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ABOUT THESE PRINTABLES,Magic School Bus Science in 180 Days. The Magic School Bus Science in 180 Days is a compilation of all Magic School Bus episodes Magic School Bus. Activities and Experiments found on their website supplemental activities and crafts and a list of highly rated. books that support each topic being discussed The curriculum is divided into 13 units covering space plants. energy animals the human body and more This is an excellent curriculum for those wanting to provide their. students with an overview of all types of science and experience Magic School Bus experiments on a budget. Special Notes, Several of these activities are geared for the classroom setting but can easily be adapted to a smaller. family or homeschool setting, The Magic School Bus does NOT support the new earth or creation view of science While most episodes. do not oppose this belief necessarily a few episodes such as the one on dinosaurs may want to be. previewed or skipped depending on your belief in how you approach the time period subject in science. Most experiments and activities use items you can find in most kitchens and classrooms However you. may want to check the supply list found on each activity and experiment description before beginning a. new unit just to make sure you have all the items needed on hand. The book recommendations are not mandatory but incorporating at least some living books into your. studies is encouraged Selections include both fiction and non fiction choices. Want to do less than 180 days All the activities with the asterisks are non Magic School Bus reinforcement. activities You may want to start by eliminating those or you can just pick and choose which activities you d like to. use in each unit to complete the days desired The choice is up to you. All contents of this download are copyright of Cornerstone Confessions 2015 All rights reserved These. downloads are for personal use only As such you are more than welcome to save the files to your computer and. print off copies for yourself and your family whenever you would like YOU MAY NOT alter or sell any of my files in. any form or transmit share or store any of my resources on any other website or electronic retrieval system. Should you use and blog about the use of these lesson plans please provide a link back to. CornerstoneConfessions Com It would also be lovely if you would let me know so I can thank you Besides I d. love to see how these lesson plans have blessed you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Kathy cornerstoneconfessons com You can also visit. my blog at http cornerstoneconfessions com, I pray that these lesson plans will bless your family and help them grow in wisdom and stature and favor with. God and man Luke 2 52 If you have any preschoolers I also highly encourage you to check out my Encompass. Preschool Curriculum which guides little ones hearts minds and bodies to grow into all that God wants them to. be God bless,2015 CORNERSTONECONFESSIONS COM 2,Magic School Bus Science in 180 Days.
180 Days of Science Fun for Kindergarten 1st and 2nd Grade Students. Unit 1 Space,Episode 101 Gets Lost in Space,Topic Solar System. 1 Watch episode,2 Bus Coloring Page, 3 Discover the Planets Activity Note this activity was created BEFORE Pluto was discovered to. NOT be a planet,4 Space Chase Computer Game,Episode 407 Sees Stars. Topic Stars,5 Watch episode,6 Race to the Moon Experiment. 7 Shine On Activity,8 Create Constellation Viewers.
Episode 211 Out of This World,Topic Space Rocks,9 Watch episode. 10 Making Craters Activity,11 What on Earth Computer Quiz. Episode 408 Gains Weight,Topic Gravity,12 Watch episode. 13 Meteorite Beach Experiment,14 What a Downer Activity. 15 Wacky Water Experiment,Recommended Books for Unit 1 Reinforcement.
Gravity by Chin,Liftoff By Bredeson,Little Bear by Minarik. Moon Book by Gibbons,Round Trip by Jonas,Sunshine Moonshine by Armstrong. 2015 CORNERSTONECONFESSIONS COM 3, The Magic School Bus Lost in Solar Space by Cole and Degen. The Magic School Bus Sees Stars by Cole and Degen, The Magic School Bus Space Explorers by Cole and Degen. The Moon by Chrismer,The Moon Shines Down by Brown.
The Sun by Chrismer,There s No Place Like Space by Rabe. What the Moon is Like by Branley,What s Out There by Wilson. Who Likes the Sun by Kaner,Unit 2 Forces and the Weather. Episode 110 Plays Ball,Topic Forces Friction,16 Watch episode. 17 Friction Action Activity,18 Suspend Metal in Mid air Experiment.
19 Clickety Clack Experiment,Episode 404 Goes on Air. Topic Air Pressure,20 Watch episode,21 Pushy Air Activity. Episode 113 Kicks Up a Storm,Topic Weather,22 Watch episode. 23 Watch this weather field trip,24 Wind Spiral Activity. 25 Adventures of WeatherLizard Computer Game,26 Make Rain Indoors Experiment.
27 Tiny Tornados Experiment,Episode 307 Makes a Rainbow. Topic Color,28 Watch episode,29 Color Mixer Activity. 30 Make a Rainbow Experiment, 31 Make colorful flowers or celery using food coloring. Recommended Books for Unit 2 Reinforcement,2015 CORNERSTONECONFESSIONS COM 4. A Rainbow of My Own by Freeman,All the Colors of the Rainbow by Fowler.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Barrett,Forces Make Things Move by Bradley and Meisel. Freddy the Frogcaster by Dean,Move It by Mason, Oh Say Can You Say What s the Weather Today by Rabe. Planting a Rainbow by Ehlert, The Magic School Bus and the Climate Change by Cole and Degen. The Magic School Bus Inside a Hurricane by Cole and Degen. The Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm by Cole and Degen. The Magic School Bus Twister Trouble by Cole and Degen. Thundercake by Polacco,Weather Forecasting by Gibbons. Unit 3 Energy,Episode 210 Getting Energized,Topic Energy.
32 Watch episode,33 Pinwheel Power Activity,Episode 410 Gets Charged. Topic Electricity,34 Watch episode,35 Make the Flow Go Activity. Episode 305 Get a Bright Idea,Topic Light,36 Watch episode. 37 Bounce the Light Activity,Episode 302 In the Artic. Topic Heat,38 Watch episode,39 Inspiration of Insulation Activity.
Recommended Books for Unit 3 Reinforcement,Charged Up by Bailey. Energy Makes Things Happen by Bradley and Meisel,On a Beam of Light by Berne. 2015 CORNERSTONECONFESSIONS COM 5,Switch On Switch Off by Bradley and Meisel. The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip by Cole and Degen. The Magic School in the Artic by Cole and Degen,Unit 4 Machines and Buildings. Episode 208 Revving Up,Topic Engines,40 Watch episode.
41 The Great Balloon Race Activity,Episode 411 Gets Programs. Topic Computers,42 Watch episode,43 Take a look inside your computer. 44 Watch how kids react to old computers,Episode 304 Under Construction. Topic Structures,45 Watch episode,46 Gumdrop Bridge Activity. 47 Pulleys Please Experiment,Recommended Books for Unit 4 Reinforcement.
Bridges by Johmann,Car Science by Hammond,Get in Gear by Fisch. Look at That Building by Ritchie,The History of the Computer by Raum. The Little Engine That Could by Piper,Unit 5 In the Home. Episode 109 Gets Ready Set and Dough,Topic Kitchen Chemistry. 48 Watch episode,49 Pretzel Chemistry Activity,Episode 313 Family Holiday Special.
Topic Recycling,50 Watch episode,2015 CORNERSTONECONFESSIONS COM 6. 51 Back to Basics Activity,52 Recycle This Computer Game. Recommended Books for Unit 5 Reinforcement, Amazing Kitchen Chemistry Experiments You Can Build Yourself by Brown. Recycle Every Day by Wallace,Recycle by Gibbons,Science Experiments You Can Eat by Cobb. The Junkyard Wonders by Polacco,The Science Chef by D Amico.
Where Do Recyclable Materials Go by Persad,Where Does Garbage Go by Showers and Chewning. Unit 6 The Human Body,Episode 202 Flexes Its Muscles. Topic The Human Body,53 Watch episode,54 Give Me a Hand Activity. 55 Human Body Computer Quiz,56 Honey comb Bones Experiment. Episode 309 Works Out,Topic Circulation,57 Watch episode.
58 You Gotta Have a Heart Activity,Episode 102 For Lunch. Topic Digestion,59 Watch episode,60 Who Put the Pop in Pop Experiment. 61 Food Crushers Activity,Episode 406 Goes Cellular. Topic Cells,62 Watch episode,63 Make a Yeast Feast Activity. Episode 401 Meet Molly Cule,Topic Molecules,64 Watch episode.
2015 CORNERSTONECONFESSIONS COM 7,65 Matchmaker Matchmaker Activity. 66 Bubble Fun Experiment,Episode 108 In the Haunted House. Topic Sound,67 Watch episode,68 Seein with Sound Activity. 69 Gets an Earful Computer Game,Episode 409 Makes a Stink. Topic Smell,70 Watch episode,71 Odor Detectives Activity.
Episode 103 Inside Ralphie,Topic Germs,72 Watch episode. 73 Fantastic Fingerprints Experiment,74 Capillaries in Action Experiment. 75 Taste test Provide several items for taste testing Ask Which is sweet sour bitter or salty. Examples Sugar lemon pickle salt,76 Skin to Germs Activity. Recommended Books for Unit 6 Reinforcement,A Germ s Journey by Rooke. Bones Skeletons and How They Work by Jenkins,Colors of Us by Katz.
From Head to Toe by Carle,Germs are Not for Sharing by Verdick. Germs Make Me Sick by Berger,Good Thing You re Not an Octopus by Markes. Inside Your Outside by Rabe,Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie by Sternberg. Little Bunny Follows His Nose by Howard,Look at Your Eyes by Showers. My Five Senses by Aliki,Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear by Martin.
See Inside Your Body by Daynes and King,Smell by Rius. Sounds All Around by Pfeffer,The Gas We Pass The Story of Farts by Cho. 2015 CORNERSTONECONFESSIONS COM 8,The Little Molecule by Nicholas. The Magic School Bus Explores the Senses by Cole and Degen. The Magic School Bus Inside Ralphie by Cole and Degen. The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body by Cole and Degen. The Magic School Bus The Giant Germ by Cole and Degen. The World Inside Us The Land of Digestion by Moniz. What Happens to a Hamburger by Showers,Who s Making That Smell by Hawthorn. Unit 7 Animals Reptiles and Birds,Episode 412 In the City.
Topic Zoo Animals,77 Watch episode,78 Walk on the Wild Side Activity. 79 Animals Computer Quiz,80 Mirror Mirror on the Wall Experiment. 81 Paper Bag Zebra Craft,82 Make a Tiger Mask,83 Make a Paper Plate Giraffe. 84 Classify group plastic animals by water land or air animals And then group animals by farm. pet and zoo animals,Episode 204 Going Batty,Topic Bats. 85 Watch episode,86 Seeing with Sound Activity,Episode 212 Cold Feet.
Topic Reptiles,87 Watch episode,88 Make a Paperplate Turtle. 89 Lizard Life Activity,Episode 402 Cracks a Yolk,Topic Eggs. 90 Watch episode,91 The Inside Eggs pose Activity,92 The Incredible Egg Experiment. Episode 209 Taking Flight,2015 CORNERSTONECONFESSIONS COM 9. Topic Flight,93 Watch episode,94 Fall Floating Gliding Activity.
95 Flying Bus Coloring Page,96 Tweet Tweet Tweet Experiment. Episode 104 Gets Eaten,Topic Food Chain,97 Watch episode. 98 Popcorn Chain Activity,Recommended Books for Unit 4 Reinforcement. A Sick Day for Amos McGee by Stead,Animal Strike at the Zoo It s True by Wilson. Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing by Barrett. Ape Escapes by Newman,Bats at the Library by Lies,Bats by Carney.
Bats by Gibbons,Birds by Henkes,Birds Nests and Eggs by Boring. Ducks Don t Get Wet by Goldin,Elephants by Marsh,Emperor Lays an Egg by Guberson. Fine Feathered Friends by Rabe,Giraffe and the Pelly and Me by Dahl. Grandma Elephant s in Charge by Jenkins,If I Ran the Zoo by Seuss. If You Were a Penguin by Minor,Inch by Inch by Lionni.
Katy No Pocket by Payne,Marsupial Sue by Lithgow,Miles and Miles of Reptiles by Rabe. Mouse and Mole Fine Feathered Friends by Herbert,National Geographic Readers Lizards by Marsh. Nest Full of Eggs by Jenkins,Oliver by Hoff,On Beyond Zebra by Seuss. Scarecrow s Hat by Brown,The Magic School Bus Gets Eaten by Cole and Degen. The Owl and the Woodpecker by Wildsmith,Tigers by Marsh.
2015 CORNERSTONECONFESSIONS COM 10,To Be a Chimpanzee by Kratt. Turtle Crossing by Chrustowski,What s New at the Zoo by Slade. Wild Reptiles by Kratt,Unit 8 Dinosaurs Fossils and Archeology. Episode 203 The Busasaurus,Topic Dinosaurs,99 Watch episode. 100 What are Fossils Activity,101 Fossil Fun Experiment.
102 Watch the Dinosaur News,103 Dinosaurs Computer Quiz. 104 Dinosaur Coloring Page,Episode 306 Shows and Tells. Topic Archeology,105 Watch episode,106 Shoebox Dig Experiment. 107 Artifact Detectives Activity,108 Archeology Computer Quiz. Recommended Books for Unit 8 Reinforcement,Dinosaur Train by Gurney.
Dinosaurumpus by Mitton,Fossils Tell of Long Ago by Aliki. How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food by Yolen, How to Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the World by McMitty. If the Dinosaurs Came Back by Most,The Dog That Dug for Dinosaurs by Redmond. The Magic School Bus Search for the Missing Bones,What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs by Ham. Unit 9 Bugs,Episode 112 Gets Ants in Its Pants,Topic Ants.
109 Watch episode,110 Start an ant farm,111 Be Observ ANT Activity. 112 Insects Computer Quiz,2015 CORNERSTONECONFESSIONS COM 11. 113 Take an Ant to Lunch Experiment,Episode 205 Butterfly and the Bog Beast. Topic Butterflies,114 Watch Episode,115 Tricky Butterflies Activity. 116 Chromatography Butterfly Craft,117 Make an Origami Butterfly.
118 Butterfly Bus Coloring Page,119 Balloon Paint Caterpillars. 120 Watch A Bug s Life,Episode 301 In the Beehive,Topic Bees. 121 Watch episode,122 The Honey Bee Bop Activity,123 A Better Way to Battle Beetles Experiment. 124 Make a toilet paper roll bee,Episode 303 Spins a Web. Topic Spiders,125 Watch episode,126 Tap into a Trapper Activity.
127 Watch Charlotte s Web,Recommended Books for Unit 9 Reinforcement. A Butterfly is Patient by Aston,A Story A Story by Haley. Anansi the Spider by Harcourt Publishers,Ant and Honeybee by McDonald. Ant Cities by Dorros,Are You a Bee by Allen and Humphries. Are You a Spider by Allen,Bugs are Insects by Rockwell.
Butterfly House by Bunting,Caterpillar to Butterfly by Marsh. From Caterpillar to Butterfly by Heiligman,Gotta Go Gotta Go by Swope. How to Hide a Butterfly and Other Insects by Heller. Hurry and the Monarch by Flatharta,Insect Detective by Voake. 2015 CORNERSTONECONFESSIONS COM 12,My Oh My A Butterfly By Rabe. Spiders by Gibbons,The Bee Tree by Polacco,The Bugliest Bug by Shields.
The Magic School Bus Inside the Beehive by Cole and Degen. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Carle,Very Greedy Bee by Smallman. Waiting for Wings by Ehlert,Where Butterflies Grow by Ryder. Unit 10 Water and Sea Life,Episode 206 Wet All Over. Topic Water Cycle,128 Watch episode,129 The Water Cycle Activity. 130 Aqua Vision Experiment,Episode 213 Ups and Downs.
Topic Sinking and Floating,131 Watch episode,132 How Boats Float Activity. Episode 403 Goes to Mussel Beach,Topic Tidal Zones. 133 Watch episode,134 Life in the Intertidal Zone Activity. 135 Marine Life Computer Quiz,Episode 413 Takes a Dive. Topic Coral Reefs,136 Watch episode,137 Seashells by the Seashore Experiment.
138 Tied Together Activity,139 Watch Finding Nemo,Episode 308 Goes Upstream. Topic Salmon Migration,140 Watch episode,141 Journey Home Wheel Activity. 142 Watch Under the Sea 3D,2015 CORNERSTONECONFESSIONS COM 13. Recommended Books for Unit 10 Reinforcement,A House for Hermit Crab by Carle. A King Salmon Journey by Miller,An Octopus is Amazing by Lauber.
Clouds by Rockwell and Lessac,Dolphins and Sharks by Osborne. Dolphins at Daybreak by Osborne,Down Comes the Rain by Branley and Hale. Follow Me by Roberts,Gleam and Glow by Bunting,Let s Try It Out in Water by Simon. No More Water in the Tub by Arnold,Octopuses by Cazet. Octopuses by Hirshi,Rainbow Fish by Pfisher,Shark Lady by McGovern.
Splash By Jonas,Swimmy by Lionni, The Magic School Bus at the Water Works by Cole and Degen. The Magic School Bus Goes Upstream by Cole and Degen. The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor by Cole and Degen. The Magic School Bus Wild Whale Watch by Cole and Degen. Water by Ditchfield,Water Voices by Speed,Unit 11 Rocks and Volcanos. Episode 312 Rocks and Rolls,Topic Water Erosion,143 Watch episode. 144 Rock Shard Puzzle Experiment,145 Get Eroded Activity. 146 Make a stone hot pad,147 Icebox Erosion Experiment.
148 Grow Your Own Crystal Candy,Episode 201 Blows Its Top. Topic Volcanos,149 Watch episode,150 Eruption Activity. 151 Blows Its Top Computer Game,152 Eruptions of Color Experiment. 2015 CORNERSTONECONFESSIONS COM 14,Recommended Books for Unit 11 Reinforcement. Everything Rocks and Minerals by Tomecek,Hill of Fire by Lewis.
I Love Rocks by Miester,If You Find a Rock by Christian and Lember. Let s Go Rock Collecting by Gans and Keller,Pebble A Story About Belonging by Milord. Rocks in His Head by Hurst,Stone Soup by Brown,The Magic School Bus Blows Its Top. The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth,Vacation Under the Volcano by Osborne. Volcanoes by Schrieber,Unit 12 Habitats,Episode 105 Hops Home.
Topic Animal Habitats,153 Watch episode,154 Make an origami frog. 155 Earth Worm ery Activity,156 The Green Habitat Match up Computer Game. Episode 107 All Dried Up,Topic Deserts,157 Watch episode. 158 Create a sand art project,159 Where s the Water Activity. Episode 405 Gets Swamped,Topic The Wetlands,160 Watch episode.
161 Settle Down Activity,Episode 311 In the Rainforest. Topic Rainforests,162 Watch episode,163 The Big Picture Activity. 164 Make a terrarium,165 Where Will the Bus Take You Computer Game. 166 Watch The Jungle Book,2015 CORNERSTONECONFESSIONS COM 15.

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