 2 0 2 O 20 electricity ELECTRICITY. Upstream Refuelling stationGENERATION ELECTRICITY,ELECTRICITY.
Biomass Gasification,Geothermal,2 1 2 3 4 5,Stationary power applications ELECTROLYSER. Electrolyser Smoothing fluctuationsCompressor, Low Pressure in High Pressure Precooling Dispenser MANUFACTURING ANDproject between HMA its members and. Aim A collaborative,renewable energy and storing surplus. Storage Storage,INDUSTRIAL USES, government demonstrating the potential of green hydrogen. hydrogenmobilityaustralia com au,GAS DISTRIBUTION,Generating.
ENERGY Time EXPORT,About hydrogen Increasing demand. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. and has promising potential as a clean fuel Hydrogen. for hydrogen, is not naturally found in its pure form H2 and the process Driven by global momentum to decarbonise the energy. of extracting or producing hydrogen from other sources market and remove sulphur from petroleum products. has historically been both costly and energy intensive hydrogen generation is predicted to grow. Most hydrogen is currently produced from fossil fuels Industry has been buoyed by the formation of a global. It is used in a wide range of manufacturing and industrial advisory body the Hydrogen Council in 2017 The group. uses including to make ammonia for fertilizers refining consists of leading energy transport and industrial. metals petroleum refining and methanol for making companies including Toyota Audi ENGIE Shell and Linde. artificial material like plastics,Global demand for hydrogen is increasing and the. Renewable hydrogen can be produced using electricity hydrogen market is expected to reach US 155 billion. from renewable energy sources such as solar wind or by 2022 The Asia Pacific region is the largest hydrogen. hydro electricity Technological advances and market market in the world driven by demand from Japan China. forces coupled with the global drive to decarbonise the Singapore and South Korea. economy are forecast to continue lowering the cost of. The growing global market for hydrogen fuel cell passenger. renewable hydrogen Renewable hydrogen may be used, vehicles and broader energy generation provides an. as a direct replacement for fossil fuel produced hydrogen. opportunity for Queensland to adopt this technology and. Advances in technology coupled with demand driven become a major exporter. innovation and global momentum for low emissions, South Korea Japan the United States Europe and the.
energy are forecast to bring renewable hydrogen, United Kingdom have all made significant commitments. production costs down and lead to opportunities for. towards a successful hydrogen energy industry,the commercial scale export of renewable hydrogen. These countries have established programs to support. the rapid scaling up of the commercial hydrogen energy. Fast facts industry This includes supporting uptake of hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen is the first element on the periodic table and has cell passenger vehicles subsidising or building hydrogen. an atomic number of one meaning it has one proton in refuelling stations the development and deployment of. the nucleus of the atom It is also the lightest element on hydrogen for electricity generation trialling or introducing. the periodic table and at normal room temperature and hydrogen powered buses into their public transport systems. pressure it is tasteless odourless colourless and non toxic and supporting industrial uses of hydrogen energy. Advancing Queensland s,Queensland s industryIndustry. Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell,Image Hyundai Uli Sonntag, In Australia CSIRO has recently released the National. Hydrogen Roadmap The objective of the roadmap is to case study. provide a blueprint for the development of an Australian. hydrogen industry It is designed to inform the investment CSIRO. decisions of stakeholder groups that will enable the. In Queensland conditions are favourable to capitalise. industry to continue its growth in a sustainable and. on domestic technological breakthroughs and the global. coordinated manner The National Hydrogen Roadmap, momentum to grow the hydrogen economy In August 2018.
has identified a number of potential uses for hydrogen. CSIRO demonstrated their world first technology for. including hydrogen fuelled transport remote area power. re fuelling hydrogen fuel cell vehicles at the Queensland. systems industrial feedstocks export electricity grid. Centre for Advanced Technologies This project was,firming heat and synthetic fuels. supported by Hydrogen Mobility Australia members, The establishment of a sustainable hydrogen industry BOC Hyundai and Toyota The unique membrane. in Australia has strong support amongst researchers and technology enables the production of ultra high purity. key stakeholders Notably Australia s Chief Scientist hydrogen from ammonia The membrane breakthrough. Dr Alan Finkel AO has proposed a hydrogen city be will allow hydrogen to be safely transported and used. established where the gas supply of an entire Australian as a mass production energy carrier. city would be converted to clean hydrogen,The Queensland Government has committed 200 000. The Hydrogen Strategy Group established under the to CSIRO for a pre feasibility study into establishing an. Council of Australian Governments Energy Council has ammonia to hydrogen demonstration plant in Gladstone. recently prepared a paper entitled Hydrogen for Australia s The project will be a catalyst in opening up the supply. Future which reviews the opportunity for Australia to chain of clean hydrogen to the world including emerging. capture the hydrogen export market and associated markets in Japan South Korea and Europe. benefits in the domestic economy The report concludes. that With the right policy settings Australian hydrogen. exports could contribute 1 7 billion per annum to the. economy and provide 2800 jobs by 2030,The recent establishment of Hydrogen Mobility. Australia a group of vehicle manufacturers energy, companies infrastructure providers research organisations.
and governments also illustrates the private sector s. commitment to develop a hydrogen industry in Australia. Toyota Mirai zero emissions vehicle,Image Toyota Australia. case study Why Queensland, The export story Queensland has the potential to become a global player. overseas markets, in the production and export of hydrogen by using our. natural resources including grid scale solar installations. and Japan s need for creating a new wave of high value innovation focused. jobs in the process, Queensland hydrogen Queensland is well positioned to meet the growing. international demand for hydrogen as well as supplying. Queensland is proud to be working in close partnership with the domestic market Strong and long standing trading. Japan to develop hydrogen export opportunities In recent partners like Japan and South Korea have expressed. years Japan has increased its efforts to establish itself as interest in the potential for hydrogen production in. a renewable energy society and has signalled its intent to Queensland Our established infrastructure close. pursue hydrogen as a core part of its energy solution proximity to Asia significant solar resources and available. Queensland has strengthened its already strong trading land make Queensland well placed to produce renewable. partnership with Japan with the signing of an international hydrogen for domestic and international use. cooperation agreement between the Queensland University Hydrogen s capacity to store renewable energy means. of Technology and the University of Tokyo s Research it could play a pivotal role in Queensland s electricity. Centre for Advanced Science and Technology focused on network supporting the transition to a clean energy future. renewable energy and hydrogen The agreement formalises Energy storage solutions will complement the growth of. the relationship between the two universities and includes renewable energy sources like solar and wind In mid 2018. an undertaking to collaborate on joint ventures and Queensland had more than 2000 megawatts of renewable. academic and scientific activities energy projects under construction or finalising commercial. Visiting Professor Masakazu Sugiyama said Queensland arrangements Queensland s Renewable Energy Expert. has abundant sunlight and a pioneering spirit that we Panel estimated that 5500 megawatts of renewable energy. admire We wish to collaborate together to package capacity would be required between 2020 and 2030 to. sunlight to export to Japan meet the Queensland Government s 50 per cent renewable. energy target This creates a particular opportunity for. Japan has shown interest in importing CO2 free fuel. hydrogen to enable greater utilisation of this infrastructure. produced at Southern Oil Refining s Advanced Biofuel Pilot. Plant in Gladstone Visiting the facility Professor Sugiyama The growth of the hydrogen industry will create significant. envisaged supplying Japan with hydrogen produced using construction and operational jobs and generate broader. clean energy sources such as solar energy or bioresources supply chain development for Queensland manufacturers. Advancing Queensland s,Queensland s industryIndustry.
Southern Oil Gladstone facility,Image Southern Oil Richard Davies. case study Supporting,Southern Oil innovation, The Southern Oil facility in Gladstone received 1 million. The Queensland Government recognises innovation, from the Queensland Government in 2017 to facilitate a. in industry and manufacturing as central to driving. demonstration bio hydrogen generation unit The project. productivity Our capacity to develop and apply cutting. will enable hydrogen production from multiple biological. edge technology systems and products is critical to our. sources The plant will produce bio hydrogen sustainably. global competitive position in new industries, using waste streams potentially reducing running costs. for a range of businesses throughout Queensland Advance Queensland is the Queensland Government s. If the trial is successful it could be rolled out to other vision for the future and exemplifies our investment in. plants and support growth in this industry The project a stronger Queensland economy Funding of 650 million. was funded under the Advance Queensland Biofutures is supporting programs that drive innovation build on. 10 Year Roadmap and Action Plan our natural advantages and help raise our profile as. an attractive investment destination,Since its launch in 2015 Advance Queensland.
Key challenges and has supported the research development and. commercialisation of numerous renewable energy and. opportunities cleantech projects Advance Queensland programs such. as Industry Research Fellowships Innovation Partnerships. Informed by engagement with researchers and industry the Industrytech Fund Ignite Ideas and the Business. the Queensland Government has identified the following Development Fund all have the potential to support. five key focus areas to support the growth of Queensland s the development of innovative hydrogen technology. hydrogen industry projects in Queensland Through Advance Queensland. the Queensland Government can support the research. supporting innovation, and commercialisation of technology to make hydrogen. facilitating private sector investment,infrastructure more cost effective. ensuring an effective policy framework for sustainable. development Have your say, building community awareness and confidence Q What are the current challenges to the development. facilitating skills development for new technology of a hydrogen innovation system. The Queensland Government would also welcome Q Are there research or demonstration opportunities. feedback on the challenges and opportunities for that the Queensland Government should further explore. developing a sustainable hydrogen industry or prioritise. CSIRO Hydrogen Demo,Image CSIRO John Nguyen Photography. case study Facilitating private,Transit Systems sector investment.
Queensland based companies are excelling in the, The Queensland Government recognises the important role. hydrogen field already Transit Systems currently operates. of private sector investment in creating jobs and growing. innovative bus services in Western Australia New South. a strong economy That is why the Queensland Government. Wales South Australia Northern Territory Singapore and. is working with a range of domestic and international. London servicing 330 million customers on more than. proponents on projects ranging from the production. 3164 vehicles, storage and export of hydrogen through ammonia solar. Transit Systems international operations arm powered hydrogen production and the demonstration. Tower Transit has a fleet of 10 hydrogen buses in the of hydrogen fuelled vehicles. Transport for London network that are part of the Clean. The Queensland Government is actively supporting, Hydrogen in European Cities Project Tower Transit has been. industry to develop projects that service the needs of. operating its hydrogen fuel cell buses since June 2013. both domestic and international markets Existing and. They operate on a cascade fuelling system delivering. new businesses seeking to develop renewable hydrogen. gaseous hydrogen that has similar requirements fuelling. energy production or distribution can be offered a range. procedures and fuelling time to a traditional diesel bus. of project facilitation services Assistance may include. Tower Transit operates routes that have been recognised. linking research and commercial partners assistance. as some of the busiest in London servicing Central and. with identifying suitable sites coordinating development. East London Tower Transit is the only operator of hydrogen. assessment and the identification of grants and funding. powered buses in London They are a Queensland based. programs for eligible projects, company at the cutting edge of sustainable transport. The Queensland Government will continue to support. the industry to develop including by using existing. support programs such as the Advance Queensland, Industry Attraction Fund and the Jobs and Regional Growth.
Fund Further information on assistance available to. businesses including financial assistance is available. at www business qld gov au,Have your say, Q Are there other initiatives the Queensland Government. should consider to facilitate new investment in hydrogen. projects in Queensland,Advancing Queensland s,Queensland s industryIndustry. Hydrogen storage system in waste incinerator,Image Getty Images Maciej Noskowski. Ensuring an effective Building community,policy framework awareness and. for sustainable confidence, development Ensuring community awareness and building.
community confidence is essential for any new industry. A regulatory framework that provides both certainty and The Queensland Government will. flexibility is a central component to successfully growing raise community and industry awareness of the. a new industry A careful balance is required to manage potential for Queensland made hydrogen to supply. risks effectively and ensure community confidence whilst growing domestic and international markets. also providing flexibility for a new industry to innovate and build community confidence in the industry through. adjust their operations as they grow effective policy settings. The Hydrogen Strategy Group report Hydrogen for promote the opportunities for renewable and low. Australia s Future emphasises the importance of the right emissions hydrogen energy by highlighting advances. policy settings in stimulating private sector investment in technology and the overall benefits the industry will. bring to Queensland, The report recommended the development of a national. hydrogen strategy to provide direction on matters such The Queensland Government will build on our existing. as progressing international export agreements as well links with domestic and international investors and our. as developing regulations and standards to ensure safety international trading partners to promote Queensland s. in all aspects of the hydrogen sector opportunities in the hydrogen economy. The Queensland Government will collaborate with other. jurisdictions to create a policy framework that facilitates. Have your say, the sustainable development of the industry The Q Are there any best practice examples from other. Queensland Government s Hydrogen Working Group will jurisdictions the Queensland Government could consider. coordinate efforts to streamline the development of the for engagement with the hydrogen industry and the. renewable hydrogen energy industry in Queensland broader community. Q What are the key hydrogen related issues that require. Have your say greater community awareness to increase confidence and. Q What will create a positive regulatory and help support the industry s growth. policy environment to grow the hydrogen industry,in Queensland. CSIRO Hydrogen Demo,Image CSIRO John Nguyen Photography. Facilitating skills Get involved, development for new You can help the Queensland Government create.
an environment that will allow a sustainable hydrogen. technology industry to thrive in Queensland Throughout this. document there are a number of discussion questions. The Queensland Government recognises the importance that are designed to prompt conversation on certain. of maintaining a highly skilled workforce to ensure that aspects of the industry s development You can use these. Queenslanders can secure the opportunities of today questions to guide responses or provide general feedback. and tomorrow To have your say complete one of the following. It is recognised that new skills will be required to facilitate complete the survey available at. the growth of a sustainable hydrogen industry www qld gov au AdvancingHydrogen. The Queensland Government makes significant investment email your written submission to. in priority skills In 2018 19 777 9 million in the Annual hydrogen qld gov au. Vocational Education and Training Investment Plan will mail your written submission to. enable delivery of the training and skills needed by Hydrogen Industry Development. Queensland s industries Investment each year is influenced Department of State Development. by advice from industry on skills priorities and complements Manufacturing Infrastructure and Planning. employer investment in workforce development PO Box 15009 City East QLD 4002. The Queensland Government has committed to Consultation closes on Wednesday 17 October 2018. establishing the Manufacturing Skills Working Group. to develop an implementation plan in response to the. Jobs Queensland report Advanced Manufacturing Skills Where to from here. A Skills Training and Workforce Development Strategy. This discussion paper presents an exciting opportunity. for the Manufacturing Industry in Queensland,for Queensland Your feedback will be used by the. Skills issues identified in relation to the development Queensland Government to develop a strategy that. of the hydrogen energy industry will be referred to the will ensure we can take advantage of the opportunities. Manufacturing Skills Working Group for advice on workforce hydrogen provides for our economy jobs growth and for. development business development and training continuing to improve the lives of Queenslanders and. their communities, Have your say Industry research and community views will build our. Q What training and skills are needed to grow understanding of the key issues barriers and enablers. a sustainable hydrogen industry in Queensland to achieving the vision for Queensland in this space. This feedback will inform the development of the, Queensland Government s Hydrogen Strategy which will.

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