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Black McDonald,Meet The Corporate Services Group IT ERP FSG. Formerly Information Technology The migration to a new Data Center The implementation of Finance. Enterprise Resources Planning and the enabling for the first time true disaster Business Process Standards and Policies. Facilities Services Group the Corporate recovery and. Services Group CSG is a centralized The launch of our new Business Introduction of a game changing. group of services focused on continuous Analytics management dashboard unified communication system Lync. improvement initiatives related to system For more information about the CSG. technology and transformational projects Introduction of an enterprise wide sales contact Ross McDonald at rmcdonald. that support our growth and strategic tracking system Salesforce blackandmcdonald com. objectives The new name recognizes the,broad range of services CSG provides. CSG services include, The Business Process Standardization BPS Initiative. IT system and desktop support and The Business Process Standardization increasing quality Maintaining best. helpdesk BPS initiative is the development of best practices supports business efficiencies. Enterprise software project services practice operating procedures and related and allows for consistent training. IT infrastructure and communication training This includes documentation programs and more flexibility to leverage. maintenance of Finance Construction Service FMO regional resources. Business optimization and training Streetlighting HR Payroll processes The Finance BPS program was. The Corporate Services Group s primary including what to do when and how completed in late 2012 with notable. objective is to provide leadership support to do it why it is important roles and success leading the effort were Dan. and governance for technology and responsibilities and any supporting Stephen and Greg Jedrzejewski with. strategic initiatives of Corporate and policies executive guidance from John Zimantas. Regional offices of Black McDonald The BPS initiative ensures that the and Ross McDonald A team of. Where projects require company wide processes developed and invested in controllers from across B M documented. consistency or impact our technology through the JDE implementation will be over 40 core processes and procedures. infrastructure or applications CSG takes properly implemented and maintained along with a comprehensive policy. an early and active role CSG recently led We gain improved information and document All documentation including. the successful completion of control one version of the truth across new video training material is stored on. The ERP project with our AMEC business reporting lowering risk and SharePoint and is available to all B M. and P3 go lives employees,Construction is the next. priority for BPS Launched in,late 2012 the Construction.
BPS initiative is led by Phil,Jackson and Greg Jedrzejewski. with executive oversight from,Bob Zurevinski and Ross. McDonald A broad group,of Construction Division,managers project managers and. administrators are involved in this,initiative Completion is expected. by the summer of 2013,For more information,about BPS contact Greg.
Jedrzejewski at gjedrzejewski, The people at the heart of Corporate Services Group blackandmcdonald com. The New B M Data Centre, As B M becomes more dependent on technology an increasing Henry Theunissen cut over to the new Data Centre in late. number of application services critical to the operations require 2012 The move was seamless to the end user community with. greater sustainability and scalability During the last two years our no related incidents reported Both the primary and disaster. previous Data Centre facility had experienced four power related recovery sites are now fully functional with a full test fail over. issues and one Internet service interruption during business planned for May June 2013 The project has been a tremendous. hours that led to extended outages for our enterprise applications success and now positions Black McDonald for future growth. These included telephony serving four regional offices email on a secure and stable infrastructure including a disaster. Accubid and JDE All of these systems require near round the recovery site. clock provisioning which has led to the development of a secure Key people involved in the project include Tahir Muzzamil. highly performing Data Centre facility in Toronto Karim Youssef Justin Morgan Darren Pearce Miguel Silva. After months of planning and design including many evenings Brad Cormier and Steven Necovski Thanks for your hard. and weekends a dedicated IT team led by Marcel Marra and work and dedication. National Business Corporate Finance,Development Putting B M s Resources to Work. Helping B M Think Black McDonald s Corporate Finance application software which provides a. Nationally Act Locally department provides a wide array of consistent framework for all accounting. services to both corporate office and the functions including billing accounts. The National Business Development team regions consolidating regional financial receivable accounts payable and payroll. provides sales and marketing support statements preparing tax returns pension JDE standardization and training. focused on Facility Management plan accounting and governance the facilitates all regions across the company. Operations contracts Public Private financial management of assets including doing things the same way every time they. Partnerships P3 bid support and multi real estate the company s fleet of vehicles do it Zimantas says. region service work We know B M s and specialized equipment as well as The Corporate Finance department. greatest strength is the local relationship overseeing B M s relations with insurers also plays a key role in planning and risk. between us and our clients Everything we banks and B M s auditors Ernst Young management When a region pursues a. do builds on that relationship says Scott The group also provides financial large project we can help by reviewing. Harris Manager of National Business resources for the business John contracts asking questions and raising. Development Zimantas Vice President and Chief issues Zimantas says Finance can also. Scott Harris oversees the National Financial Officer of B M says one of the help project revenues and workload. Business Development team supported great strengths of B M is our ability to looking an average of 12 months ahead. by Marie Chaban and Dennis Martini provide bonding and letters of credit As Black McDonald has been very. Directors of National Business development an example we have negotiated a letter of successful financially over the past ten. and Nasima Mirzaeva Project Manager credit facility with the Export Development years Zimantas says We have grown. Much of the focus of National Business Corporation that provides increased substantially The growth has been. Development is on large FM opportunities financial capacity to enter into more and financed by internal cash flow from. and P3 project bids P3 projects are an larger construction contracts We can do operations We have no third party debt on. extraordinarily competitive and intensive that because we have a strong track record our balance sheet B M is conservatively. integrated design process We re fortunate as of success and a strong balance sheet managed financially which provides a. a company to have had success in P3s in BC Corporate Finance also supports the solid financial foundation for the future. Southern Ontario and in Bermuda So we can JDE suite of Enterprise One business growth of the company. align ourselves with first tier partners We ve,found we have the most success when our. role is electrical and mechanical contracting The Corporate People Resources Group. and ongoing facility management Mr Harris Finding New Ways To Accelerate Performance. says Pitching a P3 project is often an eight, month process and it s a full time job for The Corporate People abilities of their teams through improved.
several people to prepare the materials Just Resources Group is communication networking mentoring. to get through the Request for Qualifications actually an umbrella cross functional teamwork succession. stage onto the short list can take three of initiatives says planning and employee development. months Logan King Director says Logan King, Mr Martini focuses on Facility of Corporate People Two larger groups spread the messages. Management Operation and Service Resources at Black of the Corporate People Resources. projects Our role is recognizing where McDonald Corporate continuous Group The B M Way Council staffed. specific talent exists with Black improvement through the B M Way is by Regional Improvement Co ordinators. McDonald and tapping into that expertise one part of what we do this is headed up work throughout the company finding. to help support both national and local by Nina Durante Manager Corporate ways to improve efficiencies through. opportunities Mr Martini says An example Continuous Improvement and Human collaboration sharing and networking On. is our expertise in wind and solar energy Resources is the other side of our group the Human Resources side a National HR. developed over the past ten years which headed up by Jody Bayers Manager Council influences and engages managers. can now be transferred to new opportunities Corporate Human Resources supported on HR policies and procedures B M s HR. wherever they occur by Rachelle Nutt our Corporate Toolkit is a set of resources and materials. From writing updating and archiving HR Generalist and an Administrative used when conducting performance. project profiles to producing marketing Assistant appraisals and reviews succession. literature and creative materials for use in At the centre of our people related planning and managing people. trade shows events and exhibitions Marie programs at B M an integrated set of At the end of the day the programs. Chaban provides marketing support across training and communication initiatives and initiatives of The Corporate People. the company Marie also ensures there is have been developed to help our people Resources Group are working together. consistent branding in our print and display collaborate and communicate both to support the big picture needs of the. communication vehicle and building within teams and committees and organization says Logan King People. signage Marie has also implemented a print across departments and regions Our development sharing of best practices and. on demand system that avoids warehousing Continuous Improvement and Human striving to continuously improve provide. brochures that can easily become outdated Resources programs under the message the tools and support each region and the. A digital archive of marketing material is of The B M Way provide guidance company as a whole needs to embrace our. available on the SharePoint system and support in how our people leaders people our most important asset It really. can look at improving the skills and is the Way we do business. Black McDonald,The B M Quality Assurance Council,Setting The Cornerstone of our Business. Our founder W J McDonald addressed has developed an excellent reputation for its Health Safety. Quality Assurance in the first of the eight,principles of our business philosophy when. safety culture quality is also essential to our,operations. Zero Incidents,he said Do the job right regardless.
In today s market quality programs are,The council provides an opportunity to. discuss quality amongst our operations to,Are Possible. a prerequisite for doing business In 2011 organize and share intellectual property and To ensure the operational practices of Black. Black McDonald formed the National resources that the company has developed McDonald involve safety procedures practice. Quality Assurance Council a team of subject over the years A national QA library has been and processes that create a culture that believes. matter experts within our company that meet established centralizing quality program zero incidents are possible and that all incidents. annually to address a quality related agenda documents for access to all regions and are preventable. The purpose of the council is to indexing the company s welding procedures Mission Corporate Safety. Stimulate and foster excellence in product Members of the National Quality. and service quality Assurance Council include Fernando In August of 2012 Ray Pleasance Director. Promote a company wide quality Ciccarelli South Western Ontario Gabrielle of Corporate Safety joined Black McDonald. culture while sharing resources learning Patriarca Southern Ontario Philip Craig to oversee health safety for all the operations. and technical expertise in quality principles Atlantic Erin McMenemy AMEC B M of the company Under his stewardship with the. and practices Peter Nowacki Peter Spoor Canadian full support and commitment of our National. Increase efficiency in our operations Base Operators Tracy Mason Ken Barley Safety Committee B M has adopted the OHSAS. Facilitate new business growth and Dorina Nixon Power Generation Marc 18001 international safety standard and is now. The decision by the senior management Baillargeon and Tyler Kurka Saskatchewan involved in establishing committees developing. team to establish a national quorum for quality Jean Pierre Cote Quebec Irek Iskat our core safety. assurance allowed us to push our quality Robert Thain John Olson and Mark If we don t manual and building. culture forward says Tracy Mason Quality Hupe Manitoba Charlie Welkie Western look after our Codes of Practice. Assurance Director Power Generation Region Region and Rick Beck U S Operations people Standards a library. and chair of the Council Black McDonald they won t look of best practices safe. work procedures to,after the business,be available on our. for us SharePoint System,Dan Ransom,Co ordinator of Corporate Safety joined B M in. December to oversee the prequalification process,and support Corporate Safety initiatives.
They re the first steps in the development of a,comprehensive Safety Management System. We ve had the same safety system in place, From left to right Fernando Ciccarelli Ken Barley Jason Malone Peter Nowacki Peter Spoor. Gabriel Patriarca Philip Craig Erin McMenemy and Tracy Mason at the 2013 Quality Assurance since the mid 90 s Pleasance says We needed. Council meeting to update and align our Safety Management. System with recognized industry standards,OHSAS 18001 is considered by our major clients. The Environment Committee Our Green Stewards to be the preferred Safety Management System. The Black McDonald Environmental Manual Black McDonald has been Our ongoing safety performance is viewed. Committee was formed in 2004 to help tracking the anticipation and management of as a primary indicator of how we do business. implement the Black McDonald Corporate environmental hazards for projects for many of our largest customers Black. Environmental Policy To proactively The Environmental Committee provides a McDonald s tier one clients are telling us that. identify and implement environmentally forum for developing company environmental the TRIF Total Reportable Injury Frequency. friendly practices within our facilities and policy and tracking sharing environmentally needs to be improved year over year We will. operations while insuring that each employee friendly practices between regions The accomplish this by clearly defined policies and. understands his or her duty to protect the Committee strives to initiate new programs practices that are rigorously applied to deliver. environment This committee includes a throughout the company and monitor the our desired results. representative from each region and meets program impacts The focus of the program When the new Safety Management System. monthly by conference call includes reducing energy consumption is fully implemented B M trades will see an. The Committee mandates reducing and recycling waste and project elevated awareness of safety across the company. Define a set of environmental practices that stewardship more defined safe work practices defined both. constitute the minimum acceptable level of The Committee produces an annual by division and the nature of their work on their. environmental compliance Environmental Strategic Plan identifying past jobsites Supervision will see elevated levels of. Communicate these practices to employees years accomplishments and the upcoming support in the form of more comprehensive. Track performance relative to the corporate year s objectives quarterly reports to the training and support We re building a safety. metrics Senior Management Team on project culture Pleasance says Safety culture is what. The Environmental Practices Operating stewardship and progress on initiatives and your people do when they think nobody s. Guidelines Manual was created to address a poster distributed throughout the company looking if they continue to do the right things. these mandates Since the rollout of the that documents our past year s work then we all win. New Employees Andr Vignola Piping Estimator Jasneet Virdi Black McDonald. Mechanical Division Project Coordinator WUR,Alberta Jessica Walker Limited. Dave Butler 1st Year Electrician Saskatchewan Project Coordinator WUR. Stacey Crook Electrical PM Henry Bartee Safety Advisor. Rick Dewitt Electrical Estimator Jodie Charles BC AB Payroll Wenying Vivien Wang Corporate O ce. Estimator SOR M 2 Bloor St East Suite 2100, Sean Fullwood JM Electrician Patrick Famoyin Richard Woodward.
Anthony Garanis 2nd Year Project Coordinator Toronto Ontario M4W 1A8. Regional Estimating Manager WUR,Electrician Brendan French Tel 416 920 5100. Shane Young Jr Estimator SOUR, Spencer Grywacheski JM Mechanical Project Manager Tina Zloty Admin Assistant FMO S Fax 416 922 8768. Electrician Pat Kilgour, Robin Houlihan Mechanical PM AB MB Accounts Payable Southwestern Ontario. Luis Machado 3rd Year Plumber Mitch McNally David Burr Solar PV Technician O ces. Sean Mangal 2nd Year Plumber Junior Mechanical Estimator Walter Hanisch Business Goose Bay 709 896 2639. Justin McCaughey IOL Labourer Darrell Mills Development Representative St John s 709 747 1406. Syed Rizui Building Operator Service Field Supervisor John Hlohinec HVAC Journeyman. Corey Roberts 3rd Year Electrician Bill Olchoway Service Projects Rick Holsappel HVAC Journeyman Fredericton 506 459 1650. Andrew Robinson Sheet Metal Alecia Shewchuk Brian Robertson HVAC Moncton 506 858 5688. Mechanic FMO Administration Journeyman Bathurst 506 547 8070. Murray Robinson Sheet Metal Nick Sicoli 4th Year HVAC R Halifax 902 468 3101. Southern Ontario,Mechanic Montreal 514 735 6671,Kayyoum Ali U S Operations. Matthew Rollins JM Plumber Project Manager SOUR Samantha Beaven Dispatcher Ottawa 613 526 1226. Evan Slowski IOL Labourer Irina Anton QA Clerk PGR Daryl Bennett Pickering 905 837 1291. Tanner Tasse IOL Labourer Ryan Bajc Project Manager SOR M Planning Services Coordinator Scarborough 416 298 9977. Shaun Toplass 4th Class Power Sara Belanger Davin Burbee Claims Adjuster. Engineer Toronto 416 366 2541,Customer Service Rep FMO S Matt Epp CAD Designer.
Ramon Yam Building Operator Mississauga 905 672 1110. Daniel Coratti Project Coordinator Ashley Gutierrez Dispatcher. Atlantic FMO S Kathy Kraemer GIS Specialist Hamilton 905 560 3100. Craig Atkinson Bruce Cornyn HSE Manager WUR Josh McNabb Safety Assistant London 519 681 4801. DDC Technician NS Service Peter Deguara Sr Project Manager Susan Schleuning Project Analyst Winnipeg 204 786 5776. Keith Blaxland SOR M Movers Shakers Regina 306 924 0885. Service Plumber NS Service Scott Donoghue, Mark Chiasson FMO Department Project Coordinator PGR Quebec Saskatoon 306 652 3835. Manager NS Service Dwayne Edwards Kristina Labre from FMO Service Calgary 403 235 0335. John Dooks Plumber NS Service Division Manager SOR M Billing Administrator SW Ontario to Edmonton 780 484 1141. Rene Gates Mark Entwisle Operational Support Construction Kelowna 250 491 7474. HVAC Technician NS Service TWE Coordinator PGR Division Quebec. Jeff Keeping Bill Forbes Rapha l Paquin from Project Vancouver 604 301 1070. Assistant Controller Accounting Project Scheduler PGR Coordinator Training Northern Kansas City MO 816 483 0257. Thomas LeBlanc Project Babette Geck Ontario to Project Coordinator Sandy City Utah 801 569 9219. Coordinator Mechanical Estimator Cost Control Analyst PGR Quebec. NB Projects Adam Glavine Estimator WUR Associated companies. Saskatchewan, Craig Ralph VP Business James Handy Kayleen Cote from BC AB Payroll to AMEC Black. Development NL AMEC B M Jr Project Site Coordinator BC Accounts Payable McDonald 902 474 3700. Claudette Roy Syeda Hassan Purchaser FMO S Ashley Oslon from FMO Admin to. HVAC Technician NS Service Shima Hassan Zadeh CBO 705 446 9019. Service Contract Sales, Michelle Ryder FMO Customer Service Rep FMO S Entera 416 746 9914. Heather Roberston from Service, Administration NS Service Howie Hope Project Mgr FMO S Land Sea 902 461 2009. Admin to Fabrication Admin, Darren Sutherland Melissa Ann LaHay Francis Robin from Construction Roberts Onsite 519 578 2230.
Electrical Foreman NB Projects Safety Coordinator FMO S Site Foreman to Fabrication Estimator. Paul Wardlow Electrical Luis Landa, Technologist AMEC B M Electrical Scheduler SOR M Nuptials B M News Editor. Matt Wilson HVAC Apprentice Gilles Lemay Ross Maddever 416 486 3199. Congratulations to Travis Head on, NS Service Quality Assurance PGR his marriage to Marina on March 3. Patrick Leong, British Columbia Legal Council FMO S in Las Vegas Nevada Correspondents. Ken Krahn Project Manager Robert Burns Atlantic,Colyn MacDonald Parenthood. Manitoba Chief Estimator SOR M Sophie Dauth Qu bec. Mark Brissette 2nd year Millwright Megan MacPherson Donna Smerdon N Ontario. Angus Potskin FMO welcomes a, Travis Gibson 2nd year Millwright Admin Assistant WUR Dawn Dabarno S Ontario.
boy March 20,Derek Jones 1st year Millwright Jakub Malec. Darcy Rintoul 2nd year Millwright Project Coordinator SOUR Atlantic Phil Taggart S W Ontario. Tahirah Manji Marie Iain Campbell ABM Marcel Brissette Manitoba. Quebec Customer Service Rep FMO S welcome a granddaughter Shawn Ochitwa Saskatchewan. Melvin Afonso Payroll Processor Kurt McDonald Jorja Marie Dec 10 8 lbs 4 oz Dave Morrow Alberta. Sylvain Beauchamp Project Work Control Lead PGR Pam Jeff Fader NS Service Charles Saramo British Columbia. Manager Mechanical Division Lynne Mills Preventative welcome a boy Dylan George. G rald Caron Superintendent Eric Vogel U S,Maintenance Administrator FMO S Nov 26. Reservoir Projects Mechanical Div Martin Oseni Kelly Dewi Jones ABM. Sophie Dauth Executive Assistant Operations Manager FMO S welcome a boy Taylor Morris. Steven Dupras Mechanical Joe Pascoe Dec 10 6 lbs 10 oz. Superintendent Mechanical Division Sr Project Manager SOR M Kim Rob Lacey NL Service. Michael Gallant Electrical Cap Pitts Sr Estimator SOR M welcome a boy Samuel George Jan. Estimator Electrical Division, Robert Groulx Contract Michele Ricco Manager Utilities. Estimating SOUR,6 8 lbs 4 oz,Gale MacDonald Atlantic. Black McDonald, Administrator Mechanical Division Mike Russell Accounting welcomes a.
Pat Maiorano Business Project Coordinator PGR Granddaughter Julie Kathryn. Development Manager Douglas Samson Purchasing Campbell Dec 14 8 lbs 14 oz. Denis Rivi re Mechanical Product Manager FMO S Alissa Pencer Mike Mattie www blackandmcdonald com. Supervisor Mechanical Division Louis Stoltz QA Inspector PGR NS Service welcome a girl. Claude Turcotte Project Manager Lisa Taylor Sales FMO S Aria Jane Feb 24 7 lbs 12 oz.

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