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A methodological approach for compiling a ProCredit Bank
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Background, The ProCredit group is establishing a strong green finance positioning It aims to increase investments. in sustainable energy and resource management amongst the clients of ProCredit banks in 22 countries. Green finance is part of a comprehensive environmental approach which the group is adopting with a. view to substantially improving its internal and external environmental impact and in this way making. a contribution to climate change mitigation This process is supported by IPC which has specialised in. consultancy services for sustainable energy finance and environmental management projects. Building up a strong green loan portfolio in all ProCredit banks is one of the main objectives of the. environmental strategy Green loans are designed to complement the existing loan offer to business and. private clients by financing measures in the areas of energy efficiency renewable energies and other. environmentally related fields In order to make the difference understandable to staff and clients and to. build accountability and be able to track the green loans in the reporting system it is important to apply a. transparent methodology to characterise such investments. Targets in energy savings, Within the group it has been agreed that investments in energy efficiency EE that are financed with. green loans must result in energy savings of at least 20 Proof of the effect of a measure can either be. undertaken by verifying the energy consumption before and after implementation or it can be based on. estimates The ProCredit group has decided to conduct individual assessments only in cases where the fi. nancing is provided for non standard measures or for standard measures exceeding a defined threshold. In these cases assessment is carried out by trained staff members from the banks environmental units. or in the case of more complex projects by external experts. Since individual energy assessments are not only resource intensive and expensive but also take up con. siderable processing time it should be possible in the bulk of cases for credit staff to categorise the mea. sures using very simple methods This can only be achieved by deploying a highly streamlined procedure. This document was developed by our partner Internationale Projekt Consult IPC GmbH in co operation. with ProCredit Holding We thank IPC for their expert advice in the development of this methodology paper. Advantages for using a list of EE standard,measures within financial institutions. The approach used in the ProCredit group is to establish a short list of eligible investments which result. in an energy saving of at least 20, Typically there are two simple ways of analysing the savings potential of proposed EE investments an. automated tool can be used to calculate the energy savings on a case by case basis or a list of standard. EE measures and eligibility criteria can be consulted. In the case of a calculation tool the client furnishes the bank with technical data pertaining to each. measure to be financed This process can be lengthy and complex for clients and staff and is not very. accurate since technical information and understanding is usually limited. We therefore prefer working with a list of eligible standard measures adapted to each country s local. conditions and most importantly to the target clientele of the financial institution If a client ap. proaches the bank with an investment proposal it is automatically eligible to be classified as a green. loan if it is stipulated on the list We have illustrated what steps are necessary to develop such a list in. the following table, Table Development of a bank and country specific short list of standard measures for energy efficiency investments.
Procedural Analysis Analysis of Evalution of Determi Definition of Preparation. step of external the bank s technological nation of eligibility of a list. market loan portfolio standards technical criteria of standard. environment EE potential measures, Activities Energy market Analysing the Conducting Analysis of Determining Agreeing. demand and bank s internal case studies the collected the technical with the bank. technological statistics among the data eligibility on most. supply bank s clients criteria which relevant,Interviewing Conducting result in at measures. Environmental key staff Visiting and sample least 20. legislation involved interviewing calculations energy savings Defining. relevant standard,Relevant local suppliers measures. eligibility,criteria to,user groups, Output Key informati Relevant Baseline Technical and Long list of Short list of. on on market sectors definition economical potential standard. situation and and client Worthwhile feasibility of EE investments measures. legislation groups for areas for examined,EE investments EE investments investments.
This approach refers to investment not exceeding a defined threshold according to the ProCredit Group Guidelines. Development of a short list, The procedures for developing a short list of standard measures can be broken down into six basic steps. External market analysis,Analysis of the bank s loan portfolio. Evaluation of technological standards,Determination of the technical EE potential. Definition of eligibility criteria,Preparing the short list of standard measures. The results of the market and portfolio analyses as well as the technical evaluations which are carried out. through visiting and interviewing both the bank s clients and relevant suppliers of EE equipment will lead. to an initial estimate of which market sectors and client groups may be interested in obtaining finance to. fund energy efficiency measures Calculations can be made based on these initial findings which allow the. technical feasibility to be assessed and decision making criteria to be defined In other words we are able to. verify which investments actually do result in at least a 20 saving in energy consumption. The technical potential for EE measures for all analysed sectors is detailed in a longer list This long list is. broken down by sector and by individual measures and details the eligibility criteria and underlying calcula. tions pertaining to energy efficient devices equipment and materials If applicable it will also refer to local. suppliers from whom the recommended machinery or material can be obtained Additionally it provides. information about the percentage of clients in the analysed sectors who are still using energy inefficient. equipment giving an indication of the potential demand Relevant information regarding the housing sector. is also included This list also outlines our calculations for renewable energy sources replacing fossil fuels. where applicable We do not specify any particular eligibility criteria for these as they always have a posi. tive impact on the environment,Designing a short list of standard measures.
The overall objective of the short list is to set eligibility criteria which are easy to understand enabling bank. staff to identify whether a proposed investment qualifies as green The long list of measures contains more. detailed information about potential EE investments that are available in a specific country The information. presented in the long list is more extensive and very technical which is why we always develop the addi. tional short list which contains a selection of the standard measures taken from the more comprehensive. The following ideas and criteria are taken into consideration when we develop the short list. the selected investments are in high demand by the targeted client group. the energy savings should be high enough to ensure that the investment is paid back rapidly or that the. productivity and quality of the product is enhanced essentially. if there are new incentives to promote a certain technology or a certain market trend is visible we in. corporate these items into the short list, We present the technical eligibility criteria for the selected measures in a simplified form that is easier. for bank staff to apply These simpler criteria will vary from country to country The proposed eligibility. criteria can include, a technical measurement which is easy to discern e g the efficiency of a motor as indicated on the label. an easily identifiable feature e g a motor with a variable speed drive. the minimum maximum age of the old new equipment e g the machine to be replaced must be older. than eight years and or only new equipment is eligible for financing. a specific brand or a specific country of manufacture. a minimum required thickness for wall insulation material. The overarching criterion is energy savings of at least 20 if the equipment is correctly installed and used. The complete short list is a useful instrument for the bank staff involved in the lending business be. cause it makes it easy for them to identify green investments Lending staff only need to obtain basic. information from the client in order to establish whether a proposed investment is eligible Since only. one easy to understand criterion has to be verified competent handling is ensured This simple scalable. approach is essential if we are to foster widespread awareness and significantly increase the scale of EE. investments, Short lists are currently in use in many ProCredit Banks in connection with green loans. This document is printed on Circle Offset European Ecolabel certified in the Copying and Graphic Paper category No FR 11 003. carbon neutral,natureOffice com DE 198 650766,print production. In the production of this report 329 kg of CO2 was generated during printing and transport These emissions were made climate neutral by. ProCredit Holding AG Co KGaA through the purchase and suspension of certificates from recognised climate protection projects under transac. tion ID code DE 198 650766 www natureoffice com, FSC certified This document is made from 100 recycled material.
ProCredit Holding AG Co KGaA The development of this methodology paper was made. Rohmerplatz 33 37 possible by financial support from. 60486 Frankfurt am Main Germany,Tel 49 0 69 95 14 37 0. Fax 49 0 69 95 14 37 168,www procredit holding com. 5 2013 ProCredit Holding AG Co KGaA, All rights reserved DOEN foundation OeEB Development Bank of Austria.

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