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A W O R D F R O M, RICK JOYNER, A WORD FROM DEAR FRIENDS The first thing I did was restart the Friday night. RICK JOYNER, PAGE 2 SOS meetings This is the primary on ramp for. January is a new beginning that is celebrated, people with a prophetic gifting or calling to get. THE EMERGING annually I am for this and for celebrating other new. involved in our prophetic ministry , KINGDOM beginnings because we want to maintain a vision to. stay new wineskins So for us January is a month of The SOS meetings are designed to be built on. By Bobby Conner, PAGE 5 reviewing where we were and where we are so that we worshiping the Lord together Leonard Jones leads.
can see where we are going more clearly our SOS worship with a team from the MSU School. DRINK of Worship From the first meeting worship was on. This is a time to acknowledge and celebrate the, By Julie Meyer a high level Leonard has not only been a premier. PAGE 6 accomplishments of the last year It is a time to. worship leader for decades but he is also considered. evaluate our present position and opportunities and. YOU RE NEVER a father to worship leaders and musicians all over the. TOO OLD AND, also the resources we have for seizing those opportuni . world He has been attracting some of the best to the. IT S NEVER ties We also study our trajectory as a ministry to. TOO LATE MSU School of Worship and we can see the, evaluate needed corrections We will have completed. By Mark Sankey potential for a new wave and a new sound to emerge. this by the end of the month I can give a more, from this school It is powerful to have this worship. comprehensive report then but here are a few 2017. MISSIONS as a basis for the SOS meetings , highlights that will have a big impact on MorningStar.
THE FATHER in 2018 and beyond The first of the new SOS meetings were held in. IN CUBA the newly opened Bob Jones Vision Center It was a. by Jorge Parrott A PROPHETIC COMMUNITY AND, highly charged and encouraging night but the. TEACHING CENTER, crowd was so large that the BJVC could not contain. PARTNERS SPOTLIGHT The original vision I was given for MorningStar in the people and many were left standing outside So. JUGGERNAUT, PRAYER 1982 was for a prophetic community and teaching we moved the meetings to our Atrium There it has. PAGE 12 center I was told in a vision that when the prophets and continued to grow both in the presence of the Holy. teachers learned to worship the Lord together like they Spirit and in people We are already seeing that we. FROM THE did at Antioch He could release true apostolic authority could outgrow our Atrium soon We ll deal with. DESK OF again Many parts of this vision are now a reality and it that if we have to but the hunger for the prophetic. DAVE YARNES is time for the different aspects of this to be assembled is increasing dramatically . together This is how we will proceed with this , After worship we have teaching on the pro . WHAT S HAPPENING, A NEW YEAR SCHOOL OF THE SPIRIT SOS phetic ministry and the gifts that we try to limit to.
PAGE 14 thirty minutes We spent 2017 strengthening the. A resurgence of the prophetic is now taking place . VISION foundations and focusing on the basics of the. and I felt that I needed to personally take over our. by Mary Anne Hardiman prophetic ministry One factor that became. prophetic ministry and prophetic teams for a time . apparent was that we have a much more spiritually. 2 JANUAR Y 20 1 8 T HE M OR N IN GST A R J OUR N A L. mature group coming than we ve had before Most who I was told in a vision that when the. prophets and teachers learned to, come are already at a high level and thus they have the. potential to go higher very fast , After the teaching on the prophetic we may have a little. worship the Lord together like they, ministry from the front but try to get to practical training did at Antioch He could release true. quickly We encourage those attending to apply what was just. taught in small groups around the tables This is where some. apostolic authority again Many parts, of the really exciting prophetic ministry and gifts have begun of this vision are now a reality and it is. to flow One of the most encouraging things to me personally time for the different aspects of this to. has been to sit back and watch people ministering to each. other hearing the occasional screams of awe and delight and be assembled together . to see the excitement grow as God speaks to His people . We have already started some work on building and. and higher with sound teaching and doctrine as the. rebuilding prophetic teams and this will be the major thrust. strong mooring for high level prophetic ministries that. for SOS in the New Year Joe Shrewsbury who headed our. are emerging , prophetic ministry for several years is developing new.
standards for both team training and leadership on all levels We want to keep promoting world class teaching and. We will begin implementing this soon teachers ones who are united with the arising prophetic. ministries We believe that authentic apostolic ministries. THE TEACHING CENTER, will emerge from these with apostolic teams that will. In 1982 I was shown the teaching center aspect of the help build apostolic churches that again shake the nations. community I was told that we would be given a pulpit with the gospel of the kingdom . where messages would be preached that would go all over the. Our next goal is to be the prophetic community we. world This was long before the Internet and snail mail was. are called to be a place where people can come inquire. about the only way to distribute messages internationally . of the Lord and leave knowing they have heard from. Even so our messages began to be copied and distributed. Him At the same time we are praying for a manifest. around the world Our MorningStar Journal quickly had. presence of the Lord here that is so great that those who. subscriptions from over eighty nations Even now about. come experience the greatest worship teaching preach . 80 of those following our ministry are international . ing miracles prophetic ministry and the greatest, Now we are able to reach top leaders in virtually every hospitality and fellowship but leave being drawn more to. country immediately The volume has also increased and this the Lord Himself than to these things I think we are. year we may exceed reaching 100 million unique individuals getting close to this . just through social media We ve had many messages and. A PERSONAL NOTE, styles of worship impact possibly the entire body of Christ . and our reach is still growing I continue to have extremely painful complications. from the knee replacement surgery I had in July This has. Lance Wallnau first called us a movement of thinking. me tied to home until it s resolved Though this is painful. prophets We are known around the world as a movement. and unrelenting much good has come from it My own. of uncommon depth and substance The demographics of. spiritual hunger and relationship to the Lord has grown. the core followers of our ministry tend to be highly educated . much during this time and I am getting revelation on a. high impact people mostly leaders That is why Morning . higher level than I ever have before , Star University has become a leadership institute This is our. calling and it fits us In all this we are resolved to excel even Some of this revelation has been so great that even if I. more in all that we do We always seek to go deeper wider had another lifetime to process it I still don t think I. TH E M O R NI NG S TAR J O U R NAL V O L U M E 2 8 NO 1 3. could process it as it deserves to be processed I was told that PROPHETIC PERSPECTIVES TV. this was a taste of the eternal gospel that we will be. We are preparing to begin taping over the next few weeks. learning about for eternity as mentioned in Scripture Just. in order to release Prophetic Perspectives 3 0 the first of the. from the two downloads I got in one week I could easily see. year It will be a new and fresh direction focusing more on. how we could unpack revelation for eternity without getting. the coming kingdom of God than on current events I will. bored My vision of God grew dramatically as well as my. address important current events as needed as that is part of. vision of eternity and my hunger for learning all I can now . my calling However this is not my main calling and I am. A most exciting aspect of this is that something in this happy to be getting back to what is far more interesting and. revelation will also increase people s spiritual hunger when important the coming kingdom of God . they hear it This is a gift I ve been praying for many years to. have a message and ministry that draws people to the Lord. and increases their desire to know Him I will be addressing the Tower in more depth in a coming. report We had some major breakthroughs on this recently . Between those two revelations I had that day the joy of. and we hope to see them manifested in our court case soon I. the Lord came on me like I have never experienced It was. am more optimistic than ever that we will be able to get this. not a giddy joy and not like the holy laughter released. project going soon Please keep praying for the courts . years ago This was more profound and so great that it was. judges and lawyers and most of all that the Judge will. impossible for me to get angry at anything even when I. decide this soon so we can get this important part of our. tried I could forgive anyone for anything I m sharing this. vision completed , because I think this was prophetic of something coming .
When I ve shared this in a couple of meetings a number of THE GOVERNMENT. people had it hit them later The joy of the Lord is our. I do stay in touch with many in the Trump Administra . strength and we need this , tion receiving calls or getting briefed on things This is a. I have also been given what I call downloads on the part of my calling too and I want to take it seriously We re. revelations I wrote about in The Path I hope to finish facing serious challenges in world and national affairs at this. volume two this year and I see how volume one and volume time Even so I only have to spend a fraction of the time at. two of this series eclipse The Final Quest series as a word for this now compared to what I did over the last couple of. the times I ve had many expansive visions such as Visions years As I have said for decades revival and another Great. of the Harvest the ones I wrote about in The Final Quest Awakening is the only answer to our most pressing problems . series and others but what is coming now is stretching me I am now devoting most of my time to seeking to help lay a. greatly in their expanse and depth foundation for the coming revival . So even though I don t enjoy the pain that is tying me Thanks again for being our friends and co laborers for the. down I know that getting this written and sent out is likely Gospel I think our team is more focused and energized than. the most important thing I m doing The Lord had to have ever and we re seeing more fruit than ever In almost every. the Apostle Paul imprisoned so he would write the letters way I think the ministry is stronger and positioned for our. that turned into some of the most powerful writings ever biggest growth yet this coming year As always I pray. penned I m not comparing myself to Paul and I certainly constantly for the II Corinthians 9 6 12 grace in your life . don t consider that I m writing anything on that level but I. In His Service , think these are some of the most important messages I ve. ever been given So I ll take the pain over something like. prison but at the same time I would rather be sensitive. enough obedient enough and wise enough to not need such. Rick Joyner,help I appreciate your prayers , I Corinthians 15 58. 4 JANUAR Y 20 1 8 T HE M OR N IN GST A R J OUR N A L. The Emerging, Kingdom Company, B Y B O B B Y C O N N E R. he Spirit of Truth said to me Announce an His sovereignty and power yet operating from a firm. emerging generation that will demonstrate foundation of Christ s love . dominion demeanor and establish God s, EXALTING THE KING IN HIS KINGDOM IS OUR.
kingdom by love , HIGHEST GOAL, In a powerful prophetic encounter I heard these. This emergent generation will demonstrate a domin . words A Kingdom Company an emerging generation, ion demeanor and establish God s kingdom with. that will take charge They will rule the visible world. Christ centered love The Spirit of God is releasing the. from the invisible realm We are seeing a righteous revo . much needed grace to display God s love while demon . lution that will redefine Christianity Christianity will. strating kingdom authority see Luke 10 19 We have. become something we do not merely something we say . sought God s power but He longs to release passion first . THE KINGDOM COMPANY WHO ARE THEY A baptism of love is being released and it is the love of. Jesus Christ that will ultimately motivate us By His. God s Kingdom Company will consist of overcomers . endless love flowing freely from these overcomers all. With no other agenda their uppermost goal will be to. men will truly see Christ Jesus declares A new com . assure that Christ Jesus receives the glory due His name . mandment I give to you that you love one another . This emerging generation transcends both gender and as I have loved you that you also love one another . age they will be defined by hearts and lives totally By this all will know that you are My disciples if you. consumed with a burning passionate love for Christ and have love for one another John 13 34 35 . His presence They will have responded to the knocking. of Christ at the door They have tasted at His table and are. now seated in a place of authority and power BOBBY CONNER and his wife Carolyn are founders. of Eagles View Ministries EVM a global outreach that. Behold I stand at the door and knock If anyone focuses on revealing a demonstration of God s awesome. hears My voice and opens the door I will come in to power They pastored two Southern Baptist churches for. him and dine with him and he with Me To him who over twenty six years and they have been ministering for. overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne as almost five decades in numerous nations across the earth . I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His Their goal is to prepare an overcoming generation that. throne He who has an ear let him hear what the transcends gender and age raising the standard of purity. Spirit says to the churches Revelation 3 20 22 and power to transform nations Bobby has authored. numerous books and for over four decades he has, God is calling and commissioning His kingdom averaged five speaking events a week Bobby and Carolyn. Company to function in dominion authority revealing have been married for over fifty years . TH E M O R NI NG S TAR J O U R NAL V O L U M E 2 8 NO 1 5. Come and Drink, B Y J U L I E M E Y E R, esus boldly told the Samaritan woman at the well of Jacob that she could. come to Him and He would give her living waters He was speaking figura . tively of the Spirit of God We cannot live without natural water and so we. cannot spiritually live without the water of the Spirit of God Jesus taught the. disciples in Matthew 5 6 that blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righ . teousness for they will be satisfied NAS , It is interesting that Jesus said that we should.
thirst for this righteousness That provokes me to. ponder why being thirsty and righteousness go, together Because righteousness is an old English. word that has become somewhat vague and, religious in our modern world I believe it begs a. new definition or translation If you boil down, the Ten Commandments as Jesus did when He. said The greatest commandment is to love, God with your whole heart and soul and. body see Matthew 22 37 that grand state , ment boils down to doing the correct or right.
thing for God people and ourselves , So when we hunger and thirst to do the right. thing He promised that we would be satisfied , How does this happen The only way this. happens is if we have the indwelling presence of, God in our hearts via His Holy Spirit David said. 6 JANUAR Y 20 1 8 T HE M OR N IN GST A R J OUR N A L. God has invited mankind to fellowship with Him since the days of. Adam and Eve He made it easy for them to know Him His heart. has never changed and He has again made it easy for us to experience. Him by the sweet indwelling presence of His life giving Spirit . in Psalms that his heart and flesh longed and thirsted for them to know Him His heart has never changed. God in a dry and weary land see Psalm 63 1 Again the and He has again made it easy for us to experience. language used here is symbolic and points to water for the Him by the sweet indwelling presence of His. thirsty David mentioned the life giving power of the life giving Spirit . Spirit of God in Psalm 51 11 do not take Your Holy. Come and drink of His living waters and allow, Spirit from me . them Holy Spirit to well up in you like the well, David loved the Presence of God and the Holy Spirit where Jesus invited the woman to drink of His.
He knew that if he grieved the Spirit of God He might living waters This Samaritan woman was outcast. leave him and then the Presence of the Lord would and probably depressed Her own people had. diminish David lived in the days the Old Covenant and probably rejected her and the Jews had also rejected. so did the Samaritan woman at the well Jesus came along her people For Jesus to talk to her was actually. and told this woman that she could have living waters culturally forbidden She must have felt unworthy. inside her and would never be thirsty again This woman and even tried to test Him and get out of the. was considered to be a Gentile and not allowed in the situation But Jesus gently shared love and hope. Jewish temple Jesus risked much to minister to her and with her and she was so transformed that she went. probably stirred up come controversy as people heard to her village and told people about her experience. what He did and many people found Jesus that day Regardless of. how we feel about ourselves He is always telling us. God has invited mankind to fellowship with Him, Come and Drink Come to Me and I will give. since the days of Adam and Eve He walked and talked. you living water and you will never thirst again . with them in the garden when He came to visit them He. was about cultivating a relationship He made it easy for. JULIE MEYER is a longtime worship leader songwriter at the. International House of Prayer and has been leading since. So when we hunger and thirst to before IHOPKC s start in 1999 She is a prophetic singer with a. do the right thing He promised heart to carry the glory and presence of God as an abandoned. that we would be satisfied How, worshiper Her prophetic experiences and understanding. of God through intimacy have greatly fueled her musical. does this happen The only way creativity in the house of prayer Julie has recorded several. this happens is if we have the, albums and recently authored the book Invitation to. Encounter In her traveling ministry at conferences and. indwelling presence of God in churches Julie teaches about the kindness of Jesus from the. our hearts via His Holy Spirit Song of Songs and about the wealth of going deep in God . Julie and her husband Walt have three sons , TH E M O R NI NG S TAR J O U R NAL V O L U M E 2 8 NO 1 7. You re Never Too Old , and It s Never Too Late, B Y M A R K S A N K E Y.
esus prepared for thirty years for a ministry that was awesome magnificent . and so filled with life that no other ministry will ever come close and He. did all of this in about 3 1 2 years Notice that His ministry was about one. tenth of His entire span in this world He prepared in a family and we under . stand that He was also taught in the local synagogue I am sure it was something to. see Him interact with His teachers as it was when He remained behind at the age of. twelve in Jerusalem He listened and questioned and all were amazed Are you ever. amazed at those things He does in your own life I have been Amazing grace . We all desire to be of use to the Lord This is typical is in the real nitty gritty rubber meets the road of. when we come to that place of knowing Him when family living that we are matured It was the same. we are truly born of the Spirit If we step out ahead of for Jesus and we are no greater And the learning. time ahead of His leading we fall Like Peter we see extends into the church family . Him out on the water Peter had the sense and experi . I could have addressed this to the Joshua and, ence as a disciple to ask the Lord to call him out Then. Caleb Generation the 50 people but I do not, came the distraction the doubt and Jesus pulled him. want to limit the reach I find wonderful daily, out Been there done that many of us can say Yet. connections in coffee shops bars and on the, true ministry is developed over time as we step out and. street with young and old friends As Heidi, sometimes fall For many of us we have had to call on.
Baker encourages us stop for the one I have also, Jesus to save us to pull us out of our mess We learned. been learning not every one can we stop for I, that He is faithful He cannot deny Himself He loves. might say to us all rather than focusing on being. us and having called us He is more committed to our. used simply spend time with Him and I assure, growth and true success than we are . you He will launch you I often say to others, Many of us have experienced failures in families that it has taken forty years of His faithful. and our most basic human relationships Oh how we working to get me here this position of know . want to be useful vessels It is all about relationship It ing I am seated with Him that I have something. 8 JANUAR Y 20 1 8 T HE M OR N IN GST A R J OUR N A L. of His mind the mind of Christ No I have certainly not. arrived but that wretched spiritual pride has been beat. I could have entitled this You Are, out of me pretty well Never Too Young You Are Never.
So to the Joshuas and Calebs every day is in Christ a Too Old The phrase It s Never. new beginning It is all by Him and through Him I have Too Late is included to destroy the. notion that we have missed it and, been basking in Hillsong worship for some months Their. focus on Christ draws my roots deeper and deeper The. weak being made strong in the Savior s love are you no recovery is possible It is never. knowing this Are you finding yourself more immovable. than before We are among those sons maturing ones . too late until He says so , being brought to glory . Our continued growth and fruitfulness is directly. ready Through faith and patience we inherit the, proportional to the depths of our root in Christ I recent . promises Caleb did not take his personal inheri , ly had the picture of a root sunk into a rock The rock . tance until he had fought alongside his people and. Christ has sealed in the root We cannot be moved Many. helped them gain theirs , of us are now so rooted understanding the goal of.
humility lowliness and meekness before Him Living in We have considered family ministry and personal. His presence makes this happen If we seek His face it growth We could prioritize these and some value. will happen He is more focused on us than we on Him might be gained but if we look at these three objec . He has invested the blood of His Son and as Misty tively we see that they move together and our. Edwards has sung He will not relent progress is irregular Breakthroughs and promotions. come as we cooperate with God s Spirit but nothing. So to you old ones I want to encourage you in, replaces learning daily faithfulness to the revelation. your perseverance your personal marathon The Lord. we have Above that He is faithful We do not wait, led my wife and me to a piece of property In our. to seek Him for His glory to be known by us and, situation then and now we did not have the means to. seen through us Waiting on Him is never passive , purchase it I wept as I realized the Lord wanted to give. True patience is an activity as we are focused on Him . it to us I had conversations with the Lord about it I am. like Caleb and Jesus is my Joshua in the process same I could have entitled this You Are Never Too. name same character same spirit One day the Lord Young You Are Never Too Old The phrase It s. told me it could not happen until everyone involved was Never Too Late is included to destroy the notion. that we have missed it and no recovery is possible . It is never too late until He says so And yes He, Our continued growth does that In the meantime never give up never.
surrender except to Him , and fruitfulness is directly. proportional to the depths of our, root in Christ I recently had the In May of 1974 sitting in an office cubicle in central New. picture of a root sunk into a rock , Jersey Jesus Christ became real to Mark Sankey and he. was filled with His Spirit After forty years of walking in. The rock Christ has sealed in His love Mark writes of the deep riches of Christ at www . the root therichesofchrist com Mark and his wife Augusta reside in. Frederick MD with their wonderful extended family . TH E M O R NI NG S TAR J O U R NAL V O L U M E 2 8 NO 1 9. M O R N I N G S T A R M I S S I O N S, Honoring the Father. B Y J O R G E P A R R O T T, hat are you dreaming of Imagine burden is light but it s the.
riding a horse in Cuba in the Lord s will for us to do things that are. 1940s dreaming of a nation impossible in our own strength The greatest liberty. awakening to the true identity of and reward comes to the one who is a bondservant of. who Jesus is and what He wants to be for the Cuban the Lord see Romans 10 17 Hebrews 11 6 II Timo . people Sidney Correll rode on horseback to the top thy 2 24 James 2 14 16 . of a high hill covered in sugar cane overlooking the. I asked Antero in 2001 about the time coming, ocean near Las Palmas about an hour and a half west. when Cuba would open up to more freedom and how, of Havana Sidney had been asking the Lord for a. exciting that would be He replied If my people had. place to build his first church and training center As. the freedoms you in the U S have would my people, he looked down at the beautiful blue ocean and the. love the Lord the way they do I was stunned What, bay the voice of the Lord spoke to him If you ask. happens when you have no choice but to trust the Lord. the man who owns that land to sell it he will agree . even for your next meal or pair of shoes for your. He rode his horse down the hill on a dirt path to ask. children Material comforts are distractions that cause. the man and the man said yes , us to be lukewarm and complacent which limits all the.
Thus began Sidney and Helen Correll s first faith Lord has planned for our growth and fullness With. adventure establishing churches and raising up freedom comes greater responsibility see Luke 12 48 . nationals in Cuba and then doing the same in many. Cuba was much different in the pre Castro era This. other nations Sidney Correll was the founder of, island nation of eleven plus million has been through a. CMM also known as EagleMissions and was a, lot and generations have suffered under the Castro. spiritual father to Alfred Garr Sr and many others . regime During the last fifty eight years under the. I met Sidney Correll s first convert in 1999 oppressive Marxist socialist regime many Christians. Sidney led Antero Acoy to the Lord in 1948 I met have been imprisoned and killed Many churches were. Antero many times the last being before he died in boarded up for decades Cuban believers have perse . 2016 when he was 98 years old Antero was a true vered through many trials oppression injustice and. apostolic father to many in Cuba When I asked atrocities Today the body of Christ in Cuba is strong . Antero why he never left Cuba even though he had resolute and committed to their faith in the Lord . the opportunity many times he said the Lord called Oppression continues yet the waters are stirring and. him to be a shepherd to God s people and His waves of national revival are forming . All Scripture, purpose for Cuba to know Jesus as Lord . references The world needs to know about the overcoming. are New Great leaders stay where the Lord calls them to faith of several generations who have thrived in Christ. King James finish their task The easy way out is rarely the in the midst of adversity There are many lessons. version Lord s desire Yes His yoke is easy and His freedom loving people everywhere need to learn from. 10 JANUAR Y 20 1 8 T HE M OR N IN GST A R J OUR N A L. this pressure cooker nation It is not over yet The Many churches were boarded. heat is still on but the fire of God burns hotter and is. up for decades Cuban believers, replacing the fire of oppression with such joy and faith. that no government of man can quench it have persevered through many. RIDING THE WAVE OF REVIVAL trials oppression injustice . Osmani is a former and atrocities , professional baseball player Five hundred and thirty five leaders.
who got saved and answered on their knees seeking the Lord. the call of God He is a for 2018 and praying for a quarter. million new souls ,courageous and joyous,evangelist and one of the. new fathers leading many to the yielded surrendered life. Jesus and discipling true Jesus showed them Osmani. saints in Cuba His teams cast the vision with a bold. have led over a quarter of a declaration for this apostolic. million souls to Jesus since army to see by faith and believe. the late 1990s Recently for a quarter million new,they had their annual believers in 2018 . leaders conference and five hundred thirty five leaders and. Thousands of Osmani s HTF Bibles which have, pastors from across the island gathered for fellowship and. known sports figures sharing their testimonies have been. strategic times of worship praise prayer and seeking the. printed in Cuba and given out to disciple many These. Lord for the next year Their faith commitment zeal and. warriors of the Lord are going beyond denominational. momentum are indeed contagious see Hebrews 11 37 40 . lines or restrictions and bringing true maturity and unity. Pray for Cuba to awaken as a sheep nation to be one as the body awakens and prepares to welcome the harvest . of many shining lights ready to fulfill many prophetic. Osmani earned his Doctoral Degree from our MSU, words given them about a revival so fresh and powerful. School of Theology visit www msutheology org and has. that it spreads worldwide Many prophetic words have. one of two of our schools thriving in Cuba His key. been spoken about Cuba bursting with the holy fire of. leaders have graduated or are currently students in our. God and missionaries being sent from there to the, school and they are helping to transform Cuba Osmani.
nations particularly Russia Rick Joyner said that a. pushes the students with a strong foundation in the living. revival like the earth has never seen is coming to Cuba . Word Holy Spirit and prophetic training to hear the. We see it happening right before our eyes in this season . Lord clearly and then boldly carry out divine instructions. RAPID ACCELERATION to bring lasting fruit and transformation Pray for our. schools in many nations to have real impact and bring. Each year the teams reach across the island with, eternal change . great enthusiasm and strategies compelled by the love. of Jesus to see the lost encounter and know Him As the Help us train the trainers in many nations Resources. fruit of their efforts spread momentum is growing to and equipping for our teams and schools are needed more. shepherd the rapidly growing number of believers in than ever If you are called to go to Cuba with us contact. Jesus When I first met Osmani reports were of three Missions Director Jorge Parrott Call the Missions Office. then six and then twelve thousand new believers each at 803 802 5544 ext 392 or email missionsbase gmail . year Last year over thirty thousand received the Lord as com Pray give go and visit http eaglemissions org . Savior Osmani challenged his leaders to pray and live urgent needs . TH E M O R NI NG S TAR J O U R NAL V O L U M E 2 8 NO 1 11. P A R T N E R S S P O T L I G H T, Juggernaut Prayer . Juggernaut A massive inexorable force campaign movement . or object that crushes whatever is in its path , n the Partners Department we receive approximately one hundred to one hun . dred and fifty prayer requests from Partners each week When we asked the Lord. for His plan regarding these requests He put it on our hearts to create a Partners. Prayer Center PPC As we moved forward with this we realized that His plan would. result in a three pronged juggernaut of prayer with and for MorningStar Partners . Every Thursday at 2 30pm EST the Partners used office furniture filled the tiny space perfectly . Intercession Team prays over all Partner prayer and volunteers now have a space in the Partners. requests This powerful time of intercession has Department to call Partners and pray by phone . been happening for several years without, The number of prayer volunteers is increasing each. interruption , week so much so that this part of our ministry can t be.
We will be offering an additional prayer initia contained in the tiny closet space intended for that. tive for prayer groups in early 2018 We promise use Our goal is that prayer volunteers would be calling. you will love it Partners to pray throughout the day Monday through. Friday We want to make sure every prayer request is. The Partners Prayer Center PPC has already, honored with a response . begun to take shape and you may have received, a call from a Partners Department prayer We do not live in easy times and it is wonderful. volunteer to pray with you to have Partners like you who support MorningStar. Ministries We love getting feedback from you and, The Partners Prayer Center started life in a storage. we are honored to receive your prayer requests Be. closet for deceased office machines and ancient filing. on the look out for a special announcement about, cabinets Once we got it cleaned out a little paint. another way we will be offering prayer ministry to. and carpet made it complete A couple of phones and. our Partners , 12 JANUAR Y 20 1 8 T HE M OR N IN GST A R J OUR N A L.
F R O M T H E D E S K O F, DAVE YARNES, esearch shows that individuals approach the Attitude makes the difference. topic of change and movement towards, fulfilment and prosperity in one of two. between those who live, ways There are those who believe they have their dream and create the. no control over exterior conditions and are not able to life they believe they are. destined for and those who, influence or affect change On the other end of the. spectrum there are those who believe they can change. and control most aspects of their environment This live at the mercy of their. second group has a strong understanding that their. actions can dramatically influence their personal world . current surroundings and, The first group will be driven by circumstances not.
circumstances , by choices The second group will live a more dynamic. and forward driven life The bottom line is that the. type of passion and clarity is released Let me say it. more influence you believe you have the more things. simply clarity and visualization of what matters, you will try to influence and the more success you. most to you will create a lifestyle of passion This is. will sustain Just trying to exert influence creates a. what I have come to label core passion and it is a. higher probability of actually making change , powerful tool for continuous change . Attitude makes the difference between those who, Make the decision now to have an empowering. live their dream and create the life they believe they are. attitude towards change and challenge It will make. destined for and those who live at the mercy of their. all the difference as you make plans towards your. current surroundings and circumstances , idyllic future As you take on the challenge you will.
As you go into this New Year consider your be able to refine your understanding of the changes. attitude towards success and change When the time that must occur to get you from where you are now. comes for transition your core passions keep you to where you want to go I assure you that your core. motivated You may have tried to muster this passion passion will build with this clarity . from time to time but if you re like most when the. In His service , moment passes or the project ends the passion fades . Why This type of passion is what I call situational. passion It exists only in relation to a cause However . when you undertake the task of uncovering and Dave Yarnes. defining what matters most to you a true and lasting Executive Vice President MorningStar Ministries. TH E M O R NI NG S TAR J O U R NAL V O L U M E 2 8 NO 1 13. W H A T S H A P P E N I N G A T M O R N I N G S T A R. THE YEAR IN REVIEW, appy New Year to our Partners and dear friends of the ministry 2017 was full. of growth momentum and incredible moves of God This time last year we. were preparing for Trump s inauguration and now we are reflecting on a year. of him in office It has not been an easy year but the challenges make us stronger and. bring about positive change for our nation , It was great to be part of the Awaken the Dawn in October The event was a sign. of God s people coming together to battle for His will to be done in our nation . There s no doubt that we are on the brink of another great move of God . We also held our biggest conference in years in 2017 Wild Love brought. in fifteen hundred registered guests We also had the honor of hosting. 500 Hilton Head hurricane evacuees for a second time another. example of God s blessing in times of trouble There were so many great moments this. past year and as always this was made possible by your prayers and support Thank. you for making 2017 such a great year ,NEW YEAR 2018 CONFERENCE. e love a good party, here at MorningStar , and that s what we.
had at the New Year 2018 Gather ,ing Worship leaders Suzi. Yaraei Amber Brooks and,Leonard Jones led us in,praise and dancing and. we also had the privilege,of having Rick Joyner ,Dutch Sheets and Bishop. Wellington Boone join us,as our main speakers ,All offered anointed. teaching seasoned with,great humor , 14 JANUAR Y 20 1 8 T HE M OR N IN GST A R J OUR N A L.
V I S I O N, M A R Y A N N E H A R D I M A N, Women s Ministry Director MorningStar Ministries. had a dream and in the dream my husband and I had just. purchased property and were inspecting it before taking. possession I said to the gentleman showing us around So. the border of our property goes to that tree line over there . right Oh no he said You see those hills in the distance . Your property goes way over there to those hills I was so. excited In the dream I jumped up and down after realizing. that we had received much more than we had thought . That s how it is in the kingdom of God I Corinthians 2 9. says Eye has not seen nor has ear heard nor has it entered. into the heart of man all the things that God has in store for. those who love Him NKJV The Passion translation writes. it this way Things never discovered or heard of before . COMING IN 2018 things beyond your ability to imagine these are the many. things God has in store for all His lovers In other words . Seeing the Future Advanced Pro , we haven t even dreamed of the things that God has planned for. phetic Conference February 8 10, us I ve heard it said that Jesus deserves for us to walk in the. Worship Collective 2018 March 1 3 fullness of everything that He obtained on the cross We have so. much more available to us than we ve ever dreamed The. 50 Joshua and Caleb Generation, believer s walk is an overcoming and victorious one Jesus did. Conference March 22 24, not go through the scourging the pain and the spilling of His.
SHINE Women s Conference blood for us to walk in a partial victory . April 19 21, Psalm 78 speaks of Israel limiting the Holy One by their. If you are eager to fellowship with stubbornness and unbelief We cannot allow our preconceptions. like minded believers make lifelong to limit the power and the promises of God For all His prom . friendships and experience life chang ises are yes and amen in Him unto the glory of God see II. ing revelation then register for one of Corinthians 1 20 . our conferences God is building His,kingdom You don t want to miss it . TH E M O R NI NG S TAR J O U R NAL V O L U M E 2 8 NO 1 15.

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