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A1 FBP CONTENTS,PAGE Section,3 Safety information Mains plug U K only. Modification warning,4 General advice Installation precautions. User information,5 Disposal information EU disposal information. 6 Installation Introduction,Installation,Audio connection. 7 Facilities and connections Main unit front rear panels. 8 Power supply unit front rear panel,9 Remote control Operation and illustration.
10 Operation Starting Volume Mute Phono CD,11 TUNER AUX HT TAPE Recording. 12 Computer setup for USB PC and MAC,13 Problems Basic amplifier fault finding. 14 Specifications,15 Manual history,Issue 1 20th May 2008 Page 2 of 15. A1 FBP SAFETY INFORMATION,IMPORTANT U K only, This unit is supplied in the U K with mains lead fitted with a moulded 13 amp plug If for any reason it is necessary. to remove the plug please remove the fuse holder and dispose of the plug safely out of reach of children. It must not be plugged into a mains outlet, The wires in the mains lead supplied with this appliance are coloured in accordance with the following code.
Green and yellow Earth,Blue Neutral,Brown Live,WARNING This appliance MUST be earthed. As the colours of the wires of the mains lead of this appliance may not correspond with the. coloured markings identifying the terminals in the plug proceed as follows. The wire which is coloured green and yellow must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked with the. letter E or coloured green or green and yellow or by the earth symbol. The wire which is coloured brown must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter L or coloured red. The wire which is coloured blue must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter N or coloured black. If connecting to a BS1363 plug a 13 amp fuse must be used. ANY MODIFICATIONS TO THIS PRODUCT NOT EXPRESSLY APPROVED. BY MUSICAL FIDELITY WHO IS THE PARTY RESPONSIBLE FOR. STANDARDS COMPLIANCE COULD VOID THE USER S AUTHORITY TO. OPERATE THIS EQUIPMENT,Issue 1 20th May 2008 Page 3 of 15. A1 FBP GENERAL ADVICE,INSTALLATION PRECAUTIONS USER INFORMATION. This new A1 FBP is designed and built to provide trouble free performance but as with all electronic devices it is. necessary to observe a few precautions, Heed all warnings shown on the back of the product. Only connect the A1 FBP to a mains outlet having the same voltage as marked at the back of the unit. Always ensure that when disconnecting and reconnecting your audio equipment the mains supply is switched. Position the mains lead and signal interconnects where they are not likely to be walked on or trapped by items. placed on them, Do not use near water or place water filled containers on the A1 for example a flower vase or potted plants.
If water does spill inside immediately pull out the mains plug from the wall socket and inform your. dealer who should then check the unit before further use Entry of liquid into the A1 FBP is dangerous. and may cause electric shock or fire hazard, Do not place the unit near direct heat sources such as radiators direct sunlight or other equipment. Do not remove any covers or try to gain access to the inside There are no internal adjustments or fuses you. can replace yourself Refer all service work to an authorised Musical Fidelity agent. Note Unauthorised opening of the equipment will invalidate any warranty claim. Dust regularly with a soft cloth or soft brush but be careful when using cleaning or polishing agents they may. harm the surface finish, The electronics in modern hi fi equipment is complex and may therefore be adversely affected or damaged by. lightning For protection of the audio system during electrical storms remove the mains plugs and disconnect any. aerial lead, If after sales service is required to help the dealer identify the A1 FBP please quote the serial number located on the. rear panel of the unit,Issue 1 20th May 2008 Page 4 of 15. A1 FBP ITEM DISPOSAL INFORMATION,DISPOSAL AFVAL, The crossed out wheeled bin label that appears on the Het label op de achterzijde van dit apparaat een.
back panel of the product indicates that the product must not be afvalbak op wielen met een kruis doorgehaald geeft aan dat dit. disposed of as normal household waste To prevent possible harm apparaat niet samen met gewoon huishoudafval mag worden. to the environment please separate the product from other waste to weggegooid Om mogelijke schade aan onze leefomgeving te. ensure that it can be recycled in an environmentally safe manner voorkomen dient dit apparaat gescheiden van gewoon. Please contact local government office or retailer for available huishoudelijk afval te worden afgevoerd zodat het op een. collection facilities milieuvriendelijke manier kan worden gerecycled Neem voor. beschikbare inzamelplaatsen contact op met uw gemeentelijke. DISPOSITION reinigingsdienst of met uw elektronica leverancier. La poubelle sur roulettes barr es X qui appara t en logo. sur le panneau arri re du produit indique que celui ci ne doit pas H VITT MINEN. tre trait comme un d chet domestique commun Afin de prot ger Yliruksattua j teastiaa kuvaava tarra tuotteen. l environnement ce produit lectronique devra tre g r takalevyss kertoo ett tuotetta ei saa k sitell normaalina. s par ment et donc recycl selon les nouvelles normes talousj tteen Ymp rist n suojelemiseksi on tuote pidett v. Europ ennes Rohs concernant les d chets d appareils lectroniques erill n muusta j tteest ja se on kierr tett v ekologisesti. Pri re de contacter les services concern s gouvernementaux ou kest v ll tavalla Ota yhteytt laitteen myyj n tai Pirkanmaan. votre point de vente pour l limination et l enl vement de d chets Ymp rist keskukseen l himm n kierr tyskeskuksen l yt miseksi. lectroniques quip s de composants lectroniques,AFSKAFNING. DISPOSAL Logoet med en skraldespand med kryds over p bagsiden. La etiqueta cruzada hacia fuera del compartimiento que af apparatet indikerer at dette produkt ikke m kasseres som normal. aparece en el panel trasero del producto indica que el producto no husholdningsaffald For at forebygge mulig skade p milj et bedes. se debe reciclarse como basura normal de la casa Para prevenir De separere dette produkt fra andet affald og sikre at det bliver. da os posible al ambiente separe por favor el producto de otras genbrugt p en milj rigtig m de Kontakt venligst de lokale. basura para asegurarse de que puede ser reciclada de una manera myndigheder eller din forhandler for oplysning om n rmeste. ambientalmente segura Entre en contacto por favor a su oficina tilg ngelige opsamlingssted for elektronikaffald. gubernamental local o a su minorista para las instalaciones. disponibles de la colecci n, L etichetta del cassonetto barrato riportato sul retro. dell apparecchio indica che il prodotto non deve essere smaltito. tramite la procedura normale di smaltimento dei rifiuti domestici. Per evitare eventuali danni all ambiente separare questo prodotto. da altri rifiuti domestici in modo che possa venire riciclato in base. alle procedure di rispetto ambientale Per maggiori dettagli. sulle aree di raccolta disponibili contattate l ufficio govenativo. locale od il rivenditore del prodotto,FACHGERECHTE ENTSORGUNG. Das auf der Ger ter ckseite angebrachte Label deutet. darauf hin dass das Produkt nicht mit konventionellem. Hauskehricht entsorgt werden darf Um Sch den und, Verschmutzungen an Umwelt und Mensch zu vermeiden muss das. Produkt fachgerecht entsorgt und von anderem Abfall getrennt. werden Wenden Sie sich bei Fragen hierzu an Ihren Fachh ndler. oder an eine ffentliche Informationsstelle,Issue 1 20th May 2008 Page 5 of 15.
A1 FBP INSTALLATION,INTRODUCTION POWER CONNECTIONS. Congratulations on the purchase of the new A1 FBP The A1 FBP is supplied with a matching power supply. Fully Balanced Preamplifier The FBP features fully standard IEC mains cable which plugs into the IEC. balanced signal paths from input via fully balanced input socket at the back of the power supply unit and a 5 way. switches and balanced volume control right the way XLR power lead which connects between the preamp. through to the balanced outputs This helps to keep noise and power supply. and interference to an absolute minimum inherently A1 Fully Balanced Preamplifier. allowing 6dB more headroom within the circuitry, The single ended side features our finely tuned and. tweaked preamplifier circuits for smooth sound coupled. with low noise and virtually no distortion The preamp. section includes a top quality low noise phono stage. A1 Fully Balanced Preamplifier Power Supply Unit,which caters for MM or MC cartridge users The A1. FBP also features a top quality USB input DAC to allow. direct connection to a PC or MAC for listening to,MP3 WAV or other digital music storage formats. Great attention has been paid to internal layout, isolating each circuit section to prevent possible 5 way XLR power lead Mains lead.
interaction, The resultant performance achieved by this unit is. AUDIO CONNECTIONS, among the best in the world It has excellent signal to. Analogue Inputs Connect all analogue sources to, noise ratio low distortion wide bandwidth and dynamic. relevant analogue input RCA sockets see p 7 For more. range with extraordinary resolution and fine detail. information Use good quality fully connected signal. and ground coaxial phono cables for all RCA signal. connections, Before cleaning the units switch off power at the mains. Fully balanced inputs XLR are available for, switch and remove the mains plug from the wall socket.
connecting to suitable components For these we, Clean the cabinets and remote control unit using a moist. recommend any good quality straight through balanced. cloth Using solvents white spirit or thinners is not. advised as they could damage the surface finish,USB Input Connect a USB A to B not supplied. INSTALLATION,cable between computer and USB input if required. Position the A1 FBP and its power supply on a stable. horizontal surface where there is no risk of it being. Please note The USB input is a USB Digital to,knocked or subjected to vibration such as from. Analogue Converter DAC not a host controller It,loudspeakers.
therefore does NOT support direct streaming from, USB players media drives etc It only functions with a. personal computer PDA or equivalent attached,Outputs Connect power amplifier s to the RCA. sockets on the back panel marked as LEFT and RIGHT. Fully balanced outputs are available for connecting to. suitable components For these we recommend any,good quality straight through balanced cables. The TAPE output allows loop through of analogue, signals for example to pass on to recorder or monitor It. is also the ideal output to connect our headphone amps. Issue 1 20th May 2008 Page 6 of 15,A1 FBP FACILITIES AND CONNECTION.
FBP FRONT PANEL,1 2 3 4 5 6,1 ON OFF Button 4 TAPE MONITOR button. 2 ANALOGUE USB INPUT source selector buttons 5 VOLUME up down. 3 DISPLAY 6 IR RECIEVER lens,FBP REAR PANEL,7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18. 7 USB Input type B socket 13 BALANCED HT INPUT 1 input configuration. 8 PHONO INPUT RCA Sockets switch, 9 PHONO GROUNDING 4mm post 14 BALANCED INPUTS 1 HT left and right. 10 CD TUNER AUX HT TAPE INPUT RCA 15 XLR BALANCED INPUTS 2 XLR left and right. Sockets 16 PREAMP OUTPUT RCA sockets, 11 AUX HT input configuration switch 17 BALANCED OUPUTS XLR left and right. 12 TAPE OUTPUT RCA sockets 18 POWER INPUT XLR from Power Supply Unit. XLR Balanced input and output lead connections Pin functions. 1 Ground cable shield,2 Normal polarity hot or,3 Inverted polarity cold or.
for reference only no XLR signal leads supplied,Issue 1 20th May 2008 Page 7 of 15. A1 FBP FACILITIES AND CONNECTION,FBP POWER SUPPLY UNIT FRONT PANEL. 1 MAINS ON OFF Button 2 MAINS ON indicator LED,FBP POWER SUPPLY UNIT REAR PANEL. 3 SUPPLY OUT XLR socket 4 MAINS INPUT IEC socket,Issue 1 20th May 2008 Page 8 of 15. A1 FBP REMOTE CONTROL,Remote control Handset, The universal remote control shown below enables functions from this and related units to be operated from a convenient distance.
Equivalent buttons on the remote control have the same functions as those on the front panel of the unit Other functions are only. available by remote control, As the handset uses an invisible infra red light beam the front edge must be pointed directly towards the receiver window at the. front of the player without visual obstruction between them. If the range of the remote control greatly decreases replace the batteries with new ones Do not mix old and new batteries two. are required size AAA LR03 or SUM 4, Please dispose of used batteries in accordance to local regulations. Tuner Buttons,INFO To access broadcast information. MENU to choose options, AUTO TUNE finds previous next broadcast BAND Selects DAB or FM. MONO STEREO Option for weaker FM STORE Stores station as preset. SELECT To choose preset DAB station,Amplifier Buttons.
PHONO Selects Phono input,CD Selects CD input,PRESET selects preset. BAL2 Selects balanced input 2,TUNE steps up down band. TUNER Selects TUNER input,BAL1 HT Selects balanced input 1 HT. AUX HT Selects AUX HT input,VOLUME UP DOWN sets volume level. USB Selects USB input,MUTE Mutes speaker outputs until.
TAPE Select TAPE input pressed again,CD Buttons,TIME Displays Track Time Time remaining. 0 9 Buttons Used to select track numbers,CHECK Check pre programmed tracks. PROGRAM Programs selection and order of,INTRO Player plays first 10 seconds of each. track CLEAR Clears selected pre programmed,REPEAT Repeats whole disk or selected tracks. A B Sets repeat start end to repeat section, SEARCH Fast forward backward through track of track.
STOP Stop playing Eject CD SHUFFLE Plays back tracks in random. TRACK Next previous track,PAUSE PLAY Stop start CD playback. Issue 1 20th May 2008 Page 9 of 15,A1 FBP OPERATION. STARTING The front panel display will then indicate that the unit is. Once all connections are made switch on the unit using setup for MC cartridges. the POWER button front of the power supply unit The. power LED will light on the supply as well as the,backlit display on the main unit The display will. indicate the product name will show but outputs are. muted for about fifteen seconds so no sound will be CD. heard from the speakers To use the CD input connect CD player outputs to the. A1 FBP V1 0 CD input RCA sockets see p 7 Select CD input using. M MUTE 33 the source up down buttons until CD is shown in the. Once the 15 seconds is up the volume and selected, source input will indicate unit is settled and ready for. CD Selecting the CD input can also be achieved using the. 33 corresponding button on the remote handset see p 9. VOLUME To use the tuner input connect tuner outputs to the tuner. The volume should be adjusted for normal listening input RCA sockets see p 7 Select TUNER input using. levels This is done by pressing the volume up down the source up down buttons until TUNER is shown in. buttons on the front panel The volume level is readily the display. identifiable on the display barographs and numeric. indicator in the above example it is set to 33 of the. full range, Adjusting the volume can also be achieved using the Selecting the TUNER input can also be achieved using.
remote handset using the volume up down buttons see the corresponding button on the remote handset see p. MUTE remote only AUX HT, The sound from the speakers may be muted by use of To use the AUX as standard input check the AUX HT. the MUTE button on the remote Press once and MUTE switch back panel is set to AUX position The display. will show in the display indicating muted state No will then refer to this input as AUX. sound will be heard from the speakers, Connect line outs from source to the AUX input see. To return to listening simply press the MUTE button p 7 Select AUX input using the source up down buttons. again so MUTE is no longer displayed until AUX is shown in the display. To use the AUX as Home Theatre direct input move the. PHONO MM MC AUX HT switch to the HT position The display will. To use the phono input connect turntable cartridge then refer to the input as HT. outputs to the phono input RCA sockets see p 7 Select. PHONO input using the source up down buttons until HT. PHONO is shown in the display 33, PHONO MM Connect line level outputs from home theatre processor. 33 to the AUX HT input see p 7 Volume control is now. only possible for this input on the external processor. Selecting the PHONO input can also be achieved using Please note connecting standard line signals to these. the corresponding button on the remote handset see p inputs in HT mode will cause very loud and damaging. 9 signals into the speakers that cannot be controlled. If moving coil cartridge is used the MM MC toggle through the volume control Please ensure correct. switch on back panel can be used to select MC AUX HT switch position before using this input. sensitivity,Issue 1 20th May 2008 Page 10 of 15,A1 FBP OPERATION. Selecting the AUX HT input can also be achieved using BALANCED INPUT 2. the remote handset using the corresponding button see To use the balanced input 2 connect source unit s. p 9 balanced outputs to the LEFT and RIGHT balanced. inputs 2 see p 7 Select balanced input 2 using the. TAPE source up down buttons until BAL2 is shown in the. To use the TAPE input connect external source to the display. TAPE input see p 7 Select TAPE input using the,source up down buttons until TAPE is shown in the.
TAPE Selecting the balanced input 2 can also be achieved. 33 using the corresponding button on the remote handset. Selecting the TAPE input can also be achieved using. the corresponding button on the remote handset see p RECORDING AND TAPE MONITOR. 9 To record to tape or alternatively CD recorder DAT. minidisk or computer soundcard analogue input connect. USB the tape out to the tape recorder line in Press the input. To use the USB input connect computer USB output to selector button on the front panel or remote control This. the USB socket see p 7 Select USB input using the source will now be routed to the A1 FBP TAPE OUT. source up down buttons until USB is shown in the for recording by tape deck. display The recording can be directly monitored through the. loudspeakers by pressing the TAPE MONITOR button, Press again to return back to the input being recorded. On some 3 head tape decks there is an additional, Selecting the USB input can also be achieved using the tape source switch which should be in the tape position. corresponding button on the remote handset see p 9 for this to work If in doubt please consult tape deck. Note the USB legend will flash if no USB signal is operating manual. detected Note adjustment of the volume control has no effect on. the recording level,BALANCED INPUT 1 HT,To use the balanced input 1 connect source unit s. balanced outputs to the LEFT and RIGHT balanced, inputs 1 see p 7 Select balanced input 1 using the. source up down buttons until BAL1 is shown in the, Selecting the balanced input 1 can also be achieved.
using the corresponding button on the remote handset. To use the BAL1 as a balanced Home Theatre direct,input move the BAL HT switch to the HT position. The display will then refer to the input as HT BAL. Connect line level outputs from home theatre processor. to the BAL1 input see p 7 Volume control is now, only possible for this input on the external processor. Please note connecting standard line signals to these. inputs in HT mode will cause very loud and damaging. signals into the speakers that cannot be controlled. through the volume control Please ensure correct,AUX HT switch position before using this input. Issue 1 20th May 2008 Page 11 of 15,A1 FBP OPERATION. Computer setup for input USB input, A good quality USB A to B cable is required to connect.
the unit to the computer, Plug the B square end into the socket in the back of. the A1 FBP, Plug the A rectangle end into a free USB socket on. the computer,The computer should detect the new hardware and. install a generic driver automatically No setup or driver. disk required,CD MP3 WAV files played on any software should. now play through the A1 This device has been designed. to work with PC Windows 98 ME 2000 XP as well as,Apple Macintosh OS X.
Please note, This device is a high speed serial data processor and by. its nature requires a very high volume of USB, bandwidth It will benefit greatly from being the only. device connected on its USB bus Sharing the same, bus with other devices may cause unwanted artefacts. such as dropouts or temporary loss of signal This, especially includes the use of the A1 FBP on a USB. hub splitter alongside other USB components, Check the computer has picked up the device and is.
currently using it by clicking most Windows versions. Control panel,Sounds and Multimedia,Check that USB audio device appears under. PREFERRED AUDIO DEVICE tab, A second mixer will now be available which will be the. default mixer whenever the A1 FBP is plugged in Use. this mixer to select the source or adjust levels if. Check the computer has picked up the device and is. currently using it by clicking MAC OS X,System preferences. Check that USB audio DAC is selected under the,OUTPUT tab. If the computer s warning sounds chimes are to played. through the A1 FBP make sure it is selected under the. SOUND EFFECTS tab too, Note USB may also be selected as an output in some.
individual programs,Issue 1 20th May 2008 Page 12 of 15. A1 FBP PROBLEMS, Basic problem solving with an amplifier is similar to troubleshooting other electrical or electronic equipment Always check the most obvious possible causes first. such as the following examples,Problem Probable Cause Remedy. No power when POWER button is pressed Mains power plug is not fully inserted into rear Plug in securely. socket or mains socket, 5 way XLR power lead present or plugged in Check XLR power lead is plugged securely into. correctly both power supply unit and Preamplifier, No sound Mute function is still active Press the MUTE button on the remote control to.
Wrong connections between input sources and the Check audio input lead connections and correct. unit source is selected,Volume turned down Check volume level. Sound cut out Loose connection Check input and output connections. When all has been double checked reduce volume,and switch unit back on. Hum Audio connector plug not fully pushed in Insert plug securely. Cable Fault Check cable is connected at both ends, Unsuitable Cable N B Some esoteric cables have internal wiring. e g cable grounds not connected intentionally disconnected modified For best results. on all inputs analogue AND digital please use good. quality screened coax signal and screens both,separately connected at both ends. Loud sound unable to control volume Input set to HT Check switch settings and see pages 10 11 for more. information on the HT inputs and setup, No audio output or too low level output Incorrect or missing connections Check connections and make sure they are secure.
No audio output from USB input USB Cable not connected Check connections and make sure they are secure. USB Driver not selected PC or MAC See P 9 PC users or Mac users section. Not detected when connected to USB USB Cable faulty or disconnected Check and or replace cable. USB indicator flashing USB not working enabled on computer Check USB port functions with another device. Correct USB drivers not installed Please check with the computer manufacturer. can happen particularly with factory preinstalled Enquire about USB driver or update. Windows operating systems, Dropouts in sound USB input Shared USB port with another device Avoid sharing the USB port with other devices if. Computer busy with another application possible, Computer low on resources At times an application program may intervene. sometimes invisibly e g a virus scanner When this,happens computer resources are temporarily used. up and playback may falter This is not a fault Try. running fewer applications if possible, Remote control does not work Amplifier s POWER switch is set to off Set switch to on. One or more batteries fitted the wrong way round Insert batteries correctly. Batteries are flat Change batteries for a new set, Remote control is not pointed directly towards the Ensure there is no obstruction between the remote.
front panel of the amplifier control and amplifier front. Interference from another source Lighting such as fluorescent incandescent or even. sunlight contains large amounts of infra red,radiation Ensure such sources are not shining. directly on the infra red window as this could,swamp the signal from the remote control. Also check the system and any other nearby remotes. for stuck buttons, Remote control range has greatly reduced Batteries are running out Change batteries for a new set. If none of these actions affect a cure please contact the dealer or an authorised Musical Fidelity service agent Remember never open the case of the A1 as this. will invalidate the guarantee,Issue 1 20th May 2008 Page 13 of 15. A1 FBP SPECIFICATIONS,Output Phono RCA XLR Balanced.
Maximum Voltage 9 5Vrms 19Vrms,26Vpeak to peak 52V peak to peak. Pre out impedance 47 47,Line input THD N 20Hz to 20 kHz 0 005 0 004. Signal noise ratio 96dB A wtd 96dB A wtd,Input sensitivity for full output 2 2Vrms 4 4Vrms. volume maximum,Input impedance 75K 150K,Overload margin 12dB 12dB. Channel separation 95dB 96dB, Frequency response 20Hz 100kHz 0 1 1dB 20Hz 100kHz 0 1 0dB.
Phono input Cartridge type MM MC 2 0 0,Phono input response RIAA IEC see graph 1 5 0. Signal noise ratio 81dB A wtd,PHONO RES P O NS E,Input sensitivity 3mV MM 440 V MC dB 0 0. Input impedance 47K ohms 5 0,Overload margin 29dB 1 0 0 R I A A I EC. 2 0 0 3 1 5 5 0 0 8 0 0 125 200 315 500 1000 1600 2500 4000 6300 10000 16000. F r e q u e n c y H z, Connections Line level inputs 4 pairs line level RCA connectors. Main unit 2 pairs XLR female balanced line level inputs. 1 pair phono MM or MC selectable level RCA connectors. Line level outputs 1 pair RCA preamp line outputs level controlled by volume. 1 pair XLR male balanced outputs, Tape outputs 1 pair RCA tape line outputs fixed level.
Digital inputs 1 USB 1 1 32 44 48kHz sample rates type B connection for computer pda. Power input 5 pin XLR from PSU supplied,Power 100 115 230Volts AC 50 60Hz 15W maximum. requirement factory pre set, Accessories A1 FBP Power Supply Unit Matching power supply unit 1 off. Mains lead 10 Amp IEC type 1 off,Power Supply lead 5 way male to female XLR 1 off. Remote control A1 universal 1 off,Batteries Size LR03 or AAA 2 off. manganese alkaline type,Dimensions Preamplifier Unit.
440mm 17 inches wide,77mm 3 inches high inc feet,290mm 11 inches deep inc terminals. Power supply Unit,440mm 17 inches wide,77mm 3 inches high inc feet. 290mm 11 inches deep,Units combined in shipping carton. 536mm 21 inches wide,390mm 15 inches high,385mm 15 inches deep. Weight 4 75 Kg 10 lbs Preamp unit unboxed,4 95 Kg 10 lbs Power Supply Unit unboxed.
14 95 Kg 33 lbs In shipping carton with all accessories. Musical Fidelity reserves the right to make improvements which may result in specification or feature changes without notice. Issue 1 20th May 2008 Page 14 of 15,A1 FBP MANUAL REVISION. RELEASE DATE CHANGES,Issue 1 20th May 2008 1st issue.

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