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It s all in the details,most of the time I m content to work as an. out of the box builder Molded plastic parts are,more detailed than ever and once exotic pho. toetched metal and cast resin parts are more com, mon in off the shelf kits Usually everything I need. is provided neatly bagged and tucked in under the parts trees. Sometimes though my passion for detail goes beyond the. boundaries of a box stock build Maybe it s a passion for the. subject matter or maybe it s a desire to push the limits of my. skill that drives me to add a higher level of detail I bet you ve. had the same experience, FineScale Modeler was founded to feed your passion for mod. eling whether you re a weekend builder or a die hard master. modeler Either way we hope you ll enjoy this booklet and. thanks for your interest in FSM,editor finescale com.
2009 Kalmbach Publishing Co All rights reserved This publication. may not be reproduced in whole or part without written permission from. the publisher except in the case of brief quotations used in reviews. Published by Kalmbach Publishing Co 21027 Crossroads Circle P O. Box 1612 Waukesha WI 53187 1612 Printed in the U S A. www FineScale com A3,special section ADDING DETAIL. 1 48 Scale Construction,Detailing and painting a, Most Japanese aircraft outclassed Brewster s Buffalo. when World War II started but 20 F2A 3s fought hard. at the Battle of Midway in June 1942 Bart modeled,one of those defenders converting and detailing. Tamiya s 1 48 scale F2A 2,am a big fan of Allied World War II aircraft. and I ve always liked the look of Brewster s lit,tle barrel shaped Buffalo Finding Tamiya s.
1 48 scale F2A 2 kit and an old AeroMaster,F2A 3 conversion set in my stash and needing a. bit of a break from my usual armor building I, decided to take a crack at this conversion project. To spruce up the model I added some Eduard, photoetched metal details and a resin landing gear. set from Czech Master Kits,Fuselage surgery,Normally I start an aircraft model with the cock. pit This time I felt I needed to see how well the,resin conversion piece would fit the Tamiya fuse.
lage I didn t want to cut the fuselage apart with,the cockpit in place. After cleaning up the parts I removed the for, Converting Tamiya s 1 48 scale kit to produce ward sections of the Tamiya fuselage halves parts. 14 and 52 according to the instructions in the, a Marine Corps fighter By Bart Cusumano AeroMaster set 1 Test fitting showed a good fit. between the altered fuselage and the resin part,A4 FineScale Modeler Adding Detail. Eduard Tamiya panel,photoetched,film panels,Styrene rod.
Eduard rudder, Bart saws off the front part of the Buffalo fuse Bart replaced heavy plastic rudder pedals with The detail of the old Tamiya Buffalo cockpit isn t. lage halves AeroMaster resin will extend the Eduard photoetched metal and doctored them up bad but Bart wasn t satisfied He enhanced the. fuselage for the bigger engined F2A 3 with scratchbuilt improvements walls with photoetched metal. Strip styrene Styrene rod engine,Styrene supports,Resin ribbing. Pen marks to details,locate ribs,Styrene strip ribs. rear Scratchbuilt,Ejector pin end,Eduard oil tank,mark filled with Copper wire. photoetched metal,styrene disk hydraulic lines, Tweezers position styrene strips in the cockpit After fitting the CMK resin gear bay bulkhead Bart detailed the interior of the AeroMaster fuse.
floor before gluing Bart trimmed them to fit after Bart combined details from the CMK resin and lage section as it would be visible through the. the glue set Eduard photoetched metal sets then added cop Buffalo s wheel wells. per wire for hydraulic lines, Cockpit metal and the rest of the CMK parts and After picking out cockpit and gear bay. Tamiya s 1970s vintage cockpit provides used copper wire for hydraulic lines 5 details with Model Master and Humbrol. OK detail but it can benefit from addi I detailed the interior of the main enamels I dry brushed the engine with a. tional parts because so much will be on dis AeroMaster fuselage section with styrene mix of silver printer ink raw umber oil. play under the large canopy strip ribbing then added styrene rod paint and Model Master flat black It s. I used Eduard s two part photoetched engine mounts and a scratchbuilt oil tank I important to note that the printer ink I. metal instrument panel be careful to had a poorly molded resin Curtiss Wright used is not the type used in computer. choose the right one Eduard provides four engine but the rear section the part visi printers but an ink used for commercial. options It really made the cockpit come ble through the gear well was usable I printing. alive I added photoetched metal rudder removed the rear added a few details then After spraying Testors Dullcote on. pedals using short pieces of styrene rod to attached it and the resin exhaust collector everything except the instrument panels. replace the flat metal pneumatic tubes on ring to the AeroMaster section 6 Then I and letting it dry for a couple days I. each pedal 2 cleaned up the Tamiya engine for painting applied a raw umber pinwash I added. I enhanced the cockpit walls with scratches and chips with Model Master and. Eduard parts 3 and replaced the kit s seat Interior decorating Humbrol enamels and worn through to. with Eduard s photoetched metal item I primed all the interior components the aluminum wear applied sparingly using. I also added strip styrene ribbing to the except for the instrument panels with a the silver ink mix 7 I finished with. cockpit floor in the lower wing 4 mix of Model Master Italian dark brown another coat of Dullcote. No 2111 and flat black 1749 enamels I I installed the interior then glued the. Wheel wells and engine airbrushed panel interiors in the cockpit fuselage together and attached the wings. Good reference material is key here First I and most of the wheel bay with Model. removed molded details that would be Master interior green 1715 mixed with Nose job. replaced with resin photoetched metal and my dark brown primer then misted over Once the engine was mounted in the. scratchbuilt parts both areas Panels are highlighted with AeroMaster part I attached the Tamiya. The big addition was the resin wheel straight interior green to give the colors cowling The extremely poor fit required a. bay bulkhead from the CMK set it needed depth I hit the rest of the gear bay with lot of sanding and reshaping which. dry fitting and fiddling but in the end it fit Model Master medium gray 1721 high obscured a lot of panel lines I had the same. perfectly I added Eduard photoetched lighted with light gray 2038 fit issue when I mated the forward and rear. www FineScale com A5,Subtle silver Raw umber,chipping pinwash. green chips,Details hand painted,with enamels Layered interior. Careful painting and weathering brought the Despite early test fitting Bart ended up with Bart pulled virtually every trick to blend the resin. Buffalo s cockpit to life This view shows the star gaps at the front and back of the resin fuselage plug including styrene strip and stretched sprue. board wall extension shims gap filling super glue and epoxy putty. All the reshaping obscured engraved detail,SOURCES Photoetched metal details Eduard. Kit Tamiya 1 48 scale U S Navy Brewster No 48387 420 47 611 8259. F2A 2 Buffalo No 61019 Note This kit www eduard cz. was first issued as No MA119 It is Resin details Czech Master Kits. currently out of production but Tamiya s No 4169 www cmkkits com. B 339 Buffalo kit No 61094 contains,the F2A 2 parts it s available from REFERENCES.
Tamiya America 800 826 4922 F2A Buffalo in Action Aircraft No 81. www tamiyausa com Jim Maas Squadron Signal, Conversion set AeroMaster No HT 4 ISBN 0 89747 196 2. out of production Note Special Hobby Navy Air Colors United States Navy. www mpm cz has released a couple of kits Marine Corps and Coast Guard Aircraft. of the long nosed Buffalo including one Camouflage and Markings Volume 1 10. boxed as an F2A 3 Battle of Midway 1911 1945 Thomas E Doll Berkley R To model the canopy open Bart cut apart the. Buffalo Much of Bart s work is applicable Jackson and William A Riley Squadron windscreen and rear sections from the Tamiya. to this kit Signal ISBN 0 89747 143 1 parts and combined them with the sliding section. Decals Yellow Wings sets 48 048 U S Navy and Marine Corps Fighters of the AeroMaster vacuum formed canopy. and 48 025 908 862 7176 William Green and Gordon Swanborough which had the correct F2A 3 framing. www yellow wingsdecals com Arco Publishing ISBN 0 668 04121 8. doesn t conform well I cut the label tape,into thin strips then reinforced each strip. fuselages 8 I eliminated gaps and steps used water Squadron polishing sticks and with Tamiya tape to prevent slippage 14. using a combination of plastic strip Brasso to clear them up I added canopy I masked the cockpit wheel wells and. stretched sprue super glue and epoxy putty side rails with styrene strip then attached engine opening with Tamiya tape facial tis. as filler 9 the windscreen blending with epoxy putty sue and Silly Putty. Sanding the canopies to fit obliterated, Canopy Stem to stern the molded framing I used photos draw. AeroMaster included a vacuum formed I scratchbuilt an arrestor hook from flat ings and a spare canopy as guides to mask. canopy with correct F2A 3 framing But tened and bent solder then glued it in the the frames with Tamiya tape cutting thin. I ve never been satisfied with my ability to retracted position in the Buffalo s tail After strips of tape on glass and applying them to. blend thin vacuum formed parts into a hollowing out Tamiya s exhaust stubs with a the canopy For rounded frames I used an. model So I combined the sliding section motor tool I attached a small piece of brass old Verlinden scribing template to trace the. of AeroMaster s canopy with Tamiya front rod in front of the cockpit as a secure appropriate shapes onto tape. and rear sections 10 I thinned the mount for the gunsight 12 A rubdown with alcohol and my Buffalo. exposed edges of the Tamiya parts with a I super glued the resin AeroMaster pro was ready for paint. No 11 blade for better scale appearance peller hub to Tamiya s prop hollowed out. Before adding the rear canopy section I styrene rod for the wing and cowling guns Painting. built up the rear deck with styrene sheet and added styrene rod and strip to CMK s I primed the airframe with the same mix of. and strip 11 then attached Tamiya s life tail wheel 13 Italian dark brown and flat black used. raft container and an Eduard photoetched inside I like to work in thin airbrushed. metal antenna Scribing and masking coats of color from dark to light to give the. I corrected the rear canopy s poor fit I rescribed missing panel lines using Dymo finish a richer look. with stretched sprue styrene strip and label tape as a guide In places with weird For the underside I airbrushed Model. epoxy putty filler After sanding and blend and difficult curves such as the sides of the Master medium gray No 1721 on panel. ing the clear parts were a foggy mess I fuselage and the cowling thick label tape centers leaving dark primer exposed at the. A6 FineScale Modeler Adding Detail,Styrene strips will be Headrest. cut to length after the,glue dries,Styrene strip gunsight.
canopy rails support, The long deck behind the cockpit received sty Bart inserted a thin brass rod in front of the Bart spruced up CMK s resin tail wheel with sty. rene sheet and strip before Bart added the kit s cockpit to support the kit s telescopic sight Note rene rod and tube replacing much of the struc. life raft canister and headrest the styrene canopy rails ture to add realism. Hint of dark,Label tape primer,Tamiya washed,masking Ultra highlights panel. tape lines,Penciled panel,Highlights, For a curve hugging scribing guide Bart cut Bart achieved layered and weathered camou Bart s rescribed panel lines proved too shallow. label tape into thin strips that could be easily flage over a dark primer spraying thin coats of for a sludge wash so he drew them in with a. bent He backed the strips with Tamiya masking progressively lighter shades gray artist s pencil over a coat of clear flat. tape to make sure they stayed put, plied the model and bureau numbers as were added around high traffic areas such. edges Then I misted medium gray over well as the service designation on the tail as the cockpit and wing gun access panels. the entire model partially blending the as well as the leading edges of wings and. dark brown Next I highlighted panel cen Weathering stabilizers I used the silver ink mix and. ters with Model Master light gray 2038 To define the panel lines I applied a sludge placed those chips inside previously applied. Topside I airbrushed panels with a mix wash of acrylic paint and water with a few dark scratches and chips. of Humbrol flat RAF blue No 96 and drops of dish detergent Unfortunately the I added a little Model Master raw. Humbrol gloss midnight blue 15 then rescribed lines didn t hold the sludge they umber enamel to Dullcote then sprayed. misted the entire upper surface to blend the weren t deep enough I guess I airbrushed and streaked the fuselage behind the cowl. brown primer I added a little Humbrol Testors Dullcote then used a gray artist s ing working patiently and building up light. steel gray 87 to the blue mix to further pencil to draw the rescribed lines I was coats until it looked right This toned down. highlight panel centers After adding a little constantly sharpening the tip and the tech the penciled panel lines. more steel gray to the highlight color I nique was time consuming but the results An application of Dullcote sealed every. highlighted leading edges wingtips and were worth it 16 I sealed my work with thing Then I removed the canopy masks. the low points between ribs on control sur another layer of Dullcote and added CMK resin navigation and for. faces 15 Next I applied a raw umber pinwash to mation lights set No 4060 using. A coat of Pledge Future floor polish define control surfaces as well as selected Dullcote as an adhesive After attaching the. airbrushed at 30 psi through a small nozzle rivets and panel lines I feathered the effect propeller and a stretched sprue antenna. sealed the paint in preparation for decals with a little clean thinner then further soft wire my F2A 3 was battle ready FSM. and weathering ened it by dry brushing the base colors. The U S Marine Buffalos at Midway around the washed areas. carried few markings I used Yellow Wings On faded WWII Pacific Theater fight www FineScale com. Decals national insignia set No 48 048 ers areas of wear show up as darker marks To see more of Bart s 1 48 scale F2A 3. and fuselage codes 48 025 to mark it as and scuffs I recreated these by very lightly Buffalo visit www FineScale com and click. the F2A 3 Capt William C Humberd dry brushing the base color I added on How to Articles Subscribers can also. flew on June 4 1942 when he downed a scratches by thinning the base and applying read about Brewster s diminutive fighter and. Kate and a Zero Leftover Microscale it with a fine point brush its role at the Battle of Midway. decals they were about 20 years old sup A few restrained chips of bare metal. www FineScale com A7,special section ADDING DETAIL.
1 48 Scale Construction,Superdetail,Scratchbuilt aftermarket parts. enhance Tamiya s kit by Bob Zoglio,YAMAMOTO S,G4M1 BETTY. n April 18 1943 Adm Isoruku the rudder pedals placed a thin styrene disk panel with Eduard photoetched brass and. Yamamoto best known for between the pedals and bar then reattached sealed the rear of the panel with styrene. planning the attack on Pearl the pedals For foot straps I bent brass strip Since the panel rear is visible through. Harbor died when the strips and attached them across the rudder the nose I detailed it with styrene rods as. Mitsubishi G4M1 in which he was travel pedals painting them later to look like well as wire hoses and cables 3. ing was ambushed and shot down by a leather I attached styrene grips and brass I sawed off most of the seats supports. squadron of P 38 Lightnings over the levers to the throttle quadrant 2 later leaving the tabs to attach the seats to. Solomon Islands To depict his transport painting them red blue and black the flight deck I used a sewing. I ve loaded Tamiya s model with a ton of To make sunshades I pin to model rivets on the seats. scratchbuilt detail and a few photoetched painted toilet paper with I ve loaded then added lots more detail. metal parts light gull gray lots of thin such as adjustment levers and. ner and flat base then Tamiya s model bracing made from styrene. Cockpit applied a light wash of with a ton of brass hooks and clips brass. Early on I decided to add visual interest by burnt umber and Permtine scratchbuilt armrests and lap belts from. deflecting the control surfaces I cut the thinner I created a closed my spares box 4 Electrical. yokes from the control columns and reposi shade by rolling the tissue detail boxes are placed throughout. tioned them left 1 Using a punch and die around a 020 sprue rod then the cockpit. set I made thin styrene disks then glued attached it by running it between I planked the navigator and. them to the columns and reattached the two sprue stops I attached to the canopy radio operator tables with scale wood. yokes I added wiring and a styrene rod I made a rolled up shade by wrapping thin from Kappler Mill Lumber Co which I. microphone to the control columns brass strip around the paper sanded to shape and stained with Minwax 5. To left deflect the rudder bar I removed I improved the front of the instrument Scratchbuilding a radio support I. A8 FineScale Modeler Adding Detail,Throttle quadrant Styrene. grips and brass levers Rudder,Foot strap,from brass. bar Styrene disk, Bob removed the yokes from the control columns The rudder pedals and throttle quadrant were.
and deflected them left enhanced with styrene and brass. Bob closed the rear of the instrument panel with Souped up seats include brass hooks and clips. styrene strip then installed bundles of styrene brass armrests lap belts and adjustment levers. rod detail wire hoses and cables shaped from styrene. Furled sunshade,To model Adm Yamamoto s ill fated trans. port Bob improved Tamiya s 1 48 scale,G4M1 Betty with loads of scratchbuilt. detail and a few photoetched metal parts, mounted two posts on the deck placed Unfurled sunshade. 5mm hollow rods over the posts then 5 6, attached mounting brackets made from Bob super glued 012 x 023 wood from Cramped crew To get the scratchbuilt radio sup. plastic sheet I had a tough time getting the Kappler Mill Lumber Co for the navigator and port to fit Bob drilled holes and glued a channel. support to fit under the canopy I had to radio tables down the center of the canopy He says If. glue a U channel down the center of the you re going to add a radio support I recom. canopy as well as a sprue stop 6 mend looking for a vacuum formed canopy. I rendered the radio box from plastic Styrene radio box Note the homemade sunshades. stock adding handles rivets and a vent,hole To replicate the radio face I photo.
copied a scale size faceplate used Pledge References. Future floor polish to attach the copy to Mitsubishi G4M1 Web site http. styrene then applied a wash of Future www aramant com chuukou zukai html. thinned with acrylic aluminum 7 Wire G4M Betty Volume 42 Gakken Co. and strip sprue produced the headset 28 gauge wire. Japanese text,Styrene knobs, Studying references I painted the cock handles Japanese Aircraft Equipment. pit light green 8 7 Robert C Mikesh Schiffer Publishing. Using a styrene angle as a guide Bob rendered ISBN 0 764320 97 1. Bombardier and turret stations the radio box from sheet styrene handles are. I drilled out four holes on each side of the 28 gauge wire For the radio face he glued on a. bombardier s window frame and added photocopied image and attached knobs made. t strip styrene bracing under the bombar from styrene. www FineScale com A9,Scratchbuilt Styrene eyecup, Yoke Lap belts from spares box Scratchbuilt radio Headset made from. radio support wire and sprue,Bob reshaped the bombsight with styrene rod. and flat stock using a punch and die set to,make styrene knobs and an eyecup. Instrument panel,rear detail Styrene Planked navigator.
Throttle adjustment lever and radio tables, The Betty s cockpit chock a block with detail was painted light green An Eduard ammunition rack Lewis canisters. and a scratchbuilt foot extension enhanced the,tail turret. To realistically reflect the weight of the plane Bob flattened the main wheels with a device he made Bob used a motor tool to drill out the exhaust. of scrap wood featuring holes sized for wheels of various sizes stacks painting the insides flat black. dier s station To detail the Type 90 Mk 1 Eduard photoetched metal ammunition sprayed them Tamiya flat aluminum then a. bombsight I punched out styrene dials rack Lewis ammo canisters and a footrest mixture of Future clear blue flat green and. added knobs and an eyecup and attached I made by tracing the shape of the floor on a few drops of Mr Color to make it easier. an electrical cable Plastic rod and flat stock white paper using a micro ruler to measure to airbrush. helped me reshape the bombsight 9 I items and assembling details from styrene After installing brake lines for the main. sanded to depict the optical lens of the strips and rods 10 The tail turret glass landing gear I sprayed them with metallic. sight then painted the bottom of the sight varied on G4M1s Yamamoto s aircraft had gray and medium gray and applied a wash. charcoal gray the lens gloss black the short version So I shortened the glass To replicate the weight of the plane I. From styrene rods and strips of sprue I with a razor saw a motor tool thinned the flattened the main wheels with a home. scratchbuilt a motor for the glass dome in edge to scale I shimmed the gun mount to made wooden clamp featuring precisely. the nose lightly scoring it with a K S tube get a better fit I also shimmed trimmed sized holes to handle large and small. cutter I replicated part of the turret track and added stops to fit and reinforce the wheels 11 When clamped the wood. by heating a thick strip of sprue and shap bomb bay doors flexes to keep the wheels firmly in place I. ing it with a file deflected the tail wheel by drilling a hole to. I punched out aluminum bracing for the Nacelles and more accept a brass pin mount. top turret post scattered Eduard pho I added a U channel to the nacelles as well. toetched metal ammunition canisters more details rivets flight control cables a Engines and more. throughout the gun stations and bored out main hose a brake reservoir made from After drilling out the exhaust stacks with a. the guns plastic strip plus reservoir and hydraulic motor tool I base coated them with a mix. To the tail turret station I added an lines Before mounting the nacelles I of metallic gray and medium gray applied a. A10 FineScale Modeler Adding Detail, Engines Things supplied the resin Kasei 21 Bob used black artist s oils thinned with Permtine Talon acrylic metallics and a dark wash of acryl. engines which Bob finished with a wash of to put oil leaks on the spinner ics helped Bob finish the underside of his Betty. burnt umber ivory black and yellow ochre, mix of metallic gray medium gray and and stabilizers with wood epoxy and drill spraying dark spots throughout I created. bronze then used flat black to replicate ing lightening holes in the spars along the chips and wear by dry brushing metallic. soot inside the stacks 12 sides After rounding the control surface paint and using fine grit sandpaper on the. I installed Engine Things resin Kasei fronts and installing mounting rods I tops of the wings fuselage and nacelles. 21 power plants No 48167 painting the notched the control surfaces and attached Roy Grinnell www roygrinnell com. forward part of each engine block and outer them deflected provided the 323 decals which went. cylinders a mixture of aluminum metallic down well Since the kit s ID plate decal. gray and bronze the aft part of the engine Finishing up had a clear background I cut a rectangle of. blocks dark sea gray XF 54 and the I masked the clear parts with Tamiya tape Bare Metal Foil attached it removed. pushrods black After a wash of burnt and Bare Metal Foil sealing them with creases with a cotton swab brushed it with. umber mixed with ivory black and yellow Future After checking for flaws with a Future then applied the ID decal. ochre I painted the spark plug wires metal primer coat of Mr Surfacer 1000 I painted During the build I broke a few flap. lic gray and installed the engines inside the underside with Talon acrylic aluminum hinges So I made a master from plastic. cowlings detailed with styrene strip fram building up layers of the very thin paint I transferred the image to thick stock and. ing 13 sprayed the undersides of the fuel tanks shaped new ones. Metallic gray medium gray and flat alu aluminum and steel then applied a sealing I heated Airfix sprue to make antennas. minum finished the propeller blades After wash of acrylics throughout the underside attaching them with Elmer s glue and. masking the blades with Parafilm I sprayed before selected panels were airbrushed with painting them metallic gray I attached. the hubs aluminum mimicking oil leaks other metallic shades 15 cable tensioners with Elmer s glue then. with black artist s oils thinned with I airbrushed the upper surface with a tightened the antennas by placing a blown. Permtine 14 mix of Tamiya dark green XF 70 and a out wooden match underneath them With. I removed the rudder ailerons and ele lighter gray green making the outer wing that my first Japanese bomber was com. vators filling gaps in the control surfaces panels darker than the inboard panels and plete FSM. Tons of scratchbuilt detail went into,Bob s build of Tamiya s 1 48 scale.
Mitsubishi G4M1 Model 11 Betty,www FineScale com A11. special section ADDING DETAIL,1 350 Scale Construction. BUILD YOUR,WARSHIP Photoetched metal brings to life. Hasegawa s 1 350 scale Yukikaze,by Paul Champigny, usually model U S ships but I was It s all in the details. intrigued by Hasegawa s 1 350 scale I attached the bilge keels without filler. Imperial Japanese Navy Kagero class drilled out the hull portholes and replaced. destroyer Yukikaze which looks radically the styrene propeller shafts with 040 brass. different from its American counterparts I rod 1, built Hasegawa s 1940 version of the ship Instructions for Eduard s photoetched.
kit No 40063 Hasegawa also offers a metal set are complex and thorough I used Weapons. 1945 configuration kit No 40022 and Eduard s photoetched metal torpedo han After cutting the plastic gun barrels from. enhanced it with Eduard s photoetched dling structure girders as well as the twin the blast bags I drilled holes with a 70 bit. metal detail set No 53032 25mm anti aircraft guns 2 and inserted Modell Marine s brass gun. Opening the box I was impressed with Consisting of 14 photoetched metal barrels 3. Hasegawa s beautiful crisply molded parts and two styrene parts the anti aircraft Each of the three gun turrets received a. sprues The kit includes a two piece hull gun platform was a nightmare to assemble dozen photoetched metal parts mostly. and a three piece main deck as well as sup After many attempts I finally aligned all small railings that proved difficult to attach. ports for the hull and deck parts An option the parts with the platform the plastic 4 I added 18 photoetched metal parts. for a waterline build is not included Over supports the photoetched metal cross including more tiny railings to the two tor. all Hasegawa s parts have excellent fit piece and the gusset rings It was worth the pedo launchers 5 These subassemblies. making the Yukikaze perfect for first time hassle though were difficult to handle so many small. ship modelers parts to break but added a lot to the ship. Adding small details can provide impressive Time and again Paul chose Eduard s photo Paul cut off the plastic barrels and drilled holes. results Paul replaced Hasegawa s styrene pro etched metal over plastic kits parts He calls in the blast bags to install Modell Marine s brass. peller shafts with 040 brass rod Eduard s 25mm anti aircraft guns exquisite gun barrels. A12 FineScale Modeler Adding Detail,To model the destroyer Yukikaze the only mem. ber of the Kagero class to survive World War II,Paul built Hasegawa s 1 350 scale kit and. detailed it with an Eduard photoetched metal set,Yukikaze A brief history. A KAGERO CLASS DESTROYER the,Imperial Japanese Navy s Yukikaze. Japanese for snowy wind mounted six,5 guns two twin mount 25mm anti air.
craft guns and eight torpedo tubes It,carried intimidating Long Lance torpe. 4 5 does and had a top speed of 35 knots, Eduard photoetched metal including a ton of Paul added photoetched metal railings and other As World War II progressed the. small railings improved the gun turrets details to the torpedo mounts Yukikaze received several refits to. improve its anti aircraft and anti subma,rine capabilities It fought in many of the. major surface engagements of the,Pacific without receiving major damage. including Midway Santa Cruz the,Philippine Sea as well as the ill fated.
Ten Go offensive at Okinawa,Of the 19 ships in its class the. Yukikaze was the only one to survive the,7 war On July 6 1947 it was transferred. Paul added styrene davits to the four boats For to China and renamed Tang Yan as part. 6 whatever reason the Eduard set only came with of war reparations After running. For anchor chains Paul drilled out holes on the two he says Photoetched metal oars improved aground during a typhoon it was finally. deck and attached HO scale model railroad the rowboats the motor launches got photo scrapped in 1970. chain etched metal rudders and propellers,www FineScale com A13. Brass wire strips broke up the monotony of the brown linoleum deck Photoetched metal ladders and platforms enhance the ship s foremast. On deck to the two rowboats and photoetched and applied a black wash to highlight lou. I encountered one major fit problem Too metal rudders and propellers to the motor vered areas on the torpedo magazines and. much play where the aft stack meets the launches 7 hatches as well as various details on the. main deck I mounted the aft stack too far To replicate the deck as it appeared in superstructure The rigging is stretched. forward resulting in the aft torpedo having my references I glued 006 brass wire sprue. barely enough clearance to turn So I used strips across the brown linoleum deck 8 I enjoyed taking a break from U S ships. 010 sheet styrene to shim the stack where which was difficult with many deck fittings to build Hasegawa s Yukikaze It s a well. it mounted to the deck already in place engineered kit that can entertain modelers. To make anchor chains I drilled holes Unfortunately I broke off the forward of all skill levels FSM. in the deck and super glued on HO scale leg of the ship s tripod main mast So I. 1 87 model railroad chain 36 links per made a new one from 032 brass rod Then. inch 6 After the glue had already dried I I detailed the mast with photoetched metal. found a photo showing the ship with one ladders and platforms as well as brass wire Sources. anchor chain I didn t fret and left the 9 Brass barrels Modell Marine. chains To the stern I attached minesweeping www modellmarine de. I replaced the three plastic cable wheels paravanes and their handling cranes adding Model railroad chain. with photoetched metal wheels simulating a plethora of Eduard photoetched metal Wm K Walthers 800 487 2467. cable with 030 styrene rod painted semi parts to the cranes www walthers com. gloss black I painted the ship with Tamiya colors Photoetched metal details Eduard. I attached styrene davits to the four Kure gray above the waterline hull red 420 47 611 8668 www eduard cz. boats then added photoetched metal oars below 10 I lightly weathered with pastels. Paul finished Hasegawa s 1 350 scale,Yukikaze with Tamiya Kure gray above. the waterline and hull red below,A14 FineScale Modeler Adding Detail.

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Daedalus and Icarus - Primary Texts

Daedalus and Icarus Primary Texts

Daedalus and Icarus escaped from the labyrinth. King Minos threw Daedalus and his son into the labyrinth. Daedalus made some wings. Daedalus and Icarus ? ew away. State whether you agree or disagree and ? nd evidence from the text to support your opinion. 4. Daedalus and Icarus should have remained on the island after escaping from the ...

Solitary median maxillary central incisor syndrome: Case ...

Solitary median maxillary central incisor syndrome Case

Or i g i n a l ar t i c l e Dental Press J Orthod 55 2010 July-Aug;15(4):55-61 Solitary median maxillary central incisor syndrome: Case report Eduardo Machado ...

Latvia Judicial Power

Latvia Judicial Power

On Judicial Power Part I General Provisions Chapter I Judicial Power Section 1. Judicial Power (1) An independent judicial power exists in the Republic of Latvia, alongside the